Love For You Part 59

Part 59

Bekashi kab Rushwayi bani pata na chala
Hum kab begane bane pata na chala
Khusiya to thi bohot
Bas Waqt ne dhoka diya
Pyar to tha bohot
Taqdeer ne dhoka diya
Abb ye betab dil na jane kab se chup hain
Sarghosiya bani ye mohabbat ka alam
Na jane ye dil Kab se chup hain…

Abb dar lagta hain apne parchai se
Ye aina hume sirf unka didar karwata hain
Jab bhi dekhte khud ko yaad aati
Wo massom hasi
Wo massomiyat se bhari nighaye teri..
Wo zulfo ke piche tera yun dekhna mujhe
Palat ke choti si muskurahat se dil jeetna teri
Yaad aati hain tera wo pyar, wo bharosa
Kabil na tha main kabhi jiss duya ka
Khuda ne di thi hume ye zindegi tere liye
Abb intezar hain maut aaye tere baho mein meri….

He smiles looking at her pictures, a painful smile escaped from his lips… a dark atmosphere was surrounding him like the life is dark only, yes his life is dark… lights were minimal in the place, he believes his life doesn’t deserves life and most of the time he spend in his gym or orphanage,, then why to lighten this place, his room… he remembers today’s event in the orphanage, the only place he feels solace, where no one judge him by his sin, where no one knows Who he is and why he is like this, where no one HATES him… his life revolves around the small kids who loves him.. who never saw the dark shade of his life, who believes he is their angel.. but least they know he had broken a real angel, least they know what sin he has committed… his sin which he can never wash out, a sinful sad smile lingered on his lips as he traces HER picture…


The moment maan met with the accident, police came rushing, as it was close to airport they worked fast… all took him to hospital where doctor treated him, police tried to search his family but his mobile was badly crushed… and then they got his wallet and then got to know he is MSK,, they informed dev who’s num was in his wallet for safety… dev was shattered knowing his brother met with accident.. he rushed towards the hospital where he got to know maan was serious.. he had lost a lot blood and his head was injured… dev was scared, first dadi and then maan all are in danger.. in that time naina stood beside him and he had cried hugging her, though she hated dev n his family but still she couldn’t left them like that, she knew her baby sister loved them more than her life then how can she walk out from the responsibility and moreover dev wasn’t at fault much, he treated geet as his sister, it was only maan who is her culprit but seeing him lifeless partly dead, only one fear ran in her, if geet got to know maan is in danger she will die on that moment… they suppressed the news of maan being in hospital…

Maan comes out of danger but was in coma for 6 month… and when he comes out from coma he wasn’t the same person, he was changed fully, he had remember what sin he had committed not only that he remember the 1 yr he spent with geet n rudra in their childhood, his life shattered thinking how he accused his frnd n cousin, and his angel mithi…. He wanted to know where is geet but no one knew where she was.. in fact geet never contacted them, but maan knows karan know everything… he had seen his calmness and a part of his heart was in peace, cause only this punishment is better for him, away from his soul… dev told him they had suppressed the news of him being in coma, he only blinked his lashes, like his thinking ability had lost… when he tried to move he got to know his legs badly injured in the accident and it need time for him to walk like before… maan didn’t reacted, but he left the try to walk again.. he just accepted his punishment. He was like dead soul, only looking at everyone no emotion was there..

Dadima was bed ridden cause her left side paralyzed with the attack,, he felt himself responsible for that,, he tried to suppress his all pain in the emotionless heart… naina was still there helping them but the smile and attitude that always reflexes in past, has vanished… she was only a human with no emotion, she forgot her happiness, smile but only one emotion was in her, hatred for maan… she hated him only.. her every gesture only showed her hatred,, and in this hatred her business suffered a lot.. not only this geet’s brother’s business started to fall… like everything started with her, and everything tarnished with her, their GEET….

Neha became a emotionless brat,, karan n she had broke up their relation, it was the last bomb on maan he thought but next he got to see arjun had married arohi and shifted from mansion to outhouse, arohi was pregnant so they had to marry but arohi couldn’t tolerate maan so they shifted in outhouse… sonali n sameer left india and settle in Thailand… after few lifeless month dev saw the need of maan to be back, cz their company was sulking and he n naina couldn’t manage it… then he thought the idea to give maan the last thing he have to get from his mithi, though naina wasn’t ready but she also knew maan need to see that. dev gave the property papers which came on his birthday few months back, with that a letter was there… maan took the letter without any expectation but slight part of his heart was craving to read his mithi’s last letter… and that was the moment that changed his life…



I don’t know why I m writing this later but trust me it difficult to say face to face that’s why I m writing this letter to u,, Maan I m not only Geet,, but ur MITHI… yes maan I m that small princess mithi… I know u will be mad that why I hide this truth form u, but it was needed… I wanted my maan to be responsible and u r now… today I want to clarify everything please without getting angry listen to me… I wanted to give this property papers with this letter from my hand but couldn’t muster the courage in a fear of losing u, what if u r angry… thats why sending u with lawyer, isse padhne ke baad if u feel I m capable of ur love meet me at dehradun’s hill top where we met for the first time.. I m waiting…

Maan ur mother was innocent, ur uncle and her brother made the situation like this… (Guys I m not explain everything again, had enough given scenes,, Geet had told all truth from childhood to their youth and about mohnish n her own uncle)

By the end of the letter maan felt something wetting his cheeks… he never thought he will again feel the emotions,, and reading the last word made him ripped apart..

