Love For You Part 55


This part is dedicated to Divz, I promised her this will be a gift for her bday which was on 17th sept but the gift got delayed…

And one more sweetheart, Nalini sweety a very happy bday. God bless u…

This part is dedicated to both of them.


Sorry for all the mistakes…


Part 55


Strictly 18+

Maintain the age and avoid it if u uncomfortable with intimacy.



Geet: maan I wanted to say something before u go… its related to ur,,


Maan kept his finger on her lips: no jaan, I don’t want to miss this moment with all these, I want to have u close to me all this hour. please give me the time to cherish so that I can remember this hour with u.. will u give me the reminiscence?  Geet nodded with a pout,,  ohh jaan don’t do this,,, I might eat u alive.. her eyes grew wider and red blush spreads over her face…. but then she saw him finding something in his pocket… she tried to see it but he was busy in searching something finally he got it and gave a sweet smile to her….


He placed his both closed palm infront of her, geet was smiling but then saw his glittering eyes. he told her to tap any one palm, she choose left and he opens it, it was having a beautiful chain with a pendant, 2 heart together. It was beautiful, geet’s eyes were sparkling, she looked at him in happiness yet surprise also.. it was a gold heart entangled with a platinum with diamond dangling….




Before she can say anything he turned her and made her wear that, while doing the hook he deliberately touched her neck with his finger tips, her each cell was craving for it, and he saw the reaction, a small teasing smile spreads on his perfect lips, he locked the hook and whispered in her earlobe making her shiver.


Maan: small gift of love. Red hue crept on her chubby cheeks, he kissed her earlobe slowly, and then placed a wet kiss behind her ear. His another hand was on her stomach, unknowingly she clutched his hand over her stomach. She tiles her head in an angle to give him more place, where his tongue tasted the sweetness of her skin. He rolled his tongue on her neck tasting it nibbling with lips, her eyes were close. Warmness spreads all over her body as she felt wet between her legs. He kissed her chain hook and going down on her spine. She held his knuckle tightly and tried to hold his finger, and then something cold touched her finger, she felt him opening his left palm which was still close, she slightly opens her drowsy eyes to feel what it is. Her eyes widen. Happiness with shock mixed expression covered her, she turned towards maan who was having a grin on his face.


He went on his knees and stretched his hand: I don’t know fantasy word, just wanna say, I love u, will u be mine forever? He extended the ring towards her and few tears spilled out from her eyes. a smile spreads on face as she sat on her knees and hugged him.


Geet: yes.


A simple confession a simple proposal

All I get just ur love

No word is big enough to express my heart

No gift is enough to express ur love

Only a smile

Only a cry

That expresses mine

Love for you



Both stayed in the hug, no word they needed to express their love. Just a smile and love filled hug was enough. He kissed her hair and rubbed her back.. she clutches his shoulder like if she leave him she will lose him. he tried to loosen the hug but she held him tighter..


Geet: maan I have a fear. She said in barely audible voice. He was confuse with her confess, he forced to break the hug and cupped her face.


Maan: kya huya jaan?


Geet: nahi pata maan, but I have a fear I will lose u. maan chuckle at her.


Maan: itna tight se pakrogi to hawa bhi dur nhai kar sakta hume. He saw the frown on her face and she playfully hit his arm. Ouch, ufff u have became so strong.


Geet: maannn


Maan: okkk sorry.. he took her hand and swiftly slipped the ring, she looked at the twinkling metal with the dazzling stone,, a beautiful smile adorned her lips as the diamond spreads it’s spark. She kissed it softly. Maan nuzzle close to her ear. Now I will be always in it, u can never lose me. whenever u will see the sparkling light think I m remembering u. he dropped a wet kiss on her cheek making her turn into crimson red. He made her sit on the bed.


Maan took her finger on his, then kissed it lightly. A sweet moan escaped from her lips making his body burn in desire. He traces her knuckles then her arms, her breath was becoming heavy. His finger crossed her shoulder then her neck. The white creamy flesh curled with his hot breath, his lips touched the neck near the earlobe making her leave a heavy sound full breath. He took out the dupatta revealing her chest without hear her any protest. he dipped his head on her neck showering kisses along with her jaw to chest and again coming on her shoulder. Her hand snaked in his neck, he pushed a weight on her so that she can lie on the mattress. Geet saw his movement which made her redder.


Geet: maan. she said and closed her eyes as his mouth went on her curves above the dress. he looked upto see her blushing face.


