Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 67



This part doesn’t have maaneet scene but very important one. sorry to disappoint if I did so.


Sorry for all mistakes grammatical n other.



Part 67




After that day 3 of them become inseparable soul, maan used to help saanjh and shiv was always protected towards her. they together was the strongest group of collage, but in all this maan never forget about sam. She usually felt insecure for his closeness with saanjh and maan always tried to give some quality time to her. Though they were really close to each other but maan never crossed him limitation with her, he was always a devoted family person and respected family values.


It was a day when maan and sam was spending alone time in a restaurant, maan had booked whole restaurant for her and it was impossible to disturb them as instructed by maan only. Sam was feeling so special. She always knew maan loved her beyond imagination but his small gesture always make a special place in her heart. Sam had loved him but her love was selfish, she never liked other person’s presence in their lives except shiv who was like her brother. She was happy in her own world oblivious to the fact a storm had been entered her life already. His cell rang twice and sam cut it irritatingly. Maan only gave her teasing smile seeing her irritation; she gladly accepted she gets jealous if she had to share him or his time. just then his cell again rang, he wanted to take it as maybe it can be from home, but she switched off her mobile. He hesitantly gave up in front of her love and lost himself in her. after like 30 min the manager came and told him there was someone want to meet him. sam frustratingly said throw the person out but before it the person marched in. maan’s heart skipped a beat in worry. He saw saanjh crying and wiping her tears with the back of her palm. he got worried and ran to her.


Saanjh immediately hugged him sobbing hard and complaining why he didn’t receive her call, maan was angry on sam but she ignored.


Maan: kya huya saanjh? Why r u crying?


Saanjh: shiv, shiv,


Maan: what happen to shiv? Maan’s voice took high pitch in tension.


Saanjh: shiv and i went to club, and there he fought with some guy of collage, someone hit his head and I took him to hospital. But the doctors were not admitting him, please maan do something. I didn’t knew where were u so I called kajal, she said u both maybe here as she heard ur talk about this place. Please maan do something.


Maan couldn’t hear more, he dragged saanjh and took his car in full speed leaving a worrying samaira, no matter what happen still she loves his 2 person in life, shiv is her brother, how can she be so selfish, she called her driver and went to hospital.


Maan had literally murder the doctor by his eyes, the doctor was shivering and then got to know what mistake he had committed. He took shiv in OT and saanjh slipped down on the ground crying bitterly. Maan hugged her to console and then sam entered the place, her blood boiled to see the scene. She marched to saanjh and dragged her out of the place, maan followed her taking sam’s name but sam was furious. She threw saanjh away who fell on the ground still shivering, its not she can’t fight but whatever went on her was too much, shiv’s bloody face was coming again n again and she felt lost of words or reaction.


Sam: tum chote saher ki ladki samajhti kya ho? Just because 2 richest person had taken u in their life u thought u can trap them in ur innocent trick? Don’t think u can fool me miss saanjh, I know u, ur face well knew, what do u think u can snatch my 2 fav person and I will just watch u doing that, so u r mistaking. Low class girl like u always dreamt about richest guys, don’t know how many men were in ur trap before,


Before she can complete her sentence she heard a roaring voice,




Sam shivered hearing maan’s thundering voice which is really dangerous, she knew she had said beyond his expectation, she quickly changed her face as tears makes way and looked at maan who doesn’t knew what to say, his love is shedding tears and he can’t see that,, on the other side saanjh was sitting on the ground, tears were all over her face but it was blank. He was in dilemma, one side his love whom he knew from childhood. Their destiny was together from the moment they arrived in this world, and on the 2nd Saanjh, who is frnd for for few months, 8 month only still their bonding can jerk anyone. They are undividable soul. Just then the doctor came and said shiv had gained conscious,, nothing to worry, it was minor cut. He is all fine and they can take him after 2 days.


Sam ran to his room and maan followed her, saanjh was still sitting in her place. Whatever sam said bounced her head because all she can think how is shiv. She had witnessed the most fateful day in her life and got to know her heart. Don’t know why how and when shiv had made a place in her heart that she feared if she closed her heart she can never be able to give the place to anyone. She had witnessed the fear of losing him. she had seen if he is not in her life she is incomplete, her meaning of live got lost the moment he is not there. she cried holding her knees in her chest remembering his eyes when he was falling on ground in pain still saying run saanjh, run away from here. Those 8 goons were laughing on him and tried to touch her and that was it, with wounded head he had fought with them to save her dignity. Thank god some people came there and those goons left them, but shiv lost his conscious there. only she knew how she felt in that hour when she took him to hospital.


And with this shiv’s face came in front, she ran towards his room and saw him smiling weakly at maan who was in tears. Shiv had seen saanjh and winked at her saying he is fine, knowing how much she is worried. She gave him a small smile.


Shiv: dekh tere liya kya kya karna padha


Saanjh: did I say to show ur HEROGIRI?? U know I can never fall for ur charm.


