Love for You Part 64

I m not satisfied with the part but typed what came to mind. Hope I haven’t gone overboard…

Part 64

Karan tried to avoid neha but she stopped him in his track by coming to face him: Sayad aaj mera Bhai itna begana na hota if u hadn’t turned to be a selfish jerk…

Karan: Mind ur tongue

Neha smirks: Naina bhabhi doesn’t know what Gold digger she has invited in her life who only care for his Brother, not his so called best frnd Misthy’s happiness which lies with only person, MAAN SINGH KHURANA….


Karan held her arms and pulls her close to him: Do u have any idea what u r talking about? How could u think I m doing it for bhai? And leave it, how could u think about Rudra bhai and mishty like that?

Neha shrugged his hand violently: Mr Karan Raizada, be in ur limits.. and I know my frnd Mishty. But whatever u r doing clearly indicating u r worried for ur brother’s love. He loves her and succeeded to take her away from us.

Karan: U know what? U r seriously out of ur mind.. this success had made u mad and ur sense are all gone… I don’t want to waste my time on ur bakwas..

He tried to shove her but neha tried to grab his collar.. karan saw dev and naina was busy in themselves, he took her to her room and locked the room, in swift motion she felt herself trapped between the wall and his hard body… Neha was furious and she tried to shove him away but his grip was much stronger, she felt weak in front of him, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Karan saw her struggling for few min and then accepting the defeat she leaned her head on the wall backward… he can feel her eyes getting moist.

Karan: Why u r torturing urself so much? Can’t we forget everything and come back together?

Neha snapped her eyes: NO not on the account of my brother’s happiness.. I told u earlier, tell me about Her first…

Karan in anger punched the wall beside her scaring the hell out of her: Why don’t u understand I had promised her,, I know very well u want to know her whereabouts and that’s why u hurt me again n again..  but can’t u understand I m bound with the promise of my best frnd. She will go away from me the moment I take out anything from my mouth…

Neha: I won’t let her, Please Karan tell me…

He can see the 6 yrs before Neha who was timid and depended on everyone or everything, the baby of everyone… her moist eyes and desperate anxiety.. He closed his eyes, he can’t break his promise to the 2 person, how can he say for the person she is doing all, HE himself had taken promise not to let anyone know about her right now. Yes Maan himself had asked him not to say anyone about her then how will he say it to neha knowing her, she will not take 5 min to call Geet or go to meet her and next geet will fly somewhere no one will get a chance to know…

Karan: U love ur brother so much neha then why u hurt him, can’t u see he is alone? He had turned himself a person he was never, he is working like machines and doesn’t care for his own health, why don’t u confide MAAN?

Neha: Because I hate him. Suna tumne, I hate my brother for ruining an innocent’s life and His also.

Karan: jhoot bol rahi ho, u can never hate him. u just pretend so that he get mishty here… u want him to get mad and search for mishty right?

Neha looked at karan horrified, she tried to suppress her hiccups and push him but she doesn’t have any energy left to fight more..

Neha: hatto karan, I don’t want to talk to u.

Karan pressed his body on her: U love them too much, more than ur love and thats why u r angry on me as I haven’t helped u. and u r bearing the loneliness that maan is facing that’s why u stay far from this family alone in that studio apartment of urs.. neha only pushed him cz she knew every word of his is true and these yrs karan had kept eyes on her very well.. but still she want to fight, just to get the 2 fav person of her life…

Karan: Kyun kar rahi ho aisa neha? Kyun apne aapko aur mujhe dard de rahi ho? Do u think saying all harsh words will push me away from u, I very well knew why u keep ursel away from me, so just maan can see what lonliness u r facing because of him and he would brought mishty, u just want HIM to be happy with his love and till the time he will not feel the happiness in his lie u will not come to my life, towards ur happiness. U think if u also get ur happiness who will share ur brother’s pain.. u pretends to hurt him but inside u break each time… just to see him going to get GEET…

Neha: bas karo please. Neha broke down sliding her whole body weight on the floor… Bas karo Karan, I can’t hear it..

Karan: u r bearing it alone all the time,,

Neha: chodh do mujhe karan, move on in life…

Karan cupped her face: Mishty always used to say Choti is so innocent, she is the youngest one in our family, she doesn’t know the world,, she was so protective towards u, but she didn’t knew this fragile neha can destroy her life for her brother and best frnd.. And all these years u shoved me because u wanted to see me move on in life.. Do u think its easy Neha to forget ur love and move on life.. I know whatever u did, whatever u said to me just for the sake of anger was ur love. Do u think I m blind can’t see the pain when u hurt me.

