Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 52








when there was pain u all said u can’t take it and i was stretching it, still it got 260+ likes and fb had crossed 100+

but when all the pain overcome with love updates are getting hardly 240+ and FB 75..



don’t know what to say, but if u don’t like my updates guys please remove me from ur frnd list, i m highly disappointing with likes, when i have 350 ppl in my list then why there is so much difference, i m thinking about clearing my frnd list but as i m running almost 4 to 5 ffs, it will need time, but i will remove the silent reader for sure.


and those FB frnds who was my inspiration now a days had taken me for granted, i know u r my frnds but still i need motivation,, and if u can’t keep that then i can’t say anything, i m feeling just disappointing


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warning strictly 18+



Part 52



Maan bent to take geet in his arm but geet stopped him.


Geet: how many times u will lift me maan? see I m perfectly fine na, whole the journey I was in ur arms. she said it absentmindedly and then blushed hard seeing the teasing glare. She tried to run away but maan didn’t gave her a single chance, she blushed hard as he scooped her in his arm,, some people giggle to see that. the servant took their luggage already so maan took her to the direction where no one can enter without their permission.  she was baffled to find a cottage only for them, how can she forget he is THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA, and its his frnd’s place only. He had booked whole cottage that is a little far from the main resort.



Maaneet entered the room and maan shut it with his leg, he saw her face which was glowing like sun shine. Geet was mesmerized with the decor of their room. The white bed was decorated with rose petals and with a note on it, maan placed geet gently on the bed and geet took the note.





‘a new journey with love’


Meera and dev



Geet smiles with the note and her friend’s love, maan was happy to see the contented smile on her. she felt him darken the room releasing the curtain and fell like silky gown. Her face became crimson red with the smirk on his face. she looked everywhere else but not him, an unknown feeling was creeping inside her, an excitement which only can a new bride feel but for her every day is with new feelings for her maan. she felt butterfly jittering in her tummy. Her pregnancy hormones is making her crave for him and she badly need to be in his arm.


She closed her eyes as he came close to her, her shying was adding fuel to his desire, before he can touch her face which he was thinking from so long, she tried to run to washroom couldn’t hold the blush on her cheeks. But maan was enough fast to catch her before she can enter the washroom and pinned her on the wall trapping her weak body in his demon structure.


A soft moan escaped from her mouth feeling his body so close to her.


Geet: maan


It was a whisper but a soothing sensation for maan, the words are enough powerful to make him weak on knees. He nuzzles in her neck, and placed few soft kisses. It can called to be butterfly kisses as it’s softness made her feel butterfly in her stomach. Her one hand slipped in his back from waist and one hand on his nape. He came closer raising the heartbeat and placing soft wet kisses around her jaw and neck. Unwontedly her nails dug in his skin making him groan and want her more. she angled her neck to give him more room, and he increases the fervor of the luscious kisses. She can feel the throbbing manhood pressing on her abdomen. She gulp hard, her own heartbeat was ditching her, she want him more n more in her. he came on her face kissing those red apple like cheeks between his mouth and tongue, she winched as he bite them but soon feels pleasure as he licks n suck them in her mouth. and at the end he dropped a wet sensual kiss near her lips, she yearn for more but he came on her neck. She missed the warmth on her face as the hot breath on her lips disappear. She was pouting her lips doesn’t liked his teasing, and tried to push him but he pinned her both hand on the wall.


Maan: that what I feel when u tried to run away. He smirks at her and eyed on the luscious supple lips, his mouth was watering thinking about the sweetness of the plump lips, those pink petals he want to cherish till eternity last.


Geet senses the intimacy and knew maan will not leave her now, he had waited so long to have her in his arms and she want to give in his passion fully. She close her eyes and a small smiles appeared on it. maan came on her lips, he was staring at her beautiful sparking face, he kissed her forehead and then nose. With every kiss her palm become to sweat and he rubbed her palm with his. he kissed on her upper lips softly


Geet: maannn


Maan: hmm, he kissed the corner of her lips making her crave for more,


Geet: don’t tease me, he saw the white pearl and the smile on her lips, her red face, he just wanted to crush her right the moment. He licked her lips and pecked it.


Maan: I want u all for mine, but before this u need to rest also, freshen up, I will order the food for u. geet looked at him in awe, he knew what her body want, from craving to resting he knew her too well. though it was tough for him to control his desire, she knew it must be painful too but still he want her happiness only. He smiles at her and kissed her forehead. U r all mine, I can have u anytime. But for me ur health is more important, and our baby need some food and rest. He pecked her lips once again and left her but before he can walk away from her she grabbed him and slammed her lips on him, he was shocked n surprised. He saw her eyes were close but the happiness can be found on her face, her lips latched on his M shape soft lips. She kissed her bottom lips sucking it chewing it between her tongue and teeth, soon he too lost the self control and grabbed her petite form, he wrapped his hand in her waist bringing her close to him, she parted her lips to give him access of her hidden places, he kissed her carnally with all his aggression and claim. He throbbed his tongue to travel in her every corner of mouth, she leaned on the wall, his body was pressing her soft skin. Her hands were itching to feel his body and she almost tore his shirt’s button to have the skin under her palm.


