Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 23




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Part 23



Maan: ek baar bolu to samajh nahi aata? I told u na its not safe, what u want tell me clear.


Geet blinked her lashes and gulp her saliva.


Geet: nahi, wo, main, mujhe jana hain. her continuous hiding was making maan mad. Why she is behaving so indifferent. He try to be cool and capped her face.


Maan: mishty what do u need? Tell me, I will bring that tom.


Geet snapped his hand and looked away cursing pari under her breath for not packing the most important things. She was feeling irritated and top of that maan isn’t allowing her to go out. she always feels frustrated on the monthly cycles and now its not exception. On the other hand maan was thinking its some of her childish demand, but why she is behaving so indifferent he couldn’t fathom.


Maan saw geet’s cute cribbing face and its on the verge of crying. With a sigh he controlled his anger and turned her holding her shoulder.


Maan: mishty what happen? Tell me na what do u need? He said in a husky voice, that definitely melting her. she closed her eyes as he rubbed her cheek with his palm, say na mishty, I promise I will try to bring that.


Geet snapped open her eyes but then looking at maan she made a baby face.


Geet: maan please, let me go, I can’t tell u.


Her denial was making him furious and that showed in his grip.


Maan: what do u think I can fulfill ur one demand, atleast say it.


Geet(st): abb inhe wo demand batao kaise, but with sigh she decided to write the thing.


Geet: is there any pen or paper?


Maan looked at her weirdly and nodded in no, he can see geet is definitely frustrated and cranky, he thought some hour before she was ok what happen in this 3 hour that made her cranky.


Maan: why u r playing games that too in riddles, say it clearly or go back to ur room.


Geet: nooo please, I need it


Maan: what?


Geet: I, I ne-need whi-WHISPER. She closed her eyes to welcome a teasing tone or look but after few min also there was no answer, she opens her eyes to see a confuse maan making weird faces.


Maan: geet u don’t need to whisper, tell me clearly and loud.


Geet felt frustrated: arrgghhh maan. I need Whisper.


Maan: that what I m telling, u don’t need to whisper, say clear and loud.


Geet felt like banging her head then something popped up in her mind


Geet: maan I need STAYFREE


Maan looked at her weirdly, geet was looking away to hide the red hue on her cheek.


Maan: geet I didn’t tied u, u r StayFree.


Now seriously geet wanted to bang her head. She can’t say it more, whatever name she will say he will bring a new meaning of that, how did she forgot he is a guy and guys are always dumb.(no offence to boys)  she mentally cursed him but gave a threatening look, his dumb act is making her very angry. He gave a confuse look where she was red in anger and embarrassment.


Geet: maan u r seriously hopeless. She cutely cribbed and looked away. Then tried to enter her room but maan held her hand and pinned her to the wall.


Maan saw geet’s moist eyes, he thought he had hurted her but its her cranky mood swing that always occur in her periods.


Maan placed a soft kiss on her forehead and looked at her eyes, he rubbed her cheeks with his thumb.


Maan: mishty I m sorry please say it clear na.


With a deep sigh geet looked at maan: wo maan, please go to a chemist and say I want a whisper. He will give u a packet. And,,,, before geet could say anything more he placed his finger on her lips, she blinked her eyes for a sec then saw his face which says how much embarrass he is. Geet looks away feeling the warm heat on her face and closed her eyes biting her lips.


Maan came on her ear: I m sorry. he kissed her earlobe making her shiver. I will be back in an hour or so, take care of urself and don’t try to come out, I will lock the door. He placed a soft kiss on her cheek and left her. she immediately hide her face in her palm.






Its being 1 n half hour still maan isn’t there, she was feeling scared and worried, where is maan? is he ok? when he will come? She tried to open the door but it is locked. She cursed maan under her breath for locking the door but he knew her more than she knew herself.


After another 30 min geet heard the door being clicked open, she ran to him. and hugged him tight. Maan was baffled to see her like this. he dropped the bag from his hand and hugged her rubbing her back to sooth her increasing heartbeat.


Maan: what happen mishty? Why u r shivering?


Geet: maan where were u? do u know how worried I was, itna time lagta hain kya aane me? u said u will come in an hour but here its 2 hour still u were nowhere to come, do u know how scared I got not finding u close? Tumhe sach me kuch samajh nahi ata na?


Maan smiled a little thinking about her love, she is an open book, if u try to see the cover page only, u will get wrong thinking but as soon as u start reading it u will get to know how is it. they says right


‘Never judge a book by it’s Cover page’


To lighten her mood he thought to play along.


Maan: excuse me miss handa, don’t u think u r crossing ur limit with ur kidnapper, u know he can take advantage of ur.


Geet smiles slightly: this kidnapper is so hot that I may myself give whatever he desire.


Her open confession made him shiver, but he remember something and lose the hug.


