Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 68

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Part 68

In that small house the life was blissful, at 1st it was difficult for maan n shiv to bring her come out from the incident as it marked a portion of her soul, but with love n care they brought back the old saanjh. Together they cracked jokes, even though maan n saanjh had made shiv’s life hell..No one can say that they were grown up. they fought like small kids, but at night when saanjh got those nightmares of being caged in that hell she used to scream and maan would have caress her head, patted her to sleep whole night sitting beside her. it had became her habit to put her head on his lap and he whole night caressed her head. Though they didn’t want to disturb shiv but he was always there silently providing everything and when maan dozed off beside her he would have covered both with duvet and switched off the light, then slept on the couch in that same room. The closeness mightbe sound weird to world but who cares when love in frndship is there to protect u, not every relation u can judge only by seeing or reading, its heart who feels it.

In all these days saanjh unwontedly started falling for shiv and his cute antics, though he was annoying, hell irritated but it’s a saying na, love doesn’t seek permission, it just happens, and same with saanjh. How, why and when she doesn’t have any answer but her heart started to feel something else then frndship for shiv who was very much oblivious and saanjh choose to keep that way only. She was happy with this little happiness. But again destiny played as fate doesn’t wanted the little happiness to stay in her heart, she was cocooning the feeling with her warming heart which was brutally tarnished in some selfish wish.

Maan was searching saanjh in the whole collage but she was nowhere to be seen so he approached her mates of the class but they also refused to acknowledged about her whereabouts and it made maan worried, but again people got tint to gossips, they started gossiping about maan n saanjh’s closeness which just burnt shiv, he was always a protective frnd not only for maan but now for saanjh also. he had put many fights for this specific reason that no one is granting their frndship in a right manner, but who cared, maan n shiv never cared about it. the only person who was insecure was samaira. Though shiv had decline the gossip but he was feeling helpless to see sam sad. He had tried to reason her but she was adamant and at last shiv blasted on her.

Sam: again he is worrying about the girl, now his priority has changed, he doesn’t love me anymore. one tear fell from her eyes making shiv restless.

Shiv: bas itna hi trust karti ho maan pe? U knew him all ur life and only this much trust u have on him. I thought u love him sam, but there can never be love when it over powered with insecurities.

Sam: janti hu issi liye to keh rahi hu shiv, I know him, he had craved for love and attention, who gave him this he had craved his life to her name and I m afraid what if saanjh had made the place in his heart.

Sam was unusually very serious and talking thing deep which was bouncing shiv’s brain.

Shiv: what r u talking about? He loves u madly and u r saying

Sam smiles nervously: shiv, I love him too, more than anything but I m afraid also, not because I fear he will leave me but u also know how naïve he is, sometimes our heart overpower things which our mind knew can never happen but it happens…. Maybe u can’t see the closeness of them but I can, and as a girl it’s normal. think from my POV, if your girlfrnd was close to ur frnd more than u what do u think?

Shiv: I would have trust her.

Sam smiles mockingly: easy to say shiv not to maintain and just see their closeness who will say they are only frnds? Shiv looked at them, maan was hugging saanjh tight, he again looked at sam who smiles sadly, I know he loves me but till when, I don’t know. in love there is insecurity and I m insecure because I know maan’s love is still not so deep, everyone think we are made in heaven Jodi but I know in our relation he thinks he loves me, he is with me till I m the only girl in his love, once saanjh break the barrier between love frndship I’m afraid I may lose him forever.

Shiv was dumfounded to hear so calm and compose talks from sam and somewhere it left a mark because whatever she said was not wrong actually, no one knew the truth of their relationship than her, not even maan as he had assumed he loved her insanely… only a person in love can understand her point, no girl can see her love being in any other girl’s arm be that a frnd also….

But why shiv was feeling awkward he himself doesn’t know.  He looked at maan n saanjh who was chasing each other laughing like anything and saanjh was going to fall when maan saved her and then frantically checked her if she was fine or not, saanjh was flashing her cute smile,, but why he(shiv) is feeling so, is that only for sam, her words? Yes only her sad face that made him feel so, he couldn’t able to see his sister like this. shiv consoled his heart saying it’s just her sadness that affects him. her words had left deep impact on him, because of their frndship sam was losing herself frm her love which was not digestible for shiv, the thing he couldn’t understand was not exactly sam’s heart but his arching feeling that is fearing to lose something….. he looked at maan n saanjh with great concentration and felt something hollow inside him.