Maan: I love ur natural blush.


He lift her chin with his finger to see her red face with lowered lashes giving a competition to the moon for it’s beauty. He felt the strong urge to take her lips in his as a instant and sucks the sweetness till it felt sour with his assault.


Maan: I so wanna make ur supple lips red plump,, her jaw dropped at the shameful statement. She tried to shove his hand but he held hand and pulls her towards him, she sat on his laps, but soon her breath caught in her lungs as she found his hand sneaking in her back dori.


Geet: maannn,,, she tried to get up but maan pulls her, her back collide with his partly open chest.. he whispered in her ear.


Maan: sshhhh let me love u tonight.


Geet: everyone is there in the house maan what if,


Maan: koi nahi ayega,, and now don’t disturb me to love my jaan, got it. he said naughtily before unzipping her suit fully, she shrieked his name with sudden advancement and he pinned her to the soft mattress… I love u,, without any further wait for her reciprocate he captured her lips. Her toes curled as he kissed her with a new zeal of love n desire. He took her both lips in his mouth to suck the juice. His partly open shirt was fully open as her fingers touched the buttons. Her palm was feeling his manly abs where his lips were busy in claiming her in every way. she parted her lips to invite him. he pushed his tongue in her mouth to captured the pink soft tongue. Both danced according to their tune.  His hands were busy pulling out her dress from the shoulder making her vulnerable with the sweet assault… he rubbed and caresses her every part of the skin making her cry for more. atlast he felt her short of breath and left her lips to claim her more sensitively. He came on her chest sucking the upper cleavage.. she was curling more in her as he took out her kurti out. she tried to place her hand on her chest but it made him mad in thirst for her, he pinned her hand on her either side and kissed her lips hard, then with one hand started kneading her breast above the bra.


She moans in the kiss as he unhooked her bra and took out his shirt still being in the kiss, his hot body met her to melt the forbidden pleasure. both parted for air and he took her one globe in his mouth satisfying the burning sensation inside. Her privet part was already begging to release as it was wet n warm, but he was busy with the twin, one playing with tongue and other with fingers.. she arched her back for more and he continue his sweet torture by wetting her hard bud with his tongue still not capturing it. her body was begging his manly force, she wanted him badly but he was busy in arousing her more. he gently rubbed her privet part down above the salwar making her squirm. She bite his shoulder for torturing her like this, he sucks her bud almost chewing it and increased the pressure on her lower part. Suddenly he pulls out the strings of her salwar then threw it away. His fingers slipped in her panty. Her breath was itching now as he started rubbing the area in a circular motion. Her throat was dry and head was spinning in ecstasy. He sucks her breast more urgently yet with care and love. He rolled out her panty over the silky smooth legs. She was so vulnerable that couldn’t utter a single word.. his finger dipped in the warm sensation c***


Geet: ohh,, maan… her sweet moans reached his ear.


He left her globe after making red with his passion then came on her stomach ravishingly placing wet kisses around her flat tummy, where he fingers were still busy pleasuring his woman. his open mouth kiss was doing wonder on her skin. His index finger join the middle to enter the wet horizon with immense pleasure.. he rubbed the upper portion to make her weak on senses…


Geet: maan,, please…


He saw her worn out expression, in fraction of sec he was in his birth cloth Joining her… she parted her legs and pulls him for a eternal kiss, his tip of manhood touched the wet core in a seducing manner, he rubbed it on her above part making her aggressive in the kiss. He sucked his lower lips nipping it, her nails were scratching his back for more, he couldn’t hold and with deep thrust entered making her moans loudly. He immediately covered her mouth with his and carried her to the ecstasy..







She is really happy today, finally after so many month he is coming back, precisely 2 n half month, but her heart shivered with unknown pain. Why he didn’t called her after that day. He was suppose to come 2 month back, he said he was going for only 15 days and these 15 days turned to 30 then 40 then 60 now 75 days.. he is coming finally, geet was having the flashback of her last time with maan, the way he had woken her, she was feeling like a true princess in the arm of her prince. His care and love had filled her whole heart.


That morning when she woken up, she saw him staring at her with loving smile, it was still dark, maybe 4 in the morning. She was snuggling close to him, but he didn’t let her sleep. He again made love to her making her fully covered in his love. They reached her room 6 in the morning without letting anyone know. After returning from picnic maan informed everyone that he is going to London, rudra was panicking. Doc said him to take rest so he couldn’t go there. geet made him relaxed saying nothing will happen. And karan will follow him. before going maan gave her a packet.


