Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh part 53



Part 53



Geet was searching for maan moving her hand on the fluffy white bed but no one was there, she abruptly opens her eyes to see where is maan, but he was nowhere to be seen. She sat up on the bed covering herself with the duvet. Just then a hand slipped in her stomach pulling out the duvet from her.


Geet: Maan,, she moans as he kissed her bare back.


Maan: umm,, I like u without this, he said pulling the duvet out from her body but geet tied it securely pushing his hand away from her.


Geet: besharam bante jarahe ho maan,


Maan kissed his shoulder more carnally: umm aapke pyar me, geet blushed furiously.


Geet: maan please na, I need to freshen up.


Maan: u always took fresh and tempting, she wacked his hand which was shamelessly playing with her curves over the white duvet.


Geet: 1st tell me where were you?


Maan made her lie on him and his back touched the bed rim.


Maan: I was talking with dadima and meera, they wanted to know how r u? but it might break ur sleep so I was out in balcony. And my baby was feeling hungry so I had ordered some food for us.


Geet smiles seeing her hubby’s concern, maan’s hand was placed on her tummy so he slipped inside the sheet and started caressing her baby bump involuntary seducing her…


Geet: maan stop doing that, its tickling me.


Maan: I m loving my daughter, what’s your problem.


Geet: its tickling me n u r asking what is my problem and mr khurana I m saying for the last time it’s a boy, not a girl.


Maan: geet I think it’s twin. Her eyes popped out.


Geet: maan how can u say that?


Maan: geet see u r only 4 month but u have became heavy unusually… 1st geet was confuse with the logic and then her mouth formed an O shape, she sat up on the bed pushing his hands off from her..


Geet: what do u mean maan? do u want to say main moti hogayi hu? M I looking fat now? hawwww now u will say like this na, pregnant aurato ko hubby aise hi ignore karte hain, now u will also ignore me because I m becoming fat. She started cry saying he doesn’t love her anymore, with each sec her cry increased ten time.


Maan: geet kya kar rahi ho? Koi sunega to sochega I have kidnapped u.


Geet: now u will say like this only, ek to mujhe moti kaha aur upar se main bad bhi feel na karu. Haayee babaji main kaha jau, ye to aise baate karte hain jaise sari galti meri hain,


Maan: geet this is too much, ur mood swing will made me a mad person soon. this pregnancy is making u cranky..


Geet: isse main apne mayke se leke aayi thi kya?


Maan: What???


Geet: ha, this pregnancy is because of u na, then how can u blame me, babaji dekho na… and she started sobbing loudly… maan sighed looking at her big big tears and instantly melted.


Maan: geet,, shhh,, I was just joking. He tried to hug her but she shoved off his hand.


Geet: don’t try to pacify me, I know u don’t love me anymore, now I have became fat na, u will get those skinny skinny model types in seconds then whats the need of me.


Maan: Geetttt…. He shouted on her and that made her realized what she blurted, she looked at his eyes which shows pain. She closed her eyes feeling those words can affect him so much, their past was not so normal that they can neglect the fact now. there was complete silence in the room, geet was the 1st one to broke the silence.


Geet: I m sorry, wo I just,


Maan didn’t let her complete and grabbed her arms pulling her close to him,


Maan: do u still think I love your body and any moment will move my face to others? Don’t u still trust me geet? Was my love not sufficient to bring u out from my past image, m I so worthless to even trust? Can’t I love u selflessly geet, bolo na, do u still think I just like ur body presence,


Before he can say anything more, geet put her palm over his mouth, his voice was so much painful that it brought tears in her eyes, he saw the teary hazel and once again cursed himself for making her cry. He wanted to say something but she shook her head and hugged him tight.


Geet: I m sorry maan, for reminding u all this but trust me whatever I said wasn’t from my heart, it was just my mood swing, I promise I will never say something like this but please don’t say ur love is worthless, it’s the purest thing ever happen in my life. I m really sorry for hurting u.


Maan hugged her more passionately feeling the depth of her love, how can he think something like this, he knew its her mood swing and she will blabber anything but he have to be patience with her, it was him who ingested her but again whenever it comes as a question on his love he forget everything, he heard her blabbering sorry for numerous time and got to know how much she felt pain to hear his painful words, he broke the hug but can feel her fear in this, he forcefully cupped her face and kissed her lips lightly, but he couldn’t pull out as she passionately held his lips in a deep serene kiss. He felt her relax in the kiss like all insecurities and inhabitation flew away. He held her petite body securely in his embrace and kissed her carnally. Her palm went in his nape and other hand went in his hair pulling him closer to her,, he held her waist bringing her close to his body like a 2nd skin on him. she blushed in the kiss as his hardness pressed on her abdomen over the dresses. His track was doing nothing to show the bulging hardness where her satin silky duvet was slipping from her shoulder..


He broke the kiss but still nibbling her lower lip in his mouth, his hardness pressed on her feminine part making her moan his name.


