Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 71


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Part 71



Saanjh looked away from shiv concentrating on her work, shiv again peeped behind her back irritating her further…


Shiv: u can do ur crafting n todh-phodh later na, 1st meet her or she will again burn the whole house on me…


Saanjh: don’t u have better work than standing on my head shiv?


Shiv was stunned to hear her normal talks, saanjh too realized it, both looked at each other wide eyes,, but as soon as she tried to say something she again stopped for effort, she sighed and concentrated on her work leaving a thoughtful shiv who was wondering she only can speak fluently when there is no tension or she is in full of her real self, he need to get her back…


Shiv: tumhari raam kahani baad me bhi puri kar sakti ho, I don’t have time for waiting whole day.


Saanjh: who said, to, wait. Leave.


Shiv: hm but I thought u will again fear standing in front of that Hitler so for moral support u know what,,


Saanjh: if u want ur head to be,,, alright then before I smash it, GO AWAY… shiv actually ran away seeing the red eyes with cute frown which can give competition to witches, but a cute n sweet witch.. after coming out from the room he let out a chuckle and a small grin, brushing off his hair of his neck, he walk away ready to prepare to face geet. He sighed.. another angry lioness to face…






Next day saanjh prepared everything to manofy her sweet sister who was in deep slumber.. saanjh peeped inside the room and her face turned bright red seeing geet sleeping on maan’s chest, (gandi bacchio, naughty mat socho, both are well dressed) maan was wide awake and caressing her hair while geet was sleeping soundly on his chest. Saanjh saw maan was lost in deep thought, he was looking outside the window but his hands were brushing geet’s hair continuously like soothing her all pain. Of course geet ka dard sirf maan hi to kam kar sakta hain.. she was feeling awkward to walk in a married couple’s room, but why the hell they slept without locking the door, saanjh thought with a frown. She saw maaneet in admiration, the way geet was snuggling close to maan , she was looking a cute baby. Her white silky gown with complexion was giving her a glow which no less than a real angel.. saanjh saw maan’s smile as geet was waking with his sweet torture,, her eyes widen and slowly she closed the door, she thanks her star that none of them saw her as she just peeped with an eye only….


She blushed thinking what she was doing then wacked her head with her hand and her lips playing a cute smile…


Peeping is not good thing I guess…


Saanjh caught red handed and her face become bright red looking at a teasing shiv leaning on a wall beside with a smirk.





Slight mature, please maintain 18+ or avoid few para if anyone isn’t comfortable with intimacy




Geet moans as he was silently seducing her, his hand went on her silky arms under the spread and caresses her soft skin going down on her waist above the material,, her breath become uneasy with the sweet torture of her hubby,, she tried to wriggle in sleep but ended up snuggling more in him. maan who was lost in his thought saw her stirring, a cute frown was on her face that made him smile, he never intended to seduce her,, he was just making sure she is close to him, all the events had taken a toll, and he was fearing for her now.. he was just caressing her to make his heart sooth but ended up waking her…


Geet: maan pls sone do na.


Maan smiles seeing his cute wifey who was cribbing with a frown. But the look was making him out of control, he held her waist more securely yet softly and brought her more close completely on him, she snuggles more close to his neck placing her cheek and lips on his crook of the neck making him gulp hard.. maan slowly makes patterns on her deep cut back,, the sleeveless silky night gown was slipping from her shoulder revealing the white skin. Sometime before he was seducing her innocently and now his naïve wife is doing the same.. he silently gulp his saliva knowing he can’t lose his control now.. but may be his wifey doesn’t want to show any mercy on him… she wrapped her silky slender legs around his waist,, her nighty rolled above exposing her thighs, maan closed his eyes but again her hand snaked in his waist, her finger touched the waist line of his perfect abs, that’s it he forget everything and in a swift moment he pinned her to the bed, geet was startled with that,, she saw him giving angry yet intimating glaring.


Her cheeks went read as his eyes buried on her lips which was playing a mischievous smile,, she bite her lips as she knew he caught her,, she tried to wriggle to free herself but maan locked her between him and the bed, his palm was captivating her wrist on the pillow,, though he was in control but not hurting her an ounce. He knew how delicate she is now. he came close to her face,, now its geet’s turn to gulp her saliva. She gave a nervous smile.


