Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 80




I want to thank each one of u for Giving ur precious time to this ff… thanks a lot guys for supporitng me through out the journey… so as a treat of this new thread giving u back to back 2 update,, pls do comment and hit the like…

Part 80



Saanjh Will u marry this motu of urs?


And there was silence from both side, maan saw shiv’s blank face. for the first time there was fear which was visible very much….





Whole family member was gaping at abir who was standing few inches away to saanjh who herself was dumbfounded with it… seeing the situation geet take the initial step…


Geet: motu, stop ur nonsense, ye koi mazak ka topic nahi hain….


Abir: when I said I m joking geetu? I m very much serious… dekh main to tujhse shaadi karna chahta tha,, but u married maan, and u won’t give him a divorce also, main to maahi ko bhi accept karne ko ready tha if u say yes but I know tu maan ka dil nahi todegi…  so my card is already gone.. and sanju is ur replica.. isse mera kaam chal jayega, aur tu bhi aadhi gharwali ban jayegi….  1 teer 2 nishane…


Maan clenched his fist, Shiv narrowed his eyes seeing the boiling lava which can blast any moment… Maan was holding a paperweight and in next second it shattered a picture frame…


Shiv: uuhhooo,, Gone… I wish I could see that Jerk on that place…. Maan gave a threatening glare to shiv which he returned back with a devilish smile….


Maan: do u know he is hitting Saanjh indirectly so that she cannot doubt his feeling for her… maan said seriously to which shiv also made a serious face because he also felt that….


Shiv: if he goes in this speed he will not take much time to propose her for real…. And what if her parents accept the alliance… he said while biting his nails which maan hates the most. He slapped shiv’s head…


Maan: don’t worry nothing will happen, but tell me something first… Shiv looked at him worriedly… Do u Love Saanjh?? Or its just the insecurity to lose her again?? Ask ur heart Shiv what it feels for saanjh….





Everyone burst in to laughter leaving the 2 sister, who are looking at him with burning gaze. If look can kill abir was long dead… he gave a cheeky smile to them which was no use…


Geet: u wanted me to divorce Maan hmm?


Abir: he-he Geetu main to bas,


Saanjh: so I was Replacement of Geet and that’s why u r proposing me huh? She asked while crossing her hand over her chest….


Abir sensed he had made the blunder and no one save him now, so it’s better to run… and he did so… he ran here n there but geet n saanjh weren’t the girl who will leave it so easily so they also ran behind him, chasing him… it was getting difficult for geet to continue to chase him but saanjh was fast enough to hold him, she was always champ in running and jumping and her athletic skill made it easy… abir was beaten red n blue by the two girls for saying like that and somewhere maan was feeling childish, how can he fall for the trap of abir’s stupid talks.. but Shiv was engrossed in some thought, maan didn’t disturb him cause he need to know his own feeling towards saanjh….




Maahika was clapping her hand in excitement seeing abir was beaten by her maasi, don’t know why she dislike abir so much that whenever he gets hurt or anyone beat him she felt happy… and the whole scene was funny and exciting for her.. hearing maahi’s cheering saanjh beats him more…


Abir looked at maahi then at saanjh, who’s face was all messy and hair was falling on her face…


Abir: ek afaad kam thi ke aur ek again…


Maahika puffed her lips and shook her head: nannnnnaaaannnnnnnnnn…. Everyone laughed at him… just then maahi noticed some stranger standing on the door step,, she always gets happy to see new persons, but this time she was confuse.. she saw rano who was trying to hold saanjh from beating abir and one side a person who exactly looks like her, Rituka… only the hair is the difference… on that time geet came and took maahi without seeing what she is indicating….


Maahika: aaaaaa,, mmmmmmummmmm


Geet: baby ko bhooki lagi hain kya? Maahi shook her head in denial and indicates her finger towards door…. Only then geet looked at the door where rituka and her husband Ajay Malhotra….. a beautiful smile adorned her face seeing her maasi n masa… she ran to them and rituka hugged her instantly.. she always treated her as her daughter, saanjh and geet was never 2 individual neither for rituka nor for rano.. they loved 2 children as their own… ajay also hugged her and took maahika who showed them her gummy smile….


