Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 24


This updates dedicated to Tamy, my sweetheart Tammanna. Happy Birthday Dear, love u a lot, u r always there with me in my every work, thank u for ur support throughout my journey here and FB… Today is her birthday and I haven’t wished her yet, I thought to give it early but I was stuck with study, I m sorry for the delay, extremely sorry but next will be soon, IF u remind me early…

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Part 24

a whisper came out: Mishty

Geet looked at maan and with cute face she bursted out crying: mujhe maa chahiye.

Now he is confuse why she is crying for maa?

He caresses her hair but she again hide her face in the pillow, softly crying out for maa.. it was normal for geet to cry in her monthly cycles, it was priti,, maan’s mother who every time tolerate her all nakhras, its habitual for her to have pain so priti with very patience tackled her every time without letting anyone know, so now geet is missing her mother.

Maan again tried to see her face, holding her shoulder he tried to turn her but she jerks his hand, he sighed not knowing what to do…

Maan: jaan please dekho na.

Geet: get the hell out from my room maan,

Her sudden burst made maan worry (akhir ladke kya jaane hamara dard)

Geet was sniffling and wiping her tears when maan held her hand and made her face him, she sat up frustratingly…

Geet: kya hain?

Maan: gussa ho?

Geet pouted her lips and made a cranky face and murmured: abb isse kaise samjhau

Geet tried to smile but greeted her teeth to calm her senses: Maan pls leave me alone now, go out for some moment I wanna live here alone.

Maan couldn’t see her in pain, he cupped her face: jaan tell me na, what u need? Why u r crying, I promise I will not shout on u anymore. geet looked at him with raise brow and weird face. then it hit her he is a guy who will never understand it, she shoved his hand and tried to jump on her pillow but maan hugged her. the small gesture melt her cranky mood. She placed her head on his shoulder hugging him with her both arms.  tell me mishty why u r feeling like this? now its enough for geet, his soft voice melt her like candle and she bursted out crying.

Geet: mujhe maa chahiye maan.

Maan looked at her worriedly, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

Maan: main hu na yaha tumhare pass, why u need anyone else then, it made her irritating and she shoved him away.

Geet: then bola hi kyun u will fulfill my needs,

Maan: jaan, u know na it’s not possible to call mamma here, she is with god na. he tried to make her understand like a child, he knew she is in cranky mood so he need to have patience.  But it made her look at him weirdly, when priti maa went to god, her eye switch to confusion as she knew he must be thinking something wrong.

Geet: maan what r u talking about?

Maan: geet u know na rano mamma is with god, but she is always with us, she loves us and u were her life, she loved u very much.

Geet: maan. geet called him softly, I m not talking about mamma.

Maan: huh? he looked at her confuse and it made geet more frustrated.

Geet: uff maan mujhe apni mamma nahi apki maa chahiye

Maan: Geet maa koi toy hain jo main abhi hawa se lake dunga. Wait a min u r talking about my mother? But,,,,,

She bite her tongue and hide her face in pillow.

For few min maan was dumbfounded, he stares at her amusingly, he saw her crawling like a ball. Then it hit him, Priti often went to KM in all month after his warning her, sometime she goes mad if he bad mouthed about geet.

Maan: u were talking about my maa.

She sighed and looked other side giving him her back. her eyes were close, she doesn’t wanted him to know about her act. But her heart rose as she felt his hand slipping in her waist and then on her stomach, his breath fell on her neck. Geet closed her eyes feeling him so near; he touched her neck with his lips softly, kissing his way to her earlobe.

Maan whispers in her ear: so u were talking about maa. She nodded quietly still turning her face in the pillow, he placed soft kisses around her nape. Geet forget herself in those soft caring kisses. She closed her eyes tightly and held his hand that was resting above her stomach. U n maa kept this secret between u 2, never let me knew it. he ask still kissing her neck, geet sense the pout on his lips and a small teasing smile came on her lips while she nodded yes. He placed a deep intense kiss on her nape lowering on her spine. Geet hissed and her nails dug in his skin. U always loved my mother but showed u don’t care about her, geet lowered her lashes didn’t answer him, he turned her making her back collide the soft bed, her eyes didn’t met him. he touched her chin with his index finger and forced her to meet his eyes. I always accused u for not behaving good to my family but I never knew u had accepted them before I can think about it, u loved my mother before I can even look at it. u were always craving for love and I,,

Geet sense his emotional state and covered his mouth with her palm.