Geet: maan ye kya hain?


Maan pulls her in his embrace: geet I want u to wear this when I come back.


Geet was smiling: but ye hain kya?


Maan: khud dekh lo, she unwrapped the packet and saw the saree that once she had seen in mall, a white saree with net work. she was having tears to see his care, he care for her choice so much that remembered after so many days.  He snaked his hand in her waist.  I want to talk to dadima about our marriage on my returning day. Geet’s eyes widen with the piece of information but before she can decline anything he took her lips in his, geet gave in with a slight panic but seeing the assurance in his eyes she couldn’t help but melt in his eyes.


That was the last day she actually smiled and cried for his going. Once landing there he called her but after that not one call came for her. she knew he maybe busy, karan had gone to London after him, but some immigration problem caught him, what happen no one knew and he came back to India. rudra and karan was restless after that, after 10 days rudra tried to go there but his contract with some music company in india didn’t let him go there. it was 15th day, geet was happy, atleast maan will come now. but alas her all hope shattered when his PA confirmed he is not coming due to some urgent work, he hardly called dev only just to inform he is fine and to know how is everyone at home, but never tried to contact geet, her heart started covering with unknown fear. She tried to call maan numerous time, send him emails also but he never called her back or replied, whole months he remained unavailable.


Rudra was fearing something to see geet drowning like this. he had seen her worn out state in this one month, then decided to send maahi after maan. maahi was reluctant but then she agreed. She went to south Africa 1st so that rudra’s father mohnish couldn’t trace her, after 5 days she went to London. But she couldn’t meet maan there as he was too busy, and rudra’s restlessness increased more. and then total 2 month and 12 days after maan called geet saying he is returning back. geet couldn’t even say anything, her heart filled with joy as she talked to maan, but she didn’t sense the changed in atmosphere with his words. She was too much busy in her own world to realize what he is saying, even maan didn’t said anything apart he is coming soon.


Maahi went to south Africa as her father needed her for business. So rudra stayed with geet, he had witnessed her lost look, she was losing her weight day by day cz of worry for maan. naina was really worried for her health, in this 2 n half month all had witnessed the longing in geet for maan, and they understood the relation they shared, naina wasn’t ready for it but knowing her baby sister loves maan from god know how many yrs she couldn’t say anything to her. neha wanted to see her best frnd to become her bhabhi very soon, so she talked with dadima, dev n arjun. All were delighted with it, but the one person for whom this all matter the most was absent. Maan. no one said anything to him regarding geet and he barely ask anything. this 2 n half moth was very crucial for everyone, especially for geet n rudra, geet who was everyday losing her patience and rudra who was drowning in misery to see his mishty in this state.



Rudra saw her excitement, he wanted to talk to her urgently, something terribly wrong had happen, but seeing the excitement he couldn’t utter a word, he was just gaping at her, his baby mishty had grown into a woman. she was wearing the saree maan had gifted, she is going to receive him. her face was glowing after so many month, she was checking herself in mirror and blushing to think about meeting him, what will be his react to see her in his desire saree… just then she felt someone’s presence in the room. She turned and saw rudra standing few feet away.


Geet: ohh rudra, tum agaye, accha huya now lets go. flight will land in half an hour, chalo we will be late then.


Rudra: geet I need to talk to u, its urgent.


Geet: rudra can’t u tell me later, pls challo na, maan intzar kar raha hoga.


Without hearing anything geet dragged him out, neha knew geet will be receiving maan so she strictly warned anyone to go there…


Geet was waiting impatiently pacing here n there and rudra went to grab a cold drink for her, so restlessness he had never seen in her. on the other side geet saw him coming out with a trolley. Her heart jumped and a sweet smile came on her lips. No wonder he is looking handsome, white crisp shirt with black suit and black glasses, he is looking simply breathtaking. She sighed a heavy breath and ran to him, once he was infront of her eyes she checked him top to bottom, unknowingly tear drop makes her lashes, she was angry on him for not talking to her whole 2 n half month but then just a glimpse was enough to melt her. she hugged him with all her force.. airport was filled with people but everyone smiles at them for the concern, the love in her was oozing out.


Geet: maan I missed u.. she said with slight hiccups, she was holding him for quite a time but didn’t realized he was not reciprocating and when she understand that a sudden harsh pull felt on her body.


