Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 54



This part is dedicated to Muskanp my muski di who is blessed with twin few days before,(14th august, m I right di?) and Aniee who’s birthday was at 7th sept, once again Happy Birthday Aniee.  we had given a small surprise to her still it’s a token my my love for her. love u a lot aniee (this two are my fav writer, and somewhere inspired me with their work)



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Warning 18+

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Part 54



Geet eyes met ridz’s who was having unknown pain in it, she knew she have to do a lot. In all this the most amount pain anyone face is riddhima. Geet slowly went to her and held her own ear to say sorry, ridz immediately held her hand and hugged her tight pouring her all pain. Armaan n maan saw their friendship in admiration, geet wiped ridz’s tear while having her face full of it.


Geet: I m sorry for everything, I m sorry for letting all happen, I m sorry for saying all this.


Ridz: pagal hain tu, apne best frnd ko sorry bol rahi hain, u always breaking frndship’s rule. Ye sab vul ja, we are starting our new life so why not we forget everything, we have to erase those pain to face new happiness. Geet nodded and hugged her again.


Maan was getting worried about her health , because she was crying continuously and hiccups were also coming, he held her shoulder and gave a glass of water to her, ridz smiles at him and wiped her tears, then took the glass and touched the tip on geet’s lips. She took few sips and calmed down her cry.


Raghav broke the unusual silence: ok now can u cut the cake, I m feeling damn hungry.


Maan looked at him and his try to change the atmosphere, ridz took her to the small table where cake was lighting with few candles, it was her favorite dark forest chocolate cake, so automatically geet’s mouth started watering.


Geet: I want to eat it right now.


Everyone laughed at her seeing her desperation,, maan came on her behind and held her waist softly, putting his chin on her neck he huskily whispered.


Maan: all is yours so waiting for what huh?


Geet felt his proximity and her mind stopped working, red hue covered her rosy cheeks, maan chuckle inwardly seeing his effect on her.


Abhay: ok now stop romancing infront of us and cut the cake, geet felt embarrassed and trying to free his hold, least she knew his plan.


Maan: won’t u let me have the share to cut the cake together?


How can anyone refuse the sweet cribbing that was torturing geet. She silently agreed and maan took her to the small table then gave her the knife, his one hand was on her stomach and on hand softly touched her finger on knife then both cut the cake together. Maan kissed her cheek  from back with care that tickle her senses. Geet took the 1st piece, she was confuse whom to give the 1st bite, it was always a question in her frnds and now maan. she looked at ridz who smiles and signaled something, next she took the piece infront of maan’s lips, who very admiringly took the piece to feed her.


Maan: 1st our baby jaan. Geet felt her eye lids becoming moist with unknown happiness and maan pecked her forehead, then she fed him and rest of the gang.


Raghav: waise u had gone to parvati valley so it was near manali why didn’t u went there, we could have reach u there.


Geet’s eyes widen as the new piece of information about manali. Armaan chuckle at her and held her shoulder pulling her close.


Armaan: duffer kullu ayegi to manali to jayegi na,


Geet: but,,,,  maan looked at her amusing face, she shook her head. Maan ur office suffering in this.


Maan: that can wait for me, I had made this and I know how to handle that small problem, for now my whole time is for my wife and baby.


Geet felt overwhelmed with the love he is showering. Ridz broke the silence between them.


Ridz: he wanted to take her to manali but as we got delay our flight, we had to come here 1st and they had to back here rather going manali. Then we did a small arrangement with the help of maan.


Geet: but he was with me.


Pia: geet he had arranged everything here in few min and dev helped us, he and meera too wanted to come but can’t left dadima and uncle ji alone there.


Abhay: and we are staying a day here tom evening we will go to manali which is 40 km only.


Geet: and raghav what r u doing here?


Raghav: common yaar, I was anyway getting bored so thought about wishing u and then armaan told me u had gone to kullu and then manali, we were meeting after a Week so thought about meeting u before going London. And give u the present. He gave her a small box.


Geet: I haven’t open that till now, mouka hi nahi mila.


Raghav: wo baad me dekh lena now open this one.


Everyone was curious to know what is this but the one person who was planning to murder him was maan. he clenched his fist ready to give a hard blow.


Ridz: don’t worry, she is yours only, 4 saal pehle kuch nahi kar paya abb kya karega.


