Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 22


Part 22



Geet comes out in a knees length jeans and red tank top simply to take maan’s breath away. Maan was talking with someone on the phone when he saw geet coming from the stairs looking lost, he can say she is confuse with something. But soon changed her face as he looked at her. he hung up the phn and took out the sim. She looked at him suspiciously but he didn’t meet his gaze. She sat on the dining table waiting for her breakfast. Whatever happen she can’t miss her breakfast. But her eyes burnt to see bread n butter, she is typical punjaban who love paratha, without thinking about her figure n all she always enjoyed food.


Geet made a face: what the hell, this is u call breakfast, u know very well maan I hate bread n butter, I need my paratha.


Maan looked at the unique piece and her antiques. He wonder how can she changes herself in mins. Few min before she was so angry and didn’t thinking what she was saying but now she is all in herself. Geet saw him staring at her, she made a furious face.


Geet: Mr Maan Singh Khurana, what do u expect I will eat this nonsense. Huh in ur dream, I need to aaloo paratha right now.


Maan comes out from his revere: huh, geet u have been kidnapped not came for picnic


Geet: hmm when the kidnapper is u it can be a picnic also, now prepare some good breakfast.


Maan: hello excuse me madam, 1st I m not ur servant to fulfill ur all demand 2nd we are nowhere at a place to have ur desire food, till I get some essential grocery u have to eat this and 3rd learn how to cook, or else u have to eat my tasteless blunt continental food.


It took her quite few second to know what he said, she fumes in anger and stood up looking at him in anger and then point the knife to him that was in front of her.

Geet: what do u mean ha? Did I said u to kidnap me? nahi na then u should take the responsibility for my comfortableness. And it was ur own idiotic plan to lock me here. Now fulfill my all wishes.


Maan: oye hello show ur attitude to someone else, Maan Singh khurana tumhara gulam nahi hain.


Geet: too bad for u. I need my paratha or else I m not gonna eat this, with this she stomped out from the room.


Maan rubbed his temple knowing how stubborn she is, but he is true also, 1st they don’t have essential commodities and then he can’t make Indian dishes.


Maan: ggrrr,,, I hate this, she very well knew how to bend me. but not this time, let her stay all starve for few hour then she will eat that bread only. He smirks and emerged himself in his laptop forgetting his breakfast also.






Rounak: how can they vanish in this thin air, can’t u track her mobile network.


Person: I m sorry sir but it isn’t active, mobile is switched off.


Rounak: where she can go, she doesn’t know Mumbai well then where is she.






Sid: Mahabaleshwar,


Pari: what?


Sid: my frnd had a cottage there, so I said maan to take her there, as everyone can ask us but if they try to trap our record also they won’t get any information.


Pari: r u sure, they will be fine?


Sid: yes, that place is very deserted, no one goes to that place usually, the cottage is in one of the deep forest of the hill area. But keep ur mouth shut.


Pari: hmm I think we should go delhi by night as it will be safe for them, what if that psycho try to know about them from heer, she is coming by tom night.


Sid: I think I should stay here to monitor them and u go back by tom morning


Pari: ok.





Maan was feeling frustrated, its being 3 hours still she is in her room, he knew she is stubborn but she can show that stubbornness now he couldn’t imagined. Feeling restless he went to her room but found her door locked.


He knocked her door few time but she doesn’t opened it, for a moment maan’s heart pounded feeling something had happened to her


Maan; geet, please open the door, I will make whatever u want but open the door.


No response, he again banged the door. This time geet shouted on him.


Geet: go to hell maan, leave me alone.


Maan: geet open the door before I break it.


Geet: why u r doing this. leave na enjoy ur sadha huya breakfast.


Maan greeted his teeth: Geettt


Geet: I know my name, don’t need to remember it again n again, I don’t have amnesia problem.


Maan: ohh I forgot u only remember rubbish things and unwanted things.


Geet: hawww,, what do u mean my name is rubbish. Maan u know what I don’t want to eat or see ur face, I will definitely puke all food seeing u 24*7


Maan: soch lo, there are many girl waiting holding their heart for me,


Geet: my foot, their heart will burst once they will see ur real face, a monster, dusht danav.


Maan: Geettt,, once u open the door then see what will this monster do, now open the door.


Geet(murmer): hey babaji ye samajhta kyun nahi, why can’t he leave me alone, how will I make him understand now.


Maan: if ur cursing record has a break then open the door before I break it.


Geet: maan I told u na, leave me alone, go for some rina meena tina,


Maan: ok as u wish, but I will lock the main door, waise bhi roma meri intezar kar rahi hogi.


Geet pouted her lips and made an O: yaha main mar rahi hu aur inhe roma ki fikar hain, but ye roma hain kon. Hawww maan is 2 timing, just wait maan I will kill u. I will kill that girl and make her kabab, fir kutto ko na khilaya to mera naam bhi geet handa nahi.


Maan literally laughed hearing her blabbering but then thought about an idea and made a sound of his shoes. Geet thought he had gone as the shoe sound was fading.


Geet started walking towards the door to open it: hayee babaji ye sach me chala gaya kya? But who is roma, maan I will kill u if u dare to look any other girl. she pecked from the door but couldn’t see maan. then felt a force and next she found maan pinning her to a wall beside the door.


Her breath caught in her lungs feeling him so close and that intimating look in his eyes was giving a hint of something, like some desire. Her chest heaved up n down touching his chest through the thin shirt. Both their skin burnt. He came close to her ear whispering huskily.


Maan: when I m lost in the most beautiful girl of the world how can u think I will go behind a mask?


She literally shivered with the intensity his voice have. She closed her eyes and leaned on the wall. Maan placed a soft kiss on her collarbone.


Geet: maan she moans.


