Devil’s Darkest Possession Part 23


Belated Happy Birthday Shamsa.. and I m really sorry for the delay….. next part will be soon and for u again… hugs and love u….

Part 23

Warning 18+

He pushed her on the mattress and next second she found herself underneath of him. his action was so fast that geet couldn’t think for a sec. she saw maan’s angry eyes looking at her. Somewhere a little corner of her heart shiver with the intense gaze. He was staring at her like his gaze can pierce her soul.. recollecting herself soon she tried to push him. But he was way too strong to shake a bit from her,, after few attempt she looks away not succeeding in shoving him..

Maan smirks seeing her red angry face looking away, it was giving him evil plan. He came close to her neck. The white skin of her neck was inviting him. but what attracted him the most was the sweat bead coming from  her neck to collarbone… without uttering any word his tongue tasted the salty water. She closed her eyes feeling his tongue invading her skin then rolling down on her collarbone… Maan smiles slyly seeing her gulping the saliva.


‘What did u said? U don’t want my filthy hand to touch u, but do u really don’t want it Geet?’ He said rather huskily in her ear making her bite her own lips to blabber anything… he sucked her earlobe slightly then bite it making her eyes open and look at him.. she gain tried to push him seeing the close proximity but that was hitting his ego,, He was way to gentle for her and what she is doing pushing him from her. why? It made his anger to shoot up… he pinned her hand on the pillow beside her head. She knew what is coming next, her eyes immediately drifted to the dreadful night. Her breath became quicken. Sweat beads covered her forehead. His face was enough close to her to see the change of expression in quick time. somewhere a ting of pain pierced his soul but he ignored and shrugged off thinking MSK can’t feel the human feeling pain. His grip on her wrist loosen but his eyes couldn’t remove from her face…

‘u look more sexy with the scared expression’


His voice and words made geet to open her eyes. all she see is dark desire. a part of her heart shivered seeing his deep eyes, like its hiding the whole world which she want to know. Soon she jerks from the trance as his hands got busy feeling her every inch… she gulp hard feeling his large palm roaming on her waist line. she breathed uneasy as he traced his index finger on her waist chain smoothly. His touch was so delicate like she is a feather. Her heart touched his just to add the heat in the desire. his nose tip touched her cheek and she closed her eyes….


‘You said my touch repulse u they why u r closing ur eyes geet? Why u r not shoving it? does it means you want my touch or u repulse this moment?’

He gave a light squeeze to her waist making her gasp. His lips touched the outline of her juicy plump lips.

A moan came out from her lips ‘Maan’

Maan kissed her cheek softly ‘Bolo Geet, u were feeling jealous to see I m looking another woman’

Geet whispered ‘No’

Maan dipped his face in her neck, the breath was fanning on her skin making her feeling goose bumps. His tongue tasted her neck torturing her further, she tried to wriggle but he was making it difficult for her.  his tongue was rolling on her collarbone, jawline, earlobe…. Her palms held the edge of his shirt crushing under it.

Maan smirks seeing it ‘Yeah I can see that and that’s why u are crushing my shirt like you wanted to do with the girl.’


It was enough to jerk Geet from the revere. She remember what happened previously, she remember what happened. She pushed him with all her force. It was sudden and maan wasn’t prepare. So he stumble back a little. She tried to leave the bed but again got trapped in devil’s trap. Maan held her dupatta and pulls her towards him. she straightly fell over his huge body. He was smirking looking at her frustrated face…

‘I told u earlier U can’t runaway from me Geet. Koshish bhi kyun karti ho?’


‘why u r doing this Maan. Go and satisfy urself with that bitch’


‘Language lady, doesn’t suit u this darling’


‘To hell with ur language, Go to Hell Maan’


‘You will be with me there also, so don’t curse my fate, cause ur fate is binding with me only’

Geet was frustrated with his calm words. Its like she doesn’t know this Maan at all… When he tried to forced himself on her she thought he is a beast and she can never hate anyone like she did to him… Then how can he is effecting her now, what had changed that is making her go towards him.. why his soft touches always make her sense go numb.

She felt Him unzipping her kurti, she looked at his eyes which have mischievousness and desire. her eyes widen in shock feeling his finger tracing her spine and other was opening the zip. Her eyes widen in shock, she tried to stop him and he obliged by stopping it in midway. She was fully on top of him with half open dress and in few moments he made her lay on the bed on her stomach. She tried protest but maan held her hand high, next he did that what she had never expected in her wildest dream. He tied her both hand with the headpost.


‘Maaaannnnn’ She shrieked feeling something cold on her spine, ‘what the hell is that?’

Her voice was like typical angry lioness… her hand was tied and she is half bare infront of her devil, what he is gonna do with her?

‘u said not to touch u with these hands, so I m obliging that. But I can touch u with my lips.’ He whispered the last set of words in her ear… And I have something to accompany me. He slides the Ice cube on her back little down on her waist.