She smiles cheekily while maan was dumbfounded knowing ridz knew everything, she assured him with eyes that she will tell him, then their eyes went on geet who had unwrapped the paper and now seeing the box in her hand. she opens it and a beautiful diamond bracelet, it was really elegant.


Everyone praises his choice but armaan n abhay wasn’t happy with the costly gift.


Before maan can say anything abhay started his interrogation: its very expensive, u shouldn’t brought this.


Armaan: yes doctor, its very high pricey, why u choose this?


Raghav sighed: it just a gift, geet is a elegant lady and this will suit her, I don’t think anyone can price a gift as expensive n inexpensive.


Geet: ok guys, stop it now, thanks raghav, it’s really pretty.


Maan’s blood boiled to see geet happily accepting his gift, he was not liking it.


Pia appreciate the elegance of the gift and then armaan n abahay gave her something which widen everyone’s eyes. a teddy bear of geet’s size, ridz laughed at them, maan can guess now she is truly happy. she left the diamond bracelet on the table and grabbed the teddy like her life depends on it.


A small smile came on maan’s lips seeing her so securely wrapped her arms around the huge teddy.


Ridz laughed at geet and abhay armaan grinned at her.


Geet: its so cute,, I will not share it with u.


Armaan: tu kab share karti hain apna teddy, can’t believe u r going to be a mother.


Ridz came to her and gave her a packet, geet’s eyes delighted to see various kind of chocolates that now a days she is craving because of her pregnancy, she gave books on pregnancy and few more book of her fav writer.


Maan was really delighted to see geet happily taking them like she is treasuring everything, yes its geet who always become happy in very small small things. Piya too came there and gave her packet which contains beautiful pair of shoes, geet looked at abhay who grinned at her, he told piya about geet’s weakness towards shoes.


Piya looked at maan: now its your turn, hum sabne to sab kuch de diya, what is in ur store now?


Geet looked at maan with a wide grinned but her grin soon disappear with his word.


Maan: I don’t have anything to give her, it was so sudden that I forget to collect her gift. He noticed the sadness on her face, he felt happy that in between all this gift she is waiting for his gift. She pouted her lips but then said it’s ok, he can see the expectance in her eyes.


Maan came from back and held her tummy sliding his arms between her hands. She tried to shove it but he placed his chin on her neck.


Maan: gussa ho? She nodded her head in no, Naraz ho? She again nodded in no. Gift chahiye? She again nodded in no and tried to go but he held her tightly, like possessing her. suddenly something cold slides on her neck and the metal touched her chest, she was surprised and shocked to see maan’s finger slowly brushing her neck and then he tied the hook of the thin chain, she touched the engraved letter, M&G together dancing in one place and a thin gold chain. She looked at him amused and hugged him suddenly, others hooted for them but she was busy in her own world, maan caresses her hair, There is one more gift.

She looked in his eyes seeing him smiling so openly, she was curious to know what it is and he showed her a paper. Her heart shudder involuntary, and then with shaking hand she took it. reading the paper her face was blank and then happiness was clearly visible, her eyes were moist and words refused to come, she just hugged maan all her might.


Geet: maan hamara baby.


Maan: babies, its twin.


Geet: u knew it.


Maan: hmm, last night got a fax from ur doctor about ur report.



Their unity got witnessed by their frnds, where raghav was happy for them, ridz was jumping in happiness, abhay hugged piya and then armaan who was giving a known smile and then a teasing one to maan. it was armaan who got to know it 1st and then he called maan. maan wanted to give a surprise to geet.


Maan told geet about it and she hugged her frnds. Everyone rejoice the happiness for sometimes and at last around 1 everyone retired for their room, that maan had arranged beside each other. ridz n piya in one room where armaan n abhay in one and raghav another.



Geet was sitting on the window pane of the balcony when maan came from back, both had changed in to their night dress. maan sat behind her taking her on his lap, she leaned over his shoulder and chest.


Geet: thank u maan.


Maan nuzzle in her neck kissing her softly.


Maan: for what? for the day or surprise?


Geet: u know very well what I m talking about. Maan shook his head in denial. His hands were caressing her stomach. Thank u for our babies. He felt her chocked breath and worriedly looked at her, she couldn’t meet his gaze but he forceful held her chin to meet his eyes.


Maan: kya huya jaan? Aren’t u happy with the news?


