Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 2

love TIKS 2

Name of this ss Edited… Tere Ishq ko Sajdah mean Worshiping ur love…. 1st name Tere Ishq ke sajde wasn’t appropriate much to the meaning of this ss so from now this name…


Sorry guys, I can’t Give Character Sketch as it will Destroy the essence of the SS, u have to bear me and if u have faith on me just try it, U will understand every character slowly… There is Mystery lingering as its Tich’s Fic… and I can say there is 3 MAIN CHARACTER. Of course MAANEET and YASH…. How will the story divide just wait n watch….

Part 2

‘bolo na geet, don’t u love me? don’t u feel the same like me? tell me damit.’

She looked at his eyes, frighten to say anything… her one word will tarnish the innocence of the heart, it will ruin the moment, but what she suppose to say? She herself doesn’t know what her heart felt for him… she always learnt to give in to family’s wish… her family who always kept her as a fresh flower, an angel who is innocent and oblivious to this mean world.. how can she betray her own family? How can she turn the name of her family who loved her beyond limitation. She is bound with their love that she can’t hurt anyone, but what will she do now? The man standing in front of her is ready to sacrifice his life for her BUT with it he can burn this world for her.. He is fire which want her to engulf and she can only take the fire in her or else everything will vanish in his rage, in his merciless fury….

Maan shook her trying to know what her heart feels for him but she was numb, he can see the same innocent eyes looking at him with so many confusion just like the day they met and HE LOST HIMSELF IN HER not knowing what is store for them in future… he remember the day the cruel MAAN SINGH KHURANA breathed for himself for the first time, not for himself but for her.. those hazel had captured him like a way that he accepted defeat against her innocent in just 5 sec, THE MSK whom world fears, ever his own family can’t predict him, how easily she made him captivate of her love in just first sight. It was not her beauty but her innocence that made the arrogant and bad boy MSK a fire who can burn whole world for LOVE, his love, Tere liye wo har baar jhuk sakta hain, aur jhuka bhi… Sirf Tere Ishq ko Sajdah Kiya hain usne….


‘Mammaaaaaa Veerji, Papaji, Daarjiiiiiiii,,,, dekho mera result agaya,, hayee main 1st aayi hu,, yaaho yaahoooo yahoooo,, oye hoye haye hayee…’’’

A running and jumping geet ran towards her family while screaming her lungs out,, she was dancing with few kids of her colony while entering the Handa Villa…. She was in her own la la land that she didn’t saw many other pair looking at her while having a curious smile… but abb geet ko kon samjhaye… mast dhun ki maari GEET….

‘hayee rabba, I was so tensed about it, papajiiiiiii, meri treat do’ she again screamed and danced in more weird way while laughing and jumping like toddler….her family felt embarrassed with the little girl’s enjoyment… but strangely none had the heart to stop her, actually the joyful face and smile took everyone’s heart.. In this strange world there is very thin way to see innocent beauty and geet’s naïve nature took their heart….

Soon geet felt a tug on her hand and she saw so many pair looking at her, like a whole family came there… indeed it was. The Khuranas had came to see her…  she became conscious and instantly hide behind her mother like she did the grave mistake and they are here to punish her. geet looked at the people from whom elegance and royalty was oozing out but it only scared her…. she again hide behind her mother shivering…. It’s not like her family are strict with her and scolds her.. she is baby princess for them, but the tradition of the family which said girls won’t show off themselves against other member of society.. here its slight different.. daarji and brij was always protected and somewhere it always go over to protect her from the harshness of this world… so naturally geet became like a kitten always fear from outer world and inside she is a queen of her own…. Her father and grandfather had made everything kind size for her…. though they are not so influential and richy like Khuranas but gave geet whatever she desire that too before she can think… here also her Daarji showed Yash’s photo asking about marriage so she gave in saying her family knows the best for her cz till now they had chosen best for her least she knew what destiny has chosen for her…

‘Rano, get ready her and then come down’ daarji said in a strict voice but the tear stung eyes made him lose himself, he saw his princess lowering her head and going backward with her mother. Daarji excused himself stunning everyone. Then he went to geet who was taking snail speed step… he held her shoulder and geet immediately hugged him hiding her face in his chest….

