Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh Part 62

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Kaisi Kashish Hain Yeh

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Part 62

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Geet set her feet in the dark hall feeling little scare. She is always brave but don’t know why today her heart was thundering a little louder, maybe because it’s warmth is missing. She badly needed her Maan beside but she knew he must be busy in his party… As she entered KM she felt darkness all over.. and then one voice stuck her ear and heart….

Zindagi se chura ke
Zindagi mein basa ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe
Roothe rab ko mana ke
Aasmaan ko jhuka ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe

Her heart shuddered hearing HIM, she knew its him but how is it possible, he is busy and moreover he is angry on her.. she walked ahead but the darkness blurred her vision and her leg entangle with the carpet she was going to hit the ground, in fear she clutched her stomach tightly, just then a strong hold came above her hand and other was on her back…. Light came and Geet saw Maan holding her securely. Pain worry and anguish was in his eyes… She looked at him in anger, because of him she was going to fall on the ground but just then she heard ppl’s giggling and teasing,, she tried to go out from his grip which was too tight. She looked at him with questioning eyes.. but Maan was only looking at her with love and pain… she can see the regret in his eyes.. before they can drown in the moment everybody Started clapping for them.. Maan broke the eyes lock and smiled at them, geet looked everywhere confuse.. maan pulls her close. The sudden pull made her grip his shoulder in fear… he lowered his lips on her earlobe..

Tu mila jis tarah saba mile
Tu mila jis tarah sila mile
Tu mila jis tarah duaa mile, bakhuda
Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukammal main ho gaya
Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda

Maan: Happy 1ST Marriage anniversary wifey… he whispered and kissed her cheek sensually.. just then geet noticed all the decoration, her frnd’s and few relatives. There was not much ppls just few her cousin family and frnds, while maan’s family was also there… it didn’t took much time for geet to know it was all maan’s plan… he wanted to surprise her, but how? How did he manage to decorate it and called everyone so fast….

Geet: yeh.

Maan: I m expecting my wish before they do.

Geet smiles: Happy Anniversary Maan…. but she was surprised to see him coming closer to her lips and pecking it tenderly.

Maan: now this is my anniversary gift. She looked at him in awe… everyone clapped and hooted for them, she saw ridz hugging armaan side way who gave a wink to geet…. So everyone knew about this plan…

Zindagi se chura ke
Zindagi mein basa ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe

Geet: sabko pata tha sirf main nahi janti thi, but how did u managed..

Maan: shh wo sab baad me,

Meera: common geet first cut the cake,

They congratulated them, maan took geet’s hand for a slow dance, everyone enjoyed and geet was over whelmed to see the love in his eyes. she thought he will be angry but why suddenly his mood is so good.. she was confuse but left everything just to enjoy the time with him…. soon everyone got busy in themselves and maan took out geet from the place to their room…. He locked the room, hearing the sound geet looked at him with question filled eyes…

Geet: maan niche sab intezar,  But maan kept his finger on her lips preventing her to say a word… He bend down on his knees in front of her, then placed few kisses on her stomach… Geet was touched with his gesture,, a slow whisper came out from her lips. Maan…

Mehfoos tu mehsoos kar
Tere paas hoon main sada
Tujhse nahi ho sakta main
Pal bhar bhi ab judaa
Ab saath hain hum iss tarah
Aankhon ke sang palkein
Aa waqt ko yeh baat hum
Ik baar phir se kehde
Saare ghum se chupaake
Har nazar se bacha ke
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe


Maan: shh Geet, let me speak to my angels.. geet smiles a little.. I m Sorry babies… geet looked at him confused… I know I m bad, so bad that always mistook ur mumma, still she loves me so much..


Geet: maan aap,

Maan: after so many fault still she loves ur papa so much that she didn’t ask or said anything after I hurt her so much, I always end up hurting her instead of loving her.. when I know ur mumma loves me so much and deserves only love I just end up hurting her more… When I saw her falling from the stairs for a moment I felt my breath leaving me…  I was scared.. MSK was scared for ur mumma. For the first time I didn’t thought about u 2 but only ur mumma… if anything had happened to her I would have have died then only….


