Love For You Part 63

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Thank u for all ur comments and likes gals…. This story is making me insane now.. This part will be really close to my heart cz after long I have cried writing any part…. And its enough long guess…


Part 63



It’s being 1 month, The day Geet heard about her Nephew she wanted to run to her di and take the bundle of joy in her hand then shower her all love on him… but she couldn’t do it.. the emotion that she had buried deep inside was floating from the day she heard about the news from karan. She could sense the tension from his voice. Her companies are suffering.. She had heard Brij’s business wasn’t doing well.. and Kunal was busy in his own grief… somewhere she is feeling guilty for all this. 6yrs is long and she had kept herself away from every relation successfully… but now why her heart is opening again.. She was feeling uneasy for past 1 month like something is going to take place… something that will change everything… She knew about Maan being so influential now a days.. only 5 yrs him in business world but he has made a position that ppl can’t earn in 50 yrs… sometimes she shivered whenever she see any news about him.. everyone thinks that she had kept herself away so she doesn’t know where is maan or what he is doing. But how can she make her heart a stone not to react when he is alive in this world…


Yes she still reacts on his each breath. Somewhere in the corner of her heart she is satisfied that he is alive and happy in his life.. because when he will know the truth which someday or other will come infront of him, He will be shatter and she want to see that MSK.. least she knew what had happened in these yrs. She was so busy to make a stand on her own she never gave importance to know how is he. She just assumed he will be fine and must be enjoying throwing her out from his life which her heart never accepted but her mind forced to accept…. And now when she is successful she gave in to her desire and got to know about maan through media and news channel but one thing which she couldn’t understand.. why not a signal newspaper or news channel had showed his personal life or pic with his family. Its very rare to see his picture in newspaper or tv… Not a single gossip came on his name, but she least bother. She is only worried for Khurana family….


So,, Geet what name u suggest for baby?


Geet was startle with the voice of rudra who was keenly observing her from a long time but seems like she is lost somewhere.. standing over the balcony of a 30th floor office window, she was staring at the blank space.


Geet: nothing…


Rudra: they are going to held the function tom, u need to give few name u know how much naina will be dishearten.


Geet: rudra I


Rudra: that Mishty I knew can never refuse to do something which make her jiji happy…


Geet: that mishty is lost somewhere rudra… she said in a trance…


Rudra took a deep breath: Hmm good. 1st u snatched the opportunity from Her to come close to angels because u were insecure if maan comes to know about them, and now u r giving her the pain because her own sister is so lost in her grief that couldn’t come to see her nephew for once. Usse to mouka hi nahi mila apni nieces se milne ka, kamse kam apne nephew se to ye haq mat chino…


Geet said in a blank voice: U know I can’t go there.


Rudra: u could have given the name geet.


Geet: isse kuch farak padhta rudra?


Rudra: kamse kam ek smile to aati naina ke chehre par.


Geet closed her eyes feeling frustrated on her fate…





A dark room where only source of light was the moon light coming from the window. Its been 6 yrs and still it is dark, He likes it as dark, because a sense of belonging touch his heart whenever he see the darkness of the room… the place once was his heaven, the place where his mithi’s essence lingered, he felt peace standing at the same spot where his mithi used to stay and stare at the beauty of outer world. But today nothing is beautiful for him, he had choosen the ugly life for himself and he is standing in the darkness alone…


But in the dark also a small smile can be seen on his face which was missing for the past 6 yrs. No one had ever seen him smiling, though when he spent his time with the orphan kids he smile for their sake, but it never reaches his eyes, nor today. But there is another glow on his face. maybe the happiness to meet his new angel of life.. Today he met Dev n naina’s son, it was his name ceremony. There was a puja for him, he doesn’t wanted to go because he blv his cursed life will effect that little one to suffer.. and beside it no one wanted to see him there. still dev’s insistence he went there.. because after the incident in hospital he didn’t have the courage to face them again…


Flashback of one month back,


He heard naina delivered a healthy baby boy, his happiness has no bound. He wanted to fly that time only to meet his nephew. He cancelled all his meeting and straightly went to hospital but all his happiness crashed down the moment he were entering the room.