Geet: m-maa-maan..  she stutter as his intense gaze was giving goose bumps to her. she doesn’t know why he always makes her so vulnerable just with the gaze only, never understand its her own love that made her so weak in front of him.. her breath became uneven as maan stopped his face just an inch away from her lips in a angel that can touch her lips if she tried to talk also. she closed her eyes in anticipation, her hand stopped protesting just wanted him to be close….


Maan saw her mischievous smile when she was in sleep or rather say trying to portray that. he knew she had woke up, but seeing him so disturb she is doing this, he tried to control his desire for her but she was hell bent on turning him on. Now only seeing her serene face he was feeling so calm and compose, he just wanted to take those juicy lips in his mouth. the sweet nectar was itching, the soft pink plump lips were teasing him, and the submission in her eyes which is close now made him fall more for her.


He left her hand and traces her cheek with his fingers, geet opens her eyes feeling not moving but touching her cheek. When she met the chocolate brown color eyes, she saw admiration and pure love, but a little bit insecurity. She knew how much he was afraid to lose her, last few days were hell for him. a Man who had never devoted so much for his family also, today he had sacrificed his everything for her, now the MSK is nothing without his GEET. His life can never have a meaning without his love. There journey started with Kaga ki Kashthi, today they had crossed every hurdle of thick waves. They had sacrificed everything for the name of love and life gave them 2nd meaning, to live together, to love the lifetime…


Maan: u were awake, hmm? he said husikily


Geet: hmm, u made me awake.. she said with a smile leaning on his palm more.. he tucked the hair behind her ear. Their body rubbed against each other making them both feel the sensation of their body. Geet closed her eyes, her face was pink due to blushing as his erect manhood poked on her abdomen letting her know how much havoc his body was feeling around her. maan intently looked at her every feature, he wanted to assure himself she is safe in his arms. he slowly traces her cheeks rubbing it slowly with his thumbs, then going down on her chin. He can see her gulping down the saliva still he didn’t move. He was drawing a line on her chin outlining her lips with his thumbs. He pressed his thumbs softly on the corner of her lips.. Maannnn… she moans his name to draw his attention to her vulnerable condition. He came close and dropped a peck on her forehead between his brows lovingly. A smile formed on her lips as he traces his lips on her nose, softly kissing the tip. His tongue wanted to taste those apple like rosy cheeks, he placed his lips on her left cheek and then sucks it sweetly.


His assault was making her dizzy. Her hand went on his neck pulling him closer to her. her chest rubbed against her chest and the hard bud was poking there through the flimsy silky gown. He kissed her whole cheeks biting it in the process, then went towards her earlobe pecking his way…


Geet: don’t tease me na please.


Maan: u were doing the same, do u know how much difficult that was for me. I m doing the same u did.  he whispered in her ear making her shiver. He kissed the places where it tickles her the most.


Geet: maannn,, she tried to push him but maan was adamant and slipped his tongue in her neck making her breath catch in her lungs. She scratches his back and it gave him more urge to continue. He was tracing soft kissing on her neck but soon she heard something.


Maan: don’t leave me geet, I love u… her eyes become watery seeing the fear in him, she tried to hold her tears but it flickered out,, maan tasted the salty water, then saw her looking at him with tear. I m sorry, did I hurt u, sorry geet. Sorry jaan. Maan said in panic, he sat up on the bed to check her, if she is ok or not but geet immediately hugged him tight….


Geet: I m sorry for frightening u like this, never wanted to see the fear on ur face maan. its the place for love for me only… I m sorry. she kissed his neck and then cupped his face, kissing his cheeks and then eyes, she kissed his forehead and every place to assure him she is there with him, his hands held her tight in his embrace, he dipped his head in her neck,,, his lips touched her skin kissing the soft flesh…  it burns her,, geet wanted to give in today, she want the solace in him to assure her heart its beating fine. But knowing maan will never take the initial thinking about her health she had to take it… she snaked her hands in his vest… his toned skin burned with her touch. Her nails were seducing as they danced on his waist line… she kissed his earlobe and scratches his back under the vest… maan groans with her touch, his grip on her body grew tighter. Her tongue tasted the skin of his neck, saliva dripped making him insane in pleasure. he bite her neck softly to control her but she was making him so weak.  She traces numerous kisses on his jaw and coming down on his chest.. maan couldn’t handle her sweet torture and grabbed her hair pulling her face close to him and smashed her lips with him..