Maan: what the hell r u doing geet? He said coldly. But it was enough to shiver her. she looked at him blankly, what have she done now? she was just expressing her love which was deep buried in her heart. She stares at his eyes which is covered with black glasses.


Geet: maan… a whisper came out recognizing some change.


Maan: why the hell u are making scene here, can’t u wait till I come home? He said rudely.


Geet: I was waiting for u whole 75 days maan, how more I can wait.


Maan: it was just 75 days, and who said u to wait for me?


Geet: yeh kaisi baate kar rahe ho maan, we met after so many days, and u haven’t hugged me for once. Is this ur love huh? She said in a baby tune, a pout was on her lips, she wanted to say so many things, wanted his love to be shower on her but all dreams can’t be fulfill.


Maan: if u think so be with it, I can’t show u a tag how much love I have. now move from my path, I need to go home.


Without further delay he went in his car leaving a confuse geet behind, and drove off not even asking her to go with him. she stood there confuse, he doesn’t even saw her saree. Not the dullness on her face. geet was staring on the path that he drove off. soon a hand on her shoulder, she saw rudra looking at her in concern, she showed him her hand towards maan but he signal her he heard all.


They came back to geet’s house, everyone was shocked to see her blank face, ignoring every answer she went towards her room closing it.. then fell on the bed still thinking why the sudden change in maan’s behavior. Maybe he is playing pranks on her, next morning when she will wake up he will be here to apologize for his behavior that he caused so much trouble. But sadly that never came.


1 days turned into 1 week still maan didn’t come, he just met his family and again got busy in work. everyone thought he had met geet and now he is busy in business least they knew about the storm going inside 2 heart.


Geet was feeling weak, everyday her health was effecting by all this, rudra tried his best to take her to doc but geet remained in her room locking herself. She only tried maan’s number but it never came available, frustratingly she broke the cell. She decided to meet him in office as he never came to collage after that and neither to KM much, he was always in KC…



Geet entered the office, and went to the receptionist for maan’s whereabouts but she told her he is in meeting can’t meet her. but geet was adamant she will meet him today so she decided to wait for him in the lobby only.. it was more than 3 hour but maan didn’t came out, she was becoming frustrated with all this. she again enquired and receptionist again told her she can’t help it, maan is busy. Geet told her to say her name and when she called maan, she got a nice scolding. In anger geet doesn’t see anything and straightly marched inside maan’s room ignoring all security. But the scene made her boil in anger, maan was talking to a girl sitting really close to her. his head shot towards her and met the angry eyes.


Geet: so it was ur urgent meeting hmm?


Maan: what r u doing here geet?




Geet: I was waiting for u from last 3 hours and u r busy with this chick, what should I think about it huh? Her hidden rage was taking over her now as she couldn’t suppress it anymore.


Maan: enough geet, I told the receptionist I m busy in a meeting then u should get back..


Geet: do u know from how many days I m waiting for u maan, do u have any idea how much I have waited just to meet u after so many days and u didn’t have slightest time to meet me for few seconds, how can u change so much maan, why u have changed.




Geet was blank with his rude behavior, she saw few security men coming inside the room, all other ppl were seeing her. she looked at maan with teary hazel. Her throat was giving up still she manages to whisper.


Geet: why u r doing this, u can’t change like this…. sob covered her mouth…


Maan: ppls changed so do I,, now leave my office before my security men throw u out from here.. but geet didn’t move an inch, security men tried to hold her hand when a manly grip held that hand. geet saw her frnd who was in same pain looking at her, she stared at him conveying so much in the small time, RUDRA couldn’t look at her eyes anymore, he held that man’s hand tightly.


Rudra: don’t u dare touch her, or I will not think twice before breaking ur bone.


Maan chuckle: see ur best FRIEND came for ur rescue, I m thinking should I call him friend, I mean concern se to friend nahi lagta.


Rudra: maan u r out of ur mind, just let her speak first.



Maan: I don’t have whole time for u mr Rudra Raizada,, and tell MISS GEETAKSHI RINGH RATHOD to leave my office before I call police for creating a drama here…


Geet’s whole body became numb… now she got why he was behaving so, rudra’s knuckle turned white as he made a fist of it, maan smirks on them. What do u thought, mujhe kabhi kuch nahi pata chalega, Maan singled his men and that girl to go from the room and they obliged. He comfortably leaned on his chair. What do u thought I can never catch ur play huh? Waise nice game u both played, one with emotion and other with lie.


