Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 73


Nearly 3700 word, still nothing came as I thought…. Sorry if I disappoint u, it was long I had thought about the real update but don’t know what it had came…. I thought to make something specila on K3’s anniversary but my exam hooked me and nothing came like I had planned… I will try to show what I thought on Maaneet’s anniversary slowly…. I don’t want to rush with it because of anything.. hope u will understand


@ashuvar dear i read that intrvw thrd, luv ya sweety and m sorry bcz of me u were shouting on everyone hope everyone’s eardrums are safe


Recap: pls read the last part, I know u have forgotten all things happened in last part cz it was so many day I have updated it due to my exam….


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO KAGAZ KI KASHTHI….. its more than 1 yr I has started this ff but we can celebrate officially cz I started it IF in GF in this day…. Blv me guys its all becz of u I m here,, I still remember when I started I barely get 30 or 40 likes… and I was happy but u only made me complete by giving more appreciation and encouragement.. and I really need it till now and will crave every time…. so pls be with me and I hope I can give u beautiful memory….


Thanks for all the love u showered, all comments and likes are appreciated,, thanks a lottttt



Warning: SHIV SAANJH scenes are there in first few part, if u r not interested pls scroll few para



Part 73



Shiv was looking saanjh quite intensely while saanjh was avoiding him,, she changed maahika’s nappy who was falling asleep… shiv saw it and chuckle…


Shiv: ye devil kitna soti rehti hain…


Saanjh gave an angry warning look: don’t call her,,, devil. She is angel of my life, my,, 2nd angel….


Shiv was startle to see her improvement of speech… he was watching her every gesture quietly, her every pout and the red nose due to anger, he felt like eating her… sudden saanjh was turning on the side where shiv was standing or rather say swinging here n there.. saanjh collide with his broad chest, her head bumped to his hard muscle…. Saanjh immediately straighten herself where shiv tried to hold her,, she cutely looked at him with anger and rubbed her forehead which was hurting…


Saanjh: pig…


Shiv gave a threatening glare: what did u called me? seeing the angry glare saanjh bite her lips and gave a nervous smile,, she saw maahi was fast asleep and shiv was walking close to her, her nervous smile grew big seeing his angry glare… come again saanjh what did u called me? saanjh looked at the loophole and pushed him fast so that she can runaway.. she was successful in her mission… she pushed him and ran out from his clutch giggling with his angry voice…. Saanjh ki bacchi, kya bola mujhe rukkkk….


Saanjh: u pig head,, she laughed again running the whole room and shiv was behind her chasing like he is in marathon, saanjh was going out just then shiv held her wrist and pulls her close him, her body curled with the force and bumped to his body, shiv just lost his balance and spinning around their body collide on the wall, saanjh’s back touched the cold wall while shiv was on her, her chest heaved up and breath caught in her lungs feeling him so close….


Shiv couldn’t help but see her closely,, her every gesture, every curve of her face pulls him close to her… his hand automatically reached her lips where a hair strands was tingling in the corner of her lips,, the touched sent both shiver… shiv was lost in her aroma but as soon as his finger touched saanjh’s lips she brought back to reality… the old phase again started haunting her… his word echoed in her ear where he said those hurting words…. Her fear brought back to reality feeling he will again accuse her… the thought made her tears come out and shiv back off seeing those pearl.. his heart cried to see her sobbing and holding her mouth to stop the sound… his eyes started feeling cloudy seeing her cry… her heart has the wound so deep that no smile can hide it… shiv wanted to wipe the fat tear, his hand stretched but couldn’t dare to touch the innocent doll….



Before saanjh can break down more there was a sound, and next geet barked in the room… saanjh wiped her tears immediately and shiv saw geet going directly to maahi.. they were beside the door so maybe geet haven’t seen them but her sob reached saanjh and shiv’s eardrum…. Shiv gave a confuse look to saanjh who was equal confuse….


Shiv whisper: u 2 sister only know how to cry, kabhi musibat ka solution bhi nikal liya karo…. Saanjh gave glare to him, she knew he only want to cheer her but who can understand the heart which every moment beats to remember her scar full past….



