Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 22



Part 22



They were returning home, both lost in their own way. Maan looked at the road straightly and geet, she was looking out of the car. She was lost in the thought of their kiss, how did she let him kiss her like that, how she responded him with passion.. she shivered touching her red lips, how did he manage to probe the lust in her??


They reached the house and geet tried to go away from his sight, least she knew what he is gonna do.. as she tried to leave the place he held her wrist and in force pulls her close to him, she held his chest to balance herself.. she looked at his eyes which shows darkness.. her heart flutter to see him looking at her lips, before he can touch her lips she pushed him and ran away in her room. He stayed there looking at her retreat figure… he waited n waited but didn’t went from there. geet saw him standing like that… her room was upstairs, from the balcony she looked at him, he was looking at her only… in no time rain started pouring in full rhythm, geet looked at him tensed seeing him drenching like that in the winter rain. He can fall sick but he was nowhere removing his eyes from her. she felt suffocated, feel scared to see the passion in his eyes. it was 20 min still he was on the same spot.. she couldn’t left the situation on its own. She ran from her room to the back stairs, in no time she reached him, and tried to push him to the car… her attempt was futile as he didn’t budged from his place.. she felt frustrated with his adamant behavior but he just closed the distance sealing her lips once again, she shuddered feeling him holding her so intimately, his tongue teased her lips then her mouth, she was lost in the kiss. With each passing second she was losing herself. He rubbed her waist then pulls her closer kissing her hard..


He felt her out of breath, and left her lips to get their breath normal. he placed his forehead on her, she was panting heavily…


‘Go, please’ She whispered but he brought her petite form closer to him.


‘Come with me’ he said. Geet looked at him confused, he pecked her lips ‘Come with me to delhi. I m have to go for 5 day, u can come with me.’


Her heart did a summersault, but why she herself was unknown. She looked at him helplessly, she knew its not possible to decline her devil but she herself isn’t ready to let herself carried by him, knowing her own hormones she can’t guarantee it will let her be in peace specially when he will be close to her… she cursed her body why it’s doing this….


 ‘its not possible’ She said while her chest heaved up n down… her white salwar was giving a full view of her hard bud, he felt his throat going dry. He remember the first day in HP her dance with gulgule and then his kiss,, that day also her curvy body was attracting him.. he gripped her wrist then dragged her in an alone pathway, he pinned her to a wall then in seconds he smacked her lips nibbling it hard,, his hand roamed on her stomach, then coming on her curves, he groans in her mouth feeling it hard.. he pinched the bud above dress making geet hiss in pain n pleasure, she bite his lips hard making it bleed.. he smirks seeing her wild self.. but it was shocking for geet, she looked at him wide eyes, then closed her mouth with her palm. what is happening to her.. in no time she pushed him and ran away in her room.. maan smirks seeing her retreating body.. he then took out his car, in the way he took his phn and dialed someone..


‘Aadi I need geet in delhi University, do all the arrangements’ he cut the call without hearing anything from the other side, knowing his words are enough for aadi to start his work.. and yes indeed he started his work which is his boss’s first priority..




Night was not easy for geet, whenever she tried to close her eyes his passionate deep eyes haunted her, she felt she will drown in this dream only.. next morning when she comes down another little shock, her relatives were gossiping while her father wasn’t please with the situation but her mother was happily talking to someone.. she peeked behind to get a shock of her life, Maan.. but he was suppose to be in delhi right now, he gave a sly smile to geet which wasn’t noticeable for anyone…


‘arre geet beta aap agayi, hum aap hi ka raah dekh rahe the’ Savitri devi said while walking towards her, geet always felt a warmth n affection in the presence of dadima. She bent down to take blessing and dadima immediately held her shoulder, then kissed her forehead giving her love n blessing… she made her sit beside her, soon gulgule jumped on her lap occupying her thought everywhere.. maan looked at the creature and his antics. Geet was tickling gulgule who was licking her cheek saying not to do that… everyone smiled at their love but geet’s all attention was on maan who was literally fuming… a small smile came on her lips feeling him being so childish.. dadima observed them, and she was indeed happy seeing the growing LOVE…


Then the news jerks open geet’s eyes when her mother said that…


‘Geet I think u should join Delhi University, u can pursue ur architecture degree there, and after marriage u have to give time to maan also. so it will be better to join delhi rather pune.’ Rano said happily, geet was numb, she looked at her mother then at maan who was silently smirking looking away… she pressed her lips to suppress the anger, till today no one had forced her to do something which she doesn’t want but today without force he is mending her in his clay…


‘Mumma how can I,, I mean, I have to start the semester from beginning, how can I loss the years in that?’