Maan was trying to contact but saanjh was busy preparing for her study, maan got the news of naveen being ran away from jail so he was worried for saanjh’s safety and then he barked in collage, no one knew about her and then she herself bumped to him, she had injured her head previously but didn’t told maan, seeing the bandage maan got worried and hugged her out of fear, he enquired is she fine so she was just cheering him,, maan didn’t wanted to scare her so he hide the truth of naveen and tried to lighten the atmosphere and its then shiv caught them having a good time, saanjh had avoided him like maan, and he started feeling restless with it, now seeing her smiling laughing with maan added fuel  inside him. The thing he didn’t catch was saanjh was avoiding him due to her feelings as she was afraid if she blurted her feeling she would have lost a frnd and maan knew her too well so she feared if maan got to know her feeling so she avoided him too.

But once maan himself asked her about her feeling for shiv, saanjh was shocked and decline it, maan very well knew how to made her confess and finally she broke down.

Maan: u love him saanjh, u love shiv, I can’t believe it. u,, my saanjh is in love with that dumbo.

Saanjh gulp her saliva: maan it’s not like that,

Maan teases: aaha, now u will teach me huh? Mind it I had done PHD,, he said grinning which made her chuckle.

Saanjh: seriously I don’t love him maan, why don’t u understand.

Maan noticed the sadness and pale on her face, he held her chin and forced her to look in his eyes

Maan: just say it looking in my eyes, u don’t love my dumb frnd?

One tear slipped out from her black deep eyes: maan, I,

Maan: pyar karti hai to kubul karne ki himmat bhi rakh saanjh, I know u love him then why u r denying, don’t u know I can read these eyes.

Saanjh: but he can’t. a small whimper came out from her lips. Maan was confused with her tears, if she loves him at least say 1st then decide he loves her or not.

Maan: 1st tell him saanjh, he is definitely feeling the same, I had read it in his eyes.

Saanjh looked at him curiously where maan smiles assuring.

Saanjh: I don’t want to lose a beautiful frndship and frnd because of my stupid feelings.

Maan: ur feeling will bind u both in a more sacred relation, just once think about it. I had seen something in his eyes saanjh and trust me, if its love, it will be best for him, he had been alone in his whole life saanjh, though he pretends to be happy but he needs someone who will love him beyond anything and I know its u who can love him unconditionally…

Saanjh cried in happiness to hear his word, she felt her 1st love won’t be a burden or unfulfilled, when maan is with her he will surely give her happiness.

Saanjh: will u help me?

Maan smiles: of course, he will definitely love u saanjh, he is made for u and u both will be one, I will make u both one. just trust ur frnds aanjh? Will u trust me?

Saanjh: yes I trust u maan, I will trust u till my last breath, I know when u said he loves me or he will love me I know u will fulfill ur promise.

She hugged him feeling happy and he also hugged her tightly feeling very happy for his frnds, both laughed and maan patted her hair like giving her comfort,, but they were oblivious to the fuming pair of eyes who was looking at them from far. Shiv crushed the glass in his hand seeing maan n saanjh alone in a deserted place hugging each other with so contended smile.

Sam: I told u shiv, maan is forgetting me, and now this girl had snatched ur best frnd..

Shiv was confused as why he was feeling this kind of feelings, he had never experienced it, he had been with maan from his childhood and he knew maan can never go to this extent, he is a committed man to sam then why? He always tried to reason his feeling saying he can’t see sam’s sad face, saanjh and maan had forgotten him in this so he might be feeling insecure but still he couldn’t make his heart understand the real reason for his feeling.

Days started passing as all he can saw was maan giving his most of the time to saanjh, they were cooking something, their secret talks was itching him, often whenever he tried to come in their secret talks they always molded it with other talks. Shiv was feeling outsiders in front of his frnds. On the other hand though saanjh wanted to avoid shiv but she was failing miserably, his each presence was effecting her, so maan told her to give him a surprise, she can say her heart in a date planned by maan for them, saanjh shied for the 1st time and said it’s a guy’s work to propose not a girl, but maan made her believe that girl also can talk about her feelings and before that he will made sure shiv loves her, and he can feel the restlessness in shiv seeing saanjh avoiding him, he smirks inwardly.

