Devil’s Darkest possession Part 16

Thank u for all the support and love u showered on me guys,, through thick n thin u stood beside me and I m really touched yes I wanted to quit IF but not Writing.. but my wonder reader supported me so much showered so much love,, ur every words are really special, the way u have supported I really didn’t expected cz, I thought I was really going beyond limit seeing just few comment on other thread, but now I had decided some thing….



Some violence is there in the part,, if u r uncomfortable please skip the part, I really don’t want to be bashed on this thread…. Again I m saying it’s a dark story so pls think about the story again…..

Part 16

Her lips shivered ‘is-is, i-it M,,,,,’

‘MAAN SINGH KHURANA darling.’ Someone declared from back and the three turn to see a smirking devil leaning on a tree with his hands crossed over his chest…. A deep and visible smirk was on his face saying he is really enjoying the lost and fearful faces of the three soul…..


Maan chuckle to see the fear on their faces,, as he proceeded towards them putting his hand in his both pocket of his pant, he saw geet’s forehead sweating,, his eyes followed on the bead which was descending towards her cheek and going down her shoulder, he felt his throat went dry but this time he won’t gave up to his desire… his each step was like a hungry lion taking his step towards his prey.. his eyes were fixed on geet only… geet only prayed to her babaji for some path, where maan was giving a sly smile,, just as she thought to take few step back she found herself plastered with maan’s body. He had covered the distance and now holding her firmly, but she can guess the outcome through his grip on her waist. She tried to look at pari but maan held her cheek in his large palm in a firm grip.

‘what happen jaan? Aren’t u happy to see me?’ geet gulped her saliva still put a brave face. he smirks and traces the sweat beads, ‘ohh I think u r feeling hot in this outside place, lets go to my place..’ geet missed a beat but tried to shoved his hand from her, still it goes only tighten. Ohoo jaan, now don’t start again… stay calm in my arms… maan came close to her ear and whispered huskily, I missed u a lot.. hope u did too. then dropped a wet kiss on her earlobe, it gave a shiver to her spine but not with pleasure,, for fear.. he is calm and that is the real fear…..

Yash yelled ‘let her go mr khurana’

Maan just stares at geet in her eyes, she was trying free her waist from him, he held her more firmly and pulls her close, then looked at yash.

‘ if I wont then?’

‘leave her mr khurana… she is not a puppet of ur hand..’ yash was really angry on maan.


Now its going beyond his control, maan’s eyes were turning red and his grip started hurting geet, she felt her breath will suffocate her as his hard chest was plastering with her and his hand was pushing her back so that it soaked in him.

yash started walking towards him,, pari tried to held him but he was furious and seeing geet so helpless his blood boiled,, but before he can touch geet’s hand maan his hand,, yash looked at his firing eyes,, maan’s jaw was tight and his eyes were spitting fire, if looks can shiver anyone, his glare was enough to make anyone weak on his senses….

‘mr khurana, she,,,,’

But yash words spitted with blood and maan punched his face very hard, almost making his face smashed with it,, yash fell on the ground and geet shouted for him….

Yasshhhh,,, Maan please,,,’

Her concern was making maan mad, he held her behind his back and as yash approached him,, he punched his stomach again and this time harder,, no matter how much strong yash but he is nothing infront of maan and specially when he is angry. Like the whole world can’t stand the demon in him when he came to real self… geet tried to push maan to go for yash.. as she was passing maan held her from waist. She started hitting his chest…

‘ its not his fault, don’t do that, leave me maan, he needs me..’ maan held her neck from back and brought her close to his face, his breath was heavy where geet was crying continuously, she had never feared for her family like this like the way she is feared for yash, and why not he is like a brother to her, that brother she never got in her step brother brij… yash was always her big brother who protected her and did anything to make her smile.. how can she let him die and that too cz of her,, and looking at the devil beside she knew he can do anything right now… she looked at his face, he was leaning on her forehead with close eyes, but it had so much in it that she failed to realized before…

‘ usne kuch nahi kiya,’ she said with sobs but maan pulls her close so that her face touched his…

‘I told u na, I won’t let anyone to snatch u, why u made me repeat my words ha? how could u do this geet?’ His voice was unusually deep but dangerous. Geet missed several beats as he opens his red eyes clearly saying how much he is enraged.. ‘I said don’t try to play games with me still u did. then what can I do huh? I had to do all this what I never wanted, but u made me to do it geet… why u r hell bent on making me the person I m burring in me? Bolo na?’