Maan I only want u to take care of this responsibility, make ur parents proud, only this can make me happy, I want to see my maan top of the world, I want KC to grow internationally and u become the best businessman… pura karoge mera sapna maan? iske baad agar tum mujhse nafrat bhi karoge mujhe manjur hoga lekin please meri itni khwaish puri kar do…

Sirf tumhari Mithi

Maan: maaf kar do mithi, mujhe maaf kar do.. laut aayo, please apne maan ke pass laut aayo. I m sorry… he sobbed hugging the letter when naina entered his room…

Naina: mishty ka pata nahi maan, but main tumhe kabhi nahi maaf kar sakti.. maan only caresses the letter madly, kissed madly.. but I know she wanted u to see as THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA… not this broken maan, so for her learn to take care of ur family and work, be responsible for her atleast…. And ur biggest punishment will be NEVER TRY TO SEARCH HER MAAN… its being 7 months,, I hope she will be fine and I know rudra is with her.. wo chahe ya na chahe jee rahi hogi, rudra uska kheyal rakh raha hoga, please don’t break her more….

She walked out from the room trying hard to push back the layer of tears.. but dev saw her…

Dev: what was that naina? Why u said that?

Naina: it was my mistake to make him run away behind her and see what happen,, pata nahi aur piche jayega to kya hoga, mishty will never forgive me if he destroy himself life like this.. I know my sister is in pain but she is ok I m sure, and for geet maan have to be strong enough to get her back… let him be strong enough for my Geet dev, kyun ki usne khud mithi ko maar dala abb hogi wo sirf GEET… next when they will meet it won’t be so easy for him to get his geet back, so I m making him stronger for that….

Dev: how can u forgive him naina?

Naina snapped: I m not… its just,, my mishty loves him,, and her love can never be wrong… if they are destined to be together they will be, leave it on God and their love….

Maan smiled as he heard the so called rough n tough naina’s words.. he looked at geet’s letter…

Maan: I will get u back, but before I need to be worthy for u geet….

And that was the last time he ever said those words,, its being 6 long yrs geet had left him,, its being so many yrs that he is trying to be her worthy, but nothing can make his heart worthy, he can never think he is worthy for her pure heart, the more he tried the more he become guilty, he spent his every birthday in dhehradun in a hope he will get a glimpse his mithi but never get the slight light… it was always dark and only consoling place was the orphanage and hill top… maan made many more orphanage in different cities, and one in delhi where he spent his most of the time, don’t know why he felt piece seeing the children happy and smiling. May be the guilt not seeing his own child made him guilty 100 times more.. whenever he saw any child close to him he fears he might hurt her or him, but slowly his fear vanished and he loved the kid’s company…

Its being so long his heart to missed a beat, its being so long his lips to be curved, its being so long his eyes showed any emotion… his face is all blank staring at the thin light from coming in the dark room… like the room his life has ended the light from it, its blank now… his life is dark now, a dark n remorseful life which he need to live not for him but for his family, his dadima who is bedridden, his baby sis who doesn’t even glance at him, she was busy in herself. She hates him so much that if he died next moment she won’t flinch at all.. his brother arjun who is lifeless.. he is there but not a happy person, though he loves him but his expressionless face gives him pain only, and lastly his brother dev who loved him immensely… who lost his everything cz he wanted to be with him… he had sacrificed his life, his love cz his love for his elder brother and what he did, nothing but to give pain….

But the question is he living only for them… then the answer NO,, he is living a remorseful life cz his entire being is waiting for it’s love, it’s one glimpse, its living and waiting for one person his MITHI, to see her happy, to embrace her…. But he know he can’t have her not after what he had done…

A long tear escaped from the corner of his deep but lifeless eyes as he only stares at the ceiling rocking in the armchair….

‘I m sorry’ his heart mourn but lips couldn’t voice it.

‘Maan’ a gasp got out as she stirred in her bed frightened and drenched in sweats… but as soon as her eyes opened it covered with horror….

A giant curtain walking towards her with a light which is invisible under the spread… her room was already dark, and the scene was frightening for her, she is scared of dark and its feeling like some monster came in her room, and it was coming close to her,, it was huge tall and scary as face wasn’t showing…..

