Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 13




Part 13


Maan left her feeling frustrated. But before going he pecked her lips.


‘don’t try to fool urself anymore, u have to bear this with ur will or without ur consent’


She looks at him confuse but he disappear, soon she felt a light pull and saw gulgule standing on her feet and dadima was behind him and so was rano, they were searching for her and gulgule lead them here.




She quickly wiped her tears and gave a force smile, rano and dadima both were worried for her, no matter how much a child try to hide her pain but parents is the one thread who know how pain she is going through, its called love and knowing the world.


Rano and dadima both choose to keep mum because they doesn’t wanted to hurry in anything, dadima cupped her face and kissed her forehead.


‘aap kaha thi geet? Aur apke chehre ko kya huya, u r looking so tired.’


Rano was worried so she couldn’t stop herself asking her ‘ha geet, u r looking so pale, what happen?’


Geet took a deep breath inwardly and said mamma, dadima I m absolutely fine, bas wo tiredness of the day took a toll. Can I leave for my room? I need a sleep.’


rano wasn’t astonished as geet never liked crowded place for very long. But looking the situation she can’t.


‘geet u know this is your engagement, u can’t go so soon beta’


Geet felt dejected, she can’t bear more pain, and standing here means more problem, her face shows pain and dejection that dadima couldn’t see more.


‘rano, can u please inform maan that geet is not feeling well so I m taking her to her room, I will be there with her. inform everyone geet needs rest’


Rano felt happy to see love for her daughter in someone else’s eyes. she agreed and dadima took geet away from there, gulgule happily accompanied them holding geet dupatta’s long end and walking with them. Dadima smiles at his cute gesture but didn’t said anything. geet took a sigh of relief not to find maan there. but how can the devil leave his prey alone, he was right there leaning on a wall hearing their all word and smirking at her flushed face.





‘geet bête, r u happy with the alliance?’ dadima asked out of blue.


Geet looked at her with a nervous smile ‘ha, ha dadima. I m fine with it.’


‘geet bête if u need anyone to talk about it remember I m always here for u, I don’t want to destroy a person’s life in my grandson’s agony’ dadima left the place leaving a confuse geet behind.








Lost in her world geet was caressing her finger which was swollen with the tight ring, she was sitting on the window pane looking at the moon, her life had changed so much. She remember her carefree days  but all became caged as HE entered her life. She doesn’t know what to do. She is not afraid of him but for her family she is worried, she can’t let them die in the hands of that merciless MSK. didn’t knew when tears were clouded on her face, but soon a soft hand wiped that, she looked at pari who was giving a small smile like giving her strength.


‘I don’t know why u r doing this but one thing that is clear, u r not happy. mujhe teri sirf khusiyan chahiye geet, don’t do this.’


Geet hugged her from waist ‘main kya karu pari, u know he can do anything, he can harm my mother also, how will I take that, why he is behind me pari? I didn’t even lodge a complaint against him.’


‘But we can do that now,’


Geet’s eyes widen ‘nooo,, he will definitely destroy my family which I could never ask for life. I m trapped in his dark hell, I don’t see any light with it’


Pari broke the hug and sat beside her ‘no geet there is still a chance,’ geet looked confuse. ‘u remember a person ranveer? Who proposed u.’ geet nodded abruptly, ‘well geet we can contact him, his father is commissioner of police if he can come on this marriage and take u away with him.’




‘we don’t have much option geet, once u r out from this mess u can say him no, he is a good guy who will definitely understand ur feeling, atleast he is good than this MSK, I m sure once everyone get to know u want to be with someone else they will break the marriage, and then u can go to pune no need to marry this jerk’


‘but will ranveer help me with it?’


‘why not,, he loves u na?’    


‘so I think’


Pari chuckle ‘I had talked to him, he still loves u and if we say this marriage is forcefully happening he will surely help us’


Geet smiles a little finally seeing a hope, but still there is some kind of negative thoughts. Leaving aside everything she accepted pari’s idea. Pari called ranveer and told him geet want to be with him and come here to accept her in front of everyone, he joyfully accepted without knowing with whom he is messing. Pari smiles at geet but soon her face changed in to worry, she saw geet’s finger which is swollen.