Saanjh was feeling weak every sec she saw shiv, she wanted to voice her feeling but seeing him almost all the time angry she was nervous. Love was never her cup of tea but today it made her vulnerable, and for the 1st time she felt bad to fight with him, it’s not shiv and she had ever stopped bickering and fighting but that was never serious, just for fun, but now a days she had seen him worn-out, he was always angry, and today also he fought with her,, she was not sad because of that but for the 1st time shiv had raises his voice against maan because he was supporting her… she saw the shocking expressions on maan’s face. but why shiv is behaving like this she can’t say or make out. she was dying to see her old frnd who irritated her to the core but not this angry serious shiv.

It was one fine day when saanjh met maan in the campus, she needed to know something to arrange the fair well party of seniors, but he was not in his usual self, he seems like lost, eyes red and clenched jaw, saanjh knew it meant he had a fight with someone, and then someone told her its none other than shiv. Her heart felt the arch in it. she ran towards shiv 1st and saw him sitting with a grumpy mood with sam and her frnds, she marched towards him.

Saanjh: What the hell are u doing Shiv, what is happening with u,

Shiv looked at him with his usual casual attitude and ignored her words but this time she was angry, because this time he had not hurt her but her best frnd. She held his collar and jerks him to see in his eyes to see a lost shiv staring at her. she felt drowning in them, she wanted to caresses those blank eyes and face, why he is behaving like this, she knew her frnd is not like this but then maan’s sad face flashed in her mind.

Saanjh: why u r doing this shiv? Does u even know how much sad maan was? kyun kar raha hain aisa tu?

Shiv jerks her hand: ohh so now u r worried for my best frnd, u don’t have to saanjh, I know him,, I will handle this and u stay out of our problem, don’t try to indulge urself in our frndship.

Saanjh was broken with his words, THEIR FRNDSHIP, but where is she in this. she stared at him with her big doe shape eyes.

Saanjh: ur frndship, but it was our na? fir

Shiv: ohh I m sorry now a days to tu maan k liye sab kuch ban gayi, pata nahi kya patti padhai hain.

Saanjh cried inward hearing those words: tujhe ho kya ho gaya hain shiv, kyun aise baate kar raha hain, sambhal ja shiv, isse pehle bohot der hojaye,

Shiv: der hone se pehle I had opened my eyes and now I know what u r doing, I’m warning u saanjh, stay out from my frnd and sister’s life. Just then saanjh looked at a smirking sam who was having a satisfying smile on her face, now she knew something is must be wrong. She gave a disgusting look to sam and went out from there without saying anything.

After few hours sam was doing some check up for party when saanjh jerks her hand. sam was baffled to see the audacity.

Sam: what the hell?

Saanjh: same question is mine sam, what the hell are u playing with us? What is happening? Why u r doing this?

Sam: what had I done?

Saanjh: don’t pretend to be innocent. I know tumne shiv ko hamare khilaf bhadka ya hain.

Sam: what rubbish

Saanjh: sam don’t u trust maan? don’t u love him?

Sam: excuse me I don’t think I should discuss my personal life to an outsider.

Saanjh: then stop destroying their frndship for an outsider. Sam looked at her with blank face. saanjh controlled her tears, see I m an outsider for u and will be that but why u r destroying their frndship, can’t u see in all this maan n shiv is suffering the most, didn’tu see maan’s sad face it’s because shiv had fought with him, his only best frnd, pls sam apne gusse me ye galti mat karna. I know I m an outsider and will remain that but u r their own, try to see the love they have for each other and for u.

Saanjh left the place leaving sam in thoughts, somewhere she knew it’s all because of her that all is happening to her most fav persons, though she never tried to do anything but her words had left a mark on shiv and he started showing the indifference and at last sam brought maan n shiv together, they made them sought out their fight, saanjh knew it, if they had a fight because of saanjh then they will be one for their love SAM, but indirectly she was the one who made her do this, neither she understand nor sam tried to understand, she enjoyed the attention once again. Maan n shiv talked their differences and maan got to know shiv is just jealous because of his n saanjh’s closeness…. He was happy that he is succeeding in his plan to know about his feelings. But again fate played and maan saw saanjh was detaching herself from them once again.

Saanjh was happy to see them again becoming each other’s strength but she was afraid what if again they fight because of her, she doesn’t wanted to become a wall between them, somewhere she cursed her feeling to become a barrier between her frndship. Saanjh refused to talk to maan or shiv but maan forcefully talked her and then got to know her fear.

Maan: tum pagal ho saanjh, how can u think like that?