She couldn’t help but scream her lungs out…..


But next the light came and the spread fell down from the giant figure… her eyes popped out seeing the devils of her life…

Rudra: stop freaking out Geet, angel will be frighten….

Geet: they are devils and u r the master…

Just then 2 cute cute voice came out….


A small smile spreads her lips as her devils dashed in her lap hugging her and showering with kisses….

Geet: mannat, tamanna, aap logo ko yaad tha…

Rudra: yes we didn’t forget it, and what u did with our surprise, u scared the hell out of us…

Geet: maine bola tha monster ke jaise yaha aane ko?

Rudra: what can we do mam if u sleeps like kumbhakran,, its already morning by the way…. n u r sleeping like pig….

Geet: ohh god,, move,, inko school jaana hain…

Mannat: noooo

Geet: yes

Rudra: pls geet aaj chor do inhe

Geet: no way rudra.. get ready fast,,

Tamanna: mommy its already 10 and we missed school by 2 hour…

Everyone laughed and geet made puppy face looking at rudra…

Rudra: ok ok, now cut the cake first… geet saw the beautiful chocolate cake in rudra’s hand.. she smiles delightfully and cut it in to two pieces… she fed both pieces together to mannat n tamanna.. rudra smiles at her where both devil got busy in smudging cakes on each other’s face… rudra saw geet lost in her children… now u don’t leave the 1st piece aside… rudra suddenly broke her revere….

Geet looked straight in his eyes: u don’t argue to eat the 1st bite, in fact u left eating cakes…. She was emotionless,, he knows she had suppressed herself, but still one corner is still crave to love… love HIM…. but its also true that she forgot the emotion love long back, he craved to see his old sweet innocent mishty but now she is GEET only geet who hate LOVE…. HIM…. and why not,, she was lifeless for so many yrs, only rudra had witnessed her destruction but he couldn’t do anything, helpless in her promise not to see Maan’s face any more…

He brought back in reality when tamanna smudged cake on his face with his little hand..

Rudra: tammyyyyyyy

Geet laughed her whole heart but soon her face got a little piece all over..

Geet greeted her teeth: mannnnnn….

Both devil ran away: buddy get ready fast u have video shoot…. They shouted and geet n rudra looked at each other…

OHH SHITTT…. Fasttttt moti..

I will kill u hippo…

Shut up geet

U shut up rudra…

Tammy: Inka kuch anhi hosakta

Mann: tammy get ready fast, warna mommy again gussa karegi…

Tammy: only fang nikalna baki hoga

Both gave high five and rushed towards their room….

Precap: how was past 6 yrs for geet?

Kyun phoolo ke khile khile rang udh gaye??

(c) All Copy Right Reserved 2013.Tich Mg.


31 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by hinalmaaneet21 on January 14, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    awesome update di
    mw having tears reading maan’s pain n i know u must be enjoying seeing our tears
    poor geet even she has become emotionless

    wow so maaneet have 2 angels Mannat n Tamanna yaha bhi dono ke naam main Maan hai 😀

    waiting for next update


  2. Nice update


  3. Leap of 6 yrs & what happened in these yrs with Maan..
    Heart wrenching Tich feeling so sad 😦
    having tears while reading his remorseful life with his mithi [mishty] 😥

    1st having accident then 6 months coma oper se dadi half paralyzed feeling horrible as dark clouds on Khurana family…
    Naina just supporting her Love towards Dev & Her love towards her baby sis Geet that who love Maan… as she hate Maan fro doing this to all to her… 😦

    suddenly feeling happy as other side Geet have frnd & family.. awe cutie devils of Maaneet, Mannat & Tamanna cute names 🙂
    On mommy’s b’day Devils ne chutti ki from school hehehe….
    But she Hate now all emotions specially LOVE…
    Eager to know her 6 yrs & who she lived…

    Letter on HIS B’day was rite…. fuzul main part lamba hojata 😛


  4. Loved it


  5. owww flng bad for maan but koi baat nai ab do engals aa gai hai na maaneet ko milane…


  6. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on January 14, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    Awesome update di…
    Sssooo Maan is leaving a remorseful life…not only for his family but for his Mithi…
    Naina loves Geet ssoo much tht just to fulfill her wish of seeing Maan responsible Naina is ready to even forget all his sins..
    Awww…Tamanna and Mannat r sssoo ccuttteee..
    Maaneet’s two cute devils…they bunked school just for their Mommy’s b’day…
    Wha happened wth Geet in those 6yrs…
    Waiting to know it di..


  7. Posted by jannat4eva on January 14, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    Soooo sad dear…….


  8. Posted by Ayesha on January 14, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Sad sad everywhere sadness,pain….
    Waiting fr happy time 2 cm…..