Geet looked at him with confuse yet painful expression.


Rudra: u should listen to her maan, please give us one chance, we had tried but


Maan: but seeing so much u changed ur mind. She thought once she will make me fall for her and u both can fly with all money and live a happy life together right?


Rudra: what u r talking about, u r taking all in wrong maan pls.


Maan: oho rudra now I m in my sense.. now will u get lost from here cz show time is up, I have watched enough drama, now taadda, ur game is finish. Its good that I m not doing anything but before I lose myself and do something take her away from my sight.


Rudra saw geet’s state, she was not in a condition to take all this, he held her hand and started dragging her, but before going out geet looked back at maan, her yes longed to see the lost love, her each cell was craving for him. the last day of their togetherness was coming infront of her eyes. not knowing when then came out, when rudra drag her out from there, all she could remember his eyes. she knew he loved her, he loves her but a misunderstanding is covering the love, she wanted to go back to him and solve everything but her heart couldn’t take the hate he showed when she last turned towards him.


Rudra tried to talk to her, but her mind was on the window of his cabin, she was longing for his one glare and soon she passed out as too much tension took over her senses…






He fell on his chair leaning his hair on it, his hard face was turning harder remembering the days…


He was happy that today he reached the place where he come from long but his mind never approved that, he called geet saying he has reached there safely, but never told her the real reason for him sudden arrival here…. he got busy with his meetings and work, after 4 days continuous work without taking a moment for sleep he was done, he wanted to reach India as soon as possible but with someone.. geet had made him realized he should give his mother a chance after another 2  day when he went to meet his mother to her house he got a shock of his life….


Maan saw the garland on a picture frame, he felt his eyes blur and a mist of layer came in the deep chocolate brown eyes..


Mr Maan singh Khurana… a voice came from behind, maan swallowed the lump and turn to see a person in early 30 standing in front of him with hands in pocket.


Maan: do I know u?


The name is Vikram. (vikram is the same guy who stabbed geet once refer to part 29 but maan never saw his face)


Maan: ye meri


Vikram: maa hain.


Maan: how do u know her?


Vikram: I m working for mr Mohnish raizada, he is ur uncle, I m the CEO of the company and a very close person to uncle, he told me everything.


Maan: where is he now? and how this happened, when did this happen?


Vikram: u don’t know anything? Geet ne kuch nahi kaha tumhe? Maan was blank, nothing could conclude in his misty mind, but somewhere his heart was shuddering too much…. He just stares at him blankly and then looked at the photo frame. Don’t tell me Geet ne kuch nahi bataya tumhe, u don’t remember Geetakshi Singh Rathod maan?


Maan: she is geet singhania. He said in a whisper.


Vikram: ohh really? But that’s her mother’s surname, in actual she is still Geetakshi Singh Rathod. Tumhari geet ne tumhe dhoka diya… maan grabbed vikram’s collar…


Maan: just mind ur tongue or else


Vikram: calm down maan, just sit and talk like gentlemen ok?


Maan left him and he lead him to the study of mr mohnish. Maan’s blood boiled to see mohnish calmly sitting there with wine glass in hand. he wanted to go back instantly but then saw something which caught his eyes.


His eyes were turning red with time, it was picture of his mother and geet, geet was very young maybe 12 or 13 yr, his mother was numb and on wheel chair but geet was talking to her, and next picture was rudra’s, he can guess the facial features are somewhere same, he was 16 or 17 yr.. his blood boiled to see rudra spinning geet holding her waist from back and she was laughing. There was numerous picture that shows his mother was with them, and then something caught his eyes geet crying hugging rudra who was also sad… then maan’s mother death picture… it was the day his mom died.


Maan controlled his anger and pain: why u r showing me this now? I came after her funeral I guess, u didn’t told me then.


Mohnish: I was blind in rage son, I thought because of u and ur father my sister is in this state, I agree u were never at fault but ur father was.


Maan grabbed his shirt collar in a fist: how dare u, u know nothing about my father…. And my mother never came to see him for last time when he was dying for her.