Tu mila jis tarah sabah mile
Tu mila jis tarah silah mile
Tu mila jis tarah dua mile bakhuda
Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukamaal main ho gaya
Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda

Instantly geet covered his lips, she looked at him with tears and anger… maan kissed her palm softly, she took out her hand and went away from him… she stood before the big window when he slides his hand on her stomach from behind…

Maan: That time I was so angry thinking if anything had happened to u, I knew if I had showed my concern for u, u would have neglected it so I mould my anger and said all that so that u will take care of urself for the babies sake… but I crossed the limits I know. N I m sorry for that… when doc said this pregnancy is creating problem in ur health I was scared to loose u… I was mad and for a moment I thought if there wasn’t the babies maybe,,

That’s it, geet lost her patience and pushed him, she turned to look at him.. his face showed the guilt, but she was confuse. With his words, he read her confusion…

Today morning ur gynecologist called me and said it. I didn’t had the guts to say u… I was selfish I know. I m not a good father I know but I truly loves u geet, and I can’t think of my life without u…. In anger I said all that which I never meant, I can never chose babies over u because u always came first in my life. My life starts with u and ends on u geet.. yes I m a bad father, I don’t deserved to be a father but u r the best mother, u will take care of the babies more than me… but I had to said all that so u will take care of urself more..  I m sorry, really sorry. Please punish me geet, jo chahe saza de do but aise muh mat moda karo, jee nahi payunga main….

Baahon mein aa ho jaayenge
Shikve sabhi khud fanaa
Honthon se main tujhko suno
Aankhon se tu kuch suna

A sob came out from her lips as she turned and crushed him in her warm embrace, her maan was feeling so much pain inside and he couldn’t share with anyone… she felt her neck being wet, he was clutching her more to him like making himself assure of her presence…. He kissed her neck in desperation, she broke the hug and he showered his kissed on her face… geet wanted to cry her heart out seeing him like that she couldn’t do anything, on top of that her pregnancy hormones… she hugged him again…

Geet: I m sorry maan,, I shouldn’t do that, it was my fault… she held him tighter n tighter,,, he rubbed her arms and back to stop her cry… he broke the hug and cupped her face…

Maan: will our children ever forgive me? will they accept a father who thought if they were not in this world so their mother wouldn’t faced so, will the symbol of our love ever forgive me for it?

Geet: 1st Promise me maan, u will never think like that ever in life,, main rahu ya na rahu u will give everything to our children… maan stared at her for a brief time… Promise me Maan…

Maan whispered: Promised… Geet smiles…

Geet: Maan our babies loves u as much as I much love them, they loves u more, they can never be angry on u… and I know u  love them more than what u think… but for now ur love for me had blinded u.. care for me made u think like that because everytime I m on ur mind, but trust me me n angels knows papa loves them as much as he loves mumma…

Tu aks hai, main aayina
Phir kya hai sochna
Ik doosre mein kho ke hai
Ik doosre ko paana
Kismaton ko jaga ke
Har jahaan ko hara ake
Zindgaani banaya hai tujhe

Maan couldn’t hear more, he just hugged her tight…. Geet wiped her tears while hugging him, she thanked armaan for knocking some brain in her or else how would she understand him, how would she managed to bring him out from this guilt… she felt his breath on her neck, her pregnancy hormones were already on high,, his closeness was making her every inch sensitive…. Her hand slipped in his shirt caressing his waist making him shudder.. he softly kissed her neck, his soft lips touched her skin making her quiver for more…

Geet moans: Maannn… her husky voice made him mad in desire… he rubbed her face with his thumb while kissing the corner of her lips, she held his shirt in a fist… his breath fanned on her lips, her face showed how much pain she had faced in few hours.. suddenly his own words came flashing and what he thought about their babies.. guilt ate him inside and he left her… She saw him giving his back to her, she knew he is feeling guilty. She can’t see him like that… suddenly she hugged him from back…. she pressed a kiss on his shoulder… I missed my Maan in this 48 hours… I need him all for myself….