Saanjh: please maan. Don’t force me, if again shiv sees us like this he will pour his anger on u,

Maan: do u know why he did so? Saanjh looked at him confused where maan smiled, Because he was jealous. It made saanjh more confused. Pagal he is in love with u, but he himself doesn’t know. Saanjh’s eyes went big and she gaped at him with wide eyes. maan let out a chuckle. U know when I talked with him I can clearly see the restlessness on his face, he was just insecure about u saanjh, he thought something is going between us and he every time told about sam being insecure and lonely but I can see his pain in that, saanjh he loves u like mad.

At 1st nothing went in her, but then few words came out of desperation.

Saanjh: wo sach me mujhse?

Maan shook his head: yes he loves u saanjh, we just need to make him confess, uss dumbo ko apne feeling ka pata tak nahi hain, we have to resume in our plan, and u have to say ur heart 1st. their plan was proposing shiv on a deserted place by saanjh of course but with his indifferent behavior they changed it


Maan: no more words saanjh, u will accept ur feeling and rest leave on me, I will make him confess his feeling.

And the plan goes on, maan said saanjh to avoid shiv which she was already doing making shiv angry and restless. And then it comes the real bomb, when saanjh refused to go with shiv in the party, it was casual talk where maan just suggested saanjh to go with shiv for a party arranged by sam, but saanjh refused according to plan, and accepted offer by another guy, it made shiv so angry that he literally broke few precise things of collage, maan only laughed at him where saanjh made a face. sam didn’t knew anything but she couldn’t tolerate the sad face of shiv, somewhere sam also knew shiv started falling for saanjh and she was ready to accept that because of 2 reason, one her brother will be happy and 2nd her insecurity with maan will be vanish and she will be in his good list always.

But guess destiny doesn’t wanted that, shiv’s brain was going in reverse gear, he thought saanjh had tried to sabotage his ego, according to plan saanjh will avoid shiv and shiv will finally know he loves her and at least acknowledge his feelings but, thing wasn’t in good response. Saanjh got drunk in the party by mistake and started dancing and enjoying with the guy who was a good guy and kind of liked saanjh, maan had made sure she was with a safe company and the guy was really genuine guy. Saanjh had a blast singing dancing and the guy become her good frnd which irked shiv more, he took various girls and danced in front of saanjh who was drunk but somewhere a little sense was there in her. shiv’s other frnds spoilt his brain fully saying so many bad things about saanjh’s character. Shiv had fought with them for bad mouthing saanjh but inside he was burning, why? He himself doesn’t know.

Saanjh wanted to clarify everything to shiv but next day in collage everyone tagged her with that guy because of her closeness with him, she tried to clarify everything and so did maan but things wasn’t in her favor. Then saanjh thought to confess her love towards shiv because it’s only the only way to make things settle. She went to shiv determined and tried to talk to him.

Saanjh: I need to talk to u shiv, can u come,

Shiv: jo bolna hain yehi bol, I don’t have time.

Saanjh: it’s urgent and privet

Shiv laughed: yeah ur privacy had seen by whole collage, what do u wanna say now? saanjh’s heart arched to hear those hurtful words.

Saanjh: shiv whatever it look like its nothing like that, I, I want to say,

Shiv: saanjh stop your stammering yaar and say it clearly, what is the matter?

Saanjh: don’t pretend like u don’t know anything shiv, u know that I, I Lo

Shiv: ohh common saanjh, jaldi bol and what pretend, I don’t know what u r saying. Please say it clearly or else I have more works, he looked at a girl sitting on a chair beside sam.

Saanjh: I LOVE YOU, she said in a whisper that hardly reach anyone’s ear, only shiv heard that. he was blank, he stares at her without blink and saanjh closed her eyes gulping her saliva, but finding no answer she looked at him and he was there still like statue, no one heard what she said and she was relief with it. but her smile vanished the moment shiv started laughing like maniac, her heart shuddered seeing him laughing on her.

Shiv: saanjh, it’s not 1stapril, don’t try ot fool me, hahahahaha

Saanjh: its true, she said in meek voice. Shiv couldn’t hold his laugh, he bursted in laugh.

Sam: what had she said shiv?

Shiv: she loves me,

And the entire hall broke in the laughter making a mockery to her feeling, she only looked at shiv with teary eyes. but controlled before breaking down.

Shiv: saanjh I will not fell in ur trap, 1st u tried maan and then Rajeev no one fell so now me.

