Kurbaan Tere Ishq Mein Part 26


I don’t have words to say how much I m greatful to ur guys who still remember this fiction,, all I want to say I m sorry for delaying it again n again… don’t have any excuse than EXAM,, which is on 5th,, please understand me, I know u will… thanks u for all ur support,, I m really grateful to u guys for still loving it,, thank u…..



Part 26



The tribal women took Geet with them in the other area where Men took Maan with them…its being few days they are staying here… Geet wanted to be with him, so she glared at him but maan showed his helpless puppy face which was enough to melt anyone but its Geet Handa.. she again glared at him and this time it was deathly….


Where geet was staying the room was beautifully decorated according to her taste only,, no one can say it’s a tent from anywhere,, outer look is like a tent but inside it had lavishness oozing out…  there was a bed with red bed sheet in center of the room,, 2 sofa old furnished but lavishing…  pink curtain, and a chandelier middle of the ceiling giving a beautiful glow to the room…. At first geet was lost to see the beautiful room,, how can these tribal ppl afford this? well they are mystery themselves so its quite be possible for them… she was curious to see maan’s room, she learnt that maan was always beside her when she was unconscious, at first every woman thought they are married but when they said to maan to change her cloth he denied and said they are not married yet and he requested an elderly woman to change her dresses.. geet was embarrassed when the elderly woman said to tie the knot fast cz he is a gem and every tribal girl has an eyes on him… her blood boiled thinking it…


Geet was pacing the room lost in her own thought just then a small girl came inside giving her a bunch of roses…. White roses are her weakness and only maan knew it… she smiles at the kid and kissed her cheeks,, in return she too gave a kiss on her cheek…. Geet told her to go to maan and say she is still angry…


The girl came running to maan who was inside his room, it was opposite to geet and in middle other ppl’s tent was there…. the girl kissed his cheek as she thought it was from geet, then told him geet is still angry, maan laughed at the thought his sherni is still angry,, she wanted to stay with him, but as all tribal ppl were gaping and teasing them shamelessly maan decided he will stay far away from her or else he will put himself and her in embarrassment… but again geet’s anger came rushing,, he saw her anger filled eyes when she was leaving the place murmuring god know how many curses….



Geet was lost in thought when she saw some girl coming in her room, they gave her cheeky smile which was weird to geet,, she is not a girl who can give smile to Everyone, she was always selective even for friends, and she is not so comfortable with the tribal ppls… geet is honest kind off girl who can’t mingle with everyone so easily,, and this new situations are making her life upside down..


1 girl: ye kitni khubsurat hain na? (she is so preety na?)


2nd girl: ha issi liye wo inpe fida hain.. (that’s why he is so mad about her)


3rd girl: kash wo hume bhi ek nazar varke dekhte…. (wish he would give us one glance)


1st girl: sshhhh,, aise mat bolo, ye unki hone wali biwi hain bura lag jayega… (don’t say like this,, she is his would be wife, she might feel bad…)


3rd girl: abhi tak biwi bani to nahi na… (suppose to be, she isn’t his wife till now)



They knew geet understand hindi but not much,, her face tell everything that she can’t understand hindi properly, and the tone they are using can never reach her eardrum, but alas, it was about maan,, maybe she can understand every alien language if it related to maan.. Her blood boiled thinking what they were talking… she really want to kill maan for staying here in these ppl.. Where she can’t even see him…


Geet: what r u guys doing here? all the girls looked at her weirdly,, geet cursed herself and tried to calm her anger.. mera matlab tha tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho?


1st girl: ji bahar ek chota sa jalsa horaha hain, hamare sardar Suraj ji ka janmodibas hain,, kya aap chalengi?


(there is a celebration going on,, our king’s birthday is today, so will u come  there?)


Though geet wanted to decline but she badly wanted to see maan, so she agreed…


When geet walked out with the girls and met the other tribal ppl, men can’t stop ogling their eyes on her beauty,, she was looking like a princess made in heaven… her eyes met the deep chocolate eyes which was looking at her from the time she stepped out from her room, a small blush crept on her chubby cheeks…


Maan couldn’t take his eyes out from her,, no makeup no expensive jewelry she was wearing,, a pink half saree hugging every curve of her body,, and few flowery ornament like bangle and earring all made with small white flower… her belly bottom and leg from knees are open so everyone was seeing her white milky skin.. maan felt punching them whose mouth was hanging till ground, he so wanted to hold her possessively in his arm, its being long he had touched her so closely,, he wanted to kiss her natural pink lips which was making pouts seeing him,, he chuckle at her red face which is obviously for possessive about him as girls were checking him and he is sure she really want to kill each one of them…


Maan remembered the small 10 yr old geet who was fighting with her friends not for the doll they took for themselves though it was her but for him, they wanted to play with him but as always she didn’t liked it and straightly punched the girl who were suppose to be her best friend in class… that time he thought she doesn’t liked him mingling with her high class friends but now he knew she was always possessive about him…


Uska pyar sirf unke liye, Uska nafrat sirf unke liye

Na jaane kab dil kho baithe, U zindegi kho di

Bas unke liye…



Maan was bring back when geet pinched him hard…


Maan: ouchhh geet, what the hell were u doing ha?