Maan: u still think ur weight can affect my love? Thats why I felt hard with a single touch of ur lips. She shied understanding his meaning and hides her face in his neck, he softly kissed her shoulder. Geet, ur single smile is enough to make me insane in ur love. I m sorry for saying all this when I know u can never utter those word with ur mind, but guess my past always haunts me. but I promise I will overcome it very soon, I really love u and with the little weight, and ur chubbiness make me feel to love u all day n night, I can’t leave u for a single second, my hand always refuse to went away from u, now a days u r looking more beautiful and gorgeous trust me.


Geet: maan, she moans and kissed his neck. I trust u.


With those simple words she proved her love is not to hollow not to blv him, he wanted to grab her for one more round of passion but his dream came to halt as the door being knocked, he parted from her and she ran to the washroom smiling, maan wore his shirt and opened the door to welcome the service, he received a note from him,


Welcome buddy, hope u r getting nice time with bhabhi, here something for celebration, I m sure u r gonna like it. and I have appointed car for u both so u can go around the place tomorrow. I wanted to talk to u but didn’t wanted to disturb ur privet moment so enjoy ur time with geet bhabhi.




Maan smiles knowing what can be his surprise.  And yes red wine with their fav dishes. Maan gave tip to the service guy and took the tray from him, geet entered the room wearing a lose fitted night gown making maan skip a beat, geet saw the desire in his eyes and shied with a deep shade of red hue on her face. maan made her sit on the couch and both sat silently.


Geet: maan, hum ghumne kab jayenge? U know I want to visit the temple of  Mahadev.


Maan: geet its already 7 in the evening so we will go tom, u need rest.


Geet took her wine glass making few faces and went to the balcony,


Geet: I don’t need rest anymore, I m perfectly fine, soon she felt his hot breath on her neck, his hard body touched her back and his rough lips were giving sweet assault to her skin of her neck, her breath quicken and she moans his name.


Maan: well now when u r fit and fine we can resume what we left in middle because of our dine. He said huskily rather mischievously.


Before geet can think something he started placing soft luscious kissed on her tender skin, she leaned on him as his lips traced the place from her neck to her earlobe nipping them slightly.


Geet: Maannn,,, she cried in pleasure and turned to hug him, it was enough for him to embrace her tight in him, soaking in him. just then his cell ring and abruptly they parted. Maan wasn’t ready to take the call but geet forced him to go, maan saw the ID and took the call immediately. Geet was curious to know who is the caller but maan chatted for few min without letting her come close to him so that she can’t hear the caller, she frowns at him but he ignored, and after few min the call ended. She wanted to ask but it was clear he is hiding something, she pouted her lips but still he was enough smart not to fall for her cute antics and soon she too forgot her curiousness as he drowned her in his passion again.






Next morning they began their journey to see Kullu, popularly known as the Valley of the Gods is a picturesque valley sited in the western Himalayas. The hill station, perched at an altitude of 1,219 m above sea level basks prettily along the banks of the Beas River (situated in Himchal Pradesh, India). The green carpeted meadows where the sheep graze are the perfect place for tourists, intoxicated by nature’s bounty to picnic and relax indolently.


Their 1st visiting place was BHUNTAR.. well it’s a little far from real bhuntar.


Geet: maan hum kal yaha se hi guzre the then again,


Maan smiles: I wanted u to see it yesterday but u were so tired so I thought to change the plan and now we will see this 1st,, we will visit some places and temple.


Geet looked at him straight in his eyes: Maan u never believed in God then now?


Maan: because I never seen it’s miracle, the time I saw u in that hospital I had prayed to god for the very 1st time, and from that day I got a believe that there is some power which will protect my love’s life, so I had to bow my head in front of it na, to thank Him.

Geet hugged him suddenly, maan smiles feeling her gratitude and kissed her forehead. He make her face the place.




Bishweshwar Temple is located in the village Bajaura just 5 km from Bhuntar. It is the largest and the most attractive stone temple of Kullu Valley. This temple, built in the ninth century in pyramid style, is built on SHANKRACHARYA Padhati of Panch Dev Puja. It is said that the Pandavas built it in one day. Due to its wonderful architecture, it withstood the severe earthquake of 1905. This temple has been declared as a protected monument.


After visiting the place the roamed around the village which geet really had a fun for it, but maan he was experiencing this all for the 1st time, he saw many ppl looking at them and specially at geet but strangely he didn’t feel negative vibes its just so pleasant, some were giggling and some were looking at her in admiration. Probably her beauty had mesmerized many. After visiting bisheshwar temple maan took her to ADI-BRAHMA TEMPE, KHOKHAN,, which was 1 km away from there, It is a massive wooden structure. This temple has idols of Adi-Bhahma ji in the center and temple of ‘Garh Jogni & Manikaran Jogni’ on the left and right side of the temple.


Geet was really happy to see the place as she had never visited this kind of places, she wanted to come here for so many yrs but no one gave the important to her wish and her frnds were never interested in temples, so she forgot her dream, but today maan fulfilled her all wishes. Bowing her head in front of the idol she just prayed for his happiness, she want to see her child safe so she only wished for this,on the other side maan too closed his eyes and bowed his head in front of the idols, he wish to see his geet every morning,, and every night. He only wished for her safety.





