Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 75




sorry for being so late and let me warn u, precap will be same at last and thi supdate is dedicated to those who asked for maaneet n maahika moment for a long time….


this is a Birthday present for my besttesttt best buddy Sumi(Sumaiya Saba) i wish world’s best happiness for u jaan..

and all those my best frnds for whom i m here… love u guys for ur support…



It might be a short one, n I m sorry for it, I was stuck in something, will give another update if u can motivate me with likes and comment then only on sat or sun…



Part 75



Maan was really frustrated with geet treatment towards him, she didn’t gave a look to him since last night, he wanted to hold her in his arm while sleeping but she placed mahika in middle and slept holding her securely, maan only left for cribbing… maahika was his only savior and partner in crime, always because of her only geet came close to him, as maahika didn’t left maan even while getting her feed, sometime geet becomes so frustrated but could give angry glare to maan… till now no one said about their marriage preparation, she only knew its for their anniversary which is just 5 days away now… geet had noticed the small eye lock of shiv and saanjh but then she also noticed how conscious saanjh become whenever shiv stares at her for longer, there was always pain at the last which always makes shiv feel guilt… he still didn’t talked about this to geet, he is afraid and he admits he fear to lose geet his friend..


In all this the one person is the most happiest and innocently mischievously is maahika, who is getting pampered from her dada, though she gets angry seeing everyone busy in something and couldn’t give her time but still she has her father….


Maan gave her bath and changed in her in beautiful soft frock, she was looking like a small angel, maahika was throwing her hands and legs in air showing her excitement to see her dada doing all this… maahi was very happy to do all this for maahika, actually as shiv n dev is handling office he want to spent the week to manofy his wife and daughter.. maahika was very easy to pacify, all she need some puppy faces, few kisses and lots of love-shov…so maan had taken maahika’s full time, in fact geet is fuming more because maan didn’t give maahika to her also… from her changing nappy to dress or to make her sleep he is doing everything,, and maahika is a dada’s angel so she is happy to have him close…



Geet entered the room only to see father daughter smiling and laughing, maan kissing her tummy tickling her and making her laugh, somewhere her anger and the ‘sam’ matter went away from her, now all her concentrate was on maahi and maan her little world.. maan realized geet was there behind them as maahi was extra happy seeing her mumma, somewhere mischievous evil started its plan…


Maan: maahi n dad had so much fun, hain na angel.. we are best together..


Geet’s nose crunched as she looked at maan with threatening eyes, maahi only smiled showing her gummy smile.. geet cribbed seeing maahi….


Geet murmur: dekha babaji he is so happy with maahi, no one needs me… here I m angry on him and he still doesn’t showed his sorry face.. (well actually many time but she wasn’t giving him chance)


Maan like always heard it, he chuckle in a low tone and then again got busy in maahika…


Maahika: baby ur mumma think herself the best, see I can get u ready also,, some baby lotion and powder, ur nappy and dress, my maahi is ready.. why so need mumma then hain na…


He turned his head sideway to show his smirk to geet which made her fume more, but soon her anger replaced by sweet smirk while maan saw maahi in concern as she started crying….. maan immediately turn towards maahi, who was crying her lungs out,, seeing her cry maan couldn’t take this, he took maahi in his arms and started checking….


Maan: kya huya angel, bhook lagi hain?? pls don’t cry na,, Geettttt what the hell are u doing there come first na… Geet shook her head on the melodramatic scene and her over possessively concern husband… she tried to touch maahi but maan snapped.. she need me also,, u can feed her like this… geet looked at maan like he is an alien.. her anger was already high and seeing him so possessively holding maahi not leaving for feed also making her mad, she wanted to shout but couldn’t seeing the concern,, seeing her numb maan again shouted.. GEETTTT feed her now…


Geet: Uff Maan GIVE HER TO ME FIRST.. she said sternly… though maan doesn’t wanted to but gave her still holding her finger, geet shook her head and sat on the bed holding maahika in position… maan sat beside her actually behind her so that she can have support her back on his chest as she was having back pain. Without saying maan knew everything about her, one sided she felt happy and a smile adorned her face but next min she forgot when she remembered the scene and his accusation of not believing him… one drop of tears slipping from her eyes but it couldn’t reach down as maan sucked it with his lips… she looked at his concern filled eyes and then removed her eyes from him, he knew she is still hurt and they needed to talk,, but then maahika got her tummy full… so she wanted to play with them, actually with their accessories,, maahi pulls geet’s hair first to get glare from geet, she puffed her lips looking at maan, who just blew a kiss towards her..


Maan: geet don’t show ur doe eyes to my angel, she is getting scared…


Geet: hawww what have I done, ur angel only pulling my hair, can’t u see the devil brat’s act….


Maan: dare u say her devil geet,


Geet: huh, what u will do mr khurana, she is a devil only makes ppl’s life hell..


Maan: she did to them who deserves it…


Geet: haw is this mean I deserves this? wait maan i will show what hell is actually…


Maan: I m living there only with the queen of hell, he said mocking which made geet seethe in anger and she tried to grab something to throw at maan, before he can hold maahi held her chain,, geet tried to take out but her hold was strong as she was thinking it some of her toy that need to pull… she was pulling and geet was bending as if she stayed strong maahi will hurt her soft palm….