Arohi: Naina di, whats are the names u n dev bhai decided for him?


Naina looked at the 1 day old baby in her hand burping. A small smile came to her lips along with arohi who was sitting beside her…


Naina: I always wanted mishty to give him name. I never thought about it.. but now. alone tear rolled down her cheek..


Arohi: But dev bhai want Maan Singh Khurana to name him… Arohi said in blank voice which startle naina. Its right Naina doesn’t have any grudges for maan now as she had seen him suffered. But still somewhere the sisterly love always overpowered her. she doesn’t want Maan’s shadow over the little one, in motherhood woman used to feel insecure and possessiveness and arohi was adding fuel because of her hatred towards maan. she still couldn’t forgive him. she hates him to the core..


Naina: but dev ne mujhe kuch anhi kaha.


Arohi: common di, dev bhai loves MSK, he still follows him blindly… he wants his son to be like MSK. Tarnishing another life.


Naina clutched baby to her heart: No, I won’t let him make another MSK, who snatched our life. My mishty’s smile, her happiness…


Arohi: but dev bhai will drag him in our lives. Just like arjun who can never go beyond his brother dev bhai will also make ur son to go to Him.. I couldn’t stop making rohan to go for him as arjun supported him.. mera baccha to MSK ko abhi se badhe papa bolta hain I don’t want ur son to be close to him. I don’t want MSK to enter in his life like poison….


Naina: But he loves rohan..


Arohi: Jo insane apne khud ke bacche ko nahi pyar kar saka, jo insane apne khud ke baccheko Paap bula saka, najane kitni ghinoni baate boli, how could u expect him to love anyone.. He was the person because of my mishty become so lifeless,, she left all of us, how could u think of me to accept his love for my child.. I fear Di, what if he do the same with my rohan… what if he left her after showing the world’s happiness? Aaj tak Mishty ki siskiya sunai deti hain mujhe. Sayad aap log uss insane ko maaf kar sakte ho, but I can never forgive him ruining her life… arre mujhe to itna bhi pata nahi, is her baby is alive or she went with abortion or miscarriage…



Maan’s body shivered with her each word, his happiness which he felt after long 6 yrs vanished in next moment,, he leaned on the wall beside the door placing his head on the wall,, Tears which was dried back long back peep beside the curtain of his lashes… What an irony. The MSK who make the world cry for his one look today is fearing to see his own nephew, because he is afraid of his dark destiny.  Just then he heard baby’s crying… His all attention went towards the baby. He peeped from the door to see the yawning baby.. a small smile touched his lips to see the small fragile feather… its so soft and so small.. pinkish complexion and small small hand legs and face…. a blissful moment was for him.. He never get the opportunity to see arohi and arjun’s son rohan when he was born.. he was in Germany still managed to loss 50 million deal and came rushing to India to see him.. Alas Arohi straightly denied to show his face to Maan. he went Germany feeling dejected and after 5 month returned back…


But here He felt this small baby also recognize him.. he saw the baby looking at him and giving a smile, naina and arohi was amazed to see him smiling, but before they look where he was looking maan hide himself. Again baby started crying…


Arohi: I think u should feed him…


Naina: hmm…


Maan turned and was going when dev came from behind. Maan gave him a small smile, he perfectly hide the tear drop but wish he couldn’t hide the pain from his little brother who amidst all still loves him, respects him like God.


Dev: Bro.


Maan: ha dev?


Dev: u didn’t meet them.


Maan: I saw him, he is very cute. Bilkul tumpe gaya hain. when u were small u looked exactly like this…


Dev: aapko abhi yaad hain?


Maan: ha dad used to take each day’s snap.. I was small but I grew up looking at ur, arjun and neha’s childhood only…


Dev: u destroyed ur childhood for us bro..


Maan: aaj ye sab mat kaho dev, I have destroyed a lot… go and take him in ur hand, he needs u..