Neha: kyun mere liye apni zindegi barbad kar rahe ho karan. I don’t deserve u, u will get a person who can respect ur love and love u more than u think… Mere liye apni zindegi mat kharab karo.. I can’t see u like this…

Karan: kaise karu jab mera dil tumhare pass hain?

Neha whimpered: Kyun karte ho itna pyar?

Karan: tum kyun karti ho sabse pyar?

Neha: pata nahi, aisi hi hu main.

Karan: main bhi aisa hi hoon…

Karan cocooned her in his embrace with a smile and self thought : Thank u mishty….


Rudra: finally u patched up them.

Geet: they are mad and childish… 6 yrs rudra. Che saal se dono alag hain for the stupid reason…

Rudra: Stupid for u not for them, they loves u Geet…

Geet took a deep sigh: I don’t deserve their love rudra, not neha’s.. she is my choti and I forgot everything in my grief and anger.. how could they love me so selflessly… tumne mujhe kuch bataya kyun nahi what if I hadn’t heard ur n karan talk over video chat?

Rudra: He never said it to me geet, its just I sensed the tension and once heard their argument on phone.. Karan was talking to me when I heard neha’s voice, but karan cut the call… and today I pressured him then he told everything happened in these yrs… and u saw that….


Video chat of rudra n karan (few hours before karan consoles neha)

Rudra: Karan why u did that? u know she loves u so much..

Karan: I know bhai but she want her love of the cost of her brother’s happiness.. she want to know mishty’s address so that she can bring her back, how can I give her when I gave my promise to her…

Rudra: and just because of that u never tried to talk to her? for that u made a distance between u and neha?

Karan: Mishty also never tried to talk to maan, never try to hear why he,,,,,

Karan stopped looking rudra’s behind where geet was standing with blank expression. Rudra observed it and saw over his shoulder… he made her sit beside him.. karan didn’t have the courage to talk to her.. he just dipped his head and looked everywhere else..

Geet: just because of me my choti is suffering so much and u never said anything karan.

Karan stares at her for few min, in this 6 yr he had only talked with her over phn.. never she came live. But seeing the blank eyes he regret his decision not to help neha.. he was so engrossed in his 2 promises that he made that he forgot in all this all are suffering…

Karan: U never came to meet me mishty. Sorry Geet…  Geet closed her eyes in pain hearing her best frnd’s painful voice. U know geet neha is somewhere like u, stubborn. Ek baar jo sochti hain uske aage usse kuch nahi dikhta, jaise tu… u took decision that u will come back to india but never told the truth to maan… Karan can see the stiffness in geet hearing his name.. he smiles painfully. U still reacts on his name geet… hmm U always did whatever ur heart said. u went away from us never turned to look back.

Geet: meri galti ki saza usse kyun de raha hain karan. She needs u.

Karan: u also needs someone.

Geet: I have rudra, angels.

Karan: someone needs u geet.. he said in a whisper… geet missed a beat seeing karan’s eyes which indicates so much.. karan corrects himself.. U never thought about Naina di, arohi, dev, arjun.. everyone needed u but u were lost in ur grief…

Geet: I was scared. scared to face them karan. If they see me they will be shatter.

Karan: abb konsa jee rahe hain geet.

Rudra saw the tension between them, he have to do something before it overpowers..

Rudra: I think here we r talking about neha n ur relation karan, so better we talk about it.. do u have any idea what have u done.. u should have talked to her…

Karan understood and geet too, so they tried to avoid that topic…

Karan: bhai I tried but she isn’t ready to hear anything.

Geet: did u tried enough karan?

Karan only stares at her.. geet got her answer…

Geet: dusro ko samjhane se pehle khud apne taraf dekho karan, u left choti all alone to manage everything and that forced her to grow up so fast.. she is handling a fashion company all alone, staying away all alone and what u r doing? Avoiding her?? didn’t u felt the necessity to know why she is doing it? if u know she want to know my whereabouts that means u know the reason for it then also u r leaving her alone? Don’t u see she is going so far from everyone. she is going in the darkness that too alone.. mere pass to rudra hain angels hain wo akeli hain karan. Don’t do this please….

Karan saw the old vulnerable Geet after so many years. He is seeing her for the first time.. he had only talked with her over phn, she never came face to face but today he can see a new geet who is mature, hard and emotionless still a corner of her heart holds the same love for everyone that she doesn’t want to show anyone…


Next day other side of world a person was walking towards the big building which shows the banner of Khurana Construction…. 8 bodyguards walked side by side shielding one well built man who was busy conversing with someone… his longs step reached the elevator and he went inside alone where his bodyguard took another elevator.