Next geet heard yash’s painful mourn as he kicked yash once again with his leg without any effort… yash curled on the ground holding his stomach,, pari ran towards yash and held him in her arms, yash’s eyes were drooping still he manages to control his pain and looked at maan with anger.. maan only smirked and held geet possessively…

leave her u ba,,,,

Before his words left his mouth maan grabbed his collar and made him stand on his feet only to beat him more.. pari tried to held maan’s hand but his one snap was enough to make her fall on the ground… he took his hand ready to punch his face but geet held his arm looking at him pleadingly.. he saw her fearful teary face,, he hated the concern her eyes posses for yash…. He left yash’s collar who fall on the ground but before geet can reach him maan held her hand and pulls her with force that she landed on his chest,

‘please use chodd do,, isme uski kya galti hain, I will do anything but please Leave him maan, please leave him. wo mar jayega.’

He clenched her hair in his fist ‘u should have think about it before u were hugging him.’ geet looked at him with pain as his grip wasn’t showing any mercy.. he held her scalp and pulls her enough close to touch her face with him, he was whispering dangerously. ‘Geet,, geet geet, I told u, its not possible to make me fool still u tried..’ he smirks…. ‘What do u thought ur frnds will try to take u out from my life and I will let them? Such a fool I had never seen ever in my life… and u,,, I never thought u will be so INNOCENT to blv me then?’ geet looked at him with pain and confusion.. maan rubbed her lips with his other thumb… I told u I came after ur frnd left the room and u believed it… I said I were there to see u and u believed me…. truth was I wanted to see u every breath I took,, though I never knew ur dumb friend is planning against me when I entered ur room I saw u guys were engrossed in urself… I wanted to kill her that moment but I never expected u to be happy in her plan… I mean how could u think I will let all that happen huh? Didn’t u get the demo what can I do whoever try to put his eyes on u,, didn’t I showed u a live telecast of what I can do if any man’s eyes fell on u, huh bolo?’’

Maan was whispering last words making her relive those moment spent in his arm when without her fault someone tried to touch her,, she looked at his eyes with fear for the first time… her heart throbbed violently to see the anger he is suppressing in those smirks… ‘now,, when u let him touch u again, u have to see the consequent jaan, not only u tried to be free but u hugged him knowing ur body I had marked with my touch still u let him touch u, how many mistake u will do geet, I can’t let u go without punishment now’

Her words died as he held her waist in his strong grip.. but soon he felt someone holding his hand, he looked at the source casually, he rolled his eyes to see yash who was not in a position to stand properly still trying his best to protect her…

Maan chuckle a him ‘do u want to invite ur death now or sometime later?’

‘Geet run’

Yash held maan and twisted his hand and held his collar in a unusually strong grip,, geet felt a force as maan left her and she landed a little far. She saw maan’s fierce eyes, next a scream came out as she saw yash landed on the ground with a very strong punch and next he was unconscious…


Geet ran towards yash where pari was screaming for help but maan held her waist,,, she frantically throw her hand but maan dragged her with him and shoved her in the car,, he locked it and came on driving seat,, geet was still screaming for yash but he didn’t bother,, she pleaded cried, hit his hand but he held her wrists in his only grip and continued the driving….

