Love for You Part 58


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Guys here I want to say few words about MAAN, why he is like this, why he can’t understand his love and why he didn’t ask geet at the first place, ok now try to think from maan’s pov…

Maan was always freaking insecure and u know why? At the tender age he went through a lot, his parent’s arguments and then his memory loss,, then after his parent’s funeral he get to know his mother ditched his father, what should be a child’s mentality then… again he NEVER GET LOVE IN HIS LOVE PROPERLY…. He was a responsible elder who had to give everything to his family,, so he only gave in his family never get love or scolded by elders on his mistake… his dadima never gave him time cz she was busy in KC…


Maan never get a true love or never tried to getting it from any girl… why? Because he had seen girls moving around him for money.. that’s why he could never blved them.. he just used them for his pleasure and he sincerely tried to change himself for GEET… but tell me guys insecurity can be wash so easily?


If it was not Geet or any random girl specially some SAMEERA and then he got to know about her like this wouldn’t u support him then,, if u see those things don’t u get slight anger or confusion or hatred for the person… for god sake MAAN is a HUMAN not a GOD who will get instinct about geet and rudra’s relation… and btw if u see ur boyfrnd husband or gf so close to his or her’s best frnd wouldn’t u have slight insecurity… atleast I will have cz I m neither a saint or GOD….


And I don’t say Rudra or geet aren’t good either in this place,, but for geet I will say she was afraid of this situation only, if she tell everything to maan what if he react horrendously , but usse kya sapna ayega k he will get to know all this in this way..


About naina n rudra where were they and why didn’t they protect geet in that moment will be clear in this part….


I m not justificating his action but I m showing his POV,, OK All this not to confuse u,, hehehehe hate maan or rudra the way u want cz suffering will be a lot for BOTH….


Recap: read previous part


Warning: quite a big part….


Part 58



Naina was hell angry and maan was least bother, as naina was dev’s love he couldn’t misbehave with her, or any other girl was her place he would have showed her real hell but right now he wanted to get rid off the place but somewhere naina’s look couldn’t let him move from there… when he tried to move naina held his hand….


Naina: where u r going ha? Geet ko insult karke man nahi bhara, u want to make her more vulnerable.. it was my mistake to think u have changed, u can take care of her.. but I was wrong,, what have u done to my baby sister, why u did that maan, she loved u…


It angered maan to the bits: love? Love naina? Do she even know the meaning of love? How could u say she love me where I had seen her with rudra almost in LOVE..


Naina: kya hogaya hain tumhe maan, aise to nahi the bachpan me tum, if anybody say a bad word against her it was u who beat them to death.. what happen to that maan…


Maan: he is DEAD,, he was Dead when Mithi left him..and now he is tarnished when Geet destroyed him..

maan said it blankly but dev who was watching him knew how much pain was in his heart. His brother had truly loved someone but fate couldn’t make them one..


Naina: u know what maan, u said u loved her,, but u didn’t.. pyar hota to bharosa hota… and she,, I had seen her dying for u, how could u neglect that ha?

She asked painfully and for the 1st itme naina felt her eyes clouded with tears, it was after her mother’s death she is crying….


Maan: u said u loved her, then where were u when she was all over rudra? Did u see the photographs, did u see those papers. Did u see how she wanted to trap for money


Naina: money money money, what the hell do u think about her maan, leaving her 5000 crore worthy property for ur few penny?


Everyone gasped, karan looked at naina with painful eyes, he knew everything but couldn’t do anything, where maan was confuse….


Naina: our dad’s ,, mom’s,, our brother’s and mine all properties are on her name… she is the Princess of Rathode family… Brij n Kunal bhaisa’s all property was on her name and infact mom’s all property which I had are already on her name, then how could u think she will do this? no one knew but she never showed her status to anyone but agar tum bikh bhi jao na firbhi uski kimat nahi laga sakte…


Maan lost his sense feeling something flipped in his heart… arjun tried to say something when naina stopped him…


Naina: she never told anyone anything cz she blv she is ur friend first then a princess, she had transferred everything to bhaisa and me,, and because of u I m losing her.. how could u say all that maan, do u even know how much she loved u…


Dev: naina bro ko wo sab Mohinsh mama ne dikhaya tha… and


Naina: ha wohi Mohinish Raizada who killed ur father and slow poisoned ur mother right…


Maan looked at her with wide eyes, somewhere he lost the control over his senses, some kind of fear started creeping in him, the anger was mixing the fuel only….


