Love For You Part 60


Love For You Part 60
by Tich Mg on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 1:05am ·



I don’t know how many curses my rudra will receive after this part still its important and this way only I had planned the ff long back… so u have to bear it….



Part 60



Rudra was playing with his angels when he saw geet descending down the stairs, wearing faded jeans and white check shirt, her hair neatly done in a pony. No one can say she is mother of 2 sweet angels.. her face still carry the innocence but only problem is her eyes are blank, emotion less.. though he know she loves her family, him, tammy n mann but the love once she lived for left her heart long back, this 6 yrs had snatched everything from her, just gave a reminiscence to hate the word Love… now she is not same Geet that she used to be. she loves her children more than anything and anyone but he want to see the same geet who used to be  chirpy lovable and full of life which is impossible to get back… his revere broke when he saw geet asking through eyes what happen, he gave a small smile and shook his head saying nothing, geet didn’t ask more.. she started her work, forcefully feeding every bit of meal to tammy n mann… he miss his mishty who use to cry to say what actually happen, if anything bothered him she used to dig out everything but now this geet hardly recognized any emotion, she had accepted life like this, nothing bother her now, not even karan’s plea to come back or take him there.. karan knew everything about their stay in BOSTON. He wanted to say it to maan but geet made sure if he tell maan anything about them she will go away from them with angels and will never return or contact any one. with the fear karan never told maan anything neither rudra… if it was the old geet they would probably did something but this new geet is away from everyone’s thinking. She can do anything like she did in past….



Past 6 yrs…



Geet was already 82 days pregnant and it was not safe for them to fly the long distance journey so they went to dhehradun for their stay…(when maan met with accident, it never telecasted on TV due to dev’s influence) Rudra made sure geet’s health wasn’t bad but to his bad luck doctor informed she is going in depression in every min.. he tried to contact naina but she was unavailable, karan was also busy.. he didn’t know what to do…


Rudra: agar sab aisa chalta raha I will call maan mishty…  hearing his name geet reacted. He wanted it but not like that… she broke the glass pieces, mirror, scattered the whole room turning it in a mess… Mishty what r u doing? He shouted seeing her taking the big flower vase and shattering it to pieces by throwing it on the hard floor…


Geet: I don’t want to hear his name… I don’t want to see his face, I don’t want to feel his presence…


Rudra forcefully held her hand and shook her: kya hogaya hain tumhe, why u r behaving this.. he is ur maan mishty, u love him. just give him one chance…


Geet pushed him making him stumble: nothing can be like before, nothing.. he will not come, he don’t love me…


Rudra: just give him one chance,, just once let him come geet.. usse nahi pata tha kuch… pls.


Geet: he hates me rudra. He hates his mithi.. he hates his child, he said its ba*****…


Rudra called her name painfully: GEET…


Geet broke down sitting on the glass pieces, blood was oozing out but she was crying for her maan, rudra ran towards her and tried to held her shoulder….geet looked at him with pain…


Geet: wo mujhse pyar ahi karta rudra? Kyun nahi karta. Main itni buri hu kya…


Rudra felt the misty layer in his eyes, without any hesitation his tears rolled down, he cupped her face gulping down the lump…


Rudra: aisa nahi hain mishty,, he is just angry, he need to know the truth, dekhna he will come here on his birthday, u remember u called him on his birthday. If he loves u he will come and ask sorry… maaf karogi na usse?


Geet looked at him with blank eyes, could she be angry with her maan. but whatever he said to their child, how can he doubt her love? How can he accused her for betraying him? how can he believe other’s word without asking or giving the opportunity to say her words.. she was lost,, didn’t know when rudra has scooped her in his arms and headed towards her room…


He placed her on the bed but she needed immediate medication as her legs were bleeding and its not good for babies… he immediately called doctor but as doctor was delaying he himself took the charge… he had rolled her salwar a little above hesitantly and there his heart stopped seeing the glass pieces… with shaking hands he took out the pieces, but what pricked his heart was her lost look.. she didn’t flinched at all. The girl who fainted seeing the drop of blood she wasn’t flinching with the deep cut… somehow he hurriedly took out all glass pieces, then cleared the place, by then doctor came there.. he gave angry glare to the doctor for the delay.. doc somehow pleaded him a sorry… he left the room and doctor did her work…


Seeing her blood in his hand his throat choked and eyes burned… he washed his hand but nothing can reduced the pain… he splashed water on his face and decided he will do whatever it take but he will unite maaneet….


