Love For You Part 53




sorry for all the mistakes….



Part 53



Abhi agreed and retired for room. Maan gave a dangerous glare and geet knew its an warning, next day she is gone. She prayed to her babaji to help her. and gave a sweet smile to maan who couldn’t help but smirk seeing her nervous state.


All were leaving but before it dadima wanted to talk to naina regarding her brothers so excused her for a talk alone where dev arjun sameer was busy pulling leg of girls, dev was little apprehensive as what must be dadima talking, maahi wasn’t feeling good so rudra took her to room and karan took the chance to grab neha out from there, to spend a little quality time.


Dadima: naina bête I think its time to forgive n forget, aap buasa(aunt) ban gayi, and I know how much strong u portray yourself, inside u r a soft shell, just like a pearl. Just forget everything naina, agar aapke maa jinda hoti to wo bhi yehi kehti, she doesn’t had any grudge towards any of them.


Naina silently heard everything, she couldn’t deny the fact her heart is melting but it need time also, she gave a small smile to dadi.


Naina: hum koshish karenge dadima, but I just need a little more time. aur geetakshi to hain hi unke liye.


Dadima: but they need u too, n geetakshi will not go against her jijisa(sister). Her elder sister whom she love the most in the world.


Naina assured her she will think about giving a second chance to her relations.



Oblivious to everyone and the world maaneet was lost in their own world.


Maan grabbed her waist in his clutch, they were in the backward of the house.


Geet: maan chodo mujhe koi ajayega, leave me na.


Maan: so u played with words ha, geet didn’t I warned u never play games with MSK. He said and pressed her more to him, her breath was heavy and he knew she is losing. His closeness always melt her. her wriggling is saying if he doesn’t leave her she might lose her control and that won’t be good for him as her Indian attire was already making him mad for her.


Geet: I didn’t said anything, u assume it. she said with a little cheesy smile and maan feel him losing infront of the luscious lips, he wanted to grab it and suck all juice but no he can’t surrender herself.


Maan: yeah I was assuming, it was u who trapped me in this boring picnic and u r saying


Geet made a O and frowns: u called it boring, mr MSK its my plan ok dare u say anything.


Maan: bolunga, aur bolunga, stupid geet ki stupid plan and stupid picnic, I can’t blv I m trap in this leaving all my work aside.  The sight of geet’s angry face was worth watching so maan continue teasing her but didn’t left her for a single min. and now she started freeing her frantically.


Geet: so who said to come here ha? Is my company is boring so go to your chipkali dia na?


Maan: geet.


Geet: what geet? U r missing that chipkali na, so go to her, don’t need to come tom. Geet tried to wriggle to free herself from but he was too strong for her, she started hitting his rock body with her tiny fist but he just watched her antis in amusement. Chodo mujhe maan. u said me stupid na, so go to your intelligent dumb frnds. I m happy with my family n frnds, what r u waiting for? Go na?


Maan felt her anger in her words, but there was pain also, he sighed, he was just pulling her leg but guess, it just went overhead. He held her face in his one palm and forced her to look at his eyes.


Maan: geet, he whisper on her lips, I was just pulling your leg, u also trapped me in your plan so mera haq nahi banta masti karne ka?

He said ever so sweetly that melted geet instantly, he rubbed her cheek that made her breath heavy, she felt a shiver on her back feeling his hot breath on her lips, he bent to captured those juicy lips which was teasing him from so long, he licks the corner of her lips with his tongue but geet’s mind played naughty idea and she pushed him, he frowns at her.


Geet: nahi milegi, u called me stupid and my plan is worthless na, now u have to pay for this. she was freeing herself when maan again brought her close to him holding her waist.


Maan: ok baba, I m sorry for my words, Geet is the most intelligent girl I ever met. Geet rises her eyebrow, he smirks, Msk kisiko itni asani se sorry nahi bolta.


Geet: not my problem, now let me go. everyone is waiting for me.


