Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 74



Sheeba aka Alwayzz Gurti my jaan Happy Birthday and it’s ur Gift….



Part 74


Before shiv could say something he saw the most fireful scene ever in his life,,




Here sam holding her red cheek looking angrily at saanjh who was herself like she will blast the place any moment, without warning again saanjh slapped sam so hard that next she fall on the ground… before shiv can react he heard another slap which was for the small white creature of human cladding in the smallest cloth ever in earth… here sasha holding her cheek looking at saanjh fearfully….


Sasha tried to run away seeing the roaring lioness but saanjh held her hair and pushed her on the floor.. shiv was only gaping at the cat fight.. he had never seen such scene ever in life… he was amused, scared as well but thought not to poke his nose now as his sleeping beauty had turned to a roaring lioness…


Sam: what the hell are u doing saanjh? Sam screamed at her while saanjh was spitting fire… sam was standing in front of her, her lips were bleeding and cheek were red… shiv felt bad for his sister.. but when he remember geet’s cry and sam’s words when they entered the mansion his blood boiled.. and his fist turn tighter…..




When saanjh entered the room she hear laughter,, and just then shiv made his way towards her, both stood there on door step and heard their so call celebration.. Celebration to segregate maaneet…


Sam: right time pe bheja tumne usse sasha.. bechari ka face dekhne layak tha when maan was holding me so close to him… I wish I could hold him forever like that….


Sasha: u know u should not say all this,, I liked maan… she said grumpily but sam looked at her with anger…


Sam: don’t u ever try to think so sasha… we are doing this cz u want to hurt geet and I want to make maan mine…


Sasha: but u can’t disagree, maan loves geet too much and mahika, their child will bind them.. kab tak misunderstanding create karke dono ko dur rakkhogi…


Sam: till then their relation break fully… u don’t know these wives.. they always thought their husband is their property,,, that b**** had snatched my maan from me, but not any more…. today I saw his love, the old love for me….


Sasha: don’t u think it was maan’s friendship.. that guy was,


Sam: ummm in the conference hall I was only giving hope to that ba***** I thought he will do a little ‘harassment’ which will provoke maan but he was nowhere to listen… he was lost in him, then I got perfect opportunity when that guy was ogling on me outside of the room.. I knew he will do something… and then I stripped intentionally, I knew maan will hold me… but the best part was ur timing sasha.. if u haven’t put those thoughts in geet’s mind it wouldn’t have succeed today…..


Sasha: u r paying enough for doing this sam…. And geet is insecure freak, but don’t know why she got so much trust on maan.. I bet if she sees u on bed with maan then also she will blv u have drugged him, he is innocent saint…


Sam: no sasha, u r wrong, I know she is control freak, abb khurana khandan ki itni doulat kaise chodhe?


Sasha: sam if geet leave him then also maan will love geet only, she is the mother of his child…


Sam: huh, mother… with geet I will tarnish that little witch also.. she is the sole reason they came close.. I wish I could have kill when she was in geet’s womb…


And that’s it, saanjh lost her all control and slapped sam so hard that she stumble back… they were shocked to see saanjh and moreover they were shocked to find her so much angry.. saanjh is a girl who can never be angry for her ownself but least they knew about her love for geet….


Saanjh: what the hell u think of ur self… her voice was calm yet dangerous. She doesn’t scream, her anger had reached so high remembering the sob of geet that she is shivering with rage now… do u think I will let ur filthy shadow fell on them?


Sam smiles evilly: that happened sweetheart.. and knowing geet she will be in hospital till I throw the last card….


Shiv: how can u be so insensitive sam, knowing her condition u are doing this.. why u r playing this? shiv’s rage was rising,, he is ashamed today, that he called her sister…


Sam looked at him bewilder: insensitive? And what she had done, what do u call that? she had snatched my maan, u and whole family… I hate her shiv, she destroyed my life…


Shiv shouted: it was u,, who destroyed everything not her.. it was u who plotted things not her, it was u who couldn’t die for her love but she was there only.. Knowing she can die still she trusted her fate, her love.. they had fought with destiny to live together, and I m warning u sam I will not let u effect their relation…


Sam: she snatched my brother, and this b****


Before she could say more a tight slap fell across her already red cheek and sam was on floor holding her cheek, shock all over written on her face seeing her friend shiv raising his hand on her for the first time… saanjh held shiv who was now fuming…. She had never seen him this much angry but today sam had crossed all limits….