After the doctor went, he saw her numbly sitting on the bed.. taking out the phn he went out from the room… geet’s eyes followed his move but it didn’t have enough reason to be curious..


Rudra made several calls to maan but the num doesn’t unavailable.. (in the accident phn was smashed) he tried to reach dev, same was with him.. lastly he manages to reach karan… karan couldn’t say anything about maan as he was first concern for geet, he asked numerous question how is geet.. rudra felt his heart heavy.. knowing how much he loves geet but rudra was helpless… he said she is fine and they were in dhehradun.. before karan can say how is maan, geet snatched the phn…


Geet: I don’t want to hear about him, and if u tell him about my whereabouts I will kill the baby n myself..

Geet said all this without any emotion… rudra shivered with the coldness in her voice… Karan silently cried for her friends… he didn’t said maan’s state to rudra also…  he wanted to tell geet about maan’s condition but he couldn’t say anything hearing her words, knowing how much she is serious… karan knew her every word was serious, but rudra thought to give her time maybe she will understand later….


Days passed and geet became more numb, though she didn’t behave aggressive again, but she was living like a robot… it was the day maan suppose to come, its his birthday… for the first time in these months rudra saw some emotion on her face… though she never said but her eyes were only waiting for him and he proved right when she went to hill top where they met for the first time properly of course after the temple… rudra didn’t stopped her but he tried to call Maan, but again to his bad luck he couldn’t reach him. but then geet took his promise that he will not call anyone if he truly think her as frnd. Rudra agreed but what went on him only he knew… he was restless and felt like something was going to be large that would change their lives…


From far rudra only observes geet was sitting on the grass looking at the sun to set and welcome the darkness like her life… whole day she waited for maan but when he didn’t showed up his face she slept on the place… Rudra cried looking at her,, but couldn’t reduced her pain, he lift her in his arm and then returned to their cottage… he saw her pale face, she caught fever after it and Doctor strictly said rudra to take her out from this state and place…


After 2 days geet was recovered from her fever,, in the morning when rudra entered the room. His heart pained to see her sitting on the bed looking outside from the window,, her face was blank, and yes were red.. she didn’t cried yet and it was making her weaker… he placed the breakfast beside her, she saw it and again concentrate on her view.. she was looking at the blank space, her life has became like this only… pure blank.. she doesn’t know what she will do next…


Rudra: mishty, geet didn’t reacted, just continue her work.. rudra muster his courage and again approached her.. I think u , u should talk to naina… she is ur sister, what is her fault..


Geet looked down, in her worn out state she didn’t thought about naina, she must be breaking every moment, of course she will, from the age of 12 she had treated geet as a mother, but what can she do now. knowing if she return naina will sacrifice her life for her… rudra saw the changes on her face he felt only this can help so he pressed it more..


Rudra: don’t u think ur sister have the right to know is her sister is fine or not? Is maan so big that u forgot ur sister in this?


Geet instantly looked at rudra with anger and pain….


Geet: she is more important than anyone.


Rudra: then why u r doing this, lets go back mishty, sab thik hojayega…


And that’s it geet lost her control, she snapped his hand which was on her hand, she stood up from the bed pushing rudra’s hand as he was trying to held her…


Geet: DON’T,, Don’t u dare touch me rudra.. u have no right to do all this..


Rudra was shocked: Mishty? He whisper…


Geet: this care, this worry is only for my friend Rudra not the rudra who is worried for his BROTHER MAAN..


Rudra: no mishty u r taking all wrong… I, I never


Geet: No rudra, u r being His brother want me to go to him.. Did u forgot what he did? or what he said? yes.. probably yes u forgot.. don’t think by taking jiji’s name u can make me forgive him… u think if I go there jiji will live happy, NOOO,, she will die to give me happiness.. she will sacrifice her love just for my sake, she will leave dev cause she can never go ahead in her life seeing me dying every moment. Do u think I will be happy seeing that? Itna hi jaan paaye mujhe rudra?


