Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 1

love TIKS 2

Part 1



She is walking through the alone n open corridor feeling the cool breeze on her white skin. A small smile adoring her face remembering her childhood that she spent here. Her home town Shimla. A small and beautiful hill station. Though they are Punjabi but from generation they are staying here as her great grandmother from this place where her great grandfather fell in love.. a small giggle escaped remembering how her daarji always told the story about his parent.. but then her smile faded, a small fear covered her heart. Will she have the same sweet story with her hubby.. ohh not to forget why she was running in the alone corridor.. just to feel her childhood for the last time.. just to remind those blissful days with her family, just to collect those beautiful memory in her heart cz after this day she won’t be able to collect her small lane of memory… next day a big day… the ritual to throw her out of her own house will start. Not that she complaint but she doesn’t like it also.. a girl who spent her 22 yrs here in her house with her family suddenly have to say bye to all why? Cz some idiots want to marry her for his house… she mentally smacked her head saying idiot to Him.. no he isn’t.. he is the most sweetest guy she had ever met.. actually her darji and veerji was so protected towards her that she never met a guy more than 5 mins… it was actually whole 15 min she met this guy who seems to be genuine, good looking and too much sweet for her n her family… tomorrow the ritual of their marriage is going to start.. she felt butterfly in her stomach but them something flickered, her mind diverted to something else.. she knows he is too good for her.. Good looking, humble, sweet, good sense of humor, lovable, sweet with family BUT does she want all this? Does she want a life with a man who is too much PERFECT? And the most important question DOES SHE LOVE HIM?



Her face changed it’s color as it felt an unknown touch.. her mouth went dry and heart rose like thunder evolving around it. she gulp her saliva feeling the manly grip on her waist.. unknowing to her, those soft palms started to sweat badly and the fear made her close her doe shape eyes… her breath started become heavy feeling his masculine scent around her nostril. Her body was shaking as HIS breath feel on her nape.




How can she forget the voice… she instantly opened her eyes to see a pair of mischievous eyes looking at her.. a masculine frame trapping her behind the wall and his whole body hiding her petite form for the world… his hold says how much he is in possess man. BUT does he has the RIGHT to POSSESS on HER?


‘AAP?’ a whisper came from her lips, his breath caught in his lungs as his breath fans on his cheek as he was really close to her face, he can feel the loud thumping voice of her heart… a sexy smirk played on his lips thinking how much effect he has on her… but the annoying look is something he can die for.. he so wanted to capture those juicy lips BUT he knows HE DOESN’T HAVE THE RIGHT… or rather say he never get the right but he knows how to get it… he know how to possess his things be it want or not. Be anyone happy or not he will get what he want,, he can’t be a sweet adorable person, love sick puppy but he is a man of demand, a man of passion, a man of possess…


His revere broke as he saw her struggling to get out of his hold.. he knew how much she is worried about their proximity. What if someone see them like this. it won’t be good for ANYONE…. And specially for her but how can he let her go so easily.. if he did so he will LOSE her…  he just drag her upstairs in the alone terrace not giving any look to her protest..


‘what r u doing, chodhiye mujhe,, I said leave me’ she said in a meek voice but knowing he won’t she just gave up and walked behind him till he trap her again between the wall and his rock hard body. She gulp hard seeing the dark intense eyes… jaw tighten and the rough messy look saying he didn’t get good sleep.. may be thinking about her… she slapped herself mentally, Jhalli why he will think about u… ufff….