Dadima: Naina?


But naina only looked at maan, his lost expression made her smirk, but it was not for victorious but a pitiful…


Naina: u said where was I when u were insulting my sister, I was at London to grab this proof cz I knew geet is blving u like a blind fool but u will only blv on proves, so to get these I was risking my life in that Mohnish’s den… and rudra was on call with me… he was worried for me and that’s why he was talking with me leaving geet to our friends and somewhere he thought u can hurt her but can’t humiliate her infront of everyone… but alas he was wrong.. she turned towards rest of their friends.. I thought I gave my sister’s responsibility to right hand but I was wrong, she was alone like all those years…


How could u point ur fingers towards geet when u urself wasn’t a pure man for her love? How could u think about their frndship just seeing or hearing some rubbish words maan?


Maan looked at her still confuse, his head was bursting to let it explode but naina didn’t gave him time for anything…


Naina: u blved Mohnish and his man Vikram right, then how will be ur reaction with this…. she turned and maan saw vikram walking towards them… now what will u say when he himself will say the truth?


vikram: Maan, actually,


naina shouted: will u speak now?


vikram: whatever she said is true, Mohnish uncle had showed u all fake proves, we did that to effect ur relation with geet,, and that report was also fake…. It was me who bribed a nurse to make some changes in geet’s report and it was not 45 days but 82 days…


maan’s whole world was spinning,, she is nearly 3 month pregnant and what he had assumed.. he looked at vikram with fierce evident eyes…


Maan held vikram’s collar tightly,, everybody gasp seeing him shivering in anger, Vikram was nearly faint as he held his throat so tight that in fraction he can be dead….


Maan: WHY?


Vikram: Uncle wanted geet to marry Rudra, and after that he would have killed her, all property will go on rudra his son’s name only….


Karan’s hand turn fist as he looked away painfully….


Karan: how could he think Bhai will live without his best friend,, he can die for geet then how could he think so….


Arjun saw vikram was out of breath and nearly fainting, still maan was holding his throat looking straight towards him.. arjun samir and dev tried to make him free vikram but maan was lost in his own world, oblivious what he was doing… just then he hear naina’s painful cry…


Naina: my baby was carrying a baby? She said in a whisper, naina didn’t knew this information,, she just went to get some proves against Mohnish and then hold Vikram, though Vikram was mohnish’s right hand but naina was smart enough to trap him.. rudra helped her as he had a lot of source in his father’s illegal work and Vikram was shocked to see all mohnish’s work was on his name, means If Police start the charge of this illegal work, only Vikram will be in trap, he will go behind bars or he can have death sentence,, then Rudra talked with Vikram over phn that he need to come urgently only Rudra can help him, and in private flight naina brought Vikram here… (Naina tried to convince Vikram to come here but he was adamant then rudra talked with him over phn and said to cross check the fact who will be under arrest if the illegal matter dissolve, then only vikram got agreed and thats why Rudra couldn’t see how geet was getting humiliate)


Maan saw her with pain, his grip lossen and his shoulder dropped… neha cried seeing her brother like that but as soon as geet’s painful feature flashed in front of her she was angry, she felt so rage that if maan wasn’t her big brother she could have kill him…


Karan: Rudra bhai got to know first, when she was getting sick in everything, he took her to doctor, geet was so lost that she herself didn’t knew what is happening, bhai gave her his name cz he was afraid if anyone got to know she is Geetakshi singh rathode then it will break brij n kunal bhaisa… but geet didn’t knew all this.. few weeks before rudra bhai told this to geet and she went to meet maan in his office and he,,,,


Maan remember geet’s happy face when she was waiting for him, the anger when she saw him with the girl so close, and then her painful eyes when rudra was dragging her from there.. her fainting in rudra’s arm and rudra’s panic state all sank in…


