Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 70




Part 70



One by everyone had came to visit geet, all were worried as what had happened that made geet like this again, she actually scared everyone with her illness and sudden attack. Aniee nt n meera literally cried seeing her like that but geet apologize from everything for making them frighten, and told she is fine. Geet was waiting for saanjh n shiv but both were not present. Her face fell as there is still some fear in her alives. maan shoved everyone out from the room after taking the feeding bottle from dadima. He was trying to feed her from last 30 min but maahika is also the daughter of MSK, mazal hain kisime jo usse mana sake. She was throwing her hands and legs frantically. Maan forced the bottle nipple in her mouth but she made a yucky face then pushed her face away. Maan sighed and took her to geet who was impatiently waiting for maahi.


Geet: maan I m fine, please give her to me na.


Maan: doc said u can’t feed her for atleast 2 days geet. Geet’s eyes become moist to see her baby crying for her feed. Maan gave maahi to her, she cocooned her instantly. She was patting her back to sooth the cries, geet looked at maan helplessly. Maan wasn’t in a good condition to see his angel crying like that. he sat beside geet on the bed and started caressing maahika’s head.


Geet: maan wo nahi manegi, she is just 2 n a half month, she needs me.


Maan: geet, try to understand ur body jaan. It needs rest.


Geet: but maahi.


Maan took maahi from her hand who snapped her face away still spreading her hands for geet.


Maan: maahi is a good girl na? she will listen to dada, mummy can’t feed u baacha, pls.. maahi looked at him with her big doe shape teary eyes, he can see a pout on her lips like she understood what he meant, but geet was worried and the next moment it grew wider and maahi started throwing her leg vigorously, it hit maan but he couldn’t hold her more, geet took her and maahi was relax immediately.  Wah aaj mummy k team me chali gayi dal badlu.


Geet smiles a little looking at her daughter antics. She placed her on her lap and maan came with bottle. Maahi looked at her dada maybe with angry glare but he didn’t understand that, he put the nipple on her lips but maahi kicked the bottle so hard which landed on the somewhere else.


Maaneet’s eyes grew wider seeing the next scene.


Shiv drenched in milk from head. Unknowingly geet broke in a laughter and saanjh who was beside shiv looked at her instantly, maan was smiling and seeing his angel also smiling he grins wider. Where the confuse soul was shiv who looked at his jacket then at his hand which was dripping in milk and then his hair which is full of milk. Actually when maahi kicked the bottle it landed on shiv’s head who just entered the room with saanjh. Then whole milk poured on him and bottle landed on floor making a creak sound. Shiv saw maahi who was crying few second before now clapping her hand and making weird noises.


Maahika: huhuhahah hi, woaaiiiiiii


Shiv gave a angry glare to maahi but soon make a puppy face seeing maahika move in her dada’s embrace. She hide her face in maan’s neck fearing shiv’s state and his glare, maan gave a annoying look to shiv as he had observed the way shiv was giving glare to maahi. Geet suddenly looked away remembering maan’s every words about siv n saanjh. Her heart pained thinking about all that. shiv dipped his head in shame, maan sense the tension in the room. But then saw maahi who was again feeling cranky and on the verge of cry again.


Maan: maahi pls aaj nakhra nahi karte, mumma is unwell na.


Saanjh looked at him weirdly. How can he talk and try to make understand a 2 n half month old baby. She gave a U-have-gone-mad Look. Saanjh came close to geet and sat at the edge, geet looked away from her, saanjh took maahi in her hand.


Saanjh: tum…. Jao…. Ma-Maan. she said with difficulty. Maaneet looked at her with wide eyes like she came from another planet. Saanjh gave a small smile and nodded her head. Maan looked at shiv who was wiping the milk from her hair, maan hide his smile and went away from the room with shiv.


Geet took out another bottle that dadima had given her, saanjh helped her to get maahi on her lap and then cradle her to sleep, maahi was really tired with so much crying and football practice. But she was hungry. Geet placed her near her curves but slipped the bottle nipples in her mouth. saanjh caresses her head slowly. feeling the warmth of 2 of her closet person maahi started sucking the milk from the bottle. It’s true all her demand and nakhra always revolves around maan. maybe she knew her dada can’t stand a drop of tear in her eyes and she love to trouble her dada and not to forget her shiv chachu….