She felt him puling her straps of the night dress down,, but his lips were exploding her mouth… he chewed her plump lips, she gaps at his sudden passion… his every movement was filling her in warm desire,, he took her upper lips for a smooch and then nibbles her bottom… he thrust his tongue inside her mouth tasting her every corner.. she moans in the kiss,,, her palms were making fist in his hair pulling him more,, where his hands were busy to take out the barrier between them,, she can feel herself getting warm down her valley.. he took out her night gown slipping away from her arm effortlessly.. her bosom pressed on the rock as he tore his vest away from his body. He can feel her soft bud becoming hard… he rubbed her womanly asset with his finger between his forefinger n thumb..


She moans louder and bite his lips to show her expecting more,, both were breathless, so left their swollen lips,, he came on her neck and kisses her throat with passion, nibbles the skin to the point it became red. But strangely it never gave her pain but a satisfaction of being loved. She rubbed his neck with her soft palm to ingest him further.. their moan was filling the room making it hotter. he came on her cleavage and softly sucks the skin,, then in urgency took one curve in his mouth devouring it with all his passion, she moans and screams in pleasure when he teethed them…. After savoring one he gave his attention to other one. her nails dug in his skin, he groans with pleasure, after leaving them he again came on her lips, kissing it carnally… they were in open mouth kiss when she wrapped her one leg around his waist,, he groans coming in her neck and kissed it with all love and care… he was never aggressive all the time but she was hell bent on making him a wild beast..  her hard bud was arching for his tongue again… it was hard for him to control further.. but he closed his eyes to control his esoteric heartbeat,, he looked at her face, geet was drown in the desire. His eyes traveled on her swollen lips, the love bites he gave on her skin, that is pinkish red now.. her curves were sore a little,, still she was looking gorges. It was very hard to control himself when she is in her submission..  then he recalled the events and closed his eyes in pain… he can’t lose his control now… she need to take care and she is very weak… then it hit him, as she took the initial, if he tried to withdraw she might be hurt then, no wife can take rejection from her husband, she will not try to understand his POV in this position…  he cursed himself for losing in front of her …


He saw her breathing hard, her close eyes were only want him, her heaving cheat was saying how much she is craving but still he have to hold her without hurting.. she was really breathing very hard and he is afraid if something happen to her, if he hurt her. no he can’t lose her.. he pressed her body with him, taking every ounce of his self control he held her face slightly down on her neck, he placed his forehead on her, his own breath was uneven. He held her neck tightly,, and spoke in a hoarse voice.


Maan: Jaan,,


Geet was not in her sense to hear anything, her hand went on his neck pulling him, but he forced his words again,,


Maan: Mishty please don’t do this.


His pleading voice snapped something from her, and she looked at him immediately only to see pain n guilt. Geet couldn’t fathom why this sudden pain was there but next set of words made clear…


Maan: Jaan its not good for u,, doctor said to take rest and not to get in physical relation for atleast 10 days. I m sorry,, jaan try to understand me. geet can clearly see how much pain was there in his voice, it was not easy for him to withdraw now, still he did cause he is frightened with all that and now if any slight ray for her getting unwell can make him jolt in fear. But she want him to forget every pain,


Geet: maan, I m fine, look I m all fine in ur arms,, ur pain pained me a lot maan, please don’t do this.


But maan kissed her lips hard,, it was really aggressive one which made her breathless and she panted badly,, maan pecked her lips and then forehead.


Maan: see this is what u makes me. u always makes me weak on my senses jaan, I don’t want to control myself whenever I m around u… Geet’s cute face turned in to crimson red,, maan smiles a little seeing the change of color.. I love u mishty and I can wait till the end only for u.. u r with me, I don’t want anything beyond it,, and I m only urs just a few days we have to do this, think about me,, ur health is most important thing for me and I,,,,


But geet put her palm on his lips: I understand maan, I m thankful to babaji for giving u,, love u,, she hugged him tight with it and maan only covered both of them with a duvet.


