Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 51




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@spdv aka Deepa dear sorry I couldn’t answer ur question, it slipped out my mind. Dear u wanted to clarify if maaneet can be physically active during this disease so the answer is yes, they will. the problem in her brain so she is well with other body parts LOL, hmm so will be physically active, but let’s see what will happen during the treatment session.



Part 51



Geet felt she is in air, she opens her eyes with few chaos, her 1st scene was her handsome husband’s rough strong face, he was looking ahead and then it hit her, she is in his arm. She looked here n there to hear few gasp and giggle. Some were hooting and some smiling. She saw where they were, her eyes widen to see the airport and they were completing the immigration.


Geet whisper: maan.


Maan saw his sleeping beauty stirring from sleep.


Maan: u sleep jaan, we have enough time to reach out destination.


Geet blushed to see every people’s gaze on them, she tried to go from his arm but he gave an angry glare, she gulp her saliva and made a baby face still with droopy eyes.


Geet: maan everyone is watching, please put me down, see I can walk perfectly na.


Maan: u have to be like this u like it or not, I care a damn about others.  Geet knew its useless to argue but where they are going is a mystery, she saw him carrying her effortlessly. Then she watched they were not going with others but some privet area.


Geet: maan?


Maan smirks: u r special jaan and we don’t need to go there, we are going through our privet jet, now sleep, u r weak.


Yes geet was weak but not that much she couldn’t walk by herself, she frowns but placed her head on his chest not having the strength to fight with him.


Geet: did u informed dadima?


Maan: hmm


Geet: amy abhay n ridz


Maan: hmm


She pouted her lips hearing his hmmm


Maan: now if ur interrogation has completed we shall have out seat, she looked at the privet jet they had stepped in, it had large seats beside each other and in front. He placed her on one seat and tucked her belt properly not to hurt baby and then he himself seated beside her.




Suddenly geet’s eyes went on an airhostess who was coming towards them, her shirt’s 2 buttons were open that was giving a clear view of her cleavage. Something burnt in geet to see the smile on her face and looking at maan lustfully. She came in front of maan and bent a little.


Airhostess: do u need anything sir? She asked in a most seducing voice. Maan then noticed her and orders a soft drink and sandwich for geet and for him a Champaign. The airhostess gave her best sexy smile and leaned a little more. anything else sir. Maan noticed geet who was fuming then its hit him and saw her closeness. He gave a stern look to her and told her to go now. she felt dejected and insulted with it, she had never felt so ashamed in her life. She looked at maan weirdly as he is looking changed. Whenever he had traveled by his privet jet she was the one to entertain him no matter how many GFs he had during those time with him but he ignored them and gave ample time to her body now when he is with another girl she thought he will definitely come to her seeing the seduction least she knew goddess of seduction is seating right beside him who’s one look is enough for him to fall for her again.


Maan saw geet’s irritating face and got to know it was that girl’s closeness that made her feel so cranky, though she didn’t said anything but he knew she doesn’t like it, he unbuckle is seat belt as the jet had already in the air. Geet looked at him from the corner of her eyes, he bent over her and unbuckle her belt. She looked at him confused but before she can say anything he pulls her holding her waist and she fell on his lap.


Geet gasp: maan….


Maan nuzzle in her neck: my dear wifey getting jealous, how can I leave her when she is looking so delicious in her angry self. She literally blushed with his comment but soon got goosebumps feeling his lips on her nape, he kissed her nape and coming on neck slowly nibbling her flesh making her clutch his hand tightly. He slides his hand over her stomach slowly caressing it with his palm, it was awakening a new desire in her, but soon their romance came to halt to hear a gasp. Geet saw the same airhostess with a tray and her mouth wide open, she felt frustrated and tried to stood up but felt a tug as maan was holding her waist tightly, he force her to sit on his lap.


Maan: didn’t u hear the name of privacy. U should have ring 1st.


Airhostess: sir wo I actually


Maan shout: speak up damit.


But he felt geet’s shiver and he slowed his voice, the airhostess said sorry to them and left them.

