Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 15




Ok so jaldi update mil gaya, hain na? kya karu,, some of my very good frnd are saying the track is matching with MB and one evn said some essence of Soubhagyabati Vabha is here with it, ROFL pehle puri story to sunlo before jumping here n there, thanks to u guys mujhe pata chal gaya mere track shows se bhi mil rahe hain, chalo I should buck up then fast or u will say I m stealing scene and story from other shows.. Well tich thinking does it needed to steal or should say in Raty’s language ITTEFAQ to be happen knowing the fact u guys are watching those shows and can easy catch if I had been influenced by those shows… oye mujhe itna befakuf samajhti hain kya???


chalo enough of bak bak, will try to buck up fast so that ur confusion will be solve and don’t think about maan’s past will solve soon, its one of the main story so nopeee it’s not ending so soon and hell yeah did u forget maan is an enigma, so whatever u r planning that may be he will do maybe be fail also,, buahahhaha I m sounding so confusing like my devil..


Chaddo ye sab and enjoy update,  this devil is driving me crazy,, after K2HY I m founding interesting to hear every kind of review and pls appreciation n criticism is welcome as I really having a nice time with it, it boost up me to write more,


Agar ye kisi se inspired hain so only Aniee’s DEVIL,, as I m in love with it, and yes I m confessing cz I m not afraid to accept the truth, her devil had inspired me to comment on IF and work harder on each of my story,,, love u anieeeee for that…..


And yes I m not angry on anything I m just laughing with the comparison hehehehehe…..


Part 15



She tried to held his hand but he pinned both hand with one hand and slides his free hand under the kurti losing it a little, still his lips were lingering on her soft petals.


She wriggled in his embrace but it made him wilder, he sucks her bottom lips harshly, his hands were already busy in her soft skin under the kurti, geet tried to seal her mouth but no use one squeeze from his rough palm on her waist, a sudden gasp came from her lips.  His long tongue throbbed in her mouth feeling the warm saliva. His hand slides on her curves and started squeezing one of it. her eyes widen but then she tightly closed it fearing his next move, but strangely he was withdrawing her hand from her curves, she opens her eyes to see him looking at her eyes only, like his soul in boring in her eyes, he tiles his head in an angle for an open mouth kiss,, and for the 1st time she saw him closing his eyes, he left her hand and held her nape firmly to bring her more close, his other hand was on her back inside the kurti only, but it was caressing her softly. Her eye lids felt heavy with the seduction her devil was doing…


He captured her upper lips nibbling and biting it, demanding for respond while she was in dilemma, her mind was leaving her body. Her shivering hand went up to his nape holding it softly, her lips move over his M shape perfect lips, those heartbeat rose to an extent that anyone can fear it will burst any moment. Her tongue tasted his lower lips and he groans finally getting her response. He pulls her more close if it was possible, her closed eyes blocked every view as the body took over her and she forget everything in this forbidden pleasure, his dark pleasure. For the first time Geet lost herself.. she was lost in his possession. He caught her tongue with him and swing her tongue showing the ecstasy of pleasure. she panted in his arms and held him tight with her hand.. he found her biting his lips and it made him more mad, his hands were all over her back and then on her curves, rubbing it and pinching it.. he heard her loud moan..


Maan,, Maannnnn,,,


He brought back to reality as he heard her calling his name loudly near his ear, he looked beside him, an irritating geet was calling and and he was lost in his thoughts, ohhh crap it was his DREAM. But why it felt so real, he touched his lips and flinched finding nothing but dryness… he saw the route he had taken without his knowing, they were heading towards haveli again. He stopped the car right away there. all the way he was only dreaming about their intimacy, after threatening her he was only thinking how to punish her cz she tried to know his dark past..but he found himself lost in her, this girl is driving him crazy from a long time and with each passing second his madness is increasing, still he is trying to control why? If any other girl was in her place he would have forced her to agree to his demand, but why he couldn’t do it with her, guess that is the truth, no other girl needed to be force, they were always ready for him, some seeing his sharp features and good look, and some for his money but GEET, she is different, is it really because of her denial he is feeling this attraction towards her? or it is something else. Maan mentally jerks himself for thinking something like that. yes its just physically, a strong urge of physical need and possessiveness because he don’t want to see her with any other man than him, he has the sole right on her, and that is eternal truth.


Geet poked his biceps to get his attention and his one look was enough for her to say he is very angry, she gulp her saliva and gave a fake smile.


‘I need to go home or else mamma will be tense?’ geet said with straight face looking ahead on the road.


‘why u went there?’


‘I think I had answered it, I was worried for dadima,, humanity is dead in u not me, u can’t see her sad face when u accused those words to her but I saw her sadness,, that’s why I went there and anyway I don’t feel the necessity to tell u’ she finished her sentence in one breath but next her breath caught in her lungs, maan jerks her hand and she fell on his hard chest.


‘listen miss geet handa, I m telling u for the last time, don’t waste ur pity on other and specially those who related to khuranas, or else u will never find any one person for ur pity’


He left her hand and started the engine, geet saw him taking a U turn that’s mean to her house, she sighed in relief but maan’s face was hard.