Shiv: dare u say a word against saanjh or geet sam, I swear sam I will demolish every dream of urs..


Sam looked shocked: shiv


Shiv: once I thought u as my sister but today u r nothing but an enemy and u know Shiv Kapoor dosti jaise nibhata hain dusmani usse behtar nibhata hain…. shiv held saanjh’s hand and started walking away….but heard sam’s curse….


Sam: she will never be happy I m telling u shiv,, I will kill her but before that I will snatch the precious which is binding ur lives together.. that angel of ur life will soon leave u shiv… she laughed cruelly, saanjh was angry but worried for shiv as he was blank.. his face was just blank…


Shiv: if u want to live then run away sam, or next u will face not us but ur death in reality,, u will face MSK… and u know what will he do with u when he will get to know ur real face…. and trust me sam this time I won’t save u thinking u r my sister but will help my friend to get rid of those who tried to destroy our lives…


Sam felt shiver with his calm yet truthful words.. what if he tells all this to maan.. no maan will not believe them.. but what if,,, the thought itself made her curled in herself…. Sasha was long gone, she knew now staying here will be dangerous so she left sam alone to handle the wrath of them and now she will flew away from this town as well.. she doesn’t have faith on her luck or maan…





Saanjh was sitting  on the front sit like a statue,, they had reached KM long back but none spoke a word, saanjh was confuse where shiv was reluctant. He know what is going in her mind and he is scared to ans that…


Saanjh: how they met shiv? What made maan to marry her? why sam was saying because of mahi they loved each other?


Shiv: saanjh don’t think so much


Saanjh: I need to know shiv please I missed my sister’s wedding,, don’t I have the rights to know about that?


Shiv: it will be better if maan or geet themselves tell u that saanjh… please… saanjh nodded seeing the pain on his face… shiv gave a small smile.. ok now if u want to remember ur sister marriage then go to KM fast….


Saanjh: matlab…


Shiv: saanjh they didn’t had a lavish marriage or proper reception… so maan had proposed her for remarriage.. but geet’s heart operation got place and it delayed….. (geet’s frnd had told her about geet, heart diseases) so now as after 6 days is their marriage anniversary we are thinking to make them marry once again..


Saanjh: but sam, her talks


Shiv: don’t wory we will talk to maan, and geet don’t know about these arrangement, her health doesn’t give permission to take worry,, so it will be good if she keep herself busy in this marriage aur ye tumhari zimmedair hain saanjh…


Saanjh: hmm.. but I think u should talk to maan about sam…


Shiv: ok I will…. now don’t think much and go, meet geet, she needs u now….





Maan looked at the sleeping geet who was sleeping cuddling to him, her hand was encircle on his waist… her face was hidden in his chest…  maan was caressing her hair to sooth her pain, that was actually working.. she was sleeping peacefully from past 2 hour… just then a faint cry entered maan’s sense… he instantly knew his mahika is crying,, he wanted to run towards her but geet,, he couldn’t leave her… maan placed geet’s head on the soft pillow but before he can goes out geet held him tight…


Geet: maan, she murmur painfully….


Maan: jaan I m here, I will be here just give me 2 min…  geet was still in sleep so she couldn’t formulate anything,, maan kissed her forehead and murmur I m coming…


He just stepped out of the room and looked down from the corridor.. in the  hall everyone was busy cheering mahika and aniee was holding her own head sitting in the circle.. he can say mahi had made their life hell with her cry cz everyone was trying their best to make her smile.. maan shook his head… he thought where is saanjh… but looking everywhere he knew she is nowhere near… he looked for shiv but he was also missing.


Hearing the argument aniee had left Maaneet alone, she had came to give maahika to them cz she was throwing her all tantrums on her, but as she heard maaneet argument  she went away with fear… then one by one all khurana member came to mansion and everyone saw maahika’s cranky mood.. they all tried to cheer her and specially in maan’s absence they got chance to play with her which was impossible in front of maan.. alas maahika was pissed off, she keep crying and making everyone’s life hell… she needs her parents only, but when aniee told them maaneet is having some argument none had the strength to go and solve it… ofcourse fearing maan’s anger as he hates anyone’s interfering in their matter..


Maan was going to pick mahika when suddenly shiv rushed to her and took her in his arm… maan narrowed his eyes and smirks seeing his baby angel’s cranky face…



Saanjh was awestruck when she saw shiv leaving all his anger and rushing towards maahika who was crying like hell…


Shiv: why u all r waiting here,, where is geet. Maahi must be hungry..