Shiv: ewww who want u to fell for my charm, I don’t want to spoil my life. Sam smirks where shiv smiles thinking its their way to make an atmosphere light but it made saanjh sad, sam’s word rang in her mind and she knew her feeling will destroy their friendship. shiv and sam was busy in their talk but maan observed saanjh’s sad expression, he knew something is bothering her, but when he approached she decline everything.


From that day saanjh took special care of shiv, maan had shifted in shiv’s apartment and together they took care of shiv. Though shiv could have enter KM but he prefer to be with his frnds because he doesn’t wanted his dad to know all this and start his lecture, so he kept himself away from maan’s family. Maan had witnessed a new spark in saanjh’s eyes. the way she had took care and did all the necessary things which only can a mother do for her child. Shiv had developed a special feeling towards saanjh seeing her caring nature but he can’t name it. he knew its only gratefulness, not only friendship and definitely not LOVE. Its only liking. Maybe her care had made him think so. Sam did visit shiv and together they spend a good time. though sam didn’t liked saanjh’s proximity but she never said anything knowing saanjh had taken good care of shiv and she wasn’t that selfish to say bad thing to her. (she is not sooo bad guys,)



The bond was increasing it’s power when something occurred and tried to break a special person. Shiv was totally fine and joined the semester. It was their final so very important. Maan helped him a lot. And saanjh gave him moral support. Their teasing session never gone, they were always the same and saanjh was happy in her little life that she is sharing with her best buddies. She doesn’t wanted to give a name to those new feelings and destroy the beauty of their serene friendship. Just then something happened and her whole life changed drastically.


Maan and shiv had noticed saanjh’s lost look, she was not the same saanjh they knew. Maan 1st thought its due to her feelings for shiv, yes he had guessed it but never said anything. but it was not the real matter. He tried to know and shiv also helped him because he noticed the change in her. she seems like lost and detach from everyone, she was a brilliant student but now a days teachers also started complaining for not paying attention in class, it made maan n shiv worried. They tried to ask her but all in vein, she avoided them.  It made maan furious.


Once he saw her alone in the garden, looking somewhere lost. He ran towards her, and before he can reach her someone grabbed her arms. she tried to wriggle but he was much stronger. Maan felt like crushing him, but before he can do anything the man fell on the ground flat on his face. he saw an enraged shiv looking at saanjh who was shivering.


That man tried to hit shiv but he dodged it and gave a tight punch on his face. that man lost his conscious and fell on the ground, shiv wanted to hit him more but saanjh stopped him and then in rage he dragged her out, maan knew where can be so went straight there. its small riverside, shiv threw her away and looked at her with rage. Saanjh lowered her eye lashes knowing the reason of his anger. Just then she noticed maan sitting on the bank of river, she ran to him and sat beside him.


Saanjh: sorry,


Shiv sat beside her, saanjh was between maan n shiv looking straight to the horizon.


Maan: was our friendship so hollow that u need to say sorry instead of ur reason?


Saanjh: He was Naveen, we were studying in same school but he was senior by 2 yrs. I thought as he is an intelligent boy he will help me in my subject as other girls said me, I went to him and said can u please help me with some problem. He gladly accepted, he started guiding me in my study and it went well, very well, I topped my finals and we became good frnd, or rather say I became his prey.


Maan and shiv looked at her where maan was curious shiv was fuming in anger. Saanjh continued looking at the river only


But after few days she started behaving weird, he started touching me not in a friendly way. I said to him to correct his behavior but he smiles that I felt disgusting, after few days of torture my patience broke and I had shouted for misbehaving with me, but then he tried to,,, to force me’. saying he had helped me in my desired subject now I should give him fees and quench his desire. I, I wa-was divested. I had broken his nose with punches.


Saanjh smiles a little so did maan but shiv was still lost, he was angry and tensed.


And then lodged a complaint against him, being son of MLA he gets bail but after it my life was miserable, though I had fought without fear, but he was threatening me about my parents. I had never feared about myself but my parents, I can’t let anyone touch them, so they wanted me to go somewhere else, I had few relatives here but I prefer not to stay with them as naveen can hurt them also. I prefer to be in hostel and never gave my parent’s contact num to college authorities neither to my parents. But after a year he had come again. I thought he had forgotten me but the insult he can never forget,,  I wanted to tell u guys but,,, but I was afraid of his act. And on top of that I never wanted to ruin ur other relationships with me.


Maan looked at her confuse but then he got the idea.


Maan: did sam said anything,


Saanjh didn’t said anything 1st but looking at maan’s tightening jaw she held his hand pressing it tightly.


Saanjh: try to understand her maan, after my arrival u both didn’t gave ur enough time to her, yes I may hate her but as a friend I know how it feels to be ignored and say me u don’t feel the same when I stopped talking to u guys.


Now shiv got what she trying to say.


Shiv: that is different, but u should have told us about him damit, what if,,,,



The mere thing something happening to her made them jitter.


Saanjh: I was afraid of ur safety, I know naveen, he won’t think twice to take anyone’s life.