Maan: I need the work done by tom or forgot the deal…


Maan: I know she is smart and that’s why I m playing smarter. I don’t want to hear rejection, I have given u millions not to hear this ans. I need result…


Maan: U know I can’t. now stop it,, I need the best result.. or else forget ur dream….

He hung up taking a deep breath, a small but beautiful smile covered his lips. For other it can be the smirk he usually wears but in the 4 wall he can release the small hearty smile. he leaned over the wall closing the eyes…


He walked over his cabin without giving a glance towards the ppl who were greeting him standing in their place… few girls were checking themselves to see if they are looking perfect, of course they want to impress the hottest bachelor of India… The MSK but the biggest hurdle is MSK doesn’t give a second’s look to anyone which irked every girl specially KC’s head architect Sasha…. She is working with maan for 4 yrs now,, in these years she made her position in KC very well but she wasn’t happy with it only, she want to take the position in maan’s heart which is impossible, she had tried numerous time but maan never showed a bit percent interest in her… but still she didn’t give up on him…

Sasha: Good morning MK.

Maan: with blueprint in my cabin in 5 min…

That’s all he say,, he never use much words for his workers. It just few word which is enough for everyone to know what he want as he is very clear with his words… and no one dare to mess with work as maan hates negligence in work…

Maan took his seat and opened his laptop.. for 1 min he stared at the screen, but before sasha can see he switched it to another wallpaper…. Sasha noticed the change of expression. She is seeing it from past 4 yrs. Whenever he start his day at office he use to stare at the wallpaper of his screen for 2 min and if anyone come he change it or switch off the lappy. But she never failed to notice to see the change of expression every time he see the screen. When he see the pic his face get his life, a ting of happiness was there  but soon he change it with a mask, a cold mask to hide his emotion and in sec in become expressionless.. no one dare to peep in his laptop to see what is the thing that make the MSK to stare at it… once Sasha tried to see in it and maan had blasted on her.. she was nearly on street as he fired her and for 2 month she tried to search for job which no one gave atlast she held his feet to get back the job which maan gave at last.

Sasha: MK here is blueprint and there is a part which u should attend…  Sasha left her word hesitantly as his fierce filled eyes fall on her, his look was enough to make her gulp hard…  Sorry MK, I will attend the party with Mr Dayal…

Maan engrossed himself in the design and sasha took leave knowing maan wont give once glance to her… just then he heard the ring of his cell… a deadly smirk came to his lips…

Maan: Hmmm


Geet placed the contract infornt of rudra who was playing video games with mannat. Tamanna was long sleepy… mannat saw her mother’s angry eyes… without a word she crawled over bed and slipped inside the duvet n mouthed a goodnight to rudra who gave a flying kiss and mouthed good night… geet tried to talk to rudra but he glared at her… he dragged her out from the room..

Rudra: what were u doing, u call them devil but look at urself. U r looking like a demon….

Geet: shut up rudra…. And read the contract….

Rudra took it and went through the clause… confusion was all over his face…

Rudra: but these clause..

Geet: wasn’t there when we signed the contract then from where they added it and how??

Rudra: r u sure

Geet: yes I read the papers before signing it rudra but now

Rudra: we have to go INDIA as per clause..

Geet: NO,,, we will never go there NEVER….

Rudra: Geet….


Maan: What?? I don’t know anything… I need her here by 1 week.. do what it take but I WANT GR HERE IN DELHI IN ONE WEEK… I hope u got that straight Aadi…. He smashed the phone without hearing anything.. he switched the wallpaper and touched the screen…

Maan: I want u here Geet, I want u here. I have given u enough time.. but not anymore. u have to come here…. aur ye wadah raha maan ka apne geet ko maan tumhe wapis laake chodunga…. Bohot dard diya tumhe,, gunah kiya hain.. saza bhi seh lunga but tumhe wapis aana hoga aur tumhe wapis lane ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hu, kuch bhi….

Precap: Devils on mission….

What did u though guys is it really difficult to get geet’s information and that too for maan when he had become one of the best shrewd businessman in world. But yes does he know about kids or not will unfold son. All ur queries will be answer as per story unfold so pls have patience…

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Sorry for grm and spelling mistakes … extremely sorry…

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  1. Posted by ravrash on March 10, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    this is what i wanted
    kisi na kisi ko to pahal karni hi padegi
    so one who was wrong taking first step
    I m excited


  2. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 10, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Awesome update di..
    Poor Neha..she was alone all these yrs as she thought Maan will bring Geet back after seeing her suffering alone..
    Hmmm…so MSK in action now..
    Ab toh Geet ko wapas aana hi hoga..