Geet placed her head on maan’s chest a sweet smile played on her lips but soon she heard a groan from him..


Maan: stop doing that mishty, do u know how hard is to control myself around u and now in this position, geet just hit his chest with her tiny fist and pushed him away, taking the silky bed sheet around her to tie it securely she stands up from the bed leaving maan in the duvet, he stretched his arm for her but she wacked his hand and ran in the washroom, maan smiles cutely at his wife’s antics and then a sound broke his revere, he saw their little angel had woken up and doing some weird sound playing with her toys in the crib.





Saanjh was feeling irritated with shiv’s teasing glare, she had ran out from the corridor where shiv was enjoying her red face, and he doesn’t gave up teasing her more with his glare and taunts. Though she was not talking to him but he directly or indirectly started making her feel embarrassed to sneak in her sister room.


Shiv: aaj kal to koi privacy hi nahi bacchi, kamal hain na,, log door knock karna tak nahi jante,, I should talk to maan to say lock ur room every time thought it was the alone room of that floor, still he should maintain a dignity, koi bhi kaise bhi gate crash kar sakta hain..


Saanjh gave him angry glare as he was following her to room also,, she stopped at her track when she saw him comfortably leaning on her bed,, to make her mad further he took the paint brush lying on the side table to scan it,, but then she marched towards him and snapped it..


Shiv: are main to sirf brush dekh raha tha, u had peeped in a couple’s room without permission and that too in ur sister’s room. Saanjh point the brush towards him.


Saanjh: get out,


Shiv showed his hand up: maine kya kiya.


Saanjh: stop irritating,,, get lost…


Shiv: nahi jaunga kya karogi,


Saanjh was dumbfounded with his act,, he comfortably laid on her bad making faces,, saanjh stomped her feet and went out from the room.


Shiv: lo mujhe bolte bolte khud bhaag gayi,, aww she look so cute frowning, did I said cute, I always found her expression annoying then what happen now that her every act only increased the heartbeat? Shiv looked down on the floor where some paints where there, she loved painting. And I always use to irritate her, to make her annoy. What changed now that her annoyance make me restless yet I found it cute, cz its only for me. may be there I can see my real saanjh, but I lost her, when she was there I never gave the importance, now when I want that, she is so far from my reach, I know it will be hard to pacify these 2 princess, but I m Shiv Kapoor, manna to tum dono ka parega geet n saanjh…


He gave a sly smile thinking a way to irritate geet now….





Geet comes out in a bath robe wiping the wet hair from a towel, a sweet smiles adored her supple pink lips to see the scene,, maan’s bare back was facing her so he didn’t saw her,, its because he was too busy with his princess to make her giggle,, but mahika was in a clumsy mood, as 1st she didn’t get the attention in the morning, her parents were too busy in themselves and lately only maan came for her, she need her feed and geet was in washroom,, geet also came out rushing knowing mahika need her feed…


Maan: kya huya princess, u r angry with dada today…. Mahika made a cranky face chewing her chubby palm in her gummy mouth… maan kissed her nose but she kicked his chest, maan was confuse and then maahi punched his chin,, she tried to scratch his stubble,, then it caught him she doesn’t like maan’s stubble as its pricked her soft cheek sometime,, geet giggle to see maan’s frowning face then only maan turn to see his angel in bathrobe wiping her hair, and taking the saree for change..  he gave her a murderous look which she only twisted her nose,, mahika stretched her arms for her mamma,, maan took her close to her…