After 10 min of silence geet looked at him ‘how did u manage to know where was i?’


This one question was eating her like anything, did he called mamma to know about it or he went to my house, but few hrs back only he left the place with anger, its not possible to be back again, is he spying on me? so many confusion was going in her head…


A smirk came on his face suddenly; he knew her mind will not rest in peace till she get to know how he came to know about her visit.


‘what do u think? How did I get to know?’ he said with a casual attitude.


Geet was feeling frustrated ‘if I knew it, I would have never asked u, but u,, just leave , I don’t wanna know.’


‘that’s better’ he said while she frowns. He pulls the break and she jerks her head to see they reached her home. She hurriedly went out still not believing his ever changing mood. Maan saw her running towards her home and he leaned on his seat to take a deep birth.


‘I really want u geet, really badly I need u like no one I had needed in life, this MSK need to get u and u have to be mine, no one can snatch u from me, I will never let them.’


Just then his cell rang, maan started the engine and took the call via bluetooth.


‘yes aadi,’ his voice was back with hard and cruelness that can shiver anyone.


‘si-sir, there is a meeting lining up, u have to come delhi tonight.’


‘can’t u handle any damn thing aadi?’ maan’s voice was deep and low. Aadi literally cried holding his heart.


‘mr Sinha wanted to meet u before signing the deal, he said we won’t sign without meeting u as he want to add something in the project’


Maan greeted his teeth ‘hmm, I will be there by 11’


‘but sir meeting is at 7.30 in XYZ hotel’


Maan smirks ‘let them wait aadi, they need to understand MSK’s Time.’


Aadi laughed in his typical manner ‘he-he-he yes sir’


Aadi is a guy who always think whatever maan do is correct so it nothing new for him.


Aadi was keeping the phone down when maan spoke ‘Good work aadi’


His eyes widen as his boss had appreciated him which is really rare, he knew geet is special for him.


‘it was my duty sir’


‘u are in delhi still u r doing ur duty of here, nice track of ppl.’


‘because of u I learned everything sir, a little money and there is hundred ppl to keep eye on MAM’


‘’hmm that’s better, keep doing good work aadi.’ With it maan hung up the phn and aadi just kept looking at the screen.







Its being 2 days, geet is happy as well as irritated, pari told her that her surprise will arrive in a day but it got delayed for some reason, and geet was happy because in these 2 days she doesn’t get to see her devil, maan is nowhere in HP, so she felt a free bird. But somewhere deep in her heart she knew he is somewhere around her, she still felt his aroma on her like his smell has surrounded her.


Geet was thinking about a way to execute her plan, she knew it’s not going to be easy to ditch maan, but she can’t sacrifice her life for this man, she is only afraid for her family but seeing his soft side now a days she thought he can’t harm them and more over if she pretends that she loves someone else maybe then her family and other society will accept her breaking the marriage with maan and no one will point a finger, she doesn’t want to run away to push her family in humiliation. She doesn’t care about this society but her mother does. So she is afraid for her reputation.  Somewhere she thought if maan get to know she loves someone else and there is no place for him in her heart, maybe he won’t come behind her. still fear was there, she knew he lusted her body so he can come for her. she is not afraid of him for herself, once she get out of this place she will leave everything far behind, and maan can never harm her mother when she will be with her only. Geet is only feared about her mother, baaki jaay bhaad me. she couldn’t care much for her rest of the family.


Still she comprehend what real intention maan is having, actually still she couldn’t sense the seriousness and madness in him, so she is taking everything lightly. When she saw the murder, she was only 16 and moreover maan killed the person in a secret place, but what can he do with her mother in an open society..  She is not a girl for panic, she can back out from everything in the last moment also, she is very practical girl who can do anything for her loves ones and even for others but when it comes to protect her future and her mother she won’t think twice to ditch the humanity in her. she is logical maybe because of her past, her childhood which she had been seeing so much bickering that she forgot the love in this world. She forgets about humanity when it comes to her love one’s.


But she is still unaware the storm she is welcoming, she is forgetting her devil is much more selfish than her and that she can think off. how much she know about him, she never get the chance, and for rest of the ppl he is an enigma, so no one can help her to understand him not even his dadima. And now in her planning she didn’t gave the importance the most pathetic event that will occur in few moment….






‘Geettttt’ Pari screamed out fro geet,


‘aayi baba ruk’ Geet draped her shoulder with her dupatta and came rushing down from the stairs, they were going out to see the place, in all these days geet had missed pari a lot. Both are really close to each other, pari is a secret holder of geet, she can do anything for geet and same with geet. For geet pari is a sister which she never get in nandini. A sibling’s love pari had filled in her…


Pari had planned the day they can roam in the street of HP for some shopping as well. so geet happily agreed as she too wanted some time for herself with her frnd….


‘let’s go now’ geet dragged pari holding her hand,



Both giggles, laughed and did a lot of fun. They ate all the junk foods and did some shopping, pari liked the atmosphere of there, it was much more peaceful than the cities.


