Love For You part 57


Love for you part 57



Everyone is busy in their own grief but no one understands the pain of the other heart is facing. Everyone right and wrong in their own way but no one is able to understand other’s way of thinking… pain become less if u share with a person but cocooning a heart just to protect from the pain can give u sorrow unbearable… tears can give equal pain to many person, its just our mind which think our sorrow is the most painful thing, but no one can know another’s person pain.


Here the person burning in pain n anger was hurting himself for hurting a person He loved the most…. For HIM she was the world, but today his world has snatched it’s meaning…..


‘aarrrggggghhhhhhhh’ maan screamed his lungs out after breaking the hot tiles and slitting his hand to ooze the blood out from his hand…


He thumped down on the ground on his knees, still now he was pretending to be strong but his whole existence is only paining. This physical pain will vanish in few moments but what about the heart, his heart is bleeding but there is no one to cocoon him in his embrace…. He dipped his face in his palm crying out his heart… in this lonely dark corner no one can see him, no one can hear him but today he want it to hear his mother. He want her solace to put his head on her lap, her soothing caressing his hair and few sweet talk which can vanish any pain.


Maan: maa aap kaha ho? Please come for me maa, I really need u… I want to hide from this mean world. why this world is so mean, whenever I did some mistake there was no one to scold me, to tell me it’s wrong, don’t do it, and when I did some mistake everyone only cursed me, no one tried to see how I suppose to know what is right or wrong if I had been never taught…. U know maa when I saw her face with so much pain my heart strained, for a min I thought to leave everything and took her away but then, then I know she doesn’t love me, maybe after few days, few month or few yrs she would have ditched me, she would have run away from me… mujhse wo bardast nahi hota maa, I had seen enough pain aur sahen nahi hota, agar usne firse dhoka diya hota main tut jata. I could never live with her betrayal anymore, and that’s why I insulted her.. I insulted my mithi maa,, but whom I m kidding… is she really my mithi? She is HIS, that rudra’s whom she love more than me…. maine aisa kya kiya tha maa that she betrayed me? for the first time I loved someone and she,,,,,,


He cried n cried probably for the 1st time, cradling himself like a baby wanted to hug his mother so that she could hide him from the world… his back touched the floor as he lied there facing the ceiling and recollecting the words MAAHI said when he got back to London after knowing geet’s pregnancy. He was broken but, angry, hurt, and his eyes were showing his inner turmoil… his dried tears made its way when he remember those days in London.




As he landed in his flat in London, his eyes roamed on the wall portrait. His fingers craved to touch HER, it was Geet’s portrait. When he 1st came here, he missed her a lot, his existence seemed hollow. He wanted her to be close to him and that’s why he brought this portrait. Whenever he was close to this portrait he felt her warmth, her love but today it wasn’t same, something has changed. Today his mind is so much clouded with so many thoughts that her warmth of love disappeared from his heart. Though he get to see the truth but still somewhere his heart wanted to know more, he wanted to be sure, but honestly he wanted all this to prove wrong. He wanted his geet to be clear, but nothing seems to be in his court.. days passed and he tried to immerged himself in work to forget all bitter memory.


It was 3 weeks and nothing came to conclusion, the more he dig in their relation the more closer they seem to be.. it was right, here was a rumor about rudra n geet being in a relation and few of their frnds doubted it, but no one has the gut to say anything cz of rudra’s anger. But there was few close frnds who denied. They said rudra and geet was like best frnd and protector of each other, but they never shared any intimacy.. It was just friendship nothing else… maan was confuse yet again. What should he think, at a side he himself learnt that geet is pregnant behind his back and now this confusion…


One day he was busy in some files when he received a mail and opening that his blood boiled.. there was few picture of geet hugging some another man, he kissing her forehead and she gave her chain to him. he remember it was a gift from him to her, that time it was so long that geet couldn’t wear it but now she gifted that to another person. His anger was going too high… then he receive a call from jay who said he had catch geet red handed… maan trusted jay and it was biggest mistake to think geet a characterless person… but was it too big prove or to say her as a characterless.. NO,, probably NOT…. His heart screamed she can’t do this, but mind fought when she can give his love away to another person then how can she love him… but heart again shed maybe she is in trouble, maybe she needs him to be aside…. His heart concluded he need to go back and meet geet. Only that can solve all mystery but fate had something more…..


Once Mohnish called him to his residence, though he never wanted but he went there only to met a person who’s word was somewhere enough to make him believe and the person was MAAHI. Rudra’s love. But the blankness in her face says some another story… then his eyes fell on the medical paper which was in her hand, maan with slow shaky step came closer to her… maahi looked at him with teary eyes….


Maahi: Had he Betrayed me maan? I can’t blv this, it’s can’t be true….but all this… Maahi sat on the couch breaking fully..  atleast he had gone to his real love, leaving me alone…  Maan was confuse and maahi’s tear made him numb, maahi saw him and broke in sob… they betrayed us maan… she said with teary eyes and sobbing lips.


