Love for You Part 56

happy birthday Preetu,,, this update for u…. and wish u all the happiness and world of gurtilious things for u… love u a lot my devil preetu baby…..

Part 56

Geet: rudra maan.

Rudra: it’s not good for ur helath to stress, we will talk later.. he kissed her forehead and lead her inside the house….



Rudra barked in geet’s room to see her lost in thoughts and looking outside the window… his heart arched to see her like this but he controlled his emotion… right now he need to be control cz whatever she is going to do will destroy her… she is not in her senses… she need to know what she is doing… today she want to confront maan but he is not alone today, there will be so many ppl.. today is their collage’s farewell party… and seniors are going to pass out this year so the party is for them… geet had tried to talk to maan many times but he was simply unavailable.. all knew the tension between them but not all reason.. rudra kept to be mum and geet is always blank… somehow naina came to know everything but she is unusually silent…

Rudra: Mishty….. geet turned with the voice, no matter how much torn out she is but never fail to realized rudra’s pain for her still she is helpless….

Geett: just for once please… she said in a meek voice..

Rudra cupped her face: not now, not in this state, pls trust me I will confront him tell him everything, force him to see all truth but for once agree my word.. don’t go there geet… I m having a fear something is going to be wrong….

Geet: he will never listen u, he will never listen to anyone.. I know how much stubborn he is… he is angry on me na I will tell him all the truth and only this place he will not turn his face away from me… till now we are unable to hold him for a sec but u will see rudra he will be there… for dev neha n arjun he will come there… pls let me meet him for once…

Rudra know nothing can make her understand so he agreed on terms he will accompany her… naina was not there, she was out of station for some work but no one know which work… arohi sameer sonali karan all insist they will go with them but geet refused saying she will meet maan alone… though arohi didn’t budge she decided she will go alone where sonali didn’t fight with her but sameer assured he will be there…


‘no u both are lying, my geet can’t betray me, she only loved me, to kya huya she is mithi but still she only love me… ur photographs are fake…. U r plotting against her mr Mohnish Raizada…’

Maan screamed in anger,, though he is hurt knowing that his geet had lied him, she was Geetakshi and never told him the truth that doesn’t mean whatever he is saying is truth….

Mohnish: if u don’t blv me then check the pictures, its not fake and lab check will prove that, take them with u and one more thing…. He throws some news paper with rudra and geet’s pictures together…. But his eyes caught the headlines…

‘Singing sensation Rudra Raizada with his lady love?’

‘is the Teen Popstar in love with his childhood friend?’

‘Is Rudra single in front of the world and behind back have lady love in his own house?’

‘Again an award on his best friend’s name’

Next a picture where geet was kissing his cheek and he was smiling,,

‘PDA or true love escaping behold the friendship?’

‘whole night party with friend and then found in hotel room, Rudra Raizada seems to be playboy not in real, he was with his childhood FRIEND..’

Maan’s eyes burnt with anger… he was mad and in anger he drove off from Raizada villa… he was driving in full speed… his body was burning and mind clouded with confusion… he was angry on geet for hiding so many truth and mind confused with all the paper’s word and photograph.. he remember the day rudra came for her in india. The concern in rudra’s eyes completely showing his love for her but the love geet had shown to him what was that… no he can’t let her slip away like this… he need to find all this… he tried to control the speed of his car and bang… the car broke off and did a small summersault… next he found himself blackout and pain covered his eyes….

Maan opened his eyes to see the white wall surrounded the room but a royal touch with heavy golden curtain saying he isn’t in hospital atleast…. Just then a voice forced him to turned to it’s side…

Mohnish: how r u feeling my boy? Maan gulp his saliva and tried to say something…. Seeing that mohnish came close to him… ahan don’t try to speak. Tum abhi kamzor ho bête, u need to take ample rest then only u will able to work ur brain, in the accident u have injured ur head so badly that doctor said not to force ur brain for anything till u feel comfortable and to remind u were unconscious for 3 weeks now.. I have informed ur PA to say u r busy in ur meeting so u will call ur family later..