Maan: what have I done. He sat on his knees…

karan gave him all the papers where mohnish’s intention was evident… he was behind maan from a long time, the accident happened there was his planning… he brain washed maahi showing her those fake medical reports… and then dadima came to explode the final bomb…


dadima: hume yakeen nahi hota maan apne apne mithi ko aisa samjha, aapko laga wo paiso ke liye apna atmasamman aur pyar bech degi,, aisa hota to wo kabhi apki maa ki akhri nishani sambhal ke nahi rahti… maan looked at her broken, his heart shudder…  maan u were behind the dehradun orphanage but geet didn’t gave u,, u know why?? She was never the real owner of the land but she portrait cz she never wanted u to know it was urs, she knew u would have sell it or demolish it, but she cared for ur mother’s last remembrance, she gave her own land on the half price just to save the ashram… just to save you from ur own guilt…


(read 1st few part to remember it)


Just then neha came close: dadima what is the use to say it to him, who didn’t even care the person who is the reason for his sister’s existence… why would he care if that person only gave me this life… maan looked ta her blankly…


Neha: my blood is rare group only u and Misty had the same blood group,, u were not there blood bank didn’t had that group. Do u know who save me? it was GEET,, mishty gave her blood when she was herself very weak. She was on death bed to give me life… but why do u care… u thought she ditched u now tell me, if she needed property why would she save me?


Maan’s heart quiver to remember the accident when he had seen geet’s pale face, the way karan was worried and the way his heart felt for the first time…


Naina: my baby sister had taken ur every wrath to protect u and what u gave her maan.. she was only worried for u, she wanted to protect u cz mohnish raizada wanted to kill u…


Vikram who gain his conscious sat back and gave angry glare to naina and maan for behaving like that…


Vikram: mohnish raizada wanted to kill u but when he saw u destroyed in ur grief thinking geet had betrayed u, he portrait the story more intently and showed he cared for u.. he got to know geet had already transformed ur property and u will get it when u will turn 24 which is after 1 n half month…  he knew he had lost the battle but he couldn’t see ur or geet’s happiness. So he plotted the last thing showing u her fake report… and those photographs was also plotted from maahi’s father who hates Rudra… geet was drnk and couldn’t walk properly so rdra just made her lie on bed and we took the snaps in an angle that it showed vulgarity…. after a silence vikram opened his mouth again, though he was scared but he needed to tell everything or rudra will not take 1 min to kill him… umm wo when geet got injured on her arm in ur farm house it was meant for u….


Maan become numb with the new piece of information… he wanted to kill him but couldn’t find the strength to hold himself… all the time he just remember Her face. how painful it was…


Naina: u never believed her maan but she only loved u, why u insulted her again n again after seeing the cd also? why? Maan looked at her confuse, which Cd she was talking about.. it made naina’s anger rose more.. Don’t act innocent maan… Rudra had sent u the CD 10 days back when we couldn’t handle geet anymore. she was becoming mad.. she was going in depression. We didn’t knew all this happened,, then rudra’s men told him about what Mohnish raizada had done.. we thought we could show u rudra’s n geet’s true friendship with the CD and u will come back to her, I hated it but I saw the madness in my sister’s eyes for u… though I was disgusted to see ur face but I was ready to do anything for my mishty.. but u didn’t came instead u had mocked her feeling and insulted in front of everyone.. why u did this maan? pyar nahi karte the to keh dete saaf saaf natak kyun kiya uske feeling k sath?


Dev came close to naina who looked at him with anger…


Dev: which CD u r talking about naina?


Naina: ask ur bloody brother…


Dev looked at maan who looked clueless: bro ko nahi pata naina, tell me pls…


Naina: he knows everything, its more than 10 days and I myself gave this to nakul… everyone turn to see nakul who was shivering…


Nakul: main to, wo, mujhe.. ha maine maan baba k room me rakkha tha, wo nahi the to maine phn kiya tha unhe. Unhone kaha cupboard me rakh du…


Dev knew maan had not seen the CD so he ran and threw everything just to search the cd… he came down holding the packet and turned the projector.. there played a video maybe shoot from handycam and phn…..


[it will be little clumsy gals, read twice]



Hiii MAAN… u remember me?? erm I don’t think so… lets pan the camera…  there was a guy about 15 or 16,,


There was an 12 yrs old geet jumping and running behind a rabbit…


Now tell me do u remember her?


