Love For You Part 62

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Part 62

A man in his early thirties walked through the beeches…. His eyes seems to compliment the shore, it has nothing except blankness and emptiness.. his eyes watched the sunset, yet another sunset and probably another run rise without HER… the whole place was glittering with the light sun gave for the last time, water was shining but his face had lost the spark long back… His handsome features has turned sharper.. his clenched jaw was saying nothing, now those deep eyes doesn’t show any emotion… it has lost the mischievousness that it used to have few years back.. it has only self hatred… he looked at the kid’s disappointed face because their sand castle has drown in the sea water. He looked at his life, he himself has tarnished the castle of his dream… this place gives him peace and today he needed it the most… his mithi’s birthday today but he has no right to wish her at least… sighing high he looked at the sun which is fully set now like his life which has only darkness now…

A deep sigh left his breath, he dipped his hands in his pocket and started walking towards his car, his white shirt and pants had the mark of the sand,, his bare foot left the print on the sand as he walked out from the beech,, soon the water came on the shore wiping his foot print…. He sat in the car then took out something..

He saw the packet then opened it, took out a candle and light it on the cake, then blow it…

‘Happy Birthday Mithi’ maan’s voice choked in his throat but he cut the cake, then took a small portion in his mouth. Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to mithi, Happy birthday day to u,, happy bi-bith d-day to yo-you,, a sobbed released her mouth.. still he sang in a hoarse sound then few drop of tears made its way… ‘I wish I could erase the haunting past Geet,, just give me one chance.. but I know I don’t deserve it.. some corner of this heart still want to see u probably for the last time, I can’t die also without seeing u for the last time geet… I need u pls forgive me…’ he leaned his head on the car seat shedding the tear of pain still it never reduced in all these years…


Rudra: come on Geet,, why u r so hyper? What happen??

Mann: buddy mommy always gets angry, what is new about it?

Tammy: no today she slap that bone shop, mommy was very angry….

Geet avoided every question and placed the food they had ordered ,, full day they were out from home,, because of kids they went to their fav places,, though geet tried to indulge herself in them but for some reason her heart wasn’t at peace, is it because of maahi’s father or some other reason… she was lost in her thoughts where rudra took the kids to water park to play and enjoy their one day vacation… rudra was silently observing geet but he didn’t disturb him knowing geet always feels so on her birthday…

Geet: its nothing like that, I was thinking about the new contract we have to sign… it will increase the market value of us but I m in dilemma… till now we were in this business alone and we had earned enough reputation, this company is very new but it’s market value is way too ahead of us, it’s weird that they want a merger with us…

Rudra: geet its nothing weird I heard this company is handling by Mr Aditya Kashyap… He is new in to this business so want a merger… who will be better than us as we are in this business from more than 5 yrs now…

Geet: but why he need us when he can grab good numbers of viewers because all stars are ready to do their album…

Rudra: every businessman has strategy geet,, they also have some good thing in this… u searched about their owner’s background na?

Geet: only one name came in front, its Aditya kashyap… that’s it and the main branch is in India but they are ready to give us enough space to work in Boston only…

Rudra: that’s good na…

Geet: I m feeling weird.

Rudra: don’t be its all fine yaar…


Irritated tammy n mann shouted on both… rudra and geet looked at their angel with sorry face… but both the devil was much frustrated…

Mann: mommy that look won’t work.

Tammy: u both are so boring, why u discuss business over family time…

Rudra: sorry tammy, mann.. we promise we won’t discuss it now. now concentrate on the food… n waise bhi mommy is really hungry after fighting with that bones shop… tammy giggle while geet shot an angry glare to rudra just then her cell rang… geet looked at the screen for a brief moment… a small smile touched her lips seeing the name, she picked it up…

‘Happy Birthday Mishty’

Geet: yaad agayi hamari hmmm…

‘hmmm abb kya kare dil se kaise bhulaye aapko’

Geet: Karan I hate u for calling so late yaar…

Karan: I m extremely sorry sweetheart but what can I do, I was little busy with the work which U LEFT HERE… Geet was confuse with his words… karan understood it… now when u abandon ur company I have to give my all time to that company na… Geet was silent for some time,, karan sighed,, Ok listen I was busy because of some other reason…

Geet meekly: what reason?