That was a shocker for saanjh, she became numb, and next she felt something pricked her face harshly, sam threw some snaps on her face, it was having her laughing and hugging rajeev the guy in the party, she stood there rooted feeling humiliated, neither maan was there not rajeev to clarify anything.

Sam: u know saanjh I always liked u because thought u r a girl who is getting full attention from maan n shiv because u r genuinely good by heart. But now seeing u like this roaming in another boy’s arm I think its ur hobby, maan to pehle hi mera ho chukka, so try karne ki baad jab kuch nahi bana u tried on shiv, haina? Oh rajeev is not so rich or he wasn’t good on bed?

Saanjh couldn’t utter a single word,, it’s not she can’t voice her point but the humiliation and shiv’s accusing eyes made her statue, the frnd who had promised her to stand beside her today is pointing figure on her only. She was numb. She looked at shiv who was giving her disgusting looks.

Shiv: I thought u can be a frnd but nope, like every other girls u r just behind money money n money, at 1st I was numb because I was afraid to hurt my frnd but not anymore, because of u sam had suffered a lot, still she wanted to give u chance and again u, trying to play with my emotions, I never thought u can do anything like this. he held her arms tight, why u did this saanjh? Was my friendship is nothing for u that u did all this? u had mocked my frndship and maan, u call him ur best frnd, where was ur frndship jab tum usse uske pyar se alag kar rahi thi, aur tum kehti ho pyar karti ho mujhse, do u even know the meaning of love? He jerks her hand. main aise insane se kabhi pyar nahi kar sakta, I can never love u saanjh, never in this life.

It left her broken, shiv was giving his back to her, so he didn’t saw her turning away from him, her face was blank, her eyes were blank still searching for someone in the crowd. She started going away from the crowd, everyone looked at her either in mockery or in pity. She lifelessly walked out from the campus and then shiv saw her back, he felt something crunched in him, like something going apart, but didn’t gave importance. Sam was consoling him but she herself was happy to get rid of her, those photographs was given by a frnd of soham to sam, she herself felt disgusted and presented it in front of shiv in more accusing manner, she had tarnished a little bit sympathy in his heart for saanjh and presented her like that. she didn’t care what effects shiv was having with his, its right shiv was strong and practical but no one understood his heart n mind was naïve, he believed what his sister told him, well he had given sam a place that his own blood could never achieve but unknowingly she had tarnished his soft heart in her selfishness.

Next day maan marched towards shiv and started beating him furiously, shiv was dumfounded and hurt to see maan like this, he knew saanjh must have told him everything but it was not saanjh, other collage mate who was her frnd told everything to maan. he was furious and wanted to knocked some brain in him, alas nothing can be done when damage is deep and this anger made them both destroy. Shiv also punched him and they decided to sort the things in fight club. No one thought there will be a day where these 2 will fight but that came and both had beaten each other very much, but a shriek sound of saanjh was enough to stop them, she had fallen on her knees to see her best frnds fighting for her, she was already broken and her cries died in her lungs only. Rajeev ran to her and cocoon her in his embrace, saanjh had cried a lot but the proximity of them work more than tears on shiv, he again accused her for breaking his frndship and making things like this, saanjh couldn’t tolerate more and slapped him hard. No one expected it but she did again ,slapped him, but this time he held her hand and raises his hand to slap her. saanjh was numb, she saw maan holding shiv’s hand looking at him with fire, saanjh stumble and took few steps back, silently stared walking , some accused her for breaking the lovely frndship, some showed pity on her, she was feeling nothing but emptiness, today she lost her everything.

Sitting in a dark corner she remember every moment she spend with her frnds, small smile played as she recall where her life was, and tears flickered to see where she was now. her state of mind had torn between past n present,  she was never like this, she was strong but today she can’t be the same, her heart was dead, she had lost the light which always gives her hope, she took out the picture of her and geet, she wanted to hug her sister, today she was feeling so lonely, but geet was not here, she wanted to meet rano but feared if she blurted everything, she tried to become normal but knew nothing gonna be alright, she couldn’t live a normal life anymore, yes she was a strong girl but her heart was not so strong, she couldn’t able tolive like this. she can’t take this humiliation anymore, she can’t be normal to everything anymore, she remember her parents and their love but once again same humiliation she felt few yrs before came in flash, she looked at the moon that was the only source in the dark room and smiles remembering the 1 yr she spent with shiv n maan, she closed her eyes thanking god for the lovely moment.

