A Walk in a Cloud Part 2



Maan entered the room and shivered feeling the same chill that he faced when he had enter their room on their First night…. He remember how much conscious and nervous she was, his position was also not so great. He was scared as well.. he had married the girl who is not less than an angel, he was afraid how will he fulfill her every need. He knew she will never voice her wish but he wanted to fulfill her every wish without any compromise, but least he knew what wish she had then…. he gulped the lump that formed seeing her standing over the window… her head was on the glass of the window as she was writing something, maybe drawing her destiny. Her eyes were numb and blank… he saw her full head to toe, she is wearing a pink saree… he remember how she loved to be dress his choice… he remember the way she had been craving for his one look to say how she is looking,, but he never gave importance to her look.. he loved her heart not look, so anyway he would like anything she was and is, but guess sometime love need to show it’s importance… maybe he should have showed a little affection…



Entering further he found her stiffen,, but before she could turn maan held her waist and hugged her from behind hiding his face in her neck… he felt a shiver in her that he never saw, or maybe he never gave the importance to that little shiver,, her excitement…


Geet: maan aap, main khana laayu ya aap kha kar aaye hain… maan shook his head negative, geet tried to free herself, ummm u get freshen up, I will warm the food… give me 2 min just…. But he tighten his grip… Maan


Maan: I m sorry… geet was confuse as to why he was saying sorry… she tried to see his face but he again cringed to her closer… slowly her stiff structure relaxed on his hard muscle.. its been long she had observed in him, its very long he had showered his love for her, its long he had showed he is there for her in her every way.. she doesn’t wanted to cry or make him guilty, she never wanted him to see her pain cz it will pain him but alas unknown to her her pearls stared coming down,, but strangely her lips curved in a smile, smile of her heart that she long forgotten, today her mechanical smile got rest as the moon witnessed her real smile… maan felt the salty water and titled his head to see her leaning on him, close eyes and one tear resting near the lips… he made her face him…. she was still lost in the moment when he kissed her eyes one by one.. his gesture showed the craves for her, the care for her, the love for her, still her heart refuse to except fearing he will again vanish like everytime.. she wanted to soak in this moment, so that she can sleep with her dream for eternal.. her heart has stopped asking for any warmth but still a corner it needed to live.. she is dying slowly and this small gestures are making her cringe the life….


Maan kissed her forehead, then eyes, her cheeks….


Maan: I m sorry…


Her eyes flew open finding him there for real, but her eyes were confuse why he was saying sorry…


Geet: maan what happen, why u r saying sorry… kuch huya kya party me?


His heart pained to see she never expected his sorry,,, still now she isn’t able to trust the fact he is there for her, he is loving her… his unsaid distance had made a wall that she had shielded her heart in it…. but today he want to touch it, today he want to return himself to her which always belonged to her… he couldn’t said anything but geet released herself from his grip…


Geet: I will come in a min with ur food, change and get freshen up maan…. she hurriedly went to leave the room, once again he felt the geet he knew has slipped away long back… he was so lost to give her pleasure of life that he forgot his naïve Geet or rather say she forgot her in this… what had he done…




I still remember the day he had seen her first time in his dadima’s place massoouri…I had just arrived there and saw a chaos… an elderly lady was on the road and some ppl were surrounding her like some circus was going on, I wanted to help her but before I can run to her a girl in her 16 maybe came running and held her securely.. she shot a deathly glare to everyone who was just amused with her behavior and then looked at the person because of whom the lady was on road with her injured knees… she gave a tight slap to the young guy who was looking at her shockingly then broke his car’s 2 headlight, giving him his dose SORRY…. she walked out from there with the old lady leaving a smile on my face, I saw the guy and his frnd was going to hit her from back but I had held their hand and threaten if they try to misbehave with her I will personally lodged a police file and seeing my anger they run away… but Her thought never left me after the moment…


Everywhere I found her looking cutely angry.. in my dream she was all over and it got reality when I found her in my dadima’s house… I saw her gaping at me like I have 2 horn and pop out eyes from my socket.. somewhere it felt good that she was ogling on me but next when I found her tripping I was hell scared. 1st time ever in life I was scared…. and then next I found her tiny frame glued to mine,, I left a relief breath when I found her safe and cutely closing her eyes in fear.. I wanted to trace my finger on her beautiful feature.. the small touch sent fire in me but I know she was too young, I myself was 20… she was naive and its better she is far from me or else I might tarnish her innocent like I faced.. my innocence had snatch away by my own family then how could I think to snatch it from her… then I shouted on servants.. I saw her frighten state and again cursed myself but it was best for her… I saw her tear that pricked me still I tried to be calm and show I don’t care and she ran away.. from then I saw her flinch whenever I was close to her. I tried to maintain a distance but when I saw those doe shape eyes searching for me every min I felt restless.. something in me said go and grab her in ur arms but I couldn’t.. she was young and have a life to live. I can’t give her anything….