‘is it paining?’


Geet made a baby face yeah, wo dust danav ne kitne zor se pehnaya’


Pari looked at her angrily ‘it’s not only his fault it’s your fault too, why was the need to change the caption of size.’ Geet giggles and pari smacked her head.


‘ok sun washroom me jahak try to take out the ring with soap water. Should I come with u?’


Geet smiles at her cute friend ‘no mam I will manage. U should take rest now, it being long journey from Chicago to here.’


Pari left the room and geet went to washroom, she cleared her face with water 1st but then got lost looking at her finger, its swollen and red. Blood had clotted in a place. Its pathetic and she is in pain. She touched the place but a small shriek came from her mouth. tears clouded to feel the pain. But she can’t give up. she applied soap on the place to make it slippery. But still it wasn’t coming. She felt frustrated.


‘Need any help jaan?’ a voice came from behind and she jumped on it.

Geet shuddered with the husky voice that fell on her ear only, she closed her eyes knowing this manly voice. Her heart felt a shudder thinking how he entered her room, not only that her washroom. She gulp hard as a strong arm slides on her stomach and a rough stubble touched her neck.


‘missed me darling?’ he said huskily in her earlobe and dropped a kiss over her ear. She felt shudder but why, she herself doesn’t know. But his touch on her finger break her revere and she screamed pushing him from her.


Maan only looked at her finger with a blank eyes. she stood in the corner looking at him staring at her hand.


‘what r u doing here?’ she asked shakily, she was fearing something, she is worried about her friends, what if he had heard everything. What if he heard their talking over ranveer and breaking the marriage, numerous thoughts was running in her mind that’s why she failed to see him taking the palm in his hand softly. He caresses the finger with the tip of his finger and that was enough to wakening geet. She jerks her hand from him. ‘What the hell r u doing now? aren’t u happy to see me in pain or u want to give some more?’  she said strongly and looked away from him. but he was numb, didn’t said anything but stares at her. she was irritated. Don’t know why his staring isn’t frightening her but made her weak every time. she tried to walk pass him and its then when he stopped her from her stomach, holding the petite waist he blocked her entrance. And in one jerk she fell on his hard chest, her face hide between her hair and his neck and he strongly held her in his embrace. Her breath fell on his skin. Her lips were mere inches away from his skin that is burning now. she looked at his hard face which was looking at her only.



‘what do u want maan?’ geet said breaking the trance of him. he didn’t said anything but held her hand that has ring on it, as he touched the finger she winced in pain. He massaged some oil on it and touched the ring, hot tears came out from her hazels. She closed her eyes in pain and bite her lips tightly. So tight that blood comes out from the corner, maan held the ring and in one push it comes out from her finger leaving her scream in pain. But her cry also couldn’t survive as he licked the lips in a sensual way. she clutched his shirt feeling pain in her palm but he was busy exploring her facial expression. He smirks at her losing patience and caresses her lips with his tongue. She closed her eyes feeling his massaging her finger softly while his lips were busy in her lips, he sucks the bottom lips slowly melting her in his way. and then she felt a tug on her finger on the same spot but it was light, she opens her eyes and looked at her finger to see her ring finger adorned with ring, the same ring that he had taken out few second before BUT, the size is big, weight is light with same design. She looked confuse while he brought her more close to him giving his famous smirk. But this time she pushed him.


He chuckle at her and let it go leaning on the counter of the washroom.


She looked at the ring and then his hand and again her ring.


‘don’t think too much darling, I want t see the ring glittering on ur hand not in bundle of blood clot in a place, that will destroy the beauty of the ring, u know how precious the diamond is?’


She felt disgusted with it, he was never concern about her but his ring, she tried to take it out but he held her hand and pinned it to his chest holding her wrist.


‘leave my hand maan, it doesn’t matter which ring is on my finger, u just mark it as urs because of ur selfish lust, so why u bother if its looking nice or not’ geet snapped with her words which had least effect on maan. he was only staring at her with amuse expression thinking about the girl’s audacity. But now he is looking at her lips only, he want to claim it again. But his thought got disturb when she finally freed her hand and goes out from the room.



