Kagaz Ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 82




Thank u for all ur support guys, just because of this support i could write again… thanks a lot…

Sorry for the delay, all the forum happening made me too lazy and it had frozen my brain so if u don’t like the update I m truly sorry then�

Sorry for all errors n mistakes, haven’t checked once�.


PS: Maahi doesn’t knew that SalesGirl was harassing her maasi, she found its amazing to pull anyone’s hair, as she had seen a statue’s hair to come in her hand she thought to experiment on other’s hair too… LOL

Part 82



Geet: MAAHIKA Leave her right NOW�. Chodho Usse.. Kitni badmash hogayi ho tum maahi,, I will call dada and tell him what u did� and that’s it maahi burst in to tears shouting on top of her lungs.. geet cursed herself for it but now she couldn’t even hold maahi as she started throwing her hands and legs in air crying bitterly,, everyone got worried and few ran out fearing about their ear drums�. Geet tried to hold her but next min she was in the protective arms and Geet met with the most furious eyes right now�. Maan had securely wrapped his arms around maahi who hide her face in his neck crying her heart out�.





Geet gulped hard looking at maan who’s eyes were ferocious� she saw maahika crying on top of her lungs and maan rubbing her back, she made puppy face to maan who just ignored her and walked out from the place.. geet looked at nt and meera with sad face.. they showed their helpless face saying they can’t do anything in front of maan, its out of their hand� geet pouted her lips and went behind maan�.




Shiv dragged Saanjh in an alone corner then pushed her a little far, the force was enough to knock her out, she stumble and before she can hit the ground shiv held her by waist then in swift moment pinned her to the wall� in fear Saanjh closed her eyes tightly, Shiv saw the fear� something pricked his heart seeing his sherni in scared mood.. she was always the brave one. He cursed himself for making her self-confidence shatter.. yes somewhere he believes he made her like this�. he saw her heaving chest, panting face� unknowingly he traces his palm on her cheek making her eyes open and stares at his dark eyes�.


Something shivered in her body,,, she had never witness so darkness in shiv’s eyes, it was scaring her still she couldn’t dare to look away� her each cell reacted according to him, he saw the goosebumps on her neck when his fingertip touch the outline of her lips�. She looked at his eyes which was on her face only� her each curves of her face was attracting him� his hand gripped her waist bringing her closer to him, her palms rested on his chest trying to block him but he pressed her on the wall with his body�.. his face towered on her face fanning his breath on her face� It was impossible for her not to react, his thumb rubbed her lower lips and she closed her eyes in acceptance� shiv’s eyes gaped at her innocent beauty, a small smile came on his lips feeling her submission in front of him, he pressed his lips on her forehead like a light feather, just then they heard some sound. Instantly Saanjh got her conscious and saw where they are. She pushed him making a good distance between them�. she catch her heaving breath to compose herself� the push made shiv stumble little. He looked at her nervous state� she was hell nervous and looking here n there..


Saanjh looked at him guiltily: am, amm sorry.. wo, I , just.. I m sorry.. she took all blame on herself trying hard to control the tears, she was fearing if he try to accuse her again� but she doesn’t have the strength to bear it� shiv tried to say something when they heard abir’s voice..


Abir: Sanju,, where r u? sanjuuu� oye kidhar hain tu? He was looking here n there, shiv saw saanjh looking at abir and trying to yell his name but before it he clasp his palm on her mouth then pushed her on the further corner of wall.. Saanjh’s eyes widen to see the angry eyes�..





Geet was searching maan n maahika in the whole place madly but they were nowhere, just then she heard a giggle� she turned to see maan tickling maahika and maahi was laughing her heart out.. they were in the kid’s section.. there was so many cartoon character around them and making funny faces� a small smile touched geet’s face� In all mess she forgot the basic idea, she could have called maan, and of course loved to pamper his princess in his style so he would have come in kid’s section.. she saw the manager were present there himself. Well maan had made a point to shop the whole counter to make his angel happy� so everyone around her dancing and doing all things just to make her smile and eventually she smiled, laughed her heart out�. Geet felt her heart in piece seeing her baby is happy� the moment maahi shed the 1st tear her heart wasn’t at peace� when she was searching them not knowing where her maahika was geet herself cried�


One of the micky mouse came close to maahi,, she is such a adorable child that everyone want to hold her for once but here maahi apni dada ki princess, shoved everyone� when the micky tried to touch her cheek she slapped his hand. everyone laughed, maan hide his smile while the micky mouse shook his head in amusement,, he again tried to touch her head and this time maahi became hell angry,, as she was veryyy small in front of the giant micky she couldn’t hold it’s ear.. and then again burst in to cry making everyone deaf�. a chuckle came out through geet’s mouth,, then only she saw maan looking at her� she had forgotten about her tears as she was smiling seeing maahi’s antics..


 she slowly went up to them and seeing geet maahi stopped her cry� whatever happen it her mother� maahi can’t stay without her mother.. but look like father’s ego had entered in the small princess.. she stopped her cry and looked away from geet� geet went close to them and tried to touch her soft hand, mahika instantly snapped and hide her face in maan’s neck.. Geet looked at maan with baby face.. maahi only looked at her tearful eyes, he didn’t thought geet will cry on this small thing� ppl started going away leaving the couple with sweet devil alone.. in the short time everyone got to know how naughty maahi is.. They wonder how can be a 2 month baby be so naughty� but its MSK’s daughter�.


Geet made baby faces looking at maahi who wasn’t giving any chance to her� geet trying to touch her hand but again she snapped and this time hold maan’s neck with her small chubby hand.. but soon maan’s stuble poked her soft skin, maahi’s lips puffed in pain,, geet immediately took her hand in her hand and rubbed slowly� she took out the baby lotion in her hand and applied on maahi’s skin making her pain ease in second� maahi’s anger was cooling down but maybe the big fat ego was still there, she snuggle close to maan still looking at geet. Geet pouted cutely and and tried to snuggle close to them,, maahi shook her head indicating there is no place�.


Geet: ye kya baat huyi, maahi mumma also need ur close huggy� maahi shook her head pouting her lips and looking away from her..  Geet was feeling restless seeing maahi’s indifference behavior.. Maan mentally shook his head seeing both mother daughter’s antics but he keep his lips seal in a tight line� geet again tried to hold her face, Maahi mumma is very sorry please look at mumma.. but maahi hide her face in maan’s chest closing her eyes�


Geet looked at maan with baby face, he just narrowed his eyes seeing the puppy looks.. he caresses maahika’s head then make her look at him�


Maan: angel I know mumma is bad, He then looked at geet’s pouting angry face, he gulp his word� But u love mumma a lot na? n mumma is little cranky now a days, But,, he again stopped.. maan saw geet through the corner of his eyes, her each expression was worth watching� he was finding it hard to control his smile but knowing his wild cat she will murder him with her glares. So he kept a straight face� But Mumma loves u a lot maahi. U love mumma na? Maahi looked at her dadda innocently then at geet’s pouted face� she immediately threw her hand to her like she understood everything.. geet held her and kissed her full face. she kissed her forehead, cheeks one by one, then eyes then chin nose and lips.. she again n again kissed her chubby hand then hugged her�.


Geet: mumma is really sorry angel.. very sorry�. she felt her heart at piece,, just then she felt maan’s touch on her waist, he had wrapped his hand around his family like protecting them.. Maan I, m so,,,


Maan: sshhh,, stop. She is ur daughter and u have the whole right to scold her if she do any mischievousness� geet smiles a little. Maan wiped the little tears from her face and kissed her forehead� geet blushed seeing everyone looking at them in admiration and with a smile. she bite her lips and blushed hopelessly�. Maan chuckle seeing her face but then something strike him�.. he remember how she left the dress which she liked so much�. He made a straight face making geet confuse�. And both started walking towards the shop�


Geet: what happen maan, why u r looking so angry suddenly� she said while patting maahi to sleep who was already feeling sleepy and she slept placing her head on her neck�. Just then jay came to them.. seeing sleeping maahika he took her from her, maan was hesitant to give him but seeing him so excited he couldn’t denied and gave a fake n forced smile.. geet hide her smile seeing maan so uncomfortable but she was happy to see him caring for her frnds, he always did� jay never take maahi when she is awake cause she makes his life hell but as she is sleeping he took the sleeping beauty to adore and love her�. meera too came and helped him to take care� they were almost done with shopping and nt informed geet to see the fitting of the dress�.


