Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 21


Part 21

Both entered the small shop like boutique, Maan saw geet’s excited face, he was amazed to see her face glowing,, and next a short height chubby girl dashed towards her and hugged her tight…. He saw a new zeal of happiness on geet’s face seeing the small n golu mulo creature.. Correction a girl.. he shook his head and looked at the whole place. Its small but beautiful. He has to admit it has class…

‘How r u pinky? I missed u..’ geet said with a shaky voice clearly indicating she is in a turmoil, pinky broke the hug and cupped her face, ignoring maan’s presence…

‘Kya huya geet? Ghar me fir se jhagra huya kya? Tu itni emotional kyun hain?’ pinky started firing her questioning machine bringing a smile on geet’s face…

Maan was amused to see her so many question but what surprised him was geet’s smile and pinky’s understanding her… she indeed knew her…

‘hmm little fight like as usual, tu chodh wo sab, why u r so late to come here?’


‘Geet baat mat kar mujhse, u know how much I m angry, u r marrying some tom dick n harry and never thought to inform me.’

This time maan was fuming in anger, geet looked at maan biting her cheek inside to stop the smile, but she knew how much angry he is and how he can destroy her friend’s dream… she tried to held pinky’s hand to stop her but pinky was in her own dhisoom dhisoom land, her face was saying if she get the person whom geet marrying she will kill him…

‘geet tell me his name and address, I know u r not ready, ur study isn’t complete, how can he force u to marry… I will give good peace of mind, tell me his name geet.’

‘Maan Singh Khurana’ pinky heard the angry and loud voice, her eyes popped out hearing it, then turned to see a fuming maan standing close to geet holding her waist, geet gave her sorry look, pinky made pouted and complaining face to geet for not telling he is here and geet showed same saying u r the one with fat mouth n long tongue, u didn’t give chance to say anything.

‘The name is MSK, so miss u were saying something. U want to give peace of mind hmm.’


‘wo mmm, main, actually….. u r real MSK? The MSK who has 20 fashion houses all over world?’

Maan nodded looking everywhere disinteresting….. pinky tried to say something but nothing comes out from her mouth except air… geet tried to plead maan through eyes but he wasn’t ready to even look at her…

lets go Geet’ maan ordered making pinky and geet gasped…

‘NOOOO’ geet squeaked making maan angry… though she is giving him chance, it doesn’t mean he can control her, she gave her determined look… ‘Pinky is doing my bridal attire, and I m here for measurement.’

He gave his threatening look but she ignored and looked at pinky ‘Chal u show me what u wanted to show me’ she started dragging pinky when maan’s voice stopped both of them…


‘do u know I can vanish this down market place in few min, just a call it will vanish like it never exist….’

Maan smirks seeing geet’s fuming face. he sat on the sofa crossing his leg… she tried to say something but he showed her his index finger….


‘not a word can change it jaan, ur wedding dress will be design by India’s top design’


‘I told u maan, if anyone has the right to do my dress its Pinky or I will marry only in a simple saree.’

And in between pinky looked at maan then geet, n again geet to maan. she interrupted their glaring session…


‘Mr Khurana, it was my Dream to design Geet’s lahenga, if u want destroy me after I give my gift to my friend, today if I m here its because of geet.. she fought with my family and gave her money so that I can study fashion design my dream, and she herself took scholarship. So if I have to give away my dream for my only frnd I m ready’

Maan looked at them bewilder, his thoughts stopped for a moment, he felt suffocated with all this love affection, he wanted to scream there is nothing call love sacrifice but seeing geet n pinky’s unconditional love he just walked out from the place…

Pinky gave the wedding dress which geet hugged to her life saying how beautiful it is…

Maan was roaming here n there in the boutique thinking what mess he had created for his life… why he is drowning in this forbidden pleasure, and the answer is nowhere to be found… he frustratingly looked here n there when his eyes fell on the angelic smile…

Geet told pinky what happen before they were leaving and pinky was teasing him, but she was genuinely worried for her frnd knowing she isn’t ready for marriage. Geet avoided it and went the changing room for try the outfit…  pinky went away as few her clients came there… maan’s leg automatically went to the changing room… he heard her mumbling…

‘what its yaar, how can u make this heavy dress, u know I hate this kind of heavy dress… and see its so irritating, now abb hook atak gaya.. I m telling u pinky I will die under the weight of this 35 kg lahenga… abb woha khare rehke kya dekh rahi, door is open come fast and do the back hook, mujhse nahi horaha..’

