Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 17




thank u soo much, u had waited for me n this fic and blv me i m feeling so grateful to find ur support, sorry due to my tight scheduled n exam i couldn’t reply ur comments but please do comment it motivates me a lot,, SILENT READERS pls guys anleast hit the like if u truly like, its will be a treat for me to see silent reader voicing their feeling, it took a lot time but still i manage to write quite a decent lengthy update…


WARNING : This part content highly intense scene, please stay away if u r not comfortable with it, This story is not for weak hearten ppl… I m really sorry if I had hurt any person in this small journey, take a story as a story only nothing real in this…. Young gals pls stay away from this part…

and i know a lot of ppl would so much curses thats why i running in my full speed, please jutte mat marna update k liye…..

Part 17


He ripped her bra and squeezed her breast with his rough palm, her tears couldn’t stop,, she whimper as his teeth mercilessly nipped her skin,, he left her hand but the weight on her of his body was enough to make her steady in the place… she held the pillow tight, closing her eyes… she couldn’t dare to open her eyes to see the humiliation… but he was too much busy in her body… the tip of his tongue tasted every place of her upper body…. His hands roamed around her lower body squeezing lightly… he felt her giving up her struggle which was a winning moment for him… he sucks the lower outline of her sour cleavage and teased the bud with his saliva… strangely his touch was decreasing the violence and started showing his raw desire. but the person who was feeling the pain on her body and heart couldn’t except his desire, it will be only lust that he is proving her now… he left her breast and came down on her naval, kissing it madly.. slightly biting it,, leaving a red mark on it… going down between her thighs… he kissed her inner thighs hungrily…. Geet looked away,, hiding her face in the pillow slowly tears soaked the place…

He kissed her slender thighs,, sometime biting it and the nibbling with his tongue…. He was lost in his passion that he forget to look at her eyes which carry only hatred and pain… he rolled out her last barrier making her bite her own lips harshly… she knew nothing can be done now, she heard him leaving his pants with hers on the floor then join her nude body… his manhood was poking on her thighs as he took her nipples in his mouth…. a small cry came out from her sealed mouth as his fingers touched her c***…. She tried to hold his wrist but he jerks her hand and suddenly smashed her lips with his.. geet looked at him with tears and his slipped his finger in her core harshly making her cry in the kiss… she haven’t felt anything like this before, she was pure virgin and never get in to relationship so it was all new for her…. He rubbed her c*** sensually wanted to get a response but nothing came what he thought…. He groans in anger and frustration….

‘Why geet, why u r doing this huh? Why can’t u damn response to my touch’ he said between the kiss and again kissed her full mouth where his hand vigorously made its way inside her thrusting deep…. Then it hit him, he broke the kiss only see her face in pain… he removed his hand from her womanly asset but a deep moan of pain escaped from her lips…. He looked at his finger a slight tint of blood was there… he looked at geet who was curling away to him and clearly pain was on her face… reality dawn in him as he missed a beat.. He had broken her Hymen just fingering her so deep… she was a virgin and his deep thrust and aggression broke her hymen which was protecting her virginity… he ran a hand in his hair seeing geet sobbing hard… 

He again looked at geet who was now giving him her back and curling in her,,, trying to stop her tear but the pain was unbearable… he held her shoulder n made her see him… her face was blank, though tears were there in the corner of her eyes but her face was blank.. only the thing can be found was hatred… she saw him looking at her directly in her eyes… why he stopped now she couldn’t understand.. they stared at each other for a long time but geet couldn’t stop herself from spitting the fire…

‘why u stopped maan? u had tear me half,, then what to think again? Common I m lying under u nude,, satisfy ur hunger molding in anger and then leave me… atleast that way I would be free from this fear… once u take my faith on me then I will be free from this, my heart will feel less burden then, don’t stop here maan, u need to quench ur thirst of hunger and anger… fulfill it with me now and leave me.’

But maan didn’t react on her words, he leaned over her thundering her heartbeat and licked the tears….

‘is it paining much?’ he asked in a slow voice, she was confuse, shocked and surprise to see him like this. maybe there was no regret or pain but a tint of concern was there…  it was for fraction,, he masked himself again and kissed her lips thoroughly…. ‘u should sleep now, or else I will cross every limit which I don’t want NOW, we should leave it for our SR.’

Geet was numb, she only stares at him unbelievingly while her tears flowed freely.. maan tucked her closer and covered both of them with duvet. She turned her back to him unable to fight more, her body and mind is giving up the strength, but maan tucked her back close to his front and slides his arms in her bare waist.

‘don’t know from where I m earning the control but I can’t promise I will be able to control my desire for u very long…. I can’t be a saint all the time u know’ he said huskily and kissing her earlobe sucking t slowly.

