Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 25



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Part 25



Their blissful moment got disturb with a loud bang on the door,, both looked at the source,, geet tried to go there pushing maan aside, but suddenly maan held her and pulls her close, next they heard a loud Sound. Geet closed her eyes and ear and hugged maan tight….


Someone broke the door with a thud sound, geet’s eyes widen to bullet firing,, a sudden panic ran in her as she looked up to see her love cocooning her in his embrace, both sitting under the kitchen slab.. very loud sound was coming from the entrance but maan didn’t let her come out from his hug, geet was cringing in him more n more and he was soothing her by patting her hair…


Geet: maan ye sab kon hain


Maan: till then I say, bahar mat aana geet


Geet: but


Maan: pls mishty. She nodded and he made her sit inside the small cupboard of kitchen beside the gas. Her structure was so small and fragile, she fitted anywhere… maan comes out from the hiding place grabbing a shirt from the chair, he was walking casually like nothing happened at all. No fear was on his face.. he just looked at the person who was fuming till now. Yes?


Rounak: where is geet?


Maan: u just wanted to ask this and broke my door, idiot, u could have asked by pressing the doorbell.


Rounak greeted his teeth by his normal behavior, he is irritated with it: just tell me where is she,, I will take her with me.


Maan: gudia samjha hain kya, u will ask and I will give it, and u can take away the doll…    maan’s normal behavior and casual look was itching him to the core. On the other side maan was planning how to come out from this trap without showing his effort… he casually sat on the sofa leaning his back on it.


Rounak: don’t u fear ur death huh? I can kill u.


Maan chuckle: bhowkne wale kutte kaat te nahi,(barking dog never bites)…. About fear, u know nothing about MSK. Death also fears to touch MSK..


Rounak smirks: I have a unique plan to give u sweet death, just get me geet 1st… I will lavish her in front of u.


And that’s the last word came out from his mouth as maan smashed his face with a hard blow.. the rage was on the height and that was visible in his eyes… his movement was straight and strong that didn’t gave the time to anyone to react, he was furious and in the rage he hold rounak’s collar then smacked his face again with a hard punch… rounak’s men were in too much shock to react on it…


Maan: think twice before taking geet’s name from ur filthy mouth or next u won’t be able to show ur face again in life. He again tried to punched him but soon a small cry caught his attention. He turned to see a man holding geet by hair, her face was showing how much pain she was having…  maan instantly left rounak and approached the man, but before he can reach her he put a gun on geet’s head who’s eyes were big, she looked at maan and the gun making her hazel big… rounak smiles slyly and wiped the blood from his mouth. maan couldn’t dare to take a step as it will be bad for geet.


Geet was gulping hard but didn’t showed any emotion rather she keep an eye contact with maan. her eyes shot red as rounak hits maan’s forehead with his gun, maan tried not to budge from place but it was quite a force to make him stumble. Rounak punched his stomach making him fall on his knees.


Geet: Maan, she whisper enough loud to make maan turn towards her, but rounak doesn’t like the eye contact.


Rounak: maan nahi rounak geet, u should take the name rounak cz after this moment there will be no maan only geet n rounak… geet gave a nasty look for his remark, he again punched maan who doesn’t tried to defend himself for atleast once. He was just staring at geet who was giving angry glare that only made him smile a bit.. knowing his sherni he need to take her out and he is giving her the time. but he knew it very well she will never go alone. Sighing he just went with this small game. Seeing limping maan rounak gave him to his men thinking now he is weak and went towards geet… so finally we are here geet, my love. Rounak said while tracing his finger from her hand to arm slowly and the man holding geet left her and gave a space to his boss… rounak came on her back and held her waist tightly making her tummy tucked in… I told u I will make the person who dare to love u to see hell, see how the man is losing his breath, and soon he will see u to belongs to me..  Now u will be mine just mine..


Geet smirks, the look was enough for anyone to have dilemma that why she is smiling, but least know what geet is actually…. In swift second rounak found his neck hurting as he got in a clutch which is feminine yet too strong…  geet held his hand and twitch it then grabbed his neck in her folder arms,


She whisper dangerously: In ur dreams sweetheart, next she punched his back and shot his leg with his own gun, while he cried in pain maan took the charge and in few second made all lie on death bed who was on him a little moment before,, everyone was too shocked to see geet like that but the one person know her martial art training was an ease to see her in control, maan held her hand and made a dash where rounak’s men were busy with him, but he was yelping to catch them, so few men went behind maaneet and few men took rounak hospital.




