OS: A Walk in a Cloud Part 1


ok me again with OS, though i had written this for one competition but i had opt out for some reason,, and here is my unedited version… it will have maximum 4 or 5 parts, u can say os ss whatever u want… its huge so i can’t give 1st up in single post, will give u again tom…

enjoy and tell me how u feel for it,, and one think ‘Don’t judge a book from it’s cover’
Read it first before opting out Wink it has tich’s special touch but promise not like ‘My Mistake’ or ‘Remnants’


lub u Tanu for the banner, I just loved it the first sight…



A walk in a Cloud



‘Mom, I think we should cut the cake.. he won’t come like every year, don’t know why u kept waiting like every year knowing he doesn’t have time for his family….’


‘Megha, why u speak so harsh about him dear, he is your father. He is working for us’


Megha: ohh Stop it mom, he will be busy on our death bed also, earning money for last ritual.


‘Meghaa’ she shouted while controlling her tears…


Megha: mom why u love him so much, where he doesn’t have time for u at all, atleast he gave his Sunday’s a little portion to Mohit and me, but u.


‘I m happy he spend time with his children, u know ur brother always cribbed if he neglect him.’


Megha: and u? what about u? doesn’t he loves u? tell me mom, did he ever said I love you GEET?


Geet looked at her 14yrs daughter Megha who speaks more mature than her age due to circumstances….


Geet: I m sure he do, but never showed..


Megha: I can see that.. that’s why u always waited for him and dozed off in the dining room. Not a single celebration u did with dad, nor a day I saw u happily blush or even a smile from ur heart.. not a day is there u two spent time and that made u think he LOVE U…


Geet: he never said me to do all that megha, its my duty to wait for him and being Mrs Maan Singh Khurana I bound to see all this, he is managing a company and 30 branches all over World, it’s not easy… and Love, yes He NEVER told me he love me but I know he does….


Megha: no mom u r worng, he doesn’t love u, infact he never loved u and that’s why u r so alone.. every yr we decorated HIS birthday like this, to surprise him but he never came, he was always busy with his client, he was always busy in party, maybe right now he is celebrating his Happiness and Birthday with some of his business client… He doesn’t love u nor us mom, He is just doing his duty.. may be we are burder for him…


Megha cried while saying that geet immediately hugged her daughter patting her back to sooth the pain, megha looked at her in awe seeing no tears in her eyes… she knew geet has stopped crying cz her eyes had gave up… she had cried all her her married life, craved for his love, sadly megha had witnessed all but Maan. he had never time to look at his wife’s sadness, what she wanted… he had fulfilled his duty in every aspect but the love he should have showed, he lacked in it….


Megha: see mom, ur tears also dried up because He made u soulless,, u had cried for his one touch and now I craved for my mother’s real self.. why don’t u leave him mom, we can shift to nana’s place, they are no one to look after the haveli…


Geet covered her mouth: ssshhhh,,, don’t say this megha. U know ur dad love u the most… we can’t leave him, he will be shatter…after marriage Maan is my God and we can’t leave our temple… and after ur nana-nani’s death this Mansion is my home beta…


Megha: huh, God, temple, Home.. come on mom, do u seriously think this HUGE MANSION is ur home, nooo I had seen u… I know u never craved for money but love… that love dad failed to shower.. he failed to see the love in ur eyes mom… I had seen u taking care of this house not for it’s lavishness but it’s the place where u spent ur life with dad but for him its luxury for which he is earning money.. break up mom, break up this marriage and lets go… I can’t see u like this.. u will die in this suffocation…. She said bitterly while Geet only smiled, a sad smile….


Geet: it will be my honor to die after seeing ur father’s face rather staying in that haveli apart from my maan….