But he was drinking her beauty through his naked eyes, seeing the cute pout and red nose he felt like eating her alive but he know, he has a long way to go…


And soon he again leaned on her not having the courage to let her go, her throat went dry as his lips touched her… he slowly pecked her lips then captured it in a smooch.. the sensation was too much to bear, he so wanted to make her his and so carnally but knowing his passion for her he kept himself low for now… she was too much shock.. Never in life she felt something like this… so soft, so divine and so magical.. She felt thousand butterfly doing summersault in her tummy but she doesn’t know to do and more she doesn’t know IS IT RIGHT?  He groans not finding her response and increased the pressure on her lips crushing it between his teeth… his hand travels through her kurti making small patterns on her skin.. she felt dizzy with pleasure… her hold on his shoulder become tight as her nails dig in his skin he pressed her lower part on her so that it can touch her felinity part on her dress… she gasp with the contact and he slipped his tongue in her mouth pleasuring her further…. And she too started responding copying his move to add fuel to his desire….


A moan escaped from his mouth ‘I love u GEET’


And she froze on her track, she opened her lusty clouded eyes and fresh hot tears started to pour.. he found the salty water and looked at her.. one look was enough to say how much she is feeling turmoil. She is too much naïve for all this and now with his confession things will be so confusing for her… and specially then when their relation is going to change,, she is coming to HIS FAMILY… the wedding preparation has to start from tom and in 10 days there is marriage…


He saw her withdrawing herself, his heart cried but eyes shows anger.. anger of sudden missing of her warmth but the cry melt him…


‘I can’t, It,, can’t happen, how can I lo-love u, I can’t love u MAAN…’


 ‘don’t u really love me geet? Then why u responded damit?’ his heart cried seeing her helpless and she only clutched her heart doesn’t know the answer…. He is a man who can only be a dream for any girl. too PERFECT and too much Passionate.. Fun loving yet aggressive, confident and have a attitude to die for, care a damn about anyone and anything.. he gets what he want never think who will get hurt.. a bad boy yet insanely breathtaking looks with hot body and Sinful act…. He is something that SHE DESIRED but she know HE is the horizon and she can never have, He is the MAAN SINGH KHURANA who is TOO MUCH PERFECT FOR HER yet he is too much in love with her the day he first met, the day THEY FIRST MET, The day they got to know their relation, the day she get to know she is going to marry HIS Brother YASH SINGH KHURANA who is a REPLICA of him… she never knew her life will turn like this where she can found the same face but not with same feeling from her own heart….


And the day she know She had fallen for such a trap that will ask her live for something she couldn’t accept not deny.. Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah karne ke liye Na jaane abb usse kya kya sehna padhe, lekin fir bhi mitegi wo apne Ishq k Sajde….

But will he allow her to sacrifice herself, Uske pyar ki kashish ne wo khud ko mitayega, sajde karega rooh se.. karegi sirf Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah ….






What did u thought about this new flavor of mine? Will it be hot or passionate or sady? Well let me tell u so that u won’t seize ur brain for more… it will be something deferent yet very similar… U know me, I can’t stay away from intensity so YES it will be passionate yet it will be different, in every other ff my maan is dark. So thought to give him some light yet dark yet lovable and passionate man… and for GEET.. she is strong but Naïve which will drive this maan so crazy to say


tere mohabbat me mit jayu

sufiyana isqh nivayu

ye dil kurbaan karu sirf

Sar jukayu to bas karu

Tere Ishq ko Sajdah.

My Other work

© All Copy Rights reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


6 responses to this post.

  1. awesome dear
    lovd it


  2. Posted by Najiah's Naina on February 1, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    Nice Start.. wow twins brothers hmm…
    mene hi to banner banaya tha.. 😀 thori si story to pata thi.. but description se or interset bar gaya mera… 😉

    Geet marrying Yash.. haw …& Maan love her..
    ab kia hoga!
    Geet think is happy with handsome, genieun guy that her family search but 1st meeting se to Maan fell in love… if Geet met Yash or Maan… haw 1st myn hi twist:..

    ab sochte raho kua hoga….
    maza aega… 😀

    Tich prologues peotry was awesum…. (y)


  3. Posted by Dhwani on February 2, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Awesome Update




  5. Thank u soooooo much guys for the wonderful comments…..


  6. Plz update ur stories we r waiting kitna wait karwaewoge…..



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