Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 69

Banner and Maahika’s pix credit goes to my sweet heart Tanu



one thing i wanna say, u have to understand i can’t write only lovey dovey scene, i need to move the story ahead and that why i have chosen this track, and few of u are saying i m giving only shiv n saanjh, but was there no maan or geet there??? once when i start a track that need a path to tell the story now u tell me how can i add romantic scene in a sad track or a track where others need the same frame,, i know u all want maahi n maaneet scene but for that i need to clear this path, so i m giving it in my way, if u don’t like my way of telling a story and writing a scene then please say me, i will stop the ff right way giving a happy ending,


those who are supporting me and have faith in me please bear this for a little more, maaneet moment is on teh way,


sorry if i sounded rude…




Part 69



Shiv was sitting in the same position from so many hours still waiting for saanjh’s one glance, alas she was so lost in herself that she didn’t once gave a chance to him. he heard some sound and suddenly something clicked in him, like an urgency to talk with her. he remember those happy days as well as bitterness came flashing in front of him. he jerks opens his eyes. standing up he tried to go away from the door but something freeze his legs, he heard a low whimper, his heart arched to hear the hiccups that was coming from the room. Saanjh had suppressed her cries for so many yrs that now it’s not possible for her to hold back the pain anymore. shiv decided to confront her, not only for him but she need to face her past to come out from it, he knew once he face her alone maybe something will break in him permanently, something will changed forever but he needs to do it.


Before he can knock the door again saanjh opened the door, but finding him still on the same spot she felt her legs going backward automatically’ she thought he had gone long back but no he was still there. Unwontedly his legs walked upto her, she took several step back and finally gave her back to him, not wanted to hear anymore accusation. Shiv knew she must be thinking of a way to escape, her fiddling the dupatta was the sign for her nervousness..


Saanjh composed herself and turned to face him, still not meeting his gaze, he looked at her helplessly, nothing comes out from his lips, it was complete silence, an awkward yet comfortable silence. No one wanted to break it still both wanted to say many things. For saanjh she wanted to clarify every wrong thought about her from his mind and for shiv, he wanted to say how much he was wrong to judge her, his anger had blinded him so much that he forgot he was making a mockery of his frndship.


Finally shiv broke the silence: I m sorry. he whispered. Saanjh looked at him with blank expression. Seeing his eyes she found something but what? Their eye contact broke as shiv took a step forward to her, but saanjh took few steps back. She lowered her lashes and tears clouded her eyes, but soon her breath caught in her lungs as shiv came too close to her, she looked at his eyes which is full of pain.


His heart lurch to see those deep eyes full with tears, it was searching something in him but he wasn’t giving any attention to that, her pain was all his concern now. he cupped her face.


Shiv: saza dena tha to samne rehke deti, why u left us saanjh, I know I m the worst frnd anyone can think but what had maan did to receive that? he was ur best frnd and for me u, u left him saanjh. Why? Kyun kiya saanjh?


Saanjh couldn’t say any damn word as he was every cent percent right, maan wasn’t at fault but he suffered the most, tears fell from her eyes, closing her eyes she tried to move but he held her wrist,


Shiv: u can’t go away again, pls. just listen to me.


But before he can say anything more some weight he felt and with a blow something hit his face. he was dumbfounded, holding his cheek he looked at an enraged geet. Shiv left saanjh instantly. His whole world just shaken up to see the anger and hatred her eyes were possessing. Geet’s eyes was read in anger but it was moist due to pain. A man she truly thought to be a frnd and for whom she took pain of separating from her love and life, today she got to know he was the one who had given her sister pain, that pain she wish to erase in every sec of her life, but couldn’t. This yrs she always craved for her sister’s love who was a stone, and today she got to know he is the reason for her family’s destruction, how could she forgive him so easily.


Saanjh looked at geet horrified. She tried to held her hand but geet snapped her hand.



Geet: stay out of it saanjh, u have done a lot, not anymore. shiv looked at geet confuse as why she is angry with saanjh, but saanjh knew it will happen, she closed her eyes in pain and cursing her fate for doing all this, she knew her baby sister will be heartbroken knowing the full truth and she is sure geet had come to know everything. Saanjh was slipping away from there silently shedding tears but again shiv held her wrist.