Saanjh looked at maahika who was sleeping peacefully, sometime snuggling close to her mother, geet patted her head cradling her small frame in her lap. silence was creeping in the room to suppress the louder thunder that is echoing in those hearts. Geet remember how much she had said to saanjh. In her pain she forget everything. She forget the fact it was not easy for saanjh, she was a strong girl but sometime love can melt a stone or crack a wall very easily. Saanjh had faced the pain and her heart couldn’t handle that.


SORRY. both said in unison, saanjh was guilty, today she got to know how much pain her family had gone through. Often we thought the pain we are having is much bigger than anyone can have but we forget this nature is full of mystery. It often learnt us that sometime other’s pain can be much higher than out small grief. This world is full of sorrow where one have sadness bigger than other still they are living.


Geet was baffled to hear so continuous words from saanjh.


Saanjh: jy-jyada nahi, thoda,,, thoda..


Geet understand she needs more time and treatment then she will get her saanjh back, she was happy to know that but the pain which had broken saanjh What will happen to that broken saanjh? Will she ever able to be like her old saanjh. Both sat there in silence. No one wanted to break it and destroy the moment in grief.





Shiv freshened up in arjun cabin… arjun was laughing seeing the state and maan couldn’t help but chuckle at shiv’s angry face, he narrated how maahi the football champ made him shower in milk. Arjun excused himself saying he got an emergency but both can stay in his room till they want. now maan n shiv is sitting in a complete silence. Maan broke the irked silence between them.


Maan: geet was hyper and


Shiv: I understand. I deserve every bit of it.


Maan: but she doesn’t. shiv looked at maan with blank face, saanjh doesn’t deserves that. she should be happy shiv.  Shiv doesn’t said anything for few mins neither maan. but after some time shiv spoke


Shiv: geet will never forgive me. she hates me na? she can never forgive a culprit like me.


Maan smiles sadly: u don’t know her yet shiv, when she forgive me with all my sin, she can forgive u, but u have to show her ur sincere love. Geet is a girl who is simple from heart. She doesn’t need fancy heart, just love from true soul and she will accept that.


Shiv: but, will she, will she see it?


Maan: she is much more sensible than us. But she needs time. shiv nodded his head silently.





Its being 5 days, and now geet can return home, she was missing her family badly, in these 5 days saanjh was always there silently taking care of geet in maan’s absence, she was great help for maan as he could concentrate on business also, shiv was always there with sanjh but never came in front of geet. He doesn’t have the guts to confront her. and when maan came to see geet shiv took care of business.



Geet was thinking about these days, the way shiv had taken care of her and saanjh, yes she knew he was always there whenever they needed anything. she was angry and in that state she had said a lot to shiv but somewhere she knew he was innocent. The sisterly love had taken over her but still the friends was there in her who had witnessed shiv’s suffer. In just few month shiv had become good frnd and she had seen him feeling alone without maan. she had observed the sincerity in his eyes. she remember the way maan n shiv had fought in those days, now all make sense, she knew shiv was at fault but yet he was innocent by heart. Her calm heart is now taking things positively but still the fear for her sister was lingering in her.


She felt maan’s breath on her ear. She realized the car had stopped. She turned her face and touched the rough stubble of her husband. She looked at the naughty eyes.


Maan: home sweet home. Geet smiles a little but maan bent on her more, his rough stubble again caresses her soft cheek. He kissed her earlobe making her heartbeat rose; a naughty smirk came to his mind. He whispers huskily, Seatbelt is open jaan, u can come out. She snapped her eyes seeing him opening her seatbelt. Her face flushed with the smirk of his face, she tried to go out still lowering her lashes but maan jerks her hand, and she fell on his chest again. Her breath hitched as he held her waist securely. She looked at his eyes which is showing concern and love. Tucking the lose hair behind her ear he leaned on her and peck her forehead.


Maan: never scare me again mishty, it was horrible. She looked at his fearful eyes and hugged him from his waist, then put her head on his chest. He held her fully on him. his hands were playing on her back curves, slowly drawing patterns on him.