After 1 hour of continuous running geet’s leg gave up, she leaned on the tree huffing her breath out, maan stopped a little feet away, his breath was also uneven, he looked back at geet who’s face was really worn out. he knew she isn’t in a position to run more, her legs were trembling and abdomen was arching badly, her one hand was on her waist and one on her stomach, head leaning on the tree.. he came close and hugged her tight.


Maan: just a little more we will be safe.. he patted and talked to sooth the pain her face was showing, geet can feel the concern in his voice, she smiles a little.


Geet: we can’t stop here, lets go.


Maan was amazed to see the child sherni, her body was giving up but her mind is sharp. She haven’t ask anything to him cz she know how difficult for maan is this situation, her heart is arching to know about her father and her best friend but now they have to run…  they heard the chasing sound, those men are yet not left them. they were searching for maaneet like hungry lions. Maan held her hand and again both started running. It was a deep forest which covered with full greenery, finding a person in it is very difficult, but rounak’s men had the training for it, so its not difficult for them to chase hearing just the sound of their shoes or run….


Maan can hear they are coming close,, he need to divert their mind, cz looking at geet she can’t run more fast. He pulls geet close to him and she collide with his hard chest suddenly, she was confuse at his move but he signaled her to keep shut her mouth. he covered both of them behind a huge tree, geet was hugging him tightly and his back was pressing the tree… his hand securely wrapped around her waist.. the tank top was already soaked in sweats,, and now his manly grip mixed with his sweaty hand covered her back.


Geet: maan, she called out in confusion. He put his palm on her mouth and with eye contact told her not to say anything… geet blinked her lashes innocently, making maan’s heart flutter a little, he left her mouth and tucked the sweaty locks behind her ear…  her palm touched the bare shoulder. He was wearing a vest n track only the shirt was long gone in the running… the sweaty manly intoxicating scent was hitting her nostril for a long time. he pulled her closer. No one said anything but their gaze was locked with each other, fear and love was forcing them to bind together cz no one afford lose another… just then they heard some footstep. Geet hugged maan tightly who reciprocate it with equal urgency. He literally hide her petite form in his chest. Both sulk in the ground behind the tree, geet’s face was in maan’s neck. He shielded her body with his and tucked her closer to him. he sometime peep from the side to see anyone was there but no one was there, still some noises were coming…


It was almost 1 hour both didn’t nudge from the place, maan sighed in relief as he felt the calmness in the surroundings, they gone now. He felt her breathing in a rhythm, just then he saw his sleeping angel who was soundly sleeping on his chest like there is no worry.. sometime he really feels she is an enigma. In few min fighting and next min she become like a baby with no worry,,, maan tried to touch her hand but she jerks and snuggle close to his neck for a good sleeping position, she was sitting between his leg and the closeness was not helping him much… he saw the hair lock disturbing her and she cutely pouting her lips to jerk the strands but nothing is happening, its irritating her a lot… maan smiles at her cute kiddish nature… her hands were encircled with his waist and soft chest was pressing on his torso.


Maan softly called her: geet, mishty wake up…


Geet cutely shoved his hand: sone dona maan… I m feeling sleepy…


Maan: mishty we have to go, do u know where are we?


Geet: bas 5 min… let me sleep for 5 min… she said and snuggle more closer to him making it impossible to resist for him…


A devilish grin came on his lips. Seeing the sleeping beauty nothing could be more devilish than this… his put his one finger on her waist which make her feel ticklish… she reacted a little but nothing much, he chuckle seeing her again drifting… he slipped his hand inside her top slowly massaging her soft flesh..


Geet: maannn,, a slow moan comes out from her lips making maan smile,, he kissed her forehead.


Maan whisper: get up,, we need to go mishty… he said ever so softly. She opens her sleepy n tired eyes with a smile.. but then remember what happen in few hour, oh god she was sleeping peacefully where he was hiding her from the world, her every feeling was visible in her eyes. her worry, her guilt everything was there.


Geet distanced a little: I m sorry maan, pata hi nahi chala when I drifted to sleep. Maan can see the panic coming once again.. he placed her index finger on her lips. He knew its not her fault but the chloroform has it’s effect on her still.