Ajay: aweee we missed her birth, but I m so happy to hold this angel in my arm now…


Rituka: mujhe dijiye na,, awe she is soo cute, bilkul geet pe gayi hain… maahika gave her most sweetest smile to them… rituka kissed her chubby cheeks…. While maahika giggles… geet smiles at them and led them enter the hall…


Rano met her sis and BIL, then saanjh hugged them, abir took blessing from them, they settle in the room,, rituka passed some things to saanjh which she grabbed instantly, it’s her diary and few other things of childhood which she always treasure and can’t live without them… 


Maan was restless to hear something,, no one saw the receiver on the floor, so it was easy for maan to hear everything but for quite a few mins neither geet or any family member spoke naything, he felt irritated.. after settling rituka n ajay to their room Geet walked back to the hall where abir was standing near the staircase and the landline phn was a little behind them.. saanjh with maahika and rano stayed back in the room and mohinder went to some work with brij… geet saw the ladies who said all bakwas to saanjh… they saw geet and abir together talking something….


1st lady: arre Abir bête we know u were just lightening the atmosphere… u r perfect in any aspect then why u need a girl like saanjh who is so incomplete… yeah if geet was not married we could have thought he genuinely proposed her… she n few other females giggles on that making abir irritated and angry…


Geet: excuse me Aunty, I heard ur daughter Gouri met with some accident few month before and she couldn’t conceive anymore. Her In laws want to get their son married to another girl…. Geet said all that quite bluntly shocking maan n shiv… they heard that woman’s voice and immediately glue to the phn…

That lady was looking here and there, pain was visible on her face…

Lady: u shouldn’t say all this here geet, gouri is a girl so like u,, and u r a mother, u can feel her pain…


Geet: exactly my point aunty, Saanjh is a girl of ur daughter’s age, uski dard dekhne k wajah u r seeing her incompetence.. can’t she feel pain with ur words..  Sorry if I had hurt u with my rude words but before saying others think about the pain that cause ur words to her and then think if ur daughter was at her place would u have said the same? I wish Gouri get her every happiness but my sister also deserves happiness…


Abir: aur ek baat, If she couldn’t speak fully also then I would have propose her, not for fun or lightening the atmosphere, if any guy was on my place,, known saanjh by her nature, he would have fall long before… she is a gem which every guy want to worship. She is my best friend but more capable than anyone, she is perfect in every aspect more than anyone…..



Maan felt proud hearing his wife’s words while shiv only admire the love between the sister. Though he was obliged with the answer abir gave them but still some corner of his heart doesn’t like him being so defensive for saanjh, it pains him to see other stood for her but he couldn’t do anything… and that increased the anxiety more…. he wanted to stand beside saanjh, want to take care of her and show the world she is the perfect person anyone can have, He can have… 



The ladies dipped their head in shame while geet walked out from the place to join saanjh up stair, but suddenly stopped at abir’s voice…


Abir: geetu call sanju, she said we need to go for shopping,, we need to shop for maahi and sanju, mujhe bhi kuch lena hain, so hurry up….


Geet: then call nt n aniee to come na, we all will go then…


Abir: ok as u wish… just then his eyes fell on the receiver which was lying on the floor… Yeloo receiver romancing with floor… Geet couldn’t help but chuckle at his remark then went away, here abir tried to know was there anyone on the line so he said hello but not getting any response he banged the receiver down…




Shiv: Mall?


Maan: Geet n Maahi.


Shiv: I can meet saanjh…


Maan: shiv, u have to say ur feeling to her fast or be ready to see her saying bye bye forever…


Shiv: what?


Maan: r u gone case, can’t u understand one thing If u want her then say ur heart to her or FORGET HER…. maan went out cancelling his all meeting for the rest of the day…


Shiv(st): abb dil ki baat kaise bolu ye bhi to bol de,, till now it was easy to go infront of her not knowing what exactly I feel for her but now how will I face her… is Maan right, m I in love with her? when? How? When I fall for her? is it just the thought someone will snatch her fearing me, making me insecure? Or this feeling always exists in me? who will answer my this unknown question.. will saanjh forgive me for what I have done to her?