Geet: I m the happiest person in the whole world. Thank u for coming in my life maan. he knew her, now a day every moment she feel emotional, may be with mood swing. He didn’t let her complete the sentence and sealed her mouth with his. she felt him nibbling her lower lip sensually. She moans in the kiss and held his neck with her palm pulling him closer to her body. He sweetly sucks her bottom lip and then gave his attention to her upper lips. Geet moans in the kiss. Her hands went inside his vest touching the perfect hard back of his. he pulls her more close to him by holding her waist, her soft breast touched his hard chest making him groan in anticipation of having the touch once more but more carnally.


She stood up with him. He rubbed her breast and a gasp came out from her mouth, finding the way he deepen the kiss dancing with her tongue, his hand slipped in her nighty, his hot palm met her thighs and slowly rubbed it making her lose all her sanity. She bite his lips pressing her upper body more in him, where her nails were busy in marking him everywhere. He pulls her nighty a little above her hip so that it can come out easily, but instead of pulling it above her, he glides his hands inside it, her body squirm feeling his touch on her back. he traces a line of her bra hook and then coming front on her beautiful mounts. All the time didn’t left her lips for once, neither she tried to break, in fact she held his lips more strongly. Her tongue latched with his, kissing him hard with passion.  He pushes her lightly on a wall beside, she leaned on it still pulling him close to her body. He entangles her one leg around his waist pushing the hardness above her panty on the perfect area. She felt him throbbing against her. her mouth went dry. His palms rubbed her beautiful full breast above the bra inside the satin nighty, his another palm caresses her side of waist, it awaken the wild desire in her.


Both broke the kiss feeling short of air, his lips were not ready to leave her skin, hence it went down on her throat, placing soft butterfly kisses. Gradually the intensity of kisses grown and his luscious lips were placing wet kisses around her chest. Her nails scratches his scalp making him hiss in pain. He bite her neck in his passion leaving a large amount of redness on her neck. She yelp in pain n pleasure. he slowly rolled down her strap with the help of his teeth and tongue, making a circular on her smooth velvety skin. The night gown was loose so it fell on the floor making a ring around her toe. Her shivering hands went on his vest pulling it above his head. He comes out from the vest and leaned over her pressing his lower portion more firmly on her core above the dress. his eyes feasted over her glowing body, its not felt tired, after the full day excursion maan thought she will feel weak but her pregnancy hormones were making her wild and passionate. She craved for him every moment and he gave in her fully.


He came on her face, peck her forehead, then her eyes one by one and a contented smile adorned her face. he pecked her lips, she wanted to feel those lips again on her but he avoided instead he came on her curves, licking the alley of her mounts, she arched her back to give him more access, his lips travel on her stomach, her legs slides on the floor and he kissed her stomach, he licks her every inch of skin,, her knees felt jelly, and it can hit the ground any time , he instantly scooped her in his arms taking her to the bed, her back touched the soft bed, her eyes bore into his passionate dark brown eyes. eyes were talking it’s own language making the world oblivious to the fact it sense each other’s heart soul and body. He captured her lips in his, few drops of her tears slides down. She kissed him with all her might, with all her love, cherishing the moment of togetherness.  She had craved for his love and now getting all for her she couldn’t gather her courage to cocoon it in her heart.


After breaking the kiss maan licked all her tears, he was concern but one glimpse of her face said it all, how much she love him was saying in her gesture, she spread her arms to take him and he hugged her rolling on the mattress taking her on him. she kissed his chest, his heart beat increased with her soft touch. She came over his throat placing soft kisses, his grip on her petite back increased it’s hold. She can feel him going hard like rock. she rolled her tongue on his chest, her kisses was growing wet and hot, she touched his nipple with her lips, just a peck but he was going mad with her soft touch. She went on his torso covering it with her hot saliva. She sat on his privet parts which touched her core over the knickers. Both groans, he wanted to grab her lips in his but geet placed her palm on his chest pushing him on the bed. She bend down on his stomach licking the perfect muscle of his abs. his hands were roaming on her back, her lips touched his waist line and he unclasped her bra pulling it away and then holding her nape he forced her to meet his hungry lips.