Maan: sshhhh,, everything is fine, don’t need to worry.. they are gone now and we need to find a place before evening, its already 4pm… geet became silent… they sat there only and that too in same position. Maan can see the dullness covering her face,, he slipped his hand in her waist and pulls her closer knowing what is bothering her he couldn’t let her drift away. He came closer to her cheek and kissed near the ear.. u were brilliant at shoot,, pari told me u r a good shooter, today I saw my sherni… he placed a wet kiss on her earlobe and that made her heartbeat rose. She looked at his eyes and smiling lips…


Geet: because of me all are in danger. Maan I,, he placed her finger on her lips again…


Maan: u r the only possession we have, so don’t even try to blame urself.. and baki baate baad me, we need to go now…


Geet: sid n papa will be fine na?


Maan shook his head in yes: they will be fine, u trust me na? he asked with hopeful eyes. she smiles a bit.


Geet: apne aap se jayada… she said and kissed his chest…


Maan: mishtyyy,, he groans in a low tune… just stop it mishty, just let us get out from this forest, I will show what call seducing..


Geet giggles: maan when did I seduced u? maan tucked her close to him holding her waist, it was sudden and geet’s soft chest pressed on his hard one. she was startled.


Maan: ur innocent smile,, soundless sleep can seduce me to an extent that I feel like having u close all the time… she stares at him remark and soon red hue covered her face… maan chuckle… I love this blushing sherni… geet hit his chest and stood up on her feet….


Maan stretched himself,, his body is arching badly… all the brushes were finally showing up… geet saw his face,, he was trying hard not to show his pain but she saw it.. she felt sad but then maan slipped his hand on her back and started walking ahead..


It was more than 30 mins and still there is no place that they can ask for a shelter or atleast for high road. Geet was tired with the event of the day, though she took a good nap still the position and place didn’t helped her and top of that he worry for maan was increasing though maan never showed he is exhausted or anything, he is so much engross in thinking how to come out he didn’t gave much attention to his brushes.


Geet: maan aur kitni der chalna parega?


Maan: I haven’t done any PHD on jungle geet,


Geet greeted her teeth: the way u are analyzing the forest I thought u have done atleast masters forget Phd.


Maan looked at her annoyed expression and smirks: atleast I have done Phd, not like others who need help in every nursery rhyme… he said and walked a little ahead hiding his smile.


Geet made a O then cutely pouted her lips: Kharus Singh khurana… what does he think himself…


Maan: smart handsome sharp….


Geet: oye hello, u r really obsessed with urself.


Maan: ye main nahi kehta, girls usually said this.


It was enough for geet to fume: yeah yeah, girls,, London me kafi girls mili hogi na.. all men are same.  Jaha girls dekhi nahi phisal gaye,, and then taking their compliment as the universal truth, huh like they are the goddess who can never lie…. Geet was blabbering to herself but then felt some force and next she collide with a hard chest and his palm was on her mouth…


Before he can say anything they found themselves trapped between so many tribal people… geet’s eyes were wide to find tribe in Mahabaleshwar which is impossible… but that is the mystery of nature, sometime we find something which can never take place in our wildest dream… in a second geet hugged maan who was looking at the tribal ppl with blank expression… they can conclude now they are trapped as tribal ppl will think they are here to trap them,, maan saw some men looking at geet’s bare leg and then her face, he instantly covered her with his back, but there are many ppl from whom he could save her… next maaneet found to be unconscious as someone point a sharp pin in their flesh….





Geet slowly opens her eyes but suddenly closed it as a sharp bright light fell on her eye balls, then again tried to adjust it and next she found so many tribal woman seeing her bending down on her face…




geet shrieked on top of her lungs seeing so many tribal ppl,, some black like dark night some not so dark, but their dresses and ornament are so different and from childhood geet had heard that tribal ppl like to eat human’s flesh and she is a frightened for that… geet ran out of the room shouting and making every eye looked at her,, but soon she hit a figure, she turned to see a person maybe tribal ppl only but much more handsome, but the stare he was giving her top to bottom wasn’t giving a good feel to her,, she looked here n there to find maan, but he was nowhere…. The man held her hand but geet snapped it… she saw the surrounding, bright sunlight.. god knows for how many hours she was sleeping… she felt like crying thinking what had happened to maan…


Maannnnnn,,, she shouted again n again… but no one came,, all were looking at her weirdly… the person tried to touch her hand again she snapped it and shouted maan’s name…