Maan: not so soon, give me my desert, maine nahi khayi abhi tak. Geet looked at him confuse but his eyes indicates his words that was on her lips, her cheeks turn a shade of light pink, she pushed him and made a straight face.


Geet: nahi milegi, u called me stupid now ready for penalty. Till then u make me feel special, I m gonna fall foryourcharm Mr,


Maan smirks and leaned on a tree still holding her: sochlo, u r gonna lose a big time.


Geet: huh lets see. Her eyes popped out as he slides his manly palm under her kurti, her breath become quicker and he nuzzle in her neck placing wet kisses. Maan, a soft moan escaped from her mouth and he hugged her closer still kissing her neck.


Maan: u can’t resist me jaan. He said while biting a small portion of her flesh that was enough to brought her back in reality. She knew he can seduce her if she stays so close to him for a single second more.


Geet pushed him and point a finger towards him: don’t try to do that, he bite her finger between his teeth all the time playing a sexy smirk on his face.


Maan: ohh accha, what have I done hmm?


Geet: maan.


Maan: geet.




Maaneet looked at the source, someone is calling her, of course everyone will have noticed her disappearance from the hall.


Geet: maan we have to go, but don’t think u can come close to me.


Maan: I m already close to u jaan, he said gluing himself on her back.


Somehow geet controlled her rapid heartbeat.


Geet; not this time it will be easy. Lets see what will u do to make it special till then enjoy alone time.



She ran out from there only to dash a hard body, she was going to fall when he held her steadily.


Rudra: Mishty r u ok? kaha bhagi jarahi hain, if anything had happened then,


Geet: relax rudra, I m fine, wo u were calling so,


Rudra made a straight face: hogayi usse baat.


Geet bite her lips and looked at him cutely smiling and nodded her, rudra sighed and held her protectively. They made their way to the hall where maan saw rudra talking to geet who was smiling, for a sec he lost himself in her cute smile and slight blush, but then his eyes caught fire as his eyes saw the place rudra was holding her, geet saw him seething in rage then followed his gaze that is on rudra’s hand which was on her waist. She smirks at him which made him more furious. Chalo the small game begin mr MSK.


Rudra saw the silent conversation between maaneet and shook his head to see the jealous MSK, but then a smirks played on his face and he intentionally brought her more to him. maan gave a threatening look to rudra who was busy in talking with other but didn’t miss to give him a smirk. Geet was confuse and now getting frighten seeing the anger in maan but made a cute cribbing face to him who ignored it and walked out from there. everyone bid good bye and then geet dragged rudra in the open lawn and gave a murderous look to rudra who laughed his head off on her face. rudra told her he was only having some fun as his entertainment channel maan was very funny with angry glares. Geet almost ran behind him with a wood to throw n him, not to forget karan who was laughing sitting on a tree branch as the wooden stick is given by him only, and he knew if rudra catch him he is gone.


Someone was looking the trio in admiration. Naina was smiling seeing the laughter and recall dadima’s word, she too wanted to smile and laugh but destiny was cruel and forced her to grow up too early, she is just 1 yr elder than geet but she is her mother, her father and her whole world, till now she pretended to be strong but now she want to break the shell and cocoon by someone else. Soon rudra hide himself behind naina and geet pouted seeing that eventually stopped chasing him, naina smiles and geet hugged her cutely cribbing to her.






