Kagaz Ki Kashthi luv tht Sacrifices Life Part 83

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Part 83

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Shiv: I LOVE YOU SAANJH… she looked at him blankly….

But shiv sealed her lips again,, she tried to stay numb but her body n mind reacted on his accord and she closed her eyes soaking the moment in her.. he kissed her deeply, a soul serene Kiss.

A loud bang brought Saanjh n Shiv from the world of passion, there was a chaos, something fall from the staircase so everyone gathered there. but it was enough to bring the 2 soul back from their dream land… it was Saanjh who regained her conscious first and pushed shiv away from her… shiv looked at her angrily at first but soon he recalled what had happened.. he had just accepted his feelings for her but then why there is so much confusion in her eyes… she was looking here n there, shiv tried to hold her hand but she snapped…

Saanjh: its, wrong. Ever-everything is w-wrong.. y-you ca-can’t, Love me.

Shiv shook her by her arms: what r u saying do u know that? I Love You damit, I truly love you.

Saanjh: and what if after some day u will again think I have forced u in this? what if u again say u just felt sympathy on my condition. What if u say u never loved me but it was Me who forced u in this. I don’t want to force myself on u, its ur sympathy that u r naming as love. U never loved me, neither u can ever..

Saanjh said all this in a trance, didn’t even notice she said all this without stammering… she said whatever came to her heart…

Shiv: no saanjh, I can never feel sympathy on my frnd, u r perfect in any aspect. I know I committed sin by saying all that but trust me I never meant all that. can’t u give one chance to ur best frnd Shiv please… He said while cupping her face between his hand, endless tears comes from saanjh’s eyes…

Saanjh: for once I can believe my frnd but I don’t know this shiv. The Shiv Kapoor who is perfect from every aspect why need an incomplete girl like me. when u couldn’t consider ur best frnd can love u then how u will understand this saanjh who is all broken… I m not capable for u shiv. Just move on from me..

She said while taking back steps and next ran away from there,, shiv closed his eyes feeling the pain he had given her… that scar wasn’t removing form her heart so easily but what he should do now? he opened his eyes only to met 2 furious eyes. ABIR….

Abir: Stay away from her…. Shiv for a moment taken a back with the serious voice of abir… but then he saw him looking at saanjh’s back and then to shiv… abir pointed a finger towards shiv… Just stay away from her Mr Shiv Kapoor.. whatever pain u wanted to give her, u had given her a lot. Not now. this time I will be with her to protect her,, so don’t even think she will come to ur life again to destroy herself….

Abir was going when shiv’s voice stopped him…

Shiv smirks: So I was right, u loved her…. U just portrayed u were joking but truth is u liked her form childhood, and when u see she still loves me u can’t handle it… But let me say u one thing Abir, Saanjh sirf Shiv ki thi aur rahegi.. u can’t take her away, u can’t take the heart away from me which is already mine… abir turned to punch shiv with so much force that shiv stumble still held his punch an inch away from his face…

Abir: Yes I LOVE HER, and if u come between us I will not think twice before Killing you….


Shiv: Then Kill me.. hona to usse mera hi parega, If she deny then also….



Geet ran behind Maan, she wanted to talk to maan, apologize to him for doing that, she knew how much he is hurt… maybe he had seen her caressing the dress and wanted her to purchase it with all her right but again she broke his trust. Trust that she will show her right on him and his money. But she was always like that, her upbringing said to have what she need not what she desire.. Though maan always gave all her desire without uttering them but geet never asked anything like that… somewhere maan was feeling she is distancing herself from him.. That was showing in his indifference behavior… geet reached towards maan but before she can say a word nt handled maahika to maan.. Maahi who was sleeping till now was all awake and in full cranky mood, as her mumma wasn’t with her. she had already slapped jay twice and quite hard…. Now she only want her parents and when she saw maaneet together she clutched to them like glue… geet rolled her eyes to see maahi holding her pallu with her hand and nibbling it showing she is hungry and with other hand she was holding maan’s finger… geet tried to take her form maan’s arm but she wasn’t ready to come… geet pouted seeing maahi’s antics but maahi care less,, she was showing her gummy smile…. geet showed her big eyes and tried to take maahi but dadda ki princess hain maahi. She held maan’s tie which made him fall on geet’s neck with maahi, maahi between them and maaneet hugging partly…. Everyone smiled teasingly, jay whistle while aniee and meera laughed then teased maaneet when they composed themselves…

Nt: don’t tease them guys… Geet I think maahi won’t come to u alone, she need her father with her.. so why don’t u guys come in maan veerji’s car and we all will come in another car…

Geet: but,,

Aniee: bhabhi odn’t worry about jewelry,, dadima said she had ordered few jewelry for all of us and jeweler will come in ur house so practically we all are going to ur house… so lets go now.. saanjh accompanied them with a solemn look… geet guess something might have happened, she tried to ask her which she denied with polite no… still somewhere geet was feeling something had happened… saanjh went to jay n meera to ignore geet’s questioning gaze… Soon abir n shiv came and joined other. maan saw shiv’s angry face.. he got an idea something had happened between shiv n saanjh..