Geet: mamma bas 5 min me aayi shona, till then be with dada,, she kissed mahika’s forehead and tried to pass them but maan blocked her way placing one hand on her way,, he swiftly turned her and gave mahika in her arm, geet immediately took her… she was confuse as maan took the saree from her hand and suddenly started fishing something in cupboard, maahika was in too hurry so she started searching for her feed tracing her curved with her small palm on her bathrobe. Baby just 5 min dedo mamma ko,, but mahika was in no mood to give any chance, as geet was not wearing her inner so she chewed the bud above the bathrobe only, geet scream MAAHIIII,,, Maan actually laughed to see his devil daughter, where geet gave an angry glare to both father daughter, mahika gave cute puppy pleading look with puffing her lips ready to burst and maan hide his smile in the cupboard only,, geet was frustrated, and walked to the bed with mahika.. Uff ye baap beti ek din pagal kar denge mujhe… chal meri maa I m giving up in front of u,, she gave her back to maan and and held mahika on her lap then took out her one curved that mahika immediately caught in her hungry mouth… geet looked at her in awe, the way she was sucking the milk like she is hungry for ages, but she only got her food 3 hrs back, yeah its true babies satisfying face is the most unique treasure for any mother.. geet smiles and looked at her priceless possession who’s lips were on her bud and a smile with twinkling eye looking at her…


Maan came from behind and saw geet looking at maahi who’s eyes were drooping… she was caressing her hair,, her cute features,, indeed they are blessed with this angel who made them one in all sense…  geet adjust her in her other curve and noticed maan placing the salwar on the bed,, she looked at maan confuse.


Geet: maan ye? Are we going somewhere?


Maan: hmm u can forget jaan but I m not,, we are going for ur check up, today is 7th day,


Geet: maan I just came last day and u,


Maan: I told u, u have a check everyday till u r fine,


Geet: I m fine, she said adamantly


Maan: no u r not,, he remember the way she was breathing in the make out session, he can say she need more medication, and check up always good for human health, geet knew its useless to say anything to him when he had already decided it.. so she let it go, maan went to the washroom to get ready.



After 20 min he came out,, it was already 9, geet was pacing in the room wearing the same churidar maan gave her. Maan snaked his hand in her waist and placed his chin on her shoulder, his wet body sent a shiver to her spine, he removed the hair from her neck and kissed it, the water descending from his hair fall on her neck, and he sucks it with his tongue, geet gulp her saliva and moans his name,, Maannnn…. He was placing soft kisses on her neck, and that was making her senses weak, then he bite her neck, it was enough for her to snap as he had bitten her on that area so hard it was already sore from the last passion in the morning.


Geet shouted: Maannnn,, she pushed him but he smiles teasingly….


Maan: I love these bites marks on ur neck, its shows the passion. Her eyes widen with the shameless remark.


Geet: u r shameless maan.


Maan; hmm apne biwi k pyar me, she unknowingly smiles at his words..


he walked upto his shirt which geet had taken out,, and slides down his on his perfect taut body. Geet eyes roamed on his abs,, but soon heard a chuckle,, geet turned to see shiv leaning on the door, maan too looked at him.. Shiv tum?


Shiv: u should lock the room before ogling on each other…. geet felt like strangle his neck, but she can’t help to turn crimson red knowing he had seen her drooling over her own husband. Shiv looked at geet teasingly, U can drool over him, he is all urs. Maan saw geet uncomfortably looking here n there to hide the red hue on her face, though he wanted more to see cz she was looking really cute, but he gave a warning glare to shiv which he highly ignored… and by the way if u both are over with ur glare glare game, come fast everyone is waiting for u and maan go office after her check up some urgent document need to sign.


Maan: why don’t u check that,


Shiv: I had worked enough,, now I want a break and most importantly it needed the signature of MD of khurana construction. So be there.


Maan: hmm.. all he said an again got busy to wear his waist coat n tie where geet was still giving him angry glare…


Shiv: gosh u women won’t get enough of glaring na? thakti nahi ho tum log aise ajeeb muh bana bana kar.


Geet: excuse me I think u r standing in my room, don’t u have the manner to knock 1st and then asked permission, and why the hell u always stays in KM, don’t u have ur own  house, jab dekho hamesha yehi padhe rehte ho,, geet asked in irritation or rather say to hide the embarrassment. Maan was watching their antics through the mirror but can’t help to smirk..


Shiv made a face: why?? Is this house on ur name, or u r the one specimen leaving here?    


His answer baffled her and maan too but he chose to keep mum cz it was making geet n shiv forget their pain, for the 1st time he is glad to let shiv lead the game.