Geet cried trying to free her wrist from him ‘mujhe yash ke pass jana hain, don’t do this, all is my fault… wo mar jayega he need to get in hospital, please let me go…’

But he didn’t give any look, his face was hard and jaw tighten, he drove the car roughly and in few mins reached his haveli.. geet wasn’t ready to come out from the car but least he is worried about it, he harshly pulls her out then took her in his one shoulder like a sand bag and started walking inside…

She had witness the place before also,, then she didn’t felt so insecure or wrong here but today it was scaring her like death. His each step was giving thunder in her heart. She was throwing her hand on his taut back which got least problem with her futile hitting session, her legs were dangling in air, she was trying to kick him but his firm hold on her thighs made her condition vulnerable… she saw the staircase,, he was going towards upwards. Her heartbeat rose 10 time higher but why she herself doesn’t know, his dangerous silence was killing her.

She noticed he was not taking her in the same room like last time, it was a different room… a lavish room with oozing royalty and class from it, she felt herself crushed on a soft fluffy mattress… then only she came back to senses,, maan was almost over her, looking intently in her eyes, maybe to seek some fear in it.. the silky satin sheet under her palm doesn’t give her a jolt of passion but it was creating havoc in fear,,

Her back hit the bed post, she saw it and then looked at him….

‘let me go’ she whimpered feeling an unknown fear seeing the glare in his eyes, the way he was looking at her is giving her jolt… maan gave her a little place as he sat down beside her resting his head on the post.

‘go’ he said,, and geet looked at him with confuse look, his eyes were close,, taking deep breath maybe he is trying to control his anger she thought. Without any further word she tried to run from there only to collide a hard body… her hair scattered on her face, she pushed them back and saw the hold on her wrist and the smirk on his face,, his face was close to his chest. He looked at her teary face.

‘where do u want to go geet? To meet that bastard friends of urs, or that so called boyfriend of urs, what was the name? ha Ranbir?’ maan spat in anger where his hold was increasing with which passing min. it was paining geet, in all this she didn’t notice the glass bangles had broke and a cut has appeared on her white skin, neither maan gave the look on her wrist when he was enraged with her tensed face that for someone else.

‘he needs me,, let me go to yash, please maan.’ geet pleaded but maan held her waist and pushed her on the mattress then hovered her body with him. he cupped her cheek a little down and it goes in her neck he pulls her face close to him..

‘why u r forcing me to forget all my inhibition which I m trying on u only? Don’t test my patience geet or else,,,’

He left the word but it was enough for geet, she felt his hand sliding in her kurti, she looked at him with helplessness, she tried to shove his hand but next he found her lips being crush in his mouth… her eyes widen in horror when she felt him sucking her lips, where his hands were busy in her flesh under her dress. his rough palm wanted to feel her every skin to calm the eruct heartbeat. Her hands where on his shoulder,, she tried to push him but it was increasing his rage, her denial her betrayal all are making him mad… one girl for whom he tried to control his real devil self but she didn’t give any importance to his patience but only plotting and planning, gaming was her card which he hated the most.. it’s not he doesn’t played game but from her he never expected when he had tried his level best to control the inner beast…

He nibbles her upper lips and then took bottom lips sucking to a point till it bleed… she didn’t respond to him and it angered him more. he kept increasing his pressure on her lips and her waist without seeing the pain she is feeling both mentally and physically. Her heart arched to know what will happen next moment, will she lost her last possession or she will die in this humiliation. His palm cupped her waist squeezing it mercilessly, then it went on her curves,, he groans in the kiss and throbbed his tongue forcefully in her mouth… her tears were flowing freely, she dig her nail in his biceps to give him pain but it was working differently, his dead heart was overjoyed the feel of her touch..

Soon he felt her short of breath and left her lips,, but couldn’t left her skin, he came down on her neck, he felt her struggle and hitting his chest to free, he felt frustrated and pinned her both hand either side of the pillow then looked at her teary hazels… didn’t know what happen he stopped at his track… he just stares at her for a long moment. Geet too saw him looking at her. she thought maybe now he came to senses… her lips curved to say something, but only cry came out from it..

