Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 19

Warning: it’s a dark ff and suppose to be 18+ so minors and who can’t take intimacy please stay away…

Part 19

He pushed her to a wall and came on her face, her body was plastering on the cold wall and his warm body,, she looked at his smirking face… he dipped his head in her neck.. she shivered with his advancement, he saw the sweat rolling down her collarbone, smirking he licked the drop making her eyes shut tightly… his tongue rolled above her earlobe slowly sucking it… his hands were arching to hold her close to him but he didn’t held her with his hands,,, he just pressed his body above her and trapped her petite body by placing his both hands either side of her…

‘so u came to rescue them, hmm’

Geet opened her eyes feeling his breath on her face,, she turn her face to look at him. his eyes were mischievous not the anger she thought it suppose to have… she stares at his eyes not know what to expect from this devil… he read her confusion…. His fingers touched the sweating forehead… he traces her forehead to her cheek with his thumb…

‘I don’t want to see fear on this face geet, I know whatever I did u will not trust me ever but I just needed u for me, just spend the day and I promise I will leave them?’

His voice was weirdly painful,, geet was staring at him without blink,, she was not understanding him or his helplessness,, but her thoughts were only clouded with the night’s event where he almost forced himself on her, then what happen in 2 days that he is behaving so soft with her, she knew it might be just for her not for her friends, still he didn’t harmed her friends more, in fact he gave medication to yash, yes he is cruel and that’s shows his greediness but for her only…. Maan saw the blank eyes,, her mind had lost the ability to think anymore… she is doing whatever he is saying like she has become a puppet of him, not pushing him away, not protesting, and he can say He is Hating it… only 2 days separation he thought she will be back to her old self and when he got to know she was going towards the haveli he got the opportunity to get the old geet back.. but he sees the blankness on her face which only make him wild, he is trying hard not to hurt her but still she is hell bent on making him the MSK who is brutal and aggressive….

‘if I stay with u, u will leave them?’ she asked out of blue, without any expression…

Maan smiles ‘yeah..’

‘I m ready to do whatever u say, let them free’ maan smirks at her words but his smile vanished the moment she said next said set of words… ‘do whatever u want with me, and leave them’

Maan clenched his teeth, his fingers went in to her nape clasping her hair in his fist, pulling her face close to him… his face was showing his anger,, red eyes can make anyone shiver but it was geet who just looked at his eyes deep,, her eyes were teary because of the pain his grip causing… still she didn’t let out a moan of pain…

‘can’t u understand damit, I need U, not ur Body’ he left her harshly,, making her confuse… he left her in the room and went out… she looked around, the same room where she lost herself, but what happen today that he left her.. he drank his own anger,, he had left her without touching her for once.. she thought why he wanted to spend the day with him when he doesn’t wanted her physically… is He changing or its his mask that he is showing to get her… What happen in these 2 day that he is not behaving so harsh…. Geet saw the bed, once where she lost herself,, just the once the look and she felt immense hate for him developing in her again…

‘u snatched me maan,, now its my time’


Maan throws the flower vase on the mirror in rage,, how can she again n again say the same thing, yes he agreed whatever he did was in rage but why can’t she understand him? he looked at his image in the broken mirror,, his life was perfect, no feeling no pain nothing then why she entered in it.. he had forgotten long back then why she again entered in his life.. in these 2 days there was not a single moment he could taken out her thought,, no one had the impact on him like she has on him… why? How? She made the place in his dead heart… these 2 days were hell for him,, wherever he looked he could only saw her painful face,, he wanted to hug her kiss her madly but when he saw her so close all pain in her eyes replayed, he couldn’t move…

‘why this happening, no it can’t happen, just few days I met her, I wanted her body for me, it was fine then why I couldn’t touch her beyond her wish. Whatever she said it was right.. I get what I desire, I could have finish it off then why I didn’t take the step, why I left her.. today she was ready, that night I could have satisfy my need then why I didn’t touched her. what is stopping me, why I m feeling the need to be close to her, why I want to see her real self, why I need that geet who fought with me knowing she will never give herself why I want her only….’

Just he remember geet is all alone in that room… his eyes widen, it was His room, THAT room… he hurriedly walked out wearing his shirt… he ran towards the room only to witness geet standing on the same position staring at the bed… he sighed but then saw her face which was expressionless,, for the first time he felt something uneasy thing in his heart, something pinch him hard…. Both stares at each other for a moment.. but then maan removed his eyes…

‘Make something for me geet’ maan demanded, though geet shook her head in yes but got confuse what to make, and the more shocking thing, he knew she can’t make one chapatti then why he want to eat her cooking dish… ‘ohh I forgot u can’t cook, don’t worry we will do together’ he drag her out of the room, she only stares at his back with so many confusion in her mind…. He made her stand in the kitchen where she looked everywhere like alien… he shook his head..