Maan whisper: Mithi…


Yeah mithi,, oops ur mithi and my mishty… now u will be confuse who m I,, so my little brother I m RUDRA… I don’t know whether ur memory got back or not,, do u remember our fight which we did in that 1 yr.. u lost ur memory there and we lost our memory together, but still rahoge to tum mere bhai na… Ok cut the crap… now u must be thinking why I m showing u the video, why can’t I come in front of u… so maan lots of things happened here and I can’t leave mishty here and come there for u, but someday we will meet for sure… ok listen u know why I m doing this film? Ur mithi doesn’t wanted u to miss her childhood so she advised me to make a film of us and then gift u on ur birthday when we will come India.. now lets go for the ride….


There was the clip of geet, wherever she went rudra kept featuring her, sometime on mobile sometime handy cam…


Hey maan, Happy birthday, we miss u… Geet said while one tear drop came to her lashes but rudra wiped it…


Pagal hain kya mishty, tera maan dekhega k maine tere ye ansu ko girne diya wo mujhe gira dega, u know I promised him to take care, haina maan?




I know u may not even know what is today but I want u to see ur mother for last time… there was maan’s mother last breath where geet was crying continuously, naina was holding her and maan’s mother was looking at the camera giving her all love to maan… and she took her last breath… the camera was shaking due to rudra’s shiver..


Dekho maan geet kuch nahi kha rahi hain, main kya karu uska… tell her to come out from this,, bua will feel sad to see her fav child like this.. tell her maan to eat something. Wo meri baat nahi sunti, u knw wo hamesha tumhari puppet rahi hain, so now sambhalo apni mithi ko….



Finally she ate her dinner, after lots of pressurizing, tum usse sambhalte kaise the yaar, uff kitna roti hain wo… and then few tears made his way… ok chal baad me baat karenge…




Hey today is misthy’s birthday,, chal aaj tu yaha hain nahi, 1st bite mera,, hahhhahahaha….


Rudra u laugh like a ravan geet greeted her teeth saying and then all burst out laughing,, rudra gave the phn to karan who was shooting now and rudra started chasing geet who was laughing like hell…


1st bite mere maan k liye only…. Geet said blushing hard…


The cake was cut and geet kept one piece little far from everyone but and 2nd bite was for rudra,, but he ate the 1st piece of cake just to irritate her and next the scene was rudra’s world crashing when he saw big fat tears coming out geet’s eyes… everyone got worried when geet left the place…


U know maan this mishty is becoming so cranky yaar, she made me murga for 1 hour then she said one word, uff ek cake k liye itna sara nakhra. Maine touba kiya hain I will not put my eyes on ur cake  ever….




Ohhh god ye ladki,, she need to cover this disc to show u she came here for the first time….

Hato rudra, geet pushed him and came infront,, maan I have turned sweet 16 so I can come disc hain na? wo actually I wanted to u see the place, its best…. Wish u were here…

There was sadness on her face,, but rudra soon cheered her….




Ohhh god, u know she is drunk… I mean someone spiked her drink… I m feeling like killing that ba*****.. wish I could hold that idiot.. but what will I do with her,, see she is only mumbing some A B C D,, main kya karu abb….


Rudra was biting his nails,, then looked at the screen… don’t u dare to laugh at my plight ok,, I m feeling like she will kill me with her a b c d…


Just then geet came on his back all drunk, they were in a hotel room, rudra was all tensed…


Rudra, mujhe piggy ride do na….




Mujhe piggy ride chahiye, chahiye chahiye chahiye… do na..


U r drunk mishty, see u r not 6 yr old kid, but 16 and I love my bones sweetheart…


Geet slapped his cheek playfully and then poked his biceps ‘Then ye dole shole kyun banaye hain,, I m only 40kg and u can’t take me on one piggy ride, u know maan hota to he would have taken me on his head’


Rudra murmur ‘ha maan hota he would have completed his queen’s wish, and break my all bones saying I can’t take care of her…. damn’


‘mujhe piggy ride doooooooooooooooooooooo’


Frustatingly rudra gave her piggy ride in the room, running here n there and finally falling on the bed, where geet was laughing rudra was giving funny faces… then he made her sleep like a child, singing for her as she wanted to hear lori…





I hate u maan,, grrrrrr ur mithi had made my life hell,, see she had set me with a girl Maahi.. I don’t know why she is after me to marry her.. I m only 21 yaar.. but seriously the girl is quite cute…


U know geet had arranged a beautiful date for me, n ……………………maahi.. ok, I thought it was for us… I m sorry don’t know when I started feeling for geet. I m sorry brother for that,, I know it was wrong but can’t help my heart.. I wanted to be honest with u so told u, hope u will forgive me and don’t worry geet is urs only.. she loves u a lot, before knowing what is love actually….