Geet ran inside the mansion and directly in her room without giving a glance to anyone not knowing someone is in her room… she saw her baby sleeping peacefully on the bed… wiping the tear she scooped her in her arms.. feeling the mother’s warmth she started stirring…. Seeing geet maahi started crying complaining she had missed her mumma… geet had tears to see maahi crying and as she was already feeling low she too started crying…


Shiv rolled his eyes but saanjh sensed it.. she had taken a back seeing both mumma daughter crying… she can saw geet is upset and that is making her cry with her daughter….


Geet: sshhhh maahi, mumma is here. She won’t leave u again.. just sleep baby, mumma loves u very much…. She gulp the lump that was forming in her throat and cradle maahi to make her sleep again….


Geet turned and saw saanjh with shiv standing in front of the door…. Saanjh tried to say something but geet’s eyes fell on the person who was entering the room in hustle…


Maan; Geet…. But geet gave her back to him wiping the last traces of tears from her cheek…. Shiv sensed something must gone wrong.. he tried to say something but saanjh went to maan, shiv hit his forehead with his hand….


Shiv: marwayegi ek din, jwalamukhi ke samne ja rahi hain puchne ye kyun phatne wala hain? wah…


Saanjh: maan yeh


Maan: saanjh can u guys leave us alone for sometime? Saanjh nodded…. Take maahi with u… she again nodded and took maahi from geet who reluctantly gave her…. then shiv and saanjh went away closing the door behind leaving them to solve their problem…






Maan saw geet avoiding him since he had entered the room… she was taking out her jewelry and dress out from her wardrobe to change, but before she can step in the washroom maan grabbed her wrist and pulls her close to him…. he saw her eyes which was not meeting his gaze, she struggled to free herself making him more mad….


Maan: till when u will carry this ignoring game?


Geet: I m not ignoring u, let me go.. she said while struggling in his grip, but her eyes never met maan knowing very well how he can swell her inside, burn with his intense gaze… her breath caught in her lungs as his hand traveled her back of her waist and in sec she was completely plastering on him…. ‘Maan’ a gasp came out from her mouth….


Maan: what is with u geet? Here I m dying to talk to u and u r avoiding me?


Geet: there is nothing to talk.


Maan: and that’s why u left the office like that? hearing office geet remember the scene which made her stiff,, maan saw that and cursed himself… her eyes were moist and she stares at his eyes… the scene played in front her eyes, she looked at him some kind of pain, some kind of accusation, some kind of anger… he looked at her with pain…. ‘Geet’….


Geet only struggle to get out of his grip knowing she wont be able to talk in this state, and if say a word it will torn him knowing her pain tear only slit his heart, but the fact he was caring sam somewhere made her restless…. Yet she is not ready to talk about it… her struggle increased maan’s anger,, he was already in fear for her, 1st health and now this misunderstanding… geet’s tears rolled out, and maan left her, taking the opportunity geet tried to run but maan punched straight beside her on the glass frame….


Geet’s eyes went wide in fear, but maan’s anger was on it’s length….


Maan roared: Can’t u understand damit Geet,, don’t u trust me enough to understand my plight? Bolo geet, don’t u trust me, itna hi yakeen tha mujhpe?


His words slits her heart,, she looked at him numb, his pain was floating in her eyes, sadly he always mistook thinking it’s her own where she was always feeling his pain first.. but this time it has the limit… maan felt her unusual numbness,, she was just staring in his eyes, the pain made him shiver, he closed his eyes thinking he again has hurt her…. he cupper her face… I M SORRY MISHTY, pls trust me…


