Love For You Part 54

Quite a boring part,, as I myself is not satisfied….

Love for you part 54

Maan was feeling irritated with geet’s continue shouts and whistle, knowing very well it is disturbing maan like hell, he gave her a warning look but geet was nowhere to stop. How can she stop it when he is also irritating her with his silent work, he was here to enjoy with family but he was busy in his laptop. Maan was checking some mails but pretended to be highly busy as he couldn’t tolerate the sight geet praising rudra and karan so mucof h… as usual boys are busy in football, rudra karan dev in one team and abhi arjun samir in another team. Geet obviously clapping and cheering for rudra’s team. Maan saw rudra often looking at geet giving his smile on her enthusiasm… but he didn’t missed the sadness on maahi’s face. she was feeling jealous again? Maan sighed, he knows how its feel, knowing about geet, still he couldn’t help but feel irritation whenever he saw her hugging or taking rudra’s side. The insecurities is still there somewhere… his parents story was always fresh in his mind… he want to blv rudra completely and he knew he is only her frnd but still a corner sometime becomes selfish and mean.

He was lost in his thoughts when he heard geet’s screamed. He looked at the place and saw rudra falling down on the ground tripping on a rock, everyone panicked and geet rushed towards the field,, naina and arohi too ran towards them where karan rudra’s shoulder to support him..

Karan: bhai r u ok? dev  held him from back, and tried to make him stand on his feet, rudra somehow stood up but next he was going to fall again, just then Maan came between holding him from front, little hugging him….. it was nearly evening,, dadima was in her room, and sonali n neha was with her… or else they would get worried…

Maan held him strongly,, rudra put his hand around maan’s neck… maan was wearing only vest and loose baggy trouser…. His biceps reflect as rudra was huge to handle…. Both were very well maintain and have very good physic…. Saima looked at both of them with mouth hanging… nysha came and closed her mouth…

Nysha: muh jayda badha mat kohl makkhi ghush jayegi,, can’t u stop drooling over boys, they r not ur lollipop to pop ur eyes on them…

Saima: shut up nysha,, tu larki nahi hain to main kya karu? U doesn’t look at boys, its not my problem, maybe u r some defective piece by god creation…

Nysha: yeah maybe,, but god had forget to put something in u..

Saima: what?

Nysha: brain… she left the place leaving a fuming saima….

Geet reached towards rudra and maahi was with her,, rudra was in pain and that shows in his eyes…. but still he smiles at the 2 girls so that they didn’t get worry, but he knew his mishty, who was gulping hard to see him in pain.

Maahi: ohh god Rudra what happen. Zayda chot nahi lagi na?? geet only looked at rudra to maan and maan too rudra… her hazels started watering and it made maan more restless…. Maan placed rudra on a place,, then he moved on his feet. It was swollen..

Geet: fracture nahi hain na? rudra is it paining very much? I will call doc uncle, u just wait.. but before she can run rudra held her hand..

Rudra: m fine mishty, its not fracture, I guess I had twisted my angel, and this shoulder… geet’s eyes widen but rudra smiles cutely.. geet saw maan holding rudra’s leg…

Geet: maan what r u doing? Maan looked at her face giving her a glare… he looked at rudra…

Maan: it will be paining… rudra nodded. He held his ankle

Geet held his hand tightly: Dheere,, shhh its paining kya?

Maan couldn’t concentrate with her continue blabbering, he gave her a look to shut up but she only pouted seeing his glare… she held rudra’s hand tightly almost digging her nails in his skin, rudra gulp hard to control himself from saying anything,, she was holding the same arm where he got injury..

Geet: this all because of arjun, u idiot can’t u see before crossing.

Arjun: abb maine kya kiya, I was just trying to take the ball.

Geet: and u pushed him

Arjun: it’s a game mishty tu nahi samjhegi

Geet: I know it, u should be careful na?

Rudra: mishty it’s ok, it’s not his fault.

Maan: geet khel me lagti rehti hain, and he is not a glass doll like someone.. he said without looking at her but the mischievous glint was visible. Geet pouted knowing whom he said it, maan was ready to twist rudra’ ankle but again geet cried out…

Geet: Dheere….

Rudra: MISHTY,,,

Maan: GEETTT,,


Both said and geet left rudra’s arm, maan in a swift motion twisted his ankle and he winched a little, in that moment maahi grabbed his palm shoving geet a little.. geet closed her eyes and after some moment she felt hot breath on her neck.

Maan: He is fine now, maan whisper close to her ear without making anyone notice them.. he held her hand, entangle his finger with his and came beside her, geet’s eyes met with rudra who was surrounded with frnds, but still his eyes are on her, he gesture her he is fine. Dev n karan helped him to go in his room where maahi with other frnds accompanied him….