Maan: Geet..

Geet: I need the maan back which I met in my 1st night, who said he hates me,  but in his every gesture he showed how much he craves for me… I need that maan back who showed me what is passion and love…

Tu mila jis tarah sabah mile
Tu mila jis tarah silah mile
Tu mila jis tarah dua mile bakhuda
Tu mila toh jaise main jee gaya
Tu mila mukamaal main ho gaya
Tu mila toh phaila hai noor sa bakhuda

Maan turned and pulls her closer to him by holding her waist: Geet how can u transform urself so sudden ha, don’t u feel anger on me for doing all that?

Geet: Maan life is too short, I want to live every moment, please give me my maan back…

Maan: this maan is all urs geet…

Geet: hmm n that’s why u haven’t given my my gift?

Maan smiles seeing her effort to make him like before: what my geet want?

Geet: YOU…. I want my Maan back to me, always with me…

Warning 18+

She pulls him close to her making her curves rubbed his chest making him lose every bit of his control… he closed his eyes for a moment but then he felt her holding his hand and guiding it inside her dress on her abdomen.. he looked at her closed eyes, she left his hand but he couldn’t remove his hand,,, he caresses it softly, a small smile came to her lips… he dipped his head in her hair still feeling their babies… geet placed kisses around his neck and shoulder occasionally biting his skin making him groan… he was loosing his sense and she knew it. she want that only…. Slowly his hand started caresses all over her body,, his other hand was pulling the string of her kurti’s dori… she arched her back pressing her chest on his…. slowly their body started rubbing each other.. he removed the hair pin making the hair fall completely, he traces her cheeks with his thumb then locked her few strands behind her ear. He pulls down her dupatta which fell on the ground,,,, her bare arms and exposed neck was inviting him.

She felt his lips touching her bare flesh, slowly nibbling them, but intensity was growing with each kiss. her nails scratches his abs while taking out the shirt, she unbutton his shirt in hurry, her palm found the hidden warm flesh of his abs… her touch was sending jitter in him.. her hands roamed all over his body scratching it little….. he dipped his face in her neck placing wet kisses then biting few places… she moans in pain n pleasure, his tongue rolled over the red marks that his teeth showered on her neck…. She felt him unzipping her kurti and tracing his finger along with it… she tiled her head to give him access and he started placing ferrous kisses…. Her body was leaving the energy as the wobbling sensation started creping between her legs… he saw her breathing heavy,, her weight was on him and his back was touching the wall,, the dress fall from her body pilling around her legs, she instantly hugged him feeling the cold wind touching her deeply which is only his right. her lips touched his exposed skin burring him further, and in swift he comes out from his shirt leaving himself for her… she placed butterfly kisses around his torso, soon her tongue tasted every bit of his skin, where her fingertips were touching his abs torturing him further,, her hand made its way towards his pants, he stopped her hand and slammed his lips on her kissing her hard groaning inside her mouth…. his hand went to her curves pinching the hard bud over the thin lacy bra. She felt warm liquid coming out from her privet parts,, she needed him urgently or she will come with his teasing touches only…

He kissed her whole mouth furiously plugging his tongue inside,, while she bite his lips hard to draw blood out, she wanted him desperately but he was busy tasting her fully… his large palm squeezed her softness quite harshly,,, with other hand he took out her salwar, she couldn’t hold herself slipping her hand inside his pants,, he couldn’t react as she was fast… she unbuckle his belt then threw it somewhere,, and then unzipped his jeans making him moan as she cupped his full length inside the boxer…

Maan: ohh jaan,,

Geet: Maan I want u now, she cried,, but he again kissed her deeply while she stroked his full bulge length,, he suddenly held her hand because if she continued he would have come right then…  he lifted her in his arms making his way to the bed…. Geet kissed his adam-apple seductively,, then placed few wet kisses on his neck….