Next morning maan was searching for saanjh like mad person but she was not in collage, saanjh’sfrnd had informed him saanjh was not in hostel also, a kind of fear covered maan’s heart, why he was feeling that he himself doesn’t know. Shiv felt his restiveness, he wanted to know what happened to him but can’t ask directly, so he send sam to him,he told samabout saanjh’s missing. Shiv too felt awkward, no matter how much he had fought with her but still in a corner there was some kind of place for her. at lastmaan came to shiv and asked him if they had a fight but shiv carelessly said she is nothing to him, maan felt disgusted and left from the place. The one person who was feeling the need to clarify everything was rajeev, he came to shiv and told about what happened in the party, shiv was blank, Rajeev told him saanjh always loved him and he was just a frnd for her, that night she was drunk and not only him but maan was there beside her every time, shiv felt a slap on his face looking at front, there was no one, he remember saanjh’s slap and her eyes, his heart shudder and he ran for his life.

Shiv entered her hostel room and got information maan was here, he had read a letter by saanjh and rushed out leaving the letter on the ground, he picked it and his heart felt numb with it.

Dear maan,

I know only u will read this letter as shiv had no time for me or formy letter in his life any more, and frankly I don’t want him to read this letter and gets sympathy for me. I always wanted some love from him but not pity, khair choro. Jante ho jab main delhi me aayithi, I never thought I will get a frnd whom I can cherish lifetime, u are the one friend whom every person desire but very few lucky persons get. I was the lucky and unlucky person who got u as my frnds and lost u also. I had cause so many troubles and pain to u still u are my best frnd, I guess dost isse hi to kehte hain.

I wish I could be friend with him too, wish my stupid feeling was never camein between, but u know ur jhalli frnd na…

Maan I can’t take the pain anymore, bohot dukhta hain dil abb. I know u said me to be a very strong girl, but maan I m an ordinary girl with dreams, which had been crushed so brutally that I m afraid to lose myself slowly and that would be very painful. Please let me free today, I really wanna fly away..aaj main mur ke apne aapko dekhti hu to I feel what have I done to myself, it was never me. I was not like this. What I have made myself. I want to free myself from this pain maan.  I know whatever I m doing is wrong but I m helpless. Hosake to mujhe maaf kar dena.

Aur bhi bohot kuch kehna tha, I wanted to share the deepest secret of my life, wanted to meet u with someone, my angel, but guess destiny never wanted this. Be happy with ur love, my all wishes and love will protect u and ur love…


Your cranky saanjh.

Shiv fall downon the ground on his knees, he didn’t know what to feel, in this whole latter she didn’t said a word to him or against him, she always wanted their happiness and for them today she left them, but he can’t let her go so easily, no he want one chance to apologize. Something clicked his mind and he ran towards their meeting point in a hill point.

Maan too wanted to know where she is, from the letter look like she is leaving them but her all stuff were in hostel then how can she leave, fear was visible on his face as he drove his car in speed. Not getting any information maan was broken, then his frnd called him saying he had seen saanjh going to hill point. And he rushed there. maan felt relief to see her sitting there but feared also because she was sitting at the edge.

Maan: saanjh, she turned and froze on the spot. Saanjh kya kar rahi hain yaha?

Saanjh: maan go back, she said dryly again looking at the deep forest.

Maa: I can’t, I need my frnd.

Saanjh: and I need my freedom maan, I m tired. Really tired.

Maan shallow the lump: saanjh listen to me, come back, I promised u na he will recognize his love saanjh, bas tu yaha aaja.

Saanjh stood up and looked at him accusingly: U promised me na maan, u said he loves me, usse bolo na jaake, maine kuch nahi kiya, I just love him. Was it so big crime that he is punishing me like this. I, I, love him maan.

Tears fall from maan’s eyes as he approached and she took back step. Maan shouted but she was going back only.

Maan: gir jaoyogi saanjh please come back, just trust me once. I m sorry saanjh for letting it all happen but not anymore.

Saanjh: u said it earlier, but what happen, kuch nahi huya na, bas main kahi kho gayi main, I can’t live like this maan, please try to understand.

Maan: no, nooo please, please apne best frnd ko akela mat chodh ke ja, please saanjh I will be so alone,

Saanjh: u won’t be, sam will be there, shiv, he will not be mad on u then, everything will be normal.

Maan: it can never be,, without u never. I will talk to him promise bas ek bar sunlo meri baat.