Geet closed her eyes tightly ‘I told u to take whatever u want for once and leave me cz after this u wont see the scared geet anymore. after it ,u will lose maan I m not’ she said a dead calm voice.. the fear had long taken from here… maan chuckle at her which can irritate anyone and geet was no less, she tried to take out his hand which gripped her tummy more… he kissed her neck softly…

‘I m not in hurry, u r all mine, I will mark u very soon, but not here… I need to mark u as mine in front of the world first. And don’t think I will leave u ever in life geet, so erase the misconception from ur heart, u will be with me forever.’

‘in ur dreams only maan’


‘u r my dream sweetheart which I will force to be true’

Maan kissed her back spine deeply impacting the inner hungry beast is still arouse to be close to her… geet closed her eyes and he tucked her closer for a silent sleep which is really peaceful still the 2 heart is facing an unknown storm inside… maan looked at her face, she is still awake, her eyes lids are staring to an unknown place… he knew the storm inside her tormented heart, but he will face it, he can’t let her go with the fear of losing his everything in this cz his everything is already started belonging to her.. what will tomorrow bring for them no one know but the 2 heart will face it together strangely one will be another’s protector and another will be a destroyer still their fate laid together…


Morning ray hit hard on geet’s face,, fighting with her inner self and the demon she doesn’t know when her eyes gave up and she drifted in a silent deep sleep snuggling close to the beast she hate the most… opening her eyes she felt him in the crook of her neck, sleeping like a kid, like he haven’t slept for years… for once she was staring at his calm face. no one can say behind the calmness a devil is staying who is always want to hunt her. geet snapped her thought as his hand shameless snaked on her back pulling her close to him. she bite her lips as her body arched badly… she doesn’t made any attempt to free herself as she knew it will increase his hold on her. after few min she freed herself slowly without disturbing his sleep….

She stepped out her slender legs from the bed.. but her body gave up as it was arching, the soreness between her legs were also uncomfortable… she took the white satin sheet and tucked it around her, then with the support of the side table she somehow stood up,, with slow step she reached the washroom…

She stood under the shower naked, her whole body arched with a burning sensation as the water poured on her white skin which is red now… her tears mixed with the water as she saw herself in the mirror, she closed her eyes feeling the pain on her whole body,, her senses were knocking out but soon she felt a touch on her back then a manly grip on her waist,, a pair of hands sliding towards her curves. His lips touched her neck to give showers of kisses…. She closed her eyes in pain, as her body and heart bleed with his assault…

‘don’t u dare leaving me alone like that geet’ his voice was hoarse and next he pinned her on the wall pressed her nude self with his bare chest… she looked at his eyes straightly… maan was staring at her dangerously but strangely her eyes doesn’t showed any fear, it was smiling.. her swollen lips played a sexy smirk… the look he couldn’t understand but his six sense was saying its not good, the timid and fearful geet had died last night, now she can kill him any moment but not with weapon, something different…

‘don’t stare at me like that, last night I had controlled enough not to be harsh but not anymore’ maan said while capturing her lips in his,, the water poured on them making the glass door foggy with the hot water and steamy kiss.. geet didn’t protest, neither responded… but her parted lips gave him the access to devour her sweet nectar… his hand cupped her sore breast… his fingers were pinching her bud slowly… geet gulp her saliva and put her palm on his chest… a sexy grin came on his lips but soon its vanish as she parted herself..

‘last night u crossed the barrier of fear in me maan, now this heart doesn’t fear, I told u last night take me right then cz after this u’ll regret the decision to put an on me. I m not those paid sl** who will serve ur feet, but this geet will make u go on ur knees in front of me, and I promise u that…’

She said in the kiss.. Her voice was slow and deep but maan knew how much serious it is… he can never miss to see the lioness had woken because of him, once he was innocent so he knew how his innocent had snatched, now he was thinking did he really crossed his limit to tarnish her innocence because he never wanted that…. his all thinking died the moment he felt her respond… maan for the 1st time was shocked and blank to see her eyes… her eyes were darting him and her mouth captured his lips in an aggressive kiss… till the point whenever he was kissing her it was passionate and demanding but this kiss was for hatred, revenge… her teeth mercilessly nipped his lips taking the blood from it and sucked without flinching.. their gazed locked and he let her dominate him. For the 1st time someone is dominating him and he is ready to take this… why? That he himself doesn’t know but he is loving this small moment, be it her loathing atleast she is responding, giving him a reason to cherish, yes the MSK is cherishing someone’s abhorrence….

Geet was lost in giving him pain… she wanted to see him in pain and for that she can go to any extent… she forgot what she is doing, she forgot her pain is her devil’s pleasure, his possession that he will cherish only… she came back to her senses when maan slides his hand on her waist and pulled her closed to him,, she looked in his eyes to see him smirking… she bite his lips harshly still he was enjoying the ‘kiss’…. Finally feeling breathless she left his lips and both parted a little for air… maan leaned on her gulping the water pouring on her lips to sooth his burning lips and it’s desire to capture it once more..