He placed her on the soft bed coming above her still not hurting their babies… he unhooked her bra then took one bud in his mouth sucking it hard making her cry in pleasure..

Geet: ohhh,,

Geet scratches his biceps and back quite hard… her marks were prominent but maan care less about that, he felt satisfied hearing his geet’s pleasuring sweet moans.. he took out her panty still lacthing her curves… he felt her damp core which was hot like molten lava… he caresses her sensitive cl** then rubbed it under his forefingers. She let out loud moans as he entered her with his index finger.. going in and out in a pace he joined another finger with it… while his mouth was on other curve…. Geet held his hair in a fist bringing him close to her chest more if that possible… she bite his neck in anticipation and feeling something bolting in her…

He felt her clenching around his finger,, he rubbed her cl** more then entered her again n again with his finger, in no time she came with a loud scream but he had sealed her mouth with his… she falls back on the mattress feeling the wave of pleasure passing her body…

After her heartbeat came to contact she felt him kissing her stomach,, his each kiss was soft like feather still awakening her,, she bite her lips doesn’t wanted to break the moment with her moans, she knew he wanted to feel their kids.. her palms rubbed his back, maan smiles at her which she returned back..

Maan: they will be fine na? she nodded softly…

He came on her inner thighs kissing it with his wet lips, he felt her legs wrapping his waist, he was hard just with the sight of her beautiful pinkish core.. without delay he positioned himself between her legs and slipped inside with a deep thrust.. he knew she will come soon because eof her pregnancy hormones… he made a fast pace and each time going deep n deeper touching her soul and making her moans… with every stroke she mumble I love u… the beautiful chant makes him crazy which he fulfilled with hard movement… after few thrust she clenched around his length,, he speed up wanted to match the last movement and both came together moaning aloud,, he kissed her lips sealing the scream she was going to let out… feeling contentment he slipped beside her taking her on his chest…

Maan: I love u geet…

Geet: me too….. she kissed his chest and soon sleep took over both….

Precap: treatment in london, maybe a leap….

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I didn’t fledged the manofying session n wedding anniversary more as I want to concentrate on growing the story ahead…

I m kind a clueless what to write after the treatment track, I don’t know what will come to my mind but stretching it won’t make it boring in future?

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  1. Posted by chahhat4eva on March 4, 2013 at 2:23 am

    ❤❤Fabulous update dear….. Loved it sooo muchhhhh….. Soooo muchhh passion only Our Maaneet has…. U rockzzzz dear… Love u… Interesting precap….. Eagerly waiting for next update…. Post it soon plssssssss… ❤❤


  2. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 4, 2013 at 6:27 am

    Awesome update di..
    Perfect song for the situation..one of my favourites..
    Awwww…Maan was ssoooo much in pain..
    After reading Maan’s dialogues hamara GHSP ka episode yaad aa gaya di…
    Fabbbb writingg…
    Eagerly waititng for nxt..


  3. wow!!! SUPER HOT & EMOTIONAL TOO!!!
    I M SURPRISE LIKE GEET as its their 1st Anniversary…. ❤ cute surprise 😉
    i was worried for both as both drown in PAIN as She thinks about their LOVE & HE thinks about HER awe. I like it whole scenario about anniversary party to guilt confrontation…
    then Passionate moments, Emotional towards babies as Maan scared for Geet…
    Love the song on Maaneet 😉
    waiting for next!!!


  4. Posted by suzie on March 4, 2013 at 11:08 am

    super super hit update
    thanks sweety


  5. omg so much concerned pati maan is …. he loves geet so much … har har mor pe geet apna sub kuch loota deti hai maan ke liye .. very very hot and intense update


  6. and even loved the background song TU MILA


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