Dev: he want to see u.


Maan: I don’t want to cross his path, kya pata kya chin lu usse.


Dev: bro.


Maan: go dev.


Dev: I m sorry bro.


Maan: u shouldn’t be, atleast I could see ur son.. it’s the best thing happened in these 6 yrs.. Maan walked out leaving a teary dev who heard everything still couldn’t do anything. naina saw dev on doorstep looking his right side…. She followed his gaze and saw maan walking away….


Naina(st): Main to tumhe maaf kar bhi diya Maan lekin apne aapko kaise maaf karoge tum?





He was in Mumbai after that day, but last night Dev called him and pleaded to come for name ceremony… Maan knew if he goes whole function will turn to be a funeral, but after much persuasions of Dev and Arjun he went to Delhi. He was happy to see his family; he wanted to ask how are they but knowing no one will even ask him about his whereabouts. He wanted to hold the little life in his arm, the first person who recognized his presence was the little bundle of joy… as he entered the Mansion the puja already started. Little baby was only looking at the door where maan was standing.. an unknown happiness ran through him, a smile which irked few ppl but made the small baby giggle….


Dev: Bro agaye. We were waiting for u bro lekin muharat nikal raha the so issi liye


Naina: We can’t wait for u the whole day like ur puppet. Naina said rudely.. giving a chance to other relative for gossip. Dev gave an angry glare to naina but she seems to be unaffected. But the one person understood her was Maan. he can see the frustration of being late, she was not angry cz he attended the function but disappointed with his late coming. Somewhere their relation had went beyond anyone’s imagination. Its seems Naina cared for him but never showed it. well she has a reason for hating him still after what he did why she still care for him, she should have only hatred for him. Here he can see the line of worry behind the mask of hatred and anger.


Pandit ji: bacche ke maasi ya Buya ya fir mama ya chacha inka naam rakkhe to accha hain lekin aur koi chahe wo bhi kar sakta hain.. aap log inka naam kya rakhna chahte hain?

(somewhere this is the tradition)


Everyone felt a pang in their heart. The 2 person who should be here was nowhere to be seen. Brij and Kunal couldn’t come because naina doesn’t want to face them as she challenged everyone she will take care of geet which she failed she blv. About Neha who is the baby’s buya, she kept herself busy in her fashion design company away from all, she doesn’t like to keep herself close to any relation now neither she attend her family gathering. It will be once in a blue moon anyone can see her face in the house… his masssi means Geet who no one knew about but today Naina missed her mishty the most, she was expecting karan to say about geet but he remain vanish till now… and now Maan came which least anyone expected…


Dev: Bro I want u to give him name, Please what name u want?



Just then neha entered: R u sure Bhai u want to put a name that this man will give,, remember na how many name he gave to his own child. Neha said with a smirk which disgusted maan, He gulp the lump in his throat still not showing any emotion on face.


Dev: Mind ur tongue Neha, don’t forget he is ur elder brother.


Neha: I wish I can forget that Bhai.


She walked towards the baby to give him a gift. Then moved away from there. Maan for sometime stared at the happy face of the small creature, he was showing gummy smile. its so small… the first thought that came to maan’s mind about how small he is.. he isn’t effected with neha’s word cz he is used to it now. for sometime it pierced his soul but next min it vanished as he saw the happiness of the little  one.


Rohan who is 4 yrs old now came running towards maan who lifted him and gave bunch of chocolates..


Arohi taunted: hmm, banao isse bhi apne jaisa, take ye bhi kisiki mithas zindegi se chin sake…


Arjun: Stop it arohi for God sake not today.. arhi took a sharp breath and turned away. She hated maan for making her like this bitter…


Maan came close to dev and handed some papers.


Maan: my gift for ur son dev. I couldn’t have come bare hand.


Dev: he is ur nephew bro.


Maan: janta hu, but I don’t want other to think I m bounding him with my relation.