I really want to break this handycam and throw u in river for doing this to her maan, how can u do this with her, she is so far away but still she loved u and what u did with her, u broke her trust maan.. u know she went all the way India to celebrate her 18th birthday with u but u were having fun with a girl on bed!!! Chiiiii,, I m ashamed and frighten to give u my mishty… I don’t know how will I make her like before, I can’t see her like this, wish she never loved u….





‘Hey maan’ it was geet, she was nervous as well as excited, it was after that day,, 3 yrs later she had recorded it, cz rudra hated maan from the day he saw geet’s cry for him on her 18th birthday…


‘Maan I m coming to India,, in our country,, u must be wondering in the full film where was i? why I never talked or recorded anything? actually maan I was little feared and apprehensive, I don’t know what will be ur reaction when u will know the whole truth of ur family,, ur uncle and rudra’s dad’s deed… I m sorry for not coming all this days, I couldn’t come there.. samajh lo himmat nahi thi uss din k baad.. but now I need to come to give ur thing back… ur property back to u… but will u recognize me, ur mithi? I wish u could, I wish u could love ur mithi but if u don’t, its ok.. I will always love u like this… ok bye, will meet u in india,, and ha if u love me then we will see this together on ur birthday, it’s a gift from me and rudra, but if u don’t then….. remember this jhalli only loved u and take care of ur self it will be my last wish…’






The video was blank,, after few min Rudra appeared,,  his look said it was few days old, maybe recently, 10 days back when he sent it…


Maan I never thought I have to give the CD like this.. I thought we can gift u on ur birthday, but I think its needed now only…. Though its useless to show u this cz ur eyes are blind, ur heart if deaf that couldn’t hear her mourn.. uski siskiya mujhe jeene nahi de rahi hain maan. I have tried a lot time to say u the truth but u never let me.. and when geet tried she couldn’t muster the courage…


I know I should gave u this long before but it was geet’s wish, she wanted it to gift u on ur birthday… but I tried ot give it in various place,, I wanted to clarified everything but u were so angry that I have to give this way…


Seriously maan tell me one thing, did u loved geet for once? Did u felt for her for once? If u truly loved her then how can u think so bad about her? didn’t u ever notice the pain on her face when u were accusing her in ur office, didn’t u ever notice the craves in her eyes when she went to receive u, and u had hurt so brutally still she longed for u… she used to say when u will realize ur mistake u will break, till then she want the strength to hold u… but see maan u had broken her so much that she is craving for ur one look… maan usse sambhallo isse pehle bohot der hojaye.. I don’t know what will I do if anything happen to her or baby but u will regret ur whole life that u had not trust ur mithi who only knew to love u, she loves a lot and only u….


Usse apna lo, maybe then only I can get my mishty back who was full of life, not only for me but for all of us…. Please…





The light came back,, only silence was there,, neha stayed there numb while arjun held her to support her.. dev was looking at maan only, naina was only shedding tears… karan was angry helpless and in pain,, arohi gave  a disgusted look to him… but the person who was numb the most was maan.. nothing was going in his mind but only her painful eyes were haunting him…

Dev saw naina falling on the floor beside maan….


Naina: maine usse hamesha mana kiya don’t fall for maan, u will regret,, this love only gives pain but u know what she said? She said when I was born loving maan was in my fate, abb wo mujhe apnaye ya thukraye rahungi to main sirf maan ki.. agar mitna bhi padhe I will destroy myself to protect my maan.. see her maan himself destroyed her… today I lost my mishty just because she love u…. and after today I will lose her, the very reason I m still alive… what will I do now.. she left me.. she left me….


Maan looked at her with pain, he wanted to say something but her words made him shiver… he can’t imagine if geet leave him what will he do then….