Geet: uuuu,,,


Shiv came forward: ha main,, bolo bolo, atak kyun gayi CD,, u forgot to to charge ur tape recorder?


Geet: arrgghhh,,, just get lost from here,, don’t u dare to come in KM and in this room..


Shiv: huh, nahi jayunga, kya karogi? And BTW,  this mansion is on my nanima’s name, so no one can stop me to come here,, not even ur bodyguard, he looked at maan who gave a glare to him, shiv gulp a little to give a nervous smile,, geet poked his shoulder and greeted her teeth.


Geet: but this is my room so think before coming here.


Shiv: if u have problem u should lock the room na, but nahi, romance me busy rahogi to room band karne ka time kaha milega,, fir chahe puri brigade kyun na ghush jaaye room me. that is it,,, geet stomped her foot on his foot where he winched in pain,, he held his knees… Ouchhhh,, now I get why ur daughter is so devil,, gosh Maan kya dekh k shaadi ki, chudail ko bhi competition dede ye.


Geet took sleeping mahika in her arm and again stomped her foot on his shoe this time harder making him yelp in pain and went out from the room….


After she went out maan n shiv burst out into laughing,


Shiv: gosh she looks so cute while in angry mode,, just like angry bird,, hahaha


Maan: if u not stop ur tactics I m sure they will murder u some day,, and then bird will also refuse have ur pieces.


Shiv: true both are carbon copy of each other in anger, naak dekha laal hogayi thi,, but true geet is more devil than saanjh when she is angry, see what she made the state of my feet.. but then he felt a tight punch in his stomach, he yelped again but maan point a finger.


Maan: that what u deserve making my love angry,,


Shiv: u r so mean.


Maan: what?? how could u say devil huh, u should be punish more, and with that he started chasing him while shiv ran in full speed for his life.


Shiv: oye khurana ruk,, maan I was joking,


Maan: yeah I know that now have the punishment too…





Geet entered the dinning room where everyone except dev n avinash are waiting for her,, dadima saw geet in a fowl mood, her cranky face and cute pout on lips said all,, she told how shiv barked in their room,, just then Prem came running for her badhi maa,, geet bent and took the 4 yr old kid, nt smiles at them where saanjh and aniee joined geet, sanjh gave mahika to saanjh who gladly took her.


Prem’s eyes went on geet’s neck and suddenly he asked something making her embarrassed


Prem: badhi maa, ye kya hain? apko macchar ne kata? He asked in his most cutest and babyish voice catching everyone’s attention. Geet suddenly became nervous but before she can hide it saanjh saw the love bite,, she looked at geet with big eyes and then remember morning incident,, she gave a teasing smile to geet. Geet who was already annoyed felt like banging her head on a wall, why today only everything going to misery. Geet tried to ide it but nt and aniee saw it, both started teasing geet more.


Geet: wo baby actually


Aniee: ha prem, bohot badha macchar tha.


Nt: oops ointment du geet?


Saanjh: warna,, rashes hoajayegi… geet was turning red to redder with their teasing gaze,, dadima also heard them but choose to ignore as it will make geet more sharam se pani pani…


and then all eyes fell on the scene maan chasing shiv who was running for life here n there, she knew shiv might have said something to geet and maan is giving him a nice treatment for that, she knew her children too well,, the whole family couldn’t stop laughing seeing maan n shiv like kid, shiv ran far away from maan but he was not less,, he held a cushion from leaving area and threw it on shiv who dodged it but nect something hit him, he turn to see saanjh holding the same pillow from back and smashed his head hard,, he gave threatening glare but soon there entertainment got disturb as dadima spoke.


Dadima: basss, baccho jaise ladte hain aap log, maan u r a father now and u r doing this.


Maan: dadima u don’t know what he did.


Shiv: tell me what I had done ha,


Geet: dadima pls aap iski side mat lijiye,


Shiv: ooooo cz I disturb ur romance now tum chuglikhor ban rahi ho ha,


Everyone looked at geet and then maan who felt embarrassed,, geet lowered her lashes but they bursted into a heartily laugh,, nikita came to geet’s rescue.