Geet: u still think I don’t trust u? she asked him with a pain strain face… her sob was clearly loud but she tried to muffle her cry. If u think so then I won’t want to know anything… she tried to push him just then her eyes caught the bleeding hand and the amount of blood was on floor and wall… she looked at the blood in horror, then at maan’s hand and flinched seeing the glass piece in his hand… the glass frame had scattered in the floor and when maan had punched it one piece directly pierced  his palm she saw his face which was blank, no pain nothing was there… geet pushed him and dragged him to the bed… leaving her all pain she started to pull him, maan didn’t said anything just followed her, she made him sit on the bed and ran to the washroom to take out the first aid box….. she return in fraction of second and sat in front of him on her knees…. Her whole concentrate was on the glass piece where maan’s eyes were on her trembling hand and puffing lips… she was nervous. A small smile came on his lips…. His all pain flew away seeing her worry face, geet looked at maan’s eyes before taking out the piece of glass, amazed seeing him smiling like a foolish,, she gave a deathly glare to him… again she saw the piece and closed her eyes as tears made its way…. suddenly she felt a feather kiss on her forehead, she saw him looking at her with love, next she found herself pulling out the huge glass piece from his palm making him hiss in pain but he controlled his pain for her… she cleaned the area with dettol then put an antiseptic n  bandaging it as soon and clean as she can…


After doing all her work she tried to hurriedly went from the place, she can’t hold her heart anymore, she was feeling suffocated, wanted to run away from there… but before she can make a run, she felt a tug on her dupatta, and next she found herself leaning on maan, he securely held her waist with one hand and other was on her back like engulfing her in his strong cage… she wanted to break the chain of his strong muscle, it was impossible to hold her pain anymore and a small sob escaped her lips…


Maan hide his face in her neck feeling her aroma when the sob entered him, feeling her pain his heart cried…


Maan: I was just helping her, maan said calmly…. She tried to lose his grip from her waist but his groan made her stop and she inhale sharply… Please mishty listen to me for once…


Geet: u never thought to share this before, u never wanted me to listen before, u never thought I will understand u then why now? why now u want me to listen and understand maan…. let me go and u can do whatever u want, help anyone u want and do not worry to let me know ….


She tried to stand up again but maan pulls her closer to him, her chest heaved up as he placed soft kisses on her neck mumbling something…


Maan: Sorry.


Geet: till when maan u will feel me as an outsider, till when u will hide things from me? till when u will accuse me not having trust on u?


Her voice was meek yet firm, she wanted to know the reason what had happen that maan is all ready to help sam forgetting all deed she had done and what had sam…yes she was insecure but she had never doubt maan and his love but his anger had taken him to another level of thinking…


Maan sighed and again held geet’s cheeks making her look at his eyes.


Maan: u were not angry because I was helping her? u trusted me…


Last sentence was a statement which irked geet… he knew she can never doubt his love but still his guilt made him think like that, but it wasn’t his fault entirely… she was equally responsible, without care to listen to him she just ran away from him….  the fact she can’t see them together didn’t make sense to Maan(well he will get to see the real demo very soon, have patience gals)….


Geet: u can never understand me, yes I agree I was hurt to see u both together and the fact u were with her so close made me mad and hurt but how could u think I ,,, I will doubt ur love,,, u,


Before she can say another word he sealed her lips, she was too much shocked to react anything,,, here she was crying and taking out her frustration and he is kissing her passionately… regaining herself she tried to protest, tried to wriggle but maan made her hold him by increasing the pressure on lips, he forced his tongue in her mouth and she have to open it as her lungs were screaming for air… as her mouth opened for gasp he let his tongue toyed in her…. she held his color for support, but he pushed her on the bed lying on top of her,, Geet tried to push him but he was nowhere to stop….. his hands were travelling on her body and she was losing her senses, feeling her submission by her respond made him groan and bite her lips waking her from the revere and again pushed him…. maan felt frustrated, he pinned her wrist on the mattress…


Maan: I was just helping her damit, why is it so difficult to understand geet?