Maan was hell angry not on geet but rudra, he knew rudra was just teasing him but still he can’t see anyone’s hand on his geet, it burnt him, now also he is sure she must be having fun with others making him restlessly standing for her. all the khuranas are on the gate waiting for geet to come, maan saw rudra coming with maahi n naina, where arjun was talking with arohi n sonali, but there is no geet. Just then jay saima and nysha too accompany them, they greeted all and took dadima’s blessing, she blessed them and then all settle in one car not leaving maan alone, just then geet comes out of the house wearing a baggy track and a tank top, her hair neatly done in a pony and dark glasses on. No makeup or jewelry at all. She looked at him, maan was wearing a sky blue short t shirt with folded sleeves and 3 buttons open exposing the taut chest, blue denim and shirt was out from one edge, he was looking simply cool.  Maan skip a beat to see the angel descending from stairs in a flow. She smiles sweetly at him but then he remember last night and gave a fake angry glare to which she rolled her eyes. neha hugged her and they did some chit chat, its time for settling in the car. Geet wanted to sit beside maan which obviously maan too, but then he smirks and showed her his car is full. He was full in his teasing avatar, jay, saima, nysha, was in his car where dadi, naina, neha was in dev’s car, and Sonali samir arjun arohi in one car….


Geet pouted and complaint to rudra who was feeling helpless, he and maahi are going to his office with abhi 1st, they need to sign some paper, well maahi is just accompanying him n abhi, and they will meet everyone directly in their farm house. Rudra couldn’t see her sad and decided they will go with her only but then they heard a horn and next min geet jump in excitement where naina in fear.


Karan came there on his bike in full attitude, he was wearing a black leather jacket and a white vest shirt which was exposing his muscle enough to catch girl’s eyes. his yellow shades and spike in hair was making him more desirable. He stopped his bike beside geet and saw her smiling face, then notice the face of neha who had denied him to come with him on his bike because of her brothers, now gaping at him with mouth hanging open, he smirks and looked at rudra, then informed them they can carry with their plan geet will go with him, before rudra can say anything geet jumped on karan’s bike, she loved bike ride which no one allow her, all were tensed as karan run a bike in jet speed but no one can utter a word seeing the enthusiastic geet, naina warned karan through eyes to keep her safe and maan gave dangerous glare to both of them, geet smirks at him face and he mentally cursed himself for not letting her sit in his car.



Their bike took the speed so was maan, his frnds were afraid to see the rage in his eyes they knew definitely something is wrong but what?


Jay: yaar dheere, mujhe kunwara nahi marna.


Nysha glared at him but observed the way maan was looking at karan n geet who’s bike was dodging everyone.


Nysha: gussa hain aur wo bhi kisi aur k wajah se so kill him na, I will help u, but don’t u dare to kill me, I m still to select in next Olympic.


Saima: in your dream na?


Nysha: shut up


Saima: uff he is looking so hot yaar, wish I could have been in geet’s place right now.


Nysha made a weird face and tapped her shoulder: few days before u were flat over his brother and now him, gosh saima get a grp on yourself.


They all chatted nonstop but maan was only watching geet and the way she was holding karan.


Her one hand was in his waist and one went above his shoulder, her face was hiding in his back, no one can see her face, what emotion playing on it but can she is very close to karan. Neha made a crying face looking at karan but she can’t even say anything as its only geet, if any other girl would have been here she would have chopped her to death.


Karan: geet tight se pakad, gir jayegi.


Geet: khotta, ullu ka pattha, idiot, can’t u slow the speed, or atleast give me a helmet idiot, everything going in my eyes and the sound is making me deaf,, tere wajah se mere goggles gir gaye, kamina…. She literally shouted in his ear.


Karan: who will say u had won racing car championship? Look at u, so scared. he laughed but soon got a punch on his back very hard, Ouch Mishtyyyyy,,,


Geet; that is different, I trust myself not u,


Karan: Mishtyyyy


Geet: I know my name, no need to repeat, and 2nd that’s a car not your khatara.


Karan pressed the accelerator and run it in more fast speed. But soon his eyes went on naina who was driving dev’s car now and in equal speed, he turned to see dadima was in samir’s car and neha dev was in her car, he gulp hard to see the angry naina who must be knowing what is going, he gave a sweet smile to naina who signaled him to stop the bike but he pleaded. And then geet too gave nervous smile to naina, she sighed and let them go ahead. It’s a deserted road so no tension to were a helmet atleast for them. (only for them not u guys, use helmet whenever use a bike)


Finally they reached the farm house, all were mesmerized to see the location, it was a chilling place, close to nature and only greenery can be seen, naina had brought the place under geet name few days ago. All praises her choice and then entered the house to settle themselves comfortably. Geet saw the restlessness in maan and slowly smirk as he is craving to talk to her, but she didn’t forget her challenge, he have to make her feel special though she knew how much special she is for him. she blushed with the thought.