‘Mera baccha 1st aaya hain, to treat to banti hain… how about we go Golden temple aur mattha tek aaye, tujhe jana tha na?’ he said with a smile and geet’s face lit up like a chandelier… she gave her full toothy grin and shook her head vigorously… daarji patted her cheek ‘lekin mera baccha will do what daarji will say, she wont let her daarji’s head down in front of others hain na?’

Geet innocently said ‘how can I let that happen, my daarji is my pride and so I m to him, agar kisine koshish bhi ki mere daarji kuch kehne main uski muche(mustache) ukhar dungi’ darji couldn’t help chuckle and other people who was carefully hearing everything broke into laughter specially the younger people who were curiously looking at geet like they haven’t seen such a piece… actually it was true, they haven’t seen an innocent flower like her…. daarji glare geet who bite her tongue and mumble sorry… but daarji made a serious face..

 ‘geet puttar u know Khurana uncle and his family came to see u, please beta get ready fast or it will be a shame for me that I didn’t teach u manner, do u want that? do u want anyone pointing fingers on ur daarji?’

Geet had tears again ‘no daarji, I m sorry, aap aisa mat boliye na, I m coming in few min. just give me 15 min, I won’t let u down ever’ she said sweetly which made daarji smile and kiss her forehead… geet pouted with fake anger for making her cry again n again and just then something tickle her… something made her blood rush to her cheeks and she looked upto see a handsome man entering the hall, actually he was looking at them from the beginning and doesn’t felt like breaking it. He was himself in trance… but HIS stare made geet conscious… she frantically looked here and there and then took the drastic step.. she looked at his eyes which shows the pool of fire… her heart felt shudder and unknown to her she ran towards her room upstairs as fast as she can just to hold her thundering heart, and He only stares at her back. an unknown urge to hold her tight in his embrace forced him to take 2 step forwards just then he heard his father’s voice…

‘so Mr Maan Singh Khurana ko waqt mil gaya apne BHAI ki mangetar ko dekhne k liye’

Maan saw his father Aman Singh Khurana looking straight to him with a smirk. Maan doesn’t wanted to come but something forced him to come and now he thought it will be the 1st he is grateful to his useless family and his dumb brother… but what he said she is going to marry YASH? No way… I won’t let that happen dad. She is MINE, just MINE….. maan thought with a smirk and walked closed to his brother who was sweetly smiling at him…

‘hmm My brother had blackmailed me to come and now I m thinking to steal his bride,,,,’

Everyone in the hall became numb and rano left a gasp.. everyone looked at him in confusion and fear knowing he is upto something… there is some tension between the TWIN… and maan always love to snatch yash’s happiness maybe he want to do something same… but there was one person who looked straight in his…

‘why? Feeling jealous that she isn’t like ur gold digger town girl type?’

A handsome guy Replica of him, of course his Twin Brother YASH trigger his words to maan… the smile on yash’s face irritates maan to the core. He felt like snatching that smile from him right now.. the sweet nature and candy of everyone’s eye Yash is throne for Maan..

Yash’s words  ingested maan more and the whole family looked at them shockingly.. brij was fuming seeing the casualness in the twin but none family member had the guts to say a word to maan.. how can they, when this involve yash… everyone know maan is sensitive with yash as he doesn’t like yash being praised all the time….

Yash is a person who liked by everyone, even a blind can say he is a gem who can make any person happy with his innocence.. his maturity and good looks can make any girl for his knees but yet he is sober soft and very down to earth… where Maan is exactly opposite… he was always mischievous, dark, mystery and very arrogant… due to his anger no one dare to come close to him and as yash was very sweet to everyone, he got friends easily… in family also because of yash’s sweet nature everyone praised yash more than maan which made maan to burn in his own misery… he started feeling competition from his own brother and soon he detach himself from everyone blaming yash that it was his fault…

Though there are differences between the brothers,, one hate other (maan hates yash but not yash) but there is only yash who can tackle maan. none the family have guts to even stand against him but yash always take his way from him… yash can make maan do anything and maan will do it with his own condition. Ek ajeeb sa rishta hain dono me, though they look exact replica but they are very much poll apart…

‘I need ur sign on the paper yash’ maan said coldly…

Yash smirks ‘jaldi kya hain, meri sagai to hone do.’