Maan forget everything hearing the moan and kissed her neck softly going down on her shoulder, he pulls down the sleeves of her top and bite the skin sensually. With the harshness geet came back to senses. She placed her hand on his abs to stop him but it was working differently, her body want to feel him so was his, he pressed himself more on her hand and she sensually rubbed his skin above the shirt. He held her waist caressing it and lost himself in her scent. Hiding his face in her hair he kissed her neck and coming on her chest he gave the same luscious kisses on her other shoulder. Soon he left her neck to come on her lips. He saw her lost in him and her lips are parted. But something stopped him. the vision of the small bottle poison content came to his flash.


Maan: why did u do that mishty? He spoke against her lips


Geet came back from her dream land hearing the most painful voice. She saw him staring at her with pain, she knew why he said that. and she need to clear these things.


Geet: because I never wanted to be touched by any other man than my maan, he made me pure and feeling other man’s touch I will be impure that was worse than death so I prefer death to be sweter.


Maan leaned on her forehead: u never thought about me, how would have I lived then?


Geet: I m sorry.


Maan: I m sorry for being late, I m sorry for not saying anything 1st but I was helpless.


Geet: I was worried for u and papa. He will kill him maan


Geet sobbed holding maan close to him where maan was confused, he cupped her face and wiped the tears.


Maan: look at me mishty, who will kill uncle? Tell me what happen that forced u to do all that? tell me pls mishty.


Geet told him about the phn call rounak made to her, she was frightened and hugged maan tight expressing her fear. Maan closed his eyes cursing himself thinking wrong again, how can he think she never thought about him. he hugged her as tight as possible promising to protect her forever.


Maan: mishty jab tak main hu I won’t let anything touch u, geet looked at him teary, he wiped it with his thumbs and kissed her forehead, but promise me u will never try to do something like that, promise me u will talk to me 1st before doing anything, promise me u will never leave me in any situation.


Geet: promise, I will never do something like that, I can’t live without u maan, but wo papa


Maan: geet don’t u trust me? do u think I would let uncle to be alone with the?  I love him more than a son do to his father, I respect him and can do anything for him, don’t worry he is safe, I had talked to my man, he will take him to NY for his treatment, but before that we can’t go infront of them, rounak will not harm him till u r out of his reach. Just trust me and ur love geet. Ur papa can never be happy to see u with that person, do u think he can make a promise knowing how wrong person he is?


Geet looked at him confuse, and maan knew she doesn’t know about him properly, she is too nave for all this.


Geet: but I thought


Maan: not everyone is good in this world geet, ur papa and I know him and trust me he had never made any promise, he will be hurt to know u agreed to marry him only because of him when he never wanted that.


Geet: I m sorry maan.


Maan saw the miserable condition on her face and again hugged her.


Maan: leave all this, I will handle that, but u need to be with me till uncle is properly good and we have the control to face everyone, now rounak is not in his sense and we need time to reach uncle 1st.


Geet: tab tak hum yaha kaise rahenge? I don’t even know what is this place, where are we?


Maan: geet we are in Mahabaleshwar, a hill town near Maharashtra. It’s a frnd’s cottage. I will buy everything tom, but till then u have to help in this situation mishty.


Geet nodded her head: I will, but maan if its ur frnds place then how come my all dresses are here? And I was sleeping in ur kurta,, and u changed my dress then why don’t u put my real cloth instead of ur kurta?


Maan smiles slyly: because I love it on u


Geet slapped his hand playfully.


Maan: ouch geet. He held her hand and pinned her to the wall,,, that time u were feeling uncomfortable so I had to change ur dress knowing u will wake up after 18 hour only. And ur all dress were fitting so it would have taken my all strength to control my self when I was touching u where I had switched off the light and the kurta was too big for u so it was easy to put on u without touching much of ur smooth skin.


Her face become red to redder hearing his words, and he kissed her blushing cheeks.


Maan: u don’t know how seductive u look in ur innocence self. I felt like eating u


Geet: maan, she whined and maan took her lips in his. after kissing her madly he let her go and she hide her face in his chest. But wo mere kapre yaha?


Maan: pari helped me, she sent all ur cloths in a bag and that was in ur car’s dickey, geet’s eyes widen knowing pari was with him in this plan, maan explained how sid and pari helped him.

Geet: ek baar main yaha se bahar jau un logo ki khair nahi


Maan: hmm but who will save u from me huh?


Geet gulp her saliva knowing his intension. But before she can run maan trap her between him and the wall.


Maan: bohot hogaya ye doud, now have something for ur poor lover, he is also starving. Geet felt suddenly hungry but as soon as it went in her head something more came in her head.


Geet: maan,, she gulp her saliva, gave a nervous smile, maan was amused to see her like this.


Maan: bolo geet.


Geet: maan did pari sent something else other than my cloths.


Maan: ur under garments that was in lower shelf.


Geet’s face became crimson red and she slapped on her hand hard. He screamed but she again slapped him.


Maan: accha baba sorry I will not tease u, nahi aur kuch anhi veja.


Geet: kya,, mar gayi main.


Maan: what happen geet?


Geet : nahi no, nothing, she tried to walked in her room but maan held her hand, she tried to protest but he held it firmly.


Maan: kya huya


Geet: maan I need to go to market, can u take me out.


Maan: no geet, I told u na. we can’t go out and roam here, its not safe.


Geet: but its urgent,


Maan: what urgent geet?


Geet: maan I need to go to a store, please take me na, I promise I will take 5 min but please


Maan: tell me what do u want, I will try


Geet immediately screamed: NOoo. I can go on myself. She tried to run but maan held her hand


Maan: ek baar bolu to samajh nahi aata? I told u na its not safe, what u want tell me clear.


Geet blinked her lashes and gulp her saliva.



Precap: what do u think what she need?




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