Geet: did u ever tried to make me understand? Maan leave me, I don’t want to talk right now… but maan knew how much pain she is boring and pain reflect her every gesture, the way she lastly responded him showed him her craving for him, made him aware her fear for him…


Maan: I m sorry jaan, pls ek baar sunlo meri baat pls… geet turned her face wriggling in his grip.. maan put his lower weight on her and moved his face towards her neck as she looked away not wanted to meet his eyes….. Geet u were in hospital, so I thought I will tell u later, form past few days samaira was repenting her mistake, atleast she said it so,, when u were in hospital she had managed the office and then only asked forgiveness. i was mad at her, ur health issue and office was taking toll and I had shouted on her. she was patient with my anger and gave me time… she though ask forgiveness for everything repeated but I couldn’t forget her deeds… she said she will give me time and will try me rejoice our old days as friends.. she said she valued the friendship and now truly regret about her deeds, she never wanted to see saanjh doing that neither she wanted ur unhappiness… I didn’t said anything but I knew my limitation be that in friendship, I wasn’t ready to accept her as friend again but whatever happened today it wasn’t for friendship it was just trying a woman be a responsible citizen….


Seeing geet’s soft expression maan rolled his side on the bed on his back and made geet come on his chest…. She wasn’t ready but didn’t had any choice cz of maan’s tight grip on her waist…. He made her lie on him….


Today my one client was eying her lustfully geet, she tried to be modest but that guy was harassing her by trying to touching her, I couldn’t tolerate and tried to say something and she stopped me… geet if any girl was on her place I would have done the same.. I was protecting a girl from the mean world, and when u saw us that guy was there wanted to talk to her and I was just by her side…..


Geet heard everything silently and maan saw her numbness, he thought she will say something but nope, she was still numb,, he raised his head to see her. her face was blank.




Geet: can I go now?


Frustratingly maan pulled her closed to him so that there face was inches away….


Maan: don’t u think these thing any difference?


Geet controlled her voice which was choking by the pain his grip on her shoulder was making and then the harshness in his word….


Geet: did I wanted ur explanation about today’s event? I just said can’t u tell me about this earlier?


Maan tried to say something seeing her choked voice only tear him apart…


Maan: jaan.


Geet: no let me finish… how can u forgive her maan? she asked painfully… nothing came to her mind more and maan left her… she was more divested with his sudden leaving…. She sat up on the bed showing him her back but maan left the bed.


Maan: I told u geet I never forgave her, I was only helping her..


Geet: but u did that for ur old friendship sake. She said angrily..


Maan: what is ur problem geet, one side u don’t want any explanation and one side u r angry, if there was any other woman u hadn’t made it a fuss…


Geet looked at him with unbelievable face: I m making it a fuss? Yeah I m making fuss seeing my husband protecting his ex fiancé, I m making fuss over a person who literally killed my sister,, do u get that maan, for once I forget her misshaping my life but whatever she did with shiv n saanjh I can never forget.. I only wanted u to blv my love so that u could have told me about her asking fake forgiveness…


Maan: geet how can u say its fake, u hadn’t seen her then geet…


Geet: Becz I DON’T TRUST HER MAAN…. she said enough loud to make her point clear.. I don’t trust her any word maan, I can’t… maybe u forgot everything in the sheer moment of old sake friendship but I can’t… I can’t trust her that she is behaving so innocent.. don’t u see she is Samaira who can make anyone’s life hell then why she had to ask ur help when she could have destroyed that client with her father only… don’t u think she is using u maan?


Maan: I don’t know what n why she was doing I just care that u should have wait for me


Geet: so that I could have see her hugging u saying save me maan, this man will do something or should I have wait till u forget me in the fierce of protecting her maan?


Maan shouted: GEETTT….


Geet: u can forget everything but I can’t,, the way she had played with our life I can’t trust her crocodile tears anymore.


Maan: u were not like this


Geet: cz till she was limited to play with my life I was numb but she had messed my sister’s life, and the frnd who was close to me and her, SHIV, she has snatched his happiness, made him culprit and snatch YOU from shiv, she is the sole member for our destruction….


Maan saw geet’s catching her heart as her voice went it height and the stress passed her…. maan ran towards her panicking…


Maan: mishty pls calm down, pls jaan…  I m sorry for everything, for making u cry, for making u feel this pain again, I m sorry…


Geet broke in to sob as she hugged him: maan I don’t want to lose u, pls stay away. I don’t know why I m feeling so, but, I, I don’t want to lose u… maan hugged her tight soothing the pain she was feeling, he patted her hair smoothly and kissed her cheek then hair time to time…





Shiv: saanjh where r u going?