  9. awsem emotional update maan was in coma and fine but guilty and geet with rudra tamanna matlb me mannat


  10. Posted by Chetna on January 15, 2013 at 6:18 am

    Hi dear..feeling 4 Maan! Geet has changed! She ahs two beautiful daughters. So cute! Wen will Maaneet meet! Wonderfully written! update soon 🙂


  11. Posted by Chetna on January 15, 2013 at 6:19 am

    Hey …the above comment is from Khwaishfan (IF)


  12. nice update.


  13. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on January 15, 2013 at 8:18 am

    Feeling bad for maan but this is also true that he deserves this emptiness, sorrow and loneliness in his life……………..i cant even dare to imagine how geet survived the long 6 years………loved both cutie angels, wonder how will maan react when he will meet his mithi and his angels.


  14. Sad and emotional update dear…it made me cry…waise mujhe kandha nahin diya rone ke liye chal chad now coming to update OMG..poora family bikhar gaya sirf dev hi hai jo maan ke saath tha….OMG…maan suffered so much pehle accident uske baad coma aur uske baad thodi der ke liye abaahij..waise ab toh woh permanately abaahij ban gaya geet ke bina mera matlab hai mithi ke bina….aww he’s remembering mithi so much and celebrating her b’day in orphanage…aww maaneet ko twins huye aur woh bhi ladki..dono hi toh cutey twins hai waise naam bahut achcha rakha hai mannat aur tamanna waise tamanna ka jumbled word hi mannat…wow…aww ab rudra aur geet ka jagda was too adorable….haayee both girls are too cute..waiting for the next dear do continue soon…. 😀


  15. Posted by laksh on January 15, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Superb update tich. Sooo sad of maan. Bichara. All is because of tat monish idiot. Can’t blame maan for this. So sad that maan is hated by his dear ones and jus dev is with him. Waitin to see maan happy. two barbie dolls are soooo cute. Update soon.


  16. Feeling really sad for maan………..
    We can’t completely blame him…….
    He has suffered so much in past too so that why he is so insecure and can’t trust geet completely……..becoz he has got only betrayl in past so he has not come up to trust anyone completely………..i know he has done so bad to geet but why everyone is blamming him……..we can’t completely blame him……
    Everyone hates him now including geet also….except dev becoz may be he understands him…………..
    He is now in complete dark and now its quite difficult to comes out from dark…….
    U know wat di pata nahi kyu mai maan to blame nahi karsakti for the situation….
    Now he is suffering so much after geet left him… talks to him……he has no one to share hos guilt and sorrow but geet has her daughters as well as rudra for sharing her pain…….
    I has sympathy for her but i hate her too.


  17. Feeling really sad for maan………..
    We can’t completely blame him…….
    He has suffered so much in past too so that why he is so insecure and can’t trust geet completely……..becoz he has got only betrayl in past so he has not come up to trust anyone completely………..i know he has done so bad to geet but why everyone is blamming him……..we can’t completely blame him……
    Everyone hates him now including geet also….except dev becoz may be he understands him…………..
    He is now in complete dark and now its quite difficult to comes out from dark…….
    U know wat di pata nahi kyu mai maan to blame nahi karsakti for the situation….
    Now he is suffering so much after geet left him… talks to him……he has no one to share hos guilt and sorrow but geet has her daughters as well as rudra for sharing her pain…….
    I has sympathy for her but i hate her too.;(


  18. Posted by zariya on January 15, 2013 at 10:59 am

    so leap of 6 yrs
    mannat n tamanna is awesome devils
    naina rocks
    everything is scattered only geet can reunion all


  19. Posted by ravrash on January 15, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    pls reduce this sadness at least 4 d two angels
    it was a painful yet an awsesome update


  20. Posted by kiran on January 15, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    superb and painful update
    loved it dear
    plz delete sadness soon


  21. nice part


  22. Posted by spvd on January 16, 2013 at 6:03 am

    part 59
    awesome part………..
    oh Maan was in coma for 6 months but now hes fine………..
    OMG 6 year leap……………
    and Geet had twins?
    Rudra has been with her throughout…………
    poor Geet she has changed so much……………..
    the kids are so nice………………
    what about Maahi?
    so Maan has got his memory back too………………….
    cont soon dear……………………………….

    Deepa (spvd)


  23. Posted by neha on January 16, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Omg!!! It was such a painful update…..i was in tears all the while maaneet in soooooooooooo much pain….i know what maan did can’t be forgiven so easily , yet both have suffered so much and 6yrs is a long period…life is too short…i think they should meet now and slowly and gradually try to start afresh life together,even Though it won’t be easy,still I want to see them together soon….continue soon please and make it a little less painful…..




  25. Posted by suzie on January 22, 2013 at 7:12 am

    wow super marvelous mindlowing all part
    read in one go
    thanks sweety
    waiting more


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