Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 56



This part specially dedicated to my Naji di (MissDreamy Princess) and my azmu (Azma khan)


Lots n lots n lots of love and bestttttt wishes on this beautiful day guys, u both means a lot to me… stay healthy and never forget ur tichu…

Naji di my days can never complet without seeing ur comment on my updates and status, u r like a elder sis whom I really adore… ur every word is special to me so be with me always pls….

Azmu jaan I still remember u n shollay gang was my first frnd n frnd grp pn fb when I was very new there,, trust me u r one of my beshtttt buddy over fb and will remain forever… though we can’t talk much but that doesn’t mean we aren’t close frnd. I really love u sweetheart. Thanks nahi bolna but still thanks for being my first frnd and giving me the lovely memory(those blunderful day we did masti on Geet wall ROFL)


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Kaisi kashish hain yeh


part 56





Maan opened his eyes and saw the most serene scene,, geet wrapped in the white satin sheet and caressing her stomach,, maan with a smile hugged her waist buried his face in her stomach feeling their babies movement, maan kissed it and geet slowly caresses his hair…


Maan held her hand and kissed it: what happen jaan?


Geet: maan I wanted to say something


Maan: hmmm


Geet: wo, erm, actually


Maan: kya huya jaan?


With a deep breath: Maan I wanted to tell u about raghav, whatever happened at HP and why that happened..


Maan brought his face near her and kissed her forehead: I m sorry geet, I shouldn’t brought the topic, promise I will never talk about it…. leave it..


Geet: no maan, pls, I want to say it, pls just let me tell this…


Maan sat on the bed leaning his back on the bed post and made geet sit between his legs, then snuggle close to her neck..


Maan: tell me everything then…





I got a call from mumma saying to come back for nandini di’s marriage… they wanted me for whole 1 month. I was happy for my cousin and went back home happy in my own world but oblivious to the fact my own happiness can be taken with just in few hour… when I met my family they all showered me with their love and I was truly happy with all that… but the followed day doesn’t bring the same smile… at night mumma informed me that groom’s family wanted me to marry raghav, jiju’s cousin brother…. I thought it’s just another alliance and I refused it saying I need to do something in my career then this marriage stuff…. But actually I didn’t wanted to marry someone else….


Geet looked at maan sideway, who himself was hiding his face in her back, sometime giving few soft kisses… his hands were caressing her invisible rising belly.. seeing calm face she continued….


I thought that chapter closed that night itself but next day daarji declared my roka with raghav infront of everyone… I met raghav that day and he seems to be happy… I was fuming in anger but couldn’t do anything. more than rage I was in pain… pain of ditching by my own family… mumma looked at me warningly but I know it was apologetically too…. later when I met mumma I stand my point strongly but as u know GIRLS DON’T HAVE ANY RIGHT ON THEIR OWN LIFE,,, which was my darji’s law there… I was treated badly.. darji scolded me and rest of the family member also never took my side, my own parents stood there like I had commit any serious crime… I declared I m going back and then darji locked me in my own room… I tried to call amy n abhay but no one was available and before I could make a call to ridz brij veerji snatched the phn, then hit me so hard I became unconscious…


Maan’s grip on her grew stronger like reviving those memory, his rage was slowly increasing and that can be seen in his hold, geet leaned on his chest slowly rubbing his hand on her tummy…. Maan calmed down instantly… he kissed her shoulder saying her to go on…


Next day when I opened my eyes I found all family member to be seated beside me except papaji.. I ignored all and went to search for papaji… then I heard his pleading saying they can’t restrict my study.. but darji was adamant saying raghav is a good guy and he will keep me safe, he is ready to give me any freedom and I can pursue my degree in Mumbai after marriage… though papaji at first was hesitant but later he also agreed.. I was shattered. My only hope was fading… and I stopped talking to everyone.. I thought they are my family and they will understand me but NO ONE maan, no one knows my happiness.. they all were so busy in their reputation….


Then again I tried something, I never wanted to marry a person whom I doesn’t know well… maybe raghav was a good guy but I never tried to see him in any aspect.. I had blocked my heart for everyone in a way that no one could open it.. I was missing ridz badly… I tried to call her but brij veerji again hit me.. all was too much for me and I tried to run away from my own house…. Alas my fate wasn’t with me and veerji’s friends caught me.. then darji’s patience broke and he told me a truth which I can never let me go  beyond it….


