Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 60

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Part 60

Geet moans in his mouth feeling him caressing her whole body repeatedly…. She broke the kiss feeling breathless, but she can feel his restlessness in the small separation, she remember how much she had hurt him in manali, she wanted to hold him close to her heart. And now seeing him so restless only made her vulnerable, she looked at his face.. it has dark circle in it. his state was saying how much work he did.. though fatigue line can be visible on his handsome face still it wasn’t over shadowing his true beauty… she traces her hand on his face to make herself believe he has come to her, he is there close to her… a small faint smile covered her lips, her hands started running through his hair and then coming on his cheek slowly going to his dry lips… but suddenly remember his accusation, his words that she is careless mother.. she suddenly become conscious and looked here n there to see the messy room, her medicine which she forgot to take… she gulp her saliva in fear and pain, he will again shout at her for her negligence…

She is a open book for him, he knew how much she missed him, and that’s why touching his every handsome line of his face just to make herself believe that he is here, her worry was clearly visible on her face, she was running her fingers in his hair, he don’t know how to tell how much soothing it was.. and then she traced her fingertips on his cheek then coming down outlining his dry lips but then suddenly something changed, her face expression changed, she looked here n there, maan followed her gaze, his heart broke to see his wife fearing for the accusation he said in anger, he felt the tingling pain in his heart seeing her fearing to see the messy room.. he knew he had made a fear in her heart about the responsibility of babies.. he wanted to rectify his mistake, wanted to take his words back but alas something can never be return…

She tried to withdraw her hand murmuring a sorry meekly when he held her palm and kissed it…

Maan: I m sorry jaan.. but geet was too busy to observed the room she didn’t saw his regretful words.

Geet: I, wo, main thik kar dungi maan ye sab.. don’t worry and babies are fine, I, know I, m

Before she can saw words he captured her lips, she looked at him dumbfounded but his eyes had so many emotion, he wanted to show it and knew only this way he can show it to her, her numb state… he kissed her deep, toying his tongue inside her mouth and taking the saliva… she was confuse, why he isn’t angry seeing her negligence. She looked at him confusingly,, he kissed her deeper showing his desperation for her,,, his hand held her waist and put her on his lap, her hand went to hold his neck, his eyes were red and it looked in to her soul, she shivered with the intense gaze and lowered her eyes… he nibble her sweet plump lips couldn’t have enough of her juice… he broke the kiss after sometime…

Maan rest his forehead on her, she closed her eyes panting heavily,, she felt him caressing her stomach. She was confuse with his behavior. Is he angry or he is in pain.. in both situation she will be hurt… she looked at him with question filled eyes… he kissed her forehead…

Maan: u can take care of them more than me, I m sorry jaan, really sorry, I m very sorry jaan.. Apne maan ko maaf kar do…

Geet looked at him with tears,, feeling her maan coming back to her and not in anger made her emotional… maan cursed himself for making her cry so much, he couldn’t help but hug her…

Maan: I know I was wrong,

Geet: u sure na, u aren’t angry with me anymore? she asked in a slow yet baby tone… he smiles through tears as her innocence pierced his heart. How could he hurt her so much.. he kissed her lips to assure her he isn’t angry anymore, but his kiss assure her many more than that…

Maan:  I was angry on myself, frustrated and I said all that. can u forget that and forgive me? he said softly… geet instantly hugged him. she patted his back to sooth his pain, he was in awe seeing her wife’s love. He kissed her cheek softly. I know I was dumb to react like that. I was frustrated on myself cause I had to leave u like that. I didn’t wanted to disturb ur sleep that’s why I went out silently…

She pouted remembering how he left her there for his work and she thought, uff na jaane kya kya sochti hain. but how will she tell maan that she feared he was angry on her and that’s why maybe left her… she hit his arms, he was amused with her sudden act, he broke the hug and again she hit him on chest… before he can say anything she started hitting him….

Maan: Geetttt,, what r u doing? Do u know how strong r u? u r not the same skinny but u know, erm,, e stopped seeing her fuming face. somewhere scared for his life… geet made a O , then pouted in anger then looked away. A small smile came on his lips seeing his wife’s antics… Kya huya meri mishty ko? She knotted her eyes brow hearing her new name, how he know how to melt her..