His knuckle turned white,, blood oozed out as he gripped the sharp edge of the wooden table, standing over the door and hearing his daughter’s painful cry, anger and harsh words… but those words didn’t pierced him so much that Her few words had hurt him… he had seen the  look on her face, HIS GEET’S face when she said those words, like she is waiting for the day of her death and for his one look… like she wants to end the life seeing him for last time yet only one glance full of love…  He knew his wife loves him too much and he loves her more than his life but never showed in fear. His past always made him fear, but never he thought his aloofness will made his wife Geet like this, his jaan Geet who was bubbly jovial, full of naughtiness but today she is lifeless… she is alone and wrinkle can be seen on her beautiful face. it doesn’t smile nor cry anymore… he knew he is the sole reason yet he couldn’t do anything…. but today hearing the pain he couldn’t control himself, no his geet can never leave him, never….


But his expression changed when he heard his Geet saying something, his heart swelled up and he thought he will collapse any moment….


None had seen Maan standing the door as everyone was busy in themselves… geet held megha who hide her crying face in her chest….


Geet: megha, if he doesn’t love me, it wasn’t his fault.. he wasn’t the one who was irrevocably in love,, he wasn’t behaving like a maniac, he wasn’t the person who fell in love with first sight… it was me..

Megha looked at her with big eyes…


Megha: mom


Geet smiles sadly while caressing her face: beta marrying me was ur GrandDadima’s wish which ur dad fulfilled, he wasn’t the man who fell in love first but it was me who was insanely in love with him… I fell for him for the first sight and Veerji talked with Dadima, maan wasn’t ready to marry anyone… but ur badhi dadi emotionally blackmailed him…. Maybe it was my biggest mistake to bound him in the relation.. maybe he loved someone and I, I snatched him from the person… maybe I,


Megha: mom, but u were the shy one and it was arrange marriage na, nani told me, u were not even ready to see the groom….


Geet smiles, and it was from her heart that twinkled her face… she made megha put her head on her lap and leaned on the sofa, from the other side a 7 yrs old mohit crawled on her mammas lap then out her head beside his elder sister…


Geet: u don’t know full story megha, do u want to know the story of ur mom n dad.


Megha: I want to hear my mom’s love…


Geet: but ur mom isn’t complete without ur father..


Megha sighed: ok as u wish….



18 yrs 3 month 5 days preciously when I met ur father, actually I saw My Maan, he even don’t know I ever exist till then… Amit khurana and his family came at my town. Savitri devi- I called her dadima,, she was our neighbor and they came to visit her,, Savitri devi, Amit papa’s mother and maan’s grand mother…. They had came for holiday and as usual my mom sent me to ask dadima who was a closer person to me,,, if she need anything of help for anyone who came there new…. But as I was going I saw maan playing basket ball… I was 16 and he was 20.. as every teenager I was attracted to his great persona.. I was smitten to my place seeing his moves and he was lost in his world. Didn’t give any look… and why he would, it was me who was behaving like little teenager.. and when he moved and saw me, he dropped his ball…. I was nervous… at first he was staring at me, I don’t what emotion he had then , I never could conclude that.. he was a person whose persona can never be read and sadly still now he is an enigma who had conceal his emotion quite well….





As Geet tiptoed to enter the house she felt him close to her and in sudden trance her ankle twisted and she was going to fall when maan held her petite body with his hand,, his heart shuddered as she bounced on his chest and was going to fall but he somehow balanced both of them…

He checked her as if she is ok or not, at first she was smitten by this muscular persona so couldn’t say anything…

Maan: r u deaf dumb blind? Can’t u walk putting eyes on the road…  he shouted unexpectedly…  geet was never used to be scolded ever in life,, tears clouded in her almond eyes,, she tried to shove him but he clenched her arms tightly… I m saying something damit, don’t u understand.. agar kuch hojata to? Geet looked at him with confusion and then he thought what he actually said… he corrected and left her harshly.. Marne ka shouk hain kahi aur jaake maro, I care a damn, but not in this place… Nakul Kaka say her to get lost….


