Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 20

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Part 20

This ff is and always will be dream work but I think something should be in ur dream only….

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The game has set, the gamble had began. Everyone ready to play their part To Win. None want to lose but the matter is will Destiny give support to their dangerous game. The passion of heat ingesting in the body will Time give the opportunity to recognize the meaning of their Game? Or it will take the most cherishable things from them without knowing…

Here Maaneet was feeling the forbidden bliss in the attention of each other… now a days Maan was behaving much softer, though he still is a devil but maybe a soft devil for her, he still find his way to touch her, to get his pleasurable prize from her for any work or anything… just like now, she wanted to go for shopping, he came from nowhere and accompanied her, she sometime felt frustrated with his over possessive nature.. when she said she is giving them a chance means she will not run away from him. but he is taking opportunity to be with her, to get close to her.. Here also Geet’s Bua was accompanying her and Maan came between saying he will come with them… from nowhere her cousins jumped in the luxurious BMW of Maan.. he gave a frustrating look to geet while she gave him smirk showing ‘jhello inhe abb’. He gave his famous angry look which she enjoyed… as soon as geet tried to enter maan car’s front seat her one cousin came rushing and took the sit thinking maan will be the driver, actually maan was opening the driver seat so geet’s cousin who were already flat over his handsome feature thought she can divert his mind…

‘Kavya u can sit at the passenger seat… u don’t like sitting at front…’ Geet said clearly feeling irritated with her drooling over maan.. don’t know when she felt its not right, her mind screamed he is nothing to u, but heart debated saying he is going to be her husband and he have to be her only…

‘Geet Di, I m all fine, u can take my seat na, I will like this.’ Kavya was actually her bua’s daughter so she didn’t said anything… geet was going to take the back seat when her eyes fall on maan who was fuming in anger… geet looked at kavya and then at maan.. she smirks and carry her walk to take seat with her bua at the back when maan shouted…

‘Get the hell out of here, I don’t give strangers Ride as Driver’

Kavya looked at him innocently of course pretending to be hurt.. geet shook her head in disbelief. She knew her cousin’s antics and maan’s anger, that’s why she didn’t said anything….


‘Maan ji, I m ur would be Sali, so we are relatives. And’

‘I said get out of my car’ he said in a low and deep tone shivering everyone.. geet’s aunt came out and so the other girls from the other car… geet’s bua looked at her and mohindar with angry eyes..

‘ye kya baat huyi, mana wo hone wala damad hain lekin ye koi tarika huya baat karne ka? Chal geet , nahi jana hume shopping pe’ geet’s aunt started to drag geet but she was failed to nudge her an inch, turning her head she saw maan held geet from her stomach… and in one pull she was close to him, geet looked at her relatives and her parents embarrassed, she tried to free herself but he gave her one glare which was enough to stop her resistance…

‘Dare u leave it Geet’ he whispered clenching his waist firmly…

 her aunt made a disgusting face and kavya looked at them top to bottom, though she was enjoying the scene cause after it all will humiliate geet but she was hating maan close hold on her waist. Geet’s father tried to say something when maan showed him his hand…

‘I m taking my fiancé on Shopping, anyone want to come can accompany in the different car, if not then I m taking her alone; we will be back at evening, chalo geet.’ He started dragging her but geet’s elder aunt held his hand, she was indeed a strict person who doesn’t like closeness between a man n woman… geet saw her holding maan’s hand, maan observed her calmly, didn’t fight or said anything, its not necessary for him to talk with her when he know his one signal to his men will be enough to jerk her off…. but this time geet surprised him… she held her aunt’s hand and released her grip from maan… her aunt and other member looked at her bewilder…

‘bua u came here for the marriage, enjoy the function and leave after it, don’t try to interfere in our matter.. He is my fiancé, he has the right to do what he want.. please don’t come between us.’

Geet said all that very softly yet firmly showing her firmness on it. her words just made  him shocked surprised and any other emotion that he never felt for anyone’s word…

‘Geet tu mujhse zaban ladha rahi hain,, see I said mohindar she will be a curse for family,, I told u not to have another child that too a girl now see how she will tarnish our name respect, she had lost her wariness leaving far from here, pata nahi kya kya kiya hoga, lekin ye tera sehar nahi, ye ek chora sa sehar hain jaha larki ki izzat sabse bari hain’

Maan tried to say something when geet pressed his hand, he looked at her angrily but she was emotionless, she turn to see her elder brother coming towards them…

‘veerji if u don’t want to break ur bone from maan then stay away’ everyone gasped, and maan looked at her in confusion, she chuckled at him, then smirked seeing her veerji feeling scared… she turned to see her aunt ‘See bua its ur manhandling village, here man can beat woman, murder woman no one will say anything and he will never be frighten, see my one line was enough to make him stop, ye hain inki mardangi….’


‘geettt’ her bua shouted..