‘we can make some aalo paratha’ 

She looked at his face, how did he know my fav foods, and how will I make it,, first it was biriyani now aalo paratha.. duniya me aisa koi dish hain jo inhe na aati ho?

He saw her lost in thought, without wasting time he pulls her close to him, she lost her balance and held his shoulder for support…

‘learn everything fast,, after marriage I won’t teach u everything, then ur one mistake will have to face punishment’ he said looking at her juicy lips… but she stares at him with confusion… ‘what happen geet?’

‘u always made me confuse? What r u actually? Ek pal me gussa dusre pal me,,’ she stopped mid way…

He came close to her ear, she can feel his breath on her neck,, it sent shiver down her spine,

‘aisa hi hu main’ he whisper in her ear making her clenched his shoulder… ‘I know whatever I did with u was wrong, I wanted u but not after hurting u, today I just wanted to spend time but again ur words made me angry n wild,, Geet I was always like an animal, I need time to be a human and if u don’t give me chance I will never change, ur indifference will only make me more devil, I need a fair chance to be a man.. I know its difficult for u to trust me after that night, but trust me this 2 days without u I only thought about ur painful face… MSK never felt guilty but it felt torn apart seeing ur blank eyes.. come back geet, come back or I will be again lost in the darkness.’

A lone tear escaped from geet’s eyes seeing the MSK so helpless.. she can see the layer of guilt in his eyes,, should she give one chance but what if he again ripped it apart? Is this pain in his eyes true? How can be a devil want to be a human when he himself killed humanity? But he said he want to try, maybe after that night he is repenting, he still didn’t said sorry but not everytime a mere word ‘sorry’ be meaningful.. its our heart that should feel the pain and for the first time she is seeing him opening his heart…

‘I, I don’t know how to trust u’

He can feel the pain in her voice, first time he thought she is same like him, she is hiding some pain inside…

She looked at his eyes ‘I don’t blv in love or lust then how will we be compatible?’

‘its good that we don’t share love.. and lust, I can say leave it for time, but we can start a fresh,,, u want to go out from ur family, and I need u for me.. be with me I will give u everyhting’

She smiles ‘u can’t, u want me for ur cage’

Maan was dumbfounded with her words.. yes maybe she is right,, but he can’t lose the chance…

‘that will be better than this’

‘u are inviting ur destruction maan, I can give u nothing but pain, remember I swear to make u go on ur knees.. I will rip u maan.’

He smirk ‘then it will be my honor, lets see who will make whom go on knees, for me I give thumbs up to start a fresh… atleast try, MSK ne kabhi haarna nahi sikha’

She stares at him for few moment then nodded.. but what in her mind only she knew..

Geet’s st ‘time will show u, life is nothing but pain which I will give u’

Maan smirks and thought ‘I have lost the emotion pain, if u can give then I can be alive again’


geet felt something tickling her feet, she jerks her leg and saw gulgule looking at her cutely,,

a small smile came on her face, its being 6 days she had given maan a chance,, actually to herself also, as promised maan left pari n yash but both couldn’t come to geet’s house as everyone will suspect them, so they unknowingly stay at maan’s house, yash had gained his conscious but strictly advised to be on bed rest for few days, maan most of the time was in delhi for his work… but Geet knew his evil eyes were always on her,, she was confuse yet not frighten, she is giving her biggest enemy a chance but she is sure he can never make part for himself in her heart… but whenever maan appear in front of her she missed a beat, she knew its wrong, she has started feeling for a fire, he is an enigma, a mystery of a dark life… and she is melting in the darkness… she is melting in this forbidden pleasure… his touch which was loathing her she is ready to take the risk of burning in it…. she knew she is committing a sin but the pleasurable sin can only destroy him… for now she want to know this Fire of possession can give her any life or she will snatch the life from his darkest desire… whatever happen she is ready for it and knowing it will finish her she is playing this dangerous game to TRUST HIM… she is giving her fate once chance to play, one chance to make MSK on his knees, yes she is giving him a chance to make a place in her heart but she still didn’t forgot her challenge to make him go on his knees. She doesn’t know after success what will she do, will she accept him, the murderer or break him fully, but for now she need to give him and her one chance cause she doesn’t have any option, he will never leave her, and with her permission or without it he will touch her again after few days. so its better to play her card also, in this way she can rule over him, but the thing she doesn’t know she is playing with dangerous fire, which can burn her in this darkest pleasure.. maybe she isn’t thinking about ditching him, neither he will snatch her from her, but this dark desire can make her the Darkest possession of him which will make her life a living hell….