‘I m gonna Kill u Maan.’


‘I m all urs sweetheart’

She felt his tongue touching her skin following the ice cube. Her breath became heavier. He held her zip between his teeth and slides down further.

Unknowingly she clutched the pillow with her tied fist. The ice was melting fast with the contact of his warm tongue and her burning skin. Suddenly she felt the replacement of the cold ice cube with his soft lips.. he trailed kisses on her spine coming down slightly above her hip. The feeling was unacceptable for geet, one side the fear was still lingering in her and other side his soft assault was making her each cell to react according to his wish. He kisses her back fervidly. His teeth came on her bra hook, she stopped breathing when he unclasped her hook, she took quick breath after it like she have no oxygen left in her lungs. Her full body was heaving up and down, a gasp left her lips as she felt her bare back is touching his bare torso.



He kissed her nape and tore the kurti, she closed her eyes feeling scared… Maan felt her stiffen position. He was in the pool of trance that he had forgotten what she had face earlier need time to forget. She have to feel warmth not scared from him but for that she need time and his softness not the wild self. He cursed himself and opened the knot of her hand. She immediately tried to cover herself with her hand. but maan stopped her. She looked at him with ting of fear and pain. Next her all fear vanished when he covered her with the comforter. She stared at his face without blink…

Maan comes close to her face and cupped it ‘Don’t stare at me like this Geet, Your look can turn me on’


She immediately looked away composing her heartbeat. But as his lips comes in contact she her eyes..

For the 1st time maybe she is seeing someone who didn’t had the regret of forcing himself on someone but next min covering her with the sanity.

Maan smirks seeing her blank face, he caresses her lips with his thumb ‘MSK is one in the whole world and Don’t worry If I want I can even force myself on my desire but till u are with me without trying once to runaway, u will be safe.. But Geet remember one thing’ Maan came dangerously close to her face ‘Till u are with me I wont cross the limit without ur permission, but the day you step out from my life I will not flinch to take u right the moment I see u. I promise it wont be easy for you to take me then.’ His whisper shivered her,, Maan didn’t let her think much as he sealed her lips in an aggressive kiss…

Geet can feel the urgency and desperation in the kiss. His hands slipped in her dress pulling it down, then his hand found her womanly asset, the forbidden places that he want to devour now. The dress was already on her waist, he cupped her n gave a light squeeze. Her hand wrapped around his biceps digging her nails. In response He bite her bottom lips. It was getting difficult for geet to breath so she opened her mouth giving him a chance to invade her all hidden secrets. He tasted the sweet nectar carnally. He nibbles her lips then swiped his tongue deep in her mouth tasting it again n again.. her chest was heaving up n down. His finger were creating havoc inside her, his fingers were pinching n rolling over her hard bud. A groan came out from his lips and he left her mouth to devour the sweet globes. His tongue attacked her ni**** which was red and hard, his teeth mercilessly nipped her, she felt his hard manhood pressing on her core perfectly. He grinded himself on her above the dress. her hand made a fist around his hair pulling it harshly.. he sucked her curve hungrily while pressing his length and grinding on her core hard… she felt like something knotting between her legs, some jolt was getting ready to release…. A pleasurable moan left her lips which made him satisfy.. he kissed her other curve stimulatory, he went to her neck kissing it thoroughly and speeding his movement down. The dress was itching to be remove still he  let it like that… he bite her collarbone as she left a scream as wave of pleasure came out from her core… he kissed her mouth hard to prevent the scream..

 She threw her head back, after few moment her heartbeat became normal and she looked at him with an unknown emotion.. his face was having a satisfying smile. She never felt such thing in life and the man she hated the most had given the 1st orgasm of her life. She saw him panting a little, she can feel him rock hard.

‘I want u to be mine, I want to mark ur each cell as mine geet. I don’t want this barrier between us’

Her grip was tight on his shoulder, he saw her face which has mixed emotion, pleasure, content and worry. He placed a wet kiss on her cheek then her lips….

Geet opened her eyes to see the desirable eyes looking at her but she couldn’t stop herself blabber the deepest pain of her life ‘U need my body Maan, and after it u will get bored of me. Then u will leave me and go for search another beautiful girl…’

Her eyes has the unknown pain in it. till now maan thought she is a girl with value and moral. So that’s why never liked closeness with boys. But Those words were depicting another story. Before today whenever she said those words he felt anger in him but strangely today for the first time he felt pain with them. Its true he still don’t know her well. He always thought maybe she believes its necessary to be in love in a physical relation or atleast marriage but today he can feel there is something more to known about her.

‘I don’t believe in LOVE neither in relationship.. Marriage and all can never make me fall for a person.’

For the first time Maan felt the need of asking the word ‘WHY?’ but again he did what shocked both. He kisses her lips ever so tenderly like she is a soft flower just now bloomed…. Her hand wrapped around his nape, both kissed very softly. They broke the kiss after few mins.