Maan didn’t said anything but mohnish’s words previous were ringing in his head.. 10 days of constant care from mohnish made maan good in health again…

After feeling well he think about calling geet, cz its being 45 days he is here and she would have been hell worried… but again his mind played and he remember her betrayal… he wanted to know the truth and then only he thought to digging out all proves and he met geet’s uncle there….

Geet uncle mr Sohan Singhaniya was mohnish’s best friend… he told maan about geet and naina’s upbringing… and about geet and rudra’s friendship… he said how their friendship always confirmed everyone that they are in love but they didn’t wanted to disclose this in front of the world…

Maan was in fixed,, he checked the property paper where the chain was saying till he become 24 his all property was under geet and rudra’s guardians… and then he saw if anything happens to him or if he himself sign a paper saying he don’t want this property all will go under geet’s name and then if she want she can transfer to anyone be it his family or rudra.. maan knew if she is geetakshi singh rathode she doesn’t need the property as her own family has enough to live 7th birth in luxury without any work but then he got the news about geet and her brother’s family are separated now… due geet’s family problem how she had suffered here with naina and how naina had made her own company all came to his vision and he got a picture about geet being only geet singhaniya not rathode.. but he doesn’t knew the relationship and love geet and her brothers shared as she always kept it in hindrance… all were going too much over his head but he wanted to know by meeting geet… just a glimpe and maybe all confusion will be clear….

somewhere maan was still not convince and then he thought to come back and india.. and he did without anyone’s knowledge he came after 45 days only to see one glimpse of his love.. but never knew this one visit will change his life to some extent he will never ever believe in love…

maan broke the glass mirror with his bare knuckle remembering the day he came to know her real face… remembering her betrayal… blood drop covered the white marvel floor as the thousand reflection scattered on the floor.. he saw her betrayal in the reflex and his heart pained…

maan shouted: why geet why u did that,, I only loved u and u… agar paise chahiye to bol deti I never wanted that bloody money, I just wanted ur love… 1st time Maan Singh Khurana believed in love but this word once again proved to be an illusion.. it was illusion that created by u and my so called friend rudra… if u were my mithi then where was ur love.. u just masked urself in Geet Singhaniya’s shell and fooled me for money… why geet… where my love lacked that u betrayed me like that… why? Tell me damit why?

He cried and cried.. probably for the 1st time he cried like a child wanted a mother’s solace to hide his pained and shattered heart… he loved her immensely, he tore his heart in front of her and what she returned him? betrayal… he had presented himself in front of her, whatever he was, whatever sin he committed he never tried to hide it.. he was not a virgin and seeing her pure virgin self giving to him he thought she loved him but never knew a girl like Geet his mithi can stoop so low for money…

U gave me a lot pain and now it’s ur turn geetakshi rathode, u thought u will ditch me and fly in air and I will be alone and beg for u,, nahhh aisa nahi hoga geet. U had seen a lovable maan now u will see what Maan singh Khurana do once anyone betray him…


Geet entered the party hall with rudra and other side karan who was worried not only for his mishty but for his brother as well knowing he is upset with something…. All eyes went on her and her hazels were searching for it’s light.. the serene calmness which will only spread if she see HIM.. she scanned the whole party hall to get one glimpse and there he is, her heart shudder seeing him dancing with sameera… he was so lost dancing with her that didn’t gave one look to her… she stumble in her white saree and rudra karan ran to save her… all eyes turned to them some in confusion seeing one girl with 2 boys some in jealousy and some in taunting… but she didn’t give anyone any importance.. all she want to get one look from her love and that will be enough for her to melt in his arm…

Geet was looking lavishing in her white net saree with pendant maan gifted her dangling on her slender neck and small diamond stud… her eyes were madly roaming on maan who was gluing more to sameera… she wanted to run there and ask him why he is torturing her like that but fate was not with her.. principal came to make an announcement and he shared his memorable moment with the batch… he asked maan to come on stage and told how much he did for the collage, dev also accompanied him and after like 15 min finally principal left them and the teachers left the party saying now its for all young ppl to enjoy…

Maan was busy chatting with his friends…. When a soft hand placed on his shoulder, he turn to met the most beautiful pair of eyes but today it has something else, he mentally kicked, its only a curtain to hide her ugly intention…. Those hazels looks at him with pain and guilt… guilt for not accepting her real identity, not saying she was his mithi… she was and is in love with him for god knows how many yrs… she wanted to hug him and say her heart out, she didn’t find her tongue… just one thing escaped from her mouth…