Mohnish: she wanted son, but he was already died and she slipped in to coma, I m sure geet hadn’t told u neither rudra my son. Maan left his collar, he was confuse is that mean rudra is his 1st cousin. But why they never said him. mohnish sense his confusion. Maybe they never wanted u to know this, but now I can’t hide this anymore… my sister was in coma and I didn’t knew how u all will react seeing her cz u all were already thinking she cheated ur father and I was afraid maybe no one will accept her, that’s why I kept her with me. I thought once she will be fine I will take her to u all and then she died after fighting with death… u came after one yr of her death so I never had the guts to tell u all truth,, but then geet n rudra decided to go india, I thought they had told u everything and that’s why u came here…


Maan remember geet’s words about his mother, her concern and her way of making him think about his mother, she knew everything and never told him… maan was lost to solve the puzzle… but something told in him that he should talk to geet for once, he took out his cell but then mohnish again intervened.


Mohnish: did they told u about their engagement? It was enough for maan to look at him with blank and fear on his face. he gave him a picture where rudra was holding geet’s hand and she was laughing a ring was in rudra’s hand and then another picture showing rudra hugging geet who was smiling and reciprocating.


Maan: it can’t be true, she loves me


Vikram interfered: she loves u because she need a sign on a paper which said if u die or with ur own will sign the paper ur property which given by ur mother to u, will go under her and rudra’s name.




Maan’s eyes shot open from the revere, those months were hell for him,, he held the paperweight and before he throw it his eyes met with a scene… he came close to the window and saw rudra  scooping geet in his arm. It was just making him mad…


‘game had began, now u will see what call destruction Rajkumari Geetakshi Singh Rathod’






Geet was looking at the scenery with blank eyes, the beauty couldn’t reach her eyes cause it was blurred with so many events. Once it was filled with the memory of his love now his hatred, her every day is starting with him only, its being 3 days she is like this, after coming from doc rudra has started taking special care, he again tried to meet maan but maan didn’t gave look to him….


Geet’s revere broke as someone tapped her shoulder, an instant word came out,


Maan, but as soon as she met with the painful eyes her eyes became moist, Rudra…


She hugged him tight without knowing the closeness is causing someone blood burn in sheer anger and disgust… the red eyes only wanted to destroy them, a sinful smirks played on the lips to see her cry in rudra’s arms…


Rudra: shhh mishty, chup hojayo, I m here na, don’t worry everything will be fine.


Geet: rudra maan.


Rudra: it’s not good for ur helath to stress, we will talk later.. he kissed her forehead and lead her inside the house….





I never loved u, it was just a game.

How much u will lie, I can see love in ur eyes

Then can’t u see the hatred MITHI? Her hazel turned blank… what did u thought khel khelna sirf tumhe aata hain?


An accusation, a cry and a deep mourn

An embrace to hide, a solace to put all the hatred.


Big dhamaka on the way, it’s the starting of the twist

Anyone missing the twist queen?


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    part 55
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  10. am speechless and spellbound what the hell shall I say or what am i suppose to say after this torturous update? Koi kasar reh gayi thi kya that U completing it here with us to kill Us each bit by bit sheesssshhh that was so painful and heart wrenching and loss…

    U know what? Maan don’t hate her…he can’t he is just angry the same way he was for Mithi now Mithi’s n Geet’s anger combined n took toll on him…I dont know what but am waiting for U reveal Maan’s POV soon….!

    gosh why is it always this way? Ek baar baat nahi kar sakte ek dusre se for once act mature and trying solve it out but nopes they have to be spontaneous and fluent with each word shit !!
    Ek min main itna khubsoorat rishta tut jaata hai kisi k kehne bhar se? Usko bolne ka mauka to dia hota!!

    I so dont know how will Maan repent the tym those papers will fall like a slap on his face….uska brday aane waala hai na? I wnna see his face thn to know how the heck will he redo his dead

    but u know what…mereko Geet *GeetHSP wali* ki ek baat achi lagi thi dil se for which i respected her she knew how to give her words even if it was to her family *standing agnst whole village alone* or to tell maan truth *the conference room scene where she locked him wid her to tell her proof agnst guilt* i actually respected her for that so can i expect here as well Geet will know how to keep her words plz !! I actually wnt her to say her words out there plz for god sake! N uske baad i wnna know how will U proceed it….goshhh I hate this fact…..i hate it n u took the same fact here

    can a relation b so limp that it need a cradle of others word to point their innocence! Shit man!

    So In short divzi waiting for 3 things—

    1. Maan’s POV
    2. Maan knowing about those damn papers soon
    3. Geet saying her words to him…

    Uske baad jo tune karna kar


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