Then they reached Beas River bridge, geet was mesmerized to see the river there, it was beautiful. The floating water was giving her a serene peace. The joint form of Parvati river and Bes river was wonderful to see,, They came to the river bank,, she held maan’s hand and he can see the excitement in her, he smiles and thanks his star that he made this trip for her,,, after seeing maan took her to Manikaran which is situated in Parbati Valley at the distance of 32 km from Bhuntar. The water from the hot sulphur spring at Manikaran is said to have medicinal value and is a cure for an number of chronic ailments. The place is an important pilgrimage centre for both Hindus and Sikhs because Raghunathji temple and a Gurudwara is situated here. According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati lost her earrings here which gave rise to the hot spring here.





They visited the Manikaran Gurudwara, and later Ragunath temple,, after praying from there they head towards geet’s desired place…






Bijli Mahadev temple which is a ‘Khash’ style temple that has a ‘SHIVLINGAM’ installed in it. This tempe is situated in a main Town with lush green forests sin the background, 14 km from Kullu, at height of about 1924m. This place got its ame after the great miracle that occurs occasionally. The Shivlingam is struck by lightening and it breaks into pieces, then the priest of the temple collects all the pieces and joints them to get here with the help of butter, which acts as an adhesive. A panoramic view of Kullu and Paravati valleys can be seen from the temple. The 60 feet high staff of Bijli Mahadev temple glistens like a silver needle in the sun





But it was hilly area so he lifted her and stared walking towards the temple, geet protested but he never listened her,







Geet was lost in the beauty of the atmosphere that she failed to realized someone was watching her from far, after the puja pandit ji gave her a thread to bind it on a tree which is popular for fulfilling every wishes, geet very excitedly took it and ran out without waiting for maan, maan took the thaali but before he can ran out from the temple the same person caught his hand, he saw a old man looking a little scary wearing a dirty half cloth and having ashes on face. he gave a thread to maan. abruptly he took it but was not sure how to react.


Maan: ji aap?


Akali.. akali hain naam.


It was weird for maan, so he tried to give the thread back to him.


Akali: rakh le apne sath aur usse pehna de, zarurat padegi jaldi.


He went away before maan can say anything, it was weird but some time its better to agree with nature without question,, still maan wasn’t sure to agree his words, he kept the thread in his pocket and rushed to see geet who was praying to the old tree…


After praying for her family n frnd’s safety she came close to maan.


Maan: hogaya? Now chale?


Geet: which is the next destination now??


Maan: geet we are going to resort now, tom we will again come to visit few temple, She wanted to see it today itself but its already 9 in the night so no chance.


Both went to resort after few hours spending in the village, and roaming on the street to see the night there. as geet entered the lobby maan stopped her abruptly.


Maan: geet I forget something.


Geet made a face: what?


Maan: surprise, he smiles sheepishly which force her to smile looking at the cute face. but he knew she is tired so she can’t stay there anymore.  geet tum room me jao, I m coming in few min.


Geet: ok but jaldi aana.


Maan ran out and geet started walking towards their room but as soon as she entered the room the light went off scaring the hell out of geet.


Geet: Maan, maan.


She called out whispering his name but no one came, she hit something rock like structure and screamed out very loudly, soon something covered her mouth and she heard her husband’s husky voice




Her eyes went wide and light came making her eyes pop out and loud scream reached her eardrums.




There stood her best friends, armaan riddhima abhay and piya(abhay’s fiancé)


Geet was so shocked that didn’t realized when everyone pulled her in a bone crushing hug and she saw her maan’s smiling face. she felt emotional seeing the love he posses for her. she mouthed a thank u to him which he returned with a I Love You…


But their paradise got disturb as the door clicked open revealing one more guest.


Oops, seems like enjoying without me huh?


Geet: Raghav??


He smiles and gave her a bouquet of roses, she took it without realizing the person who was till now very calm and happy now fuming in anger like boiling in lava. Maan gave his thundering gaze to armaan who smiled at him nervously.


Armaan: I had to invite him to permit my holiday.  Geet chuckle at him and raghav gave a smirk to maan but more like  a teasing smirk.



Precap: oops, abb maan bechara kya karega jab biwi ho busy ex-fiance k sath. ROFL…



Sorry if I went anywhere wrong, I haven’t visited any of these places but had to do a lot of research still if anything went wrong so forgive me, I never intended to hurt anyone, and I hope u liked those places,, who are not from india u can actually live those places through pix n description. I personally like old places and temples so thought about giving a shade here, sorry if I bored u….


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  1. love it maneet romance and geet moodswings there journey to temples and birthday party wow raghav haye maan angry


  2. Posted by ayesha on September 5, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Amazing update….
    Lvd it alot…so sweet surprise by maan…..
    Precap seems dat maan is going to get very angry….


  3. awesome dear
    loved it


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