He said all this to save nandini di’s marriage, groom family wanted me to marry off to raghav and that was the condition, raghav liked me since many ages and his parent wanted me for him but they couldn’t gathered the courage to say all that… Raghav was elder to jiju and his mother was raghav’s aunt.. she wanted his happiness. I was shattered knowing all that… Ek beti ki ghar basane k liye wo log dusre beti ki kurbaani bhi dene ko taiyar the…. They were my family but they were making a deal on daughter but thankfully raghav and his parents were really good. Next day raghav came to me, he seems to be very happy and talking with him I get to know he and his family doesn’t knew about all this gamble.. I felt if I tell him maybe he can help me but again my parents blocked me not to say saying anything and when raghav went to his place my mumma started saying how all will happen if I decline the marriage.. she said all those things which only gave me shiver.. what will happen to darji and papaji if the alliance break. If raghav come to know about the truth maybe he will insult my family and maybe his and jiju’s family will be strain… I was in dilemma what to do and then saw nandini di’s happiness. She was truly happy with jiju and I couldn’t gather the courage to destroy her happiness.. and I agreed for the marriage….


Geet’s breath choked but knowing the turmoil about maan she just snuggling close to him, making him aware about her closeness to him, making him sure she is with him and no one can snatch her… on the other hand maan’s anger were rising to no bound. Just thinking how they blackmailed her, what must have gone to her that moment…. Geet kissed his chest facing his front…. Maan closed his eyes and held her close to him…


After that they did our roka, I was numb, couldn’t said anything neither I was happy nor sad. It was all numb.. meeting raghav was pleasant. He was the most humble n sweet guy I had ever met.. I was guilty about not telling him the truth… I wanted but I couldn’t… I got to know he knew me from childhood as our family knew each other….. he was a gentleman, never tried to go beyond his limit.. I knew he wanted my happiness but I couldn’t give him the same happiness and love that deserved cz my heart wasn’t ready to accept it… after few days our engagement came, I saw ridz. I wanted to hug her tight and pour all my heart, I wanted to cry like I use to… though we were about same age but she was always mature than me, and infact whenever I felt this family isn’t my own, I always escaped towards her and hide behind her,, for this reason only she fought with her parents and came to me…. I knew only she can give me a little solace but my fate… the fear of my family’s taint name forced me to hide all that from ridz too.. knowing her I couldn’t, she may blast on my family or raghav for all that and she won’t flinch taking me away forcefully from there which will turn my family’s name…. though I never cared about anyone than myself but I couldn’t turn me face knowing this will tarnish my family…. I tried to indulge myself in my present.. I sincerely tried to cope up with the relation but nothing helped…


Ridz and raghav tried their best to make me feel good.  I could see the disappointment on raghav’s face when his all effort went in vein… I just needed time and he gave me all but still I wasn’t ready… ek 19 saal ki larki se aur kya umeed ki jasakti hain. I wasn’t comfortable with changes in my life… whatever I never liked I was forced to do all that stuff in my home and that made me more gloomy which never gone notice by my own family but there was a person who saw everything… Raghav always had seen me staying far from my family and then one day he came to me asking what is bothering me.. and then I got to know he heard all his aunt’s word with my father… his father was also angry about all this… and raghav promised me he will never forced himself or the relation on me, he knew I was tender at age and this can make me depress. He himself was a doctor how can’t he see the indifference…. Then one day he broke the alliance but took promise from my family that they will never curse me for all this.. I know he waited for me, he wanted my wish to be grant, he wanted my happiness. Beyond that he never ask anything and I finally smiled with tears saying I will be grateful to him my whole life. but he said he want see me happy with all my achievement but then he said he knew someone was there for whom I m saying no to him…. I tried to change but he was adamant and then I told him everything…. How I met u and what impact that has on me, he promised me he will never come in my path but if I ever want to return to him he was always ready.



‘and I guess that day will never come’ maan completed her words kissing her nose and then her eyes one by one.. he kissed her forehead…


Maan: I love u Geet…. Geet snuggle more close to him and he caresses her back lovingly and then tucked her close to him.






Though geet had told everything to maan, but his insecure heart felt more vulnerable knowing she loved him unknowingly that time… a tint of fear still was in him, he wanted geet all for himself, he was becoming possessive about her. maybe that bcz they aren’t only husband n wife now but soon going to be parents of 2 angel, she is the mother of his child now and he felt a sense of proud and protectiveness towards geet.. but with that as his love increased,, jealousy kick in very affectionately. His want for geet was increasing day by day… but for geet she wanted to enjoy her little time with her frnds and love.. she still not consider her chance to survive much, she can’t lose this precise time… her heart only knows how much pain it cz thinking she may not have it for eternal.. she wants to spend her life with maan but life is slipping from her hand. though raghav n arman had showed the chance of her being good is better but she couldn’t manage her heart to expect that knowing her case is not so simple….