Geet: so? Did I disturb ur dreaming about those girls?


Maan: what? what r u talking about?


Geet: don’t try to act smart in front of me maan…


Maan: no need, I m sexy, smart, hot, handsome, that’s why u can’t resist me… he said with a naughty smirk…


Geet: oohoo puhleejjj,, stop ur dreaming mr khurana… I have better work than checking u,, u were busy in dream about those bimboos na?


Maan: no I was dreaming about one only…


Geet was burning in anger and his open confession made her mad, she wanted to strangle his neck right now for thinking about anyone else least knew what maan was actually thinking….


Geet: then what r u doing with me, go with them na,, they were also drooling only,, good for nothing droolers…. She stomped her foot and left the place, then only maan understood what she was thinking… he wanted to laugh,, but first he have to manofy his jaan cutey… he shook his head


Maan: pagal kahiki….






There was tribal traditional dance where girls were dancing together and a group of boys dancing together opposite to them,, everyone joined it,, it was quite beautiful and Unique for Geet.. smile automatically reached her lips, and then some girls took her with them where she copied their steps gracefully… after a long time geet enjoyed her heart out…. she smiled, laughed, danced and enjoyed… maan was only watching her smiling face, he felt relief sweeping him seeing her happy….


Food was served, geet thought they will give some uncooked animal but again to her utter confusion they served all type of delicious veg foods… geet relished it to the bits and maan relished her cute gestures of eating…






Tossing turning nothing seem to work for her, she sat up on the bed… her mod was enough cranky to kill anyone, she need maan’s warmth to sleep.. just then her father’s thought came running down.. what is her father doing, did sid took him to USA or both are in trouble, where is pari and prity maa,, is heer safe.. all thoughts rushing down to made her eyes watery, she harshly wiped it but again it made it’s way remembering how much hardship maan had to do for her safety.. what if rounak’s men did something to him… if they again find them what will rounak do with maan and her family, the thought gives shiver in her spine… just then she felt a warm palm caressing her cheek and wiping the tears away….


Geet closed her eyes and felt him close to her, just then she felt his soft M shape lips giving sensuous wet kisses on her cheeks, her hand encircled around his neck and lips made a moan..


Geet: Maannn…


Maan: I missed u,, he said whispering… his hands pulls her close to him so that she can sit on his lap, both leg either side of his waist….


Geet looked at his eyes which was sparkling amidst the thin darkness in the light,, he knows very well she can’t sleep without him,, few days that they stayed here, made her life hell without him,, geet had to sleep alone and this darkness never let her sleep peacefully and that’s why she always cursed maan for not being with her, today he made a soundless dash to her room without eyeing his absent to anyone…


Geet: Jhoothe… she cutely pouted her lips in anger…


Maan: sacchi… what can I do when everyone was surrounding our room like border, u know I wanted to hold u in my arm like this everytime I saw u but I couldn’t…


Geet placed her head on his chest and felt he is wearing a thin shirt which button were open and her direct contact was his skin, it made her throat dry, she keep her hand roaming on his chest… it made him hard and she can feel it as his hardness was pressing her core perfectly…  she gasp and tried to release herself but maan held her strongly… she can see his naughty smirk in this darkness also,, before she can think any way out his hands were in her lose top, she always were the lose top and short tat was alone thing she came in it,, she felt comfortable with it so she wear it at night when no one can see her in that…


His hands roamed in her top making her lean on him…


Maan whisper in her ear: I was dreaming about u only,,


Geet: ummm,,, she moans as his hands were coming front, his fingers touched her sensitive upper cleavage, she gulp hard and held him tightly… her nails dig in his shoulder… her lips touched her bare chest,, she couldn’t control herself from touching him carnally, it was very long she had touched him, feel him so close to her…


Maan groans with her innocent pecks,, his lips found it way in her neck placing open mouth kiss,, and his palm was squeezing her soft flesh making her moan… as he was placing hot open mouth kiss all around her neck and shoulder, geet couldn’t hold herself and bite his neck harshly making him flinch in pain…


Maan: u wild cat,, he threaten and geet giggle seeing his desperation… one naughty idea popped in her mind and she pushed him on the mattress,, it was sudden so maan lost his balance and landed on bed on his back,, geet sat on his lower part, he groans as she grinded herself against his hardness… I swear u will pay for it geet..


Geet: yeah yeah, u have tortured me enough, it’s my turn now,,, and ha don’t dare to touch me or I will tie ur hand…


Maan raises his eye brow: really?