Maahika: mmmmmmm,,, ddddddd, woooohhhhhhooooo… she keep blabbering in her baby language


Maan was finding difficult what to do,, should he smile as maahi was making the world’s best angry woman go bend in front of her, or he should help her to get out of the strongest clutches… geet pinched his hand making him come out from his dreamland…


Maan: ouch geet,


Geet: help me maan, she will get hurt if I put pressure..


Maan: hmm bilkul maa pe gayi, wrestler banna hain isko…geet glared him not to open his big mouth… he cleared his throat and slowly tried to free maahi’s clutch from her chain, but maanhi shook her head in denial….


Maahi: nnnnnnnnn….


Maan: baccha leave it, u will hurt urself baby…. Getting glare after glare he gulp hard.. What I m trying na,,


Geet: try hard then…


Maahi: niniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,,


Maan: baby angel please na, leave mumma… she shook her head showing she wont, may be she missed her mumma’s warmth….


Geet: baby mumma will not leave u promise, pls leave mumma, u will get hurt please na shone…


Maahi puffed her lips and maan slowly took out the chain from her palm… geet again glared him….


Maan: what? maine kya kiya….


Geet: its because of u she is angry on me.


Maan: what have I done now?


Geet: who said u to take all responsibility of her,, lo sambhalo apne sehzadi(princess) ko…


Maan: wo to hain princess… he grinned like a fool which pissed geet, she gave maahi to maan and tried to move, but maan held her tight, then in one jerk she was in his lap, maahi clapped her small hand as she saw the scene…


Maan in one hand held maahi close to his heart securely and in another supported geet who was holding his shoulder for support, her hair were almost on his face, their faces inches apart, she gulped her saliva hard as his hand made its was in her bare waist… she looked at his mischievous desired filled eyes, her tummy tucked and she felt thousand butterflies, she tried to be steady again he held her firmly not giving her room to escaped, his hands roamed on her smooth velvety skin….


Geet: maan … a small whisper comes out from her mouth… maan dipped his head in her neck softly kissing her nape, she held his collar for support…leave me na, maahi is here maan…


Maan smirk: hmm so if maahi wasn’t here we could have,,,,


He left is word and she was already fluster,, she pushed him and stood up to walk away but felt a tug on her pallu, she gulp her saliva feeling the heated gaze on her back…


Geet: maan leave na.


Maan: when did I stop you geet?


Geet: but, as she turned she saw maahika holding her pallu and chewing the corner,, geet showed him that with her eyes but maan signaled what he can do with it… shaking her head on this 2 devil in her life she took out the pallu from maahi’s mouth…


Geet: bad habit maahi… but maahi only showed her gummy smile again and then tried to touch geet’s jhumkas…as she held it in her small soft palm soon her sharp cry made all run, the sharp edge had pricked her soft skin which made her cry lungs out….


Soon shiv saanjh meera n dev rushed in the room hearing her cry…


Dev: kya huya?


Shiv: what happen to maahi, why she is crying so loudly


Saanjh: kya huya geet?


Geet: will u guys let us speak?


Meera: to bol na


Geet: she held my earring and the sharp edge pricked her hand….


Shiv: why u girl wear such stuff?


Shiv sat beside maahi holding her hand, maan saw that and though he knew shiv is concern but again the kiss played in his mind..


Geet made baby face seeing meera who only sighed saying she can’t do anything with boys who need to put girls at fault, geet was too worried but maahi’s smile seeing everyone on their toe for her made her smile.. geet too smile winking at her daughter who just laughed.. maan glared at geet which she cutely pouted…


Geet: ha jao jao, no one loves me now… just then someone tugged her leg, she looked down to see prem..


Prem: prem loves u…


Geet smiles and bend down kissed his cheeks,, just then maahika kissed maan’s face with wet kisses.. her full mouth was wetting his cheeks but he was grinning ear to ear not for geet or prem but seeing shiv pouting in anger, he gave a smirk showing maahika loves her dada most, and true maahika all the time was chipkoying with maan only…. Geet smiles in disbelieve.. just then they heard door being knocked, all head turned to see sujal standing there with smile.. all welcomed him and he straightly took maahika who came to his arms happily, making maan n shiv burn in their jealousy…. Geet saw that and saanjh too..


Saanjh murmuer: nothing can be done with this boys….



Precap: same


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  1. Posted by suzie on January 10, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    super marvelous update
    love mahi such cutie pie


  2. superb cutie mahika possessive dada and angry mama


  3. shoooo…shweeet mahi…love d update…waiting for other ffs…update soon…plshhhh..,


  4. Posted by ravrash on January 11, 2013 at 8:14 am

    superb update


  5. Posted by laksh on January 11, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Superb tich. Waitin for update. Cute maahi


  6. beautiful update dear
    plz cont other ffs too


  7. Cutie maahika & troubling her parents.. naughty & smarty one 😉
    Possessive Maan uff…. ye scene bar ba dekhne ko nhi milta… 🙂
    Prem love badi maa & maahi chipoking with dada & here shiv J with father daughter Love…
    & one final attack sujal & maahi & then again MSK & SK feel J with it..
    these boys kitna J feel karte hain.. GOD… Possessive dada & Buddy shiv chachu… hehehe
    Lovely update tich!!


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