Geet: u always loved me but never showed because I never let u show the love between us, it was me who always made u blv that I hate u, somewhere I thought u also want to control me rather love me, ur behavior made me realize u hate me but never bother to know it was my behavior that forced u to convert urself like this. we both were in love without knowing.

He touched her lips softly, just a peck, she looked at his eyes and then suddenly hugged him. he too hugged her but didn’t put any weight on her body, they laid like that and maan found her calm so he let her hold him and adjusted himself on the headpost, taking her on his chest, geet closed her eyes and after few min drifted to sleep like that….


Maan’s eyes shot open with the sharp ring of the alarm, he saw geet’s making angry face in her sleep, she hates alarm clock, he gently placed her on the pillow and went to the hall after shutting the alarm.

Maan took out a new cell phn, and opens it with a new sim card. After few min he dialed someone number.

Maan: what is the news ajay?

Ajay: sir, everything is going smooth.

Maan smirk: did they went for Mr handa.

Ajay: as u said earlier, it happened just that way, they went for Mr handa but came back with disappointed and frustrated face, they couldn’t reach mr handa.

Maan: make sure he never get him.

Ajay: sure sir, u and mr handa did a lot for me. I can do anything for u both. Siddhant had already taken him. u don’t to worry sir, take care.

Maan: hmmm.. maan saw the time and next he hung up the call.

He turn to see his angel coming from her room towards him, her red eyes with rubbing palm was making her look like a cute 5yrs old girl, maan only remember the day he saw her 1st, a small smile came on his lips, geet saw that.

Geet: why u r smiling?

Maan: seeing the 5yr old geet.  But without a teddy. He chuckle and her face fumed in order. But maan was quick to pacify, he held her waist and brought her closer, she hit his chest but he held her firmly, feeling tired she placed her head on his chest. He strokes her hair. I have a good news.

Geet looked at his eyes: what?

Maan: dad is set to go NY, flight is in tonight and we are going too. geet’s mouth fell to the ground, she looked at him unbelievingly. Her happiness has no bound, and that can be seen on her face.

Geet: really? Maan I can’t tell u how much I m happy. that means papa will be fine soon, maan we will take care of him… he wll be fit n fine really very soon, ohh I m so happy. geet hugged him in her excitement. maan was happy to see his geet so happy, he held her tightly in his arm,  but suddenly something came in her mind. She broke the hug and looked at maan. but maan if they got to know about Maa and Heer. What if they,,

Maan: Maa is in south and she is safe and as per as heer concern so no one know much about her as she never came to HM, and if ever came just for few min, very limited ppl know she is my sister, so not to worry about her and beside it, I have made special arrangements for them, geet. Heer is with her frnds in Shimla, she is safe there.

But geet’s heart wasn’t agreeing with it. she trust maan and his planning but somewhere deep inside she has a fear, an unknown fear.


Ohh so MSK and hiding in Maharashtra only, and where the place is,, aahan Mahabaleshwar. What did he thought Rounak can never get to know what he is planning, well in this case mr MSK rounak Bhatia is a step ahead of u. though u did played a game with me by placing ur man in my gang, but it was worth for me as I get to know ur direction, now wait for me mr MSK and my Geet, what will I do with u 2. U have played with Rounak Bhatia, now u have to pay, maza ayega,, be ready for me guys.

Rounak laughed where ajay was breathing with high difficulty, his shoe was on his neck and he was mercilessly squeezing the hold, ajay’s whole body was paining as blood was oozing out from various places because of the beating session he get as a reward.  Rounak is a old player in this dirty game. When he went to hold mr handa in his clutch he found he had gone from hospital, he inquired about it and receptionist told someone call Siddhant took his case, and both left the place few hours before, he was frustrated, he came at his den and went to his secret room. The room was surrounded with many screens and monitors. His whole mansion was surrounded by spy camera and microphn which only he knew, just then he got a signal from a room of his den, and the signal was going towards mahabaleshwar. The red line pointed that someone is talking in a area in mahabaleshwar, but who? He doesn’t have any of his member any contact in that place, he personally collect all infor of his gang and store it here in a safe place. And now finding it he got a conformation someone is in his gang that is ditching him. he was furious, he went to that room and heard a little portion. He got to know Maan is behind this, and then he started beating ajay like anything. finally ajay blurted that maan is in that place but he doesn’t know the exact position and where sid took mr handa, he doesn’t know the name as he was just passing the information to maan, maan had played real safely but knowing he is in mahabaleshwar, its not difficult to get him.