Maan: ok guys I m taking geet n maahi as geet need to feed maahi,, Shiv can drop Saanjh in his car with aniee n nt, abir jay n meera come in jay’s car…

Aniee: good idea… but she looked at maan with a knowing look like.. maan winked at aniee which she gave a thumbs up without showing anyone… well it was maan who involved aniee in the plan to help saanjh n shiv… arjun was not there because of some work… Meera jay n abir went out from the sight when aniee called arjun to receive them,, aniee pleaded nt to come with arjun n her,, they wanted to show her something and finally nt left saanjh with shiv.. maaneet already left in one car.. with no other option saanjh got seated in shiv’s car…


Geet saw maan was looking at outside of the window lost in his thought while she was feeding maahi,, the car was in a deserted place…. After feeding her maan made the back seat lay fully,, and geet placed maahi there with cushions all around her… maahi is a sound full sleepy child, once she is in sleep she will be in same posture till she is awake…. And maan made his car a mini bedroom for maahi, with cushions toys, various soft toys, baby cloths and nappies …. Once maahi was settle maan started the engine but suddenly geet took the car keys off.. maan looked at her in confusion. Geet took a deep breath to face maan, he kind off guess that… he tried to take the keys from her but geet was adamant, she tried to hide it but maan was smart enough to take it so not finding any place she slipped the keys in her blouse making maan’s eyes widen in shock, geet gulped hard seeing the angry eyes and gave most innocent puppy look which can melt maan in seconds, but not this time…. he just looked away from her….

Maan: Geet stop being childish and give me the keys, we need to go home before the jeweler come…

Geet: maan I need to talk to u first…

Maan: we can talk later, maahi need rest and comfortable bed…

Geet: no maan, please listen to me…

Maan greeted his teeth: Geet Give me the damn keys… he said in a low but deep voice which always says danger. But geet was stick to her position…

Geet: Go ahead and take it… she said blankly,, she was already frustrated with all the event and now maan being so stubborn made her blabber whatever came to her mind.. but soon she realized what she said, still she can’t do anything now… she looked at maan hiding the fear in her, but the piercing gaze can observe her very well… Geet put the best brave face… What happen Maan,, u have urgency to go na, so take it….

Suddenly Maan came close to her face making her heartbeat raised erotic… she clutched the edge of her dress,,, maan’s stubble scratched her soft cheek but she bite her inner cheek not to react on that…. his breath fanned on her neck making her shiver….

Maan whisper: Do u think its difficult for me to get the keys from there? and next second her eyes popped out as he affectionately took out the keys which was only half way inside her front blouse… it was so suddenly yet geet felt his soft touch,,, the keys were only half way inside her blouse which geet didn’t noticed but maan saw it, he played with her and with on finger took out the keys….

Geet whined: Maannnnn…. But Maan smirks and started the engine… he took the turn of her house… after few min geet opened her mouth…. Maan I m sorry….

Maan become stiff with her words, then looked at geet. The look said does she need to say sorry in their relation anymore, she calm her heartbeats…. Maan again looked at the road…

Maan: u don’t need to say all that,, u can do whatever u want. do I need to repeat again n again to make u understand that geet? Or u still doesn’t feel any right on me…. geet can feel the pain in his word, though he said plainly without any emotion but she can feel the turmoil in him…

Geet: its not like that maan.. U know I don’t like to expense so much and u already selected the best for me then,

Maan halt the car softly so that the jerk doesn’t effect maahika… he jerks geet on him and she came on his lap directly. It was sudden so she became scare and cringed to him…. he felt her heartbeat rising frantically,, his hand went on her waist and another on her cheek forcing her to look at him. his face was hard, jaw tighten and eyes were dark… her innocent scarefull look always make him lose his all control…. He gulped hard seeing the innocent beauty…

Maan: I told u, u have the full right to do anything with this money,, u have full right on MSK and if u spend with ur both hand everyday then also u can’t end 1% of this money which I earned in these years…. His hand went inside her bare waist caressing it roughly…. I want u to show ur right on me and this money property as well geet.. Do u know how I felt when I saw u leaving ur desire dress just because it was expensive…

Geet: Maan…

Maan: tell me one thing geet, if it wasn’t cost 1 lack but only 2 thousand wouldn’t u wear that? Wouldn’t u fought for that? I want my Geet like my soul which think Me as her soul…. Who doesn’t hesitant to say or do anything….

Geet tried to hold his face but he snapped…. Still she held his face…

Geet: I promise I will not do the same, Please forgive me. I promise from now I won’t make u feel apart from myself. U r my heart Maan and I can never make u feel alone… Please forgive me….