When maan turn to see her she was already running while limping… he closed his eyes in frustration and left for his room…




I don’t know what happen, he started yelling at the poor servant,, I was horrified with his anger and left the place hurriedly…. Next few days went like that, it was become my fav hobby to watch him silently, u can say a stalker… but I never let him realize I was there with the fear of his shout… I never knew how that watching game became my obsession… I was falling in love with his every gesture.. the way he smiled with dadi, the way he respected my parents.. the way my sibling mingled with him and he use to guide them in study… they respected him and same with his siblings. Vicky and Aniee were his sibling and much jr to him, Vicky was 14 and aniee 12…. They used to fear maan for sometime.. I never saw him playing or cracking jokes with his siblings.. he was too much serious… then I got to know he doesn’t has his mother… what happened to her exactly I don’t know cz maan only said she met with an accident. And never he or any of his house talked about him… Amit uncle was a sweet person. His behavior towards me was like a father.. I loved him like my own father… their holiday seems never to end and uncle said they will stay there only… I was on cloud nine. It was 6 month and I never contacted with maan directly, but use to see him secretly… and one fateful day we heard amit uncle is no more, he had an heart attack.. everyone was shattered. And I was crying like hell…


I saw maan, who was deeply in thought, he was the one who never cried. Everyone thought he was young yet strong cz he had to take care of his family now… my heart always arched to see him, confront him, console him in my arms, but he never give one look to me. I knew he never liked my presence neither my bond with his father, and I let him carry this way…. sometime I argues with him to make him say all bitterness so that he feels light but again he chose to ignore me… and then one day he declared he will go delhi to take over his father’s business… he wanted dadima to come but she refused… aniee was attached to dadima and she decided to be with her. Vicky was going to his boarding school…. And maan, he returned delhi.. I stayed in Massoouri…. Our home place… where we met first time, and I fell in love with him….


After that day, I was soulless…. Maan left me… he left and never return the thought made me numb… somehow I carried my life but never got the life in it… it was 2 yrs since maan had gone, and I got to know every news about him through newspaper or news channel and not only that, aniee was a chatter box and she used to say every news she got from him… my veerji had seen me like that… brij veerji my cousin brother but he loved me more than his own siblings…. And I don’t know what happen…


One day mom said someone is coming to see me, I was shocked and blasted on everyone.. I said I m not ready as I m only 18, going to be 19 in 2 month…. Mom tried but I refused.. at last veer ji came and said atleast for once is should meet the guy, I never knew meeting the guy will change my life and the moment I saw maan sitting with dadima and aniee beside him my heart flattered.. I saw him like Greek god was sitting there. I was mesmerized, but again he didn’t looked at me… I was nervous and tensed… when everyone left us alone to talk 1st time I saw him nervous…. That was the first time he talked with me, but I was so dumb that I was only looking at him without blink… I was shocked, happy, nervous and every emotion any one can describe was going on me…





Maan: Geet…. I want to tell u something…


Geet looked at him without a blink, maan saw her looking at him. a small smile came on his lips seeing her gaping at him… just then he touched her shoulder and she broke her revere, embarrassed…


Maan: r u ok?


Geet: um, hmm, wo, I, I m so-sorry.. I was,, just


She gulp her saliva couldn’t formulate one sentence, she mentally kicked herself to keep quite and cribbed with her babaji… maan smiles at her.. and then sat beside her…


Maan: geet. I want to tell u something…


Geet: u wont shout at me na?


Maan: huh? Geet bite her lips while maan smiled,, No, I won’t.. u r big enough not to fall or hit ur foot while watching me…


Geet bite her tongue inside her mouth, so that was the reason he always shout on everyone taking out his anger and frustration,, he was worried for her. she always ended up falling or hitting her head or leg while watching him in past.. and he would have ended saving her, but line of worry was always on his face….


Geet looked everywhere else than him.


Maan: geet today I want to confess something… geet looked at him curiously…. Geet I don’t know what expectances u have from me, but I will try to fulfill ur all wishes… just take care of my dadima who will move with us after our marriage.. it was her wish to see u as her granddaughter in law and I want to fulfill her this wish,, my dadima had seen a lot in his age and I want to give her these last happiness… will u love her and my sibling like ur own?


Geet: maan I also want to say something… if u had never agreed for this alliance, then also I would have taken care of dadima and aniee,, cz they are not only urs family but they treat me like a family, and for Vicky… u know he calls me GF, so how could I ditch my BF….