‘don’t do this, I, I, m, so-sorry but’ her words died as he agains pressed his lips on her but this time it’s not harsh… he softly sucks her lower lips, geet felt a shiver in her body to feel his soft butterfly smooch. She closed her eyes and few drop came out, he saw it and it angered him… he wiped it harshly…

‘why u reacted this way to my touch,, when he was touching u never felt bad or pain,, u were hugging him geet, do u know how I felt?’ geet looked at him with pain… he spoke against her lips ‘I felt like killing him then, I never felt this hatred when ranbir was pleading for mercy.’ Geet eyes became blank with his words, she looked at him with blankness not understanding his words. He removed his hand from her body, and strangely she didn’t said or did anything, she was numb with his words.. she looked at him,, he tucked the lose strands behind her ear,, he caresses her lips with his thumbs.. ‘what did u thought, that was a mere accident? Geet he tried to come between us, I had warned him 1st, but he took me light, I had to do this.’ he tried to sound logical but what logic it can be to force anyone to murder a person without guilt. Geet was still blank. He couldn’t resist himself to peck her lips again n again. It was difficult for him to control his desire when she is so close to him, but the look her eyes posses is forcing him to snap her out.

‘the day u were talking with that girl, ur friend pari, I was in the room only, I wanted to meet u and I went in ur room, u were so lost in thoughts that u didn’t recognized my presence. Then  saw pari entering in ur room and u were hugging her, I felt burning her right then.’ Maan said with greeted teeth making geet look at him in fear. He looked at her straight… ‘then I heard her plan,, that dumb girl was plotting against MSK,, isn’t it sounds funny… but what shocked me was ur happy face,, how could u be happy going away from me geet? How? And why?’ maan bite her neck harshly making her winched in pain then removed her dupatta revealing her white creamy skin.. she tried to cover her chest but he held her hand and then pinned her to the mattress,, she was curled up like a ball but he forced her leg to stretch putting his own weight on her petite form and dipped his head in her neck.

‘why didn’t u punished me then? why u played till now? it was my mistake why u are punishing them?’ she asked with hoarse voice, tried not be shaky but failed.. he dropped a wet kiss on her exposed skin,, his hands were itching to take her the barrier between them. Then he heard her question, anger rushed through knowing she is still worried for them… he nibbles her skin harshly…

‘u r still worried for them ha? It was them who put this kind of shit in ur brain, they tried to play games with me and u said why I m behaving like this hmm, I thought to warn that bastard 1st but he thought I m just barking in air, how can I let him think so, I had to do that geet try to understand my POV’ he said looking in her eyes, she was looking at him like is he mad, her eyes posses so many question and confusion. ‘I had told him u belongs to me but he thought I was just joking, I had to teach him the lesson and I,’

‘u tried to murdered him’ geet said in a blank voice. But still a hope was there to hear no. but all her hope crashed down as he approached her with a smirk.

‘yes,, but what is my fault if he couldn’t handle a simple punch.. just a punce was enough for him to knock out but still he was saying he will take u out from my life, how could I let that happen so, I made his accident’ maan chuckled,,, geet looked at him in disgust which he is least bothered…

‘u r a monster, u don’t have a heart’ she said unbelievingly which maan gave her a smirk before taking her lips in his, he spoke in the kiss ‘now u got me hmm,, but now lemme show u the consequent for thinking to going away from me, I had teach them a lesson partly but the main culprit is u geet’ she looked at him with confusion but soon yelped in pain as his teeth pierced in her soft supple lips making it bleed again. ‘how dare u think like that hmm? I had warned u hundred time that u can’t run away still u won’t leave this game na, so its time for a show, I think u forget last time where I left u because it was not ur fault fully but this time I can’t leave u like this… u don’t want my touch on ur body na geet, today I will mark u as mine. Not only this body this soul will belong to me.. I had waited a lot, not anymore, its like u can’t understand the soft side, u need demonstration for everything, now u have to bear this.. don’t worry I won’t be so harsh….’