He chuckle at her and followed her.


‘how did u enter my room?’


‘ur dumb frnd opened it while going out and doesn’t bother to lock it’


Geet gave a murderous glare to him while he initiation with his hand the look of oh-i-m-so-scared…. and then laughed at her. she greeted her teeth but her vision got only the ring in his hand.


‘u didn’t need to change the ring’ she said in a cold voice and tried to go out of the room, but she couldn’t succeeded as she felt a tug in her elbow and next she found herself in his arms close to his chest as his hand was in her waist but very close, his back was touching the door which is now closed, she looked at him confuse and he smiles slyly. She felt frustrated with his smirk. He brought her more close to his face and started tracing her features with his nose. She wriggle in his grip. But he was so strong that she felt exhausted with struggle, the day was very tiring for her. he brought her finger which has the new ring of her size now and kissed it softly. Geet was astonished.


How can a devil show some soft side, no one can imagine it in the wildest dream that MSK and touching a girl with so much care and softness, he looks straight in her eyes.


‘u know u r the 1st person whom I don’t want to hurt intentionally.’


What does he mean, intentionally? Does he hurt everyone intentionally?


He smirks ‘I don’t want to hurt u deliberately but u force me to do this. why can’t u understand me and’


‘ur lust’ geet completed the sentence. But it made him furious. But why? Its not that he is in love with her, he loves her body so its lust only. But who can make the devil understand, he looked at her angrily and that’s shows in his grip. She flinched but still smirks seeing the anger. ‘u don’t love me but lust me maan, and u know this very well so why u r so worrying about me?’


She looked at his eyes with moist eyes thinking so impure about herself, she hated her body to be a prey of his mercy, she is hating everything about herself now.


He looked at her face deep.


‘yes I don’t love you, I hate this word love which makes a person so helpless that he himself invites his destruction, I hate this love and it’s feeling because it can make a person only weak,, so weak he can sign his own death paper, I just hate this geet, I only know lust. Its powerful, it can make a person grab  anything at fingertips, I just know Lust and its the best power in the universe’


His every words broke her and she was shivering, to see the anger’s height she only crawl back, doesn’t know why but she is afraid of the intensity of his voice, his eyes that shows venom and vengeance only. Maan was holding her arms close to him and his fingers were digging her soft flesh but he couldn’t care, he had lost himself.   He saw her moist eyes, and closed his eyes to suppress the anger. A soft whimper came out from her mouth. he saw his grip on her and loosen it, but before she can pushed him he grabbed her waist.


‘its true I don’t love u and lust u, but I don’t know why I feel so possessiveness towards u, if this is lust then I m lusty over u, but is it possible to be a possessive man in lust? I can’t name my feeling but I felt I own u, not only ur body but ur whole existence just belongs to me, I can’t tolerate any other person’s touch or look on u because its only my right, but why I feel this, I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. I m happy to have u close to me, to have u all for me. and I will made sure u will be mine by hook or crook. You will see me only in ur every path, in your every dream. Your day will start with me and night will end with me, mark my words geet, I won’t let u go away from me and my dark word, u will be my darkest possession.’


She was dumfounded with the confession but still something in her want to know and she blurted


‘and when ur  lust will be filled by my body then? will u throw me like garbage or u will give me to another man to satisfy,,,’


But her words didn’t complete as he grab her hair in a fist and slammed his lips on her, she couldn’t feel anything but pain, her tears rolled down but he was kissing her madly, his rough lips were nipping her soft petals, he sucks her bottom lips hard, making it red and then with one swift moment he pinned her to the wall kissing her vigorously, she was having problem with her breath but he forced her to open her mouth fully, he throbbed his tongue inside her mouth kissing her carnally and biting her red lips making it redder with blood, she cried in kiss and he left her mouth.