He came on her and pushed her on the bed gently, her chest heaved up n down. Those mounts were dangling catching his attention, and his hand were already above it cherishing it like a treasure. she caught her breath as his lips touched her hard bud. She clutched his shoulder and moans in pleasure, she arched her back to press her curves more close to him. but he was busy in teasing her, making her mad with his assault. His hands were roaming on her panty line. she rubbed her legs on his leg and her tow touched his, but she was irritated with his track, in one swift moment her hands were on his belt taking it out, he helped her to take his track out still not moving his lips from her nipples. His lips and tongue was tasting her sweetness from it, her breast was red in his passion, after satisfying her hunger from one he moved his attention to it’s twin. He grabbed the other breast and latched it in full passion making her moans louder. In the mean time both of their knickers went on the floor somewhere, he came on her lips pecking it taking her permission. she parted her legs and he positioned himself in her va****….. in one push he was deep in her, she let out a small scream of pleasure and entangle her legs with his waist pulling him more in her.


His strokes are strong, he grinds his full length in her, her breath became shallow, she tried to take air as much as possible. He thrust with long hard stroke in her. she held his biceps and bite his neck to suppress her scream, he was gentle yet very passion. She cried in pleasure as he increased his pace and started placing kisses around her jawline, his soft wet kisses were making her feel heaven under him. she rubbed her palm on his back to ingested him more.


Geet: maan harder, ohh..  maan kissed her lips still going in same pace, she bite his lips. Harder pls maan, she kissed him with full passion. He groans and started gridding himself harder.


Maan: Jaan, will u be ok, and our babies? He asked breathlessly.


She kissed his lips and express herself with her eyes.


He started moving in her more harder, each stroke was hard and passionate making both groan. His pace was increasing each moment and eventually both came to halt as their body gave up, and both hit the peck together. She screamed out his name and he sealed her mouth with his kissing her wildly.


Maan: I love you, love u so much, love u a lot.


He murmured those word touching her soul with just few words, she hugged him as he took her on his chest covering both of them with the duvet. She smiles and kissed his chest.


Geet: I love u too, love u maan.



Both drifted to sleep as tiredness took over their body. But in sleep also both held each other tightly not giving a chance to anything come between them…






Geet was sitting in the open lawn smiling to herself, remembering their passionate night and maan’s concern. The morning was beautiful, when she woke up he was already niharoying her making her blush deeper shade of red. Geet shied remembering his sweet gesture how he woke her from sleep, she was snuggling close to him for sleep and he was snaking his hand on her back seducing her, when she slapped his hand he said what can he do when she always looks so desirable. He had pecked her forehead 1st and then her stomach…



Geet’s eyes got filled remembering how emotional he was talking with their babies….



Maan was kissing her stomach when he felt something hitting his face, his eyes widen and looked at geet with horrified expression, geet laughed seeing him and pulled him close to her.


Geet: maan, kya huya?


Maan: what was that geet? U know I felt, I felt like.


Geet: something kicked u?


Maan: ha. One min tumhe kaisa pata?


Geet: u r such a dumbo na maan, its our babies, they are happy with ur kisses so expressing their love one by one, alternately kicking me, indirectly u.


Maan’s eyes went big and he bend on her stomach.


Maan: champ and angel can u hear me? he kissed her stomach again. And again they kicked.


Geet: ouch maan, don’t do that, u will enjoy their excitement, bhugatna mujhe padhta ahin,


Maan: geet u never said this before, I mean I never seen it.


Geet: its nearly 4 n half month and its very rare now maan, its because they loves u more, so maybe now showing their excitement to get their father’s love.


Maan was having tears of happiness feeling his babies, he touched her rising belly with his hand. she strokes his hair…


Maan kissed her belly one more time.


Maan: my babies loves me, they doesn’t hate me geet.


Her eyes got filled with the pain his voice possess. She cupped his face in her palm.


Geet: they can never hate u maan, u the best husband and father anyone can get, u loved me from all ur heart and I know u love them from ur soul, u will be the best father maan.


Maan hugged her tight and kissed her cheek smiling through tears.




Geet was getting emotional remembering his painful face then smiles remembering his joyful smile and the way he made her dress according to his choice. She simply loves to be dress in his color.


She was lost in her own world when a manly yet soft voice broke her revere.


Lost somewhere?


Geet looked at raghav who was standing beside her with a smile. she gave a big smile to him.


Raghav: once again happy birthday.


Geet: thank u, have a seat.


Raghav: baki sab kaha hain.


Ridz piya are coming in few mins and maan armaan n abahy went for jogging,


Raghav: tum yaha akeli kya kar rahi ho? U know its not good for u. if anything happened,


Geet: relax ragahv… I know u r doctor but don’t suspect every time that ur patient will fall sick again n again, I know it makes money but


Raghav: not everything is for money geet.


