Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 50





Yeikkssss we reached 50 part, half century successfully, I love u guys, but need ur support more, chalo celebration time so a big update from my side but I just hope to see big response also, last time it was 246 and 15 pages comment, thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,,, I m feeling so good that u r liking the new track and don’e worry abhi to maaneet mile hain, do u think they will depart from each other??? do u think maan will let her go by any chance???



EID MUBARAK to all my Muslim Friends. may Allah bless u and your family forever n ever.






Part 50


Geet looked at maan gulping her saliva: Raghav Singhania. Our family friend and,


Raghav: her ex fiancé.


Now this is something that made the atmosphere really heaved up.


Geet can feel the raged heart beat of maan and his heated gaze on her. she knew it won’t be easy to handle him when they will be alone. She took a heavy sigh only to caught the attention of ragahv who smiles at her.


Raghav: u still do it? geet looked at him confuse, he chuckle when u r nervous or scared u take deep sigh. She gave a forceful smile. he smiles at her, come sit now. all the while maan’s eyes on raghav and then geet. She can feel his clenched muscle as his grip was really tight on her. raghav stood up and started walking towards the sofa set where all can sit and discuss her case. Come here, we need to talk about the treatment. Everyone’s attention went on the topic leaving their confusion they started walking ahead. Geet silently thanked her babaji and raghav, who accepted with his eyes still giving a small smile.


Geet sat down beside maan who held her waist puling her close to him, she looked at him with pleas but he ignored her all faces. She mutter something under her breath and then concentrated on raghav’s word.


Raghav: Mr khurana, 1st I m really sorry for not taking the case in my hand after armaan’s consistence call, geet looked at armaan in confusion and soon getting his reassure smile she felt a bit relax, knowing armaan only want her good health and he know the best for her.. Raghav apagogically lowered his lashes. At 1st I didn’t saw the patience’s name or photo as for me the disease always come 1st. when I saw her case it was clear that it had a lot of carelessness which I hated the most. I was busy in a research so thought any one can take her case specially after knowing the involvement of doc Johnson. Maan clenched his jaw hearing how he neglected the case, then saw his expression which showed he is really very sorry for that.


Maan: u r saying sorry? a patience needed u and someone was madly calling u and sending mails and u r saying sorry because u thought its not urgent enough? His voice was picking high, geet tried to calm him and held his palm in a tight hold, maan was furious knowing the truth of his negligence.


Armaan placed a hand on his shoulder: maan calm down, doc raghav is sorry for that but I know his need was in France was very important, not only geet but like her many needed his research so try to see from his POV, he is not only a doc but a researcher of medicine which can give a life to those ppl who are near their death bed.


Geet held maan’s palm more tightly and forced him to calm down his anger, he let it go and raghav saw the love between them. He smiles at geet sadly and then again looked at maan.


Raghav: I m really sorry mr maan, but I never thought its geet or anyone can neglect her health to some extent that it nearly impossible to get her back. it made maan stiff. His guilt ate him knowing why she neglected it. she was so drown in his sorrow and pain that she never realized she was dreading towards her death. Geet sense his pain.


Geet: ok raghav got that, now can u proceed towards the treatment rather than explaining why it happened.


Raghav: geet u may never consider me anything to u but u were and will be a part of my life.


Maan became rigid with it. he shot an glare to raghav who was ineffective with it, maan saw something in his eyes which is in this life he will never gonna like.


Armaan: but doc how can u agreed seeing her report, I told u she doesn’t know about her report still u rejected it saying who don’t want to help herself u can’t help her either.


Raghav: It was definitely my mistake to think that. I never knew its geet or otherwise I had came here long back, if I knew her name. I know how is geet, she will never think about herself when she is busy to solve other’s life puzzle.


All was riddle but neither geet was ready to say anything nor raghav was eager to show it.


Abhay: now can we come on the main topic? What is her treatment?


Raghav lighted on a place where geet’s MRI report was hanging. The light fell on the scan.


