Tere Ishq Ko Sajdah Part 3



“Once,, God wrote a story

that shook the heaven to the very core.

Love was the only language used;

You and I

were the only characters.”






Part 3


She had heard everything but nothing entered her thin brain, she just looked at them innocently and then looked down couldn’t handle the intensity of maan’s gaze, she still don’t know with whom she is going to marry but whoever it is, she need to be careful not to disappoint him….



It was geet’s daarji mr Balraj Handa and Rajendra Singh Khurana’s(Maan’s grandfather) long friendship that made them give a vow that their grandchildren will get married. Both didn’t had daughter so they craved for daughter and GEET was 1st girl child that too in Handa but for Khurana she was princess of their eyes as well… Khurana n Handa was best friends from generation and Mohindar n Aman also but not the next generation as aman had to expand his business and then left shimla at early just after geet being deliver.. they doesn’t wanted,, circumstances forced them and aman n anisha moved to delhi later USA… but Savitri n Rajendra Singh Khurana Stayed in shimla.. 10 yrs before they moved to delhi later amar n anisha came with maan yash and aniee their 3rd child….


Maan and yash always had problem… yash is sweet loverboy who is a candy of everyone’s eyes because of his sweet and calm nature where maan is complete opposite… He is arrogant and sometime can be evil also if he need his way out… from childhood he had a complex thinking his family loves yash more though it was not true but because of his rudeness to everyone his parents scolds him.. everybody started talking about how can one boy be so calm one is so dangerous, naturally they started telling how good yash is and how useless Maan is, it grew in Maan as hatred for everyone and he became a self centered man who can do anything  to satisfy himself…


But in the deep corner both brother loves each other immensely. Yash shows it in his action while maan did always opposite, try to show his hate towards yash but yash knew what is real maan and he took him like that… yash never let anyone say a bad word against maan and maan always protected his naïve brother from this world unknown to everyone…. no one dare to mess with yash because maan was over protective for him though he never showed it infront of everyone…. he thinks only he has the right to do or say anything to yash even he can snatch anything from him cz its because of him yash always gets that….


Here also Rajendra Singh Khurana made a will about a Land that will belong to both of his grandchildren if they agree to work together on the land for any purpose but maan n yash both had their different firm so now as a clause there is something that made them perplexed…. Anyone of them if marry before turning 26 yr age can have the whole property but the girl have to be choice of family… maan was never a man of marriage, so it was yash that family thought to marry off…. but as maan made a fuse over the land yash agreed to give him the land but after only his marriage. Yash had given one mild clause that maan have to be present in his marriage ritual from beginning if he want the land and finding no other option maan have to agree on his terms staying in Shimla for a month which irked maan to the bits….


And now when everything is sorting, maan can have the land also BUT the passionate bad boy’s heart stuck on the innocent angel who unknowingly captured his heart with one pearl of her eyes and a small smile that showed her dimple…. He never thought he can be hopelessly in love with anyone like this…. destiny has it’s own game,, kya pata kisko kiske sajdah karna padhe…



After that day maan stayed in shimla in their own mansion which is just behind geet’s home.. both can see each other through balcony as the corridor of maan n geet’s room faced each other… maan was angry on himself that he let a mere small town girl effect him, but then her one look was enough to make him throw out all his anger….


He was doing his workout bare chest and wearing only a lose baggy trouser, his anger was visible in his moves just then he heard a gasp… looking behind he couldn’t see anyone but the aroma was too much to ignore… sweet jasmine with sandal mix scent filled his nostril… he saw an end where something was struggling… it would had slipped if he hadn’t hold it tight in his embrace and without uttering a word he pressed the soft petite figure on the wall with his masculine sweaty body…


Geet came to ask the family to come for dinner but got stuck in the gym on the terrace… she was just going to the terrace as dadima said to take out the pickle from there..she was feeling home here so she happily agreed to work and help them to settle here…. But as she was passing one room she heard something… couldn’t control the curiosity in her she walked inside and saw nearly naked maan doing his exercise vigorously… his each move made her jaw hung open that can touch the ground and finally when he kicked in the air she let out a small gasp and soon closed her mouth with her palm and hide behind the pillar…. But her earring stuck in the curtain and she started struggling to come out…. what if maan sees her.. she hadn’t still saw him perfectly, whether it’s yash or maan…


‘dono ek hi jaise kyun dikhte hain babaji?’ she cribbed looking at her babaji… her heart felt sudden thunder when maan trapped her between his frame and wall.. her throat went dry and eyes were big like it can pop out from the socket….