Shiv: u can’t go, geet it’s not her fault.


Geet: just shut up shiv, geet’s voice was picking high pitch because of her rage still she tried to control. U are no one to say anything between us. I will say whatever I want, she is my sister, but u are an outsider between us. Shiv didn’t said anything as she is right, but don’t know why his heart wasn’t ready to withdraw himself from there, like saying anything to saanjh that to from the person she loves the most will torn his heart too.  geet turn to see saanjh who was looking at her with tears.. U know saanjh, I always thought u r the stronger one among us, we never let realize our parents that we miss each other but u knew that ur n my feeling are attached with each other. u never thought na if anything happens to u what will go on me, how can u be so selfish saanjh to think about urself not even once thought about me. ur life wasn’t only urs but it was mine then how can u do it saanjh, how could u’


Geet screamed at saanjh making her jump in fear, geet was always the one to be calm but when it comes on her family she can be much wilder, she held her arms tightly shaking her vigorously.


U never thought sacrificing ur life on a person who had never cared for u will give nothing to anyone, not him not us then why saanjh why u took that drastic step? Was ur sorrow so big that u forgot US? ME? Was shiv so big fro u that u forget ur sister, ur parents? Bol na saanjh? Geet broke into tears still asking her question. 


Saanjh tried to say something but nothing comes out, she broke down completely sitting on geet’s feet crying but geet was still angry, she stood there rooted. Shiv was really feeling miserable seeing the scene, he tried to touch saanjh but geet held his wrist.


Geet: u will not touch her shiv, bohot dard de diye tumne meri bahen ko, aur nahi. She had suffered a lot. U doesn’t have any right to give her ur support or snatch it whenever u want.


Shiv: please geet, just let me help her, it’s not her fault, geet.


Geet whispered in agony: its her fault that she loved u shiv. Shiv froze on the spot, his remorse was clearly visible on his face, his eyes buried down, his whole body turned cold as the realization dawn in him about geet knowing all truth. He was fearing this and it had become true, geet knew everything, now she will hate him. The one frnd he knew never will judge him by his act but today he lost her.


But to his utter dismay geet’s voice broke her hard shell and she held his collar shaking him, he couldn’t meet her eyes which was having pain, helplessness, agony.


Geet: why u did that shiv, what was her fault. Was loving u her fault, u said she was ur frnd then how could u do that with her, how could u say those words to her, how could u let her die shiv how could u?




Shiv looked at her seeing her painful eyes, her choked voice, his own eyes got teary hearing her painful mourn.


Shiv: geet pls, just listen to me once,


Geet: kya sunu main shiv? Kya sunu? Yehi ke kaise tumne mujhse meri puri zindegi chin li ya fir ye sunu kaise tumne meri bahen ko itna tod diya ke wo apne sath apne khusiyo ko bhi maar dalna chahya’  why shiv, where she was wrong. Loving someone did she commit a crime or sin shiv? Then why she had suffer so much, u never thought once before accusing her, was u really sure she was behind ur money, u really never saw her innocence in her eyes? then why shiv? Why u never recognize the love in her eyes? ur one accusation left my family shattered, ur one wrong decision made my sister a living dead soul.


Geet’s every word was making shiv numb, he never thought the pain saanjh n her family must have gone through. Now hearing geet’s words he realized how much big sin he had committed. Geet held his collar and again shook him. do u know when she was missing what was going on massi? She was living like a dead life.. every hour she was calling me if I know something and sitting far away from here I was cursing myself for not coming there. I was praying every sec for her well being and when I receive the call my life shattered, after 2 days they found her in a local hospital, do u know how much my massi and maa had cried, can u bring those days back shiv? Can u give the tears back that my family had shed for my sister, can u give the time back I spent in those custom to clear my visa as soon as possible, I was crying to get back to india, and when I reached her, I saw her lifeless body, she was in coma and I felt like I have lost her. u know shiv how much it pained to see ur love one in hospital bed. This heart tore apart to see her pale face, when I got to know I may never see her talking or reacting like that after coming out from coma, do u know how many death I had faced?


U can never know it shiv, u can never realize what it felt losing someone close to u, seeing her in front of u but still not feeling her around, seeing her everywhere still craving for her one look, u can never realize the pain I felt seeing her like a stone, no emotion was there in her. u don’t know what u did shiv.