She took gulgule in her hand and then kissed his forehead if u ever can locate it….

‘khelna hain?? chalo we will play now, but where is ur ball?

She heard the sound of bell which was in gulgule’s ball,, her eyes looked ahead only to find her devil smirking and throwing the ball from one hand to another, gulgule made cute cry face looking at geet….

‘ball pls?’

‘what will I receive then?’


‘Fine, order another ball for this creature’

‘give me the ball and his name is gulgule dare u call him creature’

‘whatever, but I need something if u want this ball’

‘bow bow’ gulgule squirm only to receive glare from maan,, but gulgule being possessive for his ball again barked, and this time maan took sharp step to hold gulgule, but he ran away making maan stumble and fall on geet on the bed…

Maan accidently touched her cheeks with his lips making her eyes widen,, a small sly smile came on his face… ‘Ur gulgule gave me the chance’

‘maan leave’ geet tried to shove him but he pinned her hand on the mattress… she gulped her saliva which was visible for maan very much, he came close to her face making her writhe under him… his breath fell on her face,, she tried ot say something but her throat felt dry, still somehow she managed ‘u said u wont force me then?’

‘I said I will not make a move before marriage darling,, I never said I will not kiss u or do little little things umm….’


Before she could say anything maan sealed her lips in a slow and soft kiss… geet was first shock that he didn’t listen to her, then felt confuse, he is too much soft… in these days he never touched her physically but his presence was always intimated,, and now feeling him close to her and that too so soft making her confuse and lastly the desire he is awakening by his soft touch is indigestible, she never knew her this side is present.. she remember maan’s words, once he said he will make her blv in lust… does she also lusting him? she felt his hand sliding in her top,, her skin burned, but she is confuse why that days touch loathed her, feared her but what happen now that he is giving her a pleasure, a desire to be cherish…

She felt something hard pressing her thighs,, her cheeks became red as he groaned in her mouth, and she parted her lips to get some breath, he swiped his tongue taking her to another world of lust and desire… her hand made a fist in his hair and pulls him close to her, he smirks against her lips.. his first step succeeded, she will soon be his n only his possession lost in his darkest desire…. they smooched, kissed, touched each other as intimating as they could and at the end geet was flushed with the new side of her… she feared for something, is she loosing herself,, but then its good for her.. at least she started living her life again… maan break apart from her for few min, staring at her beautiful face and again captured her lips in a passionate kiss, not aggressive not soft but a lusty kiss… May be lust they thought, both are unaware the hidden pleasure that can never come from lust, its felt heaven… both had surrender themselves in the hand of destiny, lets see how destiny made the devil to hold his possession in the darkest corner of her heart….

Precap: I TOLD U HUNDRED TIME U R MINE GEET,,, how can u dance with another guy ha bolo??? He shouted making her jump back and falling on the shatter glass pieces…

From now the real devil’s darkest possession started… lets see how will be their journey…

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  1. awesome


  2. I have been following this story just finished reading all updates. Sorry for commenting first time…but due to time contrainst unable to read, but finally got a chance. Fanstastic & wonderful story line and plot you have. Great Job. When time available will read other stories of yours and will comment…thanks a lot.


  3. awsem update


  4. superb update
    just hot one


  5. My Devil is back…. He is change man now.. God just 2 days made him like this..
    I m thinking in future what made u him.. as made him on his knees…

    Challenge by Geet & 2nd chance too.. Interesting at that point as she flow with lust or made herself more hard toward Maan…

    Gulgule part is cute 😉
    when u bring Creature pic there.. i love it more 😉
    But Maan ka competitor hai ye to….hahahaha… =P

    Her favorites now turning to his fav8s nowadays & also demanding that to learn fast…

    waiting for that hatred turn to love so called Lust in their dictionary 😉 😀
    as Maan to already lost his senses in her presence or by near to him…
    Now Geet feel too that attraction.. good progressing in their emotions…

    Precap J & P Maan hmmm waiting for that Possessed Devil 😉


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