Naina: ye kya hain? firse koi zameen ka tukra aur any property. He is small, property, money all is nothing for him, save it for his future so that u can turn him like u. a workaholic machine. She said the last words in a whisper barely audible, but maan n dev heard it.. they knew naina can’t stop herself for being bitter because she is worried for maan.


Dev: Bro aapne bataya nahi, kya naam socha hain aapne? Maan looked at dev intently. A small smile came to dev’s lips but before he can say it Karan appeared, he was vanished for 1 whole day, just now appeared from nowhere…


Karan: iska mama bhi iske sath hain dev. Vale hi khoon ka rishta na ho, Naina is like a sister to me. naina saw something in his eyes which he was trying hard to suppress…


Naina without hearing anyone just blabber in anticipation: kya naam rakkhe karan?


Karan: YUVRAJ….


Maan’s heart missed a beat to hear it…. he closed his eyes as the pandit chanted mantra. A satisfied smile spread on his face as he saw yuvraj giggling looking at him. he loved his name….


Everyone got busy with Yuvraj and without saying anyone anything maan came out from the mansion…..




Right now he is standing here, the peaceful place which has the love in the atmosphere, which has the remembrance of his GEET here.. where he can’t hear her painful cry but her sweet melodious laugh… the place they used to spent together. His farm house… Maan like to keep himself aloof from everyone and what can be the best place than this…


He felt 2 soft hand sliding under his arms and reaching his torso… he leaned closed as soft lips pressed on his back..


Maan: geet


Geet: r u tired?


Maan: hmm bohot…


Geet: wanna sleep?


Maan: will u make me sleep?


Geet: hmm come?


Maan placed his head on her lap, she was smiling. The white saree was complementing her face which has the happiness, the glow.. her eyes sparking in mischievousness.. lips playing a smile that made his heart at peace.


Maan: why r u smiling?


Geet frowns: why? Can’t I smile?? she made a grumpy face…


Maan: no baba,, I never said that, but the glow is unusual. U know after so many years I found u smiling like this, my heart felt so happy to see  u smiling.. Hamesha aise hi haste rehna Geet. Tumhara Maan jee raha hain kyun tum saanse le rahi ho…


Geet: Maan bas… hmm today I m very happy… so hum saddy baate nahi karenge samjhe?


Maan: jo hokum,, now tell me why u r so happy?


Geet: because my maan is happy after so many years.


Maan: janti ho geet what is the name of dev’s child?


Geet: hmm YUVRAj….


Maan: ha, yuvraj perfect for him.. tum yuvraj chahti thi na hamare bacche ka naam? It brought alone tear in his eyes, she was threading his hair while he was looking at the ceiling, Maine tumhare sare sapne tod diye geet… bas ek ye sapna pura karna chahta tha. I knew no one will accept still I wanted to try and u know what mere kuch bina bole hi karan ne bol diya.. I know dev understood what I wanted him to name baby and he was going to say that. just last moment karan said the name. I was so happy to hear…


Geet: how did dev knew about it maan?


Maan: Once he saw me writing the name on notepad… I was missing u,, my thought went back to the days we used to fight over baby’s name n gender… hamara sapna to pura nahi hosakta, maine khud usse barbad kar diya, but I m happy atleast someone is in the world we can call yuvraj.. jaha bhi ho tum I know u r relishing this moment… Karan must have informed u or it was u who gave the name?


Geet only smiles at him, then wiped the tear…


Geet: maan I m always in ur heart safe, so don’t ever to take it out..


Maan: jis din tum niklogi yaha se meri dhadkan ruk jayegi geet.


Geet kept her palm over his mouth: now a days u have become a chatter box, now sleep…


Maan: but promise me u wont leave me?


Geet: hmm promise.


Maan: tum roz promise karti ho aur roz tod deti ho.. u know how much pain I feel when in the morning I couldn’t find u… I know u will vanish when I will close my eyes..


Geet: nahi maan,, I will be in ur breath, whenever u will take ur breath u can see me… try urself…


Maan smiles and closed his eyes: I know u will leave me next morning but I will wait for u to come in night…


It was same for maan, this 6 yrs he only felt close to geet at this time, he knew as the dawn will come his life sun will not rise but set in the deep horizon, still he waits for next sunset so that his geet can meet him…




Dev: kya dekh rahi ho naina?