As he came close she shows him the report of geet’s abortion.. it was a final blow for him. the last thing he could have solve is already destroyed by geet herself. But maan was confuse how can maahi come here and how she get these papers which is from india and few days back only…


Maan: she can’t do this, how u came here? He said in a blank voice.


Mohnish : she came here few days back, and I get the news with my sources, they sent me the copy of the report on my insistence saying rudra n geet are my son and Daughter in law. He said in a sad n gloomy voice.  Maan sat there without uttering any word.


Maahi: maan from beginning rudra n geet said she loves u and they were there for u, for ur goodness and rudra said mohnish uncle want to kill u, and I believed it. few days back they sent me behind u, I thought they cared for u and that’s why wanted me to come for u but coming here was my biggest decision which turned my life upside down. When I came here mohnish uncle gave me those photographs and I myself was with them in childhood and I know those articles and tinsel talk, but I never believed that. I thoughts all were just rumor as rudra n geet told me but now, seeing this report I don’t know what to blv… she again started sobbing…


Maan: but U said Rudra loves u, and Geet was the one who helped u to come close.


Maahi: so I thought.


Mohnish: they wanted to shut those news as it would have reached u and then maybe they wouldn’t get any chance to corrupt ur property.


Maahi: maybe they wanted to show infornt of the world that they are just frnd and they used my emotion. I can’t blv it.


Maan: tab itna yakeen kiya but aaj itni jaldi maan li baat?


Maahi: tumne bhi to wohi kiya maan, u never blved other’s but seeing all these u also believed them then how couldn’t I when my own father said all this. and now maan can see the sincere feeling and hurt on her face for hurting her own father going against his wish. Maan my dad was always against this relation but for my happiness he agreed but when I went to meet him he showed me something, she gave some photographs.. maan’s hand trembled to open it. his small heart can’t bear anymore shock and hurt but again he wanted to be sure, he wanted to see how much God n his Mithi can make him suffer, how much his heart can turn to a stone and it happen. His face covered with pain shock hatred.


Those pictures were about rudra and geet, geet was sleeping maybe closing her eyes and rudra lifting her, entering a room and he recognized it was geet’s bedroom. Means it was in india.. then came another blow, rudra placing geet on bed, her smiling face and snuggling close to him, something flickered his mind, it was the day in disc when she was drunk.. and rudra had lifted her to get in room. Maahi was there but she had gone to her room when rudra took geet in her room, rudra was caressing her face and then kissing her forehead BUT the picture came a little vulgar, not much clear and it showed he was on her all over, and his face covered her.. maan couldn’t tolerate and snapped them scattering all over the floor.


Maahi: dad had hired a detective for them and he gave me this, I don’t know maan what to blv and what not, and then I saw these report of her pregnancy and termination… how can they do this…  u know maan that day when geet had helped me for arranging a date with rudra when we were only 16, (that day geet arranged everything saying its from maahi and rudra thought she was going to confess her love for him, I hope u remember guys) I thought she actually wanted us to be with, I thought she was genuine and wanted her best frnd to commit with a girl who loved him… and that day I got my biggest shock. Though beginning I had a doubt that rudra had a feeling for geet but that day it confirmed when I


Maan remember geet saying all that and he wanted to know all rest but never got the chance and now knowing this he was sure whatever he had seen in rudra’s eyes was love only…. He was right at the first place but he mistook geet love for him as friendship… but not now he get to know full truth now…

Maahi: maan that day rudra promised me he will try to move on but I never understand it was just a mask,, it was mask of staying with me for world and inside they can do anything they like… but why he did that to me I still don’t know.. why Us man why?


She broke down crying bitterly…. And maan sat beside her hugging her, mahi cried placing her head on his chest….


Maan: its enough maahi, not more… we will not cry for them, I will show them what is call betraying and bitching, they tried to play with us and I will show them what is MSK all about…




Maan recalled everything but strangely that day’s hatred was nothing infront of the pain today he went through. He thought geet will admit her true self but no, she never did infact she was adamant saying she loved him, did she really loved him? Or it’s just for money that she want to carry the drama… why she is still playing knowing her true face had shown to the world… maan’s chain of thought came to a halt when a loud and strong voice came to his ear, he took his shirt and wore it….




Along with maan everyone came to the hall and shocked to see an enraged Naina spitting fire and before anyone can say anything SLAP, naina hit maan so hard that the corner of his lips started bleeding….


‘u tried to mess with GEET but u forget who she is, she the sister of PRINCESS NAINKSHI SINGH RATHODE…. And I will show what hell is’





Precap and teaser……


Its being so long his heart to missed a beat, its being so long his lips to be curved, its being so long his eyes showed any emotion… his face is all blank staring at the thin light from coming in the dark room… like the room his life has ended the light from it, its blank now… his life is dark now, a dark n remorseful life which he need to live not for him but for his family, his dadima who is bedridden, his baby sis who doesn’t even glance at him, she was busy in herself. She hates him so much that if he died next moment she won’t flinch at all.. his brother arjun who is lifeless.. he is there but not a happy person, though he loves him but his expressionless face gives him pain only, and lastly his brother dev who loved him immensely… who lost his everything cz he wanted to be with him… he had sacrificed his life, his love cz his love for his elder brother and what he did, nothing but to give pain….