She was keeping herself busy in some work and now in kitchen to make some tea or coffee for everyone when he barked inside and pulls her hand then pinned her on the fridge.


Maan: what the hell was that huh? What was the need to go with him, if anything,


He didn’t completed the sentence, but geet understood his unsaid words, he was afraid with the speed they took. His anger and fear was reflecting in his hold. Geet’s eyes clouded with tears but she didn’t flinched because her physical pain was nothing in front of his mental pressure, he saw her staring at him and then her tears. It clicked him and saw the hold which had left his mark. He close his eyes. and then opens it with guilt.


Maan: I m sorry geet, he said caressing the arms which had turned red with his finger marks, but before he can say anything else geet hugged him tight. He too hugged her hide his face in her shoulder and neck.

Maan: do u know how scared I got to see  running in so speed.

His lips found it’s place and started placing wet kisses around her neck, she felt weak on her knees and held his shoulder tighter to her. his hands were roaming all over her back, and slipped inside her top. The naked skin got full access to devour by his palm.


Geet: I m sorry, Maan. I m fine see. unknowingly her whispered entered in his heart and then she kissed his neck in passion. It was enough for him to awaken the desire to have her, without words he picked her from waist and placed her on a counter top holding her thighs to sit her properly, her legs interlocked on his waist and he stood there between her leg dipping his head in her neck. He gave her thousand kisses all over jawline, her serene face was making him lose his every bit of control. He slowly leaned over her lips, her hot breath fell on his face as she arched it more for him, her parted lips which was glistering like moonshine was making him hard below. Her hand went to his neck pulling him close and he peck her lips softly, then capturing the full juice in his mouth tasting it carnally. She moans against his lips as his palm found it’s perfect place of her forbidden place….


Geet: Maan,, she cried in the kiss and pushed herself more to him, he kneaded her curved above the thin top. She gasp for air, his tongue plunged inside tasting every corner of her hidden secret. He squeezed her breast mercilessly and she cried in pleasure feeling the wetness between her legs. She felt his hardness against her core in exact position and it make her more restless. She wanted to feel him in her, her hand automatically reached on his buckle and that was enough for him to jerk in reality. He saw her dazed state, swollen lips and messy hair, his heart was pondering violently and a pain below. He leaned on her forehead placing his forehead.


Maan: I really can’t wait for u more, meet me backward at 10 pm.


Her eyes widen in shock: huh? But family?


Maan smiles mischievously: u wanted me to do something and now when I m showing u r backing off.. dar gayi kya?


Geet pushed him from her: main kyun darne lagi? Hmm its better be good one or,


Maan instantly locked her lips with his: shhhh not a word. She smiles and happily gave in the kiss.. but their eternal blissful moment got disturb as some footstep approached them. They instantly parted but before that maan warned her not to sit in karan’s bike.


Geet: maan no, u can’t do this, u know we both like racing cars n bike.


Maan pulls her more: I told u no means no.


Geet tried to push him: chodo maan, somebody will come, and I will sit. Pehle bhi baithi thi and in fact we had a race on my birthday remember?


Maan: wo pehle ki baat thi geet, then u and me,


Geet: were not so close


Maan: now u r my life, and I won’t let u do anything of your wish as I had marked it mine, got that.


Geet was dumbfounded with his state and he pecked her lips one last time freeing her as someone is really close. Both settle their messy hair and neha entered the kitchen looking at them suspiciously.. geet smiles nervously and maan gave his back to them pretending to take out a bottle from the fridge, then rushed out from there leaving a smirking neha behind who pondered on geet with her mischievous comment…..