Geet: Sorry…

Maan smirks thinking at last she came to her real self, a smirk that conveyed pain and hatred…

Maan: apni auqad pe aahi gayi tum…

Geet looked at him with confusion: maan wo,,,,

Maan: geet don’t creat a scene here,, he held her hand tightly hurting her further… came close to her ear, just go from here before I lose my control, I don’t want u to regret coming here and messing with my life…

Geet: maan jaisa tum soch rahe ho waisa nahi hain, I wanted to say all that but circumstances didn’t let me..

Maan: yeah circumstances,, seeing so much money ur circumstances changed and u wanted all for ur self… maine kabhi nahi socha tha tum iss had tak gir sakti ho geet,,, I never thought behind the mask of an innocent person u can be so cunning…

Geet: maannn,, she said with looking at his eyes with tears, he can see the pain in the hazel and it gave him satisfaction, the way she had hurt him he can never make her suffer but his words can pierced her a little….

Maan: bura laga geet that I know ur real face and pointing now,

Geet: maan before accusing so much atleast listen to me for once, aisa na ho jab tumhe meri baat sunni ho meri baate na rahe tumhare sath…

Maan: tab to abaat hojayegi meri zindegi…. He said it aloud not wanted to hold his anger anymore, by then all started crowding,, they were seeing the hot couple arguing in low tune so no one can miss the gossip of tom. Rudra was not there as he was trying naina on phone but she was unavailable,, karan tried to say something but geet signaled him to keep shut… he was restless, arjun neha was beside him and no one can do anything…

Geet stares at maan with anger, her patience were giving up: maan please don’t create a scene,, listen to me for once without creating fuss…

Maan: didn’t I warned u geet, that go from here but no u need sympathy for ur crocodile tears… u need to show how cruel I m so let the world see ur real face na, the way u ditched me for ur best friends, Oops sorry ur fiancé….

Geet: what rubbish r u talking maan, mana rudra aur maine baat chupayi but for u only, u were not ready and

Maan; and u thought u can make the situation turn… as u had seen my whole property…. As ur eyes fell on these u dropped the idea of confronting the truth with me… hain na geet?

Geet: I love u maan, and that’s why

maan: ohhooo u loved me ha and that’s why sleeping with ur best friend behind my back…

and a tight slap thundered the auditorium,, maan held his cheek and looked at the angry hazel which was spitting fire….

Maan: sach karwa laga geet ya abb uss gandegi ko gira k aayi ho issi liye mere samne khari hogayi,,, had u abort ur CHILD that was the only prove about ur illegal intimate relation with him…. or Rudra had ditched u and that’s why u came over me,, and next a tight punch blow his jaw… but next he held the punch and the owner by his fist, karan was seething with anger seeing all this and rudra was nowhere coming… he couldn’t controlled and punched his face right away.. geet was too much shocked to react…. Maan threw karan away from him and his friend held karan….

Yes I saw u going in the hospital and that doctor confirmed u were pregnant with 1 month but when I left 1 n half how come u become pregnant after 15 day,, means when I was not there,,, geet was blank and stared at him only…

When maan came back he got information that geet and rudra went to hospital for her check up,, no one knew he had came except his one detective…. He went to that hospital feeling hell scared and then saw geet and n rudra coming out from a room,, they left the place and maan met the doctor…

Maan: doctor how is geet? What happened to her,, why she was looking so pale?

Doc: relax relax, may I know who r u and wat relation u have with patient? Geet that girl came with her husband kya naam bataya ha mr rudra na?

Maan was confuse and he stammered: I m her friend and what did u say her husband….

Doc: yeah she came here for check up it her 28 days of pregnancy na,, so her husband came with her, very sweet couple…

Maan: u r lying doc…

Doc gave him a annoying look: why should I,, see her reports….

Maan immediately took it and saw the repot of Geet Raizada. He was confused but his mind started clouding with hatred seeing the 28 days fetus in her womb….

Maan: r u sure, he asked in a cold tone….