Her body and heart shivered with the intensity he hold in his voice and eyes… she wriggle in his arms to let be free but nothing worked, he is way too strong and there is no one for her rescue… she knew its the end still she want to fight. Fight against this devil and his lust…

‘maan, u can’t do this.. please,, u said u won’t force me’

‘u lost the right to say anything after doing all this, u should had think about it before’ he took out his shirt revealing the Greek god like structure, his well toned muscle and eight pack abs were touching her body in a sensual way, but for her it will be the worst nightmare she had till now. she wasn’t feeling pleasure to see or feel the sexiest man in front of her, but rather a disgust went through her. but she can’t give up, she had to try, not physically then emotionally.

‘please don’t do this, I promise I won’t do anything like this ever, please believe me, don’t do this maan, I won’t be able to survive after,,,’

But her word brutally crushed in his mouth… he looked at her eyes straight clearly showing his anger. Again n again she is trying to draw a line between them which was angering him to the best… her tears poured and he roughly licked it…

‘not anymore, I can’t trust u anymore,, now I want to make u mine forever’ he huskily whispered against her earlobe before sucking it in his mouth… she tried to push him but strength was not there in her body.. where he was so enraged in his rage that he forget every rational things,, he torn her kurti in 2 piece leaving her only in a small inner which was hiding her modesty… his hungry eyes were roaming on her beautiful curves, he felt his throat went dry seeing the raw beauty, desire took his sense and he blocked every plea from her….

He held her both hand in his one grip above her head and came down on her skin, slowly kissing her upper cleavage,,, his stubble rubbed her soft skin, his lips touched the tip of her bud as it was showing a little, he took out it from the barrier and took in his mouth. geet felt her whole world is spinning as his hot mouth started nipping her skin vigorously…..he left her hand and concentrated on her other curve with his hand while still one was in his mouth…  she protested, whimpered but he was least bothered. What matter is claiming her now… and he will do it no matter what come between his possession, he will make her his today…..


She stood under the shower naked, her whole body arched with a burning sensation as the water poured on her white skin which is red now… her tears mixed with the water as she saw herself in the mirror, she closed her eyes feeling the pain on her whole body,, her senses were knocking out but soon she felt a touch on her back then a manly grip on her waist,, a pair of hands sliding towards her curves. His lips touched her neck to give showers of kisses…. She closed her eyes in pain, as her body and heart bleed with his assault…

Now what do u think, did he raped her? did they made love? Did he left her? actually what do u think, what will The Devil will do with her?? will she ever be able to accept this devil if he crossed his limitation?

And yeah do I need to remind u he is a unpredictable dangerous devil….

I know I stopped at a crucial but right moment, so who want to know what happened next??

I know its impossible but despite of being in exam preparation I did manage to give a update of 4300+ so don’t some like???


Hey guys, how r u all?? Hmm I know a long gap,, so sorry I was busy preparing for exam and today got a nice scold cz my mom said kal lappy ko hath lagaya to kaat k rakh dungi, lappy aur hath dono,, so will come Wednesday hopefully….

Now come to the main point,,, as u all know what was going on now a days on IF,, u all might be thinking I had said I will Leave IF,, so why I m again here? LOLZZZ I know my real reader will be happy. guys I don’t want to discuss more,, but it was really very stressful for me…I will come to main point,,

As u can see DDP is a really dark story, who might be thinking this will be light romantic ff then I really sorry, its is a dark one,, some violence will be there.. intensity can cross any limit, so my question is

  1. Will u support me in this journey?
  2. Will u read it further if it have violence and r***?
  3. Will u trust me with these character and leave it on me to create my own imagination?
  4. Should I low down the intensity or u r comfortable with it?

I really don’t want to change anything cz its my style, but reader’s criticism and suggestion is always welcome, so help me pls,,, and if u want I can give u edited part with NO or LIMITED details of intimate scene,, and UNEDITED part will be in my BLOG and FB….

And I m really SORRY if I hurted anyone, that post was not on me and neither I was upset with that, it was some newbies and u know never a girl can take a point on her character so it was my outburst, and lastly I NEVER SAID I WILL QUIT WRITING,, its my soul to live how can I leave my writing,, I can’t till I got a single reader for my ff, hope u understand and yes I m not quitting IF either cz it will hurt many readers which is absolutely in rising num… thanks for being with me….


Thank You :)

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