Geet sense the seriousness in his voice.


Geet: I was just joking raghav.


Raghav took a deep breath: hmm,, but still I will say staying here alone is not safe, someone should have stayed with u,


Geet: raghav u know maan is more protective and caring anyone can think off, see behind me… Raghav looked at the stuff who was doing some work behind of her a little distance away. He looked at geet with knotted eye brow… she smiles, well maan had appointed them to keep an eyes on me till anyone join me, and they are doing their work, raghav he can never leave me alone in my dream also.


Raghav: I m glad u r happy geet.


Geet smiles at him: and I will be happy to see u happy raghav.


Raghav leaned on his chair: I m happy geet.


Geet: ohh really so tell me, when u r marrying? Did u select any girl or left that on ur family.


Raghav sighed: not yet.


Geet: jaldi karlo isse pehle buddhe hojayo, she giggle and raghav too smiles.


Raghav: kya karu koi milti nahi.


Geet: milti nahi or u don’t like them?


Raghav: hmm,, liked one but she rejected.


Geet looked at him with guilty look, she never realized he liked her so much.


Geet: raghav I,


Raghav: don’t worry geet, I m fine and u don’t have to feel guilty, u were never at fault, u never loved me and that’s fine with me. I just, want to be frnd with u. it will be enough for me geet. He smiles uncomfortably while geet lost her words. Both sat there for few mins didn’t said a word, then raghav broke the ice. I guess u don’t want me as a frnd also.


Geet: raghav


Raghav: its ok geet,


Geet: it’s not like that, she said helplessly.


Raghav: is it too big to call u frnd? Can’t u think me as a frnd like abhay n armaan.


Geet: they are special raghav, they made their place, I can’t give u their place.


Raghav: nor I m asking,, if u don’t give me a chance how will I make a small place in them geet? I really need a frnd, maybe then I can move on.


Geet can see the genuine plead in it. he smiles dejectedly and tried to go away from the place. But geet couldn’t see the sadness,, she stood up behind him. Raghav ruko… he turn to see her. a small smile was there.


Raghav: u don’t need to do anything in pressure, I know it need time geet, I understand, I said and will maintain the distance. I don’t want u to feel uncomfortable around me. he gave his cute smile to her, and geet can say it was genuine.


Geet: meri baat to sunlo, he looked at her confuse, I said we can be frnds and I will try to be like that, u r truly a good person by heart so I would love to have a frnd like u.


Raghav smiles broadly: ok, so can we celebrate the new found frndship.. geet was dumbfounded to see him grinning like a child, a cute smile came on her lips. She can’t refuse him seeing the grin on his face.


Geet: ok so tell me what u want to do as celebration?


Raghav: what about shopping, I want something from here for my family, my little sister is a devil,, she really need something or she will make  my life hell….


Geet giggles with him: yeah I remember, she sometime really irritates.. he glared her and she bursted out laughing and then raghav too joined her.



They were happy forgetting other world and this time also they were oblivions to a person who was already fuming and now any moment can blast on anyone specially raghav.



Armaan put his hand on a fuming maan’s shoulder, he gave a teasing smile to which maan gave a blow to his face.


Armaan: ouch maine kya kiya, he opens his eyes which is red now, armaan made cute puppy face but maan was really fuming, he wanted to make raghav red n blue but he can’t so he took out his anger on armaan. Ridz saw that and laughed at him… armaan cribbed in front of her but maan came from back and took away ridz with him….


Maan: ridz will be with me, forget about her today armaan.


Armaan: no u can’t do this.


Maan smirks like telling him challenging him is no use, armaan sighed knowing he is right, ridz anyway will go with him.. so he went from there to cribe to geet.


Ridz: maan,


Maan: what’s all that?


Ridz: don’t u trust her?


Maan: apni zindegi se jayda ridz, but that guy na,


Ridz: don’t worry, he is not a bad guy either. He looked at her confuse, ridz sighed and made him sit on a bench and then decided to tell him everything about that phase…..





Precap: telling about raghav,,


Going to manali.




really heartbroken with the poor like and comments 😦


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  1. Posted by ayesha on September 8, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Amazing update…..
    Lvd maans gifts to geet especialy sonography report…..
    Passion its peak….
    Waiting to know about raghav….


  2. awesome loved it


  3. love it geet gifts teddy and twins wow and romance raghav geet poor armaan ridz going to tell about raghav geet good


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