Maan clenched his fist ‘u have came to see HER not to marry her’

Yash smiles ‘but I liked her, and I m thinking to marry her as soon as possible’

Everyone gasp with the words and mohindar handa geet’s father was first to open the ice…

‘badhai ho bhai saab’ he said looking at aman who was perplexed what to think more and desire more. he smiles nervously don’t know now what these brothers are upto…

‘apko bhi’ he said hugging mohindar… anisha maan n yash’s mother and rano also hugged each other….

Maan’s jaw tighten ‘she didn’t said yes yet’

Daarji intervene now ‘she is ready for it or else she never got ready to come for this alliance at the first place’

Everyone congratulate each other and dadima said she want the marriage take place in one month and till then they will stay in Shimla in the bunglow…

Yash smiles at maan who gave him deathly glare…..

‘u have to wait till I marry and she needs to sign the property paper too’

‘but it was not in the deal, the property is on ur name and’

‘and if I get married before turning 26 my wife have to sign it..’


‘but why should my business suffer cz my family loves u more, grand paa gave u equal share of that property cz he was blind but why u r acting as useless dog?’

Anisha shouted on maan ‘enoughhhh now’

Seeing so chaos brij wasn’t feeling good to give his princess to them and seeing the reluctance on his face anisha apologies to them behalf of his son….

Yash came close to maan and said in a low tune ‘maan u r forgetting the will say its on both our name,, u want it for ur business and I m ready for it. but as a clause there is something said, if I get marry before turning 26 I can transfer the land on ur name but my wife have to sign it… now u think will u wait for another 7 month for me turning 26 cz before that I can’t give u either… or u can wait here for 1 month and me n my wife will sign it’


‘r u sure she is ready to marry u? did u forget the last clause if I marry first the property will go on my name so what if I steal ur would be wife hmm?’


The will was in a chain system, so its vice versa. Whoever marries first will have the land and if he want to give the other brother they can after marriage and need to sign with his spouse, here everyone knew Maan wouldn’t marry now and they want Geet to marry Yash not Maan because Maan is too rude and he can never make an innocent girl like geet happy..

 There was a calm yet dangerous smirk that played on maan’s lips… but it soon get vanished as he saw the angel looking at him innocently…. Yash too followed his gaze upstairs where geet was standing wearing a white simple anarkali suit looking heavenly awesome fluttering the guy’s heart….

‘I won’t let u snatch her maan, not atleast her, not atleast for this stupid contact… she is naïve and not for ur type of game’

Maan only looked at her eyes didn’t said anything, he heard the family discussing the rituals oblivious to their talks and his stare at her.. she seems to be confuse, cutely looking at both of them, yash to maan then maan to yash maybe confuse whom she is going to marry. Both look same.. waise bhi kya phadhak padhta hain, banda seedha hona chahiye warna brij veerji ghusa maar maar ke seedha kar denge, haina na babaji? She cutely cribbed while looking upward and then again looked at the two…

Precap: ahm ahm first meeting of Maaneet separately in GYM….

© All Copy Rights Reserved 2013. Tich Mg


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  1. wow love it but geet sirf maan ki ho sakti hai wicked maan


  2. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 6, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    Awesome update di..
    Toh yash poori Khurana family ki aankh ka taara hai..
    & our MSK..qs usual..rude,arrogant,possessive..
    Precap is ssooo interestng…
    Waiting for it di..


  3. Posted by Dhwani on March 7, 2013 at 5:36 am

    Awesome update!!!!!!


  4. Posted by angelickushi on March 8, 2013 at 7:24 am

    loved the update
    so the clash is bw maan and yash
    wondering how this story is gonna progress


  5. nice update tich.. little confusing about twins, war bhi hai & jealousy bhi, contract & will is so confusing…
    but Like Geet character & family love towards her,
    Maaneet k bech Yash … ek baat saaf hai Geet maan klye or Maan klye klye bana hai 😉
    yash kitna acha hai or Maan villain type tauba hai ksi main to normal banati tm =D
    waiting for next 😉


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