Nikita: enough,,, not a word now, koi nahi satayega meri baachi, geet idhar aaja tu,, geet went with nikita giving a angry glare to shiv and then maan, who made a puppy face still looking at her lips, making her redder with his gaze…


They settle on the breakfast table where shiv was enjoying annoying saanjh and maan was giving teasing smile to geet, dadima break the news that she and nikita is going for a function that held by dadima’s frnd…


Geet: then I m not going for check up,


Maan: and why so?


Geet: maan mahika need to be stay here and if I will be around her she might not like it, apart that I need to give her bath, and appointment is after an hour, how will it happen?


Maan: nt hain na?


Nt: sorry veerji but I m also going with maa n dadima with prem,, varsha ki godhbarai hain I need to go there, she had invited all of us, but as geet can’t come because of her health we need to attend it,


Nikita: ghar ki koi bahu to jani chahiye waha.


Geet: its final then


Shiv: why don’t u let speak a person before opening ur big mouth with that frown… shiv was realling pushing her to the edge, but then he can’t leave the chance.. I mean aniee n saanjh will be here, dozen of servants are here even I m here so what is the problem.


Geet: but


Maan: no geet he is right,, maaneet looked at saanjh.


Saanjh: do,, u,, trust me,, geet?


Geet: apne aap se jayda,


Maan: then lets go,, shiv is here to take care of both aniee n saanjh,, we need to rush out.



Dadima nikita nt along with prem went out and after it geet was going with maan, she looked at mahika who was happily ogling to her masi waving her chubby hand towards geet, geet kissed her forehead.


Geet: massi ko pareshan mat karna, accha baby hain na mahika. Mahika only smiles making all other smile.geet looked at shiv,, she couldn’t say anything.. but shiv understood.


Shiv: kheyal rakkhunga inka… u don’t worry. Now itna trust to kar sakti ho.


Geet doesn’t said anything but left them, maan kissed mahika’s cheek and then bid them bye, next he gave a hug to shiv but a squeezing hug,


Maan: if anything happen to them, then u r gone.


Shiv: gosh sometime I thing ur family is a underworld family, har koi warning hi deta rehta hain.




Shiv was doing some work on his laptop when aniee came to ask something, he saw saanjh playing with mahika while massaging oil on her body, mahika was giggling as saanjh was making faces and tickling her stomach,, sometime kissing her nose or lips,,, mahika was really comfortable around saanjh n aniee, she is an angel who love to be with all,, of course a very good attention seeker cz of her cute feature… shiv couldn’t help but smile which was not leaving his lips, saanjh didn’t looked at him for once, she was too busy with mahika massaging and playing with her…


Aniee: saanjh u go and make the bath tub, I m coming with mahika’s dress from bhai’s room and yeah,, I will make the food but help me pls, I m not good in it,


Shiv: aniee sirf milk hi to banana hain.


Aniee: shiv bhai trust me its the most difficult work I had ever seen,, uff nt bhabhi was always too much precise with maahi with the extension n amount.. even sometime she scolded geet bhabhi for any carelessness…  shiv wasn’t interested in all that, all he remember his bathing in milk, so he choose to ignore.


Saanjh: ok, u, go… maahi maasi k, sath……


She took mahika and started walking towards her room  but the person felt restless was shiv, he doesn’t liked to be alone anymore,, that’s the only reason he came here in the early morning leaving all his insecurities and guilt, he knew he had a lot time to utilize his guilt and pain but now geet n saanjh need him to take out their pain. And top of that he can’t see maan stressing himself so much, he was really worried with both the girl’s health, business and specially the way geet was hospitalized, he is shivered with it…


His revere broke as he saw saanjh entering her room, without any word he walked in her room…


Saanjh: mahi ko, bath, dena hain. ollee mera,, bacchaa… mahika put her head on saanjh’s chest while she securely wrapped her arm around mahi,, saanjh filled the tub to a small amount with little warm water, then took out the shampoo beside,, she arranged the towel on holder, and then slowly put mahi on the tub making her sit in it, as she was really chubby so doesn’t look like 2 n half month rather she looked like 3 – 4 month baby.. mahika is a water girl, she loved water, it was not difficult to give her bath,, saanjh slowly slowly poured water on her shoulder with her palm,, mahi giggle and thumped her hand on the water while giggling,, it made shiv n saanjh both smile… saanjh turn to take the shampoo that when meet shiv’s gaze who was leaning on the door comfortably.. she was shocked as well as confuse.