Maan: she can’t leave me…


Naina looked at him with anger, if it was in her hand she would have kill him with her bare hand… she held his collar and shook him violently…


Naina: she left u,, she left me and everyone, and u r saying she can’t…. sayad wo nahi jaati agar tumne uske bacche ko wo sab,


Karan: if u had trusted her n ur love,, maybe she would have taken ur any anger but ur words for her baby,, she can never take it…


Maan whisper: my baby….


Naina shouted: NOOOO,, its her only her,, just her, my mishty’s baby.. she thought she will be a scar for me, for our reputation, how can I explain to her she is the moon in our dark life,, how will I make her understand she is everything to us.. but ur words had made her so broken that she lost her confidence on us.. she left us so that we can live peacefully, she gave me death for my peace… what an irony…


Naina laughed bitterly: she left because she wanted me to be happy with dev,, huh, happy and without her, main aise hazaro pyar apne bahen pe qurbaan kar doon, lekin wo janti thi, main kabhi zindegi me aage nahi badhungi usko piche chodhke that’s why she left me.. my sister left me….


Naina cried bitterly holding maan’s collar and cursing him…


Maan for the first time felt his eyes were blurred and nothing entered his ear,, he only mumble she can’t leave me, she loved me, my baby… his each words were piercing his siblings… they knew how much pain he was facing but they can’t do anything, he had snatched his happiness with his own hand…


Maan: I lost her,, I lost her because of my insecurities.. I had hurt her, my baby,, what I call her. I m no worth of being a father.. I m not worthy for her… I don’t deserve her… he kept blabbering,, dev saw him,, he tried to talk to him…


Dev: bro, bro,, please look at me, bro… but maan was nowhere to stop, h kept blabbering his guilt… he shook him violently.. maan looked at dev with tears and hide his face in his palm crying bitterly..


Maan: I lost her dev, I lost her forever. I m no worthy for her love… dev hugged him and he cried there…


Dev: if u want to know u r worthy or not then ask geet forgiveness.. ask her to stop… maan looked at naina who didn’t said anything…. but then looked at him with tears….


Naina: she is leaving India.. kaha ja rahi hain mujhe kuch nahi bataya, infact no one knew,, I got this letter where she said she is leaving the country and took her promise that I will not follow her.. I can’t go against her wish… I can’t break her promise…. She was silent for sometime.. and then her words reached him to give a new hope… though I hate u maan for doing all this and I hate the fact that only u can bring her back.. I ned my sister back and I will let her decide what she want to do with u.. if she want to forgive u I will not say anything if she want to stay away from u, I swear I will never let u touch her shadow.. but now I need her.. get her back….


Maan saw his family who was not supporting him, but they wanted their geet back… he wiped his tears and decided to confront geet… she can’t leave him, she can’t leave him without any punishment,, only she has the right to even kill him and he will give his everything just to repent his deed… maan hurriedly took car keys and ran like a maniac…


Karan: I wish u won’t face her ever… maan was gone but the family looked at him flabbergasted….


Arohi: I wish she will be ok without him, atleast no one will be there to hurt her more….


Naina: aro?


Arohi: he doesn’t deserve her..


Arjun: only geet has the right to decide and we know only bhai can bring her…


Karan: she should be away from him.. he can only hurt her,, if he will be close to her,  he will kill her….


Dev held his collar tight: why can’t u understand Geet loves him…


Karan: and he had broken the love.. karan shouted as well…


They were all busy in shouting and giving justification of their words.. none gave the importance the old woman in the room was feeling suffocated every moment..


Dadima: chup karo tum log,,, bas kijiye ye jhagda.. humse ye sab aur nahi saha jayega.. hume bas Geet chahiye, hume geet wapas laado… hume,,,,,


Neha shrieked seeing dadima collapsing on the floor holding her chest… she was shivering and her hand was clutching left side of her arm tightly… all of them rushed towards her…


Dev: arjun call ambulance fast.. arjun did it and in no time ambulance was there…


Arjun hurriedly called maan,,








Geet heard the voice as her heart did a small shiver… she looked behind her, eyes showed emotion which lips never tried to say… word can never complete the feeling they shared.. she knew what she ment for her but alas because of her he is destroyed today….




Rudra: where are u going without me ha?


Geet: go back.


