Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 14


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Part 14



Geet was watching the scene in concentration and for a moment she felt some uneasiness in maan for the 1st time, the way he talked with dadima, it was clear that he doesn’t like anyone to go to that haveli, but its weird that he took her there where he couldn’t allow his family. Well it’s a mockery, he himself doesn’t blv in family and relation. He is marrying her only for her body. She remember the way dadima was walking out from her house. It was clear how much humiliation she felt. Its being 4 hour dadima had gone to her house, she said her husband and forefather belongs to this place, so she is staying over her relative. She didn’t call rano yet, she is also worried for her.


 ‘I need to see dadima pari, u saw na how much sad she was feeling.’ Geet walked towards her cup board to pick her dress..


Pari held her hand ‘geet he will be there. u can meet her when she come here’


‘no yaar, don’t u know he is MSK, who don’t like to stay close to family, so he is somewhere in hotel or in his haveli. Dadima will be alone or with her relative, I will go there and will come in few hr.’


Pari smiles ‘ok come soon, some surprise is coming for u’


Geet’s eyes widen to hear surprise…


‘kya hain pari bolna pls, bolna yaar.’


‘once u come here, I will show it. and by the way surprise is arriving tom’


Geet’s face fell ‘but u know na that we have to go with HIM for a day, I so hate it pari, kuch kar na yaar’


Pari showed her hand like surrendering ‘mujhe isma na phasa baba, tu hi hain jiske sath wo glue ki tarha chipak gaya hain’ geet made a cranky face and showed her back to pari. Pari smiles cutely and hugged her from back. ‘accha baba, I will do something, now tu apna muh thik kar and go to meet dadima. But jaldi aana, I will be waiting for u’


Bidding goodbye to all and taking her mother’s permission she went to meet dadima, and thankfully her devil was not there, she tiptoed in dadima’s room after talking to few relatives. Finding her in deep thoughts geet felt bad for her…


‘dadima’ geet called out, savitri devi instantly knew it’s geet. She looked at her and gave a weak smile, but that was enough for geet to say how much she is upset. She walked close to her as dadima asked to sit beside her she took the sit…


‘arre geet bête aap yaha? Achanak, everything is fine na?


‘aap thik hain na dadima?’ geet asked in concern still looking straight in her eyes. dadima smiles at her and patted her cheek.


‘Ha bête, I m absolutely fine, see’


‘but ur face showed something else few hours back, he, he shouldn’t have said all that to u, u r his grandmother and he was talking like that’


‘it’s not his fault geet, he was always very possessive about his grandfather and father’s possession. It was made by my husband which carried to maan’s father Rajveer, my son, and after his death it went to maan, but he is very possessive about it. we lost Rajveer in a very tender age of maan. he loved his dad a lot and maybe that’s why he never gave a place like Rajveer to anyone.’


Geet was registering her words, this devil can love someone, well of course who don’t love his family but the way he behaved with dadima was confusing her. dadima saw her lost face and touched her hand.


‘geet, maan dil k bure nahi hain, bas halat ne unhe aisa bana diya, he had covered himself ina  shell so that no one can break it again, after his dad’s death he was broken. But still he alone manages to make KC no 1 in india and top most company in world. He had to made himself cruel for that. in this process he made his hear a stone, but now seeing u with him I think my maan will gain his heart again.’


Dadima smiles at geet who weakly smiles at her still somewhere lacking to understand what is the main fact that dadima is hiding, when she had seen him 1st time he was only 22 or 23, but at that age also he was so cruel to murder someone, who doesn’t think twice before killing someone how can she trust a man like that.


‘but dadima why he was talking so rude with u, don’t u feel bad with that?’


‘geet that has a long story, but one thing I can say, winning his trust is the toughest work in the world but if anyone dare to breaks it, no one can save the person in the world. It’s the eternal truth, something happened that made my maan the MSK, cruel and arrogant, but he was not like that when his father was alive, it circumstances made him like that’


Dadima’s those words gave a goosebumps to her. something in her shiver with the intensity, but was that only the words?


‘that haveli is his one possession which he never shared with anyone, but only u, he had never allowed me to go there but he took u, that means my maan is still alive somewhere, please geet don’t let him drown in those dark past, try to know him. he will tell u everything, and if he get to know I had told u slightest thing he will never hesitate to break all tie with me, I only get a little to see in him, but after it he will again lock himself in his mean world. Which I never want.’


‘no dadima maan will never come to know about it, ur every secret will be safe with me,’  geet smiles a little and dadima too smiles patting her cheeks.


‘u still don’t know maan’


Geet was confuse with her words, she tried to say something, her mind has so many question which is unsolved yet again, but this set of words stopped her, she opens her lips to something but her breath caught in lungs.


‘What r u doing here?’ a manly voice stopped the 2 ladies for further conversation and geet stood up and turned to see maan standing over the door with his crossed arms. her eyes widen to see the smirk on his face, she gulp hard and heard dadima’s sigh. Dadima too stood up facing him…


‘Ohh that was what dadima meant’ geet thought in her mind.


Gulping the saliva she looked at dadima who’s eyes were big.


‘aap yaha maan’ dadima asked in surprise, but maan didn’t gave any look to her, just straight went to geet.


‘what the hell r u doing here geet?’ maan roared in a low voice, his eyes were spitting fire that can make anyone shiver. He held her elbow and jerks to meet his eyes, geet was staring at him with so many  question that he hated the most. ‘u don’t have to show any concern over her, ur only relation is belongs to me n ME,’ he said the last set of words with rage and intensity.