Naina: Dev that paper is of the orphanage in dehradun… ur mother’s place where maan saw geet after so many yrs, for which geet sacrificed so much… till now Maan had kept the land like a treasure but today he gifted it to yuvraj.


Dev: because now he felt his treasure is yuvraj not the land..


Naina: apne bhai ke bacche se itna pyar, what if his own child would have come in front, wo to puri duniya hi uske kadmo me rakh dega.


Dev: apne aap ko rakh denge


Naina: wish he hadn’t done that dev.. today he would have live with his own family, not an abandon life…


Dev: I can’t understand u naina.. whatever he did I thought u will be the last person to worry for him but,


Naina: how can I, when I now his part is with my misthy, how can I hate him when I know Her part is with him. they are each other’s soul, chah kar bhi main nafrat nahi kar sakti maan se…


Naina shed her tears that she was holding long back and dev embrace her in his arms wipping his own tears….


Dev: sab thik hojayega


Naina: kash sab thik hojata…






Karan felt the lump in his throat, he can’t see the family like this. he wanted to left the place but naina and arohi made him stay today.. he was going away when someone’s voice stopped him…


‘sayad aaj sab thik hota if u hadn’t hide the truth from family and HIM’


Karan tried to avoid neha but she stopped him in his track by coming to face him: Sayad aaj mera Bhai itna begana na hota if u hadn’t turned to be a selfish jerk…


Karan: Mind ur tongue


Neha smirks: Naina bhabhi doesn’t know what Gold digger she has invited in her life who only care for his Brother, not his so called best frnd Misthy’s happiness which lies with only person, MAAN SINGH KHURANA….



Precap: Mr Aditya kashyap want GR to be in India. What will be GR’s reaction and what is Aditya’s intention and most awaited, WHO is Aditya Kashyap.



IMPORTANT NOTE: I have taken one month gap in the story.. I m clearing it for few who couldn’t understand the gap.. Maan was in his Farm house when he remember the day one month back when he went to meet his nephew but couldn’t. then after one month dev called him for name ceremony which he attended. And its in the night when he was talking with geet who is his imagination now.. Maan had developed a feeling, as an imagination of geet with whom he talks and share his whole day….


Need a big favor guys, if anyone remember can u please tell me whether I had said the name of Geet’s Bhabhisa? SIL.. kunal rathode’s wife name??? I couldn’t remember it….




© All Copy Right Reserved 2013. Tich Mg.




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  1. Posted by bajue shams on March 6, 2013 at 12:35 pm



  2. awesome like all ways love it


  3. Posted by kavita on March 6, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    very very emotional part
    wanting more


  4. Posted by MsDreamyPrincess on March 6, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Superb update.. literally feeling like to cry with Maan..
    Love the bonding between Yuvraj & Maan as on birth day.. feeling his persence around him.. so cute..

    Haye still Geet feel a corner but in hate yet love effects…

    Both decide same name for dev naina’s boy…

    Karan ka panga neha sr abhi tak hai…
    ufff arihi or nega main kutni nafrat hai..:. arohi tolrate coz of arjun & neha abanded Maan. ose to lehaz hi nhi hai k bada bhai hai wo…

    dev naina ki last ki batein dil pe lag gai.. as he doing this do yuvraj, what he fo for own children… dev said apni kaan rakh dega… super like for that…

    Tich like the presentation of update. with time span of month & memories to dreaming Geet.. so beautiful!