I was happy to live in massoouri,, life was bliss where I can see her hiding from everyone… her family treated me like their own boy… her mother was really sweet,, I hates the word mother but when I saw her concern unknowingly I felt her affection towards me.. geet’s brother n sister were teasing master… they knew I liked geet but they supported me.. they never said anything to her cz I warned them or rather say bribed them… I saw her indulging herself in my family, dad liked her a lot and I know he wanted her as daughter in law but before he can process his thought he had a heart attack and passed away leaving me shattered… I saw geet supporting my family, I felt warmth for her but couldn’t show it…


Then next turn was Khurana enterprise which was suffering… I needed to go delhi urgently but how could I leave my family here and geet? Will i get a chance to see her again,, but pushing all thoughts far away I decided to give my 100% to my company, I needed geet for me, and for that I needed to establish myself.. maybe then I can ask her hand from her parents or who will give their daughter to a failure and orphan… I still remember the longing in her eyes, the tear still linger on my soul. Once I was out from her sight I broke down.. I know she will take care of my family and I was relived someone will be there who can inform me about her. and luckily aniee understood in her small age.. she was only 13… she managed to give me every details of geet through phone or chat… I was really disturbed when she said geet is losing her weight and look pale often.. no one knew I went to see her every month, but never said to anyone.. I use to watch her full day from a distance and she never came to know it… I was helpless seeing her like that but couldn’t muster the courage to let her know I CARE…. Care for her and will be back for her…


After 2 yrs of hard work my company finally started gripping the market… then I met Brij,,  geet’s cousin who was in delhi for work.. then he told me about her alliance to be fixed with some guy.. I was so angry that I nearly punched him.. I wanted to murder him for thinking he want my geet to be someone else’s but brij was just testing me.. he said he came here actually to meet me.. he wanted his sister to be with the best guy and I m enough capable for that. he warned me if I want geet I better talk with her family fast or they will marry off her and she wont say a word.. and I rushed to dadima saying what I felt for her.. she only smiled and said she know all… and next I found myself sitting beside her in her room…


The way she interact I felt myself jumping in joy, she still felt the same affection.. I can saw that in her eyes and I knew I m enough strong to take her on my shoulder… our marriage was fixed and life was bliss for me.. after marriage I never left a chance to love her… she was like a fresh scent in my life.. we never needed much words but our affection n gesture said all.. but bliss for love stayed for few month only… 6 month of our marriage and I had to take care of my business.. there was so much happening,, my factory got burnt, aniee’s operation, dadima’s health, Vicky study all were suffering… I had worked 24 hours everyday to settle our life back but I know I missed so special time with my geet but again she was there supporting me like a pillar… she never complaint just tried her best to show she was there… event after event made me hell busy, I could barely give her a few min to spent or talk.. often I would see her sleeping on dining table waiting for me.. I was feeling guilty again she never let me feel so….


I was on cloud nine when she  said she is pregnant,, and I tried to fulfill her all wish, sadly I only failed.. the look I saw on her face when she ask me anything and I was busy in office work tormented me only,, wish I could say her how much I wanted to fulfill her every wish, I wanted to pamper her but never the chance I got… when megha was born I was shedding happy tears for the first time,, I tried to spent my days and night with geet n megha. She was a doll, so soft and fragile.. I use to see how she held my finger in her small palm,, I felt something in me bubbling.. I was feeling excited like a child got his fav toy… I was amused with megha cute antics… first time I neglected business cz I wanted to spent my all day n night playing with her… but then again my life drifted to my painful past, I don’t wanted to see same happening with my children. And I again drifted to work n work… when mohit was born again I was feeling the happiest man in the world but I had seen the loneliness on my geet’s face.. alas I couldn’t do anything, I wanted to give her every happiness in this world, a secure future for my babies… I started working again… in the mean time small fight started occur in me n geet… I never give much importance to those fights… I use to say tell me what u want I will fulfill but never got to know she never wanted anything apart from my love….