  3. Karan-Neha’s love and pain is very felt in the update.Too happy that they talked.Now waiting to see what Maan will do.

    Loved the update.


  4. great up date !! so cute part of karan and neha …. very maaneet are also going to patch up


  5. Posted by laksh on March 10, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Nice update tich. Poor neha. So much love she has for mAan geet and karan. Karan nehA finally patched up. Now maan gEet s turn. All the relations will fall into places like before when geet returns. Maan would have known geet s wareabouts long back. Common yaar he is the great msk. He was jus waiting for the right time. Waiting for them to meet. And maan knows about his devils I hope. Update soon yaar. Waiting for the whole gang to meet again.


  6. awesome loved it
    poor neha


  7. Posted by maneet4 afrin on March 10, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    hmmm sorry for hating neha…. par kya karu usne mere maan ko kitna kuch sunaya… aur achha laga yeh dekh kar ki woh apne bhai ke dard me rehna chahti hai very touched, very much… and karan gadhe woh toh mature ho gayi tu kab hoga….???!!!! n wat abt arohi???

    and yesss my guess is rite aditya kashyap is maan’s adi hayeeeeeeeeeeee…… is update maine guess kiya tha ki maan ko pata hai geet ka add. as karan rememberd tat he promised maan also tat time 99% sure ki maan knew it…

    still geet n karan don kno abt maan accident… london me hue acci aur jab rokane jaa raha tab hue acci n uska coma 6 mahine rehna iss baare geet aur karan ko pata nai… kya hoga jab pata chalega toh????!!!!!!!!!

    superb track going on…


  8. love it waiting for maaneet confrontation and 1st meeting with his little devils wow speechless


  9. Posted by -gurtimaniac- on March 11, 2013 at 1:15 am

    Awesome Update

    Maan trying to bring Geet back to India at any cost

    Aditya Kashyap is none other than Adi who work for Maan

    Neha wanted to bear the pain of his brother n tht is y she is living alone in studio’s apartment

    Neha – Karan convo was much needed

    Neha had became matured with time n Karan dumb, karan ki dimag ki batti tab jali jab Geet ne use samjhaya

    Hehehehe Sasha trying to impressed Maan, apne pair par khud khuladi maar rahi hai

    Rudra-Geet is in shocked seeing a new clause in the agreement

    Waiting for Maaneet face-off


  10. awsemmmmmmm


  11. Posted by gill123 on March 11, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Just loved it dear


  12. Posted by neha74 on March 11, 2013 at 7:39 am

    wow!! fantastic update….karan neha patch up thanks to geet and what a twist maan knows that GR is geet and where is she and she will have to come back now…wow!! waiting for their face off but please don’t separate them now and bring then together soon….eagerly waiting to see geet’s reaction when she faces maan and maan’s reaction when he sees his daughters…continue soon..


  13. wowwo amazing and superb how can you say this part notgood its awesome love to see devil khurana go and get your love dear awesomd .


  14. Posted by angelickushi on March 11, 2013 at 11:19 am

    loved the update
    glad finally karan and neha have patched up
    so all along maan knew where geet is and he was giving her time to get over with and now the devil is back to take wats his…loving it


  15. awesome update…do continue soon.


  16. Posted by spvd on March 12, 2013 at 7:33 am

    part 64
    awesome part dear……….
    so Maan knows where Geet is and its him who’s making her to come back………
    but what is GR?
    very nice………..
    they gonna meet after so many years………..
    cont soon dear……….

    Deepa (spvd)


  17. Posted by ahsaassingh9006 on March 13, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG maan all the time knew where geet is but was just giving her time to come back on her own…………fabulous, par ab jab maan t=ne thaan hi li hai usse vapas laane ki tho ab tho geet ko aana hi hoga…….sachi just cant wait to see there final terrific face off……………awesome update dear.


  18. Posted by suzie on March 21, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    wow i’m speechless




  20. Posted by padma on March 25, 2013 at 7:53 am

    read all the parts dear..loving it


  21. uff kia. deadly game khela hai Maan ne.. awesum tich…
    one week main geet will be in India.. waiting for it..=P

    neha karan ka patchup… Geet did that, neha k intentions bure nhi thy… maan klye tha wo sb…


  22. wow tat s MSK..!!!!
    u r such n awesome writer…
    y don’t u give the script to any PH…
    but ah with one condition of only gurti being the leads….;-);-)


  23. awesome… Smart maan…. Cute scene between neha-karan…. Geet have to india now….


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