Geet didn’t said anything in these talks as she was enjoying her hubby’s control. She placed her head on his chest and maan very lovingly fed her though she doesn’t wanted to eat because of her nausea, still maan manages to make her eat 3 sandwich and juice. After completing the whole meal geet felt a sensation covering her nostril and in no time she asked for washroom, maan got worried and told her the way, geet ran towards the washroom and puked everything out. she felt relax after it but very weak, it’s the 3rd time she had puked, and it was making her very tired. She heard maan’s banging the door, she forget to unlock the door, somehow she manages to open the door and maan hugged her.


Maan: why u locked the door damit, u know how much worried I was, if something had happen, but geet but him


Geet: its normal maan, calm down please. Maan without any word scooped her in his arms. when they were coming out 2 more airhostess with that 1 looked at them, that airhostess burned in jealousy looking at maan caring towards geet who was hiding her face in his neck.


1st airhostess: don’t know what black magic she had done, jab se aaye hain sir ek baar bhi nahi dekha mujhe,, pehle to kabhi akela hi nahi chodhte the. She said quite loud to reach those words in geet’s ears, and it reached perfectly as they were just crossing them, geet’s face was numb and maan closed his eyes thinking about his past life which will haunt them forever, true he was a Casanova and never forced anyone to be with him, it was their wish then why those people r now accusing him, he never said he will spent life with them or gave any false expectation the why. Geet looked at maan who’s expression was hard, nothing can be judge with it but she knew pain was there.


2nd airhostess: hey rishika don’t u know MSK is married now and loves his wife, and that woman is his wife, can’t u see the love between them?


3rd airhostess: yeah really sir has changed so much na, his love reflects in his eyes.


Rishika: pyar my foot, he said that word to numerous ppls still came for my body, he will again come just wait n see.





They were quite far so couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation. Geet kissed his chest softly, she can feel his muscle tightening. She again kissed his neck like a feather touching his skin. He groans with her touch,


Maan: geet don’t do that.


Geet kissed his earlobe sucking it slowly making his body shiver with the intensity. Her hands snaked in his neck rubbing it slowly, seducing him in her scent.


Maan: why u r doing this?


Geet: because I need MY MAAN. he looked at her eyes which shows love and trust. U promised to forget the past to lead a life of happiness of present, can I expect that maan?


Maan kissed her forehead: I love u geet.


Geet pecked his lips: I love you too.


Soon they entered a room.. her eyes widen to see the room inside, it was beautiful, he had taken her directly to their room n the jet. Geet had never experienced something like this, her expression told him how much she is excited. He chuckle at her expression of seeing a room in a privet jet. It has a nice comfy bed in the middle.  Beside it there was 2 large sofa comfy seat, and a plasma Tv. She was mesmerized with the décor, but suddenly maan placed her on the soft bed.





Geet: Maan ,, she gasp as he placed her on the bed and came over her pinning the hand above her head.


Maan: I told u to rest as it will need in the night but u are nowhere to listen, u love to roam here  there, so I thought as we have enough time we can use it in something else.

Her face turned crimson red as his gaze fell on her lips and then saw her eyes. she knew his intention and she herself want him close to her. her breath became uneven as he kissed her eyes one by one.


Maan: these had shed a lot of tears only cause of me, I want to see them spark in delight. Geet looked at him with sheer love.


Geet just captured his lips in her not letting him say anything and he took the command by kissing her senselessly. He broke the kiss feeling her short of breath. He looked at her face which shows contentment. He came on her stomach kissing it lightly. Geet felt his gaze on her abdomen, he slides her pallu completely out of her stomach and looked carefully, he kissed again n again realizing his baby is here and this angel had brought so many happiness but with revelation of some truth. Geet felt his emotion coming out and held his shoulder to force him look at her.


Geet: our angel is fine, he smiles, just then she again felt a movement. Maan aaj sayad baby badhe acche mood me hain, its moving again. Maan got excited and placed his ear on her stomach hearing his baby’s movement.


Maan: hii baby. How r u angel? Geet giggles softly, he gave a stern look to her and then again kissed her tummy but this time sensually making geet moans. He smirks at her and she pouted her lips. He kissed the place once again, Baby ur mamma is an angel for me, don’t make her suffer more, u know because of me she had suffered a lot not anymore.


Geet: maan, he looked at her worried, she knew he is worried for her health. She pulls him close to him and kissed his lips softly. I m fine Mr MSK and our baby can never make me suffer, it’s a blissful moment which every girl want to feel, I m lucky enough to have my maan’s child.