‘u will do the same sem as u r doing.’ Maan sounded calm, she knew he has power to do with donation but she doesn’t want to take this, moreover its not her ethic to take his money or doing things on his influential name n status. She wasn’t sure what to do, if she say she don’t want to change her uni maybe her mother will suspect.. finally she agreed showing her anger to maan who just ignored her…


Geet was leaving the hall when He interrupt ‘But she have go delhi to apply her course there, Principal will meet the student first before letting her enter the uni.  then she have to go pune to collect  collage leaving… he finished with a innocent face, her mother agreed, geet just looked at the smirk behind the innocent face, she gave him one disapproving look then went to her room with gulgule….


‘but maan she can join after marriage’ this time dadima came for geet’s rescue yet he was ready for it.


‘dadima her exam will start in 4 month, the more she will late, the more she will get difficult to adjust, if she take the admission now, after marriage she can concentrate on study then.’


This time geet’s mother intervene ‘I think Maan beta is right’


Geet pouted in anger seeing maan smirk…



At 5 pm she found herself in the flight where maan was sleeping beside her, or rather say dodging her glares by fake sleep, she pouted remembering her gulgule who cried like hell, its always like this whenever she went out gulgule will cry on top of his lungs but this time he was exceptional, he had held her dupatta between his teeth not wanted to leave her, after an hour of sweet talks n maan’s glare he finally let her go…


dusht danav’ geet mutter under her breath… he raise his eyes brow on her remark but ignored showing he doesn’t care her words… in the mean time an airhostess comes to give them their respective drinks… it’s a privet jet of maan. geet saw the airhostess bending down little more than require, she felt disgusted seeing the woman showing her cleavage to maan so that she can seduce him… maan was busy observing geet’s facial expression and then he noticed the airhostess antics… for his bad luck geet saw him seeing the lady… she fumed more, and bursted on the poor airhostess…


‘don’t ur sir give u enough salary to buy or design a proper uniform? Or it is summer season that u r extra exposing as u r feeling Hot? Or here is going a stripping show?’


The airhostess was petrified with the pitching tone of geet, her eyes were molten lava which can burn her alive, she looked at maan for rescue who was least bother about her.. he was amused to see geet’s anger…


‘mam’ the airhostess tried to say but geet showed her finger.


‘shut ur f****** mouth and get lost, next I see ur face u will definitely expose urself to get a job elsewhere’


The airhostess was aghast seeing a girl showing so much attitude and maan was so calm.. its true maan take his ladies on different places but never anyone raises their voice on his employees,, they are always special and whenever maan wasn’t satisfied with those bimbos he would take any of the airhostess who are always ready to throw themselves,, and they knew it’s a golden opportunity for them to grab a good position…


Here her all hopes dreams comes crushing down when maan held geet’s hand to calm down her.. he eyed her angrily and she immediately left fearing her existence may vanish the next second.





Geet snatched her hand from his grip and turned her face to the window seeing the stars and cloud happily singing their own song of passion… maan was amazed to see her anger and the way she is showing her right on him. unknowingly she started living life with him and feeling a ting of jealousy.. he smirks thinking how will she react when her anger will calm down and she will realize what she had did.. his smirk was irritating geet to the bits… he thought to tease her a little.


‘so u were jealous?’


‘why I will be? and that too with that sl**, r u in ur senses? ’


‘that only u know, I mean just because she was showing her,,,’ his words came to a halt when geet greeted through her teeth….


‘I think u r concern for that wh***, go and pacify her. she must be waiting for her master…’


She stomped out from her seat, maan can clearly see she was hell angry… should he be happy or worried he wonder…



Geet splashed the water on her face, anger and tear both visible on her face, she again n again throw water on her face to get rid of the tears still it poured down…


‘why the hell I m feeling so? Why I m being so monotonous. To hell with him and his fu***** business with other,  why do I care. No it can’t happen to me. I can’t be so weak in front of him. all men are same. He is same, then why I m feeling so? Why its affecting me.. WHY???’