Geet: where are u maan, kya kiya hoga in logone.. she went near the person… Mera Maan kaha hain? where is he, tell me,, did u harmed him,, tell me.. I swear I will kill u with my bare hand… poor tribal ppl looked at her weird faces hearing english…. Geet left him knowing he can’t understand her language.. she sat down on the ground…. Tear flew freely… maan kaha ho tum? I m sorry, main kabhi naraz nahi hongi, pls come back… she sobbed hard… the tribal person sat on his knees in front of her and wiped the tear… the person is nearly in his mid twenty and have a fair complexion,, a crown of flower was on his head showing he maybe the king or would be king of the tribe… he also wear same kind of dresses like other still it has some kind of freshness… he was looking intently at geet… geet doesn’t liked it and shoved his hand, she stood up…  mujhe mere maan k pass jana hain, kaha rakkha hain usse? Again no answer, she felt frustrated.. her heart was sinking as she was taking steps backward and once again she was tripping, but a strong pair of arms held her waist…. She looked at the chocolate brown eyes,, a smile formed on her supple lips and next she crushed him in her arm and started sobbing…


Maan held her tight and patted her hair saying he is find,, but geet was nowhere stopping.. just then geet heard a chuckle.


Kya yeh hamesha itna chillati hain aur roti hain?

(does she always shouts and cry this much?)


At 1st geet didn’t give importance but then realized its not maan’s voice.


She breaks the hug and look around to find a laughing tribes… her eyes widen to see the person smiling at maan weirdly…


Maan sighed: hamesha to sherni banti rehti hain but mujhse bohot pyar karti hain,

(she is a lioness everytime but she loves me a lot)


Geet looked at maan and the person and then the tribal ppl,, she thought they doesn’t know hindi, maybe they talk in their language which will be alien for her, but nope they know hindi but not English.


Geet: do they know hindi or English? Before maan can say anything the person said


Maaf kijiye, hume angreji nahi aati, lekin hum hindi jaante hain. aur hamara naam suraj hain hum is kabile ke sardar hain… hume laga aap bhi saher se aaye hain hume yaha se nikalne k liye, hamare logo ne apko bohot tang kiya hoga, wo sukhar hain maan ji ka jo unhone hosh aate hi hume sab bata diya lekin hume yakin nahi aaya, humne socha wo koi kahani bana rahe hain… lekin unhone kaha aap ko hosh aate hi sabko sach pata chal jayega k aap dono premi hain aur aap inse beinteha pyar karti hain…


(forgive us, we don’t know English but we can talk in hindi and my name is Suraj and I m the king of this tribal.. I thought u both also came from the town to throw us out from here,, my men had tortured u a lot. Thanks to Mr Maan who cleared our doubt but then also we didn’t trust him…. we thought he is making some story but then he said when u will be in conscious we will get to see the truth and we will understand u both are lovers,, I can say now u love him immensely.)


Geet was gaping at him with mouth wide open, but the last sentence made her turned crimson red… just then she found her maan’s strong hands on her waist…


Maan: mishty muh band karlo or else they will think u want to eat them… geet gave him a murderous glare which let him chuckle at her,, did u thought they had eaten me? geet felt embarrassed with his word and maan smiles seeing his innocent geet who still live in tales…


Suraj: aap log agar bura na mane to aap yehi pe kuch din beeta sakte hain,, maan ji ka ghaou abhi tak shukha anhi hain,, aur jo log aapke piche hain jaisa maan ji ne bataya wo bhi yaha kabhi nahi asakte.


(if u don’t mind please stay here for few days, maan’s wound is still fresh and whoever are behind u which maan told me, can never come here)


Geet’s eyes shot at maan as the mention of wound,, just then her eyes went on her shoulder and hand which had some bandage.. maan knew it, she will react and she did.. grabbing the arm she looked at maan painfully…



Geet: what happened to u maan, ye kaise huya aur kab? Maan tell me something.


Suraj: sayad aapko pata nahi,, in do dino me bohot kuch huya, aap log jab yaha aaye tab behosh the aur 12 ghante baad jab maan ji ko hosh aaya inhone hume sab sach kaha lekin hume yakin nahi aaya hamare kabile k ek insane ne aapko buri nazar se dekha, maan ji se sahen na hone k karan dono me yudh huya aur maan ji ko ghayal hona padha lekin unhone us insane ko jo saza dena tha de diya, hum nahi the waha aur jab pata chala humne dekha wo kaise aapko sabse bacha rahe the, humne socha aapke hosh me aane ka intezar kar lekin aap ko pure der din baad hosh aaya, sayad aap bohot kamzor thi…


(I think u don’t know this but in these days lots of things happened, when u came here u were unconscious. maan came to his senses after 12 hour then he said all the truth but we didn’t trust him, and from our tribe one men looked at u with bad intension to which maan didn’t liked and both fought with each other and he got injured in all this, but the man got his punishment.. I was not here, and when I come to see how he was shielding u and protecting u, I thought to wait for u come into senses… and u got ur conscious after 1 n half day after that day… maybe u are very weak…)


Geet was little confuse and it took time to register all hindi word in her small dictionary,, then she looked at maan with wide eyes,, she was angry on these tribal ppl but very worried for maan..