But the question is he living only for them… then the answer NO,, he is living a remorseful life cz his entire being is waiting for it’s love, it’s one glimpse, its living and waiting for one person his MITHI, to see her happy, to embrace her…. But he know he can’t have her not after what he had done…


A long tear escaped from the corner of his deep but lifeless eyes as he only stares at the ceiling rocking in the armchair….


‘I m sorry’ his heart mourn but lips couldn’t voice it.


‘Maan’ a gasp got out as she stirred in her bed frightened and drenched in sweats… but as soon as her eyes opened it covered with horror….



*tichu scratching her head* how many chappal for this, I know it doesn’t have geet in it, but this part is the most important part to justify maan’s action…. Yawn, next update erm u know what is coming…. nahi jante ho to brain pe pressure mat do, next update me pata chal jayega…..


Guys if u don’t like my ffs then don’t add me in ur list over fb. I had have enough.. I m sorry if I m sounding rude but yes I m truly hurt to see the decreasing like… after having exam also I m giving update and I can’t get sufficient like.. u may think why I m mourning over likes but guys try to place urself on my place…. It takes a lot time to type such updates and u read it and then forget to press the like or comment.. SILENT reader atleast show some mercy on me, one like wont make any effort for u then why can’t give u ONE LIKE… its nothing to u but everything to me….


I don’t know when I will give next part, cz I m losing my all interest from all ff seeing so less like…. Thanks for all wishes for my exam….


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  1. Posted by spvd on November 25, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    part 57
    so who brain washed Maahi too?
    poor Geet and Rudra also………….
    though Rudra loved or loves Geet, he always knew she loves only Maan and always supported her………..
    where is Geet and Rudra too?
    Maahi too is broken…………………………….
    is she also regretting?
    good Naina is back………
    where is Brij, i mean the Prince bro of Geet?
    cont soon dear………….

    Deepa (spvd)


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  3. me crying Tich ..
    y ….y u like us all to cry our heart out …y girl
    Divz is soo true …this is ur SUTELA FF ..
    kitna akhir kitna rolana hai geet aur maan ko ..
    humari baat tou choor hi doo aap …

    i beg of u plsss abb aur nhi ..
    maan ko devil banao ya kuch aur but plss abb tou geet aur maan ko milado ..
    i just cant take it anymore over here ..

    after K3 its my 2nd fav n u make me go cry with each passing update ..

    PS : i loved ur banner …n line over thr were fab.

    now plsss plsss plsssssssssss update next soon mujhse aur bardaasht nhi hota plsss ssss ssssssssssssss

    LUV YA
    SOBIA .. 🙂


  4. Posted by Chetna on November 26, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Intense sad update! All sad n in pain! Wher is Geet n Rudra? Naina angry! Superbly written! Precaps r interestin! update soon!


  5. Posted by saro on November 26, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    very nice dear . but first finish ur exams thn give updates. all the best


  6. awesome dear


  7. so emotional, can u clarify how come geeet got pregnant so late….


  8. please update karo
    the teaser is so scary


  9. Thnx…………teary update……….
    All the best for exams n come back with a bang…………..
    U r an awsom writer………….don worry bout comments n like…………….once u will b regular in updating, the readers will stick to u like bees…………………


  10. Posted by hinalmaaneet21 on December 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    loved it
    so maahi’s insecurities are used to plot against geet n rudra
    waiting to see what naina does?
    n that line where maan wants his mother that was very heart wrenching


  11. Posted by gill123 on December 24, 2012 at 2:47 am

    Loved it but dear dono ko jaldhi se mela do


  12. Posted by Kiran on December 24, 2012 at 4:46 am

    wonderful update….

    Manish is playing with everybody’s life but so much hatred for his own son….

    precap shows that Maan will come to know the truth after he destroy Geet and he will be in remorse….

    thanx for pm….


  13. Posted by monikaseth on December 24, 2012 at 5:41 am

    amazing painful part but much needed …hope maan know truth before he do some thing more bad with geet hope he know truth before ..all the best for exams dear dont worry will wait for more …


  14. Posted by stuti on December 24, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Now waitin fr naia to punih maan an show him hell
    mann hv nt done gu witb geet he shuld hav asked get ht is the truth how can he believe maahi


  15. Posted by Anonymous on December 24, 2012 at 7:44 am



  16. nice update
    cont soon


  17. AWESOME..


  18. awesome update so mahi and maan both missunderstand geet and rudra
    oh no PRINCESS NAINKSHI SINGH RATHODE is angry ab tu maan gaya
    waiting for teaser yar
    and i will give u 10 hugs for updating during ur exams
    hai la kese karti he yar
    mujh se tu update check karne ka time nai milta
    or tu update deti he
    hugs to u


  19. who planned and broke them up
    why the discrepancy in the time of pregnancy


  20. who planned and broke them up
    why the discrepancy in the time of pregnancy
    and why is maan now in pain


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