Aniee; no bhai,, she had her foor 2 times in only 2 hours, she need her dada or mumma, but


Shiv: but what?


Dev: bro n bhabhi had some argument and aniee heard them, in fear she couldn’t dare to knock the door, and now we are trying to cheer mahika, cz bro ko pata chala she was crying he will burn this KM to ashes…


Saanjh couldn’t stop smiling seeing their fear for maan, but shiv was irritated…


Shiv: so what,, mahi needs her parents and I m sure if u call maan he will run straight to maahi only…


Aniee: I tried once, but bhai shouted on me without seeing me, so I went away….


Dadima: ye maan ka gussa na uff…


Shiv murmur: tell me something new,, ok leave it, I will take her to them…


At this moment devil mahika seem to be angel, she suddenly kissed shiv on cheek like she understood he is taking her to her parents… shiv was dumbfounded with her gesture, but soon his face turn to cry while maahika started showering her saliva all over his face,, she couldn’t leave shiv’s cheek and placed her full mouth, of course she doesn’t know how to kiss anyone,, she gave lovey dovey saliva mix kiss to shiv’s full face.. shiv looked at her with cry face.. but she only clapped her hand looking at his face… whole family tried to suppress their laugh while saanjh giggle softly… but the one person who was fuming was Maan.. his angel was showering his love on shiv how could he take that… when maahi saw her dadda she just jumped on him,, he very carefully snatched her from shiv who looked at him confuse….


Shiv: abb maine kya kiya? Uf tum baap beti na hamesha mera jeena haram kar dete ho… maan glared at him and then his family who only looked at him with puppy face… then walked away with maahika….


Naina: maan is becoming so possessive,, pata nahi jab maahi badhi hogi what will happen then.


Saanjh chuckle: uske BF ya hone wale pati ka kya hoga!!!!


All burst out laughing but shiv gave her an angry look…


Shiv: she can’t have any BF, only marriage that too after clearing mine and maan’s questions… first I will get the infos about his all activities, then only he can meet our princess… and he walked away…


Nt: yele,, ek kam tha k dusra bhi hogaya. I pity maahi’s would be hubby…


Abhinash: arreee she is only 2 n half month,, chup karo tum log…


All laughed on that,, then dadima informed them how she met with pandit and they have to hurry with the arrangements,, maan want the marriage to be perfect… he want to fulfill geet’s all dream… just then meera jay n sujal arrived…


Dadima: accha huya aap log agaye, we need to start preparing everything,, so less time,, kaise hoga sab..


Nt: dadima hojayega.. but 1st we need to divide work among us…


Dev took the office charge cz maan wont be able to look much there as geet’s health is not so good, he have to give maahi his 100%, shiv also will help dev.. abinash n sujal will take decoration and lights.. naina will see food.. dadima will see pandit and all needed things for the marriage…. Nainatara will made list of guest.. Saanjh will see geet’s costume and meera will see the appointment with parlor for every occasion till marriage.. bechara jay left alone cz no one was ready to give him any work, he was pouting in anger but meera wasn’t ready to give him the responsibility knowing his nature, he will make blunder for sure.. so atlast jay took arrangements of music for sangeet and shaadi….


They all were busy in arrangements while maan was busy pampering his angel who was little angry cz her dadda left her with all lunatic…


Maan: baby ko gussa aaya dadda ne baby ko time nahi diya…


Maahikaa: wooooohooooooo.. she made some sound. And looked away,, maan chuckle thinking Bilkul maa ape gayi hain..


Maan: actually baby ur mumma is another baby who needed me,, pls try to understand dadda… maan tried to hold her chubby face but she looked away,, her eyes went on geet who was silently looking at the 2… maan didn’t see her, so he kept talking and roaming in the whole room… Baby u know mumma behaves like a child sometime, so I need to make her sleep her then I came to u…


Maahika looked at her mother’s pouted face and giggle, maan also smile but as he was trying to kiss her cheek maahi slapped his cheek….


Maan: ouch maahi, what happen to u,, aaj papa pe badha gussa araha hain…. maahi again blabber in her baby language and showed her hand towards geet maan still oblivious to the fact that geet was watching them… maahi why u kissed shiv chachu… u suppose to love me ONLY… maahi looked confuse and then again she started slapping his hand…


Maahika: mmmmmmmm,,, hhhmmmmmmmm…..