Saanjh: I have no complain with u or him, I loved him, but I can’t live with the loath in his eyes.please let me go maan. u will always be my best frnd, thank u for being with me every time. saanjh smiles, a painful smile. before maan can say anything she jumped from the cliff on her back.


Shiv fell on her knees seeing the sight. Saanjh had already jumped and maan was crying sitting on the ground.


Maan felt geet numbly standing in his embrace, he closed his eyes tightly fearing of her reaction but she was unusually silent, her face was blank, he broke the hug and cupped her face forcing her to meet his eyes. she looked at him without any expression.

Maan: I tried geet, I tried to be a good frnd but things were not in my hand, after that incident I called police and ambulance, no one reached her, they said forest was deep, after a week also we couldn’t traced her, I accepted I lost her, but something died in me, I started accusing shiv and thought he intentionally hurt her, humiliated her and that’s why she did this, but truth was he loves her as like me only, he never knew his one accusation can push her to do something like this, from that time I destroyed his career saying he had stained my frnd’s life, from then I forced principle to take strong action and he couldn’t appear the final exam, and he started accusing me for destroying his future, actually he tried to search her double amount I did, he was torn out like me, angry on himself and my accusation pushed him in darkness. From that time we became enemy, best enemy. There was no particular reason for it but it was destiny’s game. But when u said that saanjh also wouldn’t like to see the barrier between us, I realized what we were doing, she left us because of this fight and still we were fighting. It was her wish to see us together and it was ur wish too. but see what destiny did, once again it brought the past, but the difference is, now she is afraid of love and love want to chase her again.

Geet looked at him with some emotion he couldn’t say what is it, but definitely something not good.

Maan: yes geet shiv had realized his love for saanjh before she entered again in our life, he want a 2nd chance, he want to rectify his mistake,

And that was enough for geet, she looked here n there restlessly, without saying anything she ran out from the room leaving maan in fear.

After saanjh jump from the cliff she landed on the river that lead her to a small village very far from delhi but close to himchal,, she was breathing after also dodging some heavy rock hurting her head in the process,, she was unconscious when some villager found her, they took her to nearest hospital and informed local police station, after searching they got her id card of college, but it was smudged, thank god her pic and n a phn number was visible. They called on it and informed her family who came there in few hours. Her family was so divested with her state that they didn’t even feel the necessity to inform her college ppl about her, all they care how she came here, why she did this? at 1st they thought it was an accident only but as time passes they got to know more, they called geet at massori (himachal, India)….

Geet knew something is bothering saanjh very much, as she had written some mails to her about her new found frnds and her doubt got clear when geet went to her collage and hostel to collect her everything, there was nothing that can saw about maan n shiv as they were already passed out from university and there was nothing about them that she can know, so she collected saanjh’s stuff and went out, later principal tried to call maan or sam but they never came back or heard anything, neither shiv. This place gave them deep scare the all tried to erase and run away. Only one person was on the same spot was saanjh. After examine doc declared her to be in coma and after few yrs she comes out from coma, but as a lifeless body. She couldn’t walk properly, with therapist she started walking and doing few stuff but her mind was blank, no one knew what happen not even geet, but her conscious mind forced her to check her mails again, and finally she found a mail of saanjh saying her last wish is to see geet happy and not all but few thing she said that happened to her, geet got an idea about her heart break but as she didn’t knew anything and more about saanjh wasn’t ready to say anything she suppress everything in her only….

Precap: geet and shiv face off.

How many of u thinks Maan was at fault? If he hadn’t promise her or seed the hope in her heart she wouldn’t have thought all this… but was is his fault that he wanted to help his frnds, it was true that shiv loved her but never recognized his feeling, was it maan’s fault he cared about his both frnds

How many of u think shiv is at fault? If he had thought little logically about maan n saanjh’s closeness and didn’t tried to accuse her so brutally she wouldn’t took so drastic step? But was it his fault as his heart n mind was always innocent like a child, who had never received love apart from maan can trust any other girl’s love for him so easily, was his upbringing was at smooth to blv saanjh. Akhir hum jo dekhte hain wo hi sach samajhte hain.

How many of u think sam is at fault? If she wasn’t so insecure and tried to manipulate so man heart n mind things wasn’t so crucial, maybe she could have handle shiv more genuinely if she didn’t think about her selfishness.  But was it truly her fault that she felt alone in presence of saanjh between shiv n  maan, wasn’t it some point of reality that we can’t take another person’s presence in our love one’s life, here sam never tried to harm anyone, but eventually she became the reason for someone’s destruction.