Saanjh: what,, r, u doing,,,,, here? She asked little annoy,, maahika looked at shiv and then his smile towards her,, she too smiles and splashed her hand on the water then throws her arms towards shiv… he was delighted with it and went close… saanjh looked at mahika and put a little shampoo on her hair with is really small and minimal,, mahika enjoyed the fragrance…


Shiv: just came to see the little devil enjoying her bath,, mahika was busy in water,, shaking her head, then talking or blabbering to herself…


Mahika: mummmmmm,, mmmmmm,,, wwoooooo,, aaaaa.. (babies language are really cute to here trust me)


Just then mahi’s head turned as a voice came,,


Anie entered the washroom: saanjh pls can u come in the kitchen sab gadhbadh hogaya.


Saanjh: but maahi


Aniee: bhai aap sambhal lo na pls…


Shiv: no way, I m not gonna handle her, pata nahi fir kya kar de,


Aniee: pls bhai,, she actually dragged saanjh out from there leaving maahi n shiv to face each other,, shiv was having a nervous smile where saanjh wasn’t happy at all..


Shiv: mahika is good baby,, shiv chahu ko pareshan nahi karegi,, maahika looked at him as if not understanding what he is saying… but then she splashed the water with making weird sound,,


Maahika: buuuuuuuu


Shiv: arrrggghhhhhhh he found his face merged in water as she had splashed on him,,, mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,


Maahi: owowowowoowoooooo


Shiv controlled his anger and slowly slowly put some water on her head to wash the foam, but he was too slow, she again slapped water mug which was on his hand but my mistake it all fell on his pant,,,


Shiv was on the verge of crying: ye kya kiya tumne mahika,, gosh abb ladkiya kya sochengi,, actually it was on a bad position to enact a very empressiona bout him….. mahika showed him her gummy smile… his innocent devil know how to melt anyone, shiv sighed and again started bathing her… after some time he was done bathing her all exhausted.. he stood up and tried to grab the towel but accidently mahi’s hand touched the soap beside and fell on the ground,, shiv’s feet met the slippery soap and DASHHHHH he was on the floor… he banged his head with his knuckle,


Shiv: how on earth I land up here…. (well geet warned u shiv sweetheart)


Finally he stood up holding his waist which was arching,, then took mahi out from the tub and patted her with the soft pink fluffy towel of her,, mahi was holding his shirt’s button and chewing it, he knew she is hungry,, though he was full wet and not in a good condition still couldn’t leave this cutie pie. He placed her on the bed and stretched his arm…


Shiv: meri kamarrrr…..


Just then the door being click open and aniee along with saanjh entered the room, seeing the condition of shiv both was flabbergasted,, his messy here, frowning face and wet pants,, ahem ahem… they burst into fit of laughter making him self-conscious further,, mahika clapped her hand showing her happiness which shiv gave only frowns….


Shiv: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,, and he ran out from the room…



Next: Erm Mahika ne potti kar di, kya karega shiv bechara?

saanjh asking sorry in her way, oops office romance….



Enough long, 7000



So I think i should come back with my demand as my exam is also coming, I will update again in the middle cz I got some leave from my study on Durga puja(OCT 19 -24), finger crossed hopefully I can come…. In nov I have exam so I won’t be able to come here anymore,, will miss u guys… I will join only in December last….


Sorry for all the mistake,,




As u all know about the IF fiasco no need to mention more,,, I want to know some query now…

In K3 there is some intimacy,, I agree its my flavor and I really don’t want to change it,, so

Can u accept it the way it is or should I low down the intensity, can u avoid the 18+ content if u r not comfortable or should I edit these part while posting on IF but the unedited part will be post on FB and BLOG… so tell me what do u want?

Yes I will agree it will double the work for which I really don’t get time, that’s why always wanted u to avoid suck parts if u r not comfortable…


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  1. Posted by saro on October 6, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    very nice that too mahii n shiv enjoyed it


  2. loved it. Let’s see how Shiv is going to handle Maahi.


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