Raghav: u can see the clot here, everyone saw the place where a small dot was showing. Maan held her hand immediately like having a pain in his throat. He can feel the pain she is going through while having this in her brain.. well we are late but not much that it can’t be treatable. Maan looked at raghav who smiles a little one. geet felt hope in the dark sky. She too wants to live for her maan, and her baby and now raghav is a new hope for them. As she is pregnant we can’t go to direct surgery for the tumor but we need to walk step by step, we have to do a small surgery 1st.


Maan: but u said its harmful.


Raghav: me and my team will try our best mr maan, and this surgery is needed. Some tumors cannot be removed. In such cases, we may do only a biopsy. A small piece of the tumor is removed so that a pathologist can examine it under a microscope to determine the type of cells it contains. This helps the doctor decide which treatment to use.

Sometimes, a biopsy is done with a needle. Doctors use a special head frame (like a halo) and CT scans or MRI to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor. The surgeon makes a small hole in the skull and then guides a needle to the tumor.


Maan flinched with the piece of information that she have to go through. Raghav assured him it will be safe


Raghav: but as she is pregnant, the chances in this case is less. He said in a low voice. Maybe u will lose ur baby or it may affect the baby in growth. Maan held maan’s hand and tried to say something but maan squeezed her hand. but I will say got for it 1st or else u may don’t have the enough time for delivery also. geet’s eyes got teary thinking about something happen to her child.


Maan: if the surgery succeeded we don’t need more surgery na?


Raghav dipped his head and sighed then looked at him


Raghav: sorry mr maan, we hope to get a complete success but If the tumor cannot be completely removed without damaging vital brain tissue, the doctor may remove as much of the tumor as possible. Partial removal helps to relieve symptoms by reducing pressure on the brain and reduces the amount of tumor to be treated by radiation therapy or chemotherapy.


Armaan and abhay was silent spectator of it but armaan was fearing with all this treatment, he knew it will be painful for her.


Raghav: Radiation therapy is the use of high-powered rays to damage cancer cells and stop them from growing. It kills tumor cells that may remain in the area. Some people have no or few side effects after treatment. Rarely, people may have nausea for several hours after external radiation therapy. The health care team can suggest ways to help you cope with this problem. Radiation therapy also may cause you to become very tired with each radiation treatment. Resting is important but we usually suggest to be active also.


Chemotherapy the use of drugs to kill cancer cells, is sometimes used to treat brain tumors. Chemotherapy may be given during and after radiation therapy. The drugs enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. Common side effects include nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, headache, fever and chills, and weakness. If the drugs lower the levels of healthy blood cells, you’re more likely to get infections, bruise or bleed easily, and feel very weak and tired. Your health care team will check for low levels of blood cells. Some side effects may be relieved with medicine.


Maan couldn’t say anything as the pain was already in his vein, his love have to bear all this, just the words are piercing his soul when it will happen to her what will she do then?


Maan: when the treatment can be start?


Raghav: as she is already 4 month pregnant, its risky for mother and baby, if the surgery go well that good for both but something drug can effect the baby directly. there is a chance that she would lose the baby and her vision in both eyes and be paralyzed on one side of her face.

She would also lose her pituitary gland, a pea-sized hormone-secreting gland that helps control growth, blood pressure, breast milk production, sex organ functions and thyroid function


Maan rubbed his temple in tension.


Raghav: I know it will be difficult but tell u the truth ur baby is an angel for ur life, maaneet looked at him confused. He looked at armaan who smiles a little.

Armaan: geet u remember the day u were suspicious about ur pregnancy but u told u have headaches and vision problem as well and after that I had advice u to take MRI test with the pregnancy test, it was then we were sure about ur tumor or else the doctor was still thinking it may be some clot. In the other sense ur baby is the one who realized u about the disease in early stage.


Raghav: though it has complication but with ur gynecologist and neurologist I m sure we will come out with something, for now I will say see u in London for ur surgery, Doc Jhonson and I will do ur surgery.


Maaneet took a sigh where geet was having tears to feel her baby moving, she held maan’s hand on her tummy and his eyes widen to feel the angel’s movement. He looked at geet with tears who gave a small smile to him.


Maan: thank u baby, he whisper bending close to her stomach.


Raghav was looking at the duo with utmost care and admiration.