‘Enough Bua, stop interfering in my life, when I was born no was there form ur family, meri maa ko sadne ke liye rakh diya tha na, not don’t even bother to poke in my life.. I will do whatever I want and dare u say a word, its not rano handa who will take any shit of urs, its Geet Handa who can make ur life hell,, yaad hain na kaise apke Pati aur bête ne Pita tha? Forgot ur days when ur husband and son would have beaten u and u were here. my mother took care of ur… don’t forget ur place in this house. U r a guest will be a guest, then stay in limits.’

Her elder aunt looked at her flabbergasted, she looked at geet’s father for any word, who couldn’t say a word in front of geet, knowing how is her daughter, she will count his sin in front of everyone. geet had witnessed a lot in life and that’s why she didn’t take any kind of injustice on her, she can stand for herself in front of anyone… cause she doesn’t fear anyone. It was maan who made her shudder in fear for the first time.. Seeing geet’s this state maan lost his word, he just stares at her painful eyes.. she looked at him indicating to take her away,, he removed his eyes and make her seat in the car… they rushed out from the place without saying anyone anything…

It was not new for geet’s family as she never take their any word on her, she fought back always, but it was new for savitri devi who had a smile with tear in eyes thinking only this girl can give his grandson back to her, this girl can PROTECT her grandson from this mean world to turn him evil like it…


Maan stopped the car in a deserted place, he looked at geet who was seeing outside of the window. He was driving for almost 15 min and she was lost in her thought… he waited for good 5 min to her response but she was still lost. Losing his patience he brought her on his lap… sudden move made her snapped… she saw him holding her close to him, she saw around to find them in a deserted place.. she looked at maan questioningly…

‘What happen to u? how became u Lioness from a kitten?’ he smirk seeing her pouted face..

‘I was never a kitten, its ur dumb eyes which saw it’ geet snapped and tried to push his hand.

He held her firmly, his hand already made it in her flesh of her waist caressing it sensually… her chest heaved up feeling him touching her like never before… she gripped his shoulder and pressed her lips firm in a line… he scanned her each facial movement… she was indeed vulnerable but showing her strong self to everyone.. for the first time he was admiring a girl.. he never felt something like this for anyone, its not the her purity was attracting her, he had met and slept many virgin also, but geet was always different. She is strong not scare for anyone if she is right, she doesn’t like her own family but can die for her friends. She is something that is making him crazy…

Geet felt his heated gaze on her face, she opened her eyes only to find him looking at her eyes to lips and lips to eyes… she looked away feeling heat engulfing her body,, she is hating how he is capable of effecting her…. she tried to free herself but he pulls her closer to him, in the sudden jerk she landed on his chest half hugging him. her lips landed on his neck making his grip tighten on her back… she looked at his eyes which was dark, and straightly looking at her only….  She lowered her eyes but couldn’t move from his body, he slowly caresses her cheeks, and then pressed his thumb on her lips softly pressing it…

‘Maan..’ she whispered…

‘We can take aunty with us after wedding….’

And this time it was shock for geet, she looked at him with wide eyes. she just stares at him like he is not Maan but something different creature.. maan chuckled at her astonished face, he close her slightly parted mouth by placing his index finger… he looked at her question filled eyes but he wasn’t in a mood to answer her, so he started playing with her accessory, be that her jhumka or the tender hair locks… she felt irritated with his ignorance, she knew he is not a man who will do favor like this. she looked at him in suspicion.. maan smirks and brought her close, she was less than inch away from his lips…

‘But u know I don’t do favor without seeing my profit, so I need my share of profit’

Abb aaya line pe, geet thought, but his next move stopped her heartbeat… he brushes his lips on her…

‘I need ur every second for me, u will not go away from me for a moment then’ she gasped as he stroked her thighs, don’t know when he lifted her skirt and made his cold palm inside her skin.. his caresses was soft and sensual… his lips touched her lips teasing it.. she gave an angry glare but he squeezed her soft thigh, making her moan his name… he gave a victorious smile to get her weak spot… he kissed her cheek and then bite her chin…

‘Maan please’ she saw here and there. they are on the deserted place, if anyone will see them again few words will be thrown, she isn’t worried for herself or maan but her mother have to hear all the shit.. maan saw her nervous state, he hated it.. Groaning inside he left her.  but before she can take her seat he grabbed her neck smooching her lips, she was too shocked to react… after few second he left her…

‘this is for making me arouse’

She felt his hardness on her thighs, she gulped her saliva feeling him arouse, how can a small touch turn him on.. her face showed the red hue, he kissed her cheek…

‘just few more day, I swear I will not leave u for seconds’

His raw words made her shiver, somewhere the fear was still there, as he was melting her, the ice she had created beside her had long way melted in his soft heat… but now hearing his words somewhere she isn’t ready yet.. maan made her seat beside and guessed what she is thinking… he held her face and traces his thumb on the outline of her lips…

‘I won’t be hard, we will wait for it’ his soft whisper made her crunched something in her… she looked at the enigma, she wanted to know what he is actually, why he is doing this. why he is controlling himself for her. he could have forced her long back why he wasn’t forcing.. why he is trying to be human knowing it hard for a wild animal to live like human… he was a murderer still why her heart doesn’t fear him.. may be somewhere she had accepted him and his harshness or something else is pulling her close to him…

Precap: same

I m already typing this so a little Teaser, will give u very soon, and something is good to be under the curtain to get it later, so why maan is an enigma will reveal something in next 2 part.