Geet looked at his eyes and then at his hold on her elbow, she tried to jerk it but he held it more firmly.


‘u maybe forgetting she is ur dadima and in relation my soon to be in law, so I have the right to meet her’


Geet’s answer left dadima and maan dumbfounded, dadima was amazed with the courage geet was showing and so was maan, but instead of giving her nagry glare, he smirks and bent on her ear.


‘it’s good u have agreed with relation, but let me remind u, u only bound to me, and I don’t have anyone to be precise that u can rely on, this relationship drama u can carry later, but for now I have to show u the real RELATION we are going to share further’… his each word was carrying a meaning, the slow whisper was giving her goosebumps but she tried to be strong and nothing showed on her face  with that.


Dadima was worried for geet and the way maan is behaving with her, she knew maan is up to something.


‘Maan its not her fault, humne hi usse bulaya tha.’ Dadima told him firmly, maan looked at her for a moment, ‘hume pata hain maan u don’t like anyone to talk about that haveli, but I thought u want to live ur special moment with geet there. I, I just wanted ur parent’s wish to be fulfilled.’ Dadima said with choked voice. Geet felt maan’s hand on her waist and the grip was really tight. He flinched as he started gripping her more to him. the rage was visible in his eyes. dadima looked at him pleadingly.


‘u don’t have to think about it, we are not doing any drama in front of world, it will be a small ceremony as I don’t want media to know about the marriage’ maan said in a calm voice, dadima took a sigh relief but next set of words of him made her worried… ‘but don’t think to make a entry there, u have plead me to come here and I came here. Though it was not planned but I got something to posses.’ He looked at a confusion geet who was staring at him only, he inwardly smirks. ‘and I will spent the special moment with her in that place on our 1st night.’


Geet’s eyes widen and she looked at him with disgust, but she can say maan is least bother. He caresses her waist without letting dadima notice. Dadima sighed and agreed for it. she knew it’s mean no marriage in that place.


Maan left with geet without glancing at anyone who was peeking through the door and when they were leaving the house everyone was ogling on the pair. Maan possessively held her waist walking away, leaving a audience to whisper in them. Geet watched his facial expression very keenly but nothing was there, blankness was covered like a mask on his face.



After coming out maan shoved geet in the car. Geet was confuse with his rudeness now. maan grabbed the keys from driver and took passenger seat. He started the car in full speed.


Geet couldn’t help but ask him her question ‘where r we going?’ no answer. ‘where are u taking me?’ still his eyes were on road only. Geet felt frustrated. She saw the route is that haveli’s her eyes widen and heartbeat rose… ‘How did u get to know I went to meet dadima?’ she asked calmly and for an instant moment he pulls the break and hovered over her. as a reflex geet inches backward, maan made the sit lie more so that he can come over her fully. Her gulp her saliva still manages to keep a strong face.


‘ur smell followed by my breath geet, how could u think I won’t get to know where r u,, I will reach the path u will think to follow before u can the destination of ur will be ME only.’ He held her waist and pulls her to him, with his free hand he cupped her face rubbing her lips. Her chest touched his hard one as unknowingly her heartbeat started racing frantically.  ‘why u went there? ur only relation is with me geet remember that, because next time I will not remind u this and it won’t be good for u.’ he whisper near her ear, she felt him sucking her earlobe. Unconsciously she placed her hand on his muscle to support her weak structure, he smirks and bite her neck harshly making her winched in pain, she came back to senses as what he is doing with her. but soon his tongue followed the skin, a gasp comes out from her mouth as she felt his hand roaming on her stomach, slowly went up to on her curves rubbing it sensually. She bite her lips as her brain stopped working as what to feel, heaven or scared. her body is reacting in his way but her mind is stopping her, he is unusually calm and compose just to touch her forbidden places. He rolled over her sleeves and started placing wet kisses on her shoulder.


Her voice stutter ‘what r-u—do-doing?’


He bite her earlobe ‘feeling the RELATION which will take in few days between us, u accepted our marriage and the relation, time for celebration jaan’ he smirks looking her lost face and slammed her lips on her sucking the juice in his mouth still laying over her on the car seat. His palm shameless started rubbing her curves over her dress. geet was so much in fix that she lost her ability to think about the situation, she saw him staring at her eyes and then saw his lips on her. she started protesting vigorously but he throbbed his tongue inside her mouth, her eyes widen as he found his hand on her zip of the kurti and in a snap he open it and rolled the other sleeve from her shoulder. She tried to held his hand but he pinned both hand with one hand and slides his free hand under the kurti losing it a little, still his lips were lingering on her soft petals.




Precap: none.


Tell me did I stopped at wrong timing? Hehehehehe, well I love to do it. next update on this Saturday, hmm remind me pls, I only do good with pressure so u can pressurize me by telling me about this ff…


Ok sorry for not giving eth teaser but thought to give some more intense scene before scaring our geet n u guys, it’s a short part according to u n  me I know guys but kya karu I was not planning it to give u tom, now a days I m quite busy with study and managing 5 ffs is not easy,

But today I wanted to give it as a treat cz today I got my desire new phn, so me happy so thought to make u all happy.


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  1. Posted by maneetmaniac on September 13, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Amazing update bt not really the ideal place to end the update…..

    Wonder why maan is so rude to dadima….


  2. awesome dear


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