Geet: we will go out from here now, then will see doctor 1st… she was adamant to get out from the place but maan held her tightly….


Maan: meri baat sunlo geet.. they are not so bad ppl, it just they were protecting their wife and children,, they are hidden from the world and if the state or country saw them they will definite make this a zoo as in a modern city there is a tribe also, try to understand them mishty…


Geet: but maan if they again try to harm u?


Maan: they are not monster like modern ppl geet,, there are much more harmful person waiting for us in the outer world, for few days we need to stay here.. they are really very genuine person, at 1st I was shocked to see they know hindi but one old person said they had to learn hindi for this world only as it will be helpful for them to understand the city ppl.. I was shocked as u are now, but then saw their care towards u and me when u were unconscious and I got these injuries… just give them a try…


Geet: thik hain,, hum thode din yehi rukenge….


All ppls smiles at their love.. just then geet’s eyes met with a pair of red eyes, she can guess it was the same person who had hurted maan… she saw him looking up n down at her, only then she realized and looked down to see herself clad in a tribal traditional half saree with flowery ornaments… she looked at maan who was holding her possessively close to him…



Precap: maaneet juda juda and trouble in paradise… other hand heer is in trouble who will save her now?


2 responses to this post.

  1. aweee …thnxx for the dedication ..
    update was fabulous …just loved it from the first word till the end ..
    hayeee …
    geet fitted in a cabinat …!!!
    then maan’s remark ..gurdia hai kya ..
    awesom one ..
    raunaks irritation ..good u should have been dead idiot ..khutta ..etc etc
    woo woo humari sherni marchal arts janti hai n shooting bhi ..
    kya made for each other combo hai inn dono ka ..
    awee caring maan n childish understanding Mishty ..i love her character soo much ….<3
    ehehehe maan ki bahoon mien aakar tou waise hi sab bhool jati hai yeh geet tou abb bhi bhool gayi big deal ..:D
    i loved that one ..the trust n care in this one is just acceptional ..
    n then tribal people u gave me a mini heart attack tich with maan's absence but yeh track bara mast laga mujhe …
    uff yahan bhi geet ka ek aashiq bichara maan ke haathon pit gaya ..
    the possessive lover is my favorite …
    lol true geet still live in tails ..
    but chalo abhi kuch time ke liye maaneet safe n juda juda bhi ..lol
    tribal people wont let them live 2gether be4 marriage …eehehe
    O_O heer in trouble plzz yrr ..but chalo chado hum bardasht kar lienge …after all Prem ko bhi tou apni love story fix karne ka mauqa milna chahiye …but plzz dont let her be in those filthy people's hand ..prem ko hero dekha do FOR HEER ONLY chalega ….
    me just can't comment on ur narration tich coz u r one of most favourite writer n i am just not worth saying anything on this kind of writing skills ….just can say keep writting till u can as ill be the always waiting for ur update … u know what some of my friends wr complaining coz i wasn't able read thr fic.s during my test but just couldn't resist ur updates (though i am waiting for K2HY to end so that i can start reading it as i really dont want to risk my nanha dil to bear aome more heart attack…lol) ….no maska but true ..n still demanding K3 ..
    lastly best of luck for ur exams ..n take care of ur self darling ..n keep giving us such wonderful update …luv ya lots ..:)


  2. aww loved the update dear..haayee kya baat hai geet ki sherni mode ne toh maaneet ko us rounak se bachaadee…haayee geet is sleeping on maan..uff dono tribal people ke beech phas gaye..aww geet par buri nazar daalne waale moo kaala ho unke…..maan sahi jawaab diya..aww maan is injured in that fight..aww geet is shoo concerned abt maan..aww hone bhi chaahiye unki aashiq jo hai…aww geet is decorated beautifully in the tribal dress and maan is so possessively holding her…awwweeeee lovely and awesome update dear….o_O heer is in big trouble…ab aage kya hoga waiting for next dear…do cont soon….


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