Geet went to her room after the dinner and little scolding from dadima to rudra and rest of the boys except maan… she skipped in her room, waiting for maan. here maan saw maahi going towards rudra’s room with a hot bag in her hand. he saw the love on her face for rudra, the concern, but there was some kind of fear. He shrugged it for now, and went to see geet pacing left n right in her room. He can guess she is thinking about something… without her knowing he entered the room and sprung her around by holding her waist,, geet shriek in horror…

Geet: maan put me down, maan main gir jayungi.. please na maan..

Maan placed her on the floor and pushed her body on a wall locking her with his body…

Maan: hmm,, how can u think I will let u fall huh? Geet gaped at his eyes,, the love was undying. She saw his gaze on her lips, redness came on her apple like cheeks. He felt like crushing her right then. his hands slides on her waist pulling her close to his body, her soft chest touched his hard one but geet’s palm was on his upper chest, he saw that and looked at her eyes. she can see the mischievous stare in his eyes. she pushed him a little but he was adamant on the position…

Geet: someone will come maan.

Maan: no one can come between us…

Geet raises her eye brow: accha? Aur agaya to?

Maan: I will destroy that person…

Geet was taken a back with his sudden claim but she composed her breath: aur wo koi person na hoke kuch aur huya to? Maan looked at her confuse, but geet smiles.. kuch bhi hosakta hain….

Maan brought her chest more close with his hand pushing her from back…

Maan: I told u na, nothing can come between us… his voice was having an unknown dominance, an irritation as well,, maan composed himself and saw her staring at him… he touched her face with his palm, u will be with me till the end of the world, samjhi tum?

Geet: sometime I fear what if u stop loving me like this,, her sentence was simple and very innocent, but it showed the pain in her eyes which maybe she herself doesn’t know,, Maan sometime I really fear, what will happen if u stop loving me, I can’t live without u, I will die.

Maan’s hold grew stronger on her waist to somewhere hurting her… but she just gaped at him without saying anything…

Maan: that day think ur maan is dead.

Her tears fell as the words came out from his mouth and she crushed him in her hug, like her life is snatching away, she hugged him with her all strength…

Maan closed his eyes feeling her so close to him, finally calming his erotic heartbeat….

Maan’s hands went to her back, just then he realized what she is wearing,, white anarkali suit with deep cut neck, simple yet very gorgeous….his fingers brushed her back making her shiver…  he hide his face between her shoulder and neck, his lips touched her arm as her hands were on his neck. Hands were roaming above her back freely… his kisses increases from arm to neck… it was soft and tickling making her smile a little. She moans his name and tried to break the hug but he held her more firmly. Her breath was already uneven. He dropped a small kiss on her earlobe.

Maan: u r looking heavenly beautiful, she blushed furiously and hide her face in his chest, I wanna eat u raw geet. The words sending a chill down her spine, her hold on him grew tighter, he controlled his oozing desire to have her right here.. lets go to backward now, or I might end up on bed with u.. geet punched his chest with her tiny fist on his shameless words…. He tucked the lose strands looking at her lost face suddenly, he remember her worry about rudra… he came close to her earlobe… Rudra is fine, Maahi is there for him… he needs rest, tom we will show him to doctor.

Geet smiles on his concern, how did he understood his unsaid words,, he cupped her face and kissed the tip of her nose..

Maan: I will be waiting for u, come soon.

Geet: but,

Maan: sab ek sath dekhenge to shaq karenge,, come after 10 mins,


Geet entered the backward, surrounded with pool side,, she was surprised and shocked to find no one was there still candles were everywhere, she saw the white tent illuminated with a small cozy white cot and candles were everywhere.. a small smile comes on her face knowing who did this.. Her maan did this to make her feel special.. how did he managed to do all this she doesn’t have any idea…

She was so lost in the essence, that she forgot about rest of the world, in a trance she was walking through the path which is decorated with white and pink rose petals… she looked everywhere like it’s her fantasy… smile couldn’t leave her lips, eyes were twinkling…. But she shivered feeling the scent that always makes her weak on her senses…..

Maan: how is it? do u like it? maan asked bending on her earlobe slowly kissing it, he took her earlobe in his mouth and sucks it to pleasure her.

Geet moans: maan… her simple whisper was enough to turn him on, he held her waist pulling her close to his body, her back collide with him, then she realized his shirt’s button were off,, his chiseled chest is touching her back. she gulps her saliva to feel his hard chest touching her smooth scene… she wanted to move but maan held her firmly, not giving a chance to escape this beautiful moment. He keep aside her hair  from her one shoulder to another, now her bare back was perfectly visible for his hungry eyes. his lips touched her nape. Geet arched her back… her chest was heaving up and down. His lips trails wet kisses on her neck, she tiles her head to give him more access of her white smooth skin.. He dropped a open mouth hot kiss on her neck close to earring…

Maan: u make me crazy geet. I don’t know how will I survive this 2 week without u. just the mere thought of separation jolted her, and she turned in his embrace. He hugged her tight.