Geet moans: Maannn…


He smiles and dropped a kiss on her shoulder hugging her closely.


Maan: lets go, everyone is waiting for u…


Geet looked straight in his eyes: Shiv bhi hoga?


Maan: hmm. He saw her lost face, maan gently cupped her face. mishty, he need one chance. Can’t u give him that? she looked at him painfully. Her eyes were filling but he softly kissed her one eye and the another. She held his collar tightly in her fist, he kissed her cheek, It will be ur decision only. No one will pressure u. she looked at him and saw the sincere promise with a genuine smile. he pecked her lips. Ok lets go before I lose myself and u r not so strong to take me right now. he winked at her, and she saw him feeling dumbfounded with his naughty smirks. But soon a deep shade of red came on her flushed face. she knew he is lighting the atmosphere and she is really glad. She needs it to face shiv now. gently both comes out from the car and he held her waist to support her.


She looked at the whole family who was standing outside of the mansion, she can guess the restlessness yet happiness on their faces. She saw meera smiling at her. jay was holding her hand, she knew how much frighten is her friends, geet gave a weak smile to them.


Nikita took her arti, maan held geet’s waist to support her on her feet. She was fine but a little bit weak, not much still maan was very concern for her so its natural for him to hold her like that. slowly everyone move in the mansion. Maan guess her restless eyes were searching for someone, and there it met. He saw the person standing at a corner looking at her with only pain n guilty eyes, just the mere eye lock brought tears in geet’s eyes, she looked away in disgust. Shiv closes his eyes and leaned on the wall having a painful smile. but then he opens his eyes and walked away from there. geet sat between her frnds and family, those who were only asking her about her health, but geet just took maahika in her arms and started walking towards their room. Maan explained everyone that she needs rest. She is is very much weak, so everyone left her.


Maan entered the room to find geet lost in thoughts. Maahika was sucking her thumb while placing her head on her mother’s shoulder, geet was looking out of the room, her fav past time, maan shook his head. Geet felt a pair of hand sliding in her waist. She knew the aroma. Maan kissed maahika’s forehead who gave him a gummy smile. geet slightly turn to maan. but maan force her back to touch his chest, maahika was happy feeling her parent’s touch together, she placed her head on geet’s chest, like a good girl she was giving her parents some times.


Maan: geet, u should talk to them.


Geet: where is she?


Maan: she is here, but don’t know why she didn’t came.


Geet leaned on him comfortably, her hands were on mahika, one caressing her hair and one patting her back to sleep. Maan saw geet’s lost face, he felt helpless in this, he doesn’t want to see geet like this but his all effort is going vein, he knew the only person can make her like again is Shiv, but who himself is in remorse how can he will brought things back to position. but for now maan can’t see his life like this. he forced her to meet his eyes. her face was blank, he cupped her face.


Maan: please geet, u remember what doctor said, u can’t be sad. I know whatever happened was not right but u have to understand time wasn’t with us. Geet looked at maan with teary hazel. The mere thought of seeing those hurtful days came rushing. She closed her eyes, maan leaned on her forehead, kissing her eyes one by one he pecked her forehead. Geet when u got to know I had lost my frnd because of shiv, still u supported him, but knowing that frnd was saanjh u couldn’t handle this fact, but remember once u said, that frnd never wanted our fight, this sadness, this hatred…. Geet looked at his eyes registering his words. Maan kissed her nose tip. U r breaking ur own words mishty. Just try to give a 2nd chance to him. u had seen his remorse and thats why u supported him going against me, then what happened now?


Geet broke in to sob: she was my frnd, my sister, my life maan. I, can’t.


Maan: I know jaan, its ok, shhh,,, if ur heart can’t forgive him then I m with u. take ur time jaan pls don’t give pain to urself. Geet’s tears cam in a flow, a lump formed in her throat. Maan wiped it with his thumb. Do u want to punish ur maan also geet? She immediately looked at him with her big doe shape eyes which was full of tears. She shook her head cutely.


Geet: u were never at fault, u only tried to protect her and I know u can never miss judge anyone’s feelings.