Maan: then u don’t know us. He said sharply.


Saanjh: I don’t want to make u guys suffer in this because not only u ur frnds and family too have a rights on u, and indulging u both will make everything complicate, and I don’t want that, please stay away from me guys. Before maan n shiv can say something saanjh went away.


She was always a strong girl but whenever come to her love ones she fell weak but never showed to anyone. Her heart is as vulnerable as child’s small heart.




It went some day and shiv maan tried their best to talk with saanjh who was hell adamant, sam was happy, really happy to get her frnd her lover back but maan n shiv was worried for saanjh. It was time for 2nd semester finals and saanjh was busy preparing for her exam, but her mind was lost somewhere.



Shiv ran to maan who was sitting between his frnds in the canteen.


Shiv: need u right now, chal.


Without questioning anything maan ran with him leaving a baffled audience.


Maan: what happen?


Shiv: that naveen, he is nowhere to be seen and I traced saanjh’s cell, she is in XYZ place but she don’t have anything to do in that place, she had never visited that. so I m afraid,


Maan: nothing will happen to her.


Shiv took out the cover and maan took the helmet sitting on his bike, where shiv took his.



Maan’s Bike
thanks naji di for the pix(above)




In full speed they took the turns and reached the place in 15 mins, no one was there, it’s a deserted construction site. They shouted for saanjh who was nowhere, they ran in different direction in the under construction building but she was nowhere. Just then shiv heard a whimper. He reached the corner and his whole body shivered looking at saanjh who was tied in a corner, her mouth was tying with a dirty cloth and hands n leg were tied with a thick rope. He ran towards her and hugged her vulnerable condition. She snuggle close to him crying like a kid. He took out her cloth and rope and saanjh hugged him telling how she reached here. She told she was in her hostel when some smell made her dizzy and next she found herself here, naveen was the person who took her here and he said he will come in few mins as he had gone for some arrangement. Shiv can say she is very much frightened with event.


Just then saanjh’s eyes grew big as she saw naveen approaching shiv from back with a rod. But before she can scream someone grabbed it from his hand and gave a punch to his stomach. Shiv turned around hearing noises and saw maan punching naveen black n blue. But then his 5 men also came but couldn’t touch maan as they approached shiv n saanjh. Shiv skillfully dodged them and beaten them still they were not going under feet, maan came over and helped shiv and then few more men came. Naveen was a powerful fighter and that why even saanjh couldn’t do anything.


Maan: shiv go with saanjh,, I will handle all. Just go now.


Shiv didn’t said anything but took saanjh’s hand to run who looked at him blankly and then pointed her finger towards maan who was fighting alone. Shiv hovered her close to him and ran towards the exit. Saanjh was crying and screaming for maan, but shiv dragged her. atlast he blasted on her. his anger was already high and her continuous nagging was making him more mad, at last he said her to wait in underground place where no one can guess she is here and he ran towards maan who was alone handling those goons, but not anymore. maan n shiv was boxing champ and together they can make hell out of anyone and that they did. beating everyone maan somehow called the police. As the police siren rang shiv n maan ran away from there not wanting to drag saanjh in all this. they took saanjh on bike beside shiv and ran away to their hide out.


(do anyone get a flashback of maan geet shiv trio in fight club??)


That is the day saanjh entered that small house which was maan and shiv’s fav hide out, they had never allow anyone to know the place but saanjh was a special one to see this. as soon as she entered the room she collapsed due to shock and exhaustion. Maan checked her forehead and saw she was having fever. Together they took care of her, she was unconscious whole one day and it had worried them a lot, atlast doctor gave injection and she came to conscious in few hours.



Precap: how the love blossom and broke divested the beautiful relation leaving a shattered soul and guilt full friendship.



Maybe u will feel its unnecessary but I need to show some bonding of their frndship and saanjh’s feeling where shiv’s is yet to unfold fully. U can guess what saanjh was for maan, she was a true friend for him but the bond made by unknown power of heaven that’s why maan never questioned about anything on her, he just trusted on her. and now u will know why maan became so arrogant as he was sweet person in college’..



Sorry if I m going overboard with this, sorry for disappointing u guys, but I need honest comment for further improvement, that what u feel?


don’t worry after one more part it all go around of geet only because her relation with all the three will get highlights.



Sometime the thing we think too much we may consider that is true. sometime we think everything its too conspiracy but the truth is Nature know the conspiracy which human being fail to recognize as we are too busy to find the unsorted thing of our mind and heart.


Kuch samajh aaya???


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  1. Posted by laksh on August 25, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Nice update as always. Mann sanjh friendship is great. update soon tich


  2. Posted by laksh on August 25, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Nice update as always. Mann sanjh friendship is great. Sam may not be the reason. Sam didn’t like sanjh,but it doesn’t mean tat she may harm sanjh.. update soon tich


  3. Posted by ayesha on August 28, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Beautiful update….
    Hate sam….
    Love.the friendship bond btwn shiv maan n sanjh…..wonder wt went wrong….n geets reaction…


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