Karan smiles: Congratulation Maasi ji,, u have become aunt now… Naina delivered a cute boy at 2 am so I was in hospital from then..

Geet widen her eyes: Whattt?? But u said due date is after 2 week…

Karan: but she was missing u too much, last night she cried for u,, because today is ur birthday and she can’t meet u, and then her pain started, we had to shift her to hospital, dev neha arjun is with her arohi had came with me, we will again go there in few hour… naina need to be in under observation… geet stood up in panic, rudra and kids looked at her worriedly…

Geet: di thik hain na karan?

Karan: relax mishty, she is fine… but very week and baby is healthy n fine…

Geet: thanks for being with them karan…

Karan: now u will say this to ur frnd,, geet was silent for a moment.. Leave it Geet… geet closed her eyes feeling the pang in her heart…. Karan smiles sadly knowing how she is feeling… Geet ek baat bolni thi…

Geet: hmmm

Karan: Naina wanted to know what name u want for the baby… Geet held her breath hearing that… karan smiles.. u can leave ur breath mishty, how could u think naina doesn’t know u r in touch with me?? she always knew it but never forced me to get to know ur address, neither she tried to know what u r doing, she want u to tell her everything… she needs u mishty… What do u thought after having ur num is it hard for me to track ur address? U can be in anywhere in this world I could have search u in hours but I couldn’t because of naina. She told me not to do that because she knew u need time. but I never thought u will take 6 yr still u won’t come to ur family… u know she doesn’t even know about ur kids. she only said somewhere she knew u r happy.. if u want to be alone away from her then be that may be her love wasn’t so strong to pull u back to India… I don’t know when u will be able to forget everything and come here but do that before its get too let…

Karan hung the phn wiping the tear drop but his met with the moist eyes of neha, she looked at him with moist eyes and hatred written all over her face, she hates him for hiding the fact he knew where is geet and he never told geet about maan’s condition, maybe knowing the reason geet would have come long back, these facts made them part away their life.. though both loved each other more than life still they were bound in their promises.. neha promised dadima she will bring geet here, for her maan bhai, though she hates him but still the sister in her still exist which know how much pain maan is suffering… but karan had showed his objection saying geet doesn’t want maan in her life. So neha thought karan want geet in rudra’s life, as once she heard karan saying how much rudra loved geet once but now its only frndship… neha knew its true but her mind opposed, she thought karan want rudra and geet to be together that’s why he is hiding the truth from everyone. she never believed geet had taken promise from karan not to say about her to anyone or she will leave rudra and karan both.. with this fear he couldn’t tell anyone about her…


Geet for the first time in this 6 yrs felt so broken again.. how could she become so selfish… how could she forgot her own sister who was a mother to her, how could she left her sister like that… she wanted her happiness but never thought going away from her will shatter her.. now she get to see how much alone naina was without her… rudra understood everything and hugged her immediately.. tamanna and mannat didn’t said anything but hugged each other. they can’t handle geet’s broken state…

Rudra: geet pls sambhalo apne aapko,,, lets go home first…. He payed the bill and all 4 went to home…