Doc: yes 100%, if u want to confirm show this repot to any other doc or ask the patient… but maan didn’t hear much and he started moving,, soon saw the sight with burnt him to death… geet puking holding her stomach and rudra was patting her back holding her stomach above her hand…. maan’s eyes turned red, he wanted to kill both of them but then he need more proves and with insistence he went to meet mohnish to gather some more proves…..

he held her shoulder jawab do geet,, I came delhi long back, after 45 days I came here only to meet u but what I got to see u and rudra were so close that u had become pregnant with his child,, but abhi bhi baccha hain ya gira diya,,, dekhne se to nahi lagta u r still pregnant….

Geet: sab galat hain,, I only love u, she said lifelessly…

Maan : then tell me the truth geet, aren’t u pregnant? She didn’t said anything but lowered her lashes,, and maan knew he was saying truth… maan continued walking pass her to jay his friend… geet I always regret to pull u in my bet with jay but now I didn’t… once jay said u r one girl who is most difficult to get but now u proved them u r the most easy thing I ever had cz u urself wanted me to come for u… do u remember once I said u will accept ur love in front of the world and u said in ur dream,, see I made my dream a living… jay I won the bet…

Jay looked at him and give him a thumbs up,,

Jay: looking at her it was not tough yaar, I was wrong… ye sirf tujeh nahi pata nahi kitno ko,,,

Maan smiles,, that smile cut her in to pieces…

Karan shouted: Shut up u Ba***** just shut up,, whatever u r doing maan u will regret,,, u will repent it maan….

Sameer: maan just stop it now…

Maan: why? Can’t u see her real face sameer,, then see this photograps taken by jay,, she was hugging a man,,then sameer saw the pic where she was hugging someone, face was not clear, he was kissing her forehead,, geet saw that. it was of brij and her,, the day he came to say kunal her big brother had become a father,, there was a pix where geet was kissing her chain and giving it to brij…. Geet looked at maan nothing came to lips… just pain and a throbbing heart was there… abb bhi ye kahoge she is saying truth….

Arjun: bhai sometimes whatever we see isn’t the right thing…. Pls ek baar uski puri baat sunlo…

Geet came close to maan after hearing all words, still her heart wanted to make him understand, she took his hand in her hand…

Geet: jo kehna hian kehlo, bas mujhe galat mat samjho,, I only loved u maan…

Maan snapped his hand: game is over, mine and urs… I never loved u, it was just a game.

How much u will lie, I can see love in ur eyes

Then can’t u see the hatred MITHI? Her hazel turned blank… what did u thought khel khelna sirf tumhe aata hain?

Maan: ask dev if I m lying,, it was just a bet for me to love u….

Geet turned towards dev who’s eyes were enough to say he is right, geet dropped her shoulder…

Maan: ye sach hain geet I played but atleast I fell in love with u for real,, geet looked at him with shocked eyes, a small piece of her heart felt joy but next second it got crushed…. But u,, u being a bi*** only played behind my back,, at last I have the gut to agree what I did but u will be a coward, sleeping behind my back and getting pregnant with filth…

Next his cheek met with hard slap, this time geet didn’t flinched slapping him instead it was so strong that it made his lips bleed…

Geet: not a word more,, jo kehna tha mujhe keh liya not anymore words… ha ye tumhara baccha nahi hain, nahi hian suna maan… nahi hain,, this is only my child, tum kuch nahi lagte iske… tumhe lagta hain main tumhari property k piche hu, huh main chahu to tum jaise 10 maan singh khaurana khareed sakti hu… u claimed to love me but never recognized my love… tumhe mujhse azadi chahiye na,,, dedi azadi… iske baad mithi kabhi nahi ayegi maan k piche….. that unwonted child once u said a filth u will crave for it maan, one day u will repent but maybe that day geet nahi hogi tumhare pass…

Maan: mujhe nahi chhaiye aisi geet jo kabhi meri thi hi nahi…

He shouted over and over but she gave him her back and then saw the person with red eyes standing right in front of her, she wanted to break, wanted to cry in his solace but only tears dropped on her cheeks but soon the strong pair of her BEST FRIEND’S arm protected her didn’t let her fall on the ground, he had heard everything but knowing nothing will change maan’s mind he just regretted his decision to let her come here,,, he held geet tightly who’s breath was choking and next she hugged him tight crying her heart out.. but no one heard the cry as he shielded her vulnerable situation in his heart…. Both walked out from the hall followed by arohi sameer and karan… maan burnt in jealousy and pain and broke the flower vase making her deep cut hand more to cry with blood…. Everyone felt scared seeing blood and the rage but no one saw the crying tear drop that escaped from his eyes and next he left the hall….