Her words were simple but it was having so effect on him, he found himself falling in love with her more. he kissed her forehead and then rolled over the bed taking her on him.


Maan: I m lucky to have u near, I m lucky to got a second chance. She smiles.


Geet: we got the 2nd chance to turn the kashish in to PYAR. She smiles cutely maan felt like eating her raw. But she need rest. He hugged her.


Maan: geet I think u should take rest, we will be landing in 1 hour. just take a short nap till then,


Geet: and u?


Maan: I m here close to my 2 angel, I need to feel u close to my heart geet,


She placed her head on his chest above his heart and soon drifted to sleep feeling exhausted.


Maan smiles at his cute innocent seductress who doesn’t need to know anything else when she is around him, she doesn’t ask him where they are going as she knew wherever they will be love will be the only surroundings.





It was time to land but he doesn’t wanted to disturb geet, just then that airhostess walked in wearing a very short skirt ofcourse uniform. But her eyes burnt seeing maan sitting beside a sleeping geet. Maan saw her and his eyes turned red that feared the girl also.


Maan doesn’t wanted to disturb geet so he dragged her out from the room.


Maan: what the hell u were doing there


Airhostess: I just


Maan: don’t forget who r u and why u r here, it just work and if u r so not interested in work u can leave this job forever,


Airhostess got frighten: sorry sir, it will never happen,, i thought u will need me like before but i


Maan: I don’t need filth like u, for ur piece of information I have a wife to love and u doesn’t come in front of her nail also. that girl felt insulted and got to see the height of his love. Yes that MSK is head over heal in love with his wife now.


Airhostess: I m sorry sir, it will never happen again.


Maan: it will happen when I will give u chance, u r fired from here


Airhostess was shocked, she fell on his feet: sorry sir, please give me one chance, please sir. I will do my job efficiently please sir.


He saw geet was wakening with her cries, he immediately soften his voice to see the girl crying.


Maan: ok just shut up, u will get another job in another flight of my frnd, now get lost from here. Maan walked in the room again leaving the girl to run for her life. Geet was going to stir in sleep when maan scooped her in his arm saying sweet words and she smiles in his chest snuggling close to him. he walked out from the jet with her in his arms. he checked the immigration and his guards collected other essential things. All the while geet was sleeping because of her medicine. Everyone was staring at the couple with mouth hanging on the ground. Geet was feeling drowsy, she snuggled close to him and held his neck. She knew he is lifting her but doesn’t have the strength to open her eyes. her doctor had given few vitamins which is really powerful and top of that her everything came out from her stomach, so she is empty stomach feeling hell weak.


Maan couldn’t bother to wake her up and placed her in the car. Driver took his seat and he took her on his chest sitting beside her. the car started processing on road when geet opens her eyes.


Geet: maan where we are?


Maan: see ur self.


With difficulty geet opens her eyes and shocked to see the beautiful place.


A sweet smile came on her face: KULLU.


Maan: u wanted to see it. that temple.


Geet: I love it, but how did I know I want to come here?


Maan: abhay told me. geet hugged him tight thanking abhay in her mind. Hold on sweetheart, surprise isn’t over yet, we will stay here for a day or 2 then our next trip will start.


Her eyes widen: par maan Your office.


Maan: I had gave my life for work, now I want to live my life for my love.  Geet couldn’t express her happiness and kissed his lips deep.  Agar aise treat milega to I want to come here every week.


Geet hit his chest playfully: maan. but he grabbed her and kissed her full mouth forgetting about the world.


After 20 min they reached kullu, the airport was on bhunter where the land so it took 20 min to reach kullu and more 20 min to reach their resort. Geet was surprise to see such beautiful resort and he scooped her in his arm to take her inside.


Geet: maan 1st let check in na?


Maan; why check in, the whole resort is our.


Geet: what?


Maan: geet its dev’s resort in kullu and we have many resort here in hill stations, u will see more. she smiled at him and hide her face in his chest where he proceed towards their luxurious room.



Precap: same.


Get ready to see the real kashish which started few months back and now had turned in to real pyar .


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  1. Posted by Meena on August 21, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    awesome as always


  2. so sweet of him… i love d statement wen he said “I had gave my life for work, now I want to live my life for my love.” truely beaauuuuttiiifffuullyyyy wonderful..

    love u tich..


  3. continue soon


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