‘no pain can give me this pleasure’ he kissed her lips softly caressing with his own lips… she tried to push him but he placed his mouth on the crook of her neck…. He kissed her neck softly, drinking the water from it nibbling her soft flesh, ‘if giving me pain can bring u closer to me, I m ready to take this slow poison, that way ur hatred will be mine only….’

Geet was numb where maan was lost in her essence but strangely it was not violent, the soft caress of his lips on her skin wanted to pleasure her least he know what effect her heart already have with his last assault…. She stood there without flinch or fear just gave him what he want that only bothered him, her numbness bothered him. her blankness was making him restless.. he left her, her body and her eyes darted with him like mocking him.

‘be ready , we need to reach ur house fast’ saying this he left her without looking at her eyes… she was confuse, something changed in this few hour,, the MSK who only knew to give pain is ready to take any pain. Why? The million worth question left unanswered.. she washed her face and body one last time before stepping out of the bathroom….

He saw her wet hair flocks, her red lips which is a result of last night and morning aggressive kiss…. He felt something warm in his heart, seeing her drying her hair with the towel and her perfect figure hugging the anarkali suit which he brought for her and left in the washroom.. Her deep cut neck exposing her whitish complexion of her neck and back made him hard instantly.. he wanted to devour her right in this moment but he have to control, if he losses now he will lose forever… geet turned to met the sinful eyes looking at her with oozing desire… her throat felt dry as he started walking towards her sensually… his looks were hinting something, she tried to stay steady,, wanted to spit venom, her hand wanted to stop him to come close but her numb heart couldn’t let anything happen. It stood still, facing the devil.. today it doesn’t want to curl in it’s shell out of fear but wanted to destroy in her detestation…

Maan step close to her and touched her face with his tip of finger, her fist tighten and eyes looked straight in his eye concealing all emotion… he tucked the hair behind her ear. His eyes shameless roamed on her luscious lips where she looked away feeling his throbbing manhood poking on her abdomen as he was too close to her. she tried to step back but his hand held her waist firmly…

‘this is what u do just with the mere look, geet…’ his voice was husky, mere whispering… he leaned on her forehead resting his own closing his eyes…. ‘I know last night I had crossed my limit, but,,,, but it was u who provoked me. don’t ever think going away from me… I need u geet… I know I m sounding helpless but trust me or not I m feeling the need of ur warmth close to my dead heart… just be with me geet,, i can burn this world for u and if anyone try to snatch u I will kill the person cz I can’t take ur absence in my life anymore. Think whatever u want,, ruthless, heartless monster but this devil need u to be his breath. Why I m feeling this I don’t know but trust me I will destroy everything if u won’t be there.. last night was the most peaceful night for me, u know why? Cz u were with me I found something to treasure… first time ever Maan singh khurana felt an unknown treasure to be with… a possession to keep secure in my deepest corner, u will stay in ME geet, u have to… if last night I had hurt u, I promise I will make it up but don’t do anything again that I may not listen myself… I don’t want to force u or repeat last night cz it will give u pain… mano ya na mano, dard nahi dena chahta tumhe bas majbur ho jata hu.i had seen almost every phase in my life but 1st time it felt something warm, some happiness to be around u. and I don’t want to lose it, my insecurity maybe made be harsh but I never wanted it. if I want I can kill anyone without flinch and in no time but u, u r my possession which I want to cherish but sadly my dark life had made u my darkest possession. U r a DEVIL’S DARKEST POSSESSION, and u have to bear this devil throughout ur life and rest.’

His sincere confession left her baffled… she looked for him but he was nowhere, she looked here and there to find him but he was gone vanished in thin air. His voice was still echoed in her ear, her skin felt goose bumps, for the first time she felt he is opening his darkest heart, which seems to be dead still lots of things are unsolved,, what is that made him this devil. Which is the thing that so cruel that he had forgotten the name of humanity and love… he is an enigma, the more u think the more u felt attractive towards it but still nothing come to conclusion….

Precap: Geet is here in devil’s den on her own will, what she is upto?

Day out vul gaye kya?? Main nahi vuli…. and ha Yash!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how many of u angry with me n my Devil??? He was harsh but geet herself ingested him..

Ok don’t get mad, I told u its dark possession so dark story…. Yeah Geet will be stronger but before that I need to show more n more about maan which kept going lost between Maaneet…. Now I can say this devil is driving me crazy…..

Young girls who read it after my warning,, pls don’t be frighten too much.. I know I had gone too far but I needed it…

No one could imagine my Devil to r*** his geet but for stronger reason I had to show something and that’s why I wrote this, please Pardon if u don’t liked it… take a story only as a story, its nothing to do with real life….

Please Give some writer liberty….




Disclaimer: all situations and scenes are purely imagination.. if anything found of this content to be match another living or deadly things, it’s purely co-incident… This fiction is nothing to do with living or dead reality…

© All Copyrights Reserved 2012. Tich mg


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