They were coming out when raghav called geet, she turned and he came close to her.


Raghav gave her a packet: this is ur gift, sorry I couldn’t come to ur wedding but I had taken it for u long back. at least now I can give u this. once u rejected something saying u can’t take anything from stranger but I guess we are not stranger anymore. geet smiles a little.


Geet: I m sorry raghav.


Raghav: for that I have forgiven u long back,, Geet took the gift from him,


Geet: tha


Raghav: and no thank u. just give a smile in return gift.


Geet smiles at him…






After thanking raghav maaneet comes out from the room, armaana nd abhay bid good bye but Geet wanted to talk to armaan about sasha but knowing maan she can never talk about it in front of him, but she was oblivious with the storm going in maan, he was only thinking 1st about her treatment and 2nd about raghav who’s eyes only showed something that is the cause of his restlessness. he doesn’t knew why his eyes were depicting so much but he knew this feeling. The main problem was why geet didn’t told him.


Geet can see the inner turmoil in maan, he was walking to the corridor all lost.


Geet: maan I want to talk to armaan about something, take out the car I m coming in few mins, maan was so lost that he only said hmm and after reaching the parking lot he remembers her words, he hit the bonnet of his car in frustration.



Geet: sach bata amy what u guys doing with samiksha? Why she was screaming like someone is abusing her, what is all this please tell me?


Armaan: geet geet, shant ho ja gudiya, why u r taking so stress, its none of ur concern for now.


Geet: armaan please I need to know the truth.


Armaan: to sun, maan is alone handling it, he had appointed special doctor for it, they are giving her a strong dug which can make a person hallucinate the things which never happened or happening but the parson will thing its happening to him or her, so with sasha.


Ketamine a drug which make make a person hallucinate the things that is not happening, but for him or her its infront of his/her eyes, she may feel its happening with herself.


I have warned maan but u know he care a damn about anyone and being in the influence no one dare to utter a single word against him.


Geet was baffled with it, she gulped hard knowing maan’s rage.


Geet: but if something happen to her?


Armaan: nothing will happen to her as maan want her alive and she will get whatever she did with u 2. 1st I was against it but remembering the pain u and ridz had gone through and not to forget the pain had maan faced I can never forgive the person who is responsible for all this and its better for u to not indulge urself in this geet.


Geet sighed knowing the rage of this 2 man, no one want to listen anything but she need to make maan understand that its not right. Maybe she had done sins but that doesn’t mean they have to forget humanity. but who can know maan best that her, if he had admit to make someone’s life hell he will do it by hook or crook, so for now she need to leave this matter and slowly try to make maan understand.


On the other side maan was walking towards the parking lot when he bumped to raghav who was going in his car.


Raghav: ohh I m sorry,  Maan didn’t looked at him but tried to enter his car. raghav noticed him.  Mr Maan. his words and voice stopped maan, his blood boiled to see raghav, but remembering he is her doctor maan controlled himself and gave a fake smile.


Maan: yes doc raghav.


Raghav: wo I, I wanted to say, take care of geet. She need proper rest and love. Give ur maximum attention to her.


Maan felt the concern for geet in his voice, no matter how much he hate it but he can’t resist himself to shook his head in acceptance and feel gratitude towards raghav.


Maan: thank u for coming all the way for us.


Raghav: MSK and saying thank u is rare, I can’t miss the opportunity, Geet was right she is indeed got a Gem. Maan looked confuse but before he can as something geet popped in between, she had observed them talking in the parking lot, and see the rage in maan’s eyes she was afraid. When she reached them and heard some normal conversation she felt relief. Raghav saw her and gave a small smile. maan felt her presence beside him, without saying anything he grabbed her waist pulling her close to him, like one sec he can’t stay without her.


Maan: thank u doc raghav, I want to ask one thing, can she join office?


Raghav: yeah of course but make sure she doesn’t stressed herself. Maan nodded and raghav gave a smile to them, Geet. He called out,, geet looked at him.  Can we be friends Now?? he asked in hope that geet can’t refuse. She smiles and extended her hand.