Maan: I know baby u r angry with me, but don’t kiss him, I hate it… kiss only dadda, he showed his cheek and maahi punched his face lightly, where maan’s face look horrified geet couldn’t control and burst out laughing… maahika saw her mumma laughing and clapped her hand while making some sound through her saliva mix gummy smile…


Maan looked at the laughing geet, a small smile formed on his face seeing her all worry going away and happiness took place.. her face which was pale few min ago is now glowing like shimmering moon.. he saw maahi was also smiling…


Maan: thanks baby… only u could make ur mumma smile.. geet saw the admiration on maan’s face and then the cute pout, she smiles and gesture him to come close.. he came close and give maahika to her… soon maahika find her food and started sucking her milk… geet looked at her baby with content smile and caresses her hair…. Maan knew geet was happy for few moment he need to talk to her fast. he decided he will clarify everything before it’s too late….



Precap: Sujal and Geet talk, oops Maan saw them hugging… buhahahhaa abb kya hoga MSK ka

Shiv feeling jealous?????




from now Geet and Maan’s marriage will take place lavishly but it wll take time as I will show more n more drama here, I need to give more update on present to end all track…


can I expect more likes and comment, I haven’t set any quota, so should I set it now? chalo after exam I will start it buahahahha


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  1. Posted by jannat4eva on January 1, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Awesomeeeeeee update dear……..

    Waiting for next part…….

    Post it soon plzzzzzzzzzz……..❤❤❤❤


  2. Happy New Year!!!

    K3… (Y) :*
    slapping hard for SAM& SASHA 😉 =D
    Saanjh heard all about mahika, geet & maan.. God her plans for finishing MAHI..
    Tich Mg wat r u palnning , 1st u r planning to re-marriage of maaneet on their anniversary & now Mahi ki jaan khatre main.. wese twist & turn getting intersting as if Maan found that he surely KILL SAM with hi bare hand.. but here not only one , there are 4(Maaneet&Shivanjh)+4 (jaymeera,sujal& arjun)
    nobody touch THEIR PRINCESS & LIFE O MAANEET!!

    Next Maaneet reason behind marriage a year ago.. Saanjh kesa react karegi if she find all truth as it was dark yet painful for maaneet especially for Geet… Maan k sath bada wala fight hone wala hai saanjh ka … udi baba,,, >:o

    mahika make hell without her mumma & dada.. awe & Maan is taking class of shiv LOL…. ^_^
    Mahi ka pyar Shiv ki jaan lele ka ,,, kissy infront of Maan,. hahaha
    GOD… Maan Shiv ka over possessiveness for Mahi BF/HUSBAND ….

    Mahika is samjhdar beti how to make Maaneet one even if they are not talking 😉 =) :*

    precap… God twist laye bager tera dil nhi lagta na… =P
    but Shiv kisse J hai???
    SUJAL & SAANJH ko dekh kar B| B) 3:)


  3. awesome update.


  4. Aww loved the starting part when saanjh slapped both the ugliest creatures…sasha and sam…uff i hate both the creatures….OMG yeh sasha toh mahika ke baare mein soch rahi hai aur woh sam usse bhi maarne ka plan banaa rahi hai well done ek aur 10 tamacha maara hota dono ko….uff hate this sam….kyun itni neeche gir rahi hai woh choti bachchi tera kya bigaada hai…..and shiv was right usne kiya hai apne pair khud hi kulhaadi maari aur inzaam geet par lagaa rahi hai…..awesome and saanjh’s fast action was so shocking ek aur ek aur tamacha baras rahi hai sam par….arrey sam agar is tamache ke baad bhi tum nahin sudhri toh bhagwaan bachaaye tujhe…aww shiv is so caring for geet…haayee mahika is crying so much….kya huva meri shona ko itni ro rahi hai ruk teri dada ko na mein zaroor daantoongi….aur tichu ko bhi kitna rulaa rahi hai tumhe…. 😉 haayee loved how mahi kissed shiv’s cheek and wet his face.Uff papa is so jealous and telling her not to kiss shiv…..uff papa maan toh complaining abt geet and mahi slapped maan for scolding geet…..haayee geet laughed heartily seeing mahi slap maan….loved it dear….do continue soon…. 😀 ❤


  5. Posted by laksh on January 1, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Superb tich. Happy new year. Update soon.


  6. Posted by suzie on January 2, 2013 at 5:01 am

    i hope maan find out about sam
    happy new year


  7. evry thing is just perfect…very nice update


  8. Awesome update


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