Geet said all this while busy doing her lahenga dori, maan saw her white creamy back, the more he was trying to control the devil the more she is ingesting his fire… he held the door knob tightly not wanted to break his resolution not to force her but seems like she is tasting his every ounce of control… he entered the room and locked the door.. geet was too busy to see anything… but she felt pinky isn’t moving so she again push her with words…

‘khare rahegi or u will help me also, please do it fast yaar, ye idiotic hook is making me mad..’  geet left the dori and sighed feeling exhausted with the fighting with hook and dori. but soon her breath caught in her throat feeling his scent. She can never forget this cologne… she looked at the mirror to see her devil standing behind her while her whole blouse back was open releasing her curvaceous back to his naked eyes…

She held her blouse in place to save her modesty, her lips started to shiver as he started coming close. His eyes were dark, she knew what his mind want, she can see him gulping down the saliva as his adam apple moved slightly. She couldn’t move nor hide her back bcz that mean facing him which she isn’t ready… he touched her spine with his finger tip. She in a reflex arched her back feeling his breath on her neck… his chest touched her exposed back, his palm roamed on her soft flesh….  She tried to turn but he held her from stomach, then placed his lips on her neck kissing it licking it… she can feel him losing.. it scared her for sometime, but he wasn’t harsh… he squeezed her back flesh softly, making her bite her lips.. he was seducing her softly.. she leaned over his chest feeling his first few button where open,, he rubbed his body with her while his lips tasted her earlobe.. her nails pierced his hand, but he didn’t flinched, it always gives him pleasure… he placed open mouth kiss on her neck then moving down on his nape, he nibbles her skin making it red… her heart shuddered with the new sensation he was creating in her. his hand moved towards her curves from behind.. it was enough for geet to jerk up from the dream world…

Geet turned suddenly pushing him slightly.. he jerks open his eyes and saw her flushed face, heaving chest and nervously clutching the blouse… he ran a hand in his hair, composing himself he looked at her futile attempt to hook her dress… he came forwards and glides his hand between her hand to her back. she looked surprised, his face was blank, hard. How could he control himself seeing her half nude, the person who once torn her dress today hiding her modesty. Joke of the century. She thought, she waited for him to once again take her skin in his mouth, but nothing came. His breath falls on her neck, her heart fluttered. Then suddenly the warmth was missing. She saw him distancing themselves… he saw her confuse state. A devilish smirk came on his lips…

‘I m not a saint, if u stay like this for 5 min more, I will eat u right here’ his voice brought her back, she looked at him accusingly yet cutely angry… he chuckle and pulls her close to him… ‘don’t say u haven’t enjoyed that, I can clearly see this geet’

Her face flushed openly, she tried to steal her eyes from him but he pressed his body on her and she sandwiched between him and glass wall…



‘u said u don’t get affected by my closeness or presence and now lost urself, what was that hmm?’ he said mere in a whisper.. his husky voice was tantalizing her. she tried to resist but he was creating havoc inside… he kissed her red cheek softly…. ‘in ur house also u took my side, Why? U said u don’t feel anything they why u r bearing me?’

She looked at him, she tried to think for reason but nothing comes to her tongue, seeing his teasing smirk she felt irritated…

‘I didn’t supported u then, I said what was right. I don’t like them interfering in my life’ she said little hesitantly. Maan knew she isn’t lying. Yes whatever she said not for him but she doesn’t like her family…  but he wasn’t the man who will mourn over the silly matter, he can twist things to his side…

‘oh yeah, u can see that, but its also right u get affected by my touch, by my closeness, my breath’  he said each word coming close to her lips making her gulp her own saliva… she tried to make a gap between them but is that so easy? He brought her closer each time she pushed him… ‘tell me Sweetheart.. u aren’t affecting by my presence?’ he said nuzzling in her neck, his fingers were making pattern on her lower waist line…

‘no’ she whispered out..