Her words made him speechless and for the first time MSK blush,, geet was gaping at him with mouth open when maan decide to play with that….


Maan: ahm,, then if u marry me,, don’t u think its ditching ur boyfriend…


Geet looked confuse: boyfrnd?


Maan: Vicky,, u said na BF boyfrnd..


Geet: maan u r not so intelligent that u looked though,, seeing him glaring she broke in to laughter… maan he is my BF best friend,, not that BF,, and she laughed thoroughly…. Maan was also smiling feeling the musical laughter,, and unknown to them whole family had witnessed it… dadi felt bliss to think about their future, where geet will fill with her smile and innocent… where geet’s parents and brij was happy to see their little doll’s smile back….





Marriage was blissful and all the ritual and function was a dream.. it was like I was living in a fairytale land. But maybe dream has to break one day, that’s why they call Dream…


After 6 month of our marriage, we heard maan’s one factory burnt to ashes.. we were facing a lot of losses then cz share market also didn’t gave him support rather it started falling… maan was tensed and on top of that aniee met with an accident… they need immediate heart transplant cz one iron rod had pierced her heart, but we were lucky that she was still breathing….maan made all arrangements for her treatment in less than 24 hour.. thanks to God we got our aniee… I still remember how much shaken was maan with the accident but he was strong like pillar to support us.. but I know he was broken inside… somehow we managed the phase and after few month Vicky was supposed to be in college and he was going London… his fees was huge… but again maan managed it and sent him to abroad for his better future…


Maan was a reserved person always,, something always had ate up him, sadly I can see that or feel that but could never shared that.. he never gave me the opportunity to share his problem… he always fulfilled my every need without speaking be that my clothes or expensive jewelry.. but he never saw that I didn’t wanted all that.. I wanted his love and a few moment to share his pain… he was best in every relation but for me, he was doing extra effort.. maybe for succession the relation like every other relation, but we became so apart with that.. he wanted success and we were going opposite, a distance was covering our heart… he started chasing achievement to run his company again and he went away from me so far that I thought I will never gain him again… then U happen… I saw the happiness on his face when I said I m pregnant, and all my insecurity went so far when I saw him cherishing the life inside me, but again it lasted for few month.. he started behaving weird and again I saw him from far, where I can never reach him…  he was perfect husband in every aspect, he was perfect son n brother but he could never become my companion, my friend which I wanted in him.. I never wanted this luxurious life but a small house with him and in our own world, but he was busy placing rose petals on my way with the lavishness in life….


After u I was busy with u,, life again seem to colorful seeing ur smile megha,, and for maan, u were and is his world.. I still remember how much he was tired but every night he use to watch ur every breath that u took in ur sleep.. he use to hold ur hand in his palm and kiss u endless.. he use to watch ur sweet sleeping feature till his own eyelids gave up… Megha u saw his ignorance but I had seen him helpless… I had seen him hopeless in the matter of his relation… when u were fighting with ur viral fever it was ur dad who had taken ur care more than me, after I slept he was there to watch ur every move, after his busy day also he never failed to see ur strain face and I had seen him cry for the first time. seeing his 3 yrs megha’s pale face he use to caresses ur head and cry silently… and when I tried to console him he broke down saying he want his family like heaven here only happiness live, he want to give his angel a blissful childhood and I know thats why he worked like maniac to give u everything that maybe he desired someday.


And he again got busy with his business and tour, though I knew he was doing all this for us but fruitlessly I started longing for him more.. I use to wait for him for dinner but he never came for it, his client party was need for his good business relation.. he again proved best for that relation but I was losing my companion in that.. after 6 yrs i got to know I m again pregnant… I thought this time maan will be beside me all the time but again I felt betrayed.. he was again busy expanding his business to all over world which was highly rising and maan got best businessman of the year award, his enthusiasm had no bound for that… but he always made sure I m fine, sadly it was always physically or financially, never emotionally.. he never got to know what I was feeling… the mood swing, craves n cranky moods always suppressed in me cz I never got to see the person who can pamper me in that time, I never wanted expensive jewelry but only a few chocolate chips.. I wanted to eat chat in the mid night but opening my eyes I never saw maan there, he was in his study preparing for another large business plan….