    • Posted by MsDreamyPrincess on March 6, 2013 at 1:03 pm

      omg aditya want GR in India… av to dekgna parega what plan u make for oyr maaneet meeting or maan with tamanna & mannat meeting….
      contract ki w!ja se Geet ko jana parh jaega.. i think…


  5. Posted by -gurtimaniac- on March 6, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Superb Update

    Beautifully written

    Maan is so much in pain but he is not showing anyone his pain

    Arohi is hating Maan to the core, n i am hating her for hating Maan

    Maan listen to talk of Naina and Arohi n is very broken

    awww Yuvraj recognised his bade papa presence whenever Maan is around him

    Maan too thought of keeping Yuvraj as Dev’s son name which Geet too picked for Naina’s son

    regarding Kunal Rathode wife name —

    In part 16 u had mentioned his wife name as Priya where u had described her as pregnant


  6. Posted by Sona on March 6, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    lovely update yar……..
    very emotional 1…


  7. Posted by ravrash on March 6, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    I m speech less
    had tears in my eyes while reading


  8. Posted by ravrash on March 6, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    pls do not take too much time to update it


  9. This is a vry emotional n passionate story…………
    Pls try to giv a little quick updates..


  10. awse m update very emotional


  11. great updat par ab tu milado in dono ko


  12. Posted by maneet4 afrin on March 6, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    i think u hav not mentioned it dear… d update is superb…. i jus didn’t lik d way neha spoke to maan… hw he suppose to know or believe wen he had not known anything she also hided d truth from hi then hw can she blame maan for everything… she shud at least think y her brother said tat all things…. after he lost his childhood in taking care of his sibblings and maan always treated her not nly his baby sister but also his own daughter… bechara mera maan family hote hue bhi anatho ke tarah jee raha hai…


  13. o god !! so sad update , tumhari writing mein kya baat hai tichu i really cried reading this update , very soul touching update ….. bechara maan ab to he started hellucinating GEET … plz inhe jaldi mila do plzz … aur mat rulao humko


  14. nyc.i think. Geet’s time 2 rtn bk




  16. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 7, 2013 at 7:05 am

    Heart wrenching update di..
    Everyone is under the burden of sorrow..
    Toh Maaneet ne ek hi naam decide kiya…
    Aww..they wanted to name their son as Yuvraj…
    Dev & Arjun still believe their brother…
    & Naina cares for Maan bcoz she knows Geet is alive bcoz Maan is breathing..
    Waiting for GR’s arrival in India.


  17. Posted by Kiran Nautiyal on March 7, 2013 at 7:06 am

    Maan is abandoned by his family….he is lonely….his life is in pain….but it is all what he sow he is reaping that only….

    very painful update….

    no yaar I don’t remember Geet SIL’s name…kya fark padta hai kuch bhi naam rakh do….humein to sirf Geet-Maan se kaam hai….unko kuch nahin hona chahiye bass….


  18. Posted by spvd on March 7, 2013 at 8:03 am

    part 63
    Arohi is so angry at Maan still………..
    Nina is so nice…………
    lovely part dear………………..
    cont soon…………….

    Deepa (spvd)


  19. Posted by zariya on March 7, 2013 at 9:23 am

    geet will be in india soon
    but i want rudra geet as pair


  20. Hey tich,
    I havnt read any part of this ff earlier.But reading only this part brought tears.
    I will try reading it completely as i get time.
    Thanx for d PM buddy.


  21. Posted by gill123 on March 7, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Just loved iit akh mein ansu aa gaye waiting 4 next


  22. really so painful…


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    superb dear:)


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    gr8 part..


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  27. Posted by -gurtimaniac- on March 8, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    i had commented on the blog previously but when i logged in from PC i m not able to see my comment over here but from mobile it is showing tht it is waiting for administration…
    i hv made the same comment which i had previously made over the blog on IF thread too…


  28. Posted by khwaishfan on March 8, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    hi thanks 4 da pm n emotional update! Poor maan! well written! update soon! Khwaishfan (IF)


  29. Posted by suzie on March 21, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    super super update


  30. I cried..tat maaneet moment was so heart wrenching….
    lovely update….


  31. awesome part…. Cried reading maan’s pain… I know he was wrong but the pain he is going through….. I can’t see him like this….


  32. awesome part…. Cried reading maan’s pain… I know he was wrong but the pain he is going through now….. I can’t see him like this….


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