Geet left his collar and looked at saanjh, forced her to stood up on her feet.


Geet: ur love was bigger than ur frndship saanjh? Ur love for shiv was so big that u forget about maan? do u know how much he had suffered in that, he is a changed man saanjh, and that because of u only.


Saanjh looked at geet in pain, she knew with how much pain geet is saying this, her love is saying it and she respect her love, infact she agreed that it was her fault not to think about maan. saanjh folded her hand infront of her trying to say something but geet snapped her hand that she tried to touch. Geet held her arm.


Geet: do u know how I felt when I saw him shouting for u in sleep, I never thought it was my sister, but I had seen him repenting for no reason, I had seen maan craving for his frnds, I had seen him fighting with his feeling. I was left out but now I understand he never wanted to go through the same pain he had seen once, telling me all this only freshen his wound. U marked his heart in a way that till now he feared with every of his relation that they will leave him, how could u saanjh, why u did this.


By now geet completely broke down, maan’s painful voice and those screaming, his fight with shiv and telling her to stay away from shiv all make sense now. he was afraid as if shiv will snatch his last possession. His fear was always in front of him and she was pushing him more.


Geet slides on the ground crying her heart and saanjh sat beside her shaking her to talk with her, saanjh tried to say but all fail to come from her mouth, she started enact her word with her hand movement.


Saanjh: I m sorry geet, I know I m at fault but trust me I love u and maan,, I can never do anything that will hurt u both, it was a mistake geet that I m repenting now I m sorry, please ek baar maaf karde apni saanjh ko’ she said with her language still crying and cupping geet’s face. she forced her to stand up on her feet, and again cupped her face to wipe her tears. Geet looked at shiv with accusing eyes. shiv looked at the ground, doesn’t know what to say.


They were oblivious with a fact that someone was hearing everything from outside, tears were making through his eyes hearing the trust his love showed on him, leaning on the wall maan sheds his tears feeling his heart will blast any moment, he had came here long back but hearing geet’s word and slapping shiv he stood there rooted,




he had never imagined his calm and innocent geet can posses so much rage. Her every word pierced him, till now he was drown in his sorrow but how can he forget saanjh’s family might be feeling empty without her, he had caged himself in shell but atleast he had Geet after so many yrs, his Geet had fulfill the place, the aloneness he felt without saanjh n shiv, not even sam could fill his heart like that after the distance with shiv with him’


After the declaration of saanjh’s death maan was full enraged, he didn’t cried but something changed in him. everyone declared saanjh is died cause the forest was deep and some animal might have ate her body. From that day maan changed drastically. He had accused shiv for everything and called shiv’s father who was already unsatisfied with shiv’s performance in academic. Maan had forced the principal to rusticate him. then lodge a complaint against shiv, police had arrested him too. and from there shiv too changed radically. He was already broken after saanjh’s death and seeing his best frnd doing all this to him he changed himself, sam tried to make thing like before but not a leaf was shaken from the place, both were ready to kill each other. police couldn’t hold shiv for long because of shiv’s father reputation, and from then shiv started drowning himself in business, maan was already king in his business and he started destroying shiv’s firm. After few losses his father got a heart attack, shiv was shaken with it and then he started taking his business seriously. It was an advantage for shiv to be cunning, he was sharp and very smart. It didn’t take much time to get back whatever he lost, but he never gain his frnd again. He lost maan forever and the rivalry started forming more. both was ready to destroy each other’s existence so shiv’s father took him to south Africa, Cape Town their home town.



After 2 yrs he came back because of sam, (this rivalry in india stayed for 3 yrs and after that it stayed from that distance also for 2 yrs, total 5 yrs) as she had literally pleaded and did emotional blackmail saying all rubbish about geet. She told him geet had snatched maan from her, she drugged maan’s drink and then she wass pregnant so he had to marry her, but when shiv met geet he just lost himself in her innocence.. the same innocent which he refused to agree about saanjh, that same innocence pulled him towards geet to protect her. he felt an unknown satisfaction seeing the smile on her face and then he get to know everything from dadima. He was angry on maan, but meeting him and seeing the possessiveness in him with geet he got to know how much he loves her, but again a cunning idea came in him. these yrs had changed him a lot. He wanted to see maan in trouble so he started making frnd with geet. He wanted to protect geet but he wanted to know if maan really loves her or not but things changed and once again geet brought shiv n maan close. When everything was settling thing came back to 0 as past again came infront.