Rudra: everything is done then.


Lawyer: yes sir, Miss Geetakshi had signed this paper and mr Maan will get it on his 24th birthday which is after 4 month. And now u had also signed it so there will be no problem, we just need to wait for 4 month to claim the property.


Rudra smiles and maahi looked at him confuse, they bid good bye and left for car.


Abhi: Rudra I still didn’t get it, why u had to sign those papers. The last thing I know geet is the nominee of the property of maan and care taker too.


Rudra: yes she is but, buya(aunty/maan’s mother) had made her will a little twisty. Though geet is the care taker but she is under guardians. As Mr Mohnish was always after her property she gave me the key of the last lock. Matlab I was geet’s guardian.. if anything had happen maan the property would have transferred to geet and if anything had happened to her it would have come to me, but then I had to give it to khurana’s,, any khurana brother. She had made a chain because of Mr Mohnish… at 1st we drew the line like if anything happened to maan or geet property would go to charity, but he at last found it will go to me and that’s why he tried to attack maan n geet in various way, but as its only 4 month so geet want all things on his name. but as u know Mr Raizada is hell bent of ruining everything we have to be more careful, so mishty ne khud kaha abhi sab uske naam kar dete hain, kisiko kuch pata nahi chalega and after 4 month we will be free from this game.


Maahi: WOW,,, mishty really loves him…


Rudra: yup, she is insanely in love with him.


Abhi: sometime I fear, she is so naïve, I want to see her happy.


Maahi: she will be happy with maan abhi, don’t worry.


Rudra: now lets go, or she will chop us happily in love with maan.



Trio laughed thinking of her red face and headed towards the farmhouse.




Precap: ohh god Rudra what happen. Zayda chot nahi lagi na?? her hazels started watering and it made him more restless….


Dheere,, shhh its paining kya?






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  1. Awesome Update…precap is bit confusing


  2. super update dear…

    wen wil whole past wil be rvealed….. its hav so much suspence…

    aur ye dono ek dooje ko tease kar kar hi mardalenge…

    yaar tichuu mere dimaag me khayal aa raha hai ki sab janate hai geet maan ke pyare mein kis tarah pagal hai, but they don kno maan’s craziness… i mean sab jaanate hai lekin kisine uski had nai dekhi.. hogi toh dekhenge wo alag baat hai uski deewanagi limitless hai.. par sabko 1 jhalak toh milna chahiye na…


  3. awesome dear
    loved it
    precap is confusing a bit


  4. Posted by ayesha on September 2, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Amazing update….
    Lvd it alot…..

    Precap seems confusing….


  5. Posted by spvd on September 3, 2012 at 6:26 am

    part 53
    nice lovely part………..
    Maan is so possessive…………
    and Rudra is so naughty……………
    still their truth is yet to come out…………..
    cont soon dear……………….

    Deepa (spvd)


  6. Posted by laksh on September 3, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Superb update tich. Pls update next part soon. Will the secret of miti be revealed to maan on his birthday? I am waiting eagerly.


  7. Posted by mandeep on September 3, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    awesome dear:)



  8. Posted by Kiran on September 3, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    wonderful update….

    maan was not jealous but afraid that in that speed something may happen…..

    he is worried for her….

    when will they meet in backyard…..

    thanx for pm…


  9. Posted by monika on September 4, 2012 at 3:17 am

    super update dear…


  10. Posted by Neelam Banerjee on September 4, 2012 at 4:58 am

    wonderful part………..
    Maan is so possessive……………………..
    looking forward to know the next……………


  11. Posted by Chetna on September 4, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Hi dear..thanks 4 da pm n fab update! Well written! MAan is very possessive! Wen will the past b revealed? 🙂 Khwaishfan (IF)


  12. poor maan……….akela sach se anjaan……..kahi geet ko galat na samjhe badme………….


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