‘I will not ask what it is cz its ur heart which you will reveal when u will feel me in it.’

A faint smile spread on her lips ‘MSK and talking about Heart Love and all, Doesn’t suits ur image Mr khaurana… Do u realize u r behaving like a love sick puppy’

Soon she regrets her words as he bite her neck quite harshly, then nibbles to sooth the pain. Hi hand roughly pressed her breast. She moans in pain n pleasure.

‘I Think u like this MSK more’


‘Who said I like MSK in any aspect’ she smirked on his face.


‘who need ur choice, its always MSK’s command and u have to follow’


‘What if I deny to agree?’

Maan smirks slyly, then came close to her face ‘Do I Need to give a demo what will I do then?’ She gasps as he released the knot of her pants. He smirks seeing her furious eyes. ‘I think I need to give a demonstration’

His hands slides in her panty but before he can move further the pilot announce the landing.. Geet left a breath she was holding, Maan saw it. she smirked which doesn’t lasted long as he crushed her swollen lips once again…


‘don’t worry sweetheart, we have 5 days to live together. Who knows what will happen in these days. U never know this devil’s intention.’

Geet can feel his hardness pressing her abdomen…

‘That we will see Mr Khurana.’

They comes out from the airport after going through all process.. all the time maan was gluing her to himself. Geet was feeling conscious about it. It’s his town, He is the king of this world. Soon it proved when from nowhere thousand of ppl, reporters with camera came in front of them. Seeing MSK with a girl is not a big news BUT at day time and that too so close like MSK is protecting the girl from the crowd it’s definitely a big news. Everybody know How Rude is MSK, he doesn’t like keeping girls in his den neither going with them in front of the world. They are just for his bed that too for nights nothing else.

Geet felt maan sliding his hand on her waist then bringing her closer to him. she tried to say something when he glared her not to say a word. Geet pouted in anger but soon someone bombard with questions on them that disgusted her…

R1: Hello Sir… MSK and Girl that too in the airport, Can we know what relation u have with her?


R2: At this time u are with a girl, its surely a shocked for girls. Rare to find MSK at this time with agirl. Wil u share the secret sir?


R3: is this girl ur another toy for the night or its staying a little longer than that?

And that’s it, A straight punch landed on the reporter’s face and camera came crushing down MSK’s shoes…


Ahhh it was pathetic to type seeing from paper to here, I hate it… hope the update came decent. And don’t worry after it I will not delay the ffs further…

Thanks a lot for showering ur love on my ffs so much….


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  1. Posted by MsDreamyPrincess on March 4, 2013 at 9:26 am

    uff kia hot update tha..
    Devil Torturing Geet with sweet n sour & cold assults… 😉
    really enjoy this update as boht din se i dint read hot one yr 😛

    Geet also fearing same pain n fear of that dreadful night… Gud progress in fear & love that hidden in both hearts…

    What Maan feel in these lines about love & relationships .. behind. the story is that she saw her parents not like fantasy couples… step father, step siblings & now more hardships for living a life…. gud going with.emotions tich!

    Good me back with same comments.. i was missing me yr…

    tich devil ki demostration.kyun rokh di…. 😉

    waiting for next!


  2. Posted by chahhat4eva on March 4, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Mind blowing update dear….. Ahhaann I like this possessive Maan….. Eagerly waiting for next part….. Post it soon plsssss 😉❤😘


  3. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 4, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Superbbbbb update di…
    Hhhaaawwttt & passionate Maaneet..
    Ufff..the way Maan was seducing Geet..
    Geet still fearing after remembering tht night..
    Maan trying to erase tgose memories by his softness & warmth..


  4. oh my god ..this was probably the best update of devil …lol
    now i am bit confused yrr …itna caring lag raha hai yeh devil …(^_-)
    devil boloon kya ..?? 😀 😀 guess the precap is gonna make me stand on the wrong side …n… ill love it …:D
    hmmm .. tou geet is actually fearing him leaving her …his lust thats y she can’t accept her feelings …n maan
    still quite an enigma to be true …but still me fida over his deadly caring side …
    ek pal mien pyaar lagta hai ..dosre pal mien obsession …:(
    hope yeh dono iss game mien jaldi apni feelings samjhein …

    thnxxx 4 this lovely hot hot update …:D
    luv ya


  5. what smoking update tichu….. bhaut garamdar dailogues
    ‘Till u are with me I wont cross the limit without ur permission, but the day you step out from my life I will not flinch to take u right the moment I see u. I promise it wont be easy for you to take me then.’
    literaly gives me goosebumps, geet bhi kuch kuch feel karne lagi hai thank god … she herself will make him dominate her..


  6. Posted by Dhwani on March 7, 2013 at 5:31 am

    So Hot Update!!!!


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