For geet’s happiness maan arranged to go for a tour of manali one of geet’s fav place….


Hadimba Temple

The Hadimba temple or Hadimba mandir is devoted to Hadimba. According to Hindu legends, Hadimba was married to Bhima, the famous Pandava character in the epic of Mahabharata. The design of the mandir is very much similar to a Pagoda, which is the religious place for Buddhists. It is said that the temple was constructed in 1553. The mandir is also known as the Dhungri Van Vihar and has four stories. The architecture of this religious place is also stunning.



Geet entered the temple and was awestuck with the architecture… she excitedly held man’s hand and then ever so sweetly demanded about doing a pooja there… ridz accompanied maaneet and did pooja… after it they went to arjun Gufa….


Arjun Gufa

The Arjun Gufa lies at a distance of 15 km from the town of Manali. It is closely located to a village named Prini. As stated by a myth, Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, stayed here and exercised contemplation in this place for acquiring the mighty Pashupata Ashtra (a commanding weapon).



Entering the cave was thrilling for geet,, evrytime geet was holding maan ever so tightly and maan was enjoying her thrilling yet excited attitude… he was falling for her childlike nature more… he couldn’t conclude what she is exactly. One time a sexy lady who can seduce anyone with one look, an insane lover who herself doesn’t know about her love.. a dedicated friend for whom friendship is everything or a mother who is ready to sacrifice her life for her babies… the more maan thought the more love he found for her in his heart…


Rehalla Falls

The Rehalla Falls is located at a distance of 16 kilometers from the town of Manali. It was created due to dripping water from dissolving glaciers and vertical stones. The waterfall lies at an elevation of 9,000 feet and offers stunning sights of the natural beauty bordering it. The whole place is edged by birch and Deaodar jungles.



The place was beautiful and geet ridz n piya enjoyed the most as nature their best frnd…. 3 girl loved natured too the bits and the waterfall made then excited… they laughed played had fun and boys only admired their lady love….


And finally Rohtang Pass,, the beauty of the place itself self Heaven… all are mesmerized with the sight….




The Rohtang Pass lies at a distance of 51 km from Manali. It is famous for being the highest jeebable road in the whole world and provides breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan mountain range. Tourist attractions like the Dasohar Lake and Beas Kund are closely located to the pass. Adventure tourists can indulge in a range of adventure sports and pursuits like mountain biking, skiing, heli skiing, and paragliding here. Lying at an elevation of 3,978 meters on the main road, the Rohtang Pass is an important traveler draw in Manali. Visitors who want to participate in trekking come here round the year. The water of Dasohar Lake and Beas Kund is transparent, freezing cold and finger numbing.


Geet piya n ridz were giggling and playing with snow balls,, raghav and armaan was extra careful with geet where abhay was lost in piya… ridzy never let geet to jump or play, who was just pouting her lips,, suddenly an idea stuck and she looked at maan with naughty smirk. Everyone was too much busy in themselves to look on her cute yet devil smile…


Maan was busy thinking something when his body shudder feeling a chill running on his back,, it was freezing cold climate and this direct contraction was a shock, but the giggling sound made it clear what naughtiness she is upto…. Geet made a large ball with snow and put it in his shirt from back when he was too much lost in his thought which irked geet.. But before she can run from there maan held her wrist bringing her close to him, geet tried to free herself still laughing on his plight but maan was lost in her smile… his hands slides in her kurti making geet gasp… he had removed his gloves and the cold hand touched her warm waist making her shiver… she can see the desire in those dark chocolate eyes and before she know he was already pinning her to a nearby tree hiding themselves from others…


Geet: maan… her moan push him to the edge…. He started coming close to her face not to forget with the naughty smirk while geet was too embarrassed thinking if anyone see them romancing in crowd… but they were quite far from everyone and no one was there in that place…


Maan came close to her face so that their nose touched a little…


Maan: badhi hasi arahi thi na? he asked her huskily,, geet’s face was red in blush and smile couldn’t leave her supple lips.. maan’s mouth went dry seeing her glowing beauty…. He licked her upper lips and then lower one in one round…


Geet moan in the close proximity: maan,,,, ple-se, koi ajayega…. Her breath was heavy implying how much aroused she is.. her pregnancy hormones are making her demanding he thought and chuckle… geet pouted hearing him chuckling and in fake anger tried to push him useless to her try she accepted defeat as he didn’t budge an inch… Maan seriously someone might come na.