Geet saw maan was not looking at her, he was busy in his BB,, checking his mails but she didn’t notice his eyes were on her only, he was looking at her through the corner of his eyes�. (baap beti same hi hain uff big EGO)�.. the designer gave her dress which was beautiful which actually brought a smile on her face� geet took it and went in the changing room�.


Maan met the designer who greet him earnestly.. all sales girls were drooling over him and this chiseled body which was visible through the few open buttons� he thanked his stars that geet wasn’t there or she would have made his life with her glares� he saw the dress which geet was adoring� he took in his hand caressing the material the same way geet was doing.. he is hurt that geet didn’t take this, he wanted her to demand for anything just like other girls do from her hubby but geet was always like this. she knew what is necessary and how to get it complete in minimal.. She never asked or wished nay big thing in her life�. Maan asked the designer to do something which she obliged with smile�.






Shiv was looking at saanjh intently,, but the fire in his eyes literally shook her, she tried to shove his hand but he pressed her arms on the wall.. her face was saying how scared and irritated she is.. she tried to push him with her all strength so that she can call abir but shiv was way too strong than her and her all karate skill wasn’t helping her either.. he came close her ear�


Shiv: Don’t u dare calling his name, or I will do something which u never can think saanjh. He almost hissed in anger.. and she let out a small moan in pain n fear seeing him so close� her heart was thumping so loudly that can come out any minute�. U will be quite or else,,, he left his word making her scare to death.. she knew him too well, its not the childish shiv she knew, its something else. This emotion she had never witnessed in past�. She blinked her eyes to say yes and he let her mouth go�. but he wasn’t ready to live her� Why Saanjh,, why u r feeling so incomplete when u know u r every way best more than anyone�. Saanjh looked away� was my mistake so big that u left me for 5 years. He said softly�


Saanjh: u only said to leave, wh-what I had done.. she said in a trance, then realized what she said.. she immediately tried to leave the place but shiv again pushed her on the wall..


Shiv: Tell me Saanjh, u never thought what will go through on Maan and me? u just left us God Damit� I was a jerk but u were not. U could have waited.. it was making saanjh a bit angry�.


Saanjh: wait? For what? for u to accuse me again? It was better to leave all that then getting humiliated from ur own best frnd�


Shiv: what Maan had done in all that?


Saanjh: Nothing, but I was snatching him form u�


Shiv: who told u that




Shiv: any why� he asked ever so soft


Saanjh: because I,,,, she stopped at the moment seeing him looking at her with expectant eyes� her heart swelled up, and her eyes also. it pained him� just then saanjh saw abir crossing the alley but he didn’t saw them,, saanjh got the opportunity, she pushed shiv and tried to run and scream abir’s name before she could do so, he held her waist and pushed her again and then time hovered her body with his and slammed his lips on her�. saanjh’s eyes widen in shock but shiv knew what he was doing� he held her waist soft yet firmly and kissed her with all his passion,, she tried to hit his chest but she was too weak to protest� he almost bite her lips feeling the sweetness in it�. she tried to resist but this is the man she loved all her life.. eventually she have to give in, and she wrapped her hand around him�. they kissed carnally passionately softly�. He didn’t deepen the kiss but nibbles her bottom lips� after a few min he left her lips, she was total flushed�


Shiv: I LOVE YOU SAANJH� she looked at him blankly�.





Geet cursed her fate for doing this as usual her earring got stuck with the dupatta.. she couldn’t come out like that as her dupatta wasn’t coming to the place and it was stuck in her earring.. she tried to call any sales girls but all was really far, she tried looking for maan but he was not there�


Geet: babaji why me? why me always get stuck in these kind of problem�


Maan: because u r his favorite child�


Geet turned to see maan locking the door.. she saw the hard face, she immediately knew he has something in his mind� but as he came close to her for help she felt butterfly in her stomach�. Maan ever so slowly touched her earring where the dupatta was stuck, he saw her closing the eyes and a smirk came on his sexy lips� he came close to her neck from behind. His forefingers touched the soft skin of her neck making her shiver under his spell�. He slowly took out the dupatta from her earring but geet was so lost in his smell that didn’t noticed he already freed it� no matter how much he is angry with her but he can’t resist himself coming closer to her�. his breath fanned on her neck as he kept coming closer to her� his finger latched the bare stomach,,, he traced his finger on her waist to back on the dori of her blouse.. geet’s breath was stuck in her lungs� she held the material tight in her hand� his hand was itching to hold her closely but he controlled himself and geet saw that, she leaned on his chest and tile her neck as he came on her slender neck� his nose touched the side of her earlobe� his palm was holding her belly bottom , another was on her waist giving a light squeeze�


Maan: U r free now, he whispered close to her ear knocking the breath out of her.. suddenly the warmth was missing�. She opened her eyes to see maan was standing a few feet away�. She looked disappointed.. but the teasing smirk didn’t go unnoticed by geet� she turned away and saw herself in the mirror. The dress hugged her perfectly�


Geet: its beautiful..


Maan: Hmm,, lets go now�


Geet: what happen to u maan?


Maan looked at her for a brief moment then shrugged: what will happen to me� lets go�  Geet didn’t said anything, she couldn’t tolerate his indifference� her sad face pricked his heart but he needed to teach her a good lesson� Let’s go to jewelry shop�


Geet: hmmm�


Maan: but I m thinking u will wear only what I have decided then why to waste the time, we should go home directly� he walked out leaving a thoughtful geet.. she cursed herself and remembered how she left the things that she liked�


Geet: abb main kya karu?



Precap: erm,, Maahi n her antics.. Dada ko bulao raat ke 1 baje�.




I m extremelyyy sorry to AG,, she made this quite few month before and I promised her to give in a special update but I was too busy and it stretched here.. so now a full update to my AG, next part�

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Disclaimer: If any scene or incident of this FF matched with any other fiction then it’s purely a co-incident. If u see similar thing by line to line then please inform me by PM.


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  1. love it just hooked on maaneets antics


  2. Posted by Mans on February 20, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Loved the update baby mahi was happy with dada n din cry much. Adore mahi n her antics including maaneet antics. Precap looks interesting. Mahi in action once again.


  3. It was owrsome update tich lived it just wooowww
    omg like father like daughter but I have some confusion tich as u stated that maahi is just two months old its very early to show movements of baby like ss,,,,,,,
    I mean I thoughts maahi is at least 7 months now by reading her antics….
    But over Al update was woiiww
    shiv saanjhpart ws also nice but I need to read previous updates to understand the story fully loll


  4. awsemmmmmmm update sanjh shiv first kiss maan mahi ego geet going to manofy maan


  5. wow!! lovely update…mahiii is too good and her dada is irresistible…lol..waiting for more ,continue soon…


  6. Posted by chahhat4eva on February 21, 2013 at 8:30 am

    Just awesomeeeeeee dear…… Loved it soooooo muchhhhh…. Eagerly waiting for next update….. Post it soon plsssssss s s s s s s…..❤❤


  7. Posted by laksh on February 21, 2013 at 9:26 am

    Nice update tich. Maahi s antics cute when you narrate. Its tooo much for a two months old. But cute narration. And shiv bechara finally confessed his love. Happy for him. Nice shiv sanjh scene. Waited so long to see this. Chalo happy. But will sanjh forgive shiv easily? Ofcourse she will because she loves him a lot. But wat abt our geet? She will not let him near sanjh atleast for sometime I guess. Waiting for next update . Soon yaar. This update was late.


  8. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on February 21, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    Superbbbb update Tichu di..
    Uffff..Maahi’s antics r cchhhooooo ccuutteee…
    She is such a cuttiieeeee pieeee..
    Loved it…


  9. waiting for ur updates dear


  10. arey ye kia…. I didnt read this one…. ufff…
    Maahi & dad Rocks & angry with Geet aka mama…
    Mama also feel bad me too for them
    wow Shiv ne confess kar hi dala bravo man
    lo ji new panga…. Geet didnt desirous dress,,, Maan angry… Geet ne to mana hi lena
    MAHIKA scene was awesum


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