An accusation, a cry and a deep mourn

An embrace to hide, a solace to put all the hatred.

This is the life that led 2 relation splits it’s way….

Precap: nahi dungi,, ab sochte raho…..

Okie so hows it,, guys I can’t change it cz when I started the ff this is the one thing that I had decided for this ff…. it was always sthis but got extended with so many character now it will revolv only on main character and who will be that u will get to know in next part…. And yeah Twist enough tha,, nahi na? next will be again a turning twist….

Did u cried enough or aur rulao next update me, say u the truth I want to make u guys cry a little more, and hush all past present khatam,,, shanti shanti shanti ufff….. so half story is finished and new beginning about to begin…..

Kon kon jute marna chahta hain al welcome but acchi wali jute marna… lolzzz

Oye bday gal preetu kaisa raha tera LFU,, dimag kharab kar diya tha iss ladki ne, hope I did justice…. Waiting for comments desperately…


13 responses to this post.

  1. awesome dear
    loved it


  2. nice update maan mind was filled by all wrong proofs and accusing geet and their baby geet finally decided to left him try to do next soon


  3. Posted by maneet4afrin on November 1, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    awesome… tichuuuuuu love u… congrats u succeed in ua intension… ua worsds made me to go through d pain they went… n it can nly u who can do dis… n my heart is beating fast hw will maan react aftr knowing d truth n hw will geet get to kno tat maan had serious accident n unconcious for 3 weeksn he tried his level best to prove tat she nly loved him not his money… but culprit played really smart… n these lovebirds r suffering… no 1 is wrong but still all went wrong…

    n yepppppiiiiiiii wat I had guessed rite ke geet pregnent hai…. N plz clear d tat days calculation… n y doc said tat its geet raizada??? N maan thot tat his baby but days age of fuetus made him wrong… is it all done by monish raizada??? N wen wil maan wil get to kno ki he had lost his 1 yr memory…. N pls clr d misunderstandin to us atleast if not b/w maan n geet…..

    and hw will everyone get to kno ke hw maan had tried to prove geet rite…. Jw madly he loved her…. Hw possessive abt hr… hw broken he is…. Wat went to him wen got to kno his love betrayed him… did any1 see d pain he carried in his words??? Does geet thot hw much hurt n broken he is… dil ka dard kya kam tha ki gaal par bhi maar diya??

    Aur kya geet ka dil thoda kam toota tha ke maan ne use masal diya??? Kyaun andekha kar raha hai uskai dard bhari aankhen jab usse khud ko bhi us dard se kahin jyada dard hota hai???

    Itne saare sawalo ko jawab paate toh mera PG khatam ho jayega…. Hai na tichhu??

    Love u ummmahhhh n big big big hug frm me…………


  4. Posted by ayesha on November 2, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Amazing update….
    Loved it…


  5. Posted by spvd on November 3, 2012 at 4:20 am

    part 56
    nice part………….
    poor Geet……………….
    Geet is pregnant?
    but the week calculation how is it different?
    and Maan he will regret so much………..
    cont soon dear………………….

    Deepa (spvd)


  6. Posted by monika on November 5, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Amazing update….
    Loved it…


  7. Posted by Chetna on November 5, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    hi thanks 4 da pm n intense update! Poor Geet! Maan does nt believe her! she is pregnant! Maan will regret it later! Geet left him! Well written! Khwaishfan IF


  8. geet preggy
    n all this confusion
    maanu ye kya kiya


  9. Posted by Kiran on November 6, 2012 at 1:33 am

    Geet is pregnant with Maan’s child but why days calculation was wrong….

    very painful update….thanx for pm….


  10. Posted by mandy15 on November 6, 2012 at 5:01 am

    awesome update dear:)

    maan will deeply regret this………


  11. maan aur v bohut rone wala hai in future………….so doc was also fake………..


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