He smiles feeling her heartbeat so rapid.. he kissed her shoulder, then coming on her neck, going down the hollow of her neck ‘Now?’

She bite her lips feeling his torture, she couldn’t move as her body was pressing her full length and his lips were slowly torturing her to death… his hand went inside her back, the small hook went off.. she tried to deny but his lips keeps moving and making her lose the thread…


‘u don’t shiver with the touch of my lips?’



Their words were in whisper.. he rubbed her back curves sensually,, her hand made a fist with his collar unknowingly pulling him close to her. he gave a sly smile and kissed her cheek.

‘I can see that’

His words weren’t enough to bring her to the reality, he kissed near her lips.. her submission was making him mad, her soft lips were pulling him close. He rubbed the corner of her lower lips with his thumb, he lowered his face on her face, his breath fell on her face, she looked above to meet his deep eyes which only saying of desire, a dark desire…. she wanted to receive but couldn’t. her heart declined to refuse him… she just lowered her eyes, he got his permission and next he just smashed her lips under his…

Precap: none

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


16 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on January 27, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Awesome update di…
    Awww…Pinky was ready to even destroy her career just bcoz she wanted to design Geet’s lehenga..
    Loved their bonding..
    Ufff..the devil…always making things turn his side..
    Hhaaayyeeee…the way Maan was seducing Geet..sssooo dreamy..
    Waiting for the nxt di..


  2. awesome yar
    lovd geet n pinky bonding
    cont soon


  3. Posted by angelickushi on January 27, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    loved the update…
    wow maan is trying to seduce her…devil he is


  4. Posted by raty on January 27, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    ahem ahem changing room hot romance uff awsome geet u cant deny lovely update pinky was cute character


  5. Posted by Dhwani on January 28, 2013 at 5:27 am



  6. Posted by ns on January 28, 2013 at 5:31 am

    wow!! awesome update…pinky is so adorable…..and maneet moments were sooooooo romantic and sensual…lol…the devil is making geet dance on his finger tips with his romantic moves and i am loving it…continue soon…


  7. beautiful update
    loved maaneet moments
    superb one


  8. Posted by KNIGHT RIDER on January 28, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    wonderful post, owsum dialouges, fabulous writer and perfect english 🙂
    best of luck


  9. finetastic.alwz eagerly waiting for ur update……………………….pls never stop writing maaneet ff……………… u


  10. Posted by suzie on January 29, 2013 at 2:05 am

    super duper hit update
    thanks sweety


  11. AG suggested kagaz ki kashti… and i ended up reading DDP…. ofcourse this is just 21 parts… so i thought of finishing this first….
    I really liked it… and ofcourse the first thing i liked about ur story is that Geet is not a damsel in distress… She is helpless in front of devil, but yet she stands for self…. that was definitely different from the usual innocent and naive geet Vs Devil…
    And your updates have the anxiety thing !! ofcourse devil does the unexpected…
    Both are strong personalities…. so the clash was awesome to read with such characterization…

    Awesome one yaar… Looking forward for the next!!


    • Di thanks a lottttt,, i can’t tell u ur appreciation is a lot for me, thanks to AG (sheebu) hugss to u n sheebu and please do read K3 but of course it will take a lot time.. so i will wait for u to read it 😉


  12. Posted by Princessnikita on January 29, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Awesum update tichu… bonding between pinky n geet……pinky geet k liye apna career b distroy krne ko ready ho gai……devil ka changing room romance…….devil geet ko seduce karing……waiting 4 nxt


  13. thanks u guys for ur lovely comments 😀


  14. Superb update tich….

    love the understanding & concern pinky have for.geet….

    haw MSK k samne oski burai…. pinky yukr marna hai kia…. hish Geet ki wajah se bach gai
    warna Maan se bachna mushkil hi nhi na mumkinn hai

    Trial room scene me blishong… haye Maan control himself & tease Geet too… love it…

    Pinky ka dream kinna sweet hai k geet uska design kia dress pehne… cute …

    Tich super like 4 teasing & controlling



  15. awesome update…luvd pinky’s friendship n maaneet closeness:):)


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