Geet: don’t mishty me, u left me there like that, u know how much I was worried. Kitne bure bure kheyal arahe the, I thought u will be angry with me, and I, I, she suddenly sobbed remembering how much painful it was staying away from him…

Maan suddenly hugged her, he closed his eyes seeing her condition, he could he forget her pregnancy hormones were making her restless and now emotional… he murmured sorry in her ear softly and hugged her even tight.. she just fitted comfortably in his embrace…

Maan: I know I had hurt u,, but trust me I wasn’t angry on u, nor I thought u r incapable for our angels. U r and will be the best mother anyone can think… it was my on incapable obscure.. I saw u at office, ur ‘s state, I couldn’t handle. I knew its because of me. I m sorry mishty, maaf nahi karogi apne maan ko.. she broke the hug and looked at him with tears…

Geet: aage se mujhe akela chodha I will never talk to u. I, I will never see ur face dekhna.

Maan: accha?

Geet hit his chest hearing his teasing tone, but he laughed at her cute cribbing and kissed her neck making her stop the cribbing, she tried to react his touch but isn’t it impossible, she moans his name ‘maan’

Maan made her laid on the bed: Geet I haven’t slept for 2 days, can I sleep holding u?

Geet got tears seeing him so helpless and spread her arms to engulf his all worry, he get rid of his shirt tie, then shoed and belt, next he hide his face in her neck. His one hand goes around her stomach… his one leg went between her legs and she hugged his back… both slept in few min finally feeling content… both have each other and that is the blissful sleep for each other….

Meera silently closed the door, her face has a smile.. she turn to see dev standing there with a smile.. she hugged him…

Dev: their love isn’t shallow that this small fights can break them apart, their love is now beaming in to blossom that will spread it’s sweetness everywhere but can never face with decade…

Meera: but blossom fades with time.

Dev: their love can never be fade…


Maan stirred in his sleeps hearing the continuous ring of his cell, he looked at his sleeping beauty cuddling in his chest,, he smiles and kissed her forehead. Then saw her face which has irritation. Then remembered the phn call. He hurriedly put it on silent, then took it seeing aadi’s id.

Maan: ha aadi, is everything ready.

Aadi: yeah, nooo nooo sir

Maan: what the hell aadi,, what isn’t ready? I told u clearly,, I need everything perfect, he almost shouted but seeing geet opening her eyes he lowered his tone then kissed her eyes to shut it again.. geet again drifted to sleep covering her head with duvet…. A smile touched his lips seeing her cute pouted irritated face.. he went to balcony.. discussing the party.. he was frustrated hearing the party organizer backed out from the vent cause his rival company gave him triple the amount to organize a party for them, it has only 3 hour to start the party and he got to know the blue print need few changes more, he was frustrated but can’t think what to do now… he looked at sleeping geet who was still inside the duvet… he feared to leave her like this, what will happen when she will be awaken.. will she again feel same insecurity and pain, he cursed himself. He definitely not wanted her to go through all that turmoil again. What should he do now… he got freshen up first then tried to wake geet, who was nowhere to woke up..

Maan: jaan, get up, I have to talk to u… please utho..

Geet: ???????????

Maan: Geet come up wake up, I need to hurry, please… she slapped his hand which he was tracing her face.. he shook his head in disbelieve, its evident she haven’t slept peacefully in this 2 days… he kissed her lips to make her jerk from the sleep, but it had wrong effect.. she moans in her sleep and tugged his hand under her cheek and slept again… he was amused with her antics, he surely want to eat her alive but can’t, his cell again n again was buzzing… he was annoyed what to do now… he took the pad and write a note for her… Iss baar gussa mat hona mishty… he murmured under his breath, pecked her forehead then her stomach.. mumma ko pareshan mat karna angels… he went out of the room silently. He informed meera that he is going to office, he is in hurry… meera got to know why her brother is doing all this, she looked at him respectfully…


After few mins geet woke up, she looked here n there to find maan but he was nowhere.. did she hallucinated him? was he there asking sorry, was he there holding her close to him? or she was simply imagining him, but his cent was all over her body… she frantically searched him here n there in the room. Then ran downstairs but he was nowhere, meera saw her state and came rushing..