Maan heard some panic inside the room and saw shiv holding geet in his arm, saanjh was patting her cheeks and geet was limping on ground leaving her body on shiv’


When saanjh was trying to telling geet she is truly sorry but geet’s face was covering with sweat, her palm was sweating and hands were shivering, her breath became shallow,, blackness covered her eyes and she felt the ground slipping, sudden panic was in her and she started sliding on ground, it was shiv who saw it first and took her in his arm before she can hit the ground. Shiv lift her calling her name frantically and maan was rooted on the spot terrified. Saanjh saw him and ran towards him shaking him vigorously telling him to take geet, he looked at her blankly and then at geet. Then something snapped in him and he rushed towards shiv who was in panic seeing geet’s limping body.



Maan took long step towards him, his face was hard, no emotion was there. he took geet from shiv and ran out from the room, shiv n saanjh followed him, but he was like hurricane, his pace frightened all. Whole family with handas and geet’s frnd was there because it was morning time and all were worried for geet n saanjh, so they came to meet them but the scene frightens all. Maan without saying anything went out from the mansion, he securely wrapped geet in his embrace, then placed her in his car safely tugging her with seat belt, he grabbed the keys from driver and took the driving seat, shiv too reached him but before he can stop maan he already zoomed out from there. shiv took his car out but then his eyes went on saanjh who was standing there confuse and fearful. She doesn’t know what to do, shiv got out from the car and held saanjh’s hand, she looked at him and his hold but shiv dragged her in his car, he made her seat in the car then took his seat on the driving place. Saanjh was still looking at him but all their awkwardness went away remembering geet’s face. shiv only met dev and said to come hospital. So dev told him to go with saanjh rest of the family is coming behind them.



Maan looked at geet’s unconscious state and felt like something is tearing apart from his body. He hit the steering wheel with his palm, but doesn’t stop the car, breaking every rules of traffic signal he just drives like a crazy man. It was morning time so route was clear, thankfully nothing much happened. After reaching the hospital he took geet in his arm and rushed to the emergency ward. Arjun was already there waiting for them as aniee had informed him at the 1st place.


Arjun: kaise huya ye sab? He asked in emergency.


Maan: she was hyper on shiv n saanjh, and all I saw her limping on the ground. Arjun took her on streture then rushed to the emergency ward where all the equipments was ready as he suspected something.


Shiv and Saanjh entered the hospital and saw maan sitting on a sofa with his face dipped in his palm. shiv ran to him and placed his hand over his shoulder, maan looked at him with blank eyes, but the worry in shiv broke his revere and he hugged him tight fearing something.


Maan: shiv, geet ko kuch nahi hoga na?


Shiv closed his eyes feeling miserable to see his frnd like this, the strong MSK who can make anyone’s life hell in snap of his finger is fearing for his love,


Shiv: kuch nahi hoga, nothing will happen to her.



Saanjh took 2 step back looking at the small window where all the doctor were monitoring geet, she was confuse as what can be happen with geet. Then she heard maan.


Maan: shiv u know arjun had said not to give her that much stress and I,, I just again n again push her in to darkness, after the time I took maahika away her condition was worst and now this, if anything is related to her surgery then what will I do. Meri geet, she is in this condition because of me. His world was shaking with fear, maan leaned on the glass wall and traces the feature of an unconscious geet. I can’t leave without u Geet, don’t try to frighten me, its bad joke. Come back na.


Arjun comes out maan saw him blankly: it’s a panic attack of her heart disease. I told u she is not strong enough, her heart surgery still in the process of healing but now, we have to go with the last surgery very soon maan. this panic attack had made her heart very weak, she was on the verge of having a big attack. Thank god it was minor. But take care of her, she needs to be happy maan. she have to come out from this stress for her further surgery, we can do it after few month but not much. We don’t have a yr now.