(tich wondering how many question he can ask himself ufff)





Geet saanjh Naintara aniee and abir went to the mall to get few stuffs like left over dresses and jewelry.. Dadima had given some instruction to go a particular jewelry shop to get geet’s jewelry while nt n aniee went to shop for themselves.. Saanjh wasn’t a girl fond of jewelry still she went for her sister… abir was the most irritated person as he have bear 5 Girl alone, of course maahi will be tougher for him… geet was worried for maahika, she doesn’t wanted to bring here here but maahi only guled to her and geet knew leaving her with others mean inviting trouble for them so she reluctantly took her, she tried to call maan to inform him their sudden plan but maan was unavailable and when she could reach his phone he wouldn’t take it… at last leaving everything she joined her family and frnds as meera n jay came to meet them at mall.. meera was damn excited with the whole idea of remarriage so she enthusiastically took part.. abir leave a sigh of relief seeing another man.. geet introduced abir to her frnds. They heard about abir from her so it wasn’t difficult to jell with him… jay instantly hugged him for saving him…. both men cracked really well.. Maahika was the amused person seeing so many shops and different dresses she many time tried to pull the dresses along with the module…. But somehow they were safe…


Meera: I think we should go for dresses first, if we continue like this we will be really confuse and we have to be fast… see maahi is becoming so cranky… geet looked at maahi worriedly..


Abir: ok wait I have a solution,, nt di n aniee u go for dresses,, u know ur family’s choices so it will be better u can buy it along with meera she can take few simple things for geet n saanjh as both of their tastes she knows well… saanjh can help geet to see her bridal dress over the designers place… jay will help me to get my things and I will call maan to come here to look at his dress..

Nt: but geet’s jewelry?  


Abir: she will just try once, everything is ready I think….


Aniee: yeah maan bhai had already done everything even he instructed the designer about bhabhi’s lahenga and jewelry,, not only for shaadi but for every ceremony he had specially designed according to bhabhi’s tatse.. how sweet na… aaj kal aise pyar karne wala milta kaha hain.. she teased geet making her cheeks bright red….


‘hmm then we can also book the same designer for us’ aniee turn to see arjun standing there with a sweet smile,, NT immediately hugged him..


Nt: how r u bhai?


Arjun: good di.. hmm aniee shall we order our dresses also…


Jay: ohho man r u proposing her right now? Good…


 aniee was crimson red.. saanjh gaped at them like alien… geet giggles to see her like that…


Geet: arjun, aniee’s boyfriend saanjh… arjun looked at saanjh…


Arjun: ohh Geet this is saanjh… u told so much about her in school… saanjh looked at geet with confusion, geet bite her lips…


Geet: Only arjun knew about saanjh.. once I was feeling low when I came back from Missouri  so I told him everything and he had supported me.. saanjh didn’t said anything just shook her hand..


Arjun: saanjh glad to meet u now…. both exchanges smile…


Geet: arjun abb to mom n dad se baat karlo kab tak bechari aniee kunwari rahegi…  Everyone laughed at them while aniee excused herself rushing in the females section….





Precap:  geet making hell someone’s life, who is that???

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  1. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on February 11, 2013 at 4:01 am

    Awesome update di..
    Oh god i thought ht Abir is actually proposing Saanjh..
    Poor Shiv…bechare ka chehra dekhne laayak hoga..
    Is Maan going to mall to meet Maahi & Geet???


  2. fantastic update dear…par iss shiv ka kuch nahi ho sakta…saanjh will marry someone else and he will be still thinking of his feelings for her while supporting her doli…lol …. he is such a jerk..continue soon!!


  3. LOL…. pore cast present there for shopping… arjun jay meera aniie nt saanjh geet maahi & abir chipko =P
    just waiting for Maan & shiv =D
    bas ab sujal or oski WO reh gai ahai =P

    Thank God abir kidding otherwise I WILL KILL before shiv or maan did… =P
    Love cats attack on abir 😉
    Maahi k sath sath me also laughing on abir halat =D
    Geet & abir ne gossip ladies ki bolti band kardi.. proud on Geet & wish to be like her as sis , uff i dont have sister but I can do it for my bros too yr… 😉

    How sweet Maan already arrange for each function for geet …of course maahi klye bhi kia hoga 😉
    ye shiv khud se kitne sawal karta hai.. phle saanjh se kaho to sahi .. sab jawab ek sath mil jate.. bekar main Tich ke words use kiye itne =D 😉

    chalo SHIV SAANJH ka confession ka waiting me..

    gaye ka to mene phele hi read =D

    now waiting for KISS MISS or MAAN’s Wrath on Geet or sales girl….


  4. superb one
    loved it dear


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