Maan gave her a bag: 1st take this, u may need it. geet lowered her lashes and took it. maan saw the crimson red face and felt like eating her raw. He controlled his wild desire and she ran from there. he smiles a little and then took all grocery to kitchen and took out a recipe book.


Maan: chal beta, pyar ne tujhe business man ne kidnaper and chef bana diya, pata nahi aur kya kya karna parega.






A person: boss we had tried to traced that maan singh khurana, he is also not here not in delhi nor Mumbai.


Rounak smirks: ohh so he the lover of her, brij chalo teri zindegi baksh deta hu, atleast one thing u said correct. Brij yelled in pain as someone opened his tied hand and he landed on the ground. Ohh brij u gave me a nice information, when geet said she loves someone I thought she is saying it for shoving me from her way but no, Geet Handa never lies. Good my dear. Now it will be interesting to catch u make u mine Infront of ur so called lover.


He smiles evilly: captured his family 1st. lets see how far u can run mr Maan n My jaan Geet. Once u r in my hand u will be finish. Ohh but we should held mr handa 1st. bechare coma me hain, lets go, I think we should erase his pain for ever now. he smirks and took out his car to go for mr handa oblivious to the fact someone is watching them very keenly.




Maan saw geet coming down from the stairs but her lashes were on the ground only. He smacked himself mentally for behaving like an idiot. She much be feeling shy now. ohhh great Geet Handa and shy, 8th wonder. but he liked this geet handa. Her red face always gives him a pleasure to watch her every sec, to eat her every moment. He cursed him mentally and concentrated on the job. Geet got a smell of something and her eyes sparkle to see her handsome kidnaper making aloo paratha. Her mouth began watering with the smell but then something caught her attention. Ohh god he is wearing a vest and track. The clinging black vest that showing his perfect toned muscle and abs. great how will she control now seeing him to utterly delicious thing. She couldn’t think what to concentrate. Her aloo paratha or her hot sexy kidnapper. But she can’t have them with this arching stomach. She sat on the table and placed her head on the table feeling pain in her abdomen. Maan saw her like that and got worried. What happen to her, what should he do now?


He placed the paratha in front of her and she looked at him cutely.


Maan: u will be the 1st person who forced a kidnapper to make aloo paratha. Geet giggles softly


Geet: what can I do when the kidnapper is looking irresistibly hot in the apron. He gave a teasing look.


Maan: u were checking me huh?


Geet smirks: the just way u were.


He caught red handed, but smiles at her cute antics. He sat beside her and took a bite.


Maan: 1st time attempt kiya hain, she took it in her mouth but her eyes went wide as the salt was too much, but then looking at his cute hopeful face she swallowed her morsel. Maan asked how is it and she said its wonder, he tried to give few more bite with his hand and unwontedly she took it. but then she couldn’t eat more.


Geet: maan bas, I can’t eat more.


Maan: but its ur fav na? have some more.


Geet: no maan, I m not feeling well. she tried to take some excuse and it works.


Maan: ok, go and rest for a while we need to talk about something else also. I m coming in half n hour. geet gave a small smile and went to her room, then she fell flat on the bed feeling a the pain in her stomach.


Maan saw the half paratha and he took it in his mouth to taste it but soon spat feeling the salty sensation.


Maan: god, usne khaya kaise ye? Uff geet why can’t u tell me that it was so bad, what was the need to eat this food, what if something,


The mere thought if something happen to geet make him furious. He is angry on her that how can she lied to him. (ufff firse gussa?? Maan wo tumhare liye wo kha rahi thi na, firse gussa, babaji kuch to kariye iss dust danav ka)


Maan walked in the room to blast on geet for eating that tasteless salty food, but the scene made him shiver and his eyes widen in horror. He saw geet crying hiding her face in the pillow, her back was facing him as she was lying on her stomach. Her sobbing lurch his heart.


He ran to her and sat down beside her and a whisper came out: Mishty


Geet looked at maan and with cute face she bursted in cry: mujhe maa chahiye.


Now he is confuse why she is crying for maa?




Precap: uff maan mujhe apni mamma nahi apki maa chahiye

Geet maa koi toy hain jo main abhi hawa se lake dunga. Wait a min u r talking about my mother? But,,,,,


She bite her tongue and hide her face in pillow.


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  1. firstly a big laughter ….
    poor girl kaise samjhaye iss idiot dumb kidnapper ko …
    embarresed maan ..??? lolzz
    hayeeeee she just a glass doll hiding herself in a wooden cover ….:D
    true ………we should never judge a book from its cover ……..
    hayeeeee mien tou last part se yahi soch rahi hoon …ke thnk good geet ki halat kharaab hai otherwise inn dono ka past record dekh kar tou lagta tha lke akele hoonge tou kaise resist karein ge ….defo maan ka resolution toot jata 24/7 apni seduction devi ke saamne ……lolzz


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