Arjun went out leaving maan looking at geet with painful eyes and Shiv closed his eyes going away from there not trusting himself anymore. saanjh was silent spectator but she saw shiv going away and she followed him. she saw him sitting under the small staircase. Her heart pricked to see him sitting on the ground and his face dipped in his hand. he didn’t saw her.


Shiv: ye sab meri wajah se horaha hain, why I had to do all that, how can I face them now, why it all happened to us, I had never hated saanjh, it was my anger that made me like that,,, she said she understands me then why she left me, yeah I was blind in my anger, but itni badhi saza kyun di?




 Can’t u gave me one last chance, why couldn’t u understand me saanjh, why? And now also, the one person who only saw me as a frnd, who never judged me with my real self, who just tried to give me happiness, is now here. On that place where I can never imagine her ever in my life, please geet I m sorry, sorry for everything but don’t punish me like this.




 if u want to say anything please say it to me, don’t leave ur maan again geet. He will hate me again, like 5yrs before he will tarnish his innocence, he will drifted to that darkness again. Think about him geet please come back.


Seeing the broken shiv something was breaking in saanjh, she placed her hand on her mouth to suppress the loud cry and ran out from the hospital as it was making her suffer more. Running from all the crowd she fell on the deserted ground, her eyes were moist but maybe nature wanted to hide her pain, it started raining heavily and she cried with her lungs out.



all the events had take a toll on her, hearing her geet doesn’t have much time if a surgery don’t take place,, and then seeing her 2 best frnd breaking like that she couldn’t handle herself,, she remember once she said her angel can make a place in their heart in a smooth moment and seeing the place in their life for her left her speechless but now geet is the one who can bind the frndship again. But the major question is how will she do it when herself is broken after knowing all truth.




Saanjh cried n cried in her voice, yes her voice comes out as she put her all pressure in it, she wanted to wash her all agony all pain in this moment, knowing she is the cause of all life’s misery left her broken, she just want her sister to engulf her in her arms and hug her soaking her all pain out from her heart, but where is geet. She is on the verge of leaving them, she is on the verge of breaking fully. Saanjh’s hiccups died as she continue cried drenching in the rain remember every moment she lived with geet, their little time in childhood. How much geet was protective towards saanjh, and how much she had troubled her, maybe now she is taking her revenge by giving her silent treatment. She want her sister to scold her, even hit her but atleast wake up.



She doesn’t know for how many hours she was crying like this, she stares at the sky with a lost face, tears had dried as rain was long gone, she felt a strong pulls around her wrist and next she forcefully dashed in a hard chest, next moment she saw shiv looking at her with angry eyes.


Shiv: how dare u come here saanjh, can’t u see this a deserted place, if anything happened to u then what,,,,, his voice died in his throat seeing the painful yet fearful eyes, a lump formed in his throat, he cupped her face in one palm,, Geet has gained her conscious, she want to meet u.  hearing geet’s voice saanjh was relieved, she wanted to see her sister but the chilling sensation make her realize her position, shiv saw her trembling form, lets go home 1st, u can change there then come to meet her, but saanjh shook her head giving a final verdict not to go anywhere unless she see geet. Lets go saanjh, u are all wet, u will catch a cold, but saanjh jerks his hand, she tried to walk away but soon realized her legs were numb due to cold, she was stumbling but shiv held her, then lift her forcefully, saanjh hit his chest to let her go but he doesn’t gave a head to her. U have put on weight, stop struggling or I will throw u in the mud. Saanjh’s eyes widen to hear his audacity and pouted her lips just like geet, shiv shook his head and chuckle. He made her sit in his car. If u want to see geet happy u have to be happy saanjh. She said na both of ur feeling are attached, if u will stay like this she will feel the pain, for geet atleast try to be happy. I know I m not worth it but trust me once I can do anything to make u n Geet happy, she maybe angry on me, but I had taken her as a true frnd whom I rely on, for her atleast try to move on.


Few tears slipped as saanjh looked away from him registering his words in her mind. Shiv sighed and started his car.