Maan: geettt,, he groans in her mouth feeling her soft n hot palm moving on his abs and scratching the skin to make him wild in pleasure. he kissed her lips hard making it red and swollen. She was rubbing his back more n more. Geet please don’t do that, I will losse my control jaan, I don’t want to hurt u. he tried to make a gap between them when geet looked at him with longing.


Geet: ur geet needs u maan, we needs u and ur love. I want to feel the love of this place and the warmest place in this world, Ur arms maan. I want to love u with no barrier. I want u to love me without any hesitance. Will u love me now, make me feel complete now. I only want u.


He didn’t let her continue and slammed his lips on her kissing her ever so passionately. She wrapped her hand on his nape pulling him close to her and he gave in to their moment. His hands were all over her smooth skin, he snapped out the pallu from his way and mould the curves between his palm. she moans in the kiss and he deepen the kiss making her mad in pleasure. he kneaded the hard bud that was poking through the thin material of her blouse, he pinched her ni*****..


Geet: ohh maan, her breath was heavy and his assault was making it heavier. Her knees were melting and she felt as if she will hit the ground of he left her. he felt her short of breath and broke the kiss,, his hands were caressing her every inch of her body.. she tugged her tummy as his hands played on her stomach. He held her waist and squeezed it a little saying not to tug it and she relaxed on her chest. He took out the plates of her saree leaving her in the saree skirt and small blouse. His naked eyes feasted over the glowing skin. He scooped her in his arm taking her to the bed, gently placed her and made her lie on the cushion. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes feeling his lips touching her like never before, he came on her eyes one by one and then cheeks, her lips curved in a small smile but as soon as he placed his lips on her breath caught in her lungs once again, he is loving her like a rose petal and the dew drop. Its so soft and careful. He saw the expectation in her eyes but he smirks, he pecked her lips coming on her neck, she frowns and opens her eyes to meet an pair of naughty eyes and smirking face.


She held his collar tightly in a fist and jerks him to her, he lips were pouted but he bite it making her moan.


Maan: not so soon jaan.


Geet: maan please


Maan: just feel the love, he pecked deeply and came on her chest, he sucks the upper cleavage and bit them harshly. She dig her nails deep in his neck and rubbed the place which was pleasuring him like insane and he increased his pressure. His tongue rolled over her skin on her shoulder and nibbles the skin under his hot saliva. His teeth rolled down the sleeves of the blouse exposing the milky white skin of her shoulder. His hand was busy in rubbing her thighs making her moan louder. She hugged him feeling the warmth between her leg and inner thighs. She bite his neck in anticipation and scratched his waist. He lifted her on a sitting position going behind her. in a snap he opens her  blouse and placed his lips on her back.


Only a whisper came out from her mouth


Geet: Maan.



Descending my lips on your silky smooth skin

My heart want to quench the thirst of this soul,

My hands are burning to feel the softness

Yet this heartbeat is feeling erotic

To have u close

Enough close to touch Your essence;

Take u in the arms of nature

And shower u the luscious kisses

Sliding the silky gown from the velvety casing

I want u kiss u the eternal rises

Be in ur arm only my passion

This lethal attraction had become my obsession

To have u close I will fight against the odds

But just this moment

Let me be only Yours. 


Poem by me




He tresses those soft yet wet n hot kisses on her spine, traveling down, he crosses the bra hook and came down , she arched her back more, he kissed her full back and bite various places. She couldn’t hold his torture and sprung her arms around his neck turning to him, he hugged her instantly like crushing her in him, she kissed his neck vigorously and his breath became hotter. Her soft lips were making him mad in pleasure but he held himself letting her do whatever she want, he comes out from his shirt fully and held her waist puling her close, she kissed his neck and put her pressure on him. he laid on the back with her, her lips ascend to his face where she placed butterfly soft kisses on his rough face, and then going down on his chest licking the tone muscle and biting them in the process. She kissed his abs going down n down but he held her neck pulling her close to his mouth and smashed her lips with his harsh ones.


He rolled over her but with it he snapped opens her bra hook releasing the beautiful womanly asset from the barrier. She hissed as he squeezed her mounts with his rough palm harshly. But it was awakening the wild desire in her. he slides on her curves and took one hard bud in his mouth sucking it so hard till it become sour. She was feeling heaven under his touch. Her moans keep increasing with time as he was drown in her sweet taste, his heart was feeling an erotic volume to be close to her, her skin that was melting under his touch was giving him satisfaction to know she is only his, and her heart soul only belongs to him. he was mesmerized with the purity he feels to have her near him, like the 1st ray of sun on the peak of a hill. It felt blissful to pleasure her and he want to give her the height of pleasure.