After dadima’s funeral I was feeling so alone, I wanted to forget the loneliness and for that I started to work harder.. I get barely 2 min to eat… and then geet was mad for it.. she sounded like typical wife then,, I loved the fact she was bossing me but often in anger or frustration I used to shout on her and she use to run away from me.. though it never lasted for long but unknowingly I started becoming go far away from her, though I thought it was her who had created the distance but now I got, she was always there it was me who left them to the farthest corner. I was lucky that my geet loved me beyond my thinking.. maybe that’s why I still could see her, don’t know if she also left me where would I have been then….


But I will always regret the fact that I never showed my affection for her.. I was never a man for those words but I know I should have showed my love for her maybe then she won’t create the glass around herself to shield the soft heart.. sadly still I couldn’t say those words which is always in my heart but it feared me to say. Yes I fear cz I don’t want to lose her.. I always fear she may leave me like my mother left my mother but how could I forget geet is not like that woman in any sense.. I know my geet is innocent but still the fear in me is so big that it fears to even think if she did what my mother did,, my dad lived for us but I can’t survive a sec without her I may die with her walk out from me life…



The diary fell from geet’s hand as she read the last word… her eyes full of tears and a small squirm left her mouth ‘maan’…


When geet was leaving the room her hand touched the diary maan had left few min before on the side table of the door… he purposely wanted her to see it, cz his emotion can’t be explainable with his word but his heart which he buried deep in him for year… abruptly geet took the diary, though she wanted to place in on it’s place but one small torn white dupatta caught her attention and saw the date, then she started reading unknowingly… every word made her heart swell..


She turn to see maan looking at her with tears and leaving everything she just ran and hugged him too tight.. maybe for the first time she isn’t fearing to lose him but fear to see him lost in his grief… maan hugged her tight, he buried his head in her neck and silently cried AFTER YEARS….


This walk in the cloud made them both one again,, they wanted to live in the dream of heaven again…


Geet: I m sorry for not trusting my n ur love….


Maan: sshhhhh I m sorry for making u walk all life so alone, I never showed my love but only feared if I show u the love maybe I will lose u like my mother…she left my father when he was bankrupt and married someone more rich and then died in a plane crash.. my dad married 2nd time and pammi mom who loved me more than her own child Vicky also left me when aniee was born… I was always a failure geet,, I thought if I told u about my love u will also leave me…


Geet: I can never…


Maan: I m sorry, I know u were never like my real mother but I saw pammi mom’s shadow in u, I never wanted to lose u….


Geet: I know, u loved me…


Maan: I LOVE YOU GEET, please don’t leave me….


Geet only cried, someday she wanted to hear it but never thought this will give her pleasure of pain… her grip only grew tighter on him to show her love in her gesture but again she showed in her words and for the first time maan felt the necessity of words.. he wanted to hear those word from her too.. he now knew what it felt like longing for few words which can give life to a dead soul… he felt he will die if he won’t hear the same words from her now he get what geet went through all this year yearn for his few words…


But geet was there for him not to let him go in his deep mourn again…


Geet: I love u too maan,, I love u a lot… she sealed her promise to love him forever….



Sometimes walk in a cloud made us remember every pain but it can give sweet memory to cherish also… it can give our day of love which some way we lost it…. and this way maan n geet found their love through A WALK IN A CLOUD…..


I m confuse should I give one or two more part to see after the life or I should end it here though I had typed the rest.. but the response made me fear now, should I walk ahead????



©All Copy Rights Reserved 2013.Tich Mg


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  1. superb n yes we want more part n want to see their romance…


  2. Posted by jannat4eva on January 21, 2013 at 12:00 am

    ❤❤Superb update❤❤


  3. lovely update
    cont soon dear


  4. Posted by bajue shams on January 21, 2013 at 11:15 am

    u don’t need to ask dear. just carry on .it is so beautiful that words r not enough to describe it.


  5. Posted by ravrash on January 21, 2013 at 11:32 am

    I m crying after reading 2nd part
    it was beautiful


  6. Posted by Eza sk on January 21, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Omg with this part of os u left me with tears 😦 😦 kyaa yaar jab bhi teri writing padhi u left reader wd tears onlyy arghhh…..
    Achha guess one more part cnbe include showing maan’s relation nd bonding wd deir family nd ek small vacation to most deserved haii…..
    Aur anything u wanna add all ur wish lollz me shamelessly demanding more nd more tichuuuu de dena itnaa please


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