A small teaser

Teri baahon mein mili

Aisi rahat si mujhe

Ho gayi jaan-e-jahaan

Teri aadat si mujhe

Dekhun main jab tujhko toh

Tab mera din yeh dhale

Deewana kar raha hai

Tera roop sunehra

Musalsal khal raha hai

Mujhko ab yeh sehra

Bata ab jaayein toh jaayein kahaan

Deewana kar raha hai

Maan pressed his wet lips on her bare stomach placing few soft kisses… Her toe curled as the ice came down between his thighs.






his longs finger traces the valley of her stomach to her collarbone, rested on the alley of her br****… his finger replaced by his lips, as Geet moans his name he gave his devilish smirk showing she lost it….

Tell me hows it? and will post with song on IF.. song from Raaz 3.

PS: don’t forget he is a Devil and devil has many shades.. pata nahi kab kaise apka dil chura le

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  1. superb update there maneet nok jhok and romance session awsem


  2. brilliant as usual great to see the different shade of maaneets charechter s nice to see a sherni geet standing not only by her maan but also defending her self well done


  3. well with starting of this update ..i am actually wondering what will destiny or U will decide for them …after all the twist queen can anytime turn her head here na …. 😀
    but still loved the sherni GEET HANDA …yet i was smiling with THE DEVIL’s surprised n shocked state …lolzz
    abb devil ki choice hai tou seedhi tou hugi nahi …
    theekhi mirchi hona tou banta hai na ..
    oyee hoyee reading her mind as well ..
    but just can’t resist her temptation na …poor guy as to go long way still ..
    thnxx for re-considering the early end to this one ..i really dont want it to end soo soon …
    enjoyed the transitions of behavour in characters here …
    loving it tich ..thnxx for this devil ..
    teaser buhat teasing hai ….AS USUAL ..
    update soon ..
    luv ya
    sobia ..


  4. awesome dear
    loved it
    loved lioness geet handa
    cont soon


  5. Love this Lioness @tich 😉
    wow.. what widen eyes 7 open mouth listening her talk Haila… Halla macha dia geet ne tou 😉

    Maan is indeed devil to DEVIL.. create big scene on shopping & being Obsessed yet Possessive Devil MSK… Kavya ki tou bolti band…

    But feeling bad elders r elder but how can any1 listen kabhi to PEYMANA LAB REEZ hoga na.. Jo aj ek bar phr hua…. totally fida on GEET!! 😉 ❤

    Maan dragged from there & came with halt in deserted place Naughty Maan 😉
    frustrate yet angered that Geet not seeing him… rite jab life asan na ho to surrounding se kia lena dena…

    Haye .. sudden KISS for arousing him.. uff Control Maan.. Tauba how he telling her few days more then soft devil,, ye naya devil hai 😉 …. will wait for her THUD ❤ ❤

    precap/teaser.. Don't tease me tich….Its so hot.. ye Geet to loose control hoying 😉 😀


  6. OMG so sensuala nd intense update , yeh kyaa jadoo kardala devil ne … luve the way geet claimed dat she is also a lioness and kill her prey..not less than MSK .. precap and teaser seems to be ery much exciting …anxious to see animal side of maan 😉


  7. hot update
    just loved it
    precap and teaser is very interesting
    update soon dear


  8. Posted by niki on January 24, 2013 at 9:30 am

    hi tichu di.hw’r u?oh i guessed it ri8.thanks 4 making devil into u maan


  9. Posted by raty on January 24, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    lovely update uff ye sherni geet pe vari jawan maan bhe heraan reh gaya kya rakh rakh joota mara aunty ko love it n this new maan amazed me n teaser uff hot cant wait


  10. Posted by ns on January 25, 2013 at 6:35 am

    Awesome update dear…loved the way sherni feet fought back with her family and I am falling for this devil now….maan is changing for feet great and I am loving their cosy moments….continue soon!!!


  11. Thanks to everyone who commented… i m trully honored to get so love 🙂


  12. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on January 27, 2013 at 4:49 am

    Mind blowinggggg update di…
    Loved the way Geet defended Maan in front of her so called bua..
    Awww…Maan said tht they will take Geet’s mom with them after marriage..
    Precap is sssoo hhoott & dreamy…
    Waiting for it di.


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