Geet: mat jao na maan.

Maan: I have to jaan, I don’t know how these weeks will be spend, tumhari adat hogayi hain abb mere zindegi ko, pata nahi ye din kaise bitenge…

Geet kissed his chest softly: I will wait for u,

Maan groans: geettt,,,, he pulls her for an open mouth kiss… she gave in happily… he chewed her lips while her nails digs in his back above the shirt.. she was innocently seducing him. he held her upper back with one hand and other hand was on her waist pulling her close to him, his mouth latched on her squeezing the sweet nectar from her lips… his tongue danced with her making her feel dizzy… she nibbles her upper lips, then captured the lower one between her teeth… maan was losing his every control over this desire,, and more over he wanted her badly as this desire will kill him in these separation…. Both broke the kiss feeling breathless….

Maan scooped her in his arms while walking towards the tent,, it was already 11 and the backward was very lonely place, so in this time no one will think to come here… maan put her on the small fluffy bed,, she saw the red flower on the bed and took it instantly.. maan smiles at her excited yet blushy face, he sat on his knees infront of her..

Maan: I wanted to spend this time with u geet,, as I know after this night I have to wait very long…

Geet looked at him confuse…

Geet: matlab

Maan: geet, wo,, actually… geet’s heart was beating violently…

Geet: kya hain maan?

Maan with a deep breath: I have to go London tom only… geet’s face was blank 1st,, and then she looked at him with pain… maan instantly cupped her face. I m sorry jaan, I wanted to say this last night, when I reached home, my client informed me I have to go as soon as possible then we decided it will tom only, but promise I will come back very soon…

Geet: maan u were suppose to go after some day then..

Maan: hmm I know but try to understand, u only said na, try to have dedication towards work, and it really very important…

Geet: maan I wanted to say something before u go… its related to ur,,

Maan kept his finger on her lips: no jaan, I don’t want to miss this moment with all these, I want to have u close to me all this hour. please give me the time to cherish so that I can remember this hour with u.. will u give me the reminiscence?  Geet nodded with a pout,,  ohh jaan don’t do this,,, I might eat u alive.. her eyes grew wider and red blush spreads more over her face…. but then she saw him finding something in his pocket… she tried to see it but he was busy in searching something finally he got it and gave a sweet smile to her….

Precap: finally Twist…..

Sorry for not carrying more, I will give another part tom as a gift to my Divz,,


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  1. aweome tich as always


  2. Awesome Update


  3. awsem update love it


  4. Posted by Mishti13 on September 17, 2012 at 2:02 am

    great update


  5. Posted by monika on September 17, 2012 at 3:15 am

    Awesome..loved it


  6. Posted by Kiran on September 17, 2012 at 4:53 am

    loved the update….
    whatever Geet’s relation is with Rudr…she should give some space to Maahi….
    Maan going to London….
    thanx for pm…


  7. Posted by neha on September 17, 2012 at 6:10 am

    wow.. awesome.. both r falling for each other.. but yeh separation lamba hoga kya?


  8. Posted by spvd on September 17, 2012 at 7:09 am

    part 54
    nice part…………
    so Maan is leaving to london?
    is he gonna come to know the truth?
    Geet so cares for Rudra………..
    and Maahi is still insecure………………
    what is gonna be the twist?
    cont soon dear……………

    Deepa (spvd)


  9. Posted by laksh on September 17, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Nice tich. Waitin for twist. Misunderstandin to hoga abi.


  10. chweet.. sabse jyada toh mujhe maan aur rudra ka scene pasand aya… do log jo ek duje ko nai chahte unhi ki care karna… nai chahte matbal they irritated wit each other…

    maneet moments very romantic… aur shayd iske baad bht se suspence khul jayenge… plz geet jo bolna chahti hai usse bolne do… maan plz don forget aftr knowing truth tat geet wanted to tell u something k.. be good boy…


  11. maan is going to london
    hope the next update is hot and romantic


  12. Posted by maneetmaniac on September 18, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Amazing update…..
    Loved it alot…..
    I guess the accident is round the corner….


  13. awesome
    wat twist going to happen
    wat geet want to say to maan which maan stopped.


  14. Posted by hinalmaaneet21 on September 19, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    awesome update
    what is troubling maahi???
    n i think maan is going to get to know about geet being his mithi from his uncle or something
    waiting eagerly for the next part


  15. Posted by tabby on September 27, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    waiting for geet to tell truth
    hope nothing go bad with maneet


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