Rudra:I told u, wherever u will go, I will be with u, be that heaven or hell…


Geet: u will lose everything in this like the way I did.. please rudra go back….


Her eyes showed the pain but tears failed to come, she was too numb to react anything but she don’t want her friends to suffer because of her, they had witness a lot.. but she forgot friends meant to be share everything.. she had shared her good time now he will share her bad time as well… without saying anything rudra boarded the flight and sat beside her…


Geet: u r leaving everything..


Rudra: for u I can leave anything…


Geet: I can’t give u anything rudra, but pain. Which is my fate…


Rudra: then be ready to share it, cz someone told me,


Share pain in her awful time

Smile with her in the toughest occurrence

Be strength in the hardest path

Hold the hand in longest ride….


Be a friend who can make u beam

A little to care a little to judge….



A small smile came on her lips when she remember it was her own poem…

She mouthed a thank you and rudra gave his glare which make her smile more… but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes… she looked at the outside,, darkness covered everywhere just like her heart.. she remembered each n every moment she spent here.. how magical it was, her every moment with maan flashed in front of her but sadly with sweet moment there was bitter memories as well.. then she placed her hand on her tummy,, she hadn’t cried yet… no, maan’s word doesn’t effect her more from the time he said all that for their child.. correction, her child only…. She closed her eyes feeling restless but soon strong pair of arms snaked behind her back, she found her droopy shoulder on rudra’s shoulder, he smiles and assured her everything will be fine, alas she knew nothing can be.. everything has destroyed.. and she is the reason, yet she couldn’t save her best friend… geet felt her eyes droopy and she slept placing her head on rudra’s chest who just held her and leaned on the seat.. don’t know when few tears lingered on his eyes corner…


Rudra(st): I m sorry naina but it was her wish not to say anyone anything, but how can I let her be alone, I m going to take good care of her… till now she was my responsibility now that angel will be my responsibility….. this Life is For Them…. he remember maahi,, but then closed his eyes tightly,, anger and hatred was there on his face… No this life will be for my angels….





Maan was running his car like a maniac,, he called the authorities and asked about intentional flights, there was 6 flights and he made some more calls saying to delay the flight for 1 hour… Geet’s painful eyes were haunting him too much… he remember her every gesture, the way she smiled, they way she pouted… her every blink use to make his heart flatter then how could he forget her innocent love… how could he blame her to such extent that she is broken now.. he cursed himself that he couldn’t blv his geet who blved him so much,, but today other’s words knocked in him.. he felt ashamed, what will geet think that his love was so shallow.. but right at this moment he couldn’t think what will geet think, but he needed her for him, for her, for their angel, he closed his eyes thinking what had he said about their angel, their baby…


Maan: I m sorry, he cried like a baby,, his whisper couldn’t reach his own ear…. I m sorry jaan, I m really sorry…. I know u can never forgive me but I will ask forgiveness till this life had breath,, I will give my life to prove my LOVE FOR YOU… just give me one chance…. His eyes were blur… but he wiped it from the back of his palm… next her heard his phn ring and he took it after few ring… Ha arjun I m on my way…


Arjun: bhai dadima,, But before he can complete his sentence, he heard some drastic sound….  BOOM…. Bhai, maan bhai,, bhai r u there, he said in panic,, bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….




His eyes felt droopy as the darkness was consuming him,, he lost the control of his car to save a young girl who was passing the road, he was close to the airport and Dashhhhh……….. his car did 2 summersault and with a screech sound if fell apart… here he was still inside the car looking the plane taking off, a painful smile left his lips where blood covered his face slowly….


Maan whisper: I m sorry, I couldn’t show my Love For You..



Geet whisper: maan… she jerk from her sleep and rudra saw her worriedly,, she recall everything and then with tears closed her eyes….


Geet: babaji maan ko safe rakhna….



Precap: teaser and leap…..



Yeirkksss sorry for making u sad on the last day of the year, but year will start with happiness…. Thanks for ur love and support….