‘how dare u think like that geet? I told u numerous time that u will be mine forever then how can say those words, didn’t u remember the night someone tried to touch u and what he had to suffer, I will snatch the live who will try to be close to u, ur life is mine and that will be eternal.’


She felt the pain in her lips but he came on her neck nibbling the white skin to turn red with his assault. Just then he tasted her salty water and came on her face kissing her eyes softly.


‘look why I came here and what u made me to do with u,’ he caresses her lips that’s are swollen. She looked at him baffled,


‘I don’t know why u r doing this, but trust me I will never allow u to have me or my body, before that I will kill myself or at least u, but in US one have to be another’s DESTRUCTION but for that if I have to be destroy 1st I m ready then.’


He smiles seeing her confidence back, no wonder he is falling for the strong girl Geet Handa, till date no one had the courage to speak against him and here she is standing against him. he left her abruptly but before that he didn’t forget to peck her lips.


‘we will see jaan’


Geet looked away and he walked away leaving her confuse with his every word. 



Whole night she couldn’t think beyond his words, sleep was far from her eyes, and she was lost somewhere.





Its being one week and every day has becoming pathetic for her. the only time she had taken breath of relief when maan wasn’t in HP, he had to go delhi for his business meeting but still he came in a day or 2 just to be close to her. she looked at her family who are busy in preparation, after 2 week her marriage with maan. her body was shivering remembering his dreadful eyes. just then a husky whisper came to her earlobe and her breath caught in her throat.


‘hey sweetheart’


A whisper came out ‘Maan.’


Maan chuckle seeing her lost, now a days there is small reaction from her made his heartbeat rose, he knew she is falling weak on her resolution of not to break.


 ‘hmm so lost in my thought’ He said whisperingly. They were in a corridor from where the main hall can be seen and dadima n rano were talking about some arrangements. Maan’s hand slides in her waist gluing her with his rock solid chest, he kissed the area of her neck behind the earlobe making her shudder, she instantly looked in his naughty eyes, her hazels were in dazed that why her nearness affect her body so much, she will not deny but yes her body is feeling weak in front of his nearness, what magic he know to make her so weak? But her mind always stopped her from doing anything stupid.


Her hazels were full of confusion to him but he knew why she is feeling this, he chuckle inwardly to see the effect of him on her.


‘missing me jaan? I missed u too’ he said and kissed the earlobe.


She closed her eyes, her chest was rising up n down. Unwontedly she held his hand which is above on her stomach, he kissed her way down with soft butterfly kisses.


‘u know I never missed u so much in these 6 yrs like I had missed u in last 6 hours,’


Her eyes shot open thinking about his words and her reaction of his closeness.. she tried to jerk his hand but he tightening his grip.


‘let me go’ she said looking at the hall where nandini brij rano n dadima was sitting, he smirks and kissed her neck deeply making her gulp hard.


‘if I say no then’


‘everyone is there’ she said trying hard to come out from his grip.


He smiles slyly ‘ohh then when no one will be there I can have u so close without any protest right?’


She glared at him ‘WRONG’


He sighed and pretended to be sad ‘aahh, but if it so then let us be here like this only, let them see us.’


Geet felt irritated, she glanced at the hall and without turning to him said ‘What do u want maan, what will u take return is leaving me.’ she was so impatient so come out of his grip that she didn’t realized what mess she had created to commit something like that.


Maan grinned with her one line and jerks her harshly on him, it made her fall on his chest. She looked at his smirking face and those eyes which is now grinning.


‘u have to spend ur day with me’




‘I don’t think u have a hearing problem, u heard it clear, if u want me to leave u then promise me u will spend ur whole tom with me’




He pressed her body more to him and rested her back on a wall making her a sandwich with him and the wall. She looked at him annoyingly but he came dangerously close to her lips, she knew his intention but jerks her face away, he held her chin harshly and make her see in his eyes which is dark. A deep dark world is there and she doesn’t want her to lost in this.


Just then they heard few voice, both broke the revere but maan was adamant on his terms.

She was in total panic and tried harder but he was strong enough not to budge an inch  ‘if somebody comes here what will I say to other, just leave me maan’


‘spend the day, I m not saying spend the night with me,’ his look was mischievous, for once she thought he is really an enigma, she can never thought him to be so soft and mischievous but here is doing all to just irritate her.