Geet: try me.. she said with a smirk…


And then in fraction geet removed her top making his jaw drop down,, she bite her lips in shyness but then leaving it aside she came on top of his face….


Geet: u know it was so hard for me to stay here alone, and u left me, hmm,, now it will be ur punishment, a sweet torture..


Maan: lets see who’s punishment it will be hmm… he tried to flipped her but whom he is kidding, she knew his each move and her martial had made her enough intelligent to plot her trick, he may be stronger from her but she is sharper… he entangled her legs with him and then pinned his hand to the mattress… he can see the smirk on her lips,, his eyes travel on her tiny miny b** which was holding her fullness… his throat felt dry and eyes darkened with desire… geet came to his hollow of the neck licking and tracing her tongue on her neck.. he moans her name in a whisper…. It was unbearable for him not to touch her… she rubbed her body with his which is now burning… her soft slender leg were rubbing his feet… her tongue tasted his torso and then coming on his nipples… she sucked and toyed it in her mouth making him feel the pleasure,, he made a fist in his hand trying not to lose his control but she was hell bent on making him lose his sense… she loosen his hand but put pressure on his chest by placing her palm there, he held her waist and she shifted her weight on his hardness,, he can feel the moistness through the shorts…. She licked and places wet kisses around his abs,,, going down and stimulatory grinding herself on his sensitive spot,, he felt he will explode right now if she carry on this… her lips touched his waist line,, going down, she wanted to feel the strength in her hand but before she can touch it he flipped her and put his weight on her, geet was lying on the mattress all irritated…


She gave him angry glare but maan sealed her mouth in an aggressive kiss to show how much explosion going inside him,, his hand harshly threw the b** which was holding her tenderness… she moans in the kiss as he harshly squeezed it still deepening the kiss… her parted leg entangle his waist making him groan,, he grinded his hardness on the core above the dress,, they were making out above the thin cloths,, he left her lips and came on her br**** taking it fully in his mouth and sucking hard… geet wanted to scream in pleasure but couldn’t so she bite his shoulder hard, nearly making him bleed….


His tongue toyed, flipped the hard bud and teethed them till they become sore n red… then he gave the save pleasure to the right one,,, she was all wet and begging him not to stop today but he knew his limitation… he panted holding her tight in his embrace still placing kisses on her neck and chest.. his hands were massaging her waist….


Maan: geet we have to stop…


Geet: no, not today,, pls maan…


Maan: no baby, we have to, just few days more, we will be out from here very soon…


Geet: maan please na,,


Maan : geet… he said helplessly cz more than her it was pulling him, he wanted to make her his forever but he can’t,, not now at elast…. Geet understood him and hugged him tight… they laid there,, upper half naked,, he covered both of them with the sheet and hugged her.. she placed her head on his chest and kept roaming her hand on his torso, where he was playing with her br****….. I need to go geet, or I will loose myself…


Geet: no, please, I can’t stay here alone…


Maan: thik hain, u sleep now, I will go before anyone can see us like this, I have to be in my room before morning…


After a long silence geet titled her head to see maan looking at her only, a small blush came on her face remembering the wild make out, he pecked her forehead..


Geet: maan when we can go out from the place, I m missing papa.. how is he?


Maan: jaan I had talked to sid last day, he said they are in USA, uncle is fine… he will recover soon,, here someone was giving him wrong medication which led him to paralyzed…


Geet was shocked beyond limit: it was not my fault then…


Maan kissed her forehead once again: no, it was never ur fault…  her eyes were watery,, maan kissed her tears that was lingering in the corner of her eyes….


Maan: Geet, we will meet them very soon, I had arranged everything and we are going out tom….


Geet’s face lit up: sacchi?


Maan kissed her nose: mucchi….


Geet hugged him: I love u maan…


Maan: I love u more… they slept cuddle up hoping for the brightest day but oblivious to the fact what darkness is waiting for them….







Precap: same from heer angle…



(c)All Copy Rights Reserved 2012.Tich Mg


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  1. awsemmmmmmm


  2. Posted by jannat4eva on January 1, 2013 at 1:18 am

    Lovely update……❤❤


  3. Tich Mg happy New Year!!!

    awe sweet update as here i can see J Geet, Naughty Geet , possessive Geet, & senti Geet… =)
    all emotions are balanced But Ahem ahem Haye HOT & WIL & PASSIONATE wala hahaha….. Control Maaneet 😉 ❤
    tribal gals drooling over Maan.. after all he is MSK =P
    finally Maan control his desire whose near thin line
    chalo naughty kar k so jao… 😉 =D

    same precap.. TICH khair krna HEER hai =D
    Maan ki behan 😉
    ronak pyscho hai.. help her puleej!!!


  4. awesome part dear maaneet moments were hot and passionate…loved it to the core….. 😀 ❤


  5. so so dreamy part


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