Geet: Friends. Raghav took it smiling broadly. They forgot about the person who was fuming right next to them. He was not sure about raghav. The way he stares at geet make him feel burn. He wanted to smash his face but he didn’t want to snatch the smile from her face anymore. geet bid bye to raghav and sat in the car where maan took the driving seat.




Whole driving was in silent, geet wanted to talk about sasha but couldn’t mustered the courage, in all this she forgot about raghav, but maan’s couldn’t. he only remember his concern filled eyes and the way his face lighten when she accepted his friendship. With every single gesture of raghav he took speed. Maan was speeding the car frighten geet’s hell out.


Geet: maan, please control the speed. But maan doesn’t paid attention, he increased the speed where geet was feeling weak. Her throat burn and chest feels can come out any moment. He was speeding the car, then geet touched his hand. maan came out from his trance feeling her cold hand, but the look nearly stopped his breath. He immediately pulls the break and geet ran out from the car vomiting everything out. she was feeling weak on her knees but the sensation in her chest was unbearable, she almost throw out everything from her stomach.


Maan ran to her instantly and held her before she can fall on the ground.


Maan:  m so sorry geet, I m sorry jaan, please forgive me, I was carried away with anger, m so sorry, please. He held her from the back, she was so weak that couldn’t stand properly, she rest her petite body on maan’s well built chest who cocooned her in his embrace. Maan out the bottom from the car and make her drink a little. He kissed her forehead softly. I m so sorry jaan.


Geet smiles hearing his sorry again n again.


Geet: maan, she panted as it was difficult to catch her breath normal. maan make her lean on the car door where he was wiping the sweat from her forehead.


Maan: I was so angry that I couldn’t think rationally, I m sorry jaan.


Geet put her palm on his mouth: I m ok.


Maan: r u sure?


Geet: hmm.


But maan can see a sense of tiredness on her face. he opened the door and made her sit carefully still caressing her face. then took his driving seat. He saw geet smiling at him but her eyes were droopy.


Geet whisper: apka gussa kisi din meri jaan leke chorega. She said in a playful manner but maan was drown in his guilt. He came close to her and pecked her forehead.


Maan: before that I will give my life.


Geet stares at him with teary eyes: Maan.


Maan placed his index finger on her lips: I m sorry, I will learn to control my anger promise. But please mera sath dena. His pleading was filling her eyes. She hugged him tight soaking his pain in her. she knew he loves her but the extent she is yet to see. If his anger is dangerous then his love is more dangerous, yes he is obsessively in love with her but she is yet to see the height his love. He kissed her hair patting her back a to make her sleep.


Maan: jaan just sleep for sometime, we need time to reach.


Geet: maan but only few min is left to reach mansion na?


Maan smirks looking at her face: no love, we are not going to mansion, we are going somewhere else. Her eyes widen thinking about the place.


Geet: but maan we are going London in a week then?


Maan: it will be a surprise geet. Take a nap till then, its going to be a long journey.


Geet: I don’t have cloths


Maan: who need it? he winks and her face become red in shy, she cutely cribbed pouting her lips, and maan leaned over her. trust me love u r gonna love it, bas ye ek mini honeymoon hoga, I have given u enough pain, I need to see u happy and enjoying. Will u trust me?


Geet peck his cheek: I trust u more than myself. Once I had over shadowed my love but I can’t anymore, u made this trust on ur own maan and I promise I will never break it again. He sealed her mouth feeling her pain, absorbing her in him, and his passion.


After few sec he broke the kiss and peck her forehead.


Maan: I have informed everyone, now u sleep, u need rest. She obeyed him and drifted to sleep knowing how tired her body and mind is, it need some peace. Now her life is only for maan, he is the owner of her soul, he can do whatever he want, he can take wherever he want. maan saw the angelic face which is so happy to find him near her, he promised himself, whoever come in their life he won’t give them an entry between them. He will erase the little gap is between them. His insecurity need time to evaporate but he will do whatever it take to do. But cocoon her in him, only for him.



Precap:  mini honeymoon and friends coming there, oops again raghav. Ye honeymoon hain kya???

Revealing the past infront of love and friends.



guys i m not from medical back ground so if i went wrong please forgive me.


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