Rolling the watch in his hand, maan took the perfume and spreads over his bare chest then wear the crisp white shirt.. wetting his hair with gel he combed his hair then took his waist coat slipping it he took the coat… black suit complimenting his hard features, the cold look on his face masked his feelings or rather say buried his all emotions in the deepest corner of his heart… Here comes Mr MSK, the ruthless, arrogant, and shrewd India’s Leading Businessman.. MD of Khurana Construction and Hotel chains all over World… no one can say he has any feeling because everyone knows him for his screwed nature.. He can mend anyone according to him.. he doesn’t like to come in limelight and hates media… often he comes in headline because of his arrogance.. he doesn’t fears anyone and may be that’s why never feared before smashing any reporter and cameraman,, anyone dare to put an eye on his personal life or his sibling and family he would have tarnish their life to hell.. MSK doesn’t like anyone intervening in his life… and one more things which made him headlines of newspaper and channel was his hatred for women… there was news also maybe someone betrayed him that’s why he hates females but he never said anything to clarify anyone, now he doesn’t blvs in clarification, its only make a person hollow more… though MSK hates girls but never misbehaved with them, its only if any girl try to throw themselves on him he would never hesitate to slap that girl infront of everyone… he just lost control if he see this kind of treatment and that’s why girls try to be away from him always….

Maan reached his destination…The hall was mesmerizing with beautiful view and the oozing champagne fountain…


From everywhere its reflect royalty… every corner of the place talks about money and status.. this is the best hotel in Mumbai and today it’s auction… no one thought someday the owner will sell this but its true they have to sell it cause they are drowning in the business…

70 crore.

90 crore.

110 crore.

200 CRORE… everyone looked at MSK who’s bidding will be always the last one because after it no one has the strength to stand before him…. THE DEAL IS MSK’S…..

A malicious smirk came out from his lips but soon it met with the most fierce eyes which has only hatred for him… Brij Singh Rathode… Maan only stares at him didn’t said anything…. in all these years he silently asked forgiveness from them but No one forgave him, Brij hates him the most..

Brij: I refuse to give the deal to MSK…

Maan closed his eyes for a moment… and remember her words…

‘I want to see u as the no 1 businessman in this world, Maan…..’

A cruel smirk came again: Deal is already set if u want to back out give 300 crore then….

Brij: what?? r u nuts?

Maan: here is 200 crore, now if u want to back out from the deal u have to pay more 100 crore according to ur contract. Read it first… Brij cursed his lawyer who made the clause if anyone bid it and refused to pay it then they have to pay 100 half additional and if the owner refuse same will go with them… maan gave a sly smile.. So the Deal is mine… ‘now I want to change the name of this hotel, now this will call GEETAKSHI HOTEL PALACE, which is Mine’

Brij looked at him for a brief moment: u can have this hotel mr MSK but u can’t have the person or her heart with her flesh n blood. U know she hates u and because of u she left everyone… U can get any luxury but let me remind u,, u will get those money with the blood strain of those ppl who’s heart slits every moment remembering HER…

Brij left the place leaving maan shallow his words, he smiles sadly…

Maan: I know I can never have her but I can protect her love and love ones…. He looked at his rival who wanted to grab the hotel out of rivalry with maan n rathodes… he warned Mr Shashank Mehra to be out from this hotel…. He was behind this hotel for how long only God knows and here MSK gave him defeat once again….

One guy: this MSK will never give u chance to win u mr Mehra.. it will be better if u don’t come in his list again or else he will demolish u…

Mehra: yeah I think so,, this man is in this business less than 5 yrs and this 5 yrs is hell for all of us in this business,, he is now India’s Leading company owner… won best businessman award 5th time in a row… he is arrogant But a GREAT BUSINESSMAN.. I m sure he will win his fate also..

Maan walked out from the party without uttering a word to anyone or giving any look. He was always like this, come to party only it needed then walk out in less time… no one saw him ever with a girl or his family, no one knew where he stays, when every successful businessman comes to party for contacts he would spent his hours in orphanage…. But none can know about his whereabouts…

Maan got a call and took it seeing the ID…

Maan: ha dev bolo, he said softly…

Dev: bro u have become an uncle,, naina delivered a baby boy in the early morning…

Maan: What?? n u r telling me now dev…

Dev: bro I tried but ur phone wasn’t available, and no one knew where are u so,,

Maan: ok leave it dev I m coming back till morning…

Dev: ok bro come fast…

Precap: Baby’s name??