She can feel his restlessness in his rough caressing,, she arched her chest on his and came to his face.. maybe her boldest initial will be it.. without a second thought she took his lips in her nibbling it slowly…

Her one touch was enough to melt him, he was already on fire and now she was making it impossible for him to hold back… he pulled her closer by waist then kissed her aggressively… she moans in the kiss as his rough palm squeezed her curves above the dress…. his tongue plunged in her mouth tasting the deepest valley… her whole body was reacting with the simple kiss, she need him as much as he did… her hand was roaming on his back, shoulder chest everywhere…. Her hands slipped in his thick hair pulling him closer to her lips,, they were short of breath still both wasn’t satisfied with the kiss…. He almost draw blood while biting n chewing her lips giving her a hint how much he missed her presence close to him…

Geet: Maannn.. she cried in pleasure n pain jerking him to reality… he broke the kiss and saw her messed up state… her panted state all was alluring her beauty and making him want her more n more.. she can feel his restless in his caresses… she tried to fix her hair but maan pulls her closer to him, his face was between her neck n chest… he can feel her feeling goosebumps… a sexy smirk came on his lips, he saw her trying to go out from his lap, he gently placed few wet kiss making her shiver…. He felt her leaving herself on him…. he came close to her earlobe slightly nipping it….


Maan: don’t make it hard for me,, Maahi will awake if I move on u…

Geet’s face flushed with his word, she bite her lips and hurriedly went to her seat. She fixed her saree while looking away from him, her blush was making him hard…. Maan held her arm and immediately pulls her closer to him… she looked at him with innocent eyes. she can see the desire building in him for her….

Maan: Don’t think doing all that u can pacify me geet.

Geet: what have I done, u were the one who, she bite her tongue trying to look away from his intense gaze… but maan pulls her chin.

Maan:  u had woken the desire which I was burring in my heart, so u have double work…. he said all that in a mean n low tune, but she saw the teasing smirk on his face, she knew he was playing….

Geet: accha?

Maan nodded his head: hmm….  shall we go now? geet nodded smilingly. Maan too smiled but immediately made a straight face…. Geet saw that still her heart knew he is just playing so she too smiled then held his arms, placed her head on his shoulder…

Geet: we’ll miss u.. she said in a sad tone.. it brought maan in to reality…

Maan: me too…. lets go to our home na?

Geet: Maan u know na this ritual…

Maan: geet its our remarriage not 1st one.. so we can break the ritual

Geet: no

Maan: maahi need me

Geet: she will be fine for 3 days


Maan: U miss me… he said with a smile… geet hide her smile..


Geet: hmm but we can manage for 3 days..

Maan: u will regret geet I m telling u….

Geet: hmm we will see.. now lets go….

Maan started moving the car towards her house….. but inside he was hoping his angel will help him to be close to them, he saw maahi sleeping on the back seat. A small smile spread his lips feeling his angel close to him…

Precap: sameeeee

This Part is specially for my Haru (Harika the awesomest writer) I really wanna thank her and I want to say I lub u for ur big heart, u r really very sweet and be like this. n I loveddddddddddddddddddd ‘PAAP’ epi…. So thank u soooo much for it…

Our ff’s one scene is little similar, I realized it later after typing the update… u can see that in this update and who had read her ffs they can see it.. we have talked about it and she said to go ahead, so that’s why I said she have a very big heart…. So please guy restrain from making a bashing post Please…..

Disclaimer: If any scene or incident of this FF matched with any other fiction then it’s purely a co-incident. If u see similar thing by line to line then please inform me by PM.

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2012.T ich Mg.


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  1. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 3, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Awesome update di..
    OMG..so Abir really loves Saanjh..
    Hmm..now there’s achallenge between Abir & Shiv..who will win Saanjh’s heart?
    Hhaayyeee….Geet’s way of manaofying Maan..
    Eagerly waiting for nxt di…


  2. Posted by chahhat4eva on March 3, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Fabulous update dear…..❤❤


  3. awesome as usual tich love your works especially maaneet parts keep it up just found out that you wrote luv for u which is one of my all time favs


  4. Not only Shiv i will also kill abir if he comes between Shiv and Sanj.
    Annie to joined hands with Maan to help Shiv.
    Can’t wait for maaneet marriage;-):-);-):-)


  5. very sweet and lovely update s much building up curiosity what is that geet has to regret regarding staying away from maan . punishment seems to be very intense and passionate ……hehehe..mahi gummy smile is really so cute .


  6. Posted by ravrash on March 4, 2013 at 6:51 am

    too much happenings some here between Maaneet n some there between Saanjh n Shiv
    I hope Abir is not going to creat muc h problems 4 them


  7. Naughty & Cute update as Maaneet ki narazgi then manofiying….
    Shiv Saanjh confession.. uff 😉
    Abir too.. Nhi…. Keep him separate from her..
    Shiv to wese hi marega … I will too KILLL =P
    Maaneet CAR main hi =P
    shadi main 3 din hai thora sabar Maaneet 😉
    Waiting for next


  8. nice update….& saanjh is meant for shiv…not abir.


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