By now her tears were making its way, one side rudra was relief she is shedding her emotions for the first time but other side worried for her health and baby…


Rudra: calm down mishty,, I will not say anything,, just calm down.. I m sorry, really sorry…


Geet: Mere sath aisa kyun huya rudra, kya kiya tha maine? Tumne kaha tha he will come, if he loves me he will come,, kyun nahi aaya wo? Kyun nahi pyar karta wo mujhse? maine kiska bura kiya tha ke bhagwan ji aise dard de rahe hain… Bohot dard hota hain rudra.. bohot dard horaha hain aise jeeke.. main kya karu.. I loved Him rudra..


Geet sat on the floor crying her heart out,, her sob covered the room, rudra sat beside her but didn’t stopped her.. his tears were rolling,,


Kyun huya ye sab rudra, how could he say all that, itna hi varosa tha apne pyar pe? Apne mithi pe…


Rudra: he loves u.. rudra tried to hold her but she snapped…


Geet: NO he doesn’t love me, if he did he would have come yesterday. He left me rudra.. he didn’t love me anymore.. u don’t know he loved me for game, a sick bet.. he did with his friends and when he felt he is bored he left me…


Rudra: its not true mishty, maan loves u…


Geet: he used me..


Rudra: no..


Geet: I was a bloody sl** for him…


Rudra cried: GEETTT,,, shut up just shut up.. He loves u and u loved him, don’t compare ur love, please…


Geet: he made me feel so.. she said looking at his face, her helpless face has so much pain that can make anyone shudder.. Why he said all that rudra? He said its not his child, how could he? Why, kyun huya ye sab? M I so bad that everyone leave me like this.. mumma papa and now maan all left me…


Rudra: ur friends are here mishty, please aisa mat bol..


Geet: I m a curse for anyone rudra.. don’t u remember because of my birthday maan’s parent died, my mumma left papa.. bhaisa got so much humiliation.. everything happened because of me and now I will be a burden on every friend.. I can’t be that rudra… see I become curse of ur life. Maahi left u, ur love left u because of me…


Rudra: it was destiny, mishty it was only destiny, don’t blame urself.. u can never be a curse for me.. u r the beautiful gift of my life and now this baby.


Geet: it’s father had abandon it, then how can u love it…


Rudra: because its ur part.. because its inside u… trust me once maan will get to know the truth he will come for u, just get back for once…


It broke geet, she saw him coming towards she looked here n there and she broke the flower vase which was close to her… then took a piece to show it rudra.. he immediately back off seeing her staring at the sharp cprner…


Rudra: what the hell are u doing geet, give it to me..


Geet: this all happen because of this fetus, if I go back u will prove its his child and he will snatch baby from me, and if I go out from here then also u will call anyone from the house to say about baby and again everyone will be at pain.. then why not I finish the reason of everyone’s pain.. rudra’s eyes widen as she pointed the sharp edge towards her rising belly… I should have killed it long way.. maybe then it doesn’t had to suffer like me…


Rudra: its ur baby geet, drop that please..


She stood up still showing the glass piece, he tried to make a move and he pressed the sharp edge on her wrist…


Geet: but rudra, how will I live without baby, either way it will leave me, so its better to end this life with my baby… sabka dard chala jayega mere stah rudra…


Rudra: no geet please


Geet: u know maan ne ek din bola tha our first child will be a girl,, was he right? dekho na ye pata lagne se pehle hi she will leave me, then what will I do without her.. her father think she is a b*****, she will brought up without a father name, without father’s love and if we go back maan will snatch it from me saying I have affair with others. Dono taraf se main isse kho dungi. Its better I leave this life with my child.. main iske bina nahi jee payungi…


Rudra: no one will snatch her form u, she will be urs only, trust me..