Maan was amazed with her words, so much trust and confidence she have on him, the look nearly shivered him, how can a person trust someone so much, knowing somewhere he was at fault but still she only took the positive side of him, he knew from her heart she still think shiv is her frnds its just the sisterly love over powered her feeling her.


Maan cupped her face: geet, by shedding this tears u r punishing me, do u know how much it hurts me? seeing ur sad face I feel like thousand needles are piercing my heart. Do u want to see me in pain? She shook her head in no, and just then maahika who was sleeping stirs in her sleep and with her chubby cheeks she started punching geet’s chest. Geet looked at her and maahika was going to scratch her face. maan immediately took her in his arms while geet looked at her in confusion. Maan saw mahika making cranky faces and then trying to hold geet’s face.


He smiles and wiped the remaining tears from geet’s face…. maahika gave a gummy smile to maan and kissed his cheeks wetting his cheek with her saliva and tongue. Geet looked at them in awe. She pouted showing she is left out, maan spreads his 2nd arm and geet came immediately. Geet hugged the father daughter duo and maahika touched her cheek checking something has remained maybe. Geet took her hand and kissed her chubby palm making her giggles. This 2 n half month baby also know her mother is crying which is not good for her, maahika hugged maan and hide her face in his neck..


Maan: see geet maahi also doesn’t want to see her mother sad face, ur pain give us Pain, do u want to see that. geet nodded her head in no. he thanks his star for the child woman who loves him so much that she agreed for anything.







Tum niche kyun nahi aayi?


Saanjh jumped in fear hearing the sudden manly voice which was showing anger, she looked at him confusingly.


Shiv: Geet was there waiting for u and u didn’t came, may I know why?


Saanjh didn’t answered him just carried her work, shiv looked curiously, she was doing something on some paper, he peaked over her shoulder, saanjh sensed him and hide the paper in hugging it closely, she gave him a angry cute glare telling him not to see it, shiv chuckle at her, a small smile came on his lips, but soon he hide it seeing her red face. anyone can say she is feeling highly irritating. She gave him her back and again drowned in her work, shiv tried to see but she hide it giving him her back. shiv felt frustrated.


Shiv: what r u doing saanjh, just go and meet her, she is waiting for u. saanjh looked at him with one brow raising, shiv saw the real saanjh, who can make anyone’s life hell who will order her. with a deep sigh he gave her a look of arrogant attitude.. Look it doesn’t matter for me, but I think u need to pacify ur sister who’s anger always stayed on the top building of her nose.



That’s it saanjh lost her patience and showed him the knife she was holding in her hand. shiv’s eyes widen as he took 2 step back.


Shiv: oye ye knife hain, it’s not ur nail polish, kya kar rahi hain jungle billi. But it was too late saanjh started taking step towards him and she pointed the knife on his neck.


Saanjh: not ,, a,,, word for,,, geet…


Shiv: Ok, he said meekly, then looks at the knife that she was holding. Saanjh saw him looking the knife but then she saw their close proximity, there was only few inches gap between them. She instantly took a step behind.


Shiv noticed the awkward silence and hesitance in her. he tried to make the situation lighter, he saw her nervously taking few step behind, the fear and distance he had created in her need time for heal, he knew only his frndship can give that old saanjh back, so for now leaving aside his all remorse he smirks finally thinking a plan to irritate her and getting the old saanjh back….



Precap:  what is saanjh doing for geet??? shiv irritating geet, maan smashing shiv????




New entry maybe in next part, can’t say now as my whole concentration is on maaneet n shiv-saanjh, need to settle the broken frndship. And don’t think this shiv will shed tears only, remember he is arrogant and mean also, and this time mean in frndship to get it back, hmm Maahi will get her role in next part maybe our devil maahi can make shiv’s life hell…


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  1. Posted by maneetmaniac on September 14, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Amazing update…..wondet who is the new entry…mahi is so cute….


  2. Posted by laksh on September 14, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    Nice update tich. Shiv is cute. Hoping the new character may be a gal who is a frnd of shiv. Sanjh may get jealous. Or a new guy who is a cousin of sanjh to make shiv jealous and confess his love. Waitin . Update sOon.and update love for u too. Waitin tich.


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