When mohit born I again saw him content, I felt happy atleast he is showing his happiness after so many years, or else he was always serious… but again it lasted for few month and I saw him again drifting to his cage… and for some reason I started to feel I m not worthy for him, maybe he was forced to accept me, maybe he is having some afire.. all my insecurities went away when he cried again clinging to me after dadima’s furenal.. mohit was 3 yrs and u were nearly 10… I had to see u two along him,, and then I saw the sadness and loneliness… aniee was married till then and Vicky was holding his business in London… he was again alone and started working like machine and when I tried to say him to take all this easy we started having argues… though it never lasted for much but a thin glass wall started to built between us, sadly he never tried to break it and I was lost in my grief that I never tried to break it..


Relations are like that glass megha, if we try to knock it with force it may break and never join again and if we let that be like that it started to distance 2 sole without knowing…. Ur dad n I maybe failed to break the distance fearing to loss the relation… but u know what I wish he had married the person he loved truly.. maybe then he got true happiness, maybe then I could get a true friend…


Megha: mumma, geet looked at her teary daughter and smiled, wiping the tear she singled her to carry. Mumma how did u know dad loved someone else, he never told u…


Geet: once I read his old diary where he had written some poems on his love, maybe he was 20 or 21 then the date said it and I was nowhere close to him in those 2 yrs, and the description of the beauty of the girl never matched me. and I can never match him in any sense.. I know that but I can’t do anything…. once I thought to confront him and say if he want he can break the relation and go back t his true love but I had seen a pain on his face… then I could never muster the courage to say that thing again. It pained me a lot… and after ur nana nani’s funeral he n u 2 were the sole reason for my breath. I couldn’t leave him….


An alone tear made it’s way to geet cheek, and one chubby hand wiped it, she smiled looking at her 7yr old son mohit…


Mohit: mumma cake kaate, I m hungry…


Geet: alle mera baccha bhooki laga, chalo we should cut the cake,, megha mohit come to centre and close ur eyes, now before blowing the candle wish something from behalf of ur dad…


They did so and both cut the cake, geet clapped and sang birthday song for maan and both children made her eat the bite first.. geet was having tears and kissed their forehead…


After few more happy talks geet ticked them to bed but megha held her hand…


Megha: mumma sleep with us tonight…


Geet: nahi bacche, need to clean all that, maan dekhenge to bura lagega unhe.. that we did party without him…


Megha: jhoot to thik se bol liya karo mumma.. u r afraid if dad shout seeing all the mess we created.


Geet: nahi megha main to


Megha: good night mumma, and ur children loves u a lot..


Geet: mumma n dad also love angels..


Megha: we know.


Mohit; abb so jao na mereko nini arahi hain..


Megha: soja mera nini puttar…


3 giggle while one person who was watching them felt a faint smile curved on his lips, but as soon as he saw geet turning he hide behind the door… he saw geet coming towards the hall and slowly she removed all the decoration,, he saw the pain on her face… every yrs she is doing the same. She doesn’t want to see him in guilt for not understanding his family… but the pain inside him was eating him… he saw her moving to their room after all the ‘Mess’ cleaning… he couldn’t even look at the cake which his lovely wife had made for him.. he never had the time to even celebrate his birthday with his family, but never thought they had celebrated it so cutely every yr… he felt his eyes burning with some kind of mist, yes he is again crying after his dadi’s death… a deep mourn came when his eyes caught the place where geet had dumped all the decoration… but she couldn’t dumped the cake, so left it on the table… unknowingly his feet moved there and he took one small portion on his finger then sucked it in his mouth.. he remember his dadi baking cake for him it was exactly like that… he swallowed the lump and decided to go back to his room to his jaan to his life and dear wife.. and this time its not for a moment for eternity….





Precap: does Maan loves her or she didn’t understand his love???



I wanted to give full part today, but me feeling extremely sleepy… will update tomorrow as well…..


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