Her voice was painful, with anger mixed, she hated herself being so emotional, whenever she gets angry beyond limit she will cry… her tears only known to come when she is super happy or super angry but she herself doesn’t know why she is feeling so anger seeing maan’s eyes on any other chick, she know he is a womanizer, did he said he will be loyal to her… the thought itself disgusted her… she took out her lipstick and smashed the mirror with its color which was showing her reflection. She hated how its showing her weak point…


Here maan was patiently waiting for geet outside the washroom, when she took too much time he came inside with master keys and saw her smudging the mirror with lipstick, her face showing how much angry she is. As she turned her face to him he saw her tears that she smartly wiped instantly without his notice. She tried to walk pass him but he held her wrist…


‘leave me, I don’t want ur touch’  next she found a husky voice beside her ear.




She composed herself and looked side way to see his face inches far to her, she looked straight in his eyes.


‘I don’t want the same hand to touch me which was pleasing someone else a few min before behind my back’ she spat on his face rudely, maan was controlling his rage for quite a long time but this time he couldn’t control anymore, he tried not to say or do anything but his grip on her wrist become tight. Geet was already very angry and don’t know what she was doing or saying in her rage.


‘go and get ur pleasure from that bi***’s body, leave my hand now’


But maan pulls her closer to his body ‘what did u said this hand touched that wh*** behind ur back, accha now it will touch u. lets see how will u stop me.’


Next she found to be pushed in the lavish room of the jet… she gulp her saliva seeing maan removing his shirt penetrating her eyes straightly. She tried to get away from the room but he trapped her body with his and the door, next she found him carrying her and throwing on the soft bed quite harshly….



Precap: ahm ahm, nahi dungi…



Next update only after 200 likes and 12 pages comment on IF and 80 likes on FB.. I know no body will care for it still I want to see how many care for this ff and maybe that will decide it’s future…



© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.


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  1. Posted by SAMPURNA BHOWMICK on February 4, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    wooow….me fida on dis ff!
    Geet s unknowingly jealous ha like it!!
    plz continue soon!


  2. Posted by Najiah's Naina on February 4, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Super happy with it…
    its so hot yet passionate but abi to kuch hua bhi nhi…
    It just a Kiss…<3 that too desired to fulfil his thrust…

    1st here is raining too as winter rain scene & its affects was awesum tichu… maza agaya dekha…

    then Maan ki chalki on taking her to Delhi…
    flight myn J geet.. uff kia boli wo.. Maan ne maze liye.. porr airhostess ki band baj gai… hahahah…

    uff.. maan now angry with her words… now what ye kia tich u stop …. i want precap…

    wese ahem ahem k kia chances hain… 😉
    update soon plz


  3. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on February 4, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Awesome update di…
    Maan ne kya planning se Geet ko Delhi aane par majboor kar diya..
    Poor Gulgule was crying bcoz Geet was going away from him…
    OMG…Geet complete JEALOUS..
    Maan very much angry..
    What will he do now???
    Waiting for nxt part di..


  4. Posted by Dhwani on February 4, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Awesome UPdate!!!!!!!!!!


  5. awsemmmmm


  6. beautiful hot and passionate update
    loved it


  7. OMG loved this dare devil…. 😉 haayee geet is liking his smack on her lips and she’s unknowingly getting wild for herself and maan is liking this….OMG maan tok geet to Delhi making her admission in Delhi university which geet opposed but maan closed all the way of her running from him…..awesome dear geet getting jealous due to that air hostess and is so shocked to see her behaviour in front of air hostess while maan is asking that is she jealous while she’s arguing that she’s not….let’s see what happens next when that ahem ahem parts comes…. 😉 waiting for next dear continue soon…. 😉


  8. Posted by raty on February 6, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    jealous geet ka valcano phata gud going loving it now both in dehli waiting


  9. Posted by angelickushi on February 11, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    jealous geet loved it
    thought maan wud pacify her anger but maan has his own ways


  10. nyc update… geets feelings ver awesomely potrayed:)


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