Geet was busy selecting some bangles and putting them in her hand when pari tapped her shoulder, she was busy on phone so geet choose some glass bangles for herself,


‘geet chal I need to show u the surprise’ pari said hurriedly taking out some note and gives it the shop keeper. Dragging out geet with her she doesn’t felt the necessity to tell her anything.


‘will u tell me what is this surprise, kab se sun rahi hu,, and why u r dragging me. ohh the most important question where are u dragging me? if u forgot let me tell u this is my city and u don’t know anything about it…. so,,,’’’’


Geet’s words trails off as she saw something that made her numb. Pari smiles at her as they reached the deserted place. A small smile formed on her face,, her eyes were teary and a small pout was there on her lips.


‘yash’ geet whisper, yash smiles widely, he wanted to hug her but soon geet pounced on him with her tiny fist,, she started hitting him making pari laughed and yash to dodge her.


‘oye geet, ruk, stop yaar, dekh it was not my fault, kya karu, work held me so I m late’


Pari smiles and ingested geet ‘aur maar geet, I ask him to come 2 days back and see he has came now, very bad yash’


Yash gave a i-will-kill-u look to pari which she smirks only, geet again slapped his head and then shoulder,, her continuous slap and punch was increasing only, yash knew he should had come earlier, she is little depended on him as he is her best frnd just like pari, this 3 are best from from std 8th, yash knew everything about maan and that day… (guys remember when geet saw the murder it was yash who consoled her with pari, they are frnd from teen age but yash is senior to geet n pari by 2 yrs)


Yash saw the little tear in geet and he knew she is really feeling emotional, all the events had made her exhausted emotionally. Finally she broke in a sob and yash hugged her immediately. Pari looked away hiding the tear in the corner of her eyes and wiping them, yash saw that and warned her,, she nodded giving a little smile….


‘hey my fighter queen is behaving like a bimbo who only know to cry’ yash chipped funnily and geet punched his stomach, his eyes widen, and he gave a threatening look to geet.


‘u idiot, ouch, tu jitni moti hogayi hain utna hi strength agaya hain tujhme’


Geet gave a killing look to him ‘u, gadha khotta ek to der se aaya and now this, main moti huh? I m not fat like those bimbos whom u followed whole day’


‘hey dare u’


‘I will, kya karega donkey’


‘geetttt’ yash greeted his teeth… pari saw the 2 kid ready to pounce on each other..


Yash was always a support for geet, he was always there to protect her, to hold her in her worst state. He had given this life to her, no one can name the relationship between the two, it just Friendship but way more respectable than any relation…


‘ok ok hold on, give a break to ur fight,, now concentrate on the next problem we are going to face’ this is pari who came between the two….


Yash’s face suddenly changed to be serious ‘Maan Singh Khurana, king of his world and the world of immorality’


Geet n pari saw the dangerous seriousness in his voice, they knew yash can do anything when it comes to protect geet or pari, the 2 angel in his life. But this is not a small teasing case of collage, it’s the king and the devil has his own world of wickedness….


‘what r u planning yash?’


Yash thinks something and turned to face geet ‘ u have to run away from here’


Geet and pari was blank,


‘what??? what r u saying yash, we can go with our 1st plan, ranbir is coming to help us na? we can talk to my mom and then dadima, they will understand it and this marriage will break.’ Geet tried to put the words to in a confirming manner.


Yash looked at her little hesitantly ‘geet we don’t have the option.’ Geet was confuse and yash feared t disclose the next word ‘Geet, Ranbir.. Ranbir is in hospital, he met with an accident while coming here. The accident was dangerous so he,, he slipped to coma…’


Geet became cold, her hands were numb, she looked at yash’s eyes straightly, to seek the hidden words he doesn’t want to say.


Her lips shivered ‘is-is, i-it M,,,,,’


‘MAAN SINGH KHURANA darling.’ Someone declared from back and the three turn to see a smirking devil leaning on a tree with his hands crossed over his chest…. A deep and visible smirk was on his face saying he is really enjoying the lost and fearful faces of the three soul…..



Precap: well u all know what is coming…




Ermm so how is my unpredictable devil, hmm he won’t take 2 sec to kill anyone who will come between him and his possession.. so how many rate to this devil, I m succeeding to portray a real devil but yet sexy n desirable….


Tanu don’t kill me for Ranbir name,, in last update it was ranveer but I changed it as it was matching with maan’s father, so I had to made it ranbir…. But uska jayda role hi nahi hian, so chalta hain na?


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  1. wow lovely update dear so MSK is so much possessive abt our geet..and lovely POV of MSK..true he cant have her forcefully as it is stopping it fm his heart and lovely bond of Geet,Yash & Pari..oh god Ranbir ka accident ho gaya and MSK is behind this….oh no..ab aage kya hoga..and loved Yahs’s convo..moti geet….;) do cont soon dear….:)


  2. Posted by maneetmaniac on September 16, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Amazing update…..
    Lvd it….


  3. Posted by shumaila azam on July 28, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Amazing update…..Loved it.


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