21 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chetna on December 31, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Hi dear..intense update! Finally thetruth is out! Poor Geet! Maan realises too late! Well written! Happy New Year! Precap is interesting! update soon 🙂 Khwaishfan (IF)


  2. mumma ..ek tou itna saara revelation ,….that too painful wala
    aur upar se tich aapka heart wrenching narration …
    top of it the story line ..poora plan banaya hai mujhe rolane ka … 😦

    the end was drastic ….leap ..sob sob
    aur kitna pain doo gi yrr

    update soon plzzz …
    me waiting

    n thanks for this super long update
    loved the scne …everything was soo perfectly defined

    thank u

    Luv Ya


  3. finally naina knocked senses in maan


  4. Posted by kirannm on January 1, 2013 at 7:41 am

    nice update
    plz bring some beautiful romantic maaneet moments in the near future updates
    loved this update


  5. very emotional part….but maan deserved this…..someone had to knock the senses in him.


  6. Tich Mg Happy New Year!! =)
    this in indeed HAPPY as u r giving all stories updates… muje porri raat lag gai to ready all but still drop two for morning =D

    wat a dhamkadar revelation on Maan & me, as i want to know how it will come.. but it came with very painful way, I know Can’t see Maan like this but he is insecurties & that plus his uncle’s fake story about all incdents create scene b/w maaneet & rudra…
    but its too late now… most sad about naina as her baby sis leave her & gone alone…
    then Maan now who was in remorse now…
    1st dadima down her WICKET & other side Maan had his accident..
    Tich jane deti na tu Geet ko rukhne ja rha tha but no.. tuje to hame tang karna pasnd hai na.. =P

    now leap mummy… kitna do gi???
    Good rudra had going with Geet, she is all alone no one is there for her now…
    being a friend he leave all thing for her & coming life.. aw baby/babies 😉

    CD part is so emotional one tich!!!
    having all memories of Geet bachpan…. (Y) 😉


  7. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on January 1, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Hey babes, first of all thanks a tonn for all the wonderful updates………….I wish u and ur family a very Happy New Year……………now coming to the update, loved it as alwaysssssss……….a very emotional update……….m so happy that finally truth is revealed in front of maan and he realized what a grave mistake he did by hurting the gal who always loves him beyond the limit of madness……………though i wanted to hate maan and be angry on him but the POV you gave of maan did help me to understand why he behaved like that and now i sincerely feel that soon he gets back to his MITHI and baby…………they all are incomplete without them being together…….babes i wish ki naye saal mein geet aur maan ka dard khatam ho jaye……once again thanks for the wonderful update.


  8. Posted by gill123 on January 1, 2013 at 11:59 am

    Just loved it dear


  9. lovely update dear o it was raizada who poisoned maan’s mind….OMG maan met with accident…. 😮 waiting for next dear do continue soon….. 🙂


  10. Posted by laksh on January 1, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    Great tich. So sad of maan. Update soon.


  11. Posted by mandy15 on January 1, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    fabulous dear:)


  12. wow wat a smack ! Thanks a lot for the update . Happy New Year


  13. Posted by suzie on January 2, 2013 at 4:59 am

    what emotional & painful part
    poor geet went through a lot because of maan
    i hope she doesn’t forgive him so easy


  14. Happy New Year

    part 58
    awesome part…………
    this will be a very good lesson for Maan……….
    he insulted Geet as if he has been a sincere and good man in character………
    Naina has let it out all………….
    poor Geet……….
    Rudra i just love him in this………….
    cont soon dear……………..

    Deepa (spvd)


  15. Posted by spvd on January 3, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Happy New Year

    part 58
    awesome part………….
    poor Geet…….
    and Maan how could he?
    now he will repent and regret so much……….
    the clippings were so nice……….
    poor Rudra too……..
    Maahi should have understood him…………………….
    or he could have told her……………….
    cont soon dear………………..

    Deepa (spvd)


  16. just mindblowing dear…


  17. Posted by zariya on January 4, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    happy new year
    what a dhamakedaar update
    everything sort out when nothing is left


  18. Posted by hinalmaaneet21 on January 4, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    so finally all truth are out
    oh no dadi ma in hospital
    maan’s accident
    geet n rudra off to some distant place what happened

    waiting for next part plz update this one soon


  19. Posted by punam2712 on January 6, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    emotional update
    geet has loved him for so long and so truly
    but she couldnt bear his words against their baby
    maan is suffering in remorse but he deserves it


  20. Painful update
    waiting for next
    Plzzzzz update fast


  21. Posted by ravrash on January 11, 2013 at 8:09 am



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