Saanjh looked at him with anger visible eyes: can u take me to samaira’s house?


Shiv: why?


Saanjh gave an fierce glance and without any word shiv just took out his car,,,


In 30 min they reached her house, where shiv ran towards saanjh side opening the car but saanjh was long gone,, shiv shudder thinking the rage she had seen saanjh, he had never witness this kind of rage in her ever, and now knowing sam not only made their life hell but making geet insecure and the fight in maaneet which they secretly heard standing behind the door out of the room made saanjh burn in anger….



Before shiv could say something he saw the most fireful scene ever in his life,,




Here sam holding her red cheek looking angrily at saanjh who was herself like she will blast the place any moment, without warning again saanjh slapped sam so hard that next she fall on the ground… before shiv can react he heard another slap which was for the small white creature of human cladding in the smallest cloth ever in earth… here sasha holding her cheek looking at saanjh fearfully….



Precap: maahi back in action….


IM NOTE: guys here maan isn’t forgiving Sam so easily, he was just protecting her from this mean mankind world, if there was any other girl he would have done the same, so don’t think he had forgotten everything.. but yes somewhere sam’s crocodile tears had made an impact and he thought to give her chance, but never he felt like before I mean the friendship….. she is nothing that matter to man, so he is taking sam’s pleas as casual…..



© All rights reserved 2012. Tich Mg.


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  1. Awesum Update Tich Mg!!!
    Superbly describe of all scenes as if Maaneet argue or Shiv Saanjh cute Painful moment…

    1st talk about Shiv Saanjh…. their cute fight turn pain..
    yes yaad k badal jane main waqt hai abhi..
    Like 2nd angel maahi who was sleeping in this update
    precap sound may be we got MAAHIKA special epi

    now back to Maaneet.. God such serious fight they have just for that SAM… sachi main wanna slap.. Sannjh done superb by TIGHT slapping her

    Geet only fearing about Maan as sam didn’t sumthing in cover or back to separate or to harm them.. she was just clearing her point & i agre with her .. jo kuch wo kar chuki hai.. oski baaton main ana sab se bada pagal pan hai..

    & also know that Maan just doing it in only human mannerism to sam…
    but he have understand Geet’s fear too …
    she have only this small world, as she got back her sis saanjh newly frnd shiv, lovely hubby & family & frnds around her & MOST CUTEST DOLL … PRINCESS Maahika.. she is just possessive about all of them…

    I think both understand their povs as SAM is still not GOOD for them!!
    her presence in their life & office may create BIG ISSUE!!!

    Congratulation for completing 1yr of K3!!!
    wese i m re-reading it

    Eagerly waiting for next & other updates too


  2. Wonderful update…………….
    When next……………thanx for update


  3. update geet right sam can’t be trusted sam listened maneet and sam shasha got slap


  4. superb update….sam and sasha deserved the slap…..do continue soon.


  5. Posted by laksh on December 24, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Nice update as always tich. Now exams are over right? Pls update next part soon. Nice shiv sanjh scenes too. Nice slap by sanjh. waitin for next update soon. And congrats for K3 anniversery. All the best.


  6. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on December 24, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Awesome update di…
    God Maaneet ka jhagda…Geet’s outburst was superbbb…the way she tried to make Maan realize tht woh kamini sam bharose ke laayak nahi hai..it was fabbb…
    Aur Saanjh ne kya thappad maara hai..mmuuaahh..love u Saanjh…yehi pehle kar deti toh..anyways i hope ke Maan Geet ki baat par gaur karega & he will stay away from tht b****..


  7. superb update..everything is just perfect…


  8. awesome update yar
    sam ki bachhi kamini phir se natak kar rai he
    achha kiya sanjh ne maza agaya
    kitna zor dar thappr tha yar me tu dancing
    love u for this slap
    next update love for u ki chahiye


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