Maan: no one will come and if they want let them na, I m romancing with my wife only… he nuzzles her neck while sliding his hand in her dress making small patterns on her bare skin… her breath quicken and fell on his neck which was exposed… it was freezing cold so they had to put few warm close, but by the closeness now they felt very warm… geet hands were on his shoulder and as he increased the fervor of his kisses on her neck her nails started to dig in his cloths….. his luscious lips were torturing her with small wet kisses which was making butterfly to dance in her stomach…. He rubbed her back and the coming towards front to hold her b***** geet hide her face in his neck as he licked her earlobe and then came on her lips…. Geet lowered her eyes, his lips slightly touched her juicy petals and fire explodes in their body…. His passion was taking toll as he nibbles her lips hungrily, he felt like taking her right there but composed himself….


Their lips parted to take some breath and maan saw her flushing face and heaving chest… he kissed her nose….


Maan: u always made me lose myself….


Geet: maine kya kiya, she said pouted while he wiped his lips which had her gloss…. Geet looked away smiling and blushing… he kissed her cheek…


Maan: you made me hard by ur blush and I feel like having u right here…


Geet: maan,, she wacked him playfully and then hide her face in his chest….


‘Ae lo, hum pagal in dono ko dhund rahe hain and these two are busy romacing with each other’ Armaan quarrel and received a deadly look from maan to which piya and ridz broke in a fit of laughter while armaan made baby face to geet who highly ignore and hide herself more in to maan….


Just then everyone heard maan’s cell buzzing… he excused himself and went away a little and started talking to aadi over phn….



This is the 10th time aadi called him informing his important meeting had lined up and now they couldn’t handle this anymore, his client want to meet him and said if he doesn’t come next day they might end up the contract… maan tried to avoid things but dev himself called him saying he need to give attention to the project…. This is a very big project for kc,500 crore project which need his full concentration before going London, the work has to start in 4 days and then dev will supervise all but now maan need to discuss some important point… unwillingly maan agreed for coming back..


His heart refuse to break the smile from her lips, she was enjoying life to the fullest and he doesn’t want to wipe off the happiness from her beautiful face. The way she was dancing in the snow fall no one can say she is soon going to be a mother…  he looked at her curvy body which is glowing with the pregnancy, he wanted to crush her right then n there but controlled himself just because he doesn’t wanted to ruin her happy moment.


His thoughts soon gets lost as he heard his wife giggling sound but to his astonishment she was laughing with someone’s else… his blood boiled as he saw his wife throwing snow balls on raghav who was laughing and warning her not to do that…. his knuckles crunched as the sight digests in his mind… how much he try but the possessive mind always gets distract seeing his beautiful wife smiling, playing and talking with someone else and specially Raghav who loved her or may be still loves her…



Precap: going back, maan busy in work, wifey missing hubby…. Oops Clash…





What r u doing maan….


I m loving my wife, do u have a problem with that?


But maan everyone is waiting… and it will be late, please lets go.


But geet I don’t want to go there, I want to be with u. and I want to spend my time with my wife and angels.


Maan please na, we can have our time for later, and we have our life for it, right now I don’t want to disappoint them.



THEM or its HIM geet? Is Raghav had become so important to u that u don’t want to spent some alone time with me? actually long lost frnd jo mil abb meri kya jarurat hain na geet? Can’t u see I m longing for ur one look, can’t u see I want to be close to u and our babies,, but how can u see u when u r too busy with Raghav. Ur new found frnd. Geet maybe its not necessary for u to give small amount of time to me but I need it for my babies… I want to spend my time with them, that time which I lost due to ur sudden anger and so called sacrifice which was suppose to be for me…


He was suppressing his anger for a quite long time but hearing her insist going with raghav just made him forget everything… the moment he stopped he heard a sob, he closed his eyes and remembered what he said, frustration had taken a toll and he crossed his limits. Before he can rectify his mistake she was already on the exit.


But then she stopped,


Maybe I m wrong not giving u time, but I want to give a little time to THEM as well, pata nahi kal mere pass kitne pal honge maan, I don’t know when I will leave my last breath and before that I want to give them few moment to cherish so that if anything happen to me in future they will live a happy life with my memory,, and its for THEM not only for Raghav and yes my new found frnd also need it cz I had neglected him as well. but do u know one thing maan, we can’t make everyone happy in our life.. life itself shows u that u r not capable to take place in every heart….



Quite a long teaser, I had given it on FB now in IF… it will be in next part…. Ok I m really sorry for delay u know my exams are so near to kill me….

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Disclaimer: all situations and scenes are purely imagination.. if anything found of this content to be match another living or deadly things, it’s purely co-incident’ This fiction is nothing to do with living or dead reality’

All Copyrights Reserved 2012. Tich mg


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