Meera: what r u doing geet, roaming n running so frantically? She almost shouted on maan..

Geet: meera did u saw maan here, he was here right?

Meera: yeah he was here but he had to go for office work and the party for new project launch,,

Geet: see meera he again went up without telling me, I hate him… she cried moaning and sat down on the floor.. meera smacked her forehead feeling frustrated with her mood swings… she sat beside her…

Meera: geet u were sleeping sweety,, he tried but u were too much exhausted, maybe u didn’t felt him leaving, bhai didn’t wanted to go like this but he doesn’t had a choice.

Geet: he could have wake me hard. She said cutely complaining.

Meera: ha kab se koshish hi kar rahe the, u only slapped his hand and then again slept… geet bite her lower lips feeling embarrassed.. meera giggles. But seeing the cute angry face of her friend she stopped her smile… U know geet why bhai is doing it in so hurry?

Geet: why? She asked softly.

Meera: because he want to spend his all time in ur treatment with u and babies..

A small smile came on her lips, she remember his cribbing to be close with her, she felt everything blur in her vision, then felt meera’s soft touch.. she was wiping the tears…

Meera: go and check ur room, maan bhai must have kept some note for u… and only one day, then he will be all yours..


Geet searched the note but it was nowhere then she bend down to see the note was under the bed.. weird. Why will maan keep the note under the bed knowing its difficult to get it… she smacked her head remembering when she jerked from sleep she accidently jerks the duvet and pillow, the note must have fallen down then….

She slapped her head first then sat down on the bed comfortably…


1st read it full without uttering a word or tear… I know hearing it u will pout, please don’t do it, I m not there to eat ur lips… ok now listen I have to go to office, its really urgent.. our party organizer has ditched us and we need some change in blueprints also… so lots of work need me.. so I m sorry I m going for few hour.. I tried to wake u up but our angels needed sleep so they made u sleep all the way. I didn’t wanted to disturbed u 3 more.. I will be back, wait for me and miss me till then…  I love u…

Only your


Geet kissed the note,, and then fell on the bed, still pouting ‘Mujhe jagana chhaiye tha’

Suddenly something caught her attention and she again read the note.. Organized backed out means how will be the party… she rang aadi for some info who didn’t picked up the call. Pinky tasha all were busy in presentation and the party… frustratingly she called dev and dig out info about party venue… she got ready to meet maan at the party hall only oblivious to the fact how will maan react seeing her cute angry wife there….

Precap: another argue?? Another cry and??

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  1. Posted by seemamary on January 26, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Superb dear, loved it.


  2. Posted by angelickushi on January 26, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    love the way maan is showering his love and pampering her
    eagerly waiting to c angry geet and wondering how maan is gonna tackle the sherni


  3. Posted by suzie on January 27, 2013 at 1:33 am

    simply amazing update
    thanks sweety


  4. beautiful update
    loved maans love
    omg precap is interesting geet is angry
    waiting for next part
    cont soon dear


  5. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on January 27, 2013 at 8:46 am

    Awesome update di..
    Geet is such a cutieeeee…
    Finally Maaneet had a peaceful after 2 days..
    Maan again had to go for project..
    Uffff…angry Geet..
    What will be Maan’s reaction after seeing her their???


  6. Thanks u sweethearts for the comments


  7. Posted by raty on January 27, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    aww lovely update tich maaneet are incomplete without eachother amazing part


  8. geet luks so cute wid her antics and maan pampering her …. tichu u bring us tehreal maaneet out through ur writing


  9. Posted by suzie on January 29, 2013 at 1:58 am

    marvelous update
    thanks sweety


  10. Lovely update tich…
    1st feeling bad that Geet is scaref too much as Maan effects her mentally that she can’t take good care of their babies…

    sahi kehte hain ek jar zuban se lahe laafz wapis nhi hote kyun k.wo baat ksi k dil myn gjar kar jati hai…

    Guilty Maan bhi manzoor nhi aur dukhi Geet bhi nhi… really emotional one. part…

    awe… sweetly Maan ease her LOVED IT
    Slept togrther n again leave her haw.. bacht kara di meera ne

    haw party myn Geet again angery Maan…
    darr lag rha hai.. kia hoga.. oye twist hai kia??

    update next soon…


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