Geet opens her eyes to see something crawling on her chest, some soft cotton like thing, a smile came on her face suddenly to feel her baby on her, pulling her cheek to wake her. geet’s all tubes had deducted, it was more than 7 hours she was in hospital, she took mahika in her arms and kissed her forehead, mahika placed her head on her mother’s chest and hugged her from neck, geet looked worriedly at her but then a hand slipped in her waist to support her, she looked at maan who was sitting right beside her and it was his way to wake her, when aniee and rest of the family came in hospital with maahika he took maahika with him and place it on geet’s chest.


Geet looked at maan with teary hazel but he wiped the tears before it can fall more, he kissed her forehead and then mahi.


Maan whisper: u scared us. I, I was frighten, do u blv MSK and fearing so much, u took my life geet. maan placed his forehead on geet’s forehead and kissed her lips softly. Don’t do this again, ur maan can’t think a second without u.


Geet: I m sorry,, she whispered back’ she took her another hand which was paining due to salaing drip but she held him from neck to sooth his pain, mahika was still on her chest sleeping, finally finding her mother’s solace she was sleeping.  Geet kissed his lips softly, I m sorry for asking all that.


Maan: sshh baate mat karo, u have full right to know everything, but please aisa daraya mat karo. She smiles and kissed mahi’s forehead.


Geet: did she trouble?


Maan: a lot.. she wanted her mother who was sleeping peacefully, he said with chocked voice but before he breakdown his maahika woke up as a savior, she started cry loudly. Maaneet looked at her worriedly. Maan took her in his arms and started cradle her but she was crying on top of her lungs. Maan looked at geet helplessly.


Geet: she is hungry maan. give her to me. she spreads her hand,


Maan: no geet, I will tell dadima to give her bottle feed, u are weak, u can’t feed her.


Geet: but


Maan: I said NO’. geet looked at him with crying face but he took his phn out the informed dadima to give the feeding bottle with milk.




Precap: feeding maahika from bottle but mahi is football champ, kicking the bottle away.

Maaneet moment, do u think ahem ahem will be right in this moment?


Erm new entry and Saashi moment (Saanjh-Shiv, LOL new jodi’s name given by Tanu)


A BIG JAADU KI JHAPPI TO DIVZ,, my jaan who flooded teh thread with shiv n saanjh,, (IK n DD) pix,,, just loveddd it,,, muahhh my divz, love u a lot…


I think now all confusion about how maan n shiv became enemy solve?

Sorry for using Madhu’s pic as saanjh, but saanjh is my imaginery character with some way geet’s feature means dd’s features, so I can’t give u other pic and this picture gave a feelings to the situation, so I need to show this. I hope u all won’t mind with it, please give some writer liberty.


A big THANKSSS to all my frnds who helped me for these pix,, gosh they are really very sweet, whenever I ask any of pic they are always ready to help me, so other than shiv’s pic all other belongs to them, my frnds. Love u guys’..


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  1. superb update geet anger on shiv sanjh geet attack shiv sanjh broke down geet gained conscious waiting for next banner mein shiv sanjh ko bhi place dedo


  2. Posted by laksh on September 10, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Superb update tich. And manneet moments not neceSsary in all updates. Should see to the situation of story too. And this sanjh shiv characters have become an important part of the story now. So good goin tich. Solve all the differences first and then romance. Hoping to see sanjh shiv moments too. So sad of shiv too. And don’t talk abt finishing this story. Should go long.Update soon. Waiting



    I jus loved it, love,frenship,super emotional,senti,action(slap),comedy(throwin in mudd),horror(geet’s health),n full of drama… apka yeh update toh bollywood ki movie se bhi jyada masaledar nikla… n i m proud tat i had been reading this story frm starting…

    each n everything was awesome it may love b/w geet n saanjh, geetn maan, maan n shiv, shiv n saanjh or saanjh n maan… in this u presented d forms of pure love… its true love is not nly for lovers its also for frens who loves each other more than frens… this s ua recent fantstically fab part.. i don mean others r not good but it will get high marks comparing others… n keep updating regularly bht tarsaya hai aapne iss baar… n take care of ua health… aur haan agar bimar hoke aap aise update denge toh keep apple away…

    waiting for next update of otehr ff also…


  4. Posted by maneetmaniac on September 10, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Amazing update….
    Full of emotions….geet reaction to all this was quite natural bt all dat anxiety hope she gets better soon…..
    Gr8 way to end the update with mahika n maan aling wid geet…….


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