‘tum yaha kya kar rahi thi?’ his deep n husky yet serious voice confirmed her its maan not yash…


‘wo,main, main wo, ah wo,’ she stammered feeling his manly scent…


‘will u complete ur sentence today or it will take tom as well?’ he said slowly yet a mischievous hint was there on his face.. as soon as geet looked at his smirking lips she gulp hard…


‘wo, wo, aap.. ummm’ she closed her eyes feeling him ever so near her…. ‘haye babaji ye dust danav agar yunhi itne kareeb rahenge so how can I answer him, pls madad karo na’


Maan like sensed her tension and slowly draw himself… with sudden pull geet was going to fall as her whole body was on him, and his removal made her imbalance… before she can move again maan put his hand on her waist….


‘do u seriously have a problem with standing also ya jaan bujh kar girti rehti ho, take koi tumhe sambhal sake specially a richy rich MSK…’ his words are simple, he never liked to mould words. He wanted to know this girl and her words can only give him the hint of her real character… well does she know how innocent she looks with those doe shape hazel.. or it’s just a mask not the real self, but his heart argued she is naïve like a flower.. soon his heart pained to see her hazel becoming watery… geet had never been taunted or anyone raised a finger on her character.. everyone is aware of her sensitivity… in whole town everyone knows her for her simplicity and innocence.. he expected her to shout or slap him but never in his wildest dream he thought to make her cry… he wanted to console her but she started struggling to get out of his grip… her mouth couldn’t hold the small cry that escaped still she managed to hold her hiccups…


Maan felt restless with her struggling and held her waist more possessively…. Geet looked upto his angry eyes.


‘main bas wo, I came for dadima. I didn’t knew u were here. Sorry.’ her meek voice reached his eardrum quite soothingly… but then again her word awed him ‘why I will need any richy rich to hold me when I have my whole family to hold them. mere veerji hain na mujhe hamesha rah dikhane k liye, aur whenever I fell my darji and papaji always there to hold me, sorry if I trouble u’ she said in a meek voice stunning maan further more…. how can a person be so naïve… she didn’t even understand those words perfectly…. Actually her heart is so naïve that she couldn’t understand his sarcasm…


‘then why u r here? To meet yash? Or make him fall for ur charm so that he will run after u like insane’ seeing her innocent questioning eyes he sighed, she is really dumb…


Looking at his shaking head geet understood he thinks her as dumb, she cutely pouted her lips and stomped her feet ‘mujhe nahi pata tha yash hain ya aap, aap dono same hi to dikhte ho main kaise,,,’ and just then she realized what she said, and again bite her lips holding it with palm… seeing her cute gesture maan felt hard instantly… he felt like taking her right there….. but then he remember what she said…. For her there is no difference in him and yash…. It anger him to the bits….


‘ohh it doesn’t matter who it is, me or yash. U just need a man for u to survive and that’s it…’


‘nahi I have enough men in my life who will do anything for me’ she meant her veerji, darji and papaji but maan was shocked beyond limits… his anger rose to it’s level.. all girls are same only money they want… he held her shoulder and again pinned her to the wall…


‘so u have enough men to fulfill ur need ha? What if I give u everything that u had never imagined, will u come to me? yeah money u all need na…’ he throws her dupatta on the floor and nuzzle his face in her neck, ‘then I will give u enough money u can survive ur 7 birth, but break the marriage with yash and be with me…’


Geet couldn’t understand him,,, as his lips touched her skin she forgot everything… this pleasure was new to her so she couldn’t say a word but when he said break marriage with yash she came to her sense, how can she do that, her darji will die if it happen…


‘no, no I can’t’, she mumble but maan heard it… it raised his rage and he started kissing her neck planting wet kisses on her smooth skin, he was holding himself for long…..  he bite her neck and she cried it pain pushing him from her… she looked at him angrily for biting her…maan wasn’t in mood of listening her plea, he pinned her both hand on the wall…


‘kyun? Why can’t u break the alliance, I will give u everything just satisfy me… I need to have u geet….’ He again tried to kiss her neck but geet pushed him…


She cried seeing the anger in his eyes, don’t know why her heart arched whenever he said rude words ‘why u need me, for this.. so that u can hurt me biting me like this?’