‘ok I will spend the day but it will be my choice, ok?’ she put her terms in between praying to her babaji that this dusht will agree. maan agreed grinningly which was more shocking for her.


Just then they heard giggling and geet turn to see nandini standing with pari who was looking at them confused. Maan left her and nandini with pari approached them.


Nandini said in a naughty voice ‘so kaha jaane ki planning horai hain?’


Maan didn’t gave a look to her as he was feeling irritated with her annoying voice and the disturbance, he noticed the silent talk between geet n pari through eyes but then nandini again spoke ‘geet why don’t u take him to our field, it will be nice u will get alone time with jiju’


1st time maan looked at her, a small smirk played on his face looking at a hesitance geet.


Maan interfered in between geet n pari’s silent talk ‘yes geet why don’t show me around, it will be good to spend time with ur future husband, u have to bear me n my mood 24*7 so its better to get along from now’


She fumes at him but then something stuck in her mind ‘Yeah why not, but maan I want nandini di n pari too come with ur, u know mamma will not give permission otherwise’  nandini knew geet is her mother’s laadly so somewhere she is right, she shook her head in acceptance where pari too insisted. Maan was angry on geet for making the situation like this but she smirks on him. but soon her smile vanished as he looked at her mischievously. And then man agreed, geet was confuse with his no reaction fact, but soon her eyes popped out feeling his hand on her waist. Pari and nandini was walking ahead so did saw anything. all 4 was heading towards the main hall.


‘don’t outsmart me geet, what do u thought I will leave this chance, lets go 1st then I will see what is the outcome to playing tricks on me’ his voice was dangerous and giving a hint of the result of her small deception.







Maan looked at his dadima with clenched jaw and venom in eyes, she was talking with geet who’s eyes on maan only. She was observing him and the amount of anger in his, but she is confuse as what is in the discussion that made him so angry and atlast the Ice broke.


dadima looked at maan knowing his anger but still she wanted to break the shell ‘Maan I think it’s the best thing to do, marriage in haveli will be great, I know u don’t want to let anyone come there but as geet had seen the haveli I think u r ready to share it with her at least.’


Geet couldn’t understand anything but the moment dadima had said the marriage will be in the haveli that she visited few days back, maan is hell angry on something, she remember his words when he said the haveli is for few special people only, now as dadima had said in in front of him clearly she can see his eyes are spitting fire.


‘marriage is after 2 week so, all the rituals will start in few days, but only marriage will be in haveli’ dadima carried few details but at the same point the patience of maan broke. His knuckle had turned white.


‘ENOUGH’ he roared in a thunderous voice looking at dadima. He point a finger towards her who stood there rooted, she thought maybe the shell is ready to break but yes she needs to know where he is ready or not, seems like she had put salt in the wound again.


‘maan’ dadima whisper and maan came in front of her.


‘how many time I have to make clear to u that DON’T DARE TO PUT YOUR EYES ON MY HAVELI.. I m again warning u don’t cross ur limit,, I m not saying anything that doesn’t mean u can do whatever u want, the right u have lost long ago, don’t try to interfere in MY LIFE and my PROPERTY. U will not gain a single penny from it, just be with ur family who doesn’t think u more than a sack.’


With it maan stomped out from the house leaving a shattered and teary dadima. 



Precap: dadima telling about the haveli, and the teaser itself.


So what do u think of the update, hmm something mystery in maan’s past… I want to tell u, everything will be clear but maan’s past is a small part and it’s behind his persona, why he is like this a devil. So this reason will carry long, so don’t think much about his past just concentrate on maaneet’s present.






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  1. tich————————love ur maaneet ff.every ff is best.pls pls never stop writing about maaneet


  2. Posted by ayesha on September 2, 2012 at 9:06 am

    Amazing update…..
    Once maan cmz to know dat geet is gonna run frm the wedding he is so gonna get mad…
    Lvng maan as a devil lyk aLways…..


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