Geet what name u suggest for baby?

Bro I want u to give him name, Please what name u want?

What will be maaneet’s choice? And who’s name will be taken for baby boy?


Happy Valentines day, not only partner or lover but show ur love ur love ones like parents siblings friends… then it will be true valentine and i believe we can celebrate the whole year as valentine still if we are having one day exclusively to show our love n affection then why now. show them u care… u Love them….



© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


26 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by monikaseth on February 14, 2013 at 8:24 am

    awesome pain only pain hope things get better soon.


  2. Posted by laksh on February 14, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Nice tich. But very short one. Waitin for next. Manneet will obviously choose the same name. But what?


  3. Posted by neha on February 14, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Such a painful part…i know what maaan did can’t be forgiven easily but its been 6 long years and both have suffered a lot…its a request tich bring them face to face, maan deserves atleast one chance from geet …and i know they will choose the same name for dev’s baby as both r one in all senses even if they deny it….continue soon and bring geet back to her love and sister…i can’t see them like this…


  4. painful
    hope all these come to end soon
    waiting for happy days
    cont soon dear
    happy valentines day dear


  5. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on February 14, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Awesome update di…
    Loved the way Karan tried to make Geet understand Naina’s sufferings bcoz of Geet’s departure..
    Wwooowww..Naina delievered a baby boy..
    Hmmm..what name will Maaneet suggest now???


  6. Posted by bajue on February 14, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    simply wonderful tich. maan se kab milegi geet dear?:(


  7. awsemmmm full of emotions


  8. Posted by angelickushi on February 14, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    loved the update
    i know this ff is very emotional but hope to see the msk winning his angels soon


  9. awesome loved it


  10. Posted by khwaishfan on February 15, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Hi thanks 4 da painful sad update! Poor Maaneet! well written!


  11. nice part dear
    so painful oh maan’s pain is so much and so geet’s
    please update soon


  12. Posted by Najiah's Naina on February 15, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    nyc update tich…
    wahan aditya kashapya n here in india mehra’s… kych to vgal tha hai tere dimag hai…
    me waiting…


  13. Posted by spvd on February 16, 2013 at 7:42 am

    part 62
    so Naina and Dev are married?
    and Naina knows about Karan and Geet…………
    shes brilliant……………
    oh i love this Brij so much………
    the bond Brij and Geet share is excellent……………….
    cont soon dear………………

    PS – tich dear do post the link in the new updates thread……………..
    Deepa (spvd)


  14. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on February 16, 2013 at 9:23 am

    very nice update, all emotions were so nicely depicted, hope maaneet’s pain ends soon coz only when they will find peace and solace their family will be able to sigh of relief.


  15. love this keep continue its so emotional to read it milwado inhai plzzzzzzzzzz


  16. Posted by ravrash on February 20, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    nice update
    Maan is living in remorse will he ever get that love again?


  17. Posted by ravrash on February 20, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    nice update
    Maan is living in remorse
    may b he deserves this 4 not trusting his Mithi


  18. Posted by Sona on February 21, 2013 at 9:23 am

    lovely update tich………..
    eagerly waiting for next update.


  19. Posted by zariya on February 21, 2013 at 10:36 am

    maan doesn’t deserve geet
    no offence but if there is chance in love so it should be of rudra
    geet marry rudra for the real sake


  20. Posted by gill123 on February 21, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Just loved it


  21. Posted by Kiran Nautiyal on February 21, 2013 at 11:20 am

    one mistake and everything is shattered….
    Maan is everyday living like in a hell in remorse….
    Geet is also living in pain….
    hope destiny bring them together again….
    awesome update….

    thanx for pm…


  22. Posted by punam2712 on February 21, 2013 at 7:00 pm



  23. may b maaneet will suggest same name….m wondering y geet broke all ties wth naina…she is her sis just like her mom hai na…


  24. Posted by mandy15 on March 7, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    fantastic dear:)


  25. Posted by suzie on March 21, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    amazing update


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