Geet cried looking at her friend showing so much effort to distract her: I trusted HIM, what he did, broke me till a point I can never be join again… I don’t want to break my child. Mujhse ye dard nahi saha jaata rudra.. isse better I,


She tried to slash her wrist which was quite successful if rudra wouldn’t forcefully taken the glass piece.. and then a strong blow came on her face, Rudra slapped her hard.. it brought her back to reality… he had never raised his voice on her but today it was needed…


Rudra: Apne aap ko maarne ka shouk hain go kill ur self but dare u kill my baby geet, if u can’t take care of her I will.. it will be my baby,, after her birth u can do whatever u want but not now…


Geet fell on her knees crying bitterly, rudra controlled his tears..


Rudra: get some rest we will leave india tonight, pack ur things… he said rudely and walked out from the room.


Once he was out form her sight he broke down… what happen to their beautiful life,, though it was everyone’s mistake and other hand no one was at fault.. it was their destiny.. but now he can’t leave it on destiny, geet needs him and more than her its the baby who needs him… he made all arrangements to leave india by that night and then they left india without informing anyone anything…



Precap: Tu jahan Main waha sang sang yun chalu tere jaise tera karwa..







© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


18 responses to this post.

  1. so much pain and sadness tich, loved the geets dailogues and her craziness for her love … so much depth in the update . Rudra is giving his name to Maan child , hope he dosen’t misunderstand geet and Rudra


  2. Posted by jannat4eva on January 21, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Soooo sad dear…😞❤😞❤😞


  3. very emotional update poor geet maan made her feel so low rudra is in pain seeing geet pain


  4. Posted by Khwaishfan on January 21, 2013 at 7:34 am

    Emotional update! Poor Geet! She is so shattered! So much pain n sadness! Omg Rudra is knw as the dad! Superbly written! Update soon 🙂 Khwaishfan!


  5. arre tich jaldi milado maneet ko pls sooooooooo sad yar kya kar rahi ho pls next update soon


  6. Posted by laksh on January 21, 2013 at 8:16 am

    Very sad update tich. But nice as always. Poor rudra. He is in such a helpless condition. Can’t tel maan abt geeth due to geet’s threatening. Hope that giving his name for maan’s kid may not bring a misunderstanding again between maaneet. No not again tich. Already poor maan is heart broken. Make him happy na. Waitin for next update. Soon.


  7. Posted by monikaseth on January 21, 2013 at 9:04 am

    Kitna rulaaoge meri ma bus ab saha nahi jata kuch acha jadi se karo awesome update but very painful


  8. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on January 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

    ab aur maaneet ka dard aur unki duriyan nahi sahi ja rahi hai…………….maan ko ab geet ke samne le aao, eagerly waiting to know his reaction after seeing his angels, really wanna see him trying so hard to get his geet back in his life………………………ab samna karwa do tich, pleaseeeeee


  9. Posted by Ayesha on January 21, 2013 at 9:59 am

    Sad sad sad update…..
    Pain everywhere…


  10. plz maaneet ko milavo yaar
    i cant bear their pain


  11. Posted by ravrash on January 21, 2013 at 10:55 am

    a painful update
    pls do something nice so that Geet’s pain may b reduced


  12. Posted by spvd on January 21, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    part 60
    awesome part…………
    poor Geet………..
    what has Maan done………..
    Rudra has accepted the babies as his………
    cont soon dear………………

    Deepa (spvd)


  13. awesome dear
    loved it


  14. Posted by suzie on January 21, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    heart wrenching emotional part
    poor geet i hope maan pay heavy price
    thanks sweety


  15. Tich Mg such a painful & fulll of emotions.. that over pooling for me… 😥
    that dehradhun track reminds me TM of Muskan di, same here but having her friend beside her, but in TM she was alone & waiting on HIS b’day & same day her break down & deliver Maansi…

    Geet’s Break down & her words heart piercing yr.. yes, she is badly damage, its not easy to bring her back as Maan love her, once he knew truth he will come but may be she forgive for that but how a mother forgive, its really hard…

    seriously one point i thought she harm her belly/womb but rudra that to bach gaye….

    waiting for next tich =)
    (y) for ur emotional words….


  16. Posted by Saro on January 22, 2013 at 6:33 am

    Beautiful update but very painful dear.


  17. Posted by zariya on January 22, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    it has left me speechless indeed


  18. sooo sad….poor geet,,,,,,,,,,,,
    thank god rudra saved her……….
    jaldi se maaneet ko milvaado…….


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