And how many of u think saanjh is at fault, she should have accept her love very long ago, but was it her fault that she wasn’t ready to destroy her frndhship, yes she took such a big step, but not every person who shows they are strong from out have to be strong from inside, their heart is most softest heart we can ever think.

And last but not the least sorry for pushing u in dilemma, there was not one at fault yet everyone, destiny played but now what can gee do?? She can’t think rationally, she have to be selfish and protective towards her sister, if u would have on geet’s place what would u do with shiv or maan or sam????

Need suggestion for this track now, will u help me???


11 responses to this post.

  1. awesome dear
    loved it


  2. sam was always selfish yes she is insecure of loosing maan but where her insecurities gone when she made maneet marriage for her life and shiv he was a big idiot to believe without listening to both sides and maan is not at mistake he just saw shiv concern for sanjh so he made sanjh confess but yes i am so angry on shiv to accuse sanjh like this


  3. Posted by laksh on September 3, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Hi tich…hw is ur health yaar…stay healthy and update soon. Waitin. And great update as always. Sam is selfish insecure abt the trio frndship bcoz she always wanted to be the centre of attraction. and so she is one of the reason for sanjhh s decision. And shiv is also at fault. Words once spoken can’t be taken back tat easily. Hw can he accuse sanjh for running behind money? Mann is not at fault. Sanjh took such a step due to depression. and from geet s pov I will smash shiv first and then will make sanjh accept shiv again. Bcoz geet herself has seen tat shiv repented a lot and was deeply hurt abt his past. And geet little angry on maan for not sharin his past with her. And so waitin to see manneet and shiv and old sanjh together moments soon.

    Hw is it tich?


    • hey laksh, thanks yaar for the long comment and yes u pointed some very good point, i need some reaction on geet’s behaving with shiv because whatever he did was not so acceptable, but how can we forget it’s geet who once forgave maan who did a sin previously,

      i m fine now, hope u r also doing well,, will try to update soon. thanks for the update


  4. here maan is not at fault neither saanjh…

    but i feel siv is at fault somwhere but major facts on sam not bcoz she s negative… 1stly shiv wen saanjh asked him to talk some private he had to accept.. watever happen but some1’s privacy shuld be maintained even tat person is ua enemy… i hope u got me,my privacy world correctly coz m not good at words… aur sabke saamne sirf samnewale ki hi nai khud bhi image kharab hoti hai…

    n sam, if she loved shiv den she would never manipulated d things… she must knowm tat it wil hurt him also.. wer shiv s caring for her protecting her love, supporting her saying tat maan can never leave her… then wasn’t its her duty to protect her brother’s love, she had guessed tat na… if she loved shiv then it shud hav to be her to know 1st tat his bro is in love n she ought to help.. apne dost cum bhai ko samajhana tha.. wo nai samajha nai payi toh atleast khud samajhti… kya uski dosti itni khokli hai ke apne dost ke pyar na samajhe… saanjh ne bhi kabhi nai kaha fir bhi maan samajh gaya na??? toh fir sam kyun mai samajhi??? uski insecurities??!!! insecurity maan ko lekar ho rahi thi toh usse pyaar se samajhana tha aise karke usne waise b sab kho hi diya hai… maan ko toh takleef di shiv ko bhi zindagi bhar ka dard de diya….

    geet pehle saanjh ko samajhana padega actuall wo kya chahti hai?? its true kno wo dar rahi hai fir se uska dil toot na jaye lekin sach toh yahi hai shiv hi uski khushi hai… shiv ke bina wo kabhi khush nai reh payegi…. toh geet ko sirf shiv par chillana toh padega lik maan, but to he had hurt saanjh but khud ki feelongs na samajhne ka jo immaturity dikhai hai uske liye… agar wo samajh jata apne aap ko toh yeh sab nai hota…

    dekho maine bhi lambaa comment diya aur aopke sawalo ka jawab bhi.. khush??
    chalo ab ek badi wali smile do…


    • i have already answered it yesterday on IF,, and yes u said all clear n correct, but ye bhi true hain shiv was always naive from brain and yes sam was teh main culprit who spoilt all his little brain.


  5. Posted by ayesha on September 3, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Loved the updTe…..one MU destroyed such beautiful friendship bond…..
    Waitng for shiv-geet faceoff…..
    Poor.sanjh she had to suffer do much…..hate shiv for accusing saanjh somewhere he should have trusted his friends bt cant say it was his fault…..


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