Her naïve words made him burn in fury ‘ohhh so my touched repulse u and that yash’s touches? how does u feel his touch geet? Does he satisfy u or u have many other men for that?’


His mean words pierced her innocent heart, she is naïve but not dumb… her mother had taught her value and respect for relation… she can never cross her limit… she had never been with any other guy and he is saying all this… though she isn’t well aware of those relation but she definitely know its not right… his words showed her how much disgusted he is to even think that and for geet unknowingly it hurt her to see him suspecting her character… she know she has to marry yash as per her darji’s wish and her mother taught her never think about other man in any sense cz she belongs to him, it was long written relation that her darji and Rajendra singh khurana tied years ago….  Geet is innocent but she know whatever maan is saying is wrong…. She can’t give herself to any man except her husband then how could he think so low about her… now his every word went in to her thin brain and she gasp knowing what he was saying about her character…. She looked at him with anger mixed with pain.. tears clouded her hazels that torn his heart….


Maan wanted to hold her, he knew his anger had crossed it’s boundary but her all naïve words were making him mad, and top of that her naïve seducing body which was making him hard to control his desire… he never felt like this ever in life… not a single girl made him feel to look at them but 6 days before when he met geet at Handa villa his mind and soul only craved for her one look and today when she was so close to him he forgot everything and lost himself in the Forbidden Pleasure… but now seeing her painful cry his heart felt torn apart for the 1st time… he saw her running away from him… how she clutched her heart in her small palm and then rushed to the exit… he heard his family calling her but none went in her deaf ear.. she just ran away with her little bit self respect…. He saw her running in the main exit gate from the open terrace… his knuckle turned white as he made a fist with it and then in one moment he punched the pillar behind him so hard that his knuckle started to bleed… without knowing anything he had hurt her, now how will he pacify her… he forget all his accession or resolution that he made to know her. for this moment all he want is to see her happy, her Smile that took his heart away with her…


Precap: Maan is J seeing Geet and Yash together?


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9 responses to this post.

  1. love it reading so many ffs at the moment my head spins but i truly enjoyed this jaldi maaneet ki jodi banadi great work awesome aur kiya kahoon


  2. Posted by Rajshree Bansode on March 11, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Fabbbb update di…
    Awww..Geet is ssooo naive & cute..
    Ufff..hey Babaji..hamara yeh Maan kyu hamesha apni Geet ko hurt karta rehta hai just bcoz he can’t control himself when she is i n front of him..
    Geet is hurt very much .
    Now wht will Maan do???
    Waititng to see how will he bring tht innocent smile back her face which made him to fall head over heals for her..


  3. Posted by angelickushi on March 12, 2013 at 4:12 am

    loved the update
    maan’s anger is taking control
    bechari ko rula diya
    waiting toc how maan is going to pacify her


  4. wonderful and passionate update….what a combination bad boy maan and innocent geet…bechari ko rula diya dusht danav ne…..loving this story very much…eagerly waiting to see how maan pacifies geet now and great preap…jealous maan…lol..now that’s dangerous….eagerly waiting for maaneet to unite for ever because i know maan will never let geet marry his brother..continue soon please…


  5. awsome dear
    loved it


  6. Posted by Dhwani on March 16, 2013 at 6:13 am

    Awesome Dear!!!!!!!!!!


  7. nice part.


  8. Posted by suzie on March 22, 2013 at 12:34 am

    fabulous update


  9. kehna hi kiya type scene… tich puarni yaadein taza hogai…
    maan want her leave yash… and here innocent geet words make him mad like anything…
    Geet is so navie yr… her words is double meaning for Maan…
    tauba hai he is so rude …

    confused over yash maan ka ajeb sa relation… sath bhi hai or nahi bhi…


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