Geet sneaked her one palm in his hair scratching the scalp where other palm was on his neck rubbing the skin or say provoke him more. he bite the br**** harshly but as soon as she screamed in pleasure he sucks it slowly with his saliva to make her insane with pleasure, with his forefinger and thumb he was kneading her other curve. She was moaning continuously, he left the one and moved on the 2nd other curve to give same pleasure, after like ages he left her mount which was red in his passion, he came on her stomach, kissing it softly giving her a jitter feeling. He smiles at the rising belly and kissed it numerous time, he was feeling emotional with the love and the thought his baby is here but it was making her out of control. His every kiss was hot and pleasuring for her.

He snapped open the thread of her petticoat and took out it over her silky slender thighs. She felt his caressing over her thighs,, and felt a shiver ran through her spine. He kissed her heights and she moans his name.


Geet: maan please.


But he bite the place softly preventing her talk further, she was lost in his magical touch and he kissed her long leg carnally. He dropped a wet kiss on her toe and followed his lips above her knee slowly , she smiles sliding her neck side way, a small drop of tear came out from her eyes but maan didn’t saw it, he kissed her inner thighs softly, but she sat up holding his hand, he tried to kiss her and laid back but she placed her hand on his buckle and he understand she want to do that, in swift moment she unbuckled his belt and opens the zipper of his jeans, he help her to take out the jeans, his hard manhood poked her hand above his boxer, he took a sharp breath as she held it and rubbed over the material.


He nuzzles in her neck: Geet, he groans but she was too busy to found a forbidden part. He comes out from the boxer along with her panty and pushed her on the bed, he trapped her body with him pinning her hand either side of her head, she was restless badly wanted to feel his every inch of skin but he was losing himself. He rubbed her feminine part with his hardness. She moans uncontrollable time. he groans with her kisses that she placed on his neck and biting his shoulder in this. he slammed his lips on her and positioned himself between her legs, her warm core felt a shiver as he entered her with a long stroke making her groan in his mouth. he held her hip and adjusted himself safely, didn’t put his pressure on her abdomen, don’t want to hurt their baby in any way. she smiles against his lips.


Geet: he will be ok, she assured him kissing his lips, and he keep thrusting longer and deeper. He pecked her lips again n again as many time he was thrusting. He moved to her neck placing soft kisses while going deeper in her, he didn’t put his all pressure on her stomach and she admire his gesture. Her palm was roaming freely on his back till waist. Long nails pierced his skin but it gave strange pleasure. her muscle got tighten around his waist and neck as she held him tightly in her, he knew she will come any moment and he increased his speed going deeper n deeper making her cry in pleasure still couldn’t held but a bit of wild, he took her ni***** in his mouth and sucks it making her mad, she keep scratching his back and arms while he was busy exploring her and giving her a new height of pleasure. his continue thrust was strong and made her jolt and she comes out with a loud shriek. She bite his neck to suppress the scream and at last fell on the pillow throwing her head on it, maan collapse on her as he too reached the climax followed by her.


He kissed her chest: I love u,


Geet wiped the sweat beads from his forehead with her finger and whisper: I love u too.


He moved on her stomach and kissed it very gently.


He looked at her eyes: r u ok na? was I harsh?


Geet smiles and a few drop flickered from her eyes, he got worried and came over her face cupping it and kissed her forehead.


Maan: I m sorry jaan if I had hurted u.


Geet: why u think tears can be only for pain, its for joy also maan. before today I never felt tears of joy, now I felt them, thank u for coming in my life and fulfilling me maan. I love u very much.


He placed his lips on her and kissed her vigorously explaining the height of his madness for her.


Maan: I love u jaan, and its just the starting of our blissful moment, and my mad love for u. but hopefully u will be capable to handle my insane love. She frowns on him, he pecked her nose. U didn’t yet witness the madness of my love jaan, and now as I have the right to show u, u will see everything, my love for u, my madness for u, my insane love for u.


She had already seen his madness but the height of his love yet to see.



Precap: trip of Kullu then next visit??? Meeting with Friends, oops what is doing Raghav here?



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  1. Passionate Maan-geet loved it …waiting for next one
    hope raghav not effect maaneet relationship .


  2. awesome update dear
    loved it


  3. Love ur maaneet ff.for me,u r carboncopy of muskan.sometimes,better than her.@muskan pls don’t mind.i love all maaneet writers.bcoz by ur ff,maaneet still fresh in our mind.love u


    • :O u know it must be the biggest compliment i can get,, muski di n aniee is my fav writer for all time and if i can be a cent percent like them i will feel i m little bit successful to give a little portion of me,


  4. Posted by ayesha on August 28, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Amazing update….
    Passionate n hot…..
    Waiting fr more maneet moments n sm good news regarding geets condition….
    Waiting fr next part….


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