Rounak signaled his man to take out the car and he gave a evil smile to ajay before cutting his neck to death.

He wipe his hand with a hanky and threw itt :yucky ppl and this yucky blood, can’t they do it themselves, atleast I can get some peaceful moment to rest. Anyway lets leave now.

Rounak: ohh by the way did u get the information about his sister?

His man: brij had said the name is Heer Singh Khurana.

Rounak switched her eye brow: hmm,, and other details.

Man: no one can say correctly where is she, but she studies in xyz collage in delhi.

Rounak: that good, he smirks, send someone to get a hold on her, Msk had dare to put his eye on my thing, now he will see what rounak had decided for him….


Here in shimla a girl was sitting in front of the sun set in shimla, a beautiful smile adorned her lips, her smiles grew big,

Perfect, she said while taking the snap of the sun, photography is her passion, she wanted to take few more snap but someone called her and irritatingly she looked at her frnds.

Heer aur kitne pix legi, lets go, mam is waiting for us, if u forget we are here with our professor who is really sweet for us but strict as a hitler because she has to report princi too… now lets go.

Without letting her say anything she left the place leaving a fuming heer behind.

Heer: ye dekho ek to mujhe bolne hi nahi diya upar se hukum chala rahi hain, let me get back to delhi 1st then I will show what is Heer Khurana. Humph Bhai k samne iski bolti band hojati haina dikhati hu tujhe naina.


Tapping the fingers on her cheeks geet looked at maan frustratingly, its more than 2 hr and he is busy in work, she wonder when he was kidnapping her how come he took Laptop with him. she stares at his laptop for some time, maan sense her staring, and moved his back for her face.

Geet pouted her lips: haw he loves his laptop more than me, such a kharoos I get in my life,

Maan looked at her with the corner of his eyes… a slight smirk came on his face. he saw her cute cribbing,, the way she pouted her lips, the way she was knotting the pillow which was on her lap and then chewing the corner in rage, he wanted to grab her right then and kiss her senseless. But he was controlling his desire, cause now he need to be in conscious. He need to plan his next move, he has a gut feeling something is gonna happen.  He tried to get busy in work but again she decided to break his concentration. She walked pass him, and intentionally touched his arm with her back of palm, but doesn’t looked back, maan tighten his jaw and looked at her back, he gulp hard seeing her short that was flashing her long white creamy legs and the lose tank top hanging from one shoulder.

Maan murmured: ye aaj meri jaan lene pe kyun tuli hain.

Geet: did u said something?

Maan forced his face to the laptop screen: nothing.

Geet stumped her foot and started walking towards kitchen. Maan was so busy forcing himself in the work he didn’t gave her the importance where she is heading and in no time he heard a loud scream, he saw geet in the open kitchen, leaving his laptop aside he rushed towards her in concern.

Maan: tum thik ho na, what r u doing here? I told u na, u don’t have to do anything. geet saw his concern filled face, he held her hand and then started checking her head to toe. Geet u r ok na? chillai kyun?

Geet: relax maan. I m fine, wo cockroach dikh gaya tha,, wo wo,that’s why, mera matlab

Maan looked at her for a moment and then gave a teasing smirk: Miss handa is afraid of cockroach, nice information.

Geet: u r not gonna use it anywhere, samjhe?

Maan: samajh to main gaya,,,, he started taking step more close to her so that their body doesn’t have any space but geet sense his intention and started going backward. Soon she trapped between his body and the fridge. lekin is dil ko kon samjhaye, geet looks at his naughty eyes which was only glaring at her lips to eyes.

Geet: maan hatto. She tried to push him but he held her hand and tried to come close, geet smiles and still tried to shove him, in this maan started tickling her, and she was laughing.

Their blissful moment got disturb as a loud bang on the door,, both looked at the source,, geet tried to go there pushing maan aside, but suddenly maan held her and pulls her close, next they heard a loud Sound. Geet closed her eyes and ear and hugged maan tight….

Precap: erm,, chasing game begin???

Ok did I stop at a wrong time??? will try to update at Sunday….

Sorry for all the mistakes and errors.


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  1. Posted by maneetmaniac on September 13, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Amazing update….
